Sunday 2 October 2016

More accusations and Phoebe's little song

Someone commented this just now,

Someone just accused Annie of something, so what else is new? If she had just googled "blogroll missing" all these other bloggers also lost their blogrolls recently. Annie certainly did not cook up a story about her blogroll getting wiped out. So, who is the one that is full of malice?

Hey, thanks for defending me, who ever you are.

I'm seriously amazed that there are people who took the trouble to actually accuse me of lying about my missing blogroll.

What's wrong with them?

Sick or something?

Such a small thing also want to use against me..

Really, I'm not lying about my blogroll getting wiped out that day.

I noticed that even my blogging captain Rocky got his blogroll wiped out.

Both of us are on blogspot.

Well, never mind...crazy people like that lah.

Eh, you all take it easy for this long weekend ya.

I got other more important things to worry about at the moment.

Here, I put this little song by Phoebe  for your enjoyment,

Take care and cheers.


  1. Except for "" the others are all recent. That was an oversight not an act of deceit. My bad.

  2. hey Ann, if ur true to yrself, fret not girl...
    Jus start firing the truth on all cylinders and drown her mischievous mind of lies..

    1. but ann have better things to do like taking care of her grandma also reading and doing other things like that...and not everybody can be like the that one...(now you see why the that one is so different )

      >james bond

  3. Fat Soh like Trump lah. Thinks her lies cannot be fact checked. Takes any criticism psychotically personally. Stays up and tweets in early hours. Overweight with bad hair but dare kutuk hannah yeoh's weight and looks.

    Unhinged, unhinged, unhinged.

    1. "Stays up and tweets in early hours."

      Ummmm, what else would she do? What else can she do?

      Look up "Insane, Lonely, Bitter Spinster" in a dictionary and you'll find her picture (ugh.)

      Maybe she should take up knitting, or liposuction, or maybe suicide?

    2. The same goes with you, mdzfrs. Day on day out you criticize her but still take a peek her blog and read her articles. You got nothing better to do? So much free time? Get a life!

    3. Ah Soh HA is free entertainment what! Like watching a zoo animal for free, LOL!

  4. Annie,

    I know this much about Fat Soh - she knows nuts about technology, computers and the Internet.

    Some time ago, I recall her screaming about how her blog was hacked because she was having difficulties accessing it.

    She was accusing everybody of attacking her blog, implying how important she was that she had to be silenced, etc etc.

    I had a look and discovered that it appeared that Malaysian ISPs had been shuffling some of their router configurations which created bottlenecks in Internet traffic.

    She is not on Facebook or Tweeter probably because she fears having to learn something new.

    And of cos, we have the infamous expose on her Canadian walrus-bots where she bragged about her ranking on Alexa.

    She did not even understand simple data presented in front of her beady little eyes which showed a HUGE skew towards Canadian traffic.

    I am not surprised that she did not even check on whether the blogspot problem with the blogroll was widespread or localised.

    Others here have proven how easy it was to find out that blogrolls were, indeed, broken on blogspot but Fat Soh's only proof of research? Zilch.

    Yet she is able to say that other blogrolls on blogspot were fine.

    Fat Soh is slowly sinking into a cesspit of her
    own creation.


    1. Several blogs have a missing blogroll.

      Even Rocky's, so if Fatty is suggesting it's deliberate, she's going to have egg all over her multiple chins when it reappears.

    2. Ah Soh HA is afraid of Facebook and Twitter because comments posed on these 2 social media pages do not have to get approval from her. So anybody can pose on the pages without her realizing it. Sha can delete them when she read the comments, but it maybe too late and damaged has been done. See, she knows she can't control fb and Twitter, can't stop people from calling her bluff, so she chose not to be on both socials is about having control, to be able also to create fake commenters without people knowing is also a big plus on blogs

    3. 'Ah Soh HA is afraid of Facebook and Twitter' - coz she dun have any friends? LOLOL


  5. Annie,

    Well, there goes Ah Tee Chye. I'm guessing it was KJ that got him banned, bearing in mind that LCW is a personal favourite of Rosie. (Maybe Ah Tee Chye should stay away from tong simen and C4 for a while.)

    That leaves dear Ustazah Blobby (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) as the sole remaining Chinese novelty act.

    But novelty acts get old real fast (or in Blobby's case, old and fat real fast.)

    Just sprinkling a few words of Arabic into your cut & paste rants qualifies you as Saviour Of The Malays? Seriously?

    I think Malays are smarter than that.

    Who takes this flabby, bloated joke seriously, anyway?

    Just Google her image. It's literally like someone dropped two tiny raisins into a huge, shapeless lump of dough and called it a "face".


    1. Ridhuan Tee the one cut & paste his academic paper - plagiarism case

      This guy was Ridhuan victim:

      Then Defense Unversiti kick out Ah Tee

      Maybe this fat woman follow to his style, CUT AND PASTE

    2. Not just her, who really cares what SoPo bloggers say nowadays? This ain't 2006. Everyone knows that some people are paid $$$$$ to support the corrupt regime. You ask me, the surest sign that Malaysians are growing up is that ustusan & NST are dead. That's how much respect people have for mouthpieces.

    3. "It's literally like someone dropped two tiny raisins into a huge, shapeless lump of dough and called it a "face"...yah I did google. The very first image 100% matches this description, LOLOL! And she wanna criticize other female? I guess no mirrors in her house?

    4. Zamri,

      At least Ridhuan Tee isn't fat.

    5. 'At least Ridhuan Tee isn't fat.' - and he may actually get how technology works?

  6. Pokjin nak korek wang dari mana? Hidung Semah kut?

    Pelajar PhD di luar negara terkesan elaun KPT lambat masuk
    Pelajar sengsara dimaklumkan kelewatan elaun seharusnya diterima bulan ini.

    Seorang pelajar (UK) berkata pelajar terpaksa menanggung denda kelewatan pembayaran pelbagai bil utiliti di luar negara.

    "Kelewatan penerimaan elaun sara diri bagi bulan Oktober 2016 memberi terlalu banyak implikasi kepada saya - sewa rumah bulanan, insurans kereta, kos pengangkutan dan sara diri kehidupan.

    tanggungan sara diri besar ditambah dengan faktor pasangan tidak bekerja dan visa yang tidak membenarkannya bekerja.

    "Sehubungan itu, pembayaran elaun perlu mengikut jadual untuk memastikan penalti lain tidak dikenakan," katanya kepada Astro AWANI.

    Jilake betoi...


  7. Please check out this link!msg/blogger/rCKuuNoxUCE/_q_qpxtCEQAJ

    1. In case somedoy wonders, it says: "My blogroll is missing. Many people's blogrolls are missing. I went out to design to attempt to put it back, but the add a gadget feature is not working either. Then I clicked on "send feedback", filled out the form, and there is no way to send it. The page won't scroll and there's no way to look for a button. Please restore the blogrolls!"

      That was posted 1st October 2016. So the fat chick got one massive ego thinking she is the only one in universe with problems (ha ha, hers are mental lah)!

    2. hers are mental, yea and plenty physical too!

  8. I have suddenly become Annie's handler. Feels like I'm in the world of espionage now. She truly is a nutcase. In her court, people are guilty till proven innocent. Or maybe guilty means guilty, no other verdict allowed. Why were the other bloggers' complaints unrelated to Annie's situation? How is it unrelated?

    1. 'Why were the other bloggers' complaints unrelated to Annie's situation? How is it unrelated?'

      A: Because they are in different countries, and the fat girl don't understand that. Maybe she thinks there are local FB and Twitter too! Truly an idiot lah.

  9. "In a recent hilarious incident, one Chinese handler was so over-eager to provide a cover line for his Malay macai that he tripped himself in digging up two or three unrelated examples from countries far away and even one cerita basi back from the year 2010 (!!)"

    that woman is beyond repair.

    1. I think Fat Soh doesn't understand. Maybe she thinks that each part of the Internet is related to one country only? Whattamoron! LOL...

  10. Can anyone hlp me wth the drction of fat soh blog??.. Ive been reading annie's blog fr awhile.. N keeps wndering.. Who is this fat soh.. Lol... Enlight me please...