Saturday 15 October 2016

The good Red guys from Kelantan

I like this story,

JELI, Oct 15 2016 : Kelantan Umno is reviving the ‘Jelajah Gelombang Merah’ programme by making it more people-friendly in anticipation of the 14th General Election, said its liaison chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.
He said the programme, first introduced by Kelantan Umno in the last general election, would be redesigned with a new format to include the participation of Umno state, division and branch leaders.
“We will improve on the programme to make it more relaxed and people-friendly as we believe this concept will boost the people’s spirit to support Barisan Nasional in ensuring the coalition’s victory in Kelantan in the 14th general election,” he added.
He told this to reporters after launching the programme for Jeli divisional level here yesterday.
Mustapa said the programme would include ‘gotong royong’ to clean public facilities, community sports, cultural performances, health screening, exhibition, sale carnival and briefings on current issues.
He said the programme would be carried out in all the 14 Umno divisions in the state as a run up to the 14th general election. – Bernama
I doubt that BN or to be more exact Umno can capture Kelantan from Pas in the next general election, but I think this "relaxed and people-friendly"  Jelajah Gelombang Merah will help improve Umno's image throughout the country.

It's much better than the Red Shirts, who are on a collision course with the Bersih people next month.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, I dislike the Red Shirts and Bersih for their troublesome antics of wanting to impose their presence on the streets.
If Tok Pa and his people in Kelantan can come up with peaceful and beneficial programme to highlight their initiatives for the people, why can't Bersih and Red Shirts do the same?
Why must they threatened to brawl on our streets?
I know that some people love to see the fighting and are goading them to go at each others' throat in their blogs, etc, but I hope it will not happen.
As I stated previously, I will even support the authorities if they intervene to stop both the Bersih and Red Shirts rallies. 
Enough of their nonsense, okay.
We got better things to do than being bothered by them, such as improving our lives and caring for the ones we love.
We all really should just do things peacefully without disturbing others and wait for the general election to settle our political differences.

Just be patient for the time being. It's not that long from now.
If we need to campaign, we can do so the nice way like Tok Pa and his people.
I always like Tok Pa.
I first met him many years ago when he was the Entrepreneur Development Minister.
He was nice then and he is still nice now. 
I even once hung out quite a bit with one of his daughters.

She was also nice to me like her father.
Some people say nice guys don't win wars, but I disagree.
As far as I'm concerned Tok Pa is a winner because of his nice ways.
I hope everyone can learn from him and his people in Kelantan.
It's not a contest of who are more "gedebe" (gangster-like). It's actually  a contest of who are the ones the people like more.
Who do you all like more? Ambiga, Jamal or Tok Pa?
I choose Tok Pa any time.
Think about it, okay.


  1. I'm going over to the dark side. Don't want to be nice no more.

  2. Awal-awal lagi niat dah tak betul. Nak tolong orang dan jalankan aktiviti jangan bermusim. Nak dekat pilihan raya baru teringat rakyat.

    1. Nak dekat pilihan raya baru teringat rakyat. Biasalah tu. Tiba2 "mega-projek" kroni akan timbul x lama lagi, kononnya utk 'good of rakyat'. Cash is king, dedak is king, projek is king....

      Saya percaya semua dalam rejim najib akan jadi paria yang muka tak malu (tapi mereka akan buat bodoh dan pura pura bangang dan tak tau apa).

      Persoalannya terletak pada rakyat terutama orang melayu yang mengaku islam....mungkin akan meminjam etika perangai yahudi laknat zaman nabi dengan pekak diri lalu menyokong saja mungkar penyelewengan yang pembesar sekarang buat...kalau dikebanyakan negara maju yang etika tinggi dan memiliki nilai islam tapi kafir dah lama rakyat keseluruhan negara melakukan desakan besar besaran agar pemimpin menyeleweng letak jawatan...saya rasa bukan saja negara maju malah semua negara dunia.....

    2. "Nak dekat pilihan raya baru teringat rakyat. Biasalah tu. Tiba2 "mega-projek" kroni akan timbul x lama lagi, kononnya utk 'good of rakyat'.

      Sdr 19:59,

      Umno cronies are also rakyat.

      Please help them to get more shopping money.

      Thank you.

  3. Politics of hate is a crime!

    1. Setuju. Mencuri dan tiada amanah tidak kurang bahayanya.

  4. Dalam politik, Tok Pa adalah pilihan terakhir, orang ini lebih kurang macam paklah, tetapi sudah pasti lebih baik dari Najib.

    Peringkat Bahagian, peringkat Menteri bolehlah.
    Untuk pemimpin No. 1 atau 2, negara akan jadi lemau.

  5. Nice guys will not survive politics.He'll squeeze thru but not his party. I do agree, he's nice and works hard.

    1. Hard to believe Tok Pa actually sign away the sovereignty of Malaysia by approving the TPPA...even Americans are in 2 minds over the TPPA's favoritism for big business conglomerates

    2. But "TPPA" stands for "Tok Pa Panic Attack".

      Most fitting.

  6. Such cooperation would be very beneficial to not only the development and people of the state of Kelantan, but also to the Malays and Islam in Malaysia that are coming under constant attacks by Malays whose daddies are hypocritically living off duit judi haram from Genting.

    1. Anon 20:11
      Fully agree with you.

      Prof kangkung

    2. Sedarlah wahai pemimpin Umno. Sikit sikit bangsa....Sikit sikit agama.... Korang ingat korang lahir melayu boleh jadi melayu tanpa mengamalkan berbudaya melayu.... Korang ingat korang Islam kalau lahir dari perut org islam tanpa hidup secara islam....bertaubatlah.

  7. "Who do you all like more? Ambiga, Jamal or Tok Pa?"

    Yes, I agree with Annie.

    I like Tok Pa too. In-fact... if I had my way... I would want Tok Pa to remain as cabinet Minister once Najib and his band of kleptocrats are booted out.


  8. Annie,

    I've been told by so many people that Tok Pa will quit in disgust over the Bugis pirate's sickening self-enrichment.

    He is a god-fearing person, they said. He cannot condone corruption. I was told all this a year ago.

    Well, he's still there. Still in cabinet, and hence responsible for all cabinet decisions collectively.

    So where was Tok Pa when Hassan Carimakan deleted parts of the PAC report? (The part that BNM proved that Jho Low was owner of PSI, hence US$700 million had been stolen from the rakyat?) Where was Tok Pa when the cabinet used the OSA to block TS Ambrin's report that shows US$7 billion of 1MDB money is missing? Where was Tok Pa demanding a full explanation of the DOJ report?

    Sorry lah. Just like Nur Jazlan "the young & progressive next-gen of Umno", he has sold his soul. And look what idiotic things that fat boy is saying now. Am I supposed to believe that these people are on the side of the rakyat?

    You remember when Shahrir Samad was seen as the voice of conscience of Umno? He once voted against the gomen on principle. Yet in 2015, he's happily saying, "yes I got a one million personal cheque from the pink-lipped crook, hoorey!"

    Tun is right.

    They cannot be saved. The party is rotten to the core. And these little PR gimmicks don't change a thing. Next you'll be asking us to kiss the feet of the MTU (all of whom are multi-millionaires many times over) for giving us BR1M.

    Oh, thank you, thank you.

    Yes, it's fair. You go off and songlap RM420 million so your boiboi can make dirty films in the US, just make sure we get our RM900.

    Oh, thank you, thank you.

    1. Sdr mdzfrs,

      On the contrary we are all doing our best to preserve wildlife, in this case, the rare Minangkabau hippo.

      Please do your part and stop complaining.


  9. Where can we hide our shame?

    BTW, the ikan bakar red shirts are now doing "public service" as the backlash was so great. They are underestimating people's disgust. They know that Mr Ikan Bakar is a paid hooker.

    Speaking of unattractive prostitutes with no customers, Blobby herself has volunteered to join the red shirts and put her flab where her mouth is.

    Of course, clothing is a problem.

    At first they tried stitching together 10 XXL red shirts to make one big shirt, but that didn't work.

    So they've appealed to RMAF to donate any old parachutes that can be dyed red to cover this huge mountain of female pork fat.

    Poor Blobby.

    So many chins, so little time.

    1. Orang serupa Jamal ni pi mampus lagi baik. Hidup kasi susah orang, gaduh sana gaduh sini. Orang gila tidak siuman pun bukan ini macam. Semua orang sudah fed-up dgn perangai gila dia. Kasi malu dan jatuh anugerah Sultan saja. "Dato" pun ini macam punyak gila ka? Tarik balik anugerah tu lebih baik la...

  10. I have lived in Kelantan for the past 29 years.As a keen follower of politics especially UMNO and Pas politics, I would say now is the best time for UMNO and Pas to work together for the benefit of the Kelantanese.
    Dato Nik Aziz was so opposed to UMNO.However,the current MB of Kelantan is more diplomatic in dealing with UMNO.
    Furthermore,the current political situation in Kelantan does not favour Pas.In order for Pas to remain in power in Kelantan it has no choice except to cooperate with UMNO.
    If Pas doesnt want to cooperate with UMNO there is a very strong likelihood Pas will face difficulty to maintain its power.PAN under Husam and a few other former Pas bigwigs in Kelantan will play a role of spoilers.

    Prof Kangkung