Wednesday 19 October 2016

Now they must arrest Maria too

I think the authorities are doing the right thing.


Police arrests Red Shirts leader

Now they must arrest the Bersih leaders too.

Anyone instigating the public to break the laws must be stopped.

I have made my position clear about street rallies in these previous posts,

Both Bersih and Red Shirts are wrong and must be stopped.

If people have complaints, they should make themselves heard without bothering others.

There's the social media where everyone can says almost anything.

Express yourself there all you want as long as you don't break the laws.

Why then the need to go to the streets and cause problems for others?

Even in this blog I let almost every comment through because of that.

Freedom of speech and expression doesn't mean freedom to bother others.

Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah, as Jamal of Red Shirts, has made it known that her movement will go to the streets no matter what.

Even if it breaks the laws.

Promising a peaceful rally is not good enough if it's still done against the laws.

She cannot instigate the public to break the laws.

Jamal did it and was arrested.

Now it should be her turn.

The authorities must be fair on this.

They must stop both the Bersih and Red Shirts rallies.

Everyone can campaign for their respective causes but they must do so peacefully without putting public safety in danger.

Political differences should be settled in the general election, plain and simple.

That's democracy.

Anyone who are against a peaceful political process must be stopped from causing trouble.

This kind of monkey behaviour must be stopped,

Okay, that's all for today.

Sorry if I kinda sound a bit terse.

Got some personal issues to settle.

Until next time.


  1. ehhhhh, kawan.

    i think you confusing 2 things here.

    one is whether peaceful rallies are permitted by law. yes, they are if certain regulations of the PAA are followed. so bersih 4 was not an illegal assembly:

    whether this bersih convoy or red shirt counterdemo langgar PPA, yg tu blom tahu lagi lah. that's not why jamal's arrested.


    Next part is whether assault under the penal code is an offence. yes, it is. if you do it in red / yellow/ pink / blue shirt, sama jugak. this is not PAA-related.

    the ikan bakar dedak eater arrest is for that, lah. The assaults. not about legality of assembly. (That facebook thing is also not PAA-related.)

    if maria chin does flying kick into someone's back or grabs jamal's banner to provoke him, she should be charged with both assault and theft under penal code.

    the umngok youth moron called armand watever of course has to ask for everybody to be arrested lah. but umngok youth full of retards lah. Knape you nak ikut kata2 retard? lol......

    we got to be clear on legality lah.


    1. The Armand guy is Umno Youth Exco.

      But interesting, right? KJ is completely mute.

      Deaf, dumb & blind.

      He is really is the COMPLETE politician.

    2. It is Malay culture to be silent if you agree on something.Kalau zaman dulu-dulu orang masuk meminang, if the parents ask the girl whether she agrees or not to be married with that guy, if she stays silent it is assumed she agrees.
      Similarly, many Malays are watching what is happening and I believe the majority of Malays in this country agree with Red Shirt guys (including myself).
      The exclusion of Pas people from bersih gathering make it easier for us the Malays to look at it from racial point of view. I believe there are many closet racists in Malaysia from both major races (Malays and Chinese)
      The Malays might not agree with our PM (1MDB and all that) but Bersih managed to put our differences when the Bersih participant stepped on Datuk Najib and Hadi Awang's photos.
      We Malays from both side of the political divide have to thank Maria Chin Abdullah for that.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. @ 19 October 2016 at 19:54

      KJ is mute because he will bend like lallang in the wind. Also it seems like most of najib's defenders are also weighing their options. The only still-barking ones are nazri kaki hummer, salleh sour ketiak, and sometimes lina LGBT. So no more sound from zahid kaki pukul, mail sabri, shabery mulut buih, tok pa, abdul rahman MO1, or other cabinet ministers. Hmmmm. Lets wait and see. Mass exodus to Bersatu kut.

    4. Sdr. Kangkung,

      You are most ungrateful. The Bugis has already shown the Malays how to survive on reduced income while he bleeds their pockets dry for shopping. The answer is simply to eat your namesake, i.e. kangkung. It thrives even in a simple longkang or parit, much like your intellect. If the kangkung supply runs out, there are many good rumput recipes available after KWSP suffers the same fate as KWAP, at the hands of the Bugis thief.

      Harap maklum.

    5. Thats not funny. You know why. Becos, he really will start stealing from KWSP. Maybe already done?

    6. 21 October 2016 at 05:15,

      Yep, already done.

      EPF says they want to borrow RM1.28 billion to protect against forex risks.

      This does not make sense. To protect against forex risks you can buy some currency hedging. You can "lock in" a certain exchange rate for the currency of your requirement. But you cannot lock in the exchange rate forever. They usually run for a few months.

      Some bank must provide this 'lock in rate' and they will charge an arm and a leg. And there are major risks. This was how our Bank Negara lost all those billions of Ringgits. Still have not learnt any lessons?

      If the EPF wants to refinance its assets in the UK, then they should be borrowing in UK Pounds. Not Ringgits. If you borrow Ringgits to refinance Pound Sterling it does not make good sense. This is what happened in the 90s economic crisis. Local corporates borrowed in US Dollar when their earnings were in Ringgit. A bad example : TNB.

      Unless the EPF is borrowing in Pounds from DBS and Stanchart Banks.

      So the cat is out of the bag - refinance means the EPF borrowed to acquire those assets.

      Borrowed in Ringgit or in Pounds?

      Oops. Tapi kenapa nak rahsia sangat? Duit orang lah.


    7. To the kangkung fellow.

      Speak for yourself.

      Nobody nominated you to be the spokeperson for the Malays.

    8. Maybe kangkung also on dedak la bro

  2. I'm sorry Annie.
    I disagree with you, this time.

    "Political differences should be settled in the general election, plain and simple."

    How can there be 'political differences:-

    - when Billions ringgit of debt have gone missing from the beleaguered 1MDB?

    - when our Islamic country have been branded a kleptocracy (rule by thieves) by a kafir country?

    - when the judiciary and legislative have been stifled to hide the truth from the Rakyat?

    - when the PM had a penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low... in government dealings?

    - when... as PM, he appointed himself as Finance Minister, then with his middlemen Jho Low, set-up 1MDB through debt... without due diligence or even discussion with his own Cabinet Ministers?

    1. Kalau pembangkang GAGAL buat SATU LAWAN SATU maka SELURUH parti pembangkang akan gagal. Tak kira parti pembangkang apa sekalipun semua akan JATUH bersama dan duduklah kamu semua di TAKUK LAMA.

      PAS tak sedar sekarang sama ada mereka memilih nak bersekongkol atau tidak bersekongkol dgn UMNO......UMNO tetap mahu rampas Kelantan.....malah sekarang strategi sudah dibuat dan dijalankan untuk menawan semula Kelantan.

      Kesempatan terbuka yang ada dalam keadaan hubungan PAS=UMNO sekarang ini memberi peluang kemasan yang lebih besar dan luas kepada UMNO.

    2. "when... as PM, he appointed himself as Finance Minister, then with his middlemen Jho Low, set-up 1MDB through debt... without due diligence or even discussion with his own Cabinet Ministers?"

      Encik RD,

      If the cabinet really care for rakyat, they have more than enough opportunity to make noise - "why OSA for AG report? Why no follow-up on Swiss MLA request"? etc etc etc

      So except for TSMY & Shafie, the contamination of najib is all over those who remain. They care zero for rakyat, or for truth justice and honesty. And most are Muslim konon.

    3. Don't hope cabinet will speak up. The Dedak King is feeding them dedak, daily.

  3. Anon 17.46.....100 % I support your take and reasoning.I also support your endeavours to educate Annie to know the difference between the woods and forest.
    Annie please don't try to pull wool over our eyes.What did Maria do to warrant arrest ? She kicked no motorcyclist...she said nothing about the repeat of May 13......she did not snatch someone's red colored panties/briefs......she did not stop someone from grilling fish.
    It is time you goggle Bersih's demands.Read it over and over.All their demands are valid and impacts every Malaysian unless you belong to an elite group of bandits and plunderers.
    Hope the reading of their demands will not make you like a ketum induced blogger.

    1. "...she did not snatch someone's red colored panties/briefs......she did not stop someone from grilling fish."

      LOLOLOL, so Jamal might be a cross dresser? Hmmmm, could be, could be!

      Although Bersih has gone well off course from its original objectives and now espouses just the Oppo's overall causes, I think "RD" above is right in saying that the whole country is screwed up by Najis Tong Rosak that every little bit helps.

      Having said that, Najis won't step down even if you have Bersih 6, 7, 8 or 29. You have to understand that he is a criminal avoiding justice. You all can shout all you want, but short of the Army marching him and that round fat Birkin dwarf to KLIA and putting them on a one-way flight to Zimbabwe, he will cling on any which way he can.

      Sigh. There goes Malaysia. Hu hu.

    2. 'There go Malaysia'. Betul tu. Malaysia skrng diperintah oleh pasangan 'RM'. Robert Mugabe & Rosmah Mansor, dua2 kejar 'RM' kertas jer, jadi RM keempat = "Rakyat Mampus". Hancolah negara.

    3. HA HA...the 4 'RM'...Robert Mugabe, Rosmah Mansor, Ringgit Malaysia & Rakyat Mampus. Sounds like the future for us.

  4. bersih does not have the permit for the gathering from local authorities therefore it is illegal and action should be taken. the local authorities should apprehend them as they are also nuisance to the public.

    1. Dina, are you having a lough?

    2. Dina, u should join up with Annie and have a game of golf and take it easy on everything that comes along...

    3. dina, ko mabuk ketum ke bro?

    4. dina is umno retard

    5. Maybe Mugabe came to take notes from an even bigger thief?

    6. Annie plays golf for fun. This is far better than playing golf to escape from saving dying people in Kelate. Hopefully the money for this holiday cannot be traced back to 1MDB. If so, the Bugis warrior will have to show acting skills better than di Caprio.

    7. "Maybe Mugabe came to take notes from an even bigger thief?"

      Tok Jib ranks 3rd or 4th on the list of the all-time worst kleptocrats in history.

      Malaysia boleh!

      Go for gold, Jibby.

    8. Dina,
      Palestinians also should not demonstrate. Real nuisance.

    9. How d'you think the Filipinos got rid of Marcos? No violence, just demo.

  5. Annie, you ingat KPN tak ada kerja lain ke?

  6. Annie, red shirt is solely set up to distract Msians from Najib's 'donation' fiasco. If you are rooting for corruption, you will indeed put up this kind of post. Time to start taking sides, Annie. The end is nigh for the nefarious bunch

    1. Jangan sokong perompak. Kalau sokong penyamun ni la padahhnya.....kita yg kena rompak. Dia kaya kita kayap. Bangang tahap gaban yg sokong tukang samun bugis ni......

    2. apalah yg benak sgt penyokong pembangkang ni, nak distract Malaysians from najib fiasco.The mantra is so simple, no baju merah if there is no baju kuning.Using the argument by anon 09:06 baju kuning was set up to distract Malysians from Najib Fiascolah yer. Tak ada baju kuning takkan ada baju merah and therefore tak adalah the so-called distraction

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Please start taking sides
      Evil songlap flourish because of good people choose to do nothing
      Because of silent approval malaysia has gone to dogs
      As for toilet jamal, hes very close to umno because he been in and out of umno building
      Thats the big problem
      Who is to say nobody funded his monkey campaign?

    4. Nobody denies Jamal is very close to UMNO.He is the Ketua Bahagian.So, apa masaalahnya kalau pun dia orang UMNO. Rasanya yang menyokong baju merah bukan orang UMNO sahaja tapi juga orang Melayu lain yang dah hilang sabar dengan perangai cina-cina Bersih ni (Now I can comfortably call Bersih as projek orang cina since Pas is out of the picture).

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Sdr. Kangkung,

      Of course nobody denies Jamal is very close to UMNO. It is from the very top that he has acquired the correct habits, such as kicking defenceless people in the back. In order to qualify for extra dedak supply, Jamal must attend advanced course of placing C4 on Mongolian women and hiding bodies in tong simen. This training can be done either in hutan Shah Alam, Seri Perdana, or in Hawaii during floods. The choice is his.

      Harap maklum.

    6. Who cares? The more Jamal act, the more people hate najib's corrupt guts. Its all good.

    7. This Jamal guy is making Noh and Najib look real stupid.

      So I appeal to carry on! Thank you Jamal.

    8. The way i see it, jamal is encouraged to do physical violence against bersih
      When that happened najib will use this opportunity and creating a reason to declare a state of emergency
      Good for le songlap najib, the more political power he gained the more safer he is
      "Syukur alhamdulillah...."
      Its very possible to avoid jail
      So what will najib do? He will worm and bullshit his way to make that happen
      The keyword here is ketuanan melayu and everybody goes mental
      Bastard najib is still standing there because some umno people believes that corruption is essential to malay economic growth
      A bloody good luck with that
      Jamal is a foolish pawn for that end
      Another Najibs bloody lapdog

    9. Jamal is anjing gila la bro

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Can't let your comment through as it insinuates guilt on the person without the facts being known. Thank you.

  8. Demonstrate against your own Ego first before you want to convert other egos ...

  9. Annie,

    No worries, the fishy dedak man has been released early after what I presume was VVIP treatment.

    There's no chance of him being charged for anything, no worries. After all, the PM of this country can steal billions without Mr. Pandi lifting a finger to charge him, so Jamban Yunos is quite safe.

    The only thing that Jamban needs to worry about is finding enough material to make Ustazah Blobby's red shirt so she can finally turun padang, assuming her rear adipose tissue hasn't fused to her chair.

    But hey, slimmer people than her have found a way:

    Why can't she?

    1. 'After all, the PM of this country can steal billions without Mr. Pandi lifting a finger to charge him, so Jamban Yunos is quite safe.'....yes. So to songlap US$800 million of pensioners money is OK. May Pandi and his paymaster burn in hell for all eternity.

  10. 5.10
    Stop recyled old issues
    Dah dekat 2 thn dah..ASWJ SR,DOJ.7 Negara siasat lah,kejap duit hilang,kejap tak ada and the chief Penjilat Kahak admitted there were no evidences to convict PM and now you here kutuk AG.
    AG was right,he will be looked stupid if no evidences gathered to implicate PM
    PROVE....PROVE ...with hard evidences of the offences
    My std six son also can say you are stupid.....and I bet you answer is prove it....
    And for all this BERSHIT and Red Shirt episode...
    Any Action there will be whats all the fuss
    I would like to advise to those who GELI to act as majority population but in true sense they compose of minority.
    The majority here are very tolerant kind and they too has the limitation and do not take advantages
    The rest....think yourself

    1. Nih bahase omputih baku kut?....x paham langsung ler....kih kih spikkings x payah ler cuba ler tolol....

    2. 21 October 2016 at 09:02,

      I'm also quite sure your std six son is smart enough to know people who tell lies are trying to cover something, correct?

      So why did your hero tell the lie that he never received any money in his personal account, then one month later forced to admit it, then after that Umno told 42 lies about where the money came from?

      Your std six son will explain why: GUILT.

      Simple kan?

    3. Your son has a very serious issue of denial syndrome, this world is a fantasy world for him.
      He probably thinks the world revolves around him too
      Please tell him to stop acting like umno najib's lapdog mentality

    4. Anon 09 02

      Please ponder over these two idioms
      (1)Chip off the old block
      (2)Like father,like son

      Both of you shared same DNA


  11. Annie,

    I am not sure why you are asking for Maria Chin Abdullah to be arrested.

    From what I can gather, it is mainly because her movement, BERSIH, causes inconvenience to others through their street assemblies.

    My question is how did you weigh that inconvenience to the road users of KL versus the corrupt behaviour and the blatant abuse of power which affects each and every citizen of the country?


  12. Don't worry Annie, Jamal kena tankap dan digari are
    all WAYANG or drama Akhsia TV3 bertajuk "My sweet Jamal..."
    watched by all the makcik, tokcik, kakcik dan dikcik
    and also bangcik like Prof.KANGKONG.
    Especially if the heroin is TASHA SHILA.
    Like all drama, the hero will ends up the winner.
    Jamal will drive his ferrari or is it Porsche with
    Tasha Shila and bags of money to the sunset........hahaha

    1. "bangcik"...LOLOLOL...word of the day! 2 thumbs up!

    2. I wish jamal would stop licking around najib and begging for le dedak

    3. Haha.wait for the GE14.we will sew who will have the last laugh.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. its not about last laugh you prof retard, its about accountablility and clean governance

    5. Mcm dah mengaku kalah sebelum berjuang aja anon 11:41. I may call me retard or whatever but let the readers of this blog counter my arguments with facts and figures.
      So far I keep on reading the same things over and over again.
      Balik balik 1MDB.balik balik Rosmah's lavish lifestyle.
      Tak ada isu lain ke

      Prof Kangkung

    6. if you got more bigger issues please list here

      i believe issues like corruption, songlap and 1MDB are the most important issue in Malaysia. its happening right under our noses.
      Corruption is a disaster for development
      Corruption is a disaster for development
      Corruption is a disaster for development
      There`s no sane people in the world who worship a thief. Do you respect a person who robbed you?
      This is the truest, first and foremost priority. After the root corruptor has been dealt with rigidly enforced justice like china corruption death penalty, the other minor problem/challenges will be solved in a manner of chain-reaction.
      Consider Pareto Principle that states, for many events, roughly 80% of the problem(Malaysian) come from 20% of the root causes. that 20% is 1MDB mismanagement of rakyat money and general kleptocracy

    7. There`s no sane people in the world who worship a thief.....except jamal bin dedak bro

  13. Cik made my day ! Bangcik.......Dewan Bahasa will come a calling.....hope to find your name in the next version of the updated kamus.......Bangcik...kah kah kah.....Tonite I am summoning all my grandchildren for an intensive classroom discussion to tackle BANGCIK.

  14. 10.40
    Typical Pakatoons...namecalling others
    Never mind the English if the msg is passed...

  15. Sepatutnya hidup kita di Malaysia ni tak payah berputar sekitar baju merah dan baju kuning; antara perangai dan tebiat penyokong kerajaan dan penyokong pembangkang. Memang betul kalau tak ada baju kuning baju merah memang tak perlu wujud.

    Kita lupa pada asalnya tak ada ini baju kuning baju merah ni. Malaysia lebih aman dan bahagia. Bila tu ? Cuba recall..perangai lim kit siang, karpal dan siapa jugak la kekal dalam bagunan parlimen aje. Malaysia ni memang tak ada culture perarakan protes sebelum ni selain sambutan2 memperingati hari2 tertentu. King of the streets now in sg buloh instigated and has given the birth of a sick recurring events. Mula2 reformasi sekarang bersih. Apa faedah bersih ni semua. Tebiat buruk ni semua began with the people in opposition. Parti kerajaan dah biarkan sekian lama konon nya silent protest ni..tapi many times ia menggangu KETENTERAMAN awam. Jadi apa baik nya bersih ni ? Has it achieved anything ? Raja raja pembangkang ni tak cukup pengaruh untuk mengembangkan idolelogi sempit mereka demi untuk cuba berkuasa. Dan segala bersih yang dah ada baru nak mendapat kesan. Itu pun setelah orang tua Mahathir tumpangkan aura dia.

    Baju merah jamal baghal ni mula nya pun dengan menunjukkan kekerasan dengan segala silat kuntau la nak tunjuk apa ni ? Macam samseng tak berpelajaran. Nak bangga dengan ini ? Ini la dia contoh orang mrlayu yang gagal melengkapi dan dilengkapi ilmu untuk kebaikan diri sendiri. Yang pelik nya pasal apa parti umno benarkan ? Dah ketua dia pun ketua bahagian umno !

    Kita di Malaysia ni tak gemar keganasan. Kita ingat dulu2 keganasan komunis ni banyak menggangu ketenteraman. Curfew sana sini pun tak dapat hentikan perbuatan komunis ni. Kita tak nak ini semua lagi. Baju merah dab baju kuning ni kedua dua nya walaupun dilafaskan untuk menuntut fair election pada asal nya tapi sekarang dah beranak pinak pulak kepada usaha nak jatuhkan kerajaan pemerintah. Baju merah ni bukan kita tak tahu kerajaan pemerintah pasang untuk counter baju kuning. KERAJAAN YANG LEMAH TEBIAT NYA MACAM NI LA. PERANGAI KORUP TELAH MEMBAWA KEPADA KELEMAHAN KERAJAAN PEMERINTAH yang kita nampak hari ni. Dan kerajaan pemerintah tidak dilihat berlaku jujur bagi menunjukkan sebarang usaha untuk memperbaikki kelemahan yang tidak dapat diterima masyarakat pengundi tapi sebaliknya memperlihatkan KEANGKUHAN yamg rakyat tak dapat terima dan dilihat menambah rosak apa yamg telah terbina dan dinikmati rakyat sekian lama. Kerajaan yang prihatin sepatutnya dah bubar parlimen dan biar rakyat memilih. HOLDING ON TO POWER via corupt intent is neither acceptable. No one benefits accept those in power.

    We Malaysians do not need the baju merah and baju kuning to continue to sow hatred and we do not need the present government to continue running our lives.

    A man who ran the country for 22 years doesn't believe the government anymore. This is the same old man who has played his role for the last 70 years to see this country develop into a formidable economic force and he knew then and he knows now that only with efficient government Malaysians can continue to better oursleves economically and socially.

    The baju merah and baju kuning are nuissance and must be eliminated at all costs.

    The government is not thinking.
    Call an election and all these will disappear. We don't want to defent the corupt.

  16. Think you entirely misunderstand about democracy Annie. Pls dont shame yrself. Democracy includes of freedom of expression and voice of speech. But definitely not agressive and violent. Which part of world you coming from?

  17. One thing is certain though.
    During the outset of Bersih, there was dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda & Deepak Carpet, in government dealings. After PAS was no longer chummy with DAP, it became an all-Chinese affair and that does not bode well for a harmonious multi-racial Malaysia. That was also when & why Baju Merah came to prominence, rendering Bersih, somewhat... timid and docile.
    After-all... most of Bersih demands have been obeyed or agreed to by UMNO-Najib, i.e... abolishing ISA & EO, idelible ink and even... to the extent of doing away with the Sedition Act.


    - Jho Low and 1MDB's debt. (Billions not accounted for)
    - RM2.6 Billion in Najib personal account (RM2 million in Rosmah's and her extravagant lifestyle)
    - DoJ civil complaint. (Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative)
    - stifling of judiciary & legislative by the executive.
    - expulsion of dissident. (Muhyiddin, Mukhriz & Shafie Afdal)
    - UMNO split-up into Bersatu.
    - New NSC
    - allegation of Haji Hadi received RM90 millions and PAS being chummy with UMNO-Najib and ... debate on Hadi's Act 355

    have angered many Malays... hence, reviving Bersih.

    Harap Maklum.

    1. Saudara RD anyone who got brain from any race already FED UP to MAKSIMUM LEVEL with govt

      Cheating lying and stealing

  18. Red, yellow, I dunno lah Annie.

    All I know is after having sent an astronaut into space, built our own cars, was one of the strongest Asian we're told to be Uber drivers in the national budget!

    And an extra 34 years (jibby can only add billions apparently) to developed nationhood.

    Depressing. What horrors hath Jibby wrought on our beloved nation?


  19. Bajet BN tahun 2017 membebankan rakyat & ledakan hutang semakin membimbangkan !

    1. Satu bajet defisit sebanyak RM43.15 bilion, ia satu rekod baru kerana sudah 20 tahun bajet defisit berturut-turut.

    2. Defisit kali ini berjumlah 3.15% dari jumlah KDNK, ini menunjukkan kerajaan BN gagal menepati sasaran defisit kurang dari 3.1%.

    3. Hutang negara terus meningkat. Jumlah kos bayar hutang negara meningkat dari RM26.5 bilion menjadi RM29.17 bilion. Dengan kata lain, 11.1% dari jumlah bajet digunapakai untuk bayar hutang & setiap bulan RM2.46 bilion terpaksa diguna utk membayar hutang.

    4. Jumlah belanja tinggi tetapi Pembangunan amat kurang. Dari jumlah RM262.8 bilion bajet 2017, Setinggi 81.7% utk belanja mengurus, hanya 18.3% saja untuk belanja membangun.

    5. Hutang negara dan hutang jaminan kerajaan kini melebihi paras RM811 bilion, satu petanda yang bahaya & generasi muda akan dibebankan dengan hutang yg amat tinggi & membebankan.

    6. Kerajaan akan memerah rakyat dengan kutipan cukai GST sebanyak RM40 bilion pada 2017. Jumlah ini pasti akan meningkatkan beban rakyat.
    7. Subsidi seperti subsidi minyak, diesel, gula, tepung, beras & minyak masak semua dihapuskan.

    Ubah, selamatkan Malaysia!


    1. There are 30 million people in the country. Say 70% are Malays. Thats 21 million people. About seven million are Chinese. Another two million Indians and Lain2. For certain the numbers of Malay taxpayers is proportionately very small. The amount of taxes they pay will also be proportionately small.

      So 2.1 million taxpayers are paying taxes that fill the Treasury, including paying salaries for 1.6 million Civil Servants, who are again over 90% Malays.

      Alamak ! What if these 2.1 million 'taxpayers' take up Ikan Bakar's advice and migrate? Will it miraculously improve the gomen's tax revenues? Will the gomen's finances go from hutang gila babi (oops ...gila khinzir) to huge budget surpluses? I dont think so.

      All the mollycoddling has NOT increased substantially the numbers of Malay taxpayers who can pay their own taxes and sustain their own wellbeing in the economy. It should be the target of policy making to increase the numbers of Malays beyond the tax paying threshold. But right now the growth industry for Malays is driving taxis and lining up for cash handouts.

    2. This is another growth industry for the Malays. They make up the huge bulk of public servants, maybe over 90% of 1.6 million public servants. Considering that gomen does not function too well, economic growth is slowing, revenue collection is dwindling you know that far too many public servants are sleeping on the job. All the indexes are haywire. Corruption index up, education index down, food poisoning index up, sports achievement index down, sports ministry budget up, health ministry budget down, integrity index down, curi index up, religious tolerance index down, religious extremism index up etc. The gomen is not functioning.

      Yet the gomen is giving more and more goodies to the civil servants. The reason is obvious - to buy their support. Make them indebted. Rule 1 of colonialism : keep them barefooted and dumb. Rule 1A : give them whiskey / opium / religion and keep their minds 'befogged'.

      A compliant civil service is another growth industry for the Malays being promoted by the gomen.

      The 2 year old GST is not a tax. It is an oppression. Even 12 year old kids have to pay GST ! ! We have to be rid of it.

    3. GST is to pay for fat hippo shopping before la bro

    4. 'Hutang negara dan hutang jaminan kerajaan kini melebihi paras RM811 bilion, satu petanda yang bahaya & generasi muda akan dibebankan dengan hutang yg amat tinggi & membebankan.'

      Dats we want stupid hippo to leave la bro

    5. Q: What do you call an extremely greedy & scheming Hippo?

      A: 1 Hell of a Hippocrite

  20. Annie!............Jamal Ikan Bakar is
    making another DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dia mahu ludah Tun Det sebab dia pernah jilat
    tangan Tun Det in time ketika Tun berkuasa dulu.
    Look like this is sweet Jamal's habit, menjilat
    tangan sesiapa yang sedang berkuasa!!!!
    This is SWEET JAMAL's own admission U know, Annie
    I am sure the story of Swee Jamal ends up as
    BUDAK SAMSENG will touch everyone's heart - the old,
    the middle age as well as the young.
    So, U don't have to worry about Jamal's fate.
    Iam sure rating Drama Akhsia TV3 will balloon UP
    with this new SWEET JAMAL BUDAK SAMSENG episode......hehehe
    This time Mr.Anon 13.45and 15.22 (me think U are
    the same person)....Mak Ngah, Kak Ngah, Pak Ngah,
    Tok Ngah and Bang Ngah will join the CIKssss
    in front of their TV in the kampongssss....heheh
    Imagine if there is a scene, TASHA SHILA rubbing
    The Sweet Jamal's back plus jilat his hand!!!!
    KELUANGDIAMOD is right.
    Beng cuffed to the polise station really made Jamal's
    day. Now he has b ecome the NATIONAL HERO who save
    the MALAYS' PRIDE.

    1. Jamal! ... no Pride in Ego Hero

      The heat of a summer day, poundin' down on my back,
      I guess I didn't think twice, and now I have to pay the price,
      For killing a man of another creed.

      I guess I'll have to be strong, the rest of my life can't be too long.
      I know I'll die some day, and be going far away,
      And you won't remember the things that I've done.
      I feel a shedding tear, it's only been a year,
      But I know I'll be dead when the evening comes.

    2. Problem is Sweet Jamal is universally known to be a paid dedak eater that got 3 million from the Cash King himself. No, he's nobody's hero. And spitting on 91 year old man's hand? What adab is that? Without Tun the Malays would have nothing. And without Jamal? Ummmmmm....

    3. 'Without Tun the Malays would have nothing. And without Jamal? Ummmmmm....'

      Bro without Jamal no clown la