Sunday 18 September 2016

Write to make Malaysia better

Things are really slow on the political front of late.

No real hot issues.

Most of the highlights are repeats.

Even the recent start of membership registration drive by new Pribumi party was a tame affair.

I also didn't get excited when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad met the Yang DiPertuan Agong to submit the Citizen Declaration demanding the resignation of PM DS Najib Razak.

What can the Agong do anyway?

Honestly, things are politically boring at the moment.

Just consider this, the latest hot new issue is about that "insult" that Jeff Ooi tweeted about the passing of Pas spiritual leader Datuk Haron Din.

I think that's quite pathetic.

Can't they argue about other more intelligent stuff....or at least funny things?

Such a waste of time, if you ask me.

I rather read about how to improve our everyday life.

As you all know, people are complaining about the supposedly tougher life now.

Raising costs of living, they said.

Maybe the clever bloggers and other online scribes can write on how the people can earn more so that they can improve their lives.

Let's say you are a popular blogger, maybe you can write about how the public can apply for government's assistance to set up a small business to supplement their income.

I think the readers will appreciate that more than if a blogger continues to whine about the same boring political stuff over and over again.

Writing helpful stuff is definitely better than whacking other people and trying to make Malaysians hate each other.

Really, there are even those who try to encourage the Malays to unite, become racists and religious extremists and throw the Chinese into the sea.

All that just to get higher place in the Alexa ranking?

Why can't these people be more positive?

Write la about how to make Malaysia better.

If not so clever like me, try to write more down to earth but helpful things.

That's what I do whenever there's nothing hot to write about.

Like giving good tips such as this,

It's simple, but I believe there are ladies who would appreciate such tips.

You all would not believe it if I tell you that there are so many women who tend to forget about the importance of simple stuff which I highlighted in that post.

See, Malaysia will be a better country if its women are nice, less bitchy, reasonably intelligent and smell good as I proposed in that post.

Hey, don't you think that's better than trying to encourage a more racially polarised Malaysia?

But of course this is still a free country, and people have the right to express themselves.

So, I don't expect those people to stop trying to get the Malays on one side and the non-Malays on the other.

But I think you all dear readers would be wiser and not let yourself be influenced by those bad people.

Do try to instead spend your valuable time reading about things which help make your life better or at least entertain you a bit.

Okay, that's all for this fine Sunday morning.

I need to get to the kitchen now and cook something for lunch.

Here's something educational and entertaining on the weight-loss industry in Japan to round up this posting,

See, that's beneficial, isn't it?

It's good to learn how to lose weight a bit, okay.



  1. "Really, there are even those who try to encourage the Malays to unite, become racists and religious extremists and throw the Chinese into the sea. All that just to get higher place in the Alexa ranking?"


    The Flabby One (Ustazah Blobby Porkfat, the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) has now published charts (what else?) based on WP stats, forgetting that SHE (or "IT" rather) was the one who brought up Alexa rankings, and they don't lie.

    Serious case of "kantoi" for Fatty.

    Also, after her embarrassing musical gaffe, I do not think DS Hadi Awang would ever consider appointing Blob as the new Mursyidul Am of PAS. Dato' Ahmad Yaakob would be a far better choice, and he knows more than 3 words of Arabic, unlike Miss Triple Chins.

    In case you missed it, Ustazah B. posted the song "Persamaan" by Freedom, as a further dedication to "perpaduan ummah" between PAS and Umno. She obviously went only as far as the song title, without realising that the lyrics say:

    "Oh benar
    Oh benar sudah tentu
    Oh sayang
    Ku jua begitu
    Merah dan biru warna kesukaanku
    Aku jua begitu"

    "OH SAYANG"????

    So this is what, an ode to homosexual love between Umno and PAS? Or an incitement of zina between Wanita Umno members and male PAS members, or between Muslimat PAS and male Umno members? Either way, the implications are just - well, wrong.

    Oh, Blobby, Blobby. What have you done?

    I do not think PAS are interested. As for your Umno paymasters, well, keep fiddling the rankings, dear.
    Those 49% Canadian walrus bots are out in the open now.

    And leave the music DJ duties aside, MC Blobbz, and stick to your day job, which is endlessly cutting, pasting and reposting your old posts into "new" ones.

    1. Ustazah palsu nih konpom xde otak langsung...

    2. Ustazah fatsoh's readership actually falling since few years ago.
      She just published her blog visitor numbers today. Pathethic is the word. From more than 2m in 2015 to less than 700k as of now.
      I hope Narjeeb be lenient to her or else she cant afford to go for 2nd round of porkfat suction.

    3. So she choosed a sexy love song for 'perpaduan ummah'? What a smart gal : ) Fat Soh, you are crazy.

    4. 'Ustazah fatsoh's readership actually falling since few years ago.'....why bother going in twice? Read one post, read 'em all. Zzzzzzzz.

    5. "porkfat suction" - gross, man! Ewwww LOL

    6. someone is scared of her it

    7. mdzfrs,

      Every time I read your comment, you without fail mention her name. Why? Are you enamoured with her? If you hate her, why should you mention her and visit her blog? And of course, after your comment, you have your parrots parroting after you. For me if I don't like that person, I will not read his/her articles. For instance, I don't like Mahathir, so I don't visit his che set cc, neither I read any of his articles nor I comment.


  2. Speaking of professional liars, how about Raja Putar Dedakmudin?

    "Former Umno Batu Kawan vice chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan has blasted blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin's revelations of the meeting between former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Agong as fabrication.

    Khairuddin in a statement called Raja Petra a "liar", claiming that even he was not privy to the details of the Friday meeting despite accompanying Mahathir to the Anak Bukit palace in Alor Setar to have an audience with Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah.

    Raja Petra on his blog had detailed what he claimed were events that transpired in the said meeting, detailing the alleged royal conversation."

    Exactly. A complete fantasy that never made sense. 75 minutes of conversation that by RPK's account, would have lasted 10 minutes max.

    Well, this is the same RPK who once SWORE AN OATH in an SD that Rosmah Mansor (not quite as fit as Usain Bolt?) crossed rough forest terrain in Shah Alam, late at night, to watch a Mongolian woman being blown up.

    Does he still think so?

    Too many liars in this world.

    The last minute camp-changers like Raja Putar Dedakmudin and Ustazah Blobby are the worst.


    1. Ya cadang YAB Tun saman fitnah, Sdr mdzfrs
      dan derhaka

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. bacul bugis tu x nak saman WSJ, dah brape lama dah? Ohhhhh ye, "hari Selasa depan", jgn lupa ye, kih kih kih!

    3. "Raja Putar Dedakmudin" - LOLOL what a classic name, and true too. The weird thing is...this dedak-eater was spinning long bullshits about why the Agong would NEVER meet Dr M. Now he can;t back that up...what a tangled web of lies, just like his paymaster. Story changes every 5 mins. Stupid Dedakmudin.

    4. The meeting supposedly took place in private between His Majesty and Tun M at Istana Kedah. It was private audience which lasted around an hour. Not even Khairuddin is allowed to be present. But yet this Raja Putar fella aka Julian Khoo who live thousand miles away in diffrent part of the world knew minute details of coversation. He even had the gal tossing around Khairuddin's name to lend credibility to his story. Can't believe there are people who still take him seriously.

    5. RPK is a born liar with no principle, lah. Ya, how you explain how he made SD on Rosie seeing killing of Altantuya with C4? Ada logik kah? Last time he cheat many people on Terengganu also I heard. Real low life.

    6. The Raja Pukheemarrudin still owe me RM10 for " donation " to fight his case.
      A fuking conman and bastard.

    7. TUN Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini melaporkan kepada pelopor Deklarasi Rakyat di rumahnya di Seri Kembangan hasil menghadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong 15 September lepas.

      Hadir dalam mesyuarat hari ini adalah penandatangan dari parti-parti politik, badan bukan Kerajaan, bloggers dan penggiat media sosial.

      Mesyuarat memperbaharui keputusan untuk menyembahkan petisyen yang sama kepada Majlis Raja-raja melalui Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-raja Melayu.

      Selain itu, usaha juga akan dibuat untuk menghadap mana-mana Raja Melayu yang sanggup berjumpa dengan wakil Deklarasi Rakyat.

      Mesyuarat diperingatkan semula mengenai titah Raja-Raja Melayu pada 6 Oktober tahun lalu yang mahukan kerajaan menyelesaikan siasatan berkaitan 1MDB secepat mungkin dan mengambil tindakan tegas yang bersesuaian ke atas semua yang didapati terlibat dan arahan Persidangan Raja-raja kepada Peguam Negara, (Tan Sri) Mohamed Apandi Ali, pada 17 Februari supaya membuat beberapa pindaan ke atas Akta Majlis Keselamatan Negara.

      Dr Mahathir mengulangi hujah beliau bahawa Yang di-Pertuan Agong boleh merujuk kepada Mahkamah Persekutuan bagi mendapat perintah mengenai status undang-undang akta tersebut di bawah Perkara 130 Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyatakan Yang di-Pertuan Agong boleh meminta mahkamah agung memberi pendapat mengenai kesan mana-mana peruntukan perlembagaan.

      Mesyuarat berpendapat kerajaan telah mengingkari dan tidak mempedulikan titah Raja-raja mengenai 1MDB dan Akta MKN.

    8. PM Najib mengajar dan menunjuk teladan buruk kepada rakyat agar usah peduli dengan undang2. Inlah contoh paling hodoh dan jelik KEPIMPINAN MELALUI TELADAN DARI SEORANG YANG BERTARAF PERDANA MENTERI. Mampus rakyat dan hancur negara jadi huru hara kalau terus pertahankan PM JENIS BAPAK KETAM, nak ajar anak2 jalan betul tapi diri sendiri pun tak pernah betul. Haprak punya PM!!!!

    9. respect najib always.
      the better you are the more people will want to get rid of you.
      dengan kuasa Allah ....najib is still our pm..:)

    10. I do read raja petra's writing once on a while.He has some valid points on certain matters even though I have to admit some of his writings are more likely works of fiction

      Prof Kangkung


    11. Aa miin wa in-sya-Allah, Sdr ANON 00:48

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. "dengan kuasa Allah ....najib is still our pm..:)"

      HA HA HA, oh macai, macai.

      "dengan kuasa transfer, sack, sabotage, move evidence, appoint barua....najib is still our pm..."

      Sila dikencingkan lagi, macai oh macai.

    13. Hey morons, if you don't like RPK, don't visit his blog. Why frothing around the mouth as if RPK forces you morons to read his articles? You people must feel butthurt as RPK has many fans whilst che det cc has same old same old. Mahathir's macais A Kadir Jasin writes macam budak kehingusan whilst Outsyed the box writes really outside the box that he himself is confused. Padanlah Mahathir asik kalah saja..kahkahkah

  3. Annie,

    //What can the Agong do anyway?//

    Personally speaking, the only royalty to have any balls is the Tengku Mahkota of Johor, followed by his father, the Sultan of Johor.

    Yes, I know, I have put the father after the son and I suspect the father would be secretly pleased that his son is considered better than he is because that means he has done a good job of ensuring that Johor is going to be in good hands in the future.

    And yes, I know, I know, I am a Selangorean and I should not be praising those "horrible rotten" Johoreans.

    //All that just to get higher place in the Alexa ranking?//

    The BEST way to get a higher Alexa ranking is to employ Canadian walrus-bots.

    I mean, why work so hard writing articles to get dedak?

    Work smart using Canadian walrus-bots and still get dedak. Can't lose.

    I note that Blobby has now started to use WordPress stats to justify her dedak.

    Going by what she has posted, Canada is not even in her top 9 countries.

    So, LESS THAN 2,000 Canadian walrus-bots (Switzerland is ranked 9th with 2,000 visitors) account for nearly 50% of her Alexa traffic!

    //Guide to be a likable woman//

    Blobby Fatso is not going to pay any attention to your article, OK?

    She loves all that "body cheese" which she keeps in the many folds of fat she has.

    //I don't expect those people to stop trying to get the Malays on one side and the non-Malays on the other.//

    For some people, it is good when Malaysians are polarised by race and religion.

    These people make lots of money out of our disunity.

    Race-based political parties or religion-based political parties are perfect vehilcles to keep us divided.

    Divide and rule is an extremely old tactic.

    I have never really understood why I should dislike a person just because they are of a particular race or religion.

    Believe me, I have met people from many many different parts of the world.

    Once we have put aside race and religion, there is not very much difference between us, eg we all like a joke, we all like nice food, we all like being comfortable, we all don't like nasty people, etc etc.

    But the key to us having a enjoyable time, was for us to put aside race and religion.

    The people I have felt most uncomfortable with have been those who refuse to put aside their race and/or religion.

    There was always something wrong as far as these people were concerned. They were always worried about something. They were never really relaxed or enjoying themselves.

    Maybe it was because I was present and being a poor guest :) I dunno :)


    1. "Going by what she has posted, Canada is not even in her top 9 countries. So, LESS THAN 2,000 Canadian walrus-bots (Switzerland is ranked 9th with 2,000 visitors) account for nearly 50% of her Alexa traffic!"...hee hee I dunno why this dumb woman is on an ego trip. Desperate to justify her dedak? Must be.

    2. Anonymous 18 September 2016 at 14:46,

      //Desperate to justify her dedak?//

      Well, now that everybody knows about her use of Canadian walrus-bots, she has gone very quiet about her Alexa ranking.

      She has switched over to using her Wordpress stats as evidence that she is really a VVIP on the blogging scene.

      But Wordpress doesn't seem to give any ranking, so I guess she will have to re-negotiate her "char siu pau" allowance with her handlers.

      I'll bet that her backers are not very pleased that she has been basically cheating them on her Alexa ranking by using Canadian walruses.

      Mind you, Wordpress site traffic can also be influenced using bots.

      In fact, it can be even harder to detect bot traffic on Wordpress sites :)

      It is trivial to write script for a bot which could visit a specific site without triggering bot-detection.

      With a bit of thought, some tweaking and perhaps daily maintenance, a bot would be indistinguishable from a human clicking thru to a article link :)

      Plenty of examples on the net so no need for me to offer examples of possible scripts which can be used :)

      If she can use Canadian walrus-bots (probably from a clever computer friend), I am sure she can find the scripts she needs (probably from a clever computer friend) to jazz up her Wordpress stats.

      Hahahah!! Poor Blobby Fatso, so desperate to be famous and respected.

      Kesian, kesian....


  4. Guide to be a likable woman........

    '4. Have a pleasant appearance

    Not all women are born beautiful, but we should make a reasonable effort to look good. If we are fat, try dieting and exercise. It will make us look better and improve our health too. Men like a healthy looking woman. Then there's the matter of what to wear. Invest a bit on reasonably priced clothes. Let's say you are a Chinese girl who is trying to win the heart of Malays or just Malay men by appearing in public in baju kurung. I suggest you buy a few and wear them alternately. Don't wear the same black and white baju kurung all the time as people will notice and think that you are either too stingy or just simply a bum. Also, do comb your hair and apply a bit of make up if that's not too much an effort for you.'

    Kih kih kih.....


    1. Comment excerpt:
      6(?) Play mother: Be first to serve people hot tea or cold drinks, and handy in the kitchen to conjure quick-recipe but filling food .."

      Men are unconciously prospecting for a mother really,
      for their future offsprings!"

      NB. Ladies also, for future sis-in-laws and huhu daughter-in-laws

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Boys like najib don't prospect mother for their offspring...they get a witch so together can practice sihir to suck up public money. 15000 bomoh beb!!!


    3. Yeah really great offsprings, Sdr 18:06
      DS Mukhriz PM designate and DP Marina(?) to replace DS Jamil Khir

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Nothing can replace Jamil Khir:

      "Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, the latter’s wife and their entourage had travelled to the US in May last year under the guise of an official charity programme organised by the state-linked charity agency YAPEIM, but instead had gone on a shopping spree and played golf for most of the eight-day trip.

      While Yapeim deemed the trip as a means to “strengthen” the charity body’s work, payment was instead made among others for a golf game, gift shopping and a trip to a factory outlet store in Washington DC that sells luxury goods.

      The trip, funded by Yayasan Pembangunan Anak Yatim/Miskin (Pemangkin), which is an institution under Yapeim’s watch, had cost more than RM410,000.

      The trip took place from May 21 to May 29, 2015. Out of the schedule, four days were spent on a “VVIP” trip to Leesburg Corner Premium Outlet, a factory outlet store that sells luxury goods at discounted prices.

      Transportation fees to the outlet cost close to RM6,000."

      Jamil Khir is the male version of Rosie, The Songlap Hippo, although even Rosie may not steal from orphans.

      Jamil Khir = Anugerah Allah

    5. Jamil Khir, hm. Nabi melarang zakat, hadiah, pemberian utk ahlul bait. Tapi di Malaysia, ahlul bait rembat x kira duit zakat apa sumer...yg bodoh ialah Melayu.

      “Sesungguhnya pembalasan terhadap orang-orang yang memerangi Allah Subhanahu wata’ala dan Rasul-Nya serta membuat kerusakan di muka bumi, hanyalah mereka dibunuh atau disalib, atau dipotong tangan dan kaki mereka dengan bersilang, atau dibuang dari negeri (tempat tinggalnya). Hal itu (sebagai) suatu penghinaan untuk mereka di dunia, dan di akhirat mereka beroleh siksaan yang besar, kecuali orang-orang yang tobat (di antara mereka) sebelum kamu dapat menguasai (menangkap) mereka; maka ketahuilah bahwasanya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.” (al-Maidah: 33—34)

      Bertaubatlah, wahai Jamil, Najib, Rosmah dll...bertaubatlah.

    6. Mejar Jeneral (R)...R tu = 'Robber', kut?) Jamil Kecoh ko nak puji ke? Ishhhh, kalau ketua paling besar dah makan beliyon-beliyon...tak kan Si Jamil nak tengok jer. Mesti ler tumpang sekali. Alang-alang makan duit haram, balik sapu sebanyak yang mungkin..."cash is king...ini kata2 keramat dari Big Bos nya yg hentam wang rakyat empat beliyon USD ("and counting"). Chantek ler tu. Di dunia mrk kenyang tapi dalam kubur mrk di ganyang. Cayalah...


    7. Ya cadang buat lah laporan polis, Sdr ANON 07:04
      banyak sangat kecurian ni

      ( & post report no here)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Ha ha Zin,

      Weak response, man. Really weak.

      You're a funny guy, you know. The more corrupt and thieving someone is, the more you hold them up as a "great Muslim leader".

      I'm pretty sure that Islam does NOT condone lying, stealing, wasting public money for personal expenses?

      "While Yapeim deemed the trip as a means to “strengthen” the charity body’s work, payment was instead made among others for a golf game, gift shopping and a trip to a factory outlet store in Washington DC that sells luxury goods. The trip, funded by Yayasan Pembangunan Anak Yatim/Miskin (Pemangkin), which is an institution under Yapeim’s watch, had cost more than RM410,000."

      I also recall that this case was swept under carpet after some feeble excuse from J. Khir but the facts were never denied.

      Look up the word "junket", Zin.

      Expand your tiny mind a little.

      And stop worshipping con-men.


    9. Just stop Fitnah if you can't furnish proof to the police, Sdr ANON 12:27
      instead of worshiping YB Rafizi

      NB. Cmparative size of what mind, that you consider great mind vs mine is not the subject of this thread

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. Alahai, Sdr M Zin, kamu ni mmg Melayu yg paling bijak di dunia, kan?

      Fikirlah sikit sdr...

      Wanita Umno yang berada di kedudukan kedua tertinggi di YAPEIM menerima gaji dan elaun RM45,500 sebulan, dengan memegang 7 jawatan, manakala anak lelakinya turut memegang jawatan sebagai pengarah, dan menerima gaji dan elaun bulanan RM31,200...mereka tak salah...mereka hanya dilantik nelalui lembaga penasihat YAPEIM yg dianggotai oleh mereka & ...semua gaji dan elaun diputuskan oleh mereka.... mereka telah gunakan saluran betul, kan? Gelak pecah perut la ni.

      Patutlah melayu di malàysia ni tak maju. Senang ditipu. Mcm lembu dicucuk hidung. Org Islam konon. Hihihi.


    11. Agreed to stop contributing to YAPIEM, Sdr ANON 15:16
      and yes wr contribute $O00s to PERKIM
      ( YDP-nya YAB Tun M)

      Bukan nak berbangga, cuma in-sya-Allah Muslim tidak disempitkan ruang ibadah
      juga tak perlu menghina

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. Last update from Twit King (Nov last year)..."still investigating."

      You know I know lah.

  5. Blobs just posted a selfie on her blog. Fat, yellow and with really bad teeth......

    Ahhh Fat Soh, she never fails to lighten my day....

    1. That photo's 30 years old at least...I think by now she would be able to eat a whole tiger in one gulp!

  6. You are right on Jeff Ooi. Clear those who're busy blasting Jeff Ooi are not from Penang. Specifically they are not Penang Malays. It is a fact that muslims or malays from Penang understand DAP more accurately compared to other malays in the country. Despite been labeled kucing kurap by Jeff not so long ago, the malays there keep patronizing DAP. Their effort has clearly been rewarded with the appointment of a malay as DCM and company directorships of many others.

    1. Jeff Ooi should be ground into mincemeat (he deserve it 100% for being a stupid, loudmouth racist) and then made into "cha siu pow" for Fat Soh to eat - Cina DAP makan Cina DAP : )

    2. Only locals Malays know that how lucky they are under DAP DAP Penang. The get so many benefits unlike before when UMNO leaders just line their pockets. Mai Penang dan lihat. Suka tak suka DAP Jaga dan perlu Jaga Melayu. Jadi, baik undi DAP aje.


    3. Yes the DCM should replace the CM kut(?) Sdr Blue
      if he goes to jail

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Uncle Lim really is a stupid old fool for not controlling the "mulut celupar/chibai" in his party - the likes of Ooi, Hew and Liu who can always be relied on to say something stupid. Haiya Unker Lim, you know oredi, why you not ready arrrr? Haiyaaaaa...

    5. To 18:38,

      Yes, DCM II Ramasamy should take over in case LGE goes to jail. Certainly no grduges from DCM I and the malays in general as long as DAP keeps pumping their pockets with RMs.

    6. To 17:14,

      In contrary Jeff Ooi was right when he equated Penang malays or muslims to kucing kurap despite the fact they have voted DAP in last GE by bus loads. Such an equations fits the bills considering how penchant the malays there for RM.

    7. To 18:49,

      Why should him? After all Jeff Ooi won big in last election due to strong support by muslim community in Jelutong. In fact PAS also campaigned for Jeff. As an elected MP, Jeff is entitled for his opinion.


    8. Yes the corrupt EXCOs continue give $ to Malays, Sdr Blue
      while DAP get big big $ kickbacks(?) from the sale of Penang hill lands and Taman Manggis instead of providing affordable homes

      ( OK, comment fr outside P Penang)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    9. M Zin,

      //while DAP get big big $ kickbacks(?) from the sale of Penang hill lands and Taman Manggis//

      I didn't quite expect that from a PAS supporter like you :)

      Do you have 4 witnesses ke?

      Did you buat laporan polis?

      Just joking, OK? Jangan marah lah.

      Seriously speaking, I think Penang has a severe housing problem - they simply do not have enough suitable land to build on and yet the demand for housing is there.

      Affordable housing is extremely difficult to offer not only because of the land shortage.

      The majority of those who need affordable housing are Malays and given the rather relaxed lifestyle of the Penang Malays and the rather generous nature of past state governments and our federal government over the years, I doubt if many Penang Malays can afford the luxury apartments going up all over Penang.

      Sorry if I offend anybody with the above observation but that's how I saw it when I was in Penang a coupla years ago, OK?

      Penang Malays have a damn good relaxed lifestyle in some really beautiful surroundings.

      I don't blame them for taking it easy, really I don't.

      In fact, I envy their good fortune to be able to live in such a beautiful place.

      The Penang State Govt seems caught in a dilemma - they need the money from the luxury apartments but they also need land to build those luxury apartments on.

      Without the money from those luxury apartments, how could they build affordable homes for those who need it?

      But if they take the land away to build luxury apartments, where in the hell are they going to build those affordable homes?

      See what I mean?

      I did speak to a Penang fellow about the above dilemma and all I got was an embarrassed incoherent response.

      He even gave me a stupid suggestion about building affordable housing blocks next to the luxury apartments. Yeah, right!

      Maybe the answer is in reclaiming more land but there are environmental considerations.

      Maybe the answer is to build on the mainland but that means uprooting people from where they have lived for generations and moving them to strange surrounds.

      It is easy for me or anybody else to criticise Penang for their seeming lack of focus on the plight of Malays who need affordable housing, but WHAT IS A GOOD SOLUTION which will allow the Penang State Govt to generate revenue to run the state AND built affordable housing for those who need it WHILE being able to take advantage of those rich enough to afford luxury apartments?

      Note that any solution should be regardless of whether it is a Pakatan govt or BN govt in Penang.

      I dunno what the answer is, OK?

      Maybe this is an example of what Annie means about writing to make Malaysia better.

      I dunno either.


    10. Relaxed lifestyle? Absolutely. Not only that the Malays there would tolerate almost everything and anything as long as their bellies are full. They do not mind Jefferey Ooi's Kucing Kurap's equation for an exchange of RM 100/head the state is giving them under the OKU incentive. In the absence of able and selfless leader, the answers to their predicaments lie with DAP.


    11. Alhamduli 'Llah for BR1M, Sdr Blue
      ( vs what RM100?)
      from able Federal leader

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. Alhamduli'Llah for Rm25 million stolen from public funds for shopping for badak air puaka tu, Sdr Zin

      (vs what, RM3.5 billion stolen by incapable Federal leader husband?)

    13. M Zin,

      Yes Penang decided to award the malays there with RM 100 per head as a mean to cool them down after Jeff Ooi kucing kurap offensive. It worked so effectively..


    14. Fair enough. YAB Lim would be more than reasonably housed, Sdr Blue
      and fed there with rakyats $

      Wishing YAB in-sya-Allah the best
      (& peace in Penang?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  7. The good news is life is indeed good for all of us in Malaysia. Where in the world can we, well' at least for now put in minimum effort and get so much in return from a people centric government. People claim, Najib stole billions but fail to see that we get BRIM. We get easy loans, scholarships, grants, discounts and so many well intentioned benefits.

    In return, all we need to do is support Najib and BN. How diffocult is that. If indeed people are suffering, that is pure bullshit. See the Malays buying RM20 sandwiches in Subway and the Non-Malays guzzling beers at Publika. Rural communities have it even better. In Johor, almost all are and want to work in Singapore. Go to Deshker Road in Singapore and you can see so many Kelantanese women working as hookers. Imagine the money they are making. The GST is a fair tax. You pay when you buy GST rated goods. That is fair. Frankly, we are all making too much of an issue that things are bad in Malaysia. Wake up, life is good and easy. If not 1.5 million Banglas won't come to Malaysia. Even if half of them become citizens, Non-Malays should not make an issue. It does not effect them. They only become new Malay-Bumiputras and whatever benefits and privileges they get are from what is reserved for Bumiputras. The Non-Malay quotas remain not stolen. But, if whether Malays, Chinese and Indians still think the country is bad or has or is going to the dogs, then just leave. T


    1. Those millions of Banglas and Indons, Sdr ANON 17:59
      now pay $ billions in GST, while petroleum and many other subsidies have been removed or cut

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. LOL..."see the Malays buying RM20 sandwiches in Subway and the Non-Malays guzzling beers at Publika." Try pulling your head out of your urban backside, kawan. There's another world out there.

      Nah, bacalah: /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1867885

      The state of Sabah has the highest poverty rate at 23%, followed by Terengganu (15%), Kelantan (11%), Sarawak (8%), and Kedah (7%).

      Which Subway outlet does well there?

      You should look up the writings of a guy called Muhd. Abdul Khalid, bro, unless you're too busy getting drunk at Publika or at Subway. He'll open your eyes as to how badly the ordinary Malays have done under Umno misrule.

      Of course, there's one fat lady with RM25 million to spend on shopping. Alḥamdulillah.

    3. Sdr Anon 19:03,

      If indeed Malays are suffering in poverty, they will rise against Najib and UMNO. Alas the don't and the reason? Life is good. In fact, Perkasa, Red Shirts and other Malay NGO's would have fought for Malays if indeed Malays were suffering. Fact is life is good.

      As for Chinese, life is good and can only get better with China coming into the country in a big way.

      You do not believe that Malays make beeline for Subway, just go and sit in one and observe. Sdr, have you been to Bandung and Ho Chi Minh? Just see the Malays borong kain.

      I remain steadfast that Malaysia is doing well for all of us to have a share in the wealth. Please don't accuse Najib and Rosmah. We Malays can be thankful to them. Kelantan/ Trengganu mereka malas kerja.

    4. Never knew about the Kelantanese in Desker Road. Wow

    5. 'Please don't accuse Najib and Rosmah. We Malays can be thankful to them.'.......HA HA HA HA HA HA, yes thank you for stealing our money and then lying repeatedly about it. Red shits? Dedak-eating contractors lah. And thanks for your "profound" analysis that everyone in Kelantan / Terengganu are just too lazy to work their way out of poverty. Brilliant!

    6. "Kelantan/ Trengganu mereka malas kerja"????? Pale otak hang. Ko nih mmg macai OKU No.1 di M;sia.

      Tapi sy ucapkan TAHNIAH kpd KERAjaan UMNO/BN.

      Transformasi-NAJIS ROSAK berjaya memiskinkan rakyat di negeri2 yg paling kaya hasil bumi.

      Negeri2 di bawah BN, Sabah & Sarawak menduduki carta TERBAEK Kadar Kemiskinan.


    7. Subway sandwiches, BRIM and kain. Hoorey me too.

  8. 'Where in the world can we, well' at least for now put in minimum effort and get so much in return from a people centric government.'

    - Put in minimum effort? Get so much in return? Can you please be a bit more specific? Are you referring that petty BRIM received by the rakyat and in return they get tens of billions from the collection if GST? And your last point tak boleh bla 'people centric government'..HAHAHAHAHA...

  9. PM Najeeb adalah anugerah yg tak terhingga kepada pembangkang. Semenjak merdeka pembangkang mencuba pelbagai taktik dan usaha untuk menumbangkan kerajaan tetapi tidak berhasil. Nah sekarang muncul Najeeb membawa sinar dan harapan yg ditunggu tunggu oleh pembangkang. Ini lah masanya peluang mereka untuk menumbangkan kerajaan. Tetapi mereka tetap tidak belajar. Bila peluang sudah di depan mata DAP tetap tidak menafikan bahawa mereka adalah parti yg dianggotai oleh pemimpin yg racist. Statement jef ooi adalah salah satu penanda aras kebolehan ahlinya untuk menjdi pemimpin. Its a low class statement from a so called leader. Rakyat baru saja nak lupakan bahawa parti DAP adalah racist, muncul jeff oii dengan statement low class nya. Belajarlah wahai para ahli DAP. Jaga mulut kamu jika ingin berkuasa.


    1. Ya mana pemimpin DAP di mahkamah(?) Sdr ANON 20:45
      untuk menyokong YAB Tun dan DS Anwar yang memfailkan bantahan terhadap Akta NSC?

      Bila YB mereka kena cekup baru mengangis tak berlagu
      ( ya itu harapan sebenar pembangkang)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Minta maaf Saudara M.Zin.

      Saya bukan penyokong Jef Ooi. Tapi... saya langsung tak nampak dimana yang Jeff Ooi bersalah menghina... sesiapa atau apa-apa pun... bila dia ucapkan 'Adios'.... yang bermakana, goodbye atau selamat-tinggal.
      Lagi pun... memang benar... Arwah pernah 'jual' atau menerima 'hadiah' atau 'sumbangan' dari air-jampi beliau.

      Saya pun terkejut bila dengar Arwah meninggal... di Negara-Kafir yang menjadi penyokong-tegar Regim zionist Israel. Bukan kah Amerika 'campur-tangan' dalam urusan Politik Malaysia dengan Saman Civil DoJ?

      Nampakgayanya... Arwah lebih percaya kepada kepakaran perubatan Kafir dari kepakaran anak-bangsa atau Rakyat di Negara sendiri.

      Dalam hal ini... saya lebih respect Dr.M. Dia belah dada... dua kali, di HKL je. Itu pun... masih sihat & cergas, walau[un 20 tahun lebih tua dari Arwah.

      Cuba baca pesanan Arwah di URL dibawah.... yang menyeru Umat Islam guna perubatan Islam, termasuk jampi-serapah & jangan campur-aduk dengan perubatan lain.
      Arwah adalah pengasas AlShifa. Jelas.. Arwah tidak mengamalkan 'Lead by Example' atau Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan.

    3. PM Najeeb adalah anugerah Allah yg tak terhingga dlm bidang klepet wang negara. Alhamdulillah. Kak Ros sentiasa sedia membantu.


    4. OK ralat;
      1) Yang kata Anugerah Allah SWT tu DS Dr Kak Jijah
      tentang suami tercinta tak, terhingga faelya

      2) Yang kata kuda tunggangan tua tu Sdr Hew
      ( super what?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. OK ralat;
      1) Yang kata Anugerah Allah SWT tu DS Unesco Rejact
      tentang suami tercinta tak, terhingga songlap RM25 million

      2) Kuda tunggangan Bugis tu siapa?
      ( super moron)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    6. That was a cheap shot, Sdr ANON 18:40
      stealing someones identity
      and its not funny

      Q: Do you allow this, Lil sis Ms Annie

      Kuda tunggangan YB Lim Kit Siang ialah YAB Tun
      mengikut Superfart(?) Hew

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Olà,

    Take your daily vitamins if you are on diet.


  11. After being exposed as a complete liar over the Tun-YDPA meeting, RPK then retreats to this:

    "In case many of you did not notice, Mahathir’s audience with the Agong was in the Sultan of Kedah’s palace, Istana Anak Bukit in Alor Star. That means the Agong met Mahathir as the Sultan of Kedah rather than as the Agong. The Agong meets VIP guests in Istana Negara. Meetings in the Sultan’s palace are considered unofficial or informal meetings whereas official meetings, especially with VIPs, would be held in Istana Negara."

    This is a typical pattern for him.

    When the first lie doesn't work, just try and hastily apply paint over it.

    Even his daughter is on the dedak train now.

    Here she is:

    She really needs to grow her long on the sides to cover up those Yoda ears. It's not hard, sweetie. And she should also contemplate that a few years ago, Daddy would have ordered her to write glowing praises of Anwar.

    Funny how people flip-flop, and some fortysomething females flip-flop feebly and flabbily.

    1. She looks like the mother, same ears : )

    2. We don't want any more RPK DNA, thank you.

    3. "some fortysomething females flip-flop feebly and flabbily"...LOLOL, sheer poetry!

    4. But shouldve been: some FIFTYsomething females flip-flop feebly and flabbily" accurate sikit la

  12. Annie,

    This is funny:

    Looks like the Indons want to claim every bit of Nusantara culture.

    Well, I guess it's OK; China is claiming every bit of Malaysia, after all.

    From ABC News:

    "There was particular annoyance in Singapore, with some suggesting Indonesians' defiant defence of a rice dish was a stark contrast to its refusal to accept the blame for forest fires on its territory that blanket the city-state with haze every year.

    @HarisBRosli: "Ohhhh nasi goreng can claim but haze cannot."

    Ferdinand later attempted to calm the bickering unleashed by his remark.

    Rio Ferdinand tweet: "Was there really uproar with my Nasi goreng tweet??!! Relax guys...'local' in SE Asia...look back at my indonesia closed!"

    It was just the latest battle over culinary and cultural heritage between the neighbours, whose long shared history does not stop the regular flare-up of petty rows."

    I like that:

    @HarisBRosli: "Ohhhh nasi goreng can claim but haze cannot."

    But true, kan?

    1. nasi goreng = fried rice

      everyone in this world who fries rice have to pay royalty to Jakarta ke?


    2. Nasi goreng in Malaysia is a completely different style to Indon AND OURS IS BETTER!!!!

    3. Anonymous 20 September 2016 at 18:16,

      //AND OURS IS BETTER!!!!//

      Damn right too!!

      And there is a really nice place near Bangsar LRT on the five-foot way.

      I think they call themselves, Bangsar Railway Cafe or something?? Bloody awesome nasi goreng and ayam goreng.


  13. Write to make Malaysia better ....... right .....

    where's the room for love when we're so full of Ourselves?