Wednesday 14 September 2016

Too much painkiller

It's quiet and peaceful where I am now.

Still resting.

I can hear birds chirping outside the window.

Half of my body is still aching.

Wish I don't have to ever get up.

But I have to go to work tomorrow.

Need to earn a living.

It's the bottom line for me.

As I previously wrote, all the nonsense that are happening actually don't really matter to me.

What really matter to me are survival and living a good decent life.

Why should I care about some self-serving politicians trying to tell everyone how to think and behave.

Fuck off to them, okay.

I'm not going to listen to them.

As if they really care about my well being.

End of the day, I will vote for those I think can make my life better and improve things for the future.

Plain and simple.

Those selling all the rhetoric can shove those up their ass.

I'm not buying them.

Bloggers, myself included, who are they? Are they any better than you all that they are qualified to tell you how to think?

I don't think so.

I'm writing just to express myself and putting my thoughts on record.

That's all.

It doesn't really matter to me whether you agree or disagree with me.

I'm not trying to teach you all how to think.

Again, let me reiterate - mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog.

I'm definitely not taking part in a popularity contest.

I don't need to show the world or a paymaster that my blog is high up in the stupid Alexa ranking.

I don't need to do that because I don't have that kind of ego or the need for lots of money.

I'm also definitely not an ustazah to teach you all about Islam and Muslims

I'm not a penyelamat ummah.

My knowledge of my religion is not much - Darjah Lima Sekolah Agama Johor.

Definitely not the credential of a penyelamat ummah.

Actually, I rather be a penyelamat nyawa, like those good doctors now hounded for allegedly not paying their taxes properly.

But I'm not qualified to be like them too.

Well, I'm not even a highly moral person to teach you right and wrong.

I'm not even trying, okay.

Most of the time I was just presenting the facts as I know and understand them.

That's all.

It's for you all to decide how to form your own opinion.

Okay, I think I'm rambling again. Can go on like this the whole day.

Maybe it's  the medication.

I better stop here before you all think I'm going crazy.

You all better enjoy this song instead,

Yup, I think I'm just stoned at the moment.

Too much painkiller :)



  1. go on give us a clue which dumbass poli tried to pull your string that is attached to something that enables you to go horse riding and swimming with, I'm guessing you are in a moody period with your outburst

  2. Annie,

    If you need a sedative, then please drop by at the blog of the Cut & Paste Queen, yes Ustazah Porkfat (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century.)

    At least you're humble:

    "I'm also definitely not an ustazah to teach you all about Islam and Muslims

    I'm not a penyelamat ummah.

    My knowledge of my religion is not much - Darjah Lima Sekolah Agama Johor.

    Definitely not the credential of a penyelamat ummah."

    I wonder what level Ustazah Blobby (the only real penyelamat ummah) studied Islam till? (Apart from her arrest for insulting Islam, I mean.)

    Well, she peppers her recycled posts with her 3 words of Arabic and her (fewer and fewer) retards seem to overlook the fact that this mata sepet mercenary is just out for more khinzir dedak to gobble down. That's one heavyweight appetite, literally.

    See, that's the problem with novelty acts. Elvis impersonators, Ridhuan Tee, and Blobby.

    You can only do one thing, and you get really, really boring after a while.

    Even the Canadian bots (41% of Blobby's traffic?) are yawning loudly.

    1. For all the chinese fat chick fake ustazah.......

    2. Why do 41% of Fat Soh's blog traffic come from Canada?


    3. mdzfrs,

      //I wonder what level Ustazah Blobby (the only real penyelamat ummah) studied Islam till?//

      I seem to recall in one of her articles where she suggested that PAS should listen to her advice, so I suppose she feels she is better than Hadi Awang, Tuan Ibrahim, etc etc.

      //You can only do one thing, and you get really, really boring after a while.//

      Yupe, her articles convey nothing but hate, hate, hate and more hate.

      The hilarious thing I find is that she vehemently accuses others of hate, hypocrisy, narrowmindedness, lying, etc etc, when her own writings exhibit the very traits she is accusing others of!

      It is almost as if she is mentally stuck in a rut, she cannot see or admit it and she just cannot get out of it.

      //Even the Canadian bots (41% of Blobby's traffic?) are yawning loudly.//

      Well, the Canadian bots have seen lots of walruses and maybe her walrus impressions are beginning to wear thin? No pun intended.


    4. Anonymous 14 September 2016 at 20:24,

      //Why do 41% of Fat Soh's blog traffic come from Canada?...BOT....simple. //

      Hm, between spending money on bots or spending money on char siew pau, I am pretty sure I know which one Blobby would choose.

      Nah, we have had an expert hacker here, mdzfrs, who has hacked into the Alexa database and determined that Ostardzah Blobby actually has a fan club of Canadian walruses.

      Unfortunately, these walruses just happen to behave like bots, i.e. land on the front page, stay for some alloted time, and then go away.

      So, she has over 50% bounce rate.

      Maybe she could have a higher clickthru rate from those walruses if she posted videos of herself snorting like a walrus .....


      P.S. Just had a look and she has had MORE visits from Canadian walruses (48.9% of total visitors) than Malaysian visitors (46.4% of total visitors)!!

      And bounce rates are down (48%) while the page views have gone up slightly (2.00) - maybe those walruses are looking for her videos.


    5. I don't think Blobby has any knowledge of Islam at all.

      Just a shameless opportunist.

      With the rate that things are going, Malaysia is going to be a colony of China quite soon. They bailed out the Bugis crook on Bandar Malaysia and the expired power plants, they are funnelling cash to him under the table on the CCCC east coast rail deal, and pitching for the Sing hi-speed link.

      The Chinese now own the Bugis crook.

      I pointed out that Anifah Aman was AWOL when ASEAN resolved to take action on South China Sea aggression.

      The Chinese can help themselves to Malaysian territory. Have another Spratly! Like I say, the PM has sold us out.

      When they officially take over Malaysia, you can bet that the Fat One Of Flexible Principles will suddenly remember that she's Chinese, and will waddle off to the airport to greet them with gifts of bak kut teh.

      A whore is a whore.

      (I mean no disrespect to professional sex workers, some of whom actually have more principles than the flabby ex-Malaysiakini communist.)


    6. "P.S. Just had a look and she has had MORE visits from Canadian walruses (48.9% of total visitors) than Malaysian visitors (46.4% of total visitors)!"

      Doesn't surprise me in the least.

      Everything about that creature is pure lies and deceit.

    7. I want to meet these 49% Canadians who are claimed to visit that fat loser's blog. Do they even exist?

    8. Anonymous 15 September 2016 at 19:15,

      //I want to meet these 49% Canadians who are claimed to visit that fat loser's blog.//

      Do you speak walrus? :)


  3. “Weak people revenge
    Strong people forgive
    Intelligent people ignore”

    1. "Shameless people tumpang glamer"

      'A grand welcome awaits the national paralympics contingent's homecoming on September 22.

      Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin told a press conference here that the Cabinet meeting today had agreed to accord the contingent a heroes welcome. He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was scheduled to join well wishers in welcoming the contingent.'

      They better check that this photo-op seeking pirate don;t steal their gold!!!

    2. Penyamun Bugis tu mmg x rasa malu. Apa lagi cara yg dia boleh buat untuk tutup malu dia sekeluarga. Najib dtg bercakap lagak mcm hulubalang........orang Umno tepuk tangan sajalah. Najib ingat orang seronok dgr cakap dia rupa2nya orang tepuk tangan untuk menghilangkan mengantuk.......Najib/Semah ni badan saja mcm gajah tapi hati mcm tikus. Apa kerja tikus selain drp membaiki labu?

  4. "Wish I don't have to ever get up"

    Be careful what you wish for sweetheart.

    Be thankful you can get up everyday, that you can hear birds chirping. There are people who are bedridden, and children who wake up to sounds of bomb blasts. Count your blessings and that will make you look forward to a new dawn each and everyday.

    Hope this helps to make you feel less cranky.

  5. Drama queen antics......

    "Reconciliation in politics may make for strange bedfellows, but it is purely family ties that sees Nurul Nuha Anwar speak up to demand a public apology from former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad."

    The reason that Anwar is in jail right now is nothing to do with Tun, dik. Tu 100% Najis Rosak punya pasai. You have to get your facts right.

    1. Si bacul Bugis tu mmg bersalah. Alaf baru kata nya.....tapi pemimpin2 tertinggi semakin ligat & rakus menyamun harta negara & menindas rakyat....tapi apa2 pun...apa jua tindakan kpd perkara yg lbh baik adlh sgt dialu2 kan tak kira lambat ataupun cepat. Yang lain apa lagi nak tunggu? Ayuh bertindak sebelum negara tergadai oleh kerakusan kuasa, pangkat dan ketamakan wang ringgit......

    2. Saya save screen tajuk utusan najib nak saman wsj. Saya tunjuk kat sedara di kampong dan tanya mereka, apa dah jadi? Jawapan mereka sendiri....."dia takut, kot?" Simple......and effective. Dengan orang kampong, tak payah cakap banyak2. Bagi bukti yang mereka faham, senang.

    3. "Najib nak saman wsj"? Sure. Next Tuesday. That was the plan, right?

    4. Jibby's gone with the wind like so many Tuesdays gone by. He need a hi-speed train to anywhere nowhere near his nightmare baby satu emdeebee

  6. Annie,

    //Half of my body is still aching.//

    I have no idea what you have had done but I do hope you get well soon.

    //Why should I care about some self-serving politicians trying to tell everyone how to think and behave.//

    Eeerrr, because if you don't think what they want and behave how they want, they have the legal right to put you in jail?

    Don't forget the religious authorities as well because they have the same legal rights to enforce a particular line of thought and behaviour, OK?

    //Are they any better than you all that they are qualified to tell you how to think?//

    Well, if a blogger was a VVVIP, Islamic expert, the Fount of All Knowledge, Leader of the Righteous, Head Chomper of The Holy Char Siew Pau, I guess us mere mortals will have no choice but to tabik, listen and follow.

    //I'm writing just to express myself and putting my thoughts on record.//

    From the very day I started reading your blog until today, I have always felt privileged to be able to "look inside" your head.

    The way I read it, you pull no punches, you say it as you feel it, you do try to show another side of UMNO which no other pro-UMNO blog seem to do.

    And oh, you don't like Lim Guan Eng, but what's new?

    Lots of DAP folks don't like him either!

    //Too much painkiller//

    I am sure you will be using your medication responsibly.

    Just be careful with the medication as some of them are really really nice and very very easy to like, again and again and again and ....

    In fact, one of those drugs is not called "hillbilly heroin" for nothing :)

    Hope you get back on your feet soon.



  7. "Datuk Seri S Vell Paari menyamakan dakwaan akhbar Wall Street Journal (WSJ) mengenai isteri perdana menteri Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sebagai serangan terhadap kedaulatan Malaysia.

    Bendahari Agung MIC itu berpendapat dakwaan WSJ ke atas Rosmah adalah satu bentuk serangan pengganas ke atas Malaysia bertujuan memusnahkan negara dari segi politik dan ekonomi.

    "Saya tertanya-tanya berapa banyak WSJ dibayar untuk menyerang negara ini. Dalam anggaran kasar, WSJ dibayar sekurang-kurangnya AS$20 hingga 30 juta untuk menyerang Malaysia dan membawa ekonomi ke bawah ke ambang keruntuhan.

    "Mereka yang membayar ini pastinya tidak lain daripada jutawan kroni yang menikmati peluang daripada perdana menteri sebelum ini yang kini hilang layanan istimewa daripada perdana menteri sekarang," kata beliau dalam kenyataan."

    Anak Samy Vellu nih nak jadi senator n akan dalam kabinet x lama lagi, kerana baktinya pada Losemah dan Pokjib…….konpom penagih dedak tegar…..bapak dapat dedak saham Maika, anak dia pula….amacam?

    1. Vel Paari also had Maika dedak. Daddy appointed him to songlap even more, whoops clean up the company.

      At the time, someone said:

      "Can you imagine the sheer disgust some people seem to have about this Maika matter? Well, surely Vell Paari was the best man available for steering this Maika ship, right? Of course! I mean he must have been the most qualified and sought out Malaysian candidate available for taking charge of Maika Holdings. I’m sure the powers-that-be in MIC who hired him did not for one moment consider the fact that he might be ‘connected’ to ‘the boss’ of the MIC himself. But some of these sceptics even wondered isn’t Vell Paari a high school drop-out? What qualifies him for managing other peoples’ investments?"

      Well, exactly.

      The dead parties in BN (MCA / MIC / Gelakan) are completely irrelevant both to Umno and to the electorate. In theory they represent almost 35% of the population, in practice, almost nobody.

      Their top brass are like remoras on the Umno shark, trying to feed off any public money that hasn't already been stolen by Bik Mama, Jibby & his gang of thieves.

      In the meantime, the Indians get poorer and poorer, unless you are a/l Samy Vellu.


      a/l Samy Vellu got background as "halal" as our PM lah. Birds of a feather.

    3. The Indian communcity had hope with Hindraf but then the pink-lipped one cheated Wathya - full respect for him for walking out when he realized Jibbz was just bullshitting about the Blueprint for Indians. Biggest con man in Malaysia.

  8. HA HA, macho betui si anjing Ali Kunji nih......

    "Polis digesa segera menyiasat ugutan yang dibuat terhadap Maria Chin Abdullah oleh ketua Gerakan Merah, Mohd Ali Baharom, yang memberi amaran kepada pengerusi Bersih 2.0 itu supaya berwaspada atau “tidak akan berjalan di atas bumi”.

    Ahli Parlimen DAP Ramkarpal Singh berkata jika benar kenyataan yang dibuat Ali, yang juga dikenali Ali Tinju, ia jelas satu kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 506 Kanun Jenayah.

    “Saya menggesa Ketua Polis Negara (Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar) memulakan siasatan ke atas kenyataan Ali Tinju secepat mungkin,” katanya.

    Maria bagaimanapun memberitahu FMT beliau mahu memberikan tumpuan terhadap perhimpunan Bersih 5 yang bakal diadakan pada 19 November nanti."

    Balaci kak semah ler nih. Generasi muda dah meluat dgn tabiat org mcm Ali Tinju ni. Mrk ni akan luput......kononnya org muslim....poorah la dei!

    1. Now that the two "T-shirt suppliers for hire", Jamal and Ali, have had a fight, let's see who gets the "buat kecoh" kontrak for Bersih.

      But it's really sad to threaten a woman with harm.

      Guess Ali must be overcompensating for other "deficiencies"(?) and needs to feel manly.

      What a sad little creep.

    2. 'Mmmmmm, parfum baru ke datin?'

      'Tu bau Birkin baru lah, doh. Dah, dah, cukuplah cium tangan, skrng tolong cium...*ahem*"......

    3. Guess Ali must be overcompensating for other "deficiencies"(?)...yea like not having a brain?

    4. Jamal and Ali should return to their day jobs in Lorong Haji Taib. Where did this failed ikan bakar salesman get RM1,000 each to bribe his own macai? From the Fat Momma's public money theft purse, of course. Dedak eater passing on the crumbs.

  9. Amateur songlap.......

    "BRASILIA, Sept 15 — Federal prosecutors in Brazil filed corruption charges yesterday against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, describing the popular leftist as leader of a massive embezzlement ring at state oil company Petrobras.

    The charges allege that Lula received the equivalent of 3.7 million reais (RM4.54 million) in bribes.

    Among the allegations are that Lula and his wife received a beachside apartment and upgrades to the property from a major construction company, OAS, which was one of the players in the Petrobras scheme."

    RM4.54 million? HAHAHHAHA!!!!! Kacang putih, lah. Our F.L.O.P (First Lady Of Putrajaya) spent more than 5 times amount on shopping alone!

    Stick to football lah Brazil, we are SONGLAP world champions!

    1. //Stick to football lah Brazil, we are SONGLAP world champions!//

      This statement is classic!!


    2. Penduduk malaysia @ rakyat baru mencecah 30 juta tapi berbajet belanja sakan sampai berhutang 50 billion.Tumbang regime kleptokrasi bermakna tumbangnya penyamun-penyanggak politik Malaysia.

  10. Malaysia runs on dedak, dear Annie. Best to face the facts. See this photo?

    Speaks for itself, huh? No comment needed, maybe that "Fat Soh" is not d only lalang in town? Just sayin'.

  11. Annie, belajar setakat darjah lima sekolah agama?

    Takde hal, here is your upgrading, insyallah .......

    Nuzul Quranil Karim

    Rukun Iman

    Rukun Islam

  12. Fat Soh attacking Hannah Yeoh again. She must live like in the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray wakes up everyday to the same day over and over again.

    Poor Fei Poh! At least, Bill Murray found love.

    Annie, get a good rest and get better.

    Just read Ali Tinju's death threat against Maria Chin.

    Big man, big man.....

    If the IGP doesn't act against such a blatant threat, or if ruling politicians don't condemn this, well,...malaysia's truly f...d.

    1. yea she's a "hog" all in large animal in pig family!

    2. Have your ever wondered why Hannah Yeoh never sue fatso? Funny isn't it? All I can deduce from it is that it is all drama, to convince Umno to give her dedak and more dedak. She's two faced. Dua2 boleh makan maa..

    3. Anonymous 15 September 2016 at 15:55,

      //Fat Soh attacking Hannah Yeoh again.//

      There has to be some other reason why Fatso hates Hannah Yeoh beyond what is just normal political disagreement.


  13. Well... me... I'm fed-up watching TV1 & TV3. Of-late they've been screening, repetitively, the 'takbir-Raya' recited by top hierarchy of the government politicians, including Najib and his deputy. It just ruined my Raya mood.

    It just make me wonder if these people have no other important job to do. Like thinking about the economy, the sliding Ringgit or budget 2017. Or they are just pretending to be pious to deflect accusation of being corrupt and misappropriating Rakyat's money. At the same time, to please... only the Muslims?
    Anyway, these type of hypocrisy or play-acting had never exist during Dr.M's 22 years.

    And... Why are they too desperate as to hijack the job and function of those abundant religious people?

    Therefore, I agree with Annie.

    "Fuck off to them, okay.
    I'm not going to listen to them.
    As if they really care about my well being."

    1. Ahjibgor & Macai Inc. bertakbir Hari Korban?

      Audzubillahi minash shaitanir rajeem . . . lepas tu duit Tabung Haji pegi beli tanah mahal ganti rugi lobang 1MDB kecelakaan diorang tu?

  14. For fuck sake, we Malays must stop falling into the trap of hating Najib and UMNO. Take a moment and think. What problems do we Malays have. We have the privileges enshrined in the constitution. More than 90% of Malay working population work for the government. So akhir bulan selamat ada gaji. We do not need to save for our children, government gives our children biasiswa and places in universities and ITM is exclusive for us. Beli rumah discount 10-15%.So apa masalah taknak Najib dan UMNO.

    1. Anonymous 16 September 2016 at 10:37,

      //So apa masalah taknak Najib dan UMNO.//

      Yes, Melayus should keep Najib and UMNO.

      Of course, you are so right.

      Now, now, lie back, relax, and allow me fill up your opium pipe again.


      Here, please do let me light up your pipe for you.

      When you finish that pipe, I will give you more opium, ok?

      Don't worry, I will look after you, trust me.

      That is, basically, what the British did to the Chinese and it worked so very well for the British.

      But of course, I don't think you understand what I am trying to tell you.

      Let me make it a bit easier for you.

      In the example above, who do the Chinese represent? Which institution does the British represent? What does the opium represent?

      But don't feel bad, OK?

      Bukan hanya Melayu bodoh :)

      MCA and MIC pulled the very same trick against their constituents and it worked wonderfully - for a while.

      By the time the Chinese and Indians realised what was happening, it was too late and all political power was in the hands of UMNO.

      No need for UMNO to share all the opium with MCA and MIC.

      Today, MCA and MIC have very very little opium to hand out. We only see the opium on special occasions.

      The day will come too for the Melayus when the opium supply runs low.

      You see, all the money used to buy the opium is finite - Petronas has only that much oil, you know.

      But the opium suppliers are not really worried.

      They already have their penthouses in London, Paris, New York.

      They already have their super yatchs moored in Monaco and St Tropez.

      Their super cars are already parked in garages in Milan and Tokyo.

      You Melayus can handle the cold turkey shivers in your 10-15% discounted rumah, crying over your kangkung degrees from kangkung Malaysian universities and wondering why nobody wants to employ you, OK?

      The orang Cina and orang India have already had that experience and they know that they will never ever enjoy that nice warm feeling which opium brings.

      Aiyoh, so sorry for discussing such stupid matters while you are smoking your pipe.

      Have you finished that pipe? Shall I fill it for you again?


    2. Masaalahnya... ialah Najib & Rosmah. Mereka berdua banyak membazir WANG Rakyat. Suka guna orang-tengah kelabu-asap seperti, Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low... dalam urusan Kerajaan dan membazir beratus-juta WANG Rakyat untuk bayar komisen. Mengapa tidak guna Pegawai Kerajaan yang berlambak tu? ... hanya perlu bayaran alaun & mileage-claim saja.

      Sudah la tubuh 1MDB guna dana-hutang, dengan kabinet dia sendiri pun, dia tidak berbincang, buat kajian dan tadbir-urus yang baik. Strategic Investment Fund apekebenda... bila tanah-pusaka dan asset tergadai... hanya naka bayar bunga keatas hutang. Duit hilang tak kemana. Tiba-tiba, dalam akaun Najib... masuk 2.6 Billion dan isteri 2 Juta.
      Termasuk cerita-cerita Rosmah bershopping-sakan di Negara Kafir. kalau bershopping berjuta-juta di Komplek MARA, Bukit Bintang... kira OK la juga. Rakyat boleh juga tumpang rezeki. Ini pergi bela peniaga kafir di Negara Kapir.
      Setakat tukar nama jalan ke Jalan MARA... tidak akan membantu bumiputera jika pemimipin UMNO 'malu' atau berasa tidak ada 'class' untuk membeli-belah dalam Negara sendiri.
      Bila sakit pula... pergi ke Negara kafir untuk berubat. Tak pecaya kepada kepakaran anak-bangsa sendiri?


    3. Don't know on what statistics they disagree{?} Sdr ANON 10:37
      when hmmm many locals and the latest WEF Switzerland report support you:
      ( World Economic Forum)

      " With such a propitious environment for doing business, it is no surprise that Malaysia has the lowest unemployment rate among the 26 upper-middle-income countries (3.1%) The country is also rated top for pay and productivity, and capacity to prevent the brain drain of talented individuals when compared to its peers"

      -- WEF Economist, Ms Corrigan on May 31st 2016

      Link to WEF Report:

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. M Zin,

      Whenever I see glowing reports about how fantastic things are in Malaysia, I am always puzzled.

      How come I do not see the low unemployment rate?

      I know of many people in my kampung who are constantly looking for work.

      How come I don't see the pay and productivity?

      I can see many cases where the pay rates are totally disproportional to the productivity.

      I see many practices which cannot be good for productivity.

      How come I see talent moving away to other countries?

      I personally know of people moving to other countries because they are sick and tired of constantly losing out to less deserving candidates.

      It must just be me and my own lousy experiences.

      Other Malaysians must be experiencing the low unemployment rates, the great pay/productivity and the retention of talent.

      Yupe, it must be just me.


      P.S. More opium?


    5. Yes the statistics show this a world manpower trend, Sdr Gladiator
      so no need to be puzzled about us OK?

      Globally mobile:
      According to headhunter firm Hays this a trend for Asian countries especially Singapore.

      " In Malaysia 93 per cent of current jobseekers admit they would consider leaving Malaysia to work overseas.

      .. A comparison of the findings shows that Singapore has the most globally-mobile workforce in Asia, with 97 per cent of jobseekers admitting they would consider leaving Singapore to work overseas. Of these, 85 per cent would leave for better job opportunities, career development or exposure .."

      -- Hays Recruiting on May 31st 2015

      Links to Hays survey:

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH