Friday 30 September 2016

Better things to do than reading nonsense

I think there was something wrong with blogspot yesterday.

My blogroll was wiped out, it seems.

I noticed that others on blogspot suffered the same thing.

Just redo the whole thing again just now.

I think my blogroll is quite balanced now.

Got the blogs of Dr Mahathir, Najib, Jebat, Rocky and Big Dog.

There are also the non-political ones like Kebun Bahagia Bersama, which I like so much.

I don't really read the other blogs nowadays.

No time to do so, actually.

I got a job and always busy.

Not very interested too, if I may add.

Ya la, they write mostly the same things anyway.

Especially the political blogs.

Whacking people all the time.

So full of hate.

Depressing to read them all, isn't it?

Very few which write common sense for the good of the people.

I actually rather watch nice documentaries or old Chinese and Japanese movies on Youtube than to read them.

Today, I got nothing that really matter to write.

So, instead of bitching about this and that over nothing, I'm putting here an inspiring video on autism,

I actually hope I can one day do something like the lady in the video.

Maybe I can get in touch with the Permata Kurnia people and see if they can help me.

I think they did a good job helping children with autism so far.

That's why I told everyone,

Okay, I'm going to be with my grandmother over the next few days.

She is not well.

Will be driving down to be there later after work.

I will try to write if I have the time.

See lah how.

You all, have a nice weekend ya.



  1. Annie,

    //Ya la, they write mostly the same things anyway.

    Especially the political blogs.

    Whacking people all the time.//

    You know, I started doing a count of the articles you wrote versus the number of articles Fat Soh wrote AND I was going to say how your articles show a range of topics while hers... well... her articles are quite repetitive.

    But then, I scrapped the whole thing because I realised it was a waste of time putting in the effort where Fat Soh was concerned.

    I mean, her last 20 articles or so are just basically the same - Hannah Yeoh, you, DAP, you, DAP, Hannah Yeoh, Christians evangelists, you, Hannah Yeoh, etc etc etc..

    If it is not one, it's the other.

    Buat gua letih lah.

    //Okay, I'm going to be with my grandmother over the next few days.//

    Hope your grandmother will perk up when she sees you.

    Grandmothers are usually like that - at least mine was.

    But then, I am sure you don't mind the attention :)


    1. Ya, hope your grandma recover soon Annie.

  2. Dear Annie.

    Rocky's blogroll was wiped out too. He had the link to... even to... Outsyed the Box.

    Maybe... someone dislike the links to blogs such as CheDet and JMD... so they 'wiped-out' everything in it. But now... since Najib's is in there, maybe its 'quite balanced'.

    Anyway, Jebat used to be an ardent defender and supporter of UMNO/BN and I learned a lot from reading his writings. And when he started 'whacking UMNO-Najib, 1MDB, Jho Low and Arul.... there must be something wrong with those he 'whacked'. Or maybe... Cash is King forgot to suap-dedak or due to integrity, he decline the offer.

    Anway Annie, have a nice weekend with your love ones. Hope your grandma would be OK soon.

    1. JMD is one of the best.

      No bullshit, everything backed by real facts and analysis. If you want to really understand how badly the public has been cheated on 1MDB, read Jebat Must Die. And his archive. Power, beb.

      JMD's the "LSS-Killer"...Eric LSS just knows how to bullshit only. He's some MCA datuk's hired "macai". See how ali-baba mentality's still strong? Lu hepsch me, wa hepsch you, maaaa.

    2. Actually all the Jibby spin-masters spun themselves to death and confused each other during the cover-up. Every week the story changed. But really interesting was ARD admitting who MO1 is. Because if he's right, then he's admitting that MO1 is part of the whole conspiracy. Good job ARD.

  3. Annie,

    Uataz Bibirpink al-Wanemdebee is getting quite muntah-inducing:

    "The Prime Minister said all Muslims were considered brothers, and as such, he had tried to befriend parties with majority Muslim members although they may disagree in terms of political ideology.

    “A Muslim leader has the heavy responsibility of uniting the ummah. I strongly hold on to this principle as it is called for in the holy Quran.

    “I humbly urge all of us to stop quarrelling. Let’s go back to being united to form an ummah that is strong and successful,” Najib added.


    "Let’s go back to being united to form an ummah that is strong and successful,” Najib added.

    And follow your example, you mean?

    RM520k for Chanel; RM60m for clothes, jewellery; RM28m into CIMB against BAFIA rules, RM280k for a relative, RM176m to crony supplier, RM56 million to another crony supplier, fancy car RM224k; RM3.75 million at foreign jewellers, in one shot.

    RM430 million stolen for Wolf of Wall Street.

    RM270 million stolen for boiboi's soon to be seized NY penthouses.

    I don't know.

    Uataz Bibirpink al-Wanemdebee seems to be equating "an ummah that is strong and successful" with the ability to steal money, lie about it, and then botch the cover-up completely.

    If he's referring to the MTU as sharing his "values", then sure. Crooks of a feather...

    Uataz Bibirpink al-Wanemdebee really should refer to Ustazah Blobby al-Khinzirgemok for spiritual guidance.

    She's also "MO1" - "Massively Overweight One", that is.

    1. mdzfrs,

      //She's also "MO1" - "Massively Overweight One", that is.//


      No doubt about you.

      You come up with some great ones!!


    2. Sedarlah, Ustaz Bibirpink:

      Apakah yang dikatakan munafiq?

      (Q.S. An-Nisa’ [4]: 142)
      Sesungguhnya orang munafik itu hendak menipu Allah, tetapi Allah-lah yang menipu mereka. Apabila mereka berdiri untuk salat mereka lakukan dengan malas.

      (H.R. Al-Bukhari)
      Tanda-tanda orang munafik ada tiga, yaitu: 1) jika berbicara ia berdusta, 2) jika berjanji ia ingkar, dan 3) jika dipercaya ia berkhianat.

      Sudah termaktub di dalam Al-Quran dan hadis, maka dengan itu jangan letak apa2 harapan atas orang Munafiq.

    3. Quite funny they say Tun split Malays into five parts. There's actually only 2 types: pro-rasuah and anti-rasuah. Me, I dun really want to work my life so that some fat mama can spend it on anti-ageing. Not even working on her!

    4. Pokjib tu merepak jer. Standard lah penipu rakyat no 1.

  4. And speedy recovery for your grandma, InsyaAllah.

  5. Hi Annie there are a lot of subjects that can be written about Johor, not necessarily politics all the time. Singgah Selalu, the iconic symbol of a successful Malay business has at last closed down. It is an oppression that Bangsa Johor simply become ignorant of values that should protect and save Singgah Selalu. The next issue is Koperasi Permodalan Melayu Negeri Johor. Semuga diselamatkan Allah Subhanataala.

    1. Tanah Melayu di Johor dirampas. Melayu diam.

      Pantai Lido hilang. Melayu diam.

      Singgah Selalu ditutup. Melayu diam.

      Bangsa duduk diam kot?

    2. if singgah selalu is an iconic symbol of a successful malay business , if it is deemed as such truthfully , then it's not hard to predict the future of malay economies .

      but then again the malays have their priorities in life , which is unique to them .

      KPMNJ ? What successful businesses is KPMNJ doing sorry for being ignorant ? must be something beneficial to ummat melayu ...?

      a lot of malay businesses closed down ? who closed them down ? government ? government policies ? if so why not change the government ?

    3. Senang je tipu Rakyat Johor, buat developers dari China tu jadi JDT sponsor, dan pump in duit banyak2 beli dan gajikan star players, buat orang Johor asyik tonton bola. Bila dah asyik bersorak kat stadium, tak sedar tanah negeri perlahan2 kena jual kat orang asing, lol....

    4. anon 14:32,

      tanah yang jual kat orang asing tu, lol, siapa punya?

      rakyat punya ke? orang asing punya ke? kerajaan punya ke? ke lu punya?

      bagitahu la sikit.

      kalau tanah orang punya, tanah dia duit dia, buat apa lu bising bising kata orang tipu?

      kalau tanah lu punya, orang bising tak kalau lu jual? tak bising kan? jadi lu apasal?

      kalau tanah kerajaan punya, ada ke lu nampak sale and purchase agreement antara kerajaan dengan orang asing? kalau lu nampak tu serius la bro, itu boleh jadi isu lol!

      tapi kalau lu tak nampak sale and purchase agreement yang kerajaan sign, macam mana orang asing boleh dapat beli tanah kerajaan?

      lu mesti ada info tu. bagitahu la sikit sikit enlighten kita semua kat johor yang kau kata senang ditipu.

    5. "Greenland Group (Shanghai) telah menandatangani perjanjian untuk membeli sebidang tanah seluas 51.8 hektar bernilai RM2.4 beliyon. Tanah di kawasan strategik Danga Bay itu, dibeli daripada syarikat berkaitan kerajaan negeri Johor, Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd."

      BABA = Lim Kang Ho
      ALI = ????

      Ade lagi.....

      "1Malaysia Development Berhad Group (“1MDB”) hari ini melaksanakan Perjanjian Jual Beli Saham dengan menjual 60% ekuiti Bandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“BMSB”) kepada Konsortium Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd (“IWH”) dan China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC)."

      BABA = Lim Kang Ho
      ALI = ????

      Bak kata org putih, "you do the maths"....

      Fikir fikirlah, o.

    6. Govt sign tu maksudnya siapa sign? Menteri@GLC@Subsidiary company govt?

      MOF kan dah di incorporatedkan jadi MOF Inc, jadi banyak syarikat bawah MoF Inc kan. Even 1MDB pun dah jadi anak syarikat MoF Inc. Betul tak.

      Jadi kalau AAKK sign apa2 agreement tu kira govt approval ke 1MDB approval?

      Minta pencerahan sikit boleh anon 16:53?

    7. "BABA = Lim Kang Ho
      ALI = ????"

      Hmmmmm, ada udang galah di sebalik batu lah nie!

    8. Terima kasih, Anon 19:30 & 19:39,

      Zeti Aziz banyak kali cakap ekonomi negara diketuai oleh sektor prebet sekarang. Sektor Prebet tu apa? Bisnes rakyat la.

      Bisnes rakyat sekarang macam mane? Hari ini Nanyang Siang Pau headline Lion Group punya harga saham menjunam 80%, masalah besar sedang dihadapi tokeh Cina dia tu. Pasal apa? William Cheng kata kerajaan tak peduli industri besi keluli prebet sektor tempatan kerana tak berani anti dumping syarikat China di Malaysia.

      Kenapa kerajaan tak berani? Kenapa kerajaan tak mahu selamatkan industri sektor prebet tempatan? Bijinya dipegang dalam tangan Zhongguoren ke?

      Ada komentar yang beritahu sektor perniagaan Melayu pun mati. simbol Iconik perniagaan Melayu yang sukses pun kena tutup kedai.

      Jadi bukan saja bisnes Cina mati, bisnes Melayu juga terkubur.

      Mana datangnya duit nak teruskan gravy train bumiputra ? Mana datangnya duit untuk menyakinkan Melayu yang tabung haji masih ada dividen besar? Petronas pun hari ini nak retrenchment lagi belum lagi jual Canada punya bisnes. Mana pemimpin pemimpin nak cari duit nak belanja?

      Kalau rakyat negeri lain sanggup sokong 1MDB punya perbuatan, apasal nak komen pasal Johor?

      Yang bodoh tu siapa? Rakyat Malaysia keseluruhan la. Bukan saja bodoh, bangsat dan bangang sombong lagi.

  6. sudah lama tak sebut cherita motorbike.Sudah hilang interest ka?

  7. mdzfrs
    Stop dreaming
    I was only joking....said Rafizi Sotong
    ASWJ....SR...Realiable sources,those familiar with the case telor to mention Najibs name.Hoping Najib to retaliate and the rakyat made Arab Spring style
    demo...frustrated...quiet,no arrest on 3 Jingbangs
    2 Monkeys showed stupidities...spinned but case thrown out
    1 MDB...dah nak basi...kejap hiang 42 bil,27 bil last tak evidences to implicate Ajibgor...ini semua TDM cakap
    2.6 Bil...ASWJ ...cakap indeed it was from Saudi Arabia
    Seizzing money....dah revoke dah
    Sasaorang Muslim dan sebagai Khaliffah memberi nasihat dan sdr mempersendakan nya.Mungkin sdr tidak anggap beliau sebagai Khaliffah sdr,tetapi tak payah lah mempengarohi orang lain menerima pandangan dan nasihat beliau kerana saya dan mungkin rakyat lain masih menggangap beliau ketua kerana kami letakkan beliau di situ semasa kami memilih Kjaan semasa PRU
    Menuduh Beliau tanpa bukti yang sahih dari sumberx yg disyaki ada satu perbuatan yg keji dan menjurus kepada fitnah apatah lagi sampai ke tahap Munafiq.Bukan tugas kita untuk menuduh orang lain Munafiq.Biar ALLAH yang menentukan nya.Berhatix lah ,kerana sebab tuduhan melulu ini akan membuat amalan sdr siax dan pahala sdr akan pergi pada yg dituduh.Kita hanya bolih merancang tetapi ALLAH jua yg akan menentukan.....

    1. More Kool-Aid, bro? LOLOL

    2. Pelik la nie, bile org nak tolng selamat kan duit kite, x nak plak.. byak plak dedah mcm2 dah, nape x saman je org yg dedah kan menda ni kalo ia mmng x btol.. sbb kalo saman pun x menang.. kih kih kih...penyamun tiba2 jadi pengecut plak...perghhhh

    3. jangan cakap nampak bodoh
      tolong jawap napa laporan audit yang sebelum ni tak pernah di osa kan tiba tiba di buat gitu
      tu dia bukti yang sahih dek

    4. Tanpa bukti? Kau pergi mana sejak dua-menjak ni? Bertapa dalam gua ke? Dah berlori-lori dah bukti. The Edge, Justo, WSJ, BNM,SPRM, SR, dan yang terbaru DOJ Amerika. Bukti tersangat detail. Money trail sampai tahap forensik evidence. Fitnah ke tu?
      Kau jer yang choose to pejam mata ke atas semua ni sambil mulut tu mengunyah dedak. Macam Datuk Zaid katalah, kalau tak betul kenapa pecat sana, tukar sini, ubah sana, buang orang itu dan ini. Kalau betul fitnah, kenapa tak tunjuk bukti sebaliknya. Kalau betul la semua tu fitnah. Setakat 'broad denial' tanpa bukti yang kukuh sapa-sapa pun boleh buat.
      Macam kes Justo hari tu. Sampai ke sudah canang maklumat yang diberi Justo telah diubah suai. Pastu bila suruh tunjuk yang asli tak boleh nak tunjuk.
      Okay satu lagi contoh. Duit dalam akaun peribadi 2.6 bilion yang dikatakan derma dari the late King Abdullah, Raja Arab Saudi. Kalau derma tunjuklah kesemua bukti-bukti duit tu adalah derma. 2.6 bilion bukan sikit wei. Satu lori tak cukup nak letak semua tu..
      Tarikh duit tu bertolak dari SA. Tarikh duit tu sampai ke Malaysia. Mode of transfer. Macam mana duit yang banyak tu travel dari akaun kerajaan SA sehingga masuk ke akaun peribadi. Kalau transfer pakai 'wire system' sah-sahlah it went through international financial system. Ada time stamp, no. akaun, nama financial institution yang terlibat transfer duit pada tarikh-tarikh sekian. Orang putih kata money trail. Print semua tu dan tunjukkan kepada semua yang duit tu indeed derma.
      Benda tu semua tak boleh diubah suai pasal computer generated. It can not be tampered with. Lagipun ianya melibatkan badan dan agensi antarabangsa. Mustahil untuk dipalsukan. Setakat surat sekeping dari kerajaan Arab Saudi tak cukup bai..

    5. 'kalau tak betul kenapa pecat sana, tukar sini, ubah sana, buang orang itu dan ini. Kalau betul fitnah, kenapa tak tunjuk bukti sebaliknya. Kalau betul la semua tu fitnah. Setakat 'broad denial' tanpa bukti yang kukuh sapa-sapa pun boleh buat.'

      Tepat skali. Tabik lu bro.

  8. Completely in agreement with 23:31 on topics. Indeed there are many topics other than politics which are worth writing. One is the single stream education system as means of achieving national unity. Is "jenis kebangsaan" needed considering how weak some of it products in BM? Don't have to go very far but some comments posted in this blog to prove the case. Time to address the problems. Don't you agree Annie?

    1. Where's "Blur"?

    2. Do you know the difference between "terburu-buru" and "terbulu-bulu", or "banyak" and "manyak"?

    3. What difference does it make, Blue?

      Orang Melayu pinjam duit daripada Olang Cina ke Olang Cina pinjam duit daripada Orang Melayu?

      Sekarang bukan Olang Cina lagi dah, Zhongguoren! Engkau paham tak ?

      Engkau pinjam duit dia ikut terma dia la.

      Dia pinjam duit lu dia ikut terma lu.

      Dia pun tak mahu pakai Bahasa dia, dia pakai English jugak, so that you may understand. Paham!?

      Ada? Ada Zhongguoren pinjam duit Melayu?

      Zhongguoren itu datang pun lu punya wakil wakil rakyat yang mengalu-alukan, dia sudah datang lu berani paksa dia pakai Bahasa lu? Tanya dia apakah beza "terburu-buru" dan "terbulu-bulu" ?

      Dia tanya berapa lu mau lu pun terburu-buru cakap "manyak kasi! manyak kasi!" la. Itu jam konperm lu pun terbulu-bulu cakap oo.

      Dia balik China tak kasi pinjam lagi lu terburu-buru.

    4. Certainly there is a need to discuss the rationality of having SJKC judging from the response from this anonymous. His/her BM is so corruptibly weak, so much so, I don''t have a slightest clue of what he/she was typing.

    5. I agree with your comment, Blue at 20:30, about SJKC.

      SJKC has been around for very long. Too long, indeed. You cannot be blamed for having problem with SJKC's existence.

      But the problem is the government, isn't it Blue, for failing to put a stop to SJKC?

      Why discuss? Why at this stage still talk about rationality, Blue?

      How long more are you going to talk ? To discuss? All about its rationality only?

      Who is your MP? At the next parliamentary session tell your MP to table a bill in Parliament to end SJKC.

      This is a democracy. If you have trouble about SJKC, there's nothing Annie can do for you, so you mustn't waste your time here.

      Go and see your MP. Go, Blue, you have my support here.

    6. Anon 22:15

      A very valid point on politicians. Since you have already concluded how useless the they are (which I'm in full agreement) going to see them is completely waste of time. The least Annie can do here is start the discussion so that the subject will be picked-up by another royalthy in addition to TMJ.

  9. Hye Annie,

    Simple question,

    Malaysian sushi taste better or Japan sushi taste better?

    Doing food taste research. Never been to Japan.


    1. It depends on individual's taste and the Sushi chef. Some Sushi restaurants in Malaysia are quite good.Sushi is not actually my favourite Japanese dish, so I'm not the best to comment on it. But of course if you asked a Japanese, I believe he/she would say everything Japanese is best in Japan.

    2. Ok. Thanks. Had to put Japan in a bucket list then for places to go. Better i go and taste myself.

      I like Japanenese culture.

      Thanks and really appreciate your answer.. :)

    3. No problem. Japan is the only country I wish I can go to over and over again 😊

    4. Blogs dis ap pear here
      Won der who hate or ate them
      I write with new light

    5. Anonymous @ 1 October 2016 at 12:15,

      //Malaysian sushi taste better or Japan sushi taste better?//

      Sushi or sashimi?

      I used to think that sushi was sashimi.

      Anyway, I don't like either one of them.

      The way I see it, archaeologists reckon that Mankind discovered fire some 1.8 million years ago and used it for cooking, among other things.

      As a civilised man, I think that food taste a lot better cooked.

      I have really truly tried to like sushi and sashimi but I just can't.

      That raw fish meat feels like snot as far as I am concerned.

      Believe it or not I have even encountered people who eat raw prawns!! How uncivilised is that!!

      Raw prawns are just as horrible as raw fish meat.

      And please do not start me on raw beef. God awful.

      Give me cooked meats any day.

      I don't care how much that sushi or sashimi or beef steak tartare cost - it is horrible, disgusting, inedible, taste like snot, bad bad bad, plain revolting.

      i guess you have worked out I don't like raw meat :)


  10. Japanese sushi better la coz the fish is soo fresh

    1. Dont know la.. Cant tell. Kena pergi rasa sendiri.. Kena kumpul duit dulu.. Huhu.. Ada rezeki boleh lah. InsyaAllah.

    2. Anonymous @ 1 October 2016 at 16:41,

      //Japanese sushi better la coz the fish is soo fresh//

      I have no idea how you folks could eat raw fish.

      It is horrible.

      I have had very very fresh fish caught in pristine waters and it is slimy and horrible.

      But thinly sliced and tossed in a hot pan with ginger and shallots for about 15 secs and it is absolutely beautiful.


    3. Anonymous @ 1 October 2016 at 18:43

      //Dont know la.. Cant tell.//

      Don't worry - raw fish is horrible.

      It is slimy and yucky.

      Like chewing on snot!!

      Trust me, I have tried to like sushi and sashimi many times telling myself that it must be nice because it is soooo expensive.

      No, it is not nice, it has never been nice and I think it will never ever be nice.


    4. gladiator

      just like you, I used to dislike sashimi

      the trick is go have it with your latest date

      when she puts the snot affectionately into your mouth with them delicate chopsticks I bet you will go....ummm ahhh snot and all

      Hercules on stiletto

  11. Recycled...that is all ProTun capabilities
    Talk here,accussed here and ho ha there...
    Tak ada pun criminal charge diambil
    Jawab BANGANG..di Msia ni semua Najib Control...tetapi kata 7 negara akan ambil tindakan..
    Taik kucing ..satu pun tidak adaOrang gila aja nak percaya...dulu macam nak rak puji ASWJ...Bila dia cakap 2.6 bil memang betul.dari Saudi...tak percaya lak
    Dah biol dah ProTuns ni agaknya...nanti sambong lagi....

    1. More Kool-Aid for this gentleman!


    2. Ya in-sya-Allah the fresh fresh this new year, Sdr ANON 20:19
      and not the boring recycled

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Granny get well soon .....

  13. Salam maal hijrah1438, moga Annie akan terus maju, sihat, happy, berjaya dan comel. Selamat menyambut tahun baru Maal Hijrah..

    - anon truly