Friday 2 September 2016

Waking up in September

I wrote this last night but didn't get to publish it because my date arrived before I could finished it. Just feel it's a waste if I throw it away.

I'm in my car now and writing this using my phone as I'm waiting for my date.

Simply to while away time.

I'm still in a relaxed mood today after yesterday's public holiday.

Not planning to write anything serious.

Well, nothing new worth being serious about today.

Rahman Dahalan not being very clever in his BBC interview is not something worth being serious about as far as I'm concerned.

All those 1MDB things are really tiring to follow, okay.

As if anything good can come out of it....

I think worrying over Zika is more worthy.

But then again, I am not planning to get pregnant, and therefore am not too worried over the disease.

So,  I don't think I'm the best person to write about that.

I noticed that the other blogs also seemed a bit fatigued.

Some even repeating themselves over the same things over and over again, trying to convince people they are relevant and the best.

One even tried to pick up a fight with me again, probably due to lack of exciting materials to write.

But I'm not interested.

I'm trying not to be a repetitive or bitter bitch, okay.

That's why I think I should rest a bit some more this evening.

Better than me rambling and getting into fights with crazy people or something like that.

So I'm taking it easy.

Okay, still nothing new that really matter to write about so far this morning.

Maybe later in the day.

For now, I think, since it's September, I want to sing this favourite song of a lovely boy,

Cheers and have a good day.


  1. Yeah you are right! That Ah Soh has nothing better to do than talking to herself using different profile names and kept repeating herself. She should just close shop as most of the time she is just pitting against herself with repetitive issues

  2. Annie,

    Yupe, Zika is worrying as 1MDB.

    Both have the ability to severely affect Malaysians.

    Sadly, both do not seem to have much attention from our authorities.

    We all know what is happening, or not happening as the case may be, with 1MDB.

    As for Zika, we are offered nothing more than a token fogging every now and then.

    Here is how ridiculous the situation is.

    In my village, the drains are all blocked and water just doesn't move much.

    Over time, there are spots which somehow have managed to contain fish fry.

    Don't ask me how this happened but I find it weird to see really small fish (1cm plus) swimming around in a drain in a village.

    In those very same spots, there are so many mosquito larvae that the fish just cannot eat them all.

    It has been like this for as long as I can remember.

    I do understand that it will cost many millions to get the longkangs flowing just in my village alone.

    Of cos, I am told that there is no money available.

    Yet, we seem to have a lot of money to go around for other worthless projects and our politicians and their families just seem to get richer and richer.