Tuesday 27 September 2016

Please don't mock sufferers of schizophrenia

When I was informed on Sunday that I was being whacked by someone, I made it a point not to find out who exactly was the one doing so.

It's because if I ends up reading the bad things written about me, then I believe I would be tempted to retaliate.

Honestly, I don't want that because for me such a quarrel is stupid.

Then came this comment,

Just when I thought the Fat Soh can sink no lower (given her hefty avoirdupois), I see she has stooped unbelievably lower to using the troubled life of the child actor (who acted as anakin) in her vendetta against Annie.

To gloat and chortle over that poor guy's schizophrenia just to use his moniker Ani to hantam our Annie....ugh, that Fat monster is seriously nasty.

What miserable, unlovable, vile creature. Sickening. Doesn't she realise how disliked and loathsome she is?

She should look into the mirror (at the risk of it shattering in fright) and ask herself if her actions make her any nicer or attractive.

Instead of posting old photos of her stroking her striped pussy.


That comment made me curious.

Is the whacking of me that bad, or did the commentator merely exaggerating?

When I checked, it turned out that the commentator was not exaggerating.

The blogger who attacked me did use the suffering of actor

Jake Lloyd 

 who is afflicted with schizophrenia to whack me.

I think that's really bad....and sad,

Why does it has to be that way?

Why can't the person who whacked me just goes straight to the point by saying "Annie is a mad smelly bitchy whore" or something like that?

Why the need to do so by mocking someone who is suffering from such a terrible ailment like that?

Schizophrenia is a very acute form of mental disability.

Not only the person afflicted with it suffers, his/her family and loved ones suffer too.

In the name of Allah, I personally know such a suffering and I wouldn't wish anyone to experience it...not even that person who whacked me.

Maybe I will write more about it one of these days.

I hope you all dear readers will try to learn more about schizophrenia.

If you do so, I'm quite sure you all will be sympathetic towards its sufferers and their loved ones.

Whatever it is, let us try to be mindful about what we write, especially when commenting about others....even if we dislike or even hate the other person.

At the very least, we should try not to drag innocent people who got nothing to do with our fight and use them as our instruments to vent our unreasonable hatred towards our (perceived) enemies.

Let us not lose our humanity, okay.


  1. Totally agree Annie, please be all right.

    -anon truly

  2. hai annie..
    semoga anni bersabar... ketahuilah sbnrnya sabar itu tiada batas... org2 yg sabar mempunyai banyak kelebihan yg dberi tuhan..

    ikhlas dari ambo

  3. Annie,

    for a fake Ustazah, Blobby (the Founder of Umno, Mursyidul Am of PAS, Saviour Of The Malays, Malaysiakini communist, and fat, ugly "char siew pau" chomper of the century) behaves in a very un-Islamic way.

    She even drags Hannah Yeoh's children into her rants, and was told off by a few people for sinking to new depths.

    Without going medical, let's talk about Blobby's hypocrisy and double standards:

    a) You are an exceedingly ugly woman (those with strong stomachs can Google the evidence) yet you think you have the right to remark on the appearance of other women?

    b) You have a notoriously long history of writing anti-Islamic articles, yet you think by dropping one or two words like "ummah" now, people will forget all that? Are people as moronic as you are, Fatso?

    c) She can't take it herself - whack her back, and her tiny little piggy mata sepet eyes will dissolve in tears and she'll wail loudly: "what sort of people are they"?

    What sort of "people" are you, Blobby?

    Gollum, such a role model for Blobby. A miserable, discarded creature living in darkness, unloved and unlovable, muttering to itself. And saying the same thing, over and over again.

    Only difference is, Gollum is slim.

    1. "Only difference is, Gollum is slim."

      Priceless!! Choked on my mee goreng!!!

    2. Kalau mati esok, sure masuk neraka pompuan Cina gemuk ni.

    3. Only difference is, Gollum is slim...HAHA HAHA AHAA HA!!!! Right on man!

    4. 'Just when I thought the Fat Soh can sink no lower (given her hefty avoirdupois)

      Long word la bro but after I lookup it's funny

    5. mdzfrs,

      //Only difference is, Gollum is slim.//

      And that's cos Gollum doesn't stuff his face with char siu pau non-stop.



  4. Speaking of the Chinese, the MCA and Gelakan are soiling their underwear over the EC boundary fixing exercise.

    If the new redelineation does go through, all BN component parties will be decimated, because their previous contested seats will be allocated to UMNO as they are now Malay-majority seats. So UMNO will take over all seats previously contested by MCA, MIC and Gelakan. MCA and Gelakan will thrown to the wolves - no more free rides on Malay votes.

    The MCA towkays better come up with huge $$$$$$ if they want to maintain "kabel" with Umno. That's why MCA is talking about "racial balance" because they really should be contesting ONLY in Chinese-majority seats. (Errrr, you know, like the second word in your party name?)

    So hard being part of a corrupt govt, huh. Genting, the property developers and others must be panicking now. But life will go on.

    Even the First Klepet used a fat Cinapek boy as their crooked accountant & errand boy so they could feast on "681 American Pies". How 1Malaysia is that?


    1. Not just the First Klepet.

      Remember musa aman and michael chia case?

    2. If you think mappadulung & mophair aren't schizo then you'd approve 1MDB as the pm's shopping paypal.

    3. 'approve 1MDB as the pm's shopping paypal.'.....masyukkkkkk o....3.5 billion 1mdb money for personal a/c.....dashyat!

  5. Annie,

    Reading Fat Soh's blog cannot be good for a person's mental health.

    The way she writes does nothing but encourage hate and violence.

    Even many of her readers have stop commentating - probably out of sheer embarrassment.

    We also know now that as much as half of her page views are very likely to be fake, which gives lie to any claims which she may have of her popularity.

    She is a woman with deep and complex psychological issues.


    1. She is a woman with deep......food bowl!

  6. Can those who're smattering in BM suffer from the same psychological disorder? If the answer is "Yes" then they too need to be treated.

    1. Blue oh blue...

      Ko sudah sudah lah dengan hipokrit ko tu. Nak cari gaduh sebab olang punya bahasa kulang baguz ahhh? Sudahlah tu. Ko tengok je kelas tinggi otg politik kita org tu...

      Ya...cam kita punya TPM smattering in English dengan blu osen dia tu. TPM yang tak pandai berbahasa omputeh pulak cam mane? Kau tak pulak pergi melalak kat dia. Asyik nak bising sebahagian rakyat Malaysia yang tak tau berbahasa Malaysia. TPM pun malu nak berbahasa Malaysia kat persada dunia. Kalau tidak cam mane kita boleh pergi carik Blu Osen.

      Blu oh blu...

    2. Anon 15 12.....Terrrrrbaik.....gua salute lu bro

    3. Judging from 15:12, the answer is definitely a big YES. Schizophreniacs include those who cannot read or write simple BM. Period!

    4. //Period!//

      Hang datang bulan ka apa Blue?

    5. Blu oh blu....

      Cakap olang tak tau BM. Tapi tiap-tiap kali guna bahasa omputeh untuk kutuk olang tak tau BM tu...ko yg schizophrenic la Blu.

      For all we know, Blu ni la golongan olang tak tau BM.

      Ni cam sindrom satu pompuan yg busuk hati tu...yg suka ber'ummah' ber'naiwatu' entah apa benda lagi la...sibuk kutuk org tapi tak cermin sendiri.

      Pergilah melancap je la Blu. Jangan buang masa depan key board ko tu. More to life than harping on issue yg tak de kena mengena ngan ko tu.

    6. Anonymous @ 27 September 2016 at 23:00,

      //For all we know, Blu ni la golongan olang tak tau BM. //

      Gua ingat Sdr Blu tau cakap Melayu tapi dia mayak sukak cakap olang putih pinya cakap lah.

      Gua pun mayak sukak cakap olang putih pinya cakap lah.

      Tiap tiap hali, gua pun cakap. Pergi pasak pun cakap.

      Semua olang dalam pasak pun tau gua cakap olang putih pinya cakap, lu tau.

      Kalau dia olang tak tau cakap olang putih pinya cakap, dia olang pun try lah sikit sikit cakap dengan saya.

      Olang dalam pasak cakap Cina, gua pun tak tau apa dia cakap. OK lah, sikit gua tau tapi mayak tak tau.

      Gua cakap BM, semua olang dalam pasak ketawa gua lu tau.

      Tak pe lah. Try sikit sini, sikit sana, satu hali, gua cakap mayak bagus pinya BM.


      P.S. How was that for an attempt at pidgin BM? :)

    7. Blue @ 27 September 2016 at 19:42,

      //Schizophreniacs include those who cannot read or write simple BM.//

      Wah, ini macam gua bukan "schizophreniac" lah.

      Gua bolih baca sikit sikit, gua bolih tulis sikit sikit, gua bolih cakap sikit sikit.

      Gua hati sekalang sudah mayak senang.

      Lu doktor mayak bagus lah.

      Telima kasi, Dr Blue.


    8. Undoubtedly there are many schizophreniacs littering this blog.

    9. lufang returns?

    10. Anonymous @ 28 September 2016 at 09:52,

      //lufang returns?//

      Nobody could be "lufang" except lufang!

      There is no way I could even come remotely close to the Master :)


    11. Blue @ 28 September 2016 at 09:32,

      //Undoubtedly there are many schizophreniacs littering this blog//

      Phew!! Glad I am not one of those horrible schizos, eh?

      Gua bolih baca sikit Melayu, OK?

      Tulis sikit pun bolih, so according to your criteria of "read or write simple BM", I am damn glad I meet your standards of being a normal person who does not suffer from schizophrenia.

      But what have you got against schizophrenics anyway?

      They are still humans and are deserving of our understanding and care.

      Don't you believe in compassion for people less fortunate than yourself?


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry, the name you mentioned had been banned from this blog. Thank you.

    2. Why like that laaaa Ann..? anywaz, wats in a name erk.. hey Ann, relax your grip, kip yr tempo nd go slow on the down swing.. It works wonders that way Ann..

  8. baby meets statesman!


    Ciut giler

  9. Annie,

    The chubby khinzir betina is losing its sanity (if it ever had any.)

    In its latest post, it writes:

    "Pardon me for digressing. Back to our main story about Armand Azha (pix above)."

    Then....wait for it...3 very short paras later she's back to her Annie rambling.

    You've now taken over Hannah Yeoh's place as Blobby's pet repetitive obsession. But there's always the same question, fatty:

    How many times can you be a broken record before people start yawning loudly?

    Judging by the dwindling regulars, not much longer.

    Who will refill the dying pig's trough with dedak?

    "tick tock tick tock", as Blobby loves to say.

  10. ur jig is up.....caught between ur tail...lol
    sendiri comment ke?