Tuesday 19 July 2016

About expressing thoughts and Singaporeans' bakuteh

Arrived in KL about 9.30am yesterday and straight away get down to work.

Later in the afternoon I managed to catch up with a friend who is a prominent blogger, supportive of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He is actually the only one among my friends from his side who is still talking to me.

The others don't trust me, I guess.


On the side supporting PM DS Najib Razak, I also only have three or four friends who still talk to me.

Same reason.

It's not easy to stay in the middle.

My friend and me talked a bit about my last post where I said

That one was just me expressing my thoughts. Just like when I wrote as if I'm talking to Najib.

It's true what some of the commentators were saying, " Who the hell am I to advise Dr Mahathir?"

Of course Dr Mahathir and Najib don't read this blog.

I'm just expressing my thoughts, okay.

Anyway, my conversation with my friend went partly like this;

Annie : "Ya la, you all dragged the old man all over the place like that day during the by-elections for what? The guy is too old to campaign, okay. He collapsed how?"

Friend : "Where got we dragged him. Tun himself wanted to do it. You know la how he is. If he wants to do something, he will do it. No point telling him what to do.

Annie : "I know, but you all really should try harder. You all should at least tell him not to tire himself out like that or at least slow down la a bit. If our fathers are that old, I don't think we will want them to do what Tun is doing. He tried his best already, okay. Kesian sangat kat dia. You all fight all you want la, but let Tun rests. Now he's getting whacked for working with DAP. That's sad, don't you think?"

My friend is a cool guy.

His writing is strictly factual, probably because of his training as an accountant, and he never gets really emotional like many other bloggers who are involved in the Najib-Dr Mahathir fight.

That's why he can still talk to me and I appreciate him for that.

Then at night I had dinner with my mother and a family friend in Bangsar.

My mother was busy as usual and arrived a bit late.

Another oldie who doesn't know how to slow down.

"Ma, can you go on leave and spend time with Pa for his birthday in September?" I asked.

"See how...." she said, of which I conclude that she's too busy with her work for nice things like that..

The family friend who is close with my parents just smiled at that as he knows how things are between the two of them.

He is also quite knowledgeable about politics because he served under former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman for many years.

I worked a lot with him during Ghani's last term in Johor prior to the last general election.

We talked quite a bit about the Najib-Dr Mahathir fight and I conclude that he was not happy with many things done by Najib but is not supportive of Dr Mahathir.

He's a staunch Umno supporter, having served the party sincerely for so long and doesn't want it destroyed.

"For good or worse, Najib is the PM and party president. He's our choice in the first place, It's not right for us to kick him out except via the party's proper mechanism or election. We must not override that. We simply have to wait now," he said.

I can sensed that my mother was bored with all the Umno talks.

I believe that she voted for the DAP in the last two general elections. At least that's my suspicion.

Her parliamentary constituency is Kluang and for state, it's Mengkibol. Both now under DAP.

'Eh, what's wrong with Guan Eng suing Joceline Tan like that har? I can't see anything wrong with Joceline's article," she blurted out suddenly.

I was surprised that she followed that issue.

"Joceline hurt his feeling la Ma. Guan Eng like that la. Cannot take criticism one," I said.

"But that's childish of him," my mother added.

I just laughed at that. My sentiment exactly.

My mother also complained about the ringgit last night.

"It's now about RM3 for S$1. Used to be less then RM2.5. All the Singaporeans are coming over and buying up things until nothing left for us in Kluang. I'm begining not to like them," she said.

"Just the other day your grandma wanted to eat bakuteh but the stall guy said all booked  already because a whole bus load of Singaporeans were coming over that day.

"One serving is RM10, that's only over S$3. That's very cheap for the Singaporeans. We really need to charge them more," she added.

Yup, my grandma eats bakuteh. She's Chinese and a non-Muslim. So, she eats pork.

Despite her complaints, my mother also shared with me a picture she took in front of my big auntie's place when she was in Singapore the other day,

"See, we need to try to be more like the Singaporeans on things like this. Very efficient and always come up with new ideas to make their neighbourhood better," she said.

Well, I have to agree with her on that one.

Today, I'm mostly working and nothing else.

Got some time to write all these just now but need to get back to work now.

I will try to write again when I have the time later.



  1. as much as i like to read your postings, i don't see the point or points that you are trying to highlight, apart that this is just your usual ramblings about nothings..

    1. Anonymous @ 19:13,

      Newcomer to LoA?

      If you call this nothing, wait until she starts telling you about Korean romance movies!

      But if you like charts and graphs with pretty colours and squiggly lines, there is a blog I know of which is runned by a Jabba the Hutt lookalike ...

      Totoro's Friend

    2. Yes. See also LoA's entry about ciku. I keep on thinking. Siapa yang pegang ciku tu. It can't be LoA :)

  2. Be like Singapore? Ha ha. Only non-Muslims and non-Islamic countries can. You guys, it's better you benchmark Pakistan, Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia.

  3. Annie,for once i agree with you that we should be like Singapore. This is because Singapore PM did not set-up entity like 1MDB to siphoned billions of tax payers money and later force them to pay GST. Also ,Singapore PM's wife and children are very well mannered where they do not use gov facilities as though it belongs to their father. Singapore PM's son also did not use tax payers money to make some semi-porn movie in US and buy a luxury Penthouse in US. Singapore PM also does not get involve with any Mongolian lady.

    1. "Also ,Singapore PM's wife and children are very well mannered where they do not use gov facilities as though it belongs to their father."

      Ya, but watch out your CPF retirement funds go up in smoke ...


    2. Ya you keep repeating the boring lies why(?) Sdr Zack

      KUALA LUMPUR, The Star:
      ( May 6th 2016)

      " Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has succeeded in his bid to remove two paragraphs and exhibits relating to 1Malaysia Development Bhd from Tony Pua's affidavit on grounds that the Petaling Jaya Utara MP relied on hearsay evidence"

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Please prove it if they were lies..

    4. ..And Singapore PM don't go holiday overseas using government's jet and hastily returned home to attend crisis by flying commercials while wifey stayed behind overseas together with the jet.


    5. Willfully misrepresenting Hearsay as truth is careless if not mischievous, Sdr ANON 11:55
      and unimaginatively boring if repeated

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Also, In Singapore a thief is called a pencuri. In Malaysia a thief is called a perdana menteri.


    1. Ya Tamasek is Baba Lees and in-laws to plunder, Sdr Zack
      and go say it in Singapore.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Dedicated to all the Kiasu & the Kiasi ..... What's in a renegade?


  5. With the high speed train planned between singapore - kl we can expect more of this issue in the future.

    1. Looking through ,it's seem a totally new track ,so what does KTM benefit in this new development . Looks like KTM will "bungkus" ,another legacy is down.
      What happen to all the KTM land in Singapore ,we haven't heard anything that benefit the country ,the rkyat or KTM it self.

  6. This is my thoughts.

    Malays leaders are in wet dreams thinking they owned singapore.
    Why singapore quickly agree with HRS project is a very fishy one la. Why the malay leaders cannot ask this?
    Ask Singapore chinese government if they agree with the crooked bridge and demolition the tambak johor?
    Really this project benefitted mainly by malaysian chinese and ex- malaysian chinese ( who are now chinese singaporean) living in singapore.
    By right the malay government should focus in developing good transport network in cities, towns and kampongs with national agenda when the network are still lagging behind.


    1. Agreed also freeze P Pinang grants for the roads to choke, Sdr ANON 08:04
      and in-sya-Allah pour $ billions to our couple millions Bumiputra cousins in Sabah and Sarawak
      this DS Mohd Najid not doing wrong kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. a. Why Singapore quickly agree with HSR?

      Gone are the days when strong men in Singapore like Wong Kan Seng could laugh in Parliament when the opposition questioned how much the TRD* must rely on Malaysia. The photo of LHL, HC, NR, and FLOM in all major newspapers today will tell you this undeniable truth. Just reflect on the guests' wide smiles cf. FLOM's straightened face. You may have SGD 1 vs RM 3, but still you cannot afford to mess with FLOM. So really there's nothing fishy here, it's just for survival of TRD.

      b. Ask Singapore government if they agree with demolition of causeway.

      They agreed. They have to. It's in the pipeline. Be rest assured.

      c. By right the Malay leaders should focus on bla bla bla.

      The Malay leaders are as clever as any top leaders in the world, some of them graduated from top world class universities with top grades too. You must have faith in their abilities. What you shouldn't do, though, is to believe when they claim "perjuangan untuk bangsa agama dan negara". In fact, more often than not, whenever they claim like that, there are other more personal agenda behind what they are doing. That's Malay leaders for you.

      *TRD = tiny red dot

    3. "By right the malay government should focus in developing good transport network in cities, towns and kampongs with national agenda when the network are still lagging behind."

      No Money No Talk cos the Big Fish Eat Small Fish. If You Don't Sapu Others Will Sapu First...

    4. Do you realise that 90 % population in singapore are all chinese imported from mainland china, malaysia, indonesia, taiwan, hong kong. Talking about race relation, when combining malaysia and singapore, the chinese definitely outnumbered the native malays in peninsular alone. Look at freedom of Islamic practice in Singapore, the muslims are attached to the racist common law allowing a limited freedom to practice Islam. More Native malays converted to Christianity in Singapore nowdays.
      Base on working experinece as a professional in Singapore, most chinese in singapore including those migrating from malaysia are racist towards the native malays and Islam as if the malays are a threat and people who have potential to acquire back the power of the chinese singaporean gov. Mocking the Islamic religion and discriminating muslims and malays in Singapore is a norm and is regarded as a chinese survival maneuver or tool. Do you see how many malays reps in singaporean governemnt?

    5. "No Money No Talk cos the Big Fish Eat Small Fish. If You Don't Sapu Others Will Sapu First..."

      Anyway the Singaporean Chinese will sapu all they way once they got freedom to access the mainland Malaysia.

      Malaysians are giving them what we call it A Freedom from living in the most cramping place of the island on earth.
      All residential condos & luxury houses build up in South Johore are populated by the singaporeans.

      Our malays leaders keep fighting in politics when virtually Malaysia has already been "conquered" by Singaporeans.

      That's why LKY was awarded as the world's legend leader who was able to get the island from the native malays, and developed his new country with the help and cheap / free resources from its neighbours since years ago and up to till today.


    6. Who'd awarded LKY anything for his dictatorship(?) Sdr ANON 11:55
      and total intolerance of dissent
      ( yeah. enjoy your freedom to spin)

      I'm happier TQ to live on a 2 acre reserve land dusun than a multi-storey JB apartment with all sort of fees and taxes

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Anons 11:46 & 11:55

      i. Re "racist common law"

      The English Common Law has been fair and progressive, proven since many hundred years ago and had benefited many countries adopting it, not only the Commonwealth Countries. Even Hong Kong people would miss the time when English Common Law applied to the Colony.

      Same cannot be said of Islamic Sharia Law and Hudud. Even the so-called Islamic Banking is a non-starter in many aspects.

      ii. Re "freedom of Islamic practice in Singapore"

      Ask any Muslims in Singapore if they have the freedom to practice their religion. The so-called freedom to practice Islam in Malaysia is premised upon the condition that you believe in ahlus sunnah wal jamaah like M Zin from Alor Gajah. Other than that, you will be treated worse than a kafir harbi. Whereas in Singapore there is no such thing, where how you want to practice your religion, not only Islam, is guaranteed and safeguarded by law and its enforcement. Try abuse someone questioning some Hadith or tarhim with full blast of the masjid speakers one hour before Fajr prayer, and I can guarantee you that the law enforcement people will come to you.

      The Banglas at Masjid Malabar, the Pakis at Masjid Angullia and the Arabs at Masjid Ba Alwi will laugh at you if you tell them that Malaysia is better than Singapore in terms of freedom of Islamic practice.

      And the halal logo in Singapore is trusted because the Singapore Government would enforce it. In Malaysia? Please don't f..king joke la.

      iii. Re "Chinese in Singapore racist towards the Malays and mocking Islam"

      The Malay fishmongers at Bukit Gombak and Malay vegetable sellers at Bukit Panjang would attest that you were lying. When come to business, no one look at your skin colour or your religion in Singapore. They look at what you are selling and your price. There is no such thing in Malaysia.

      In Malaysia, some Malays blatantly asked fellow Malays to boycott Chinese businesses, saying "orang Islam jual mahal sikit pun beli dengan dia". and those who called to boycott would getaway with it even though that's clear incitement of hatred.

      iv. Re "Singapore Chinese sapu Malaysia because of access"

      Well, Malay leaders and government servants occupying the relevant positions had talked about implementing charges on Singapore registered cars since years ago. Study demi study had been carried out and system testings conducted time and again. Recently it was postponed again to indeterminate time. Why? Obviously the problem is not the Singapore Chinese but your Malay leaders and the government servants involved, kan?

      And while Singapore Chinese buying up movable and immovable properties in South Johor, corrupt Malaysian officials putting their ill-gotten money in Singapore bank accounts (some using their own names), and buying expensive condos in Orchard Road using herd's money.

      "and in-sya-Allah pour $ billions to our neighbor cousins in Singapore
      this corrupt Muslim leaders not doing wrong kan?" to quote the pious haji TNM.

    8. I think someone has to look into the terms and conditions of the HSR proposals. How much has Malaysia to subsidize the costs. What about the effects on the livelihood of those involved in the transportation industry.

      Now in Johor Bahru, the Republic of Singapore Air Force is free to fly over the Johor Straits, unlike years ago when the late Sultan was alive.

      I think Md Zin of Alor Gajah has so much to write on the spillover effects of the High Speed Rail line. Hope his writing makes sense to us all.

    9. Anon 13:59

      "And the halal logo in Singapore is trusted because the Singapore Government would enforce it. In Malaysia? Please don't f..king joke la."

      Really? I was once worked in Singapore for an international company located quite a far away from the shopping complexes and food courts. So there was a company's cafe for employees. Here you can get several stalls selling chinese and malays foods. I guess they were operated by different operators. I dont see malays operators but all were chinese owned the stalls. With several workers; malays or indonesian look alike or may be filipinos but I found mainly chinese. At one stall they sell delicacies including porks. Next to this stall was another stall selling malay nasi campur, nasi ayam , mee kari etc. Of course it has halal labels on the wall. So how? One stall selling porks, and next to it selling malay foods with halal logo on the wall!

      The most daunting thing was that I have to use common tray , fork and spoon. Once finished, the janitor will collect plates & utensils. Guess what???

      I am not sure what criteria MUIS Singapore awarding the halal logo to the place like food courts/cafes/ stalls operators especially when the common plates, and utensils shared by the muslims and non-muslims and together sitting and eating at the same place. No separation at all. Obviously the chinese stalls serving porks!

      Can you explain anon!

  7. Perhaps you should have consult your mother more of respect. Respect your elder because the older a person the wiser, and that experience is precious.

    Sometimes between (913-1004 AD) Liang Hao (82) a famous old man in Chinese history came first in the annual Imperial examination. His memory was better than that of the younger.

    Despite his old age, Tun moves, his brain moves and his memory is as young as ever. Tun is not going to die because he was criticized or his heart failed or not even of old age; he dies of being a man who loves his country and the people.

    Tun has people like me who respect him into his old age, not like your Dedak blogger whom you met. He is just being pretentious, above all a hypocrite, I guess.

  8. Eat more Bak Kut Teh.
    Because 1) it's cheaper than chicken, beef or lamb, 2) it's brain food, 3) NATIONAL UNITY, 4) can be more like Singapore.

    1. seow ting tong bangang betul ...... sin city so good meh?

    2. Better than Kelantan where your father rape your sisters.

    3. 15:32
      Obviously too stupid to read between the lines.

  9. Many telling stories about HRS while LOA wrote about bah kut teh

    Personally it is right to say Singaporean will benefiting most from HRS.

    1. When Singaporeans easily agreed to having HRS, it tells someone to raise an alarm to malaysians. Why? Singaporeans would be difficult to agreeing things that would not favouring to their sides 100%.

    2. HRS project will benefiting singaporeans companies more than the malaysians.

    3. Changi airport will be the most preferred choice if travelling from many countries with so many incoming international airlines with cheaper flight prices, huge daily frequencies comparing to flights landed in Malaysia. During my stints as a malaysian student studying overseas and while working overseas, I preferred cheap flights with many choice of airlines serving routes to Singapore. This is more true for people living in Johor. We prefer flights to Changi or from Changi to international destinations. HRS will give a damn impact to malaysian airlines industry.

    4. What ever it is, Malaysians will waste resources and money and being a tool by singaporeans government.
    Malaysians will be the feeder of all economies to singaporeans as the major international hub.

    5. Tourists especially from europe and americas will travel with HSR from Singapore to Bangkok but it will not guarantee them to drop by in KL. Just watch in youtube for trains from Singapore routes to Bangkok. Most of the time they will bypassing malaysia as there is not much things to do and see in malaysia. Except those bangladeshis, indians, myanmars, looking for jobs they might stop by for a while in KL. But at time of HSR in operation, there will be no more job for them available in malaysia!!

    If malaysia is going to proceed with HSR, it only telling us some one will benefiting billions from this HSR project.


    1. Yeah and Sdr Sridharan of PwC who did the CBA ammused by some laughable Sing wannabe(?) above projections, Sdr ANON 16:17

      Oh, and Emirates will no longet fly Changi.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. YTL benefitting again??

  10. Federal prosecutors poised for largest asset seizures in U.S. history .step up investigation into billions siphoned from 1MDB to seize properties, assets purchased with money misappropriated from 1MDB people linked to 1MDB invested millions in real estate and businesses in U.S.
    FBI criminal investigation into people and institutions connected 1MDB.1MDB set up by Najib Razak in 2009.

    WSJ has reported money laundering / siphoning of cash from 1MDB.1MDB funds went into real estate in New York, LA worth tens of millions funding of 2013 “The Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.center of U.S. inquiries are Riza Aziz, stepson of Najib, son of Rosmah Mansor
    Jho Low who played important role in all 1MDB dealings.

    Apa lagi tipu-helah Mapadullung dan pemakan-pemakan dedak dia seperti beruk Alor Gajah nak kata? Bukan semua rakyat jahil dan boleh disuapkan dedak.

    Siapa yang hendak percaya pada penyangak? Adakah penyangak masih boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri?


    1. What animal you name people not the subject of this thread, Sdr Zack

      OK on 1MDB:
      1) how to speculate(?) on international mediation process about to start
      2) Dr Tan Deputy Chairman and DAP representative has on April 6th 2016 cleared the PM

      It is the BoD that will certainly have to answer the AG if wilful negligence or incompetence

      Go on repeat your PM bashing, whatever lah ..

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Zin, you sound like a tape recorded message from the PM's office on replay mode... it's mentally numbing ....

    3. M Zin your mind is totally shut from truth and honesty. Blinded yet professing a faith that condemns dishonesty. Sending the kampung imams to Haj pilgrimage using IMDB borrowed funds.

  11. Anonymous @ 16:17,

    Re "Many telling stories about HRS while LOA wrote about bah kut teh"

    For someone who writes so well and knowledgeably on the High Speed Rail project (you really do, you know), I am somewhat surprised that you did not catch some of the more subtle undertones in what Annie was writing about in her article, eg her family life, the Mahatir-Najib tussle, the feelings of normal everyday UMNO members and of cos, how Singapore is simply pulling way ahead of Malaysia in every way.

    All you read, understood and seemed to be concerned about was that Annie wrote about bak-kut teh.

    Please please do not be offend if I ask if you are a Melayu. The ethnicity of anonymous commentators are usually hard to guess.

    I am curious because if you are a Melayu, it shows that contrary to what anybody might say, Melayus are smart and fully capable of quite analytical thinking BUT still seem to have mental blind spots when it comes to religious issues, so in this case, you are intelligent enough to provide good commentary on the HSR project and yet the bak kut teh matter irked you enough (for whatever reason, probably religious) and you could not see what Annie was talking about in her article.

    A shame.

    If you do respond to this comment, pls do identify yourself as the Anon in question, thks.

    Totoro's Friend


    1. Based on your apparent agenda, Sdr ANON 16:17
      my first guess is that you are Yg Bhg DS Khairuddins contractor sidekick, betul?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Zack
    Pooorah ,if you read carefully....facts from realible sources
    For nearly 2 yrs already they cannot indentified REAL SOURCE..
    Macam kes LLS... evidence TDM masuk bakul sampah kerana Hearsay evidences...from reliable source
    Even TDM admitted he did not have concrete evidences on Najib wrong doings in 1 MDB case
    Dream on...

    1. US Justice Department files lawsuit in connection with 1MDB probe. Wed, 20 Jul 2016 Reuters.


    2. " The lawsuits said the alleged offences were committed over a four-year period and involved multiple individuals, including Malaysian officials and their associates, who conspired to fraudulently divert billions of dollars from 1MDB.

      None of the lawsuits named Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

      But they named Riza Aziz, his step-son, as a relevant individual in the case. They also named Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low, and Abu Dhabi government officials Khadem al-Qubaisi and Mohamed Ahmed Badawy Al-Husseiny"

      -- Reuters on July 20, 2016

      OK and admittedly our AG too slow to catch the fraud.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. The reason for hearsay evidences masuk bakul sampah...

      You can read it with EVIDENCES clearly stated in the US lawsuit now with 1MDB probe.

      Give some time. You will also find out if the DONATION is real or was from 1MDB. Why? SWIFT CODE. The US already know if it is a DONATION or otherwise. You shift money through banks, it will leave a trail.

      Malaysians should prepare for higher cost of living in the coming weeks. Watch how your daily necessities spiral out of control. The Cash is King Government will need ways to build his war chest for next election. Watch MOF closely. There is going to be more sale on strategic assets to raise funds.

      This is not hearsay. This is happening.

    4. Encik M Zin of Alor Gajah, do not make a fool of yourself. Read the affidavit on seizure of assets acquired by squandering IMDB funds. Insaflah bahawa kita rakyat Malaysia sudah ditipu. Do not raise racial questions. Every body here is seeing you as a foolish "ostrich" head in the sand.


    5. What animal or the level of cleverness is not the subject of this thread, Sdr Badrudin
      or that of yours

      Really looking forward to 1MDB managers responsible for fraudalent misrepresentation or incompetance be in-sya-Allah be made accountable.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Allowing your life to be restricted by some stupid rules created by some uneducated and dirty arabs centuries ago is the height of stupidity.
    50 years from now Tanah Melayu will be overrun by Singaporean and PRCs.
    The trend is already there.
    Selena Gomez is too sexy!!! Some monkey said the other day...
    See what I mean?

  14. Malaysia in the news. Again.

  15. People who don't believe in god like the Malaysian Official 1 (MoF1) thinks that god is non existent and they can do whatever they like in this world without getting punished. What has been happening now shows that karma is catching up with the real criminal. Could it be the ghost of Atlantuya, Najadi and Kevin Morais or all of them?

  16. To those who felt offended with my postings, here is what i got to say-"Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas" or "Siapa makan dedak,dia adalah beruk".