Saturday 11 June 2016

The sad thing about this weekend (updated)


As reported by Singapore's Straits Times,

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir campaigns for opposition


Someone passed me what was supposed to be  a weekend schedule of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the other day.

According to it, the former PM and Umno president was to  have programme in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar today and tomorrow respectively.

It's quite obvious that the programme was part of the Pakatan Harapan's by-election campaign there.

I felt a tinge of sadness when I saw it.

It really has come to this - Dr Mahathir campaigning outright for the opposition.

The programme stated that he is to deliver his speeches at a Chinese restaurant in Sekinchan and another similar venue in Kuala Kangsar.

It was almost certain that the whole thing was organised by DAP and not even Amanah which was actually contesting in those by-elections.

Memories of Dr Mahathir literally pleading to campaign for former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman against DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah during the last general election came back to me.

How things have changed.

I'm not sure whether the 90 years old statesman will really go through with it, but just looking at the programme made me sad.

Obviously, Dr Mahathir has come to a point where he doesn't care to risk all that he has in his effort to topple DS Najib Razak.

I wish it has not come to this.

From the start of the Umno rebellion last year, I have been advocating for both sides to talk and sort things out so that the party will not be torn apart.

Unfortunately things only got worse with both unwilling to cool off.

In fact the traded barbs became even more vicious to a point that I knew it would be hard for each other to forgive.

My guess was that Dr Mahathir feels that he has nothing to lose anymore even if he join forces with the worst of his enemies, the DAP in his fight with Najib.

After all, he's totally convinced that Najib is bad for Malaysia and that the PM, based on his action and those of his supporters seemed to want their fight to be a no quarter given nor asked one.

Well, the feeling was probably the same on both sides, I  guess.

Umno simply has to suffer along.

For Dr Mahathir, the existing Umno is no longer the party that he led for more than two decades.

Dr Mahathir is a tough nut indeed, but still, it's heart breaking to see him having to do what he is doing now.

The fact that he is doing it at such an advanced age makes it even more sad.

How I wish the handsome old man could just enjoyed his retirement in peace after all that he had done for the country those many years ago.

But then again, that was his choice and this is still for now a free country.

Maybe Dr Mahathir is happier doing what he is doing now than spending his old age doing what people of his age supposed to be doing.

Whatever it is, I hope he will be alright and not exhaust himself this weekend.

From what I was told the weather, especially in Sungai Besar has been quiet hot of late. And this is the fasting month. I hope Dr Mahathir's assistants can make sure he drinks enough water during buka puasa and have proper rests in between  the programme.

All that, if indeed Dr Mahathir is really going to go through with the whole thing.


  1. "After all, he's totally convinced that Najib is bad for Malaysia and that the PM, based on his action and those of his supporters seemed to want their fight to be a no quarter given nor asked one."


    You are right - he's totally convinced that Najib is bad for Malaysia.

    And Tun is correct.

    The one comforting thought for Tun and TSMY and Shafie is this - both truth and history are on their side. There is no way that the truth can be hidden - already the pengecut Bugis has no telur to sue the many foreign publications who have exposed the losses of billions we have suffered.

    The whole donation lie has already fallen apart.

    And there is no doubt that Najis will go down in infamy as our worst and most dishonest PM of all time (worst of all, a hypocrite. Talk about supporting hudud and Islam, and then with the left hand pass money to your stepson to make soft porn movies and buy luxury penthouses in the US. Poorah!)

    Too many hypocrites around.

    The fat ones who waddled out of Malaysiakini and now talk about Islam (instant expert, LOL) are the worst.


    I see a strange resemblance between Najib and Nojob : )

    1. yaaa right and tun doesnt have anything to do with his sons gainning millions and billions lahhh.
      and najib still pm whereas tun sleeping with dap....hypocrites to the core! go on lick his balls some more.

    2. yaaa right and najis doesnt have anything to do with his stepson and wife gainning (?) millions and billions lahhh.

      Go lick on rosie's balls lahhhh, if you can find your way thru the fat lahhhhh.....'s biggest financial scandal lahhhh, if you want to be a loser getting cheated by the hippo & husband go ahead lahhhhh.....

  2. Tony Puaka of DAP is claiming that his Jamal billboards were justified.

    Not the point.

    Tony Puaka is one dumb Chinaman and an even worse politician, because blader, mai dengar: Don't put up billboards with your squiggly chinky-chonk writing in a Malay area - without Amanah's knowledge!

    The Amanah candidate is a decent man, but between DAP's stupidity and arrogance, PKR's internal politics, and Hadi Bawang's jual dubur deal with the Bugis criminal I expect a BN win in both PRK - Sg Besar and in KK.

    Sad but true.

    A bitter pill, but if the Oppo want to learn from their upcoming defeat, the lessons are these:

    a) Wan Azizah is 100% useless.

    b) DAP cinabeng are too "lansi".

    c) You have to try for 1-on-1 fights in GE14.

    d) Let Tun do the leading.

    A lot of repair work to do.

    1. MDZFRS........semua tak betoi.....baik engkau bertanding.....ramai kekawan aku bole sponser.
      Azizah tak betoi, Tony Pua tak betoi, Hadi tak betoi,Rafizi tak betoi, LGE tak betoi.....please lah...have some respect for the holy month and show that you are normal species.
      Tolong sebut nama nama yang betoi....kami pun nak dengar juga.....jangan asyik main tembak aje....tell us something to believe you.

    2. Anon 13:32,

      Hang ni x fasih dlm bahasa omputih ke?

      "d) Let Tun do the leading."

      Susah sgt ke nak paham, bro?

      Kalo ko nak ikut Nenek Kipas, Hadi, LGE, Fizi Jambu etc, up to you lah...."free country" kan?

  3. "A vote for Barisan Nasional candidate Datin Mastura Mohd Yazid would send a strong message to PAS and Amanah that the Chinese community rejected extremist policies like PAS’ hudud, he added."

    That was from the balls-free MCA president.

    But it's your coalition boss who is flirting with PAS, you moron. It's your coalition boss who pushed Hadi's Bill up the running order.

    What an idiot, what an asslicker.

    The Malaysian Chinese - dropping in numbers, dropping in IQ, gaining in weight!

  4. I supported this former PM with all my heart and soul. I sang high praises for him EVERYWHERE I went despite his many detractors domestically and especially, internationally. All my travels were spent defending him against the tirade of accusations from all over the world. He was a great leader in my eyes.....I thought THEN!


    I will not weep a single tear when this cilaka drops dead! He is just another human being as I am. Nothing more. Whatever service he has rendered to this country has already been OVERPAID by this country to his family and cronies! There is NO NEED TO FEEL LIKE YOU OWE THIS CILAKA ANYTHING!!!!

    1. You must be somebody without brain. With foul mouth to boot. Tun dont ask you to idolise or defend him. His deeds speak for himself. Sane people can see that he joined force with opposition to remove Najib so that BN can continue to exist post PRU14.

      Annie, since you are my super junior (I think since you sounded so young!) I thought that you are smarter than this. Obviously you are proNajib despite you saying otherwise. Sad when smart people chose to close one eye when there are rampant corruption going on.

      Personally I am convinced that Malaysians are corrupt. Most Chinese prefer to pay duit kopi than going thru a proper channel. Most become rich becoz Malays senang dibeli. Most Malays will support perompak and peliwat just for money.

      We are a corrupt society.. that's why we have so many corrupt leaders. How sad..

    2. Keep your crocodile tears lah. You'll soon be weeping for Jibby and that whole gerombolan of crooks and liars.

      Better to be a cilaka than someone who is robbing the nation blind, whose wife and family act as if THEY own the nation's coffers and private jets, whose name and administration is synonymous abroad with blatant corruption, who has ruined the proud image and economy of Malaysia etc.

      Whatever sins Tun M has committed, I never doubted his love and desire that he did it all to develop the country. And that development is there for all to see...provided they admit it.

      What has that Bugis done but unravel everything because of his family's rapacious avarice? Never have we had a PM's family so blatantly, so unashamedly, so blithely acting as if the nation's coffers are its private purse.

      Jibby had doomed Umno and the BN and Malaysia.

    3. It's obvious whatever support you lent in the past is worse to the human taste than rotten eggs spilled into the shit hole...

    4. Lovely language and manners. I expect nothing less from those who idolise tramps and thieves.

    5. Anon 0956... ko dah kenapa? Terlebih gula ke?

    6. Anon 9:56,

      You must be high on ketum, bro.

      Tun did a lot for the country in 22 years.

      Your pink-lips paymaster has caused the biggest single financial scandal of the last 30 years, AND THAT IS THE LEAST BAD HE HAS DONE.

      Think about it.

  5. It was said that the word 'amok' had come from the Malays. It is one unique aspect of the Malays to be indifferent to any adversities until such time where the only option left is to run amok.

    Perhaps it was due to the general characteristics of Malays who are naturally timid, reserved and shy. Unlike the Chinese, especially those mainlanders, the Malays would prefer to endure any bullshit quietly until it has become too much to bear where the only option left is to go mad, aka to run amok.

    They need much courage to do any changes to the adverse situations they are facing, that is, before they run amok. Normally this would come in the form of support from the mass. A mere majority is not enough to convince them to make the change, they need much more than that.

    So it is only natural that when one amongst them is not happy about the situation he is facing, he would seek for support before doing anything to the situation. That normally is done by gathering people around him through 'similarities'.

    So the notion of 'orang kita' can mean different thing in different situation. It can mean Melayu Kepulauan, orang Islam, Melayu Islam, ahlus sunnah wal jamaah, Bugis, Jawa, peneroka peneroka Felda, orang UMNO, Klate, and so on and so forth.

    He will feel comforting when he knows that he is amongst the majority. That actually would not give him the courage to change, rather it would be a discouragement because when others are not making any sound, more so he would keep quiet.

    So in the end, nothing will come forth and the situation will remain the same, until God knows what it would become so that the Malays will run amok.

    That is the Malay dilemma. So Tun Mahathir would not achieve anything. Just like many years ago when he introduced the look east policy to change the mindsets of his people. Lee Kuan Yew himself observed how the Japanese would honour their elders, whereas amongst some Malays the kebiadapan towards their elders is luar biasa. They can keluar kata kata yang tersangat kesat towards their elders and not even a 90 years old statesman from amongst them would be spared. Tun Mahathir cannot see this fact as he was probably too optimistic towards his people. So padan lah he must fail.

    1. The Malays in Singapore will never ever kurang ajar
      if they ever had a Malay leader Like the TUN...What
      is happening in Malaysia ah?

      Whenever we Singaporean and Malaysians cousins met...
      I had the time of my life telling them of how stupid UMNO supporters are cos' the whole bunch of them families are
      big pro Najib supporters...oh yes they are so rich.


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  7. Annie,

    Personally, I suspect Mahatir is bored.

    Old people at his age do get bored, you know.

    They want to do something and it has to be something BIG.

    So, getting rid of Najib is just something for Mahatir to occupy his time.

    The more Najib resists, the more pleasure Mahatir gets.

    Nothing to do with nation-building, nothing to do with corruption, nothing to do power trips.

    Just plain boredom :)


    1. Before Najib, Tun could get rid of anybody that he deemed unwanted.
      Now he tried every way... He twists n turns but Najib remains up there... So it is not boredom but his ego that is driving him to do what he is doing... Nenek Kampung also can see that...😎

    2. Anonymous 11 June 2016 at 15:23,

      Oh, thanks for pointing out the ego.

      Add ego to the boredom of an old man, and you could be surprised what a healthy mentally-alert bored old man is capable of doing.

      Not all Nenek Kampungs can see that :)

      I am guessing that you have been reading RPK's blog because your views are very similar to his.

      You should know that RPK is Hadi Awang's BFF.

      Anything which RPK has been writing in his blog since Pakatan Rakyat broke up has been to support PAS.

      But PAS needs UMNO now more than ever for a chance at power.

      Since PAS's BFF, UMNO, is being threatened by Mahatir, RPK must help UMNO by saying nasty things about Mahatir.

      By helping UMNO, RPK is helping PAS and by helping PAS, RPK is helping Hadi Awang, you see?

      I do not want to anything bad about RPK and I hope I have not done so in the above.

      I am just pointing out what I believe is RPK's rationale for attacking Mahatir.


    3. Gladiator, do u know that harga sayuran sudah naik meningkat 350%.............??????
      See what CAP said about this:

      Presiden CAP, SM Mohamed Idris, berkata Lembaga Pemasaran Pertanian Malaysia (Fama) juga perlu menurunkan segera harga sayuran yang kini dilaporkan meningkat sehingga 350 peratus.
      “CAP menggesa Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan menyiasat peningkatan harga di atas memandangkan golongan berpendapatan rendah akan terjejas dengan teruk oleh kenaikan harga barangan ini terutama sekali pada bulan Ramadan ini.
      “CAP juga berulang kali menggesa Fama agar mengawal pemasaran dan pengedaran sayuran di negara ini tetapi malangnya gesaan itu tidak mendapat perhatian,” katanya dalam kenyataan, hari ini.
      Beliau turut menyenaraikan harga sayuran yang meningkat sempena Ramadan ini.
      Harga untuk daun sup yang asalnya RM4 kini naik kepada RM18, daun bawang daripada RM6 kepada RM12, manakala serai daripada RM3.50 naik kepada RM8. -ismawe.

      Should we congratulate NAJIB about this.......????
      What are we going to eat........????
      Daging mahal,
      Ikan mahal.
      Sayoran pun mahal!!!!!!!!!

    4. "Should we congratulate NAJIB about this.......????
      What are we going to eat........????"

      We can eat Chanel and jewels, like Bik Mama!

  8. I am very sure that Najib is doing his best for the sake of the country and the people. Just that some of the people could still not understand his actions and some just condemn him merely because they are from the opposite side.
    As days go by I am respecting our PM more and more. May Allah continue giving him the strength and may those that oppose see what I and many others can see. The PM may not be perfect but he is truely caring and sincere. Now whoever oppose him are fighting among themselves. As for Tun M I am beginning to wonder if the old hensem man is actually helping Najib. Probably this is his great plan to pretend to be ANC but causing all these chaos at the opposition side at the same time...:)

    1. Re: najib is doing best for country and people...

      cf. statement of Raja Bahrin: "At a time when Malaysia faces a serious economic downturn, this is an unforgivable action. The government already owns seven jets, so why the need to lease another jet for RM86 million?" said Raja Bahrin Shah, who is also Kuala Terengganu MP, in a statement.
      Just last year in Parliament, Raja Bahrin noted that allocations for poor school children were cut from RM200 million to just under RM10 million.
      "But now they can spend RM86 million to lease a jet so the leader who is supposed to care for the rakyat live in the lap of luxury," he said.

    2. rpk will suck on anything with money on the end lahhhhh......

  9. Tun is doing the right thing.. And obviously, it's not for himself... Love u tun..

  10. Dear Tun Mahathir ....... the august general in the rain


  11. A father would remained a father until his last breath . How could he enjoy his retirement life ,when he got a son like Najib.

    It's a pity to see Tun ,have to sacrifice age retirement on the street campaigning for good's of Malaysia which he had build .

    1. Ya, chinese got a word for such son. Pai kah chai!

  12. Tun loves his country too much to do nothing.
    Najib screwed up big time with 1MDB.
    The honorable thing for him to do is to step down.
    He has brought enough shame to Malaysia.

  13. Annie,

    Do you know how many times the Booges fella and those on that supported him lied in the Parliment?

    While your captain Bru is happily pointing out WSJ boo boo about BSI Sg. Money went to the BSI in Swiss. Yeah right...u know why WSJ thought it was in BSI Sg? Sebab siapa yang jawab duit tu kat BSI Sg? Dalam bentuk units? Ingat that isu UNITS? Lying and lying again.

    Berapa lagi yang Boogees and Co ni nak curi dari coffer rakyat? Dah lah seekor mamat yang tak tau malu cakap duit kerajaan bukan duit rakyat...apa benda yang dia hisap tu?

    I dont blame Tun M one bit for campaigning for the oppo. My family has always voted for BN. Tapi Prime Moron ni boleh jual negara dan bangsa kepada org asing asalkan dia kaya raya.

    Nak jual hudud sekarang konon. Kalau nak potong tangan pencuri dialah prime candidate.

  14. kekekekeke... ok2 now tun m is the villain while the one with controversy is the hero. it is a matter of principle annie. PM has set a principle where he is above the law and right or wrong is not a matter. the worst part is he brought everybody with him demolishing the institutional and the values uphold.

    k bye, salam ramadhan.

  15. Salam Annie
    I'm throwing my hat in with Tun
    Its not about BN or Amanah but its about our country
    We cannot have a lying corrupted leader.
    We just cant.


  16. Ayoh !!!!!, Sg Besar and K Kangsar ,lama-lamai kita sokong Tun M .
    Manyak lespect sama Tun M ,sutak tua pon terpaksa juang maa aa, kasi selamat ini negala lor rr.
    Patutnya ,Tun sikalang Tun M ,manayak happy maa aa ,lia punya wawasan 2020 sutak lekat mau sampai ,tapi apa sutak jadi maa aa ,itu kawasan pon sutak habit kasi juat lor rr .

    Mana atak wawasan lagi lea aa.

    1. Saulala Rufang,

      Bila itu Bawaksan Tua Pulo Tua Pulo soolah sampai, ini nigara soolah manyaaaaa pokai, O.

      Itu hippo, (tinggi, 3 kaki, lebar, 7 kaki, olang pangkay "Chahboh The Hutt" silupa mcm Annie punya kawan Cina gemuk muka tahi tu), itu hippo mimang naik kapartelbang, lipas itu lali jauh jauh, tapi lakyat sini mampus O.

      Ini macam maaa eee aa.

  17. tun is just bullshitting everybody. everything he said against najib is a lie.
    how can u believe someone who has twisted everything that he used to stand for? hypocrite!!

    1. "tun is just bullshitting everybody. everything he said against najib is a lie."

      i have never come across a dumbo such as this... ade otak ker tk ade ni?