Sunday 12 June 2016

A Rosmah's defence over the private jet issue

Someone forwarded to me the following via Wassap .

Honestly I don't know who wrote it and I didn't ask.

I just find it interesting as it is quite a good defence of DS Rosmah Mansor over the use of the private jet issue.

I once defended Rosmah too until I kena marah by a very famous blogger who now accuses me of being a paid DAP cyber trooper 😊

You can read me kena marah here. (click on it, please)

I actually did it because I  believe in being fair.

I think it's only fair that I  publish this defence of Rosmah here again.

You all be the judges of it.

Here goes;

I give YB Rafizi Ramli and Amanah MP YB Raja Bahrin 24 hours to admit mistake over Rosmah's trip to Turkey, apologize for being malicious and admit he has batal puasa.

(You can always brush me off by asking me "Who am I" and saying I am not your level, to which I would say "LUT YOU")

These are the facts.
1. Rafizi's jet "expose" is for the purpose of the by-election - a fact he himself admitted when he told the media at the venue of the by-election.

2. Rafizi knew that the jet was on 2 months lease to replace another govt jet which was undergoing major maintenance but he still tried to blame the entire 2 months on Rosmah by saying she should not have rented a private jet for this trip - a fact that he himself admitted when he admitted that he was wrong to give the impression that RM86.4 million was used by Rosmah but now reduced it down to RM1.5 million.

3. Rafizi knew that the plane was on 2 months lease but still tried to use hourly charter rates to calculate a grossly inflated and unrealistic two months rate when even the most expensive 2 months lease rate would be about RM2.4million - thus even his revised calculation of RM1.5 million is very wrong.

4. Rafizi knew that this plane was a short-term government jet shared for use by other qualified VIPs and that is why it flies from our military bases but still questioned why Rosmah flew from there even though she is not "military"/

5. Rafizi himself acknowledged that the trip was a short trip where she flew to Istanbul and back to KL within 26 hours. This is certainly not a holiday at all as the schedule is so tight and the majority of the time is spent on the plane. 

 6. Rafizi knows that this trip is not even a private trip in Rosmah's personal capacity as it was to receive the Cambridge IF Analytica Global Good Governance 3G Children Welfare Award from Dr Sheikha Aisha Faleh Al-Thani of Qatar on behalf of PERMATA - a govt initiative that has benefited thousands of young children for many years..

This is what the award organizer Prof Humayon said: 

“There are few examples for this kind of success, and I must congra­tulate the Malaysian Government and Permata for taking up this important issue. We would like other countries to look at the success stories of Permata and emulate this model. I think this is a good service to humanity, coming from Malaysia to showcase how talent can be nurtured from an early age,” 

7. Rafizi became even more petty when he showed a video and questioned the number of bags that was brought onto the plane as hand luggage and tried to suggest that it was Rosmah's luggage and extravagant lifestyle - despite the fact that it was a short-trip where the majority of the time are spent on the plane so why would Rosmah bring so much luggage or clothes?

Rafizi may not have known that much of the luggage were the big costumes of the Permata arts group that performed at the Istanbul awards (see photo)  but from the video, Rafizi would also know that there was a total of 20 crew and passengers and they themselves would also require hand luggage thus why are you surprised.

8. Rafizi was also petty to ask why these bags were carried a hand-luggage instead of being put in the cargo hold. If Rafizi was able to check what the plane specifications were, he would also know that this is not a normal passenger plane but an extended range ACT (Additional Central Tank) jet that was modified where the cargo hold was fitted with an additional fuel  tank.

It is clear from the above facts that:
1) Rafizi deliberately lied despite knowing better.
2) Rafizi's expose was for the purpose of the by-elections to help Pakatan Harapan win.
3) Rafizi intended to incite hate by targeting Rosmah, who is not even contesting in the by-elections.

Therefore, Rafizi purposely tried to incite hatred against a lady who was going on a very hectic trip on behalf of the govt for young children welfare causes for the purpose of greed for power to win a by-election based on outright lies and half-truth.

And PAN's MP Raja Bahrin joined Rafizi in repeating the same lies.

Is it worth it for two grown men to incite hatred towards a lady based on lies and half-truths in the month of Ramadan just to win elections because of your greed for power?

So what if you win? I hope it is worth it for both of you.


  1. Haters will continue hating until whoever replaces Najib gets his day as Malaysia's next PM. It ain't nothing DS Rosmah could do to change all that.

    Pencinta Tanah Melayu

    1. she can do less shopping with money stolen from SRC, i.e. from KWAP? bole tak?

  2. Annie,

    My take is that we seem to have very poor media communications associated with Rosmah.

    Something like this could be easily sidestepped with press releases announcing her award, the display of Malaysian cultural dances, etc etc.

    I think it is the seemingly secret nature of the trip which created the situation.

    As to whether it is right for Rosmah to use a government jet, I don't want to talk too much about this because I will be accused of being a RBA.

    Also I do not know if it is normal for other government "initiatives" not under Rosmah to have access to the use of such assets.

    As for PERMATA, I note that it is supposed to do a lot of work with young children. I do not know what it really does or which areas it targets.

    I just hope that ALL children of ALL races and ALL religions benefit equally from PERMATA.

    One area which PERMATA does not seem to target is the protection of children from paedophiles. Perhaps it can do something there.


    1. We should ask even more questions about YAPEIM. That was a case that was unforgivable.

      And Hadi still talks to Jamil Khir about hudud?

      What a joke.

      Who is the bigger munafik?

      Hard to say....

    2. jamil khir give golf advice for hadi, kihx3

    3. What did Jamil say to Awang on the green?
      A: I salute my baddy! You Hole-i-One!

    4. "Hole-i-One" = "Holy One".....ha ha ha, funny!

    5. Tidak boleh dinafikan ia itu satu usha yang baik. "Permata" dapat tempat yang istimewa daripada kaca mata Rosmah.

      Tetapi apa nak jadi dengan anak-anak bukan gulongan Permata diantara 5 ke 7 tahun yang jumlahnya lebih kurang 1.2 juta itu, jika dibandingkan dengan anak-anak Permata hanya jumlah 300 sahaja?

      Itu soalanya 👆👆👆Pak!

  3. Blahblahblah. This guy can list whatever he wants from sahur to iftar but there is one and only one question that matters:

    Is the wife of the prime minister eligible to use government transportation when not accompanied by her husband. Full stop.

    1. dia kan "FIRST LADY OF MALAYSIA"? Poorahhhhhh!

    2. The so-called "First Lady" of Malaysia (a title she craved, not given to her) still has no right to use govt aircraft for personal use.

      But Rafizi should have gone much wider than that (no pun intended!) because the 1MDB scandal is far bigger than some fat woman with an ego complex.

  4. Pertama arts group costumes were sent via private jet but the arts group travelled by commercial flight? Kalau nak cover untuk rosmah pun agak agak la menipunya

  5. Who are the other passengers that travelled with Rosmah? Are they qualified to use the private jet? Hello RM1.5 million pun duit jugak. Sapa bayar? Rakyat jugak kan.

    1. everything is pay by rakyat, lah, tak kan badak air tu bayar pulak!

  6. Ada orang cakap Tun M pergi ke Kuala Kangsar pun pakai private jet tak de orang kecoh pun. Meh aku nak habaq kat hang. Tun M adalah BEKAS Perdana Menteri. Apabila nama bekas PM, salah satu keistimewaannya adalah ke hulu ke hilir dalam dan luar negara naik private jet. Jadi Tun layak mendapat keistimewaan tersebut pasal beliau bekas PM. Pak Lah pun dapat keistimewaan tersebut. Ini tidak menjadi isu pasal keistimewaan itu telah termaktub yang diberikan kepada bekas PM.
    Yang tak layak ialah wife bekas PM atau wife PM. Kalau dia nak naik jugak suami PM dia kena ada sekali sebab dia memang tak layak guna jet peribadi kalau naik sorang-sorang. Keistimewaan tersebut tidak membawak kepada isteri kalau dia nak guna solo. Mintak tolong pemakan dedak pergi korek lagi cerita-cerita lama kalau nak burukkan Tun. Mana tahu kalau jumpa gambar Tun Siti Hasmah naik jet sorang-sorang...

    1. Furthermore, Jet tu mungkin sponser daripada korporat kaya yang bosan dengan keadaan ekonomi Malaysia di bawah Najib.
      Siapa tak bosan, Wahid Omar pun bosan.
      Terus letak jawatan Menteri dalam Jabatan PM.
      Belanja jet tu mungkin under rm100K, bukan 1.5 juta.
      Jadi orang tak kisahlah.

    2. "Mana tahu kalau jumpa gambar Tun Siti Hasmah naik jet sorang-sorang..."

      Ha ha, padan muka Kak Ros & pemakan dedaknya!

  7. Regardless of the defence or excuses, protocol or non, eligible or non eligible; in this time of austerity; does it befit for her to waste the government money for the award????!!

    1. You shake us all the time mama . . .

  8. What ever is your reasons or excuses may be but the fact remained you spent at least a whopping 1.5 million ringgit just for a 26 hours flight (and this of coz excluding other cost that has incurred) for the purpose of receiving this award only ?

  9. Nak hantar student cemerlang belajar luar negara tak ada duit..Subsidi barang keperluan asas dihapuskan..bajet untuk keperluan student kena potong..Malaysia tanah airku..


  10. Itu pelmata eaa aa, Wa manyak lengar tapi eaa aa , biasa punya olang macam Wa tatak nampak apa lia olang buat maa aa .

    Wa manyak lihat itu mata-mata saja lor rr . Tapi tengok itu mata-mata Wa hati manyak senang maa aa ,pasat Wa tau Wa punya keselamatan terjaga maa aa .

    1. Saulala "l", lu soolah ciplak itu Saulala Lufang kaaa?

      Atau, lu mimang Saulala Lufang tapi soolah dlop itu "-ufang", jadi satu symbol saja macam itu Plince?

      Wa konpuis maa ee aa!

  11. Annie,

    "Is it worth it for two grown men to incite hatred towards a lady based on lies and half-truths in the month of Ramadan just to win elections because of your greed for power?"

    An MP (female and Muslim) was arrested for sedition about a year plus ago merely for QUESTIONING whether Permata's expenditure was too high. A publication was suspended for asking whether the First Crook Couple were spending too much.

    You still want us to feel sorry for this gross, greedy, waddling creature?

    Next you'll want us to feel sorry for the gross, waddling Chinese creature with the tiny little eyes. (I've never seen smaller eyes on any Chinese creature.)

    Go and YouTube this:

    'Seditious' article: Perkasa wants columnist to be put under ISA"

    And watch Chaboh Da Hutt's whining, self-pitying defence.

    Next day, she becomes founder of Umno and saviour of about five Malay groupies who are too dumb to see the insincere flip-flop.


    1. betina cina gemuk tu mmg 'flip flop' mcm minute jilat anwar, tiba2 jilat jibby & kaka mah plak! the power of CASH IS KING AND DEDAK IS QUEEN!!!!!!

    2. Annie pun some times tanya soalan yg terang dan nyata. Benda2 mcm ni x pyh tanyalah annie. Org dah fed up. Rakyat tanya sebab rakyat ada mata dan telinga. If betul2 tak salah cuba PR team in PM ofis yg gaji mahal gila tu jelaskan secara logik. Logik yg diterima akal. Bukan jawapan mcm bdk x sekolah. If dia betul layak, keluarkan pekeliling mana yg kata dia layak. Jbtn Protokol boleh confirmkan if dia layak. So if x lyk jgn lah perasan layak dan reka cerita. Tu yg org marah. Kena ingat yg PM adalah suami

  12. "Malaysian investigation documents show that Najib’s credit card was charged $130,625 (RM512,194) at exclusive fashion store Chanel in Honolulu, Hawaii – two days before he teed off with US President Barack Obama on the Christmas Eve of 2014.
    That trip became a controversy as parts of Malaysia’s east coast were then hit by devastating floods and Najib had to reluctantly fly back to visit the affected areas.
    WSJ reported that a worker at a Chanel store in the upscale Ala Moana Center recalled that Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, shopped there just before Christmas.

    “The transaction in the Chanel store was paid for with a Visa card in Mr Najib’s name, according to the Malaysian investigation documents. At first the transaction didn’t go through and Mr Najib, who was present, had to call his bank to approve the charge, said one of the people aware of the shopping trip,” the report says.
    The documents show that the credit card was paid for with an account in Najib’s name, and that account had been credited with $9 million (RM35 million) a few months earlier.
    According to the documents, the money came from SRC International, the former unit of 1MDB that is now under the Finance Ministry, which is headed by Najib."

    So while people were dying in the floods, they were spending OUR MONEY on luxuries.

    If this is untrue, why not sue?


    Because there is black & white evidence.

    You think Najis's lawyers have the balls to sue outside the country?

    So much for "defending Rosmah"!

    1. najib memang jaguh kampung standard jer.

      pengecut no. 1.....

  13. Bukankah KERAJAAN SUDAH ADA ENAM JET, kenapa sewa bila satu
    masuk bengkel...........??????

  14. Feeblest excuse on earth!

    Firstly, Permata is nothing but an excuse for the Floppy Flom to bask in a group of an exclusive glee club. Secondly, what obscure award is that, that merited a private jet dash?

    Most importantly, who is she to use government planes like her bas mini? And what fancy costumes to fly private? She should have taken the troupe as well to save money.

    Unbelievable sense of entitlement by this jumped up woman. Is Jibby really brain dead that he cannot see how loathed she is?

    To think I used to defend her years ago when she was criticised as being controlling. I used to say she's a well-educated woman who's not a doormat to her husband like Wan Azizah.

    But who knew what a greedy horror she really is. I've heard all sorts of stories about her "powers" and thst people around her are terrified of her because of these powers.

    Shameful first couple lah.

  15. Sorry.......It is not SIX but SEVEN JETs.
    See what Raja Bahrin Shah, MP Kuala Terengganu said about this
    in Dewan Rakyat:

    "At a time when Malaysia faces a serious economic downturn, this is an unforgivable action. The government already owns seven jets, so why the need to lease another jet for RM86 million?"

    Just last year in Parliament, Raja Bahrin noted that allocations for poor school children were cut from RM200 million to just under RM10 million.But now they can spend RM86 million to lease a jet so the leader who is supposed to care for the rakyat live in the lap of luxury," he said.

  16. Annie dear ... looks like someone is very eager to see you thrown into lake of fire/ hell fire. What kind of religion teaches one to cheer and clap when people get thrown into fire? You've got yourself one deranged fan, Annie.

  17. In the interest of Bangsa, Agama & Negara, it's best that Rosmah just faded away into obscurity. Her husband too. We would only be seen as a fool, defending the indefensible.

    1. No way for them to just disappear like that. They have to return all they took from the rakyat and the country before being sent to Sungei Buloh.

    2. RD,

      //In the interest of Bangsa, Agama & Negara,//

      I feel it is not right to include Agama and Bangsa in this.

      It unfairly accuses Agama and Bangsa by implying that they are somehow involved.


    3. yes, it is bangsa also melayu kena tipu by Tante Minangkabau & Penyamun Bugis...

  18. No wonder so many people want to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.I don't envy a person travelling for a long hours time and spend only 26 hours in that country.I remember Tun M has said something to this effect."Being a PM is not easy. Even during Hari Raya I still have to work while others are enjoying their Hari Raya holidays.To Tun M standing for hours greeting guests during Hari Raya gathering is a job.Something that he probably does not enjoy but it is part of his job.I believe Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor would feel the same thing when she was travelling to Turkey

    Prof Kangkung

  19. Yes, Tun M was relentlessly hardworking when he was PM. I remember he had functions in the morning, afternoon and night. And almost everyday he would be opening some factory or joint venture.

    It was so easy to doorstop him for comments because he never cabuted from the media, even hostile foreign media during the Anwar crisis.

    And I remember during the opening of the Commonwealth Games in 1998 when there were rumours he would be assassinated by this commando while he was standing up in the car during the driveby around the stadium.

    We all held our breaths watching him go around unharmed. A very brave man, unlike Jibby who surrounds himself with a phalanx of bodyguards and speaks enviously of the "Beast", while out-sprinting Usain Bolt when he sees the foreign press.

    Say what you want about this 90 year old. To me, he's one of the most intelligent, bravest and hardworking leaders we've ever had.

  20. Fat soh also very hardworking, 24 x 7. Even at 5am in the morning she is there to answer comments.
    Wonder when she wants to convert. Every hour spewing hatred comments and championing perpaduan ummah.
    The last we saw she still declare herself as Buddhist. But as far as can remember, Buddhism never teaches the followers to satay and jadi batu api others.

    1. Haha, FatSoh convert? Doubt she will. Too addicted to her taipau, siew yoke, bak kut teh etc.

      Anyway her heart and personality so busuk and malicious.

      Still, mana tahu? Let's doa for her. Miracles do happen.

    2. Miasaloh. Sula angkat lua puluh libu punya delak, tak payah krija meh... Itu pasai makin lama makin gimuk itu aunti gemuk. Tiap2 hali kena itu graph ini carta. Manyak krija lu tau.

  21. LoA, good try! But it's still a waste of my tax money!

  22. Dont forget what he said about 'donations'. First he denied the existence of money in his personal account and said it is stupid to put so much money in his personal account. His UMNO supporters repeated what the thief said. Later when it was proven that the money was put into his personal account he kept lying by changing his stories. In the end it became a mysterious Arab donor. They never produced the mysterious Arab donor. Why should anybody give the thief so many billions of cash money? Later the thief said he had returned the money but he could not show any documents or evidence how he had returned the money and to whom? He is a thief and a liar.

    Channelling billions of ringgit into your personal account from a foreign donor, who 'simply gave it and was not expecting anything in return', would make a good fairytale script. Thank you! We don't buy such bullshit.

  23. The private jets for PM are called Perdana 1 & Perdana 2. It's time to change their name to Rosmah 1 & Rosmah 2.