Sunday 26 June 2016

Umno can take care of itself

It's peace and quiet where I am now.

Somewhere in the East Coast.

Beautiful blue sky here.

I always enjoy my Sunday whenever I'm at this place.

Life feels good on a day like this.

The only thing that troubles me at the moment is a sore throat.

A bit irritating because I'm fasting and can't drink water.

Hopefully it will not develop into something worse.

I don't think I should worry about the supposedly bigger things on a day like this.

They will take care of themselves, anyway.

Who would have guessed that all the talks about Umno and BN being in trouble were all so unnecessary.

Despite the stories about how Malaysians now hate Najib and his people, the rakyat turned out to be more supportive of them than ever before.

It's proven in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

Even the Chinese, who were said to hate Umno voted for its candidates that day.

Not all of them, of course, but quite a lot, which was good enough for Umno.

So, that's about it as far as worrying about politics.

I better just rest and enjoy least for today.

Bought some beef and bones at a pasar tani this morning.

Boiling them on slow fire now.

Going to have beef soup with nasi impit for buka puasa.

Very nice.

Maybe I go out again later to pasar Ramadhan.

Feel like having some sata too.

Of all the East Coast food, I probably like sata the best....or maybe laksam....

Whatever it is, thinking about food is better than worrying about politics....especially when you are fasting :)

For a bit of Sunday entertainment, let's enjoy some heavy metal guitar playing,...

Amazing girl.


  1. UMNO can take care of itself .
    No doubt about that, those who disagreed and question the leadership will be regard as rebel's and traitor ,but can UMNO take care of the Malay ?.

    1. APA bezanya dengan Mahathir when he was the PM?

    2. Jibby's UMNO for SURE takes care of itself, by itself, and for itself, can Jibby take care of the country?

  2. The current president of UMNO has done many things against the norms of UMNO tradition. Some think that his action would lead to destruction of UMNO, some think that UMNO can take care of itself.

    Whatever action he took, and how much the action were against the norms and tradition, there is one truth that never changed and that is the absolute power that members of UMNO were willing to conferred upon their president.

    A power that is unquestionable.

    Non-Malays must understand that history is something of little importance to the Malays generally, not least because most of them would rather listen to folkloric tales rather than seeking for historical facts, but most importantly there aren't much history to talk about as far as Malay peninsular is concerned. Against the backdrop of this very nature, when come to the question of obedience, Islamic norms would automatically apply, because there is nothing else for them to refer to.

    The principal norms in Islam is that, you would automatically lose your status if you start to question.

    Henceforth if you question any part of the Quran, you are a murtad. If you criticise the Prophet, you are a murtad. You may ask, but you cannot question.

    Therefore UMNO members would have this imbued mindset that if you question the president in whatever ways, you are disloyal and had betrayed the perjuangan, and you must be 'dipecat'.

    They said they are wise, sophisticated political animals and what not, but in actual fact the lack of history for reference had blinded them because they really don't know how to react to this situation.

    So to say that UMNO can take care of itself would be a statement too early to make. But one thing for sure, if for any reason the person helming UMNO becomes incapacitated for any reason whatsoever, no one from UMNO is going to rescue him, nor to cry for him.

    Because, the moment a new president is appointed, albeit a pemangku or what not, temporary or transitional, the absolute loyalty would go to him.

    Just like in Kedah.

    And Najib is aware of this.

    1. The Malays want stability. Between the 2 devils, UMNOBN is the choice as the other devil has the worst devil of all -DAP which is anti-Malay and anti-Islam. Your sifu Mahathir used to say " choose the devil you know than the angel you don't know. Now most of us have known that the angel is not an angel at all but the king devil himself - Mahathir

    2. If DAP is anti-Malay and anti-Islam, i wonder why the Penang government under DAP allocated so much funds to islamic institutions in Penang, like sekolah agama rakyat, fundings to mosque and increasing allowances for the imams, much more than when BN was ruling the state. is this anti-Malay and anti-Islam ? come on be fair.

      Sometime one must not blindly follow whatever others said because they have ulterior motive.False accusation is very sinful.

    3. How many Malays and Indians are still in Penang? The property market is so high in Penang (on purpose by DAP), the Malays and Indians have to leave Penang for the mainland. How much funds DAP gomen has allocated for Islam? Give the breakdown. The feasibility study on the undersea tunnel cost RM305 Million, bicycle lane cost several million RM for only several km. DAPig like you will forever support your tokong and the kafir harbi DAP although their wrongdoings are smacking right on your Cina bukit face.

  3. kesabaran najib berbaloi...ramadhan memberi our pm kekuatan untuk buang pengkhianat2 keluar dari umno. setahun najib bersabar dan memberi mereka peluang....akhirnye....menikam umno dari belakang....2 prk sbgai saksi pengkhianat2 itu bergerak....syabas najib and ahli umno yang masih setia.


    1. "Allah Ta'ala berfirman (di dalam Hadis Qudsi): Kesombongan adalah selendangKu dan kebesaran adalah bajuKu. Maka barang siapa cuba menyamai-Ku pada salah satu dari keduanya, maka pasti Kulemparkan-nya ke dalam Jahannam dan tidak akan Kupedulikan lagi."

    2. The real "pengkhianat" is the one who songlap duit rakyat through 1MDB and yet had the cheek to feign ignorance of it.

    3. The real pengkhianat is Mahathir who by hook or by crook wants to see his boboi as the PM. He labels all Malaysians as corrupt and crooks. Doesn't he know he is the chief crook, king of corruption and cronyism?

    4. there is no such thing as songlap duit rakyat thru 1mdb....go back and read all the reports from bank negara, pap, macc, police , ceo of 1 mdb and countless other explanations from experts....jangan jadi bodoh per hadis above ye...

  4. Inaugural address of the first ever Khalifah of Islam:

    When all the Muslims gathered in the mosque, had offered their allegiance to Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr rose to address them. After praising Allah and offering his tribute to the Holy Prophet of Islam, Abu Bakr addressed the congregation in the following terms:
    "O people, I swear by Allah that I never coveted the caliphate either by day or by night, nor had I any inclination towards it. I never prayed to God openly or in secrecy to confer the office on me. I merely accepted this office lest some mischief might arise at this critical juncture in the history of the Muslims and thereby adversely affect the interests of Islam. In fact a big task has been assigned to me which is beyond my power to fulfil except with the help of the Almighty Allah and your whole hearted cooperation. I wished to see the strongest of men in my place this day. Now, it is beyond doubt that I have been elected your Amir, although I am not better than you. Help me, if I am in the right; set me right if I am in the wrong. Truth is a trust; falsehood is a treason. The weak among you will be strong with me till, God willing, his rights have been vindicated; and the strong among you shall be weak with me till, if the Lord wills, I have taken what is due from him. Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His Prophet, when I disobey Him and His Prophet, then obey me not. And now rise for prayers; and may God have mercy on you."

  5. Annie,

    Hm, I am getting an education in East Coast food here.

    Sata? Laksam?

    But then I am born and bred in Selangor with a seriously boring childhood and an even "boringer" adulthood!!!

    I've not been to Terengganu or Kelantan for a long long time.

    Maybe next month when I have some time.


  6. At least you hv varieties in your life Annie.
    Some puaka fat soh just got to curse and curse about the samething on some protuns or " dapster " everyday.
    Hopefully before the fat soh gets fatter and even more uglier will she get enlightened about life. That life is much more than cursing everyday and repeating the same photos everyday.
    A trully fat and ugly aunty she is.

  7. Annie, I don't see you spewing hate at all. You're more like brewing peace, equality and love, and enjoying life. The other woman, however, is cooking and serving cold, stale dishes every day. But it's her life. You just live your life the best that you can, little lady of the valley. Continue planting and spreading goodness and love. Selamat berpuasa.

  8. I'm very concerned over the Pahang Mufti's comments that it's ok to kill enemies like DAP. As a Muslim, I'm shocked Jibby hasn't denounced this. (As far as I know. I haven't checked latest news. If he has, I apologise).

    I loathe the DAP and every time I see LGE, my hands itch to smack his action face. But to call for his killing is an outrage. The DAP may be a lot of things, eg denigrating Malay rights, but it has never sought to destroy Islam.

    Under Jibby who has been obssessed with money, the country has unravelled into a no-holds-barred Wild West nation. Anything goes and nobody gets hauled up unless they insult Jibby. Under the previous PMs, they would have known how to stop this.

    The Mufti's comments is no different from those ISIS murderers. Some sympathiser now will go kill a DAP supporter -- and in Malaysia, most Chinese are seen as Dap supporters -- so what happens then?

    ISIS kills innocent Muslims. They are not defending Islam. Because of these murderers, Islam and Muslims have become reviled. It's heart-breaking.

    Also, foreign countries esp the U.S.monitor such comments for their intelligence. the mufti is from Jibby's state and representative of the government. Golf-buddy Obama is on his way out and Trump looks likely to win. Does Jibby want Malaysia to be lumped as ISIS-supporting? Cantik lah tu!

    I have friends and relatives who support PAS and DAP, but have been nothing but accomodating and respectful of my beliefs despite our political differences.

    I will be the first to protect them against any racist bigot who has forgotten the true meaning of Islam, which has sadly be abused and twisted to serve the political ambitions of some.

    And that obese Fat Sow now in hysterical glee over all this. She better tattoo "not DAP" on her forehead because her Salak South Sally Ah Lian features won't save her from a nutcase, despite her being Umno founder and defender of the ummah.

    1. That Mufti is from Pahang. Must have been in Najib's good book.
      Anyway, Najib have told the Rakyat to reject those who are anti-Islam, including those who working with/for them.

  9. Najib is very 'brave' to have waited until 24th. June, so that no by-election could be held in Ayer Hitam, Pagoh or Semporna.
    Wonder why he is too chicken to take action on Trengganu's Ahmad Said.

    Looks like, UMNO is turning undemocratic. More appointed to a post than voted-in. Hence, Rakyat's choices are being ignored and replaced with those handpicked by Cash is King.

  10. He is the Boss and I think he knows what is he doing.Afterall it had been nearly 2 yrs he was bashed,bad mouthed and all sorts of offensive and passive attack from his distractors esp TDM forcing him to step down with all kinds of unproven and heresay evidences,he survived
    Ask yourself if those 3 Ms actions democratic
    Why waste govt money to have other 3 byelections which does not change anything....use your brain

    1. Exactly! Mahathir, ANC and Pakatoons have thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink but he is still standing tall. Allah must be on hiuhius side, Amin.

    2. Satan also looks after his own!

  11. UMNO takes care for itself by taking everything that belongs to the people.