Saturday 4 June 2016

Bersekutu bertambah mutu

There have been quite a lot of chatters nowadays about some people from my home state Johor promoting it to get out of Malaysia.

Even my blogging captain Rocky wrote about it in his latest post,

Republic of Johor

I actually wrote my opinion on the matter last month,

I had more or less expressed my unhappiness with the idea that Johor should not be part of Malaysia.

I had also clearly stated that I didn't and will never subscribe to the concept of Bangsa Johor.

Those who have been following this blog from the start should know that I love my home state.

Nonetheless, I was also critical of its administration whenever I felt that it was doing the wrong things.

It was so because I wanted those in power to correct the wrongs so that Johor and its people will not suffer later on.

I know that because of it, I am not in the good book of people in Kota Iskandar.

Nowadays, there are even people who used that as part of the basis to accuse me of being a paid DAP cybertrooper.

Well, whatever lah.

Don't want to waste my time with that.

Layan orang tak betul, kita pun jadi tak betul nanti.

It doesn't matter to me as I feel that what I did was worth it.

I consider it as my tiny contribution for the betterment of my home state.

Back to the issue of Johor getting out of Malaysia, I hope Prime Minister DS Najib Razak will be firm on this and not tolerate any attempt, be it short or long term, to break up the country.

I also hope that Johor Menteri Besar DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin to come up with a strong statement that Johor will remain part of Malaysia "selagi ada bulan dan bintang".

I wrote about this thing a year ago,

For me, Malaysia must remain united for it to survive.

No one should be allowed to talk about taking out any of the states out of Malaysia.

Let's learn the lesson from what happened when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia back in the 1960s.

No matter how anyone wants to put it, that was a loss for us all.

Let's not be afraid to promote peace and unity among us Malaysians so that we can defend our country's sovereignty.

I'm talking about uniting ALL Malaysians here, okay.

Tak kira agama, bangsa or from which state.

Promoting those good things  doesn't make you a DAP cybertrooper as suggested by some people about me.

And please, do not succumb to the goading of those that promote dissension among us by telling us that  Malays must oppose Chinese, Muslims need to hate Christians or Johoreans should feel superior than other Malaysians.

Note : Bersekutu bertambah mutu - Unity is strength, is from this coat of arms of Malaysia,


  1. Yang Dipertuan Agong bertitah ,didalam perutusan hari keputraan beliau mengingatkan rakyat agar jangan mudah terpengaroh dengan idealoji songsang .

    Dharap rakyat mendapat masage yang jelas .

  2. True. Together we are better. Life is not for us only. For others after us as well. What we do now will impact those after us. Be good now. Just like Muhammad Ali was during lifetime. Innalillahiwainna ilayhi rajiuun. May AllAh Subhanahu wa Taala firgive him and have mercy on him. Ameen.

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    1. Sorry, I don't allow that name in this blog. Thanks for commenting anyway.

  4. You say "Let's learn the lesson from what happened when Singapore was kicked out from Malaysia". What happened and what has happened?

    The tiny red-dot has moved from being a mudflat to a first world country. It is one of the richest country in the world. From education to infrasture it is far too superior and world class. Even the Malays with an English education, Singapore qualification can find a job anywhere in the world. So, what's the problem? With an exchange rate of SGP 1 to RM3, Malaysia has in the eyes of Singapore a halp past six country.

    1. Please allow a Singaporean to offer a piece of advice: Get your act together on your national educational system, or you will always be straying behind us ......

    2. Malaysia is a warzone for the gods of different races. Every race in Malaysia have her sons and daughters of gods, ever willing to fight in any way whatsoever to defend their gods. The primary objective in their lives is their religion.

      In a packed neighbourhood somewhere in Malaysia, where you have a mosque, a kuil and a Taoist temple, you would have the safest place on Earth where not one single ghost would dare walk past.

      And now Malaysia will have hudud. There goes our hope for worldly things but what do you Singaporeans know about the ahlus sunnah wal jamaah school that our lebais follow here? The hereafter is better and last longer, and Malaysians have priority there.


    3. To the Singaporean at 20.52.

      Fully agree with you.

      As an educator, I have been expressing exactly the same sentiments tirelessly myself, but alas, political expediency rules supreme and is the norm here.

      So, like it or not, for the forseeable future, we will be trailing in your wake, playing second fiddle to you.

  5. It is like "marah anak,sindir menantu".hope whoever listen understand that matters are not well and like most people say "numero uno has to do something".
    There is no greater heart than the heart of a volunteer and pleaselah "bangsa johor" is an idea like rambo,huck finn,hang tuah and other folkslore stories that brings us up higher.

  6. Annie,

    Honestly, I doubt if Johor will ever leave the Federation.

    Yes, it is possible theoretically but the practicalities are something else.

    //Nowadays, there are even people who used that as part of the basis to accuse me of being a paid DAP cybertrooper.//

    You are as much a DAP cybertrooper as "some people" are as pretty as Snow White.

    Ain't no Prince Charming coming along to wake up "some people" and take them to Fantasy Land as a princess.

    //Tak kira agama, bangsa or from which state.//

    Allow me to add one other - political affiliation.

    We should be allowed to have friends or work colleagues who have different political views.


    1. kita perlu bebas .......

      tapi kita mahu betul juga

  7. The day on which The Bank of Johor opens for business, we will take out all our money in other banks and deposit in The Bank of Johor.

    The very moment Johor citizenship opens for applications, we will submit our application therefor.

    For whatever we do now will impact those after us. Our kids definitely deserve better.

    The political ideology behind the system now is one good example of 'ideologi songsang', where the allocation of ministerial position is in accordance with racial quotas, not by merits and capability, and the country ends up with many idiotic ministers talking nonsense and bringing the country to its disintegration.

    Oh yes, it's even worse now, isn't it, that they are given to loyal sycophants?

    Don't blame Johor for your own failure. You don't want to be successful and that's your problem. Your priority is the survival of your unscrupulous pemimpin, you forgot the rakyat when you prioritise your pemimpin, so don't even mention the word 'rakyat'.

    Annie if you really care for the country, write more about the 'things' that had happened right under the nose of your former colleague in NST, the ones that got people in lower Manhattan winning Pulitzer Prize.

    Propagate against Johor will not get you anywhere, just like what you have done trying to bad mouth Khaled Nordin. What have you achieve?

    Aim higher, aim for Pulitzer Prize.

    1. If I have not achieved anything, you wouldn't be bothered to leave a comment here, right?

    2. Annie doesn't propagate hate and incite hatred among the races and those of different faiths. For that, the girl deserves an applause and a hug.

  8. As a Johorean, I will support it if there's a referendum. Merge with **** is even better.

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    1. Sorry. Can't let through your comment because there was that name which I banned from this blog.Thank you.

  10. u r right annie. no one should be allowed to disrupt the unity of the rakyat of malaysia. these people they are doing this merely for their own selfish reason which the rakyat should not even tolerate. this idea of separating johor from malaysia should not be fed to the rakyat at all...they are becomibg a bunch of traitors and bullies which should be stopped at once!

    1. yes, they shouldn't be aiming for separatism; but no, they are not traitors and bullies ... they're just trying to escape the insanity of Mappadulung and the Macais.

  11. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللّه وَبَرَكَاتُهُُ
    dan selamat pagi Saudari Annie
    AHAD 5 Jun 2016
    29 SHAABAN 1437H.
    Selamat menyambut ketibaan Ramadhan petang ini.

    1. Waalikumussalamwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh, insyaAllah.

    2. Happy Ramadan ya ayyuhal muslimin

  12. Why that woman so jealous of you, huh? What did you do to her, you naughty naughty girl? Hmm, I do find naughty girls more interesting and you're kinda cute.

    1. Anonymous 5 June 2016 at 21:03,

      //Why that woman so jealous of you, huh?//

      This blog here is one place where commentators of different races, different agendas and different political loyalties sit down and have civilised conversation in a calm and rational manner.

      Yes, we do get the occasional die-hard idiots who turn up and spew hatred but I like to think that there are enough decent folks here to tell off such idiots.

      For "some people", such sensible civilised conversation is frowned upon.

      Their commentators are expected and encouraged to express hate for Christians, Malaysian Chinese, DAP, MCA, The Star, Hannah Yeoh, etc and of cos, Annie.

      There is a very young man who has occasionally written on "some people's" blog - I think he is only about 11 or 12 years old.

      His writings are quite interesting in that one can already see the beginnings of hate speech and intolerance towards others who are different from him.

      I am sure "some people" are very proud of themselves for being able to influence such a young person.


  13. When dealing with any issues, we should find the root cause and try to undersyand it so that a realistic solution can be found. In this case, why has talk about succession come about? My opinion is that the rakyat are unhappy with the current situation in the country with regards to their well being, cost of living and disappearance of our country's wealth. The field is always greener on the other side, aandhe saying goes and trying something is always better than just remaining on the cesspool that we are currently in. If talk of secession gives the rakyat hope of a better future for them and their children, then i say "why not". Let's not kid ourselves by thinking that if we don't talk about the problem, the problem will eventually go away. It won't. It will just fester and become even more serious. So until and unless there are drastic changes in our current turmoil on the political front, my guess is nothing much is going to change. So is it better to cross that bridge or climb over that fence to the other greener field? The choice is yours.