Tuesday 7 June 2016

A benefit of fasting

I was told during buka puasa last night that someone wrote a very long blog post whacking me for the start of Ramadhan yesterday.

The length of the post was said to be at least three times my normal posts.

I was like "Oh really....hmmm....hehehehehe..."

It became funny to me probably because of the fasting.

Less cholesterol in my blood, I guess :)

Can't get angry much when fasting, okay, which is good.

I didn't even bother to find and read the offending blog post.

Wasting time only.

Anyway, it must take a lot of hate to write bad things that long about someone.

I honestly can't do that. I can't sustain hate for too long.

I wish I can suggest to the person who wrote the hate blog post to try fasting.

Maybe can reduce the hate level....and at the same time lose some weight too.

Good what.

Hating is a tiresome thing to do for me.

Really, I tried it before.

It didn't take long for me to feel ridiculous about it and soon after that the whole thing turned nonsensical and even funny to me.

It's even more so during fasting month like this.

I have just enough energy to go through the day that there's nothing much to spare for anything else.

And hating takes a lot of energy, okay.

I was also told by friends currently campaigning in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar that they didn't do much yesterday.

Feeling lethargic they said.

Well, first day of fasting is always like that.

Things will however return back to normal after a few days.

Should be okay.

Hopefully, the campaigning will go smoothly and everyone observe the fasting diligently.

That way there will be no hate campaign and such.

I had been to a by-election during fasting month, that was the one in Kuala Besut, which was the first after the last general election in 2013.

It was perhaps the most peaceful by-election ever at that time.

Really nice.

I will write about my experience there later.

Somehow it's good that the first by-election after the last general election was during Ramadhan and the last ones before the next GE are also in the holy month too.

It sorts of cool off things a bit.


  1. This cute little girl is going to be famous after this. Oh, is that you, Annie? So cute. So cute.

  2. The soul of the universe is Love - Rumi


    Yesterday i was clever, and i wanted to change the world. Today i am wiser so i am changing myself.

    Brothers and sisters, let us fast for Al-Wadud Al-Karim

  3. Annie,

    It is good that you have chosen not to get angry.

    I am told that Ramadan is a time for Muslims to be tested in their faith and their beliefs.

    Although I am a non-Muslim, in fact, I am a non-anything, I have decided that for Ramadan, I will do my best to not say anything nasty about anybody in my comments here.

    No promises, OK? I can only try.

    It is the least I can do for you and for Muslims who frequent your blog.

    I am well aware that other non-Muslims may not share the same views as I do and will continue to attack you thru their own blogs or comments here.

    I find that surprising as some of these non-Muslims seem very familiar with the Quran and other Islamic matters.

    Perhaps those attacks against you are justifiable according to their interpretation of the Quran, perhaps those attacks are to provoke you to retaliate and thus break your faith, I really do not know.

    Anyway, I am sure you will find other more interesting things to write about, eg your puasa experiences, the by-elections, etc.


  4. Your laughing off to insults is an indication of the maqam that you have attained, something equivalent to sainthood, arahat or a sufi.


    You are not even angry that picture of yourself was being posted in the hate articles by the same author. You don't even want to consider suing the fella when the name Annie was written everywhere in the hate articles. That's your name, wasn't that Annie?

    You have really good kesabaran, one must say.

    The 'sudu senduk' thing, what about that? Do you feel angry?

    1. One benefit of fasting: knowing that this too shall pass away ... ahhh,once upon a time ...

      A king was fed up with the ups and downs of life. His emotions had great highs and extreme lows. So he asked his ministers and consultants to make him a magic ring which would pacify his extreme emotions. Now, all the wise men of the nation were consulted, but none could make such a ring. As it happened the Mullah Nasruddin was passing through the country at the time and he heard about the king's dire need. So he got an audience with the great monarch and presented him with a simple ring he was wearing on his own hand: This wonderful ring had the magic property the neurotic King desired. On it was written, "This too shall pass away."

    2. Anonymous 7 June 2016 at 11:55,

      //Your laughing off to insults is an indication of the maqam that you have attained, something equivalent to sainthood, arahat or a sufi.//

      I say, I say, take it easy, ok?

      This is quite some high praise for Annie. :)

      Hope you don't mean that we have to address her as "Saint Annie of the Valley" or whatever the Islamic equivalent is.



  5. Muslims in the UK are facing the "longest" Ramadan in 33 years, as the holy month coincides with the summer solstice, meaning long days of fasting. Many Muslims will not eat or drink water during daylight, which at this time of year can last about 16 to 19 hours, depending on your UK location.

    Monday, 6 June - Fast begins 02:46am BST, fast ends 9:17pm BST

    Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: "To everyone in Britain and around the world observing the holy month of Ramadan, I wish you Ramadan Mubarak."
    It was posted alongside a video message, in which he spoke of a multi-faith Iftar (the meal after sunset) being held in Coventry Cathedral.

    "In Manchester, they're combining an Iftar with England's European Championships appearance," he said. "And homeless shelters up and down the country are holding Iftars with the Homeless".

    He also said this Ramadan was a time to "renew our resolve" to help those whose lives had "been torn apart" by Syria's civil war and so-called Islamic State. "All those families spending this holy month in refugee camps, mourning loved ones, yearning to go back to school or work, wondering whether they'll ever return home again," he said. "Our thoughts, whatever our backgrounds or beliefs, are with them."

  6. Fugly showing her true colours again. Using the holy month of Ramadhan to spread her filth and bile. What an ugly, mean-spirited, malicious and nasty creature!!

    Don't stoop to her extremely low levels, Annie. I don't think you can even if you tried.

    It takes decades of being an unlovable, disliked, jealous,paranoid and hateful person to warp into that gelatinous blob that is Hellhound today. Ugh!

    Pitiful also in a way. Imagine waking up everyday --, instead of cheerfully thinking of the day ahead, meetng friends etc -- only to immediately think about what bad things to write about another person.

    Imagine growing old with thst kind of attitude. She would have wasted much of her life just hating you and others.

    What an unenviable life!


  7. Wah !, itu Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar manyak kesian maa aa . Muslim semua pegi sembayang siapa mau lengar itu celamah lor rr .
    Wa atak ingat eaa aa ,itu lain kali punya PRU mau buat puasa punya jam maa aa ,mesti kulang masaalah lea aa .

    Annie !, selamat Ramathan lea aa , hati-hati dijalan laya .

  8. I went to that blog to see for myself what she wrote. I stop doing that many months ago. I think it's best for for all of us to just ignore her for good. Not worth the energy. We don't need her graphs and statistics. Bukan masuk periksa pun. We all have eyes and brain to decide for ourselves. She has answers to everyone. Semua teruk except her. OMG!! How a person ends up like that? Sesungguhnya Ramadhan teaches us to be patient, love and care for others especially those who are less fortunate. But only for those who wants it I guess...


  9. I just went to the blogsite whose owner's name is persona non grata here, for the first time in many, many months.

    17.39 is right.

    It is hard to believe how one person can spew forth so much bile, so much venom.

    I think she is so bitter to the point that she is on the verge of being delusional, deranged even.

    She needs professional help, she needs to see a shrink fast.

    She is so pathetic.

    1. Doesn't she personify the psychosis of mappadulung and the macais? Whacking the innocents down and out.

  10. The No. 1 venom spitter and hate queen has just called sweet Annie vindictive. I certainly don't find Annie vindictive or spewing hate in any way, but then H**** the Great think I don't matter. So be it. Some of us are not in the hate league.

  11. As the saying goes, "Ugly is as ugly does".

    Calling Annie vindictive, hahaha. FatSoh lives in an unreal world.

    Downward spiralling into insanity, she is, as Yoda would say.

  12. You are a strong girl Annie, don't fall into her hate trap

  13. She hears only what she wants to hear. She is unable to reply Setem's comment. She only attacks Annie but can't defend her boss. She thinks everyone who disagrees with her is RBA. She is delusional and deranged. Stay away from her sweet Annie.