Thursday 16 June 2016

Fasting Chinese

Today I don't feel like writing much.

Not feeling very well.

So, I'm just posting this rather recent video of Chinese fasting during Ramadhan,

It's sorts of a reminder that there are many Chinese who are Muslim in this world.

So, Malay Muslims, please don't listen to people who try to tell you that you should hate Chinese.

Who knows, maybe one day they will be given hidayah by Allah and become better Muslims than us.


Okay, that's all.

Still got three hours to go before buka puasa.

Hungry, okay :)


  1. Malays don't hate Chinese as much as we hate the Jews. And it's just the men we dislike- but not all of them. And the ladies are our eye candy.. with the exception of those fatso bloggers.
    Pencinta Tanah Melayu

    1. Pencinta Tanah Melayu,

      //we hate the Jews.//

      It's amazing what we can teach someone to do, isn't it?

      The really funny thing is that most Malaysians have never met a Jew, let alone interact with a Jew :)

      From what little I know, Islam has many elements of Judaism.

      Apparently, Judaism is much much more stricter than Islam!

      I was told that their haram list is even longer!

      One just has to feel sorry for any outgoing fun-loving Jew.

      I suppose a Jewish rave party will look and sound just like a PAS rave party except deader and boringer :)

      In case someone might want to say that I am saying bad things about Jews and PAS during Ramadan, I don't believe I am, OK?

      //And it's just the men we dislike- but not all of them. And the ladies are our eye candy..//

      You mean, you DO like some Jewish men?

      Hmm.... OK, I am a broadminded sort of fellow. :)

      Where Jews are concerned, I don't like Jewish men, I just like Jewish women.


    2. So u hate jews bcoz of quranic stories of jews' stubborness n kufur? In the same vein, I hate arabs bcoz of quranic stories of arabs hipocracies.....

  2. Annie,

    If I am not mistaken, Islam has been in China for about 1,400 years.

    In all of that 1400 years, Muslims in China have been greatly respected and recognised by many emperors and administrations.

    From what I can tell, it is only in the last 30-40 years that we have seen a small group of trouble-makers who have used Islam as a rallying call to promote hate and anger against their neighbours.

    It's the usual grab for power using Islam as their vehicle.

    We see the same methods used in Malaysia.

    It is about being able to control the lives of others, to force others into subjugation, to be able to live a life of luxury and power at the top of the pyramid of power.

    It is not about Islam.

    It never was.


    1. hamza yusuf meets amazing women in saudi arabia

  3. Relax ... its just a joke:

    "When I was in the desert," said Nasruddin one day, "I caused an entire tribe of horrible bloodthirsty bedouins to run."

    "However did you do it?" asked a person.

    "Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me."

    "Shit, did they get you?"

    "Well, my head is still on my shoulders, I think."

  4. The fat smelly lump of shite has clearly lost it. First she condones the murders in Orlando and then uses the death of a 2 year old to frame her bullshit. Karma can't get that bitch soon enough.

  5. Did that hateful Hellhound do that? I don't read her nastiness anymore because it makes me nauseous.

    Actually I wouldn't be surprised if she exploited those deaths to shoehorn it into her narrow twisted racist and religious bigotry. Some people will do anything for money. The type who will plunge their hands into a pile of dung to grab a penny.

    Despicable excuse of a person!


  6. Bulayu atak benci sama Cina kah ?. Wa manyak ingat kalau itu macam Cina sutak lama lali balik negeli maa aa , selupa nitu Indonesia lea aa .

    Cina benci sama Bulayu ?. itu biasa maa aa ,semua olang itu macam maa aa, kalau lapat semua lagi senang hati itu macam maa aa , apa pasat mau kongsi-kongsi lea aa .

    Ini negala eaa aa , Cina kasi maju maa aa ,kila-kila patut ,Cina mau atak itu kata YES atau NO maa aa .