Wednesday 8 June 2016

Relax Relax sahaja (updated)


Found another Black Dog Bone song which I think many of you would like to hear.

It's especially suitable for angry people during Ramadhan :)


Fasting make things more relaxed than usual.

Well, at least that's how I'm feeling now.

I don't feel like being in fighting mode at all at the moment.

Just want to take it easy and not get agitated about anything.

People want to hate and fight, let them be lah.

I just want to do my own things and be at peace for now. 

So, for today I just want to introduce (to those who don't know them yet) my father's 1970s favourite "local" band,

The then Singapore-based band became famous for their catchy Malay songs but my father considered them as being Sino-Malay.

The band members are Isshar Masrom (lead guitar),  Tahir Ali (main vocalist and drummer),  Masron Ali (trumpet, horn, trombone), Hamid Ahmad (bass), James Chai (tenor, flute, trombone, saxaphone), and Michel Heng (keyboard).

Here they are performing together this very Malay song years after their glory days,

Nice song, isn't it?

Jangan marah-marah....relax relax lah sahaja, okay :)

Anyway, it's also nice seeing the guys still being friends till their ripe old age.

Guess, theirs are real friendship.

It doesn't seems to matter that they are Malays and Chinese.

Let's hope we all Malaysians can be like them too.

Note: Please don't believe it if there are people accusing them of being DAPsters later on just because they are Malays and Chinese friends featured in my blog :) Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, the guys are all Singaporeans. Maybe they are PAP members. That one I don't know lah.


  1. Siapa ini Blach Dog Bone ,Wa tatak penah lengar lea aa . Wa atak tau itu P lamlee ,kalang-kalang itu kopi kedai atak bukak maa aa ,Wa tumpang tengok saja lea aa.

    Malaysia punya lalam memang selalu itu macam maa aa ,Cina tatak kenal tempatan punya olang ,walau pon Cina ,pasat lia main Melayu punya lagu .

    Itu Andre Goo pon selupa ,Cina tatak kenal .

  2. I remember seeing a record owned by my uncle when I was small. I think it was light blue in colour and I remember the nsme which I thought was funny. Didn't listen to the songs though.

    Those days I syok the Osmonds and Donny Osmond. "And they called it puppy love, oh I'll guess they'll never know, how a young heart really feels and why I love her so...""

    Cannot believe I remember the lyrics more than 40 years ago!!!! I also listened to the Jackson 5 when Michael was still black...hehe.

    Wonder if black-hearted Ah So was ever young and listened to pop songs...nah..

  3. Now someone is saying many of your comments (70%, I think) are written by Annie herself. Well, I'm not Annie. I'm not RBA/MCA/DAP/MIC/UMapa parti lagi ada? I guess the next thing they'll say is I'm the 1% who comments on your blog Annie. Whatever. All these horrible accusations in the holy month of Ramadhan. Don't join the hate league, Annie. You stand for peace and equality, harmony and love. That's what I think of LOA.

    1. Anonymous 8 June 2016 at 21:20

      //Well, I'm not Annie. I'm not RBA/MCA/DAP/MIC/UMapa parti lagi ada?//

      I am not Annie either.

      I am also not a member of any political party but I know and associate with people from the major parties, eg UMNO, MCA, MIC, PKR, DAP, Amanah.

      Sorry, I know nobody from PAS because most of the PAS supporters around my kampung have all joined Amanah, no lie.

      I am a swinging voter so I guess everybody hates me because they have to work much harder trying to win me over. :)

      And no, nobody has ever offered me money, or contracts, or women, for my vote :(

      Maybe I am an unimportant nobody with no real friends and no useful influence :)


    2. 70% Annie soliloquy? Is that elephant sense or what? isn't it irrelevant as this...

      Teacher: "Name seven wild animals"
      Pupil:"3 elephants and 4 hyenas!"

    3. Hilarious 10:46, absolutely brilliant

  4. Annie,

    I was in Singapore recently and I met some guys who were in a band.

    The band consisted of 4 Melayus and 2 Seranis.

    OK, the Melayu guys preferred to be called Singaporeans who originate from Java.

    The thing which surprised me somewhat was the amount of alcohol they were drinking while they were performing. I think they drank nearly two bottles of scotch in the time I was watching.

    I was curious and got to talking to them during their breaks.

    I must have looked like some ulu village hick because when they found out I was a Malaysian who had not been to Singapore in a long long long time, they teased me about Malaysian Malays who just could not do the same things a Singaporean Malay could do.

    They invited me to catch up with them again the next time I am in Singapore and they said they would show me some local Singaporean Malay hospitality - whatever that means.

    I am worried :)


  5. and NO I am not PAP either

  6. Maybe Singapore kiasu en bloc meh?

    1. Kiasu (Chinese: 驚輸; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien and Singlish word that means a grasping, selfish attitude.

      The term can be translated into English as "afraid to lose out" from 'kia' "afraid" and 'su' "lose". Like many proverbial expressions it can have both positive and negative connotations, but is generally negative, used to refer to egocentric person who thinks of himself first and is always trying to get ahead in one way or another. The English equivalent would be "unjustifiable overcompetitiveness".

    2. There were two white christian men, Paul and Daniel, whose plane crashed into a desert. Luckily they survived unharmed. And they walked through the hot desert looking for food and water, but eventually gave up thinking what to do next.

      As they sat in the hot sun, they suddenly heard the faint sounds of the muslim call to prayer. They became very hopeful. Paul said, "There are Muslims over the sand dune. They will help us if we say we are muslim."

      But Daniel replied, "No way, I won't say I'm muslim, I'm gonna be honest!"

      So Paul and Daniel found their way to the mosque and were greeted by an Arab Muslim, who asked what their names were. Paul thought of a muslim name and said, "My name is Ahmed." And Daniel said, "My name is Daniel."

      The Arab man said "Hello Daniel," and told his friends to provide Daniel with food and drink. Then he turned to Paul and said, "Salaam Ahmed. Ramadan Mubarak!

    3. What - no snide remarks about the "gene pool"? A concept postulated by a certain well known blogger.

      Seems to me that the "gene pool" is doing reasonably ok. Selling water to Johor and all

  7. Me not Annie as well. Me ordinary person who doesn't normally posts comments but forced to because cannot tahan FatSoh's pathological hatred and obssession of our dear Annie.

    Not Dapster, in fact used to be stauch BN-er but no longer unless Jibby Longhands goes.

    1. Anon 9.27...I like your comment... infact your sentiments are similar to mine... just that you are alot better in expressing your mind.
      As for the 2nd para... its bulleye... no more sympathy with the shitty BN... let them sink in their own shithole together with their Tuan Presideng... As for the Opposition... they have nothing to offer except shithole probably bigger hole than what BN can offer...


  8. Me, one of the Annie-triplets from Melaka

    ( featuring: The good, bad and heheh the ugly)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Yes Annie, I grow listening to their songs. It was the the late 70's and early 80's. I was still in my primary school then, they were huge at that time with those afro cuts, bell bottoms and high platform shoes.

    I was attending my aunt's funeral last Tuesday in my hometown Ipoh, we grew up in the same era though she was older than me by 5 years. The memory of our simple childhood couldn't escape my mind and songs from those era triggers it even more till smoke gets into my eyes...


  10. Melayu memang suka banyak relek maa aa , keleja relek ,makan relek ,hilup releks semua relek .

    Olang masok lumah pon Melayu masih releks,