Wednesday 1 June 2016

Please let Anifah do his job

I was a bit amused when I read this story the other day,

Sabah not a political football, Rahman tells Philippines 

I know that the Foreign Minister is a Sabahan,  but he is definitely not Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

The Foreign Minister is DS Anifah Aman.

Rahman Dahlan is the Urban Well being, Housing and Local Government  Minister.

That's why I find it quite funny that he was making a statement as if he was a foreign minister.

Okay, I know, it's probably because he was speaking as a Sabahan member of parliament.

But still, Anifah is a Sabahan too, okay.

Whatever it is, I think for the Sabahans, it should be Chief Minister DS Musa Aman who should issue any such statement on their behalf.

It's more fitting that way.

I may be wrong but shouldn't Rahman Dahalan, as a Cabinet Minister stick to just commenting about things related to his ministry?

That should be the case if our government is to avoid people from getting confused.

In this case, Rahman Dahlan seemed to be quite angry towards the new Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte.

Well, at least that's how I felt due to the tone of the statement.

If I'm a Filipino diplomat, I would be a bit concerned after reading it.

After all, it comes from a Malaysian minister.

I think that's not really good as our government may want things to be cooled off in a more diplomatic way.

We have a good foreign ministry and Anifah has been doing quite a good job as its minister so far.

I believe Anifah knows how to handle the Duterte situation.

I heard he had even met with Filipino diplomats over the matter and things have been cooled off quite well.

As everyone knows, the new Filipino president is akin to the abrasive loud mouth US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

I bet that many intelligent Filipinos are not taking him too seriously.

He's like one of those popular characters that people like to have as a tough leader but actually knows nothing about things.

So, there's no need to get all worked up over what he said.

We don't have to be obnoxious ourself to counter such a person.

Just be cool and let the right people handle the situation properly.

In this case, I very much prefer for Anifah to handle it as he is the best man to do so.

It's his job in the first place.

And yes please, with all due respect, I think Rahman Dahlan should give Anifah the space to do his job.

Instead of potentially making things worse by issuing such statements which have nothing to do with his portfolio, he should concentrate on his urban well being, housing and local government stuff.

And of course Rahman Dahlan also needs to take care of his jobs as BN strategic communication director and MP of Kota Belud.


  1. Have you heard any statement from Ahmad Maslan ,or may be Nazri Aziz of the same issue, I am sure Duterte mesti kechut punya.

    America and other arms supplier will like it very much .it's good for arms sale .

  2. Jesus Christ, sabahans don't wanna go Philippines.....

  3. Annie,

    Rodrigo Duterte cleaned up Davao City during his term as mayor of that city.

    EVERYBODY seems to like him in Davao City - except criminals, drug pushers and the corrupt.

    Hell, even the MILF (no, not the ones with mothers, it's the other one with the Moros) like him!

    If not for his claims on Sabah, I would have said he is a great guy :)


    1. It wasn't really his new claim actually. Duterte was recorded saying he is continuing the policies put in place by previous administration. And that includes claims over territory of Sabah.

  4. Annie,

    It is the hallmark of poorly educated Asian societies like here in Malaysia to worship 'heroes'. The people here like 'hero' who is brave and never scare to stand up for the people.

    Nevermind the heroes here may appear 'over fed', with protruding tummy and doubled chins. The 'Bruce Lees' in Dong Zong are good examples, the important criterion is that these heroes must be schizophrenic, with self-victimisation disorder.

    And you see now the local tv stations broadcasting on half-hourly basis Malay men and women fighting in heroic manner against such gigantic monstrous well supplied enemies in .... errr... Bukit Kepong!?

    So you see, the political warlords here know what the primitive society needs.

    As for those uneducated lebais and village people, who are condemned to live in undeveloped and unhygienic environment due to corrupt politicians and government officials, all you need to tell them is that God actually love them more because they are poor, and that the hereafter is gonna be better and longer lasting than this world.

    Of course, when you want to tell them that, you must tell them in their language such as calling them 'ah beh' instead of 'abang'.

    So if you ask me, the saying that the rakyat were purposely being made stupid through poor education, that's 100% true.

    1. there are agents of the dark forces frolicking amidst the simple and humble in our own compound. only the light of true discernment and purity of heart can stand up to their devious tricks and religious duplicity.

    2. Don't mock the deaths of the policemen and their wives in Bukit Kepong. Theirs was a bravery which some segments of our society still cannot fathom, especially those who prefer to run away or not join the police force because of poor pay.

      The movie was done decades ago. It still brings tears to my eyes, despite me not being Malay or anak polis. I'm just a Malaysian whose parents lived through the Communist insurgency and experienced their cruelty first-hand.


    3. anon 13:48

      who said poor pay for police force ? the salary scale is competitive and there's housing scheme, plus other allowances. its no longer poor pay occupation.

      of course, if any still claim its poor pay then he/she must have some problems unknown to others, and with this type of salary still complaining about poor pay, then watch out for the tendency towards corruption.

      so be careful of what you claim.

    4. More can and should be done to better the lives of policemen who lay their lives down. Of course there are corrupt cops. But corruption works both ways. No taker if no giver. No reason for corruption if one didn't flout the law, especially traffic rules. No cop has ever asked me for a bribe because I follow the law. What for susah? Then complain.

      Some love to slam labels that cops are anjing, corrupt etc. But watch how some howl and demand instant police action when chased by alongs or if a criminal act happens to them.

      Seems like cops are only viewed as security guards for them. Cherry-picking as usual.

      Anyone who can sneer at Bukit Kepong, sorry lah. Something not right somewhere.

    5. Anon 13:48. Appreciate the understanding. Thank you.

  5. Annie,

    "I may be wrong but shouldn't Rahman Dahlan, as a Cabinet Minister stick to just commenting about things related to his ministry?"

    Yes, but here's the problem:

    He's a brainless asskisser who polishes Jibby's shoes with his saliva and thinks that's his sole function in life.

    What has this moron actually DONE for "Housing & Urban Well-Being" as a minister?


    And S S Keruak has just slowed down the Internet as his great achievement in his Ministry.

    Too much bodek, too little work.

    See the problem, kan.

  6. The guy is just a junior minister with little experience but the way he speaks like he knows it all. Always speak in patronizing kinda way as if trying to teach you something. His youth and relatively green horn in politics notwithstanding. Poking his nose in every issue like nobody business.


    1. BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan has assured a "happy ending" once the dust settles on the Hudud Bill row.

      The housing, local government and urban-wellbeing minister said he......

      .......will give Jibby hand job?

    2. 'happy ending' jenis ape tu......kihx3

  7. Cakap berdegar-degar tapi nak berdebat dengan Guan Eng takut..

  8. Siapa kat sini orang Sabah? Which one do you prefer : 1. Being part of Malaysia, 2. Being part of The Philipines and 3. Being country of nation state of your own. Please state why.

  9. The rise of strongman politics. Indonesia already has his own man in Jokowi. India has her Modi. Singapore and Malaysia used to have Kuan Yew and Mahathir who had done wonders to their repective countries.
    Now The Phillipines are going to have theirs as well. A strongman from Davao city. Rodrigo Duterte. No country dare to mess up with The Phillipines now. They would think twice if they intend to do with Duterte in charge. Just look at what he did to his Davao town while being a mayor there. With his bloody death squads, the place had gone from lawless cowbow town into a peaceful paradise. This guy is no nonsense kind of guy. He is the problem solver albeit very brutal. No wonder people call him The Punisher.
    I think the Pinoy chose him due to China aggressive manuevering in the South China sea. The Pinoy are worried and feel threatened hence looking for a hero to protect them.