Saturday 25 June 2016

Crushing the rebellion

So, they finally did it,

Umno sacks Muhyiddin, Mukhriz; suspends Shafie

That's not really surprising, isn't it?

I actually saw it clearly coming in this post on Sept 5 last year,

Okay, I was not very accurate about DS Mukhriz Mahathir though, as I didn't expect them to get rid of him at the risk of losing Kedah.

Guess the Umno leadership are really not stopping at anything to totally crush the rebellion now.

And that's because they are in the position to do it.

The recent big wins in Sarawak, and more importantly in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar about seal the fate of TS Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz and DS Shafie Apdal.

Those electoral victories signaled that the majority of the rakyat are behind DS Najib Razak and support what he was doing.

Yup, that includes the 1MDB things and other stuff too.

I can't see any other way we could have interpret it.

I think the rebellion against Najib is as good as over now.

The opposition parties are now in disarray and Umno rebels were being "dispatched" or isolated.

And that of course includes Najib's fiercest critic Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Well, the rebellion was doomed from the start.

The first time I saw it coming was in this post on June 27 last year,

But of course no one listens to an insignificant blogger like me.

The fighting continues till this stage.

Fortunately for BN and Umno, the people seemed to be turned off by the fighting and decided to stay with the established leaders such as could be seen in Sarawak, Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

That and coupled with the stupidity of the quarrelsome opposition parties, Umno and BN are back on track.

But, don't expect the fighting to stop yet.

The rebels, despite knowing that they were actually beaten, will continue with what they were doing all the way to the next general election two years from now.

They will be hoping for Najib and his people to make mistakes along the way.

Mistakes that could turned off people from supporting the establishment.

One way that could happened was for Najib's people to get big headed now that the people appeared to be supporting them.

As I once told a prominent pro-Najib blogger, it's a game of being better liked by the people.

But as it is, some people have too big an ego that they can't help themselves but to be arrogant, obnoxious and even stupid.


  1. I saw Najib Razak's twit on Brexit. Compare leader to leader, I must say Najib Razak is no where the depth of Lee Hsien Loong. Very sad. Anyway I would prefer Najib Razak to keep quiet about Brexit. Remember Johor and Sabah as well as Sarawak might think of doing the same. Better be silent.

  2. Dear Tun Mahathir our national hero,
    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    1. All Mahathir's strategies to oust Najib have failed big time. Masih hero?

    2. Dedication for Dr.Mahathir and Dr.Siti Hasmah

      You're still the one .......

    3. Anon 19:18,
      Just Remember, ESOK MASIH ADA!

    4. Anon 00:39,

      Memang betul, esok masih ada when BN under Najib will get 2/3 majority and retake Selangor in GE 14. Mahathir either will die or disappear into oblivion. The boboi Mukhriz will go no where in politics without daddy's support and retires from the arena to enjoy all his ill gotten wealth colleted during daddy's 22 year tenure as the PM. And the Moo will get involved in a divorce lawsuit between his mistress Nika Gee and her husband.

    5. Everyone should give applause to najib's strategists, whoever they are. By now, one must admit that in Malaysia Najib is standing stronger and there aren't much chance to unseat him from prime ministership.

      Mahathir must lose. Everyone is thinking that mahathir is the head of pact against Najib while in actual fact he is not. The people who are going against Najib are unorganised and incoherent, there's no head of pact so to speak, but najib's propaganda managed to convince people that there is such a head and that made it so much easier for najib to defend himself and to put his strategies together.

      While on the other hand, Najib himself should be the target for any attempt to focus on, yet najib's propaganda yet again convinced everyone that Najib isn't the target, for whatever action Najib took was taken through the hands of others.

      The IGP, AG, PAC, BNM, KSN, etc etc..

      People may hate him but don't know what to do to him, who should do it, when to do it, and how to do it. In the end, everyone thought and concurred that should wait for the next general election.

      And that is exactly what Najib wants everyone to believe in.

      So as far as mahathir is concerned, the Mahathir Crusade (if I may describe it as such) must fail.

      But Najib would not allow Mahathir to fail now, because when the Mahathir Crusade ends, that would be the beginning of najib's downfall, to put it politely.

      The world is a playground for satan, for God had consented to satan to lead human astray via diabolical ways. Perhaps in the end one could only hope that he who practise evil ways would be consumed by his own evil deeds.

      Let's see.

    6. It is not over till' its over...

    7. Perhaps in the end one could only hope that he who practise evil ways would be consumed by his own evil deeds.


    8. History will judge Dr M favourably.

      The documented facts and truths are there for everyone to see and eventually no amount of spinning and lying will save Najib's hide.

      All the spinning, lying, cheating and manipulated truths by Najib and his conniving, deceitful henchmen and supporters are only accepted by the gullible in this country but does not gain traction overseas.

      And the majority of those gullible ones are the supposedly God-fearing but easy-to-manipulate Malay Muslims.

      How pathetic, and ironic too.

      The road to seek the truth and justice in this country obviously is long and winding and not for the faint or weak-hearted.

  3. So Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are now independent MP and Adun?


  4. Atak kuasa punya olang ,bolih tunjuk lia punya kuasa maa aa .

    Tatak kuasa punya olang apa mau tunjuk ?, kena redha maa aa ,itu salah kah betut kah lain celita ,tatak pengaroh ,tatak luit , tatak kuasa kena redah saja lor rr .

    Sikalang punya olang mau cali yang untung , bukan cali yang benar maa aa .

  5. The cheating has been too abstract for the common citizens to understand. The truth will prevail soon. Allah is great.

  6. Units, units, units, remember they said about units. Even bankers could not comprehend the term.


  7. Rebellion ?.

    The rebellion has been crushed to the ground , everyone must show their love for PM Najib ,before they being crushed too.

  8. Don't side with criminals.

    This bugis is an evil stain on malaysia.

    The fight must goes on......demi negara

  9. Melayu screw Melayu.
    Clap clap clap.

    1. Different sizes for different folks!
      One elephantine screw-up from mappadulung and one Giant fall for mankind . . .

  10. Annie.

    //I think the rebellion against Najib is as good as over now.//

    I beg to differ.

    All the rebels were long-term UMNO men.

    They would still have supporters in UMNO, as we can see from reports that the Pagoh branch is apparently still standing behind Muhyiddin.

    Note that Shafie is only suspended - not sacked, so this could mean that the fixed deposit status of Sabah is somewhat of a worry.

    I believe that the 3Ms will continue their campaign against Najib outside of UMNO, using their contacts inside UMNO.

    Who will win?

    I dunno - who has more money? :)


  11. Not to worry. Najib has only won the battles, because of superior fire power. But he hasn't won the war yet. When the culprits that will be appearing in courts in Singapore, Switzerland, US, UK, Luxembourg and Hong Kong, then we'll see how the war will be won.

  12. Slamming a 90-year-old man, whacking those who speak up etc won't erase the fact that the whole world knows you're a cowardly crook, Jibby Longhands.

    Gloat now with Bloaty Puff Hair and your gerombolan of nodding donkeys.

    Justice and truth eventually prevails.

    (Not a DAPster, nor an Anwar fan. Just an ex-BN supporter sick of lies and unprecedented corruption).

  13. Najib will bring down Umno from within, just like what has been planned by DAP.The two faced fatso H (her name been banned here) is fully entrenched in the circle that are prodding Najib to commit harakiri. This fatso H has the nerve to claim that she has nothing to do with DAP other than a voter. No connection, my foot! You, fatso H was with LGE's think tank team in Penang DAP. After getting your required skills as a mole, you were let lose to infilterate Umno. well, you succeeded. Now you are their trusted friend (because of your DAP bashing stance in your blog). you're such a big liar.


  14. What you did for the party is not relevant.What is relevant is "Do you support crooks and thieves?"
    If you cannot support crooks and thieves, then all your previous contributions to the party become useless. It is not relevant.The important thing is can you help a hippo carry bagfuls of dirty underwear onto a getaway plane? If you can, you are in. If you cannot, you are out. It is as simple as that.
    UMNO is now known as Untuk Mohd Najib Only..