Monday 27 June 2016

Another Annie

Yesterday, when I posted a video of a girl wearing hijab playing heavy metal music on her guitar, I didn't really check her identity.

I just found the video when randomly going through YouTube.

A friend asked me today who is the girl.

So I checked and found out that she's an Indonesian.

You can go to her Facebook page here,

Meliani Siti Sumartini

or watch her playing guitar at her YouTube account here,


Yup, she is also an Annie.


Play it again, Annie.

And here she is thanking everyone,


Who cares.

Cabinet reshuffle?

Does it change anything?

I don't think so.

I rather listen to heavy metal music by an Indonesian girl for now, okay.

It makes me happier, insyaAllah.



  1. "Cabinet reshuffle? Does it change anything? I don't think so."

    It's true, Annie.
    Nothing will change. As long as 'Cash is King' is the chief crook, money rules.


  2. re, Cabinet reshuffle ?.
    Does it change anything ?.

    I love PM .

  3. unlike you who is now into music, Your sister H is again rehashing her venom against Hannah Yeoh, DAP and MCA. Funny that none of them are angry or attack her. Funny that she is not being sued. Funny that she is is getting away scot free from DAP's wrath. Ans DAP as we know are untouchable and won't let anybody go easily. But I suppose she is one of them, so everything is rosy, right? She is worse that a snake

  4. to u maybe doesnt mean anything...but to the PM and kabinet it means a lot...they especially the PM had just survived being attacked unnecessarily front back left and right by all kinds of issues from 1mdb to even his wife n stepchildren...they just lost some of their friends in kabinet from air crashes...plane disasters...earthquakes....being back stabbed by the 3Ms...n god knows how many fitnah and whatnots..winning the prk has given them the much needed light...their patience and perseverance have paid off....with the new cabinet hopefully will bring renewed confidence and spirit as well as hoping a more focus approach towards the governing of the country. let us all give support to them...its Ramadhan after all

    1. Paid off ...definitely with 2.6b in his bank accounts.

    2. they just lost some of their friends in kabinet from air crashes...plane disasters...earthquakes....being back stabbed by the 3Ms...n god knows how many fitnah and whatnots.

      poor Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais ...

    3. ya continue ur fitnah....lets see what happen to u.....

  5. Semporna is gone. so what's next? Like I said BN is being destroyed from inside by people around the PM, who gave him courage to take drastic steps. Steps that are akin to DAP style but does not suit Malay temperament . Your sister H.... A.. is part of the entourage. Getting dedak from both sides must be really satisfying

    1. I don't have a sister...or brother. My parents only have me.

    2. its ok if people want to leave. where do they go? join dap or anc losers ? at least now najib have a team that he can count on...backstabbbers can go.

  6. Annie,

    MelSickScreamoAnnie is quite good - very dextrous with all her fingers and her picking.

    I guess she puts in lots of practice.

    Me? I am quite hopeless although I have been to a couple of jam sessions at rehearsal studios around KL/PJ with some friends.

    I played bass recently for the very first time ever in my life using a Fender bass one of the guys had.

    He just shoved it into my hands and said "Play".

    No idea what I was doing but I think I managed to fake the bass lines using what little I know from playing an acoustic guitar.

    Fortunately, nobody really cared how badly I played because we were just jamming for fun.


  7. Just read about 8 people injured when a GRENADE was thrown into a pub this morning at IOI in Puchong!!!

    I'm praying it's gang related and not someone acting on the kafir harbi call by that racist mufti.

    Insane! What is Najib and IGP doing about this?

    As it is billions siphoned off for personal use, now billions will disappear as tourists and foreign investors flee.

    Najib is a curse upon Malaysia. He's bringing us to ruin.

    My poor nation. Robbed and f...d by someone we thought would carry on his father's principles.

    1. Yup, sanrabone ahjibgor is a damned curse on the Malays and Malaysia. Everybody has something2hide except for this damned curse.

    2. This could be a tell-tale that GE14 is giong to be postponed. 'Cash is King' needs billions to win election. Since bank account had been frozen in Singapore, he might need more funds from somewhere. If not, The only choice is to find an excuse to postpone GE14, indefinitely. A state of emergency will do the trick.
      Remember, with the new NSC, he now bears the power of the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang diPertuan Agong to declare emergency.

    3. Given the highly volatile environment and the recent Isis threat and now this - shouldn't that fat fuck Soh be investigated and possibly locked up for her incessant calls to violence against non Muslims? That fat bitch really needs to stop inciting hate. Anyone to lodge a report against her?

  8. Heavy Metal? :

    Seriously woman.......

  9. 09:49
    no need to use grenade la.
    just run over the fucking camel fucker with your car.

  10. How come Hannah Yeoh, LGE and DAP are not making any reports on the fatso for calling them all sorts of names and damaging their images. How come they ares so gentle and kind to conspiracy ah?

    1. Ask the fat soh lo. May be she can show you pics and charts to answer your question :D

  11. a lot of bitter people here now....:)
    well too bad....u still have to endure najib as pm for few more go kill urself

  12. two-faced fatso answering as anonymous...hahahahaha. Hello Hel..

  13. And fatso Hel, I know the grand design of DAP, letting BN destroyed from within by keeping Najib in power. It was and still is a big mistake on Umno's part for believing and letting you into their circle. How you must be relishing your role as a double are really worse than a snake

  14. Oh ya la, the answer seems like from fat soh Hell. Hahaha, such pathetic condition the fat soh is in. Getting fatter and uglier each passing day due to the toxins in the brain!