Friday 10 June 2016

A matter of conscience

Once again, someone sent me screenshots of a Facebook post by former New Straits Times group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor this morning,

Please click for better view

Honestly, I was not really sure what Mus was referring to in the post, because I hardly read blogs these days except those in my blog roll.

I'm also not on Facebook or Twitter or other social media platforms.

But since Mus had offered to be investigated, I think those who accused him of whatever, should initiate it.

As people nowadays like to say, if you want to accuse someone of something, you better have the evidence to do so.

Well, I hope Mus get to meet his accusers and convince them that he quit his job simply because of his conscience as he previously claimed.

Right or wrong in the eyes of others, one must act according to his/her conscience.

It doesn't matter whether a person is for or against the establishment. As long as he/she acts with an intact conscience, the person should be alright.

I believe in that.

Here's a video clip from the movie "A Man For All Seasons" on the matter of conscience,


  1. Once again, I salute Encik Mus.

    More journalists like him and we would have a better country. The 4th Estate keeps the powers that be in check.

    I'm really not impressed at all with your so-called "blogging captain", Annie - he seems to have major selective blindness to what the Bugis pirate is up to in his many cover-ups.

    Although to his credit, he never crawled out of Malaysiakini, put on 600kg in weight, and started to write repetitive blog posts.

    1. As I said, "It doesn't matter whether a person is for or against the establishment. As long as he/she acts with an intact conscience, the person should be alright."


  2. Meanwhile, our lives would be so much poorer without the Chinese and their comical politics.

    First of all, you have the Malaysian Cinababi Association (MCA, trying hard to pretend that the Hudud Bill is not the handiwork of the Bugis lanun, even though the tomboy conceded she did it on orders from him. So the MCA now needs to con the Cinapek community that they are not to be blamed, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE PART OF THE SAME COALITION AS SCUMNO.

    The MCA is now pleading with the Cinas to vote for them in order to prevent hudud! The logic is mind-bending.


    Then you have the DAP, who claim they stand for equality of religion but then have mass hysteria when the Muslim community tries to practise their own religion. How does that work, DAP? Whoops, it doesn’t.

    Then, you have that blob of leftover pig fat with little raisins for eyes peeping out of its lemak babi face

    This thing used to whack Islam left, right and centre on Malaysiakini just a few years ago, and now has become Ustazah Khinzir Betina No 1, dedak gobbler of the highest calibre. Under the sad delusion that the Malays (apart from her handful of groupies) will take advice from an elderly Chinese auntie who got on the wrong side of Perkasa…for whacking the Malays. So, so sad.

    (Speaking of mata sepet, she really has no eyes at all, does she? Just Google the picture (not advised for those of a weak disposition.) Or could it just be that they’ve sunken into the fat? Notice the beginnings of the triple chins at the corners of the neck. Ewwwwwww….

    So, yes, I’m all for 1Malaysia and to the Chinese comedians, both extra-extra-large and small - kipidap!

    1. mic also, same tactic.....pi tanya tomboy azalina & her boogees sugar daddy lah......kan? they are the one playing politic with hudud......

    2. Boogees giving lots of $$$ in K Kangsar...."cash is king"


  3. Speaking of Ustazah Khinzir Betina, surely she's a complete waste of dedak.

    Why would any Malays listen to the paid ranting of a 50-something flabby Chinese Ah Soh who types her daily garbage blog posts while munching on pork (triple helpings, I think)?

    Who would listen to that?

    Logik tadak pon.

    1. 50-something ke 60-something? kih kih kih......

  4. Narrated Abu Huraira:

    The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever does not give up forged speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his abstaining from food and drink (i.e. Allah will not accept his fasting.)“

  5. Hi Annie,

    This guy's posting is good. No wonder he was appointed as a big shot of major newspaper in this country.

    In my opinion, he was not just replying to an accusation but also took a potshot at somebody who claimed that he was "unaware" of a huge sum of money being credited into his private bank account.

    Just a thought....

    Shahrizal Kamal


  6. re , half kilo of cili kering ,has a receipt ,

    Think about it , half kilo of cili kering ,still a trace element.

  7. Hehehheheheeh....marah anak sindir menantu.why all the rebels are from johor.

    Luaskan kuasamu johor

  8. Annie,

    //I hope Mus get to meet his accusers and convince them that he quit his job simply because of his conscience//

    From that FB post above, I am beginning to respect this Mus fellow more and more.

    No convoluted bullshit from him, that's for sure.

    Just plain simple words and direct to the point.

    I can see why he could be considered a very very dangerous man by some people.


  9. They who have lost their sense of shame,they'll do just about anything ... but you with troubled conscience you are not alone .......