Tuesday 28 June 2016

A story for angry people

I have this friend who once worked for a major newspaper.

He was some sorts of a senior editor or something like that.

The guy was dedicated, worked hard and was a loyal employee.

He worked there for donkey's years.

The problem with him was that he can't keep his mouth shut.

When he saw something was wrong, he would said something was wrong.

And he's very lousy at being nice to his bosses just to be in their good book.

Of course his bosses didn't like him for all that.

That, despite him doing his best and achieving relatively good results for his works.

Sometime early last year he realised that his bosses were really getting to hate him.

They gave him an annual assessment lower than his subordinates despite him working his ass off.

So, when the company offered a voluntary separation scheme to the employees, he applied for it.

Almost everyone who applied for it got it.

The guy would had gotten about RM250,000 in compensation if his application was approved by his bosses.

He thought of setting up a small laundry business using the money or something like that and retire to look after his family, especially his son who is a disabled person.

He didn't get it.

The bosses didn't approve his application for the scheme.

Instead, two months later they demoted him and transferred him to a place further away from his family.

It was clear that his bosses were forcing him to resign and maliciously doing so in a way that his years of service for the company were not to be compensated or appreciated.

He quit his job and now works quietly doing an editing job for a small publishing company own by a friend who felt pity for him and offered him the job.

The guy didn't complain too much though.

He sometimes joked about what happened to him and that was all there was to it as far as he was concerned.

The other day, we were at a buka puasa function when he bumped into his former big boss.

He said hi to the guy,  smiled at him and shaked his hand.

He even inquired about his former boss' health.

I can see that he was trying not to make the other guy felt too awkward.

Later I asked him,

"Why didn't you just punch the bastard in his face?"

"For what? I don't even hate him. My former boss used to be nice to me once and I rather think of the positive side of him," he said.

Later he explained to me why he can't hate his former big boss despite what he and the others did to him.

It went something like this,

"The guy did a lot of good things for me before he started to dislike me.

"He was the one who promoted me to my highest postion in the company.

"He treated not only me with kindness at that time but also someone else that I really care about.

"I appreciate him for all that.

"Of course I was angry when all those things happened last year but after I calmed down I told myself that what happened was fated by Allah.

"Allah made the whole thing happened because He has a good reason for it.

"The way I see it, that VSS money was simply not my rezeki.

"Allah must had wanted me to have a different kind of rezeki. That's why he opened the heart of my friend to give me a job.

'Maybe if I had stayed in the company I would sooner or later died of stress. 

"At least where I work now, there's no stress at all.

"Maybe Allah wanted me to have a longer life without the stress so that I can look after my family much longer."

Well, in a way my friend was right.

I agree with him that we should not despair when bad things happened to us.

Must always remember that things happened because Allah willed them to happen.

All we need to do is to manage ourselves in whatever situation fated by Allah.

Of course, we have to do our best with whatever we are doing.

But after that, we leave it to Allah to decide the outcome.

We must redha (accept) with the outcome because it's Allah's decision.

That way we would not have to hate anyone or be bitter about things.

If people do bad things to us and after all our efforts had been exhausted, we should just pray for Allah to take care of things.

And of course Allah will take care of things for us, one way or another.

I believe in that.


  1. That way we would not have to hate anyone or be bitter about things.....but we might die tonight


    Don't want to work away
    Doin' just what they all say
    "Work hard boy and you'll find
    One day you'll have a job like mine"

    'Cause I know for sure
    Nobody should be that poor
    To say yes or sink low
    Because you happen to say so
    Say so, you say so

    I don't want to work away
    Doing just what they all say
    "Work hard boy and you'll find
    One day you'll have a job like mine
    Job like mine, a job like mine"

    "Be wise, look ahead
    Use your eyes", he said
    "Be straight, think right
    But I might die tonight"

  2. So, WHAT DO U EXPECT Annie - We SHOULD LOVE NAJIB.....????

    1. Cik Minah konon! Just use your real name Ching Chong Cheng lah

  3. Great Brown Vibrator says: so.. no point of rambling whatsoever, just find time and place to just make love.. a lot & passionately notwithstanding your age. R U muslim Annie?


  4. The key word is ," Redha" and being tolerance and acceptance .

  5. najib is the pm because of Allahs will....get that into ur head.
    u think him bad but others think him good. percaya lah rezeki yang Allah bagi is always to the right people.

    1. Di gelar rezeki jenis itu sebagai "istidraj". Gi tanya ustaz yang ariffinbillah apa tu "istidraj"?


    2. Ya istidraj bangalo kafiak P Pinang kan(?) Sdr ANIN 22:33

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Saudara M.Zin.

      Guan Eng sudah beri thumbs-up atau menyokong kabinet lantikan terbaru Najib dan dia pun semacam sudah tutup mulut mengenai 1MDB.
      Oleh yang demikian, ternampak selah-olah kes banglo-tanpa-swimming-pool beliau turut terpendam dan akan disapu kebawah carpet seperti 1MDB. Lagi pun, jika Guan Eng diheret ke Mahkamah, sudah tentu isu kehilangan berpuloh billion 1MDB akan turut dibangktkan. Maklumlah, ramai ahli politik DAP adalah Peguam.

      Maka kecewalah penyokong UMNO yang anti-DAP. Kerajaan dibawah UMNO dilihat hanya berani bertindak terhadap bangsa sendiri sahaja. Tergamak UMNO menjadikan Khir Toyo sebagai 'kambing-hitam' untuk 'membuktikan' kepada Rakyat bahawa Kerajaan tidak bertolak-ansur mengenai Rasuah. Sebagai teladan, pemimpin tertinggi Party-sendiri, mereka sanggup heret ke Mahkamah dan dipenjarakan.

      Itulah akibatnya apabila UMNO mempunyai Presiden yang lemah dan berselirat dengan berbagai skandal. Apa saja yang dilakukan adalah untuk menagih popularity. Habis kerja orang lain disapunya sehinggakan pemberian WANG Zakat pun sudah menjadi tugas PM. Apa dia ingat golongan Asnaf akan berasa bangga menerima sumbangan dari PM?


    4. YAB Lim akan diseretkan ke mahkamah Sdr RD
      (pendek cerita)
      in-sya-Allah dihumban ke dalam jail

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. Baru diheret, belum dituduh lagi. Kalau dah dituduh di Mahkamah pun, belum tentu akan didapati bersalah. (Not guilty until proven). Itu pun tak tahu lagi bila nak mula bicara. Kalau mula bicara, nanti ditangguh-tangguh macam kes liwat hambaAllah seorang tuh, sampai 8 tahun baru jatuh hukum.

      Mungkin kes Guan Eng kan mula bicara bila dekat PRU14. Boleh buat sebagai 'gula-gula' untuk menambat hati pengundi Cina. Macam di Sg.Besar. Tiba-tiba, Kerajaan boleh kawtim dengan Indonesia untuk bebaskan Nelayan dari Sekincan yang ditahan kerana menangkap ikan diperairan Indonesia. Tebusan Abu Sayaf pun dibebaskan menjelang PRK.

      Dalam kes Khir Toyo, laju je. Terus di jel sebagai teladan. Apa nak buat dah nasib Melayu penyokong, selalu dijadikan 'contoh-teladan'.

    6. RD buat tak tahu pulak. Boss MACC (the outgoing) is beholden to Mahathir. Mahathir ordered him to stamp 'NFA' on LGE's case. As he is leaving and has nothing to lose, the pressure for him to kowtow to Mahathir's demand is gone. Now he is free to discharge his duties without any interference.

  6. Annie,

    If there's so much grace in forgiving, why would your friend tell himself about the good thing that his former boss did to him? Wasn't that as an excuse so that he may find peace?

    When a Muslim menyusun sepuluh jari to ask from God, he must believe that God is listening to him, 'nearer to him than his jugular vein' as it was said. In the mean time his Muslim enemy also is praying, believing that God also being attentive to him. So God is on whose side?

    It's funny how so many people saying these days about what Najib was doing were done by mahathir as if you could do shit just because you can find precedent in the past. This is the very nature of human being, isn't it? When you are not in the position to get back to those who did bad things to you, you find excuses, ' Allah's will' la, ' Allah will ganti better' la...

    Cuba dia dalam keadaan yang boleh balas pada musuh dia sekarang. Is that not what Mahathir's enemies are doing to him now? Mana Allah punya forgiveness ? The grace of forgiving mana? Berapa kerat orang Melayu yang keluar bersuara untuk mahathir ?

    Tell that to the Palestinians . One day, when they would have an upper hand, remember to tell them the story of your friend so that they don't balas pada yahudi.

    Same goes to the IS maniacs.

    1. Did we request to be born into this world ? Were our permission sought first?
      Did we orchestrate what is happenings all over the world ? Is it us that capable of manufacturing happiness ? Is it us that can cause and create sufferings ?
      We are all destined to die one fine moment.Can we prevent our life-light from being switched off when the time comes ? Who or what pulls out our life-plug then ? Can we wills it not to be done ? Who or what wills it that it has to be ? WE ?

    2. Laguhati,

      So is there anything at all that you can freely decide what should happen to you ? Anything at all?

      Do you decide when you want to eat? Or what to eat? No. You would say God decide for you. That is tawheed as far as the Muslims are concerned.

      By tawheed Muslims said that everything is decided by God, according to His Will, like what you said. Powerless, according to you said, are the human beings.

      Indeed you cannot claim to have the free will to do anything alongside God's, that would be syirik. What? You can decide what underwear you wear today against God's Will?

      So everything is willed by God. For Allah said, whatever Allah wills will come to pass.

      So, if everything is willed by God, how can you blame someone who doesn't believe in God? Wasn't that willed by God?

      When Allah willed someone to be born as a kafir, what can you do about it? Why are there still people like m Zin who sounded so bloody bongkak as if he is better than a kafir?

      and when a person is willed to be kafir by Allah, how can he be thrown into hell fire? Isn't that an evil thing to do that you punish someone who did things not according to his own free will?

  7. Melayu screw Melayu.
    Clap clap clap.

    1. Cina DAP semua pergi mampus! Clap clap clap

  8. Anon 21:28 is devoid of humanity.

  9. Allah does not give burden to his servant unless allah knows that his servant has the ability to endure it....chill and Allah will show the way.all that is needed was patience


  10. We have another Supertroll Hew-wannabe, Sdr 00:47
    ( Melayu screw who?)
    but ehsan/ UMNO still has to care for them non-Melayus

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Anon 04:03, Anon 21:28 could be former DAP or non Chinese, or maybe not even DAP. What make you so sure it is Cina DAP?


    1. Yes could nauzubi 'Llah be a Malay Sdr ANON 07:47

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Are you Indian Zin?


    3. How about a Bidayuh lady(?) Sdr ANON 10:04

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. No. I am not DAP.
    I am a follower of Mufti of Pahang.


  13. Sound like the crook and his dedak eaters government. Anyone who exposes or even question on 1MDB aka medium to siphoned rakyat's money will suffer the same fate.