Tuesday 25 November 2014

Umno lost in cyberspace

PM DS Najib Razak said this yesterday,

Internet not a tool for stoking racial, religious tension

Sorry Datuk Najib, I disagree.

Internet is indeed a tool for stoking racial and religious tension.

In fact, it's a tool for stoking all other sorts of things.

Actually, it's a matter of who are using the internet better, and not how the internet is being used.

In the context of cyber warfare, this is why Umno and its BN allies are being massacred.

They simply do not know how the war is to be fought.

Does complaining about how your enemy is misusing the internet helps you to win the fight?

I don't think so. 

People wouldn't listen to you if you keep whining about how your enemy cheated you.

You simply have to act and not just talk.

As you all may likely agree, Umno and its BN allies were utterly crushed in the cyberspace prior to the general election last year.

Umno and the other BN gangs simply have no answer to the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

I believe they were set to be crushed again in the next general election. 

Maybe for good this time.

The reason is because, whomever were put in charge of Umno's and BN's cyber war effort are lazy morons.

Either that, or they are corrupt bastards who are more interested in reaping profit for themselves from the allocations provided for cyber war by their party, instead of doing their job.

Okay, do you see any changes in the cyber war effort of Umno and its BN allies since the general election last year?

I don't think so.

They can't even get positive news about the establishment into Google News.

Check for yourself if you don't believe me.

Google News is full of negative stories by pro-Pakatan portals about the government and its BN leaders.

What is this guy doing as Information Minister?

Yesterday at the event where the PM spoke, DS Shabery Cheek said he carries three smart phones  to illustrate how tech savvy he is....and also because he is the Information Minister.

That's a bit stupid if you ask me.

In fact the whole event was not very smart either as getting speakers from the likes of North Korea and China to talk about the world's hyper connectivity is actually rather dumb.

And this event was supposed to be part of the run-up to the Umno general assembly which starts today.

You don't get people excited to write good stuff about Umno and BN in the cyberspace by holding talk shops.

It doesn't work that way.

If you want to get people to voluntarily write nice things about you, then you have to INSPIRE them.

It's the only way.

I used to write good things about Umno and BN, particularly in Johor because I was inspired by the good leadership of former MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

He never asked me to write all those good stuff about him and his party, let alone pay me to do so.

I did it just because I feel good that I can contribute to something good which was being done by good people.

My conscious was clear back then.

To be honest, I'm now struggling just by looking at what were happening in my home state Johor.

I hope the PM realize that many non-Umno members who used to support the party are beginning to have doubts because of the way Umno people behaves.

Arrogant and stupid.

That's how many of them are starting to describe Umno people.

Actually, I said that a couple of times myself...in this blog.


  1. Well done, Annie. For stating the facts. Even against Najib.

    Here are excerpts of a news report on what he said about not even doing to the so-called news portals like what Singapore did (words in brackets are my comments):

    No Licensing of News Portals - Najib

    Malaysia will not emulate Singapore's move requiring blogs and news portals to be licensed, but will instead opt for self-regulatory measures that make it necessary for blog and website owners to reveal their identities. (Is he eating his words now?)

    He said in handling the challenges of a mature nation, the government would ensure social media practitioners are more responsible in disseminating information. (How to ensure, when he even wants to abolish the Sedition Act?)

    He was speaking at the Malaysian Journalists Night 2013 and Malaysian MPI-Petronas Media Awards 2012.

    Najib said the government would study the proposal for blog and news portal owners to provide information about their identities in their websites. (Studied but shelved?)

    "No more anonymous writers, as is practised now. This is to ensure that information presented isn't considered libel (fitnah), which can jeopardise unity. It is also to ensure that writers are responsible and accountable for what they write." (Yes, if no anon comments, I might cease to comment, and the ungrateful ingrate pendatang Red Bean will be swarming all over the places using all sorts of fictitious names - the are daring and will risk arrest, like Lim Kit Siang and his old habit of illegal street demos. He should license the news portals which are actually kontols).

    Najib said under the Communications and Multimedia Act and MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees, there would be no filtering of the Internet. (There he goes).

    "Media democracy and the freedom of expression have become a reality. We have witnessed the full use of new and traditional media in the 13th General Election." (Even after the Chinese tsunami, which was largely contributed by internet freedom).

    Najib said the dissemination of false, slanderous and provocative information that incited hate in social media, which was prevalent during the polls by those who called themselves journalists, did not benefit anyone. (Yes, he certainly knew, but insist on internet freedom).

    "The people's voices and opinions are crucial in our aim to be a developed nation by 2020." (That's it. There's the culprit. The rushing to developed nation status, no matter what. Out went ISA, EO, RRA, now possibly the Sedition Act. Hope the 170 out of the 191 Umno divisions and the Pemuda and Wanita wings that have asked the SA be retained will throw him out if he does not announce its retention at this PAU).

    So, I'm still free to ask UMNO to replace Najib, ain't I - Najib wants it that way, what.

  2. And who started the "stoking racial, religious tension"? Sure it's the ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, Cina Bukit, biadap and kurang ajar pendatang DAP. They even caused the race riots of 1969. Google that and the White paper by the National Operations Council would give you the hideous details.

    And the word biadap is not even mine. It was said by then DAP Vice-President Tengku Aziz, of DAP bossman Lim Guan Eng, as he stormed out of the party. The words kurang ajar are mine. Because a biadap bastard is always kurang ajar.

  3. Look, DAP aped the racist and chauvinist Little Emperor Lee Kuan Yew of the Red Dot that was in Malaysia in 1963 but got booted out in 1965. The bastard Harry Lee (I'm told his University of Singapore peers got banned from Singapore after that for mocking him with his University days' name Harry which he very much didn't want the public to know) was the one who coined the slogan Malaysian Malaysia.

    Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak in the same breath. Shit fellow. Brought Singapore to be in Malayia hoping that he could be PM of a much larger nation than the Red Dot. A term coined for the tiny island of Singapore by then Indonesian President Habibie.

    After Singapore was "kicked out" of Malaysia, the DAP went to town with the slogan. Shitted by the rakyat until they put it in the toilet. Some time back, tried to change it to Middle Malaysia, But Malaysians showed them the Middle Finger.

    But now they are still "using the internet better" than any of us. The so-called paid "Army of Red Beans" Actually just a handful of them operating in the Komtar Tokong Lim offices, under his Press Secretary or somefin. But working full time, spreading hate, hate, hate (of Malays and anything with Malay dominance like the government, the Police, the Armed Forces) in short 1-2 sentences. So caustic that similar-thinking blokes found them attractive and joined the hate. Until "Umno and its BN allies were being massacred". Until it caused the Chinese Tsunami at PRU13.

    And Najib still does not realize that? Still wanna be liberal? What the ...

    1. Yah, but look at where Singapore is now in terms of per capita income and GDP.

      Malaysia must "beg" to get up Singapore companies to invest in and set up shop in Iskandar Malaysia.

      Not to mention the fact that Harry Lee faced down and defeated Tun Dr Mahathir in the water dispute....remember the "potong, potong" calls from the more hysterical elements in Umno then?

      Oh, another thing - I didn't know that LKY studied in the University of Singapore. The fact is that it wasn't established when LKY was a student in Singapore.

      Get your facts correct, lab.

    2. You glorify Singapore, you migrate there lorr.

      U Malaya in Singapore, what's the difference. Get the substance of the comment, stu.

    3. Yah, lor...like the Malaysians (including many Malays) who work in Singapore as bus drivers, security guards, cleaners, fast food delivery guys, baristas....

      It must be tough to put aside national pride, dignity and "maruah" to earn your bread in a foreign land.

      Strange that all the eloquent speakers in Umno didn't touch on this..

  4. Sometimes I think Najib's cabinet are pening kepala. Not knowing the extent of Najib's liberal-ness. To the extent of wanting the Sedition Act be thrown out.

    Ahmad Shabery in the beginning said his Ministry was studying the proposal of licensing the so-called news portals like Singapore did. Then kept quiet as he learnt more of Najib's wishes.

    Good that at least 170 out of the total if 191 UMNO Divisions said they want the Act retained. UMNO Youth and Wanita UMNO, too.

    So they have expressed their stands. Now we have to see whether they stand up and whack it out at the PAU.

  5. Where got UMNO not lost in cyberspace. Under Najib, they even lost the original aims and objectives of UMNO when formed over 60 years ago.

    Where got protecting the rights and promoting the interests of the Malays. When Najib wants to throw out the Sedition Act that protects those rights and interests. Knowing that bloody DAP been trying to question those rights and interests until they caused the race riots of 1969.

    Wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Bloody ultra kiasu wanting more, more and more endlessly, ungrateful ingrate to the Malays having agreed to their citizenship right at Merdeka, biadap and kurang ajar for not respecting the quid pro quo viz the Special Position of the Malays, pendatang DAP not knowing/ interested in the history of this country, and unable to offer an alternative to the word pendatang.

  6. Najib said Internet not a tool for stoking racial, religious tension.

    Let's make it absolutely clear. Those DAP and their types started it all. We just react to them. Cannot allow them to go on abusing. Must disabuse their often rude, very hurtful and totally insensitive statements. Like they did in the period preceding the 13 May 1969 race riots.

    Just watch those comments against PAS Hudud in the internet. Saying all sorts, demeaning even their sleeping partner's long-held hopes and aspiration. With words and statements that go against the grain of every Muslim, especially a PAS member.

    And if we know what they say in the Chinese language blogs, FBs, etc, we'd probably vomit. Out of disgust against them.

    So, Pak Najib, you wanna continue with no licensing on the caustic and venomous Malaysia Kuno, Malaysia Chronic News, Malaysian Outsider and the like? You need to re think. Very seriously.

  7. Sorry Annie, no question of Ah Jib Gor "have to INSPIRE" us. He does not see us. He just sees the Developed Nation certificate he hopes US, UK, EU etc will sign for him. Never mind the cost to us.

    To him we are but mere underlings. And if we don't continue bashing to try and correct the wrongs, William Shakespeare's words in his play entitled Julius Caesar will apply to us -

    The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars
    But in ourselves that we are the underlings

    I love the bloke Shakespeare. Though I don't understand some of what he wrote. Like I don't understand Najib most of the time.

    Wonder what PAU delegates think of Ah Jib Gor. Wonder if Chedet wil turn up at the PAU.

    1. "Kibr" or Arrogant Pride has been called "ummul-amradh", or the root of all sicknesses of the heart. Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, warned that a person with even an iota of it in his heart will never pass through the gates of Paradise. This deadliest of all sins is Kibr.

      No one likes a person who is haughty or condescending. We are repelled by the person who belittles people or who goes through life with a huge ego. Similarly, we love those who are humble and polite, people with respectful manners and intelligent charm.

      "Kibr is to knowingly reject Truth and to belittle other people." This prophetic hadith exposes two strains of the vile disease that infects us with exaggerated ideas of self-importance: Arrogance convinces me that my views is the Truth. Arrogance also assures me that I am superior to other people and more deserving of favours than them.

      Anyone who would be a leader of men must realize that he will have to face all his people on the Day of Judgement when absolute justice will reign supreme. "And whosoever has achieved an atom's weight of good shall witness it; and whoever has committed an atom's weight of evil shall witness it," as the Quran tells us.

      Hence, never forget to practice "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

  8. salam

    kalau menteri tu jangan komen ar..kalau pergi buat cadangan kat fb dia n komen lebih2 di blok u..bukan saya maki hamun.skadar mengingatkan kadar internet yang hendak dh kurangkan oleh BN dalam aku janji...timbalan pun sama je...bagi cadngan n komen lebih2 terus kena komen...

    yup...setuju kalau kurang ajar ke ape tapi kalau tidak n tidak maki hamun tapi kena banned...takpelah kalau tak sekolahkan dia pun..biarlah...


  9. Very true and very sad. UMNO has lost before the election even begins. They just do not get it Annie!

  10. Half the clueless minister's heart is in the liberal opposition camp, fanned by his pemandu elites, and he picked almost a whole cabinet of yes-men so where do you think the UMNO is heading? He's not only letting down the Malay people but all the races in Malaysia. Above all, it is his megalomaniac ambition for 1st world status that needs a strong dose of "Moderation".

  11. Lazy and moronic absolutely. Arrogant and stupid most definitely. All are living in lala land expecting all will be well forever. Heavy reliance on the mainstream media which nobody ever read or watches anymore. Its painful to see UMNO slowly disintegrating into oblivion. Hope they wake up soon and find out that they are in a middle of war for the "middle ground".

  12. Annie,

    Senang saja...Macam Mana nak Menang Cyber War kalau tak ada Otak!!

    Cakap mereka macam orang Hutan tak Berpelajaran....

    Dah la Tak ada Tata Tertib Fikiran Pun Buntu!!!

  13. UMNO perlu pikat orang muda 16 November 2014 12:41 AM 86 0 Google +0 Mohamed Khaled Nordin menyampaikan cenderamata kepada Shahrir Abdul Samad pada majlis Penutup Konvensyen UMNO Johor 2014 di Johor Bahru, semalam. Advertisement JOHOR JOHOR BAHRU 15 Nov. - UMNO pasti lenyap sekiranya golongan muda tidak lagi melihat parti itu sebagai harapan dan sandaran mereka pada masa depan, demikian tegas Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO negeri, Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat (gambar). Sehubungan itu, beliau mengajak semua pemimpin dan ahli UMNO untuk mempunyai keberanian melakukan perubahan, sekali gus menampilkan wajah-wajah jernih yang lebih segar dalam arus perdana parti.

    “Gandingkanlah orang yang ‘pernah muda’ dan orang yang ‘masih muda’, baru sesuai dengan kata hikmah Saidina Ali Karamallahu Wajha iaitu ‘hikmatus shuyukh wa hammas as syabab’.“Maksudnya, kita perlu hikmah dan kebijaksanaan orang lama serta gandingan ketangkasan serta keberanian orang muda,” katanya.

    Pergerakan Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO negeri ini menggesa pimpinan parti mengiktiraf sekali gus mempertimbangkan pelantikan Naib Ketua Pemuda dan Ketua Puteri menganggotai pentadbiran kerajaan dan syarikat milik kerajaan (GLC).

    Menurutnya, Johor telah memulakan usaha tersebut menerusi pimpinan Pemuda UMNO negeri dalam agensi dan GLC negeri, namun bilangannya masih kurang dan perlu ditambah bagi menggambarkan penglibatan golongan muda dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri.“

    Komentar: Khaled teleh memmulakan pembaharuan dalam kepimpinan negeri Johor dengan melantik muka-muka baru. Seperi lazimnya, mereka yang diganti tidak akan berpuashati, walaupun mereka tidak perform. Kita semua tahu apabaila seseorang atau sekumpulan meminin sekian lama, ramai lah daki-daki dan selut-selut yang berada di dasar saluran dan mereka yang berpungsi penghalang kelancaran Tiba masa mereka balang itu dibersihkan seuapa pengerakan boleh lancar kembali.

  14. Pemimpin umno pun ambil orang dap jadi setiausaha, ni apa cerita. Dah takda ke orang umno yg bijak untuk diambil jadi setiausaha?

  15. What a fucking stupid idea. You cannot control what people think. Keep the Sedition Act so what? Will that stop me from hating the fucking ultra? No, it will just push it underground. And the hate will fester and fester, and you keep on taking and taking, and then, you will get civil war.

    Keep on stuffing your face with corrupted money.

    Very simple, you hate us and we hate you back. We are not exactly powerless, you know???

    1. my friend don't talk about civil war. It can happen anytime! we are all waiting for it to happen and then lets winner take all.

    2. Anon 11:43,

      re , You hate us and we hate you back ,

      That is actually the rule of the game , the one who was actually spews hatred towards anything with a Malay touched ,'Sekolah Kebangsaan , Malay Government , Malay admins ,Malay religion ', now telling that they are not exactly powerless .

      What a fucking stupid declaration !!.

    3. You freaking DAPster fanatic now read what your PAPster icons are doing to the people down under =


  16. You can protect your right "TO BE STUPID". Gua sokong!

  17. Its not just Google news, even Yahoo News are full of articles from MK and TMI. I don't know what these BN people are doing, but these are the sites that everyone reads and all day long is bash bash bash BN, and BN is doing nothing about it.

  18. The truth is that UMNO is not only wandering aimlessly in cyberpace, they also beaten in the real world. Just do some snooping amongst your family, friends, kedai kopi, even in public conveniences, the talk is all about the incompetence of the government and its failure to communicate with the masses. Whatever the government came out as an explanation is not believed, even ridiculed as spread around as jokes.

    Unless the government came out with a winnable policy which the public will accept as honest, couple with the bangsawan melatyu acting more like hamba Allah, then UMNO will always be on a slow road to destruction. The only thing that may change is the speed, it will be much faster.

  19. Akal dia lembab tapi hati ia berkebendaan. Dia sedar atau tak sedar, kita rakyat biasa semua akan di bodohkan . . . . sampai negara ini tergadai kapada kuasa asing sedunia yang megah raya - macam di Singapura.

  20. Welcome "The Great Firewall of Malaysia".

    Of course, China put the idea into practice earlier.

    So will some rent seeker propose a partnership with a Chinese IT company to develop " The Great Firewall" on a "directed award" basis?

    After all, Malaysia and China are BFFs, aren't they?

    1. Hai yaa ,apa pasat atak lua tebing tinggi lea aa ?. Itu lama punya tebing pakai kecik punya (t) , balu punya, pakai besar punya (T) ,manyak susah maa aa .
      Apa pasat itu balu punya mau nama tebing tinggi jugak lorr rr ,manyak helan lea aa.
      Wa atak ingat ini Tebing Tinggi ,lulu ,kawasan parliment itu Lim Kit Siang tanding hor r ,sikalang pangil Ipoh Timor lea aa ,maaf Gua maa kalau atak salah ,tapi Gua ingat itu macam lor rr .

      Halap-halap , lufang olang tatak angkat lea aa.

    2. LOL.... luf��ang, is the best that you can come up with?

      Must be a product of the Malaysian National Education System Shortcomings (or MESS in short).


  21. He's a Tan Sri Because of UMNO and Now He Says This:

    Malaysia's affirmative action policies in the past 40 years have created a culture of dependency, corruption and racial envy, a prominent Malaysian economist said today.

    ‎Tan Sri Dr Kamal Salih, an adjunct professor of Economics and Development Studies at Universiti Malaya (UM) said that the‎ benefits of the development policies did not truly extend beyond the first 20 years of the New Economic Policy's (NEP) implementation.

    "The problem over the decades involved has not been with the intent nor the content of the NEP and its successors, but the manner of their implementation, which have produced new inequalities, poverty and vulnerabilities in the development process.

    "While no further progress has been made in reducing inequality in income distribution over the last decade, the NEP had resulted instead in creating a culture of dependency, corruption and racial envy."

    Successive policies after the NEP, like the National Development Policy (NDP) and National Vision Policy (NVP), also had the same consequences as inequality in wealth distribution was not addressed, he said.

    1. re: "While no further progress has been made in reducing inequality in income distribution over the last decade, the NEP had resulted instead in creating a culture of dependency, corruption and racial envy."

      Those in power are filled with arrogant pride and drunken with unsatiable greed so their puffed-up egos have lost sight of helping the unfortunate and upholding the noble values of the Barisan Nasional struggle for the people and the nation.

    2. Since there is no post criticising Kamal Salih, I guess all he said must be true.

      Looks like NEP is a habit forming 'drug'.

      And addicts are the last to want to kick the habit.

      The addicts even criticise those who have gone off it.

      Crutch a drug.

  22. Presiden Umno Tanya: Di Mana Silap Kita?

    He is either blind and deaf or too distant from the people to see and feel their suffering. People are no longer stupid. They see UMNO elites in their cayennes and panameras. They only alight to shake hands during elections. They don't listen to the people but obey their highly paid western trained consultants. They will do anything to protect their position in UMNO, their own gedebe ways, of course. But soon, their position in UMNO will be worthless because UMNO will be a walking dead.

  23. Whoever BN put as head of propaganda, physical or cyberspace will fail because government's policies were flawed to begin with.

    How can you go to war limping? Even Sun Tzu will fail.

  24. http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/281535