Saturday 22 November 2014

Fuel subsidies blow for BN foot soldiers

This is the news of the hour

Malaysia to stop petrol subsidies from December 1

and this is among the justifications

Bye-Bye Fuel Subsidies 

but I am afraid reaction on the ground was actually quite harsh.

I was on the phone with a lady in Kuantan just now and she was telling me how everyone in her former college Wassap group were very unhappy about it.

She said even the pro-BN among them were apprehensive as it was expected that with an increase price of fuel, prices of other goods will also go up.

It will be a strain for the average wage earners, already struggling with ever increasing costs of living.

"Kita orang pun tak boleh nak kata apa bila geng opposition hentam government pasal harga minyak ni," the lady said.

"Actually kita orang pun rasa tertipu sebab hari tu ingatkan ada lah something yang boleh ringankan beban rakyat. Kalau cakap pasal BR1M meringankan beban rakyat kat geng opposition, dia orang ketawakan kita je. Sekarang harga minyak dah nak naik lagi. Tak tau lah nak kata apa," she added.

I don't know how to console the lady.

I can put forth an argument about how the move to stop fuel subsidies will be good for the country in the long run, but I don't think the lady could buy it.

She was more concerned about the here and now, and countering the taunting of her pro-Pakatan friends in the Wassap group.

It's easy for a well paid armchair commentator to come up with a theory of how good our life will be without the fuel subsidies, but it is a totally different game for those in the political trenches facing the enemies in real time.

Well, I am not happy myself.

I don't see any positive change from how things were after the general election last year.

In fact, things appear to be getting only worse.

Johor is sliding down the drain, purges were happening in the Umno rank and file, good people are giving up the fight, the crooks are in control of almost everything....etc.

Pakatan, despite their problems such as the recent Selangor leadership crisis seem to be gaining ground almost everywhere.

Umno and the other BN gang never seem to learn from their dismal performance in the general elections of 2008 and last year.


  1. Vote in the Pakatoons.

    Tahaluf Siyasi, such beautiful term.

    Reformasi. Ubah Rocket Style. Melayu Glokal. Generasi Ulul Albab. Many many more slogan and war-cry cooked up by idiotic politicians for pathetic Malaysians, suckers for lies and slanders.

    Oil price increased? Small price to pay for more lies and slanders without which Malaysians cannot live.

    1. Ubah Rocket? Nak ganti apa? Depa tak setuju perkataan pendatang pun tarak cadangkan ganti. Kata penyeludup, marah.

      Kalau dah cartoons, camna nak undi? Pengundi Kajng dah sedor. Pengundi Teluk Intan gitu juga.

      You non-Malaysian? Why the hell are you here for, you racist chauvinist bugger.

    2. re "It's easy for a well paid armchair commentator to come up with a theory of how good our life will be without the fuel subsidies, but it is a totally different game for those in the political trenches facing the enemies in real time."

      Your Cheating Heart ....

    3. O'm in favour of fuel subsidies. But I think "those in the political trenches facing the enemies in real time" have to jolly well face any comments and fix any problems.

      Not that they are paid a good sum of money, But that people are even willing to kill for the jobs they hold.


    1. Kasi sikit comment le, Mamat. Supaya boleh menarik kita org pigi ke situ. Kita tau itu blog Khaled. Dah banyak tak betul kroni di Johor dll, dah malas nak gi situ.

      Kalau awak tarik seluar ke atas sikit, tunjukkan betis bunting padi ke, lain le.

      PS: Jangan betis debab, ye?

  3. Keputusan itu jika dilihat kepada angka ekonomi negara, unjuran Bank Negara atau atas pandangan Penasihat Puterajaya...tidak akan berlaku apa-apa kekalutan.

    Hakikat ekonomi sebenar..perniagaan sedang merosot teruk dalam banyak sektor.

    Melayu mudah lupa faktor penting untuk umno terus kekal.

  4. How can "Umno and the other BN gang .. learn from their dismal performance in the general elections of 2008 and last year"?

    Their leadership is full of village idiots.

    I like the term village idiots you use. Like on the Nur Jazlan PAC fellow. Those who never live in villages but lived in England many years are also village idiots.

    They have no real understanding of the Malays, the majority of the population in this country who have been torn apart by Anwarul Al Juburi. Exploited by the non-Malays in DAP.

    1. The bullshit rear admiral only managed to climb with breakneck speed in UMNO because he was playing the Saudi-Wahhabi joker card in his early years. Dia main mengguna retorik agama se aliran dengan Yusuf Rawa dan hadi Awang punya Islamist PAS. Celakalah Si Wahhabi semuanya sekarang dah jadi Islamic State pancung kepala rogol perempuan pula!

    2. Apa Wahabi kena mengena dengan harga minyak naik?


      title: Saudi Arabia Is Fighting an Oil War. But Who’s the Enemy?

      . . . There’s a competing narrative, or “conspiracy theory” if you prefer, that the Saudis are waging war in cooperation with the United States, against their mutual enemies Russia and Iran. “Saudi Arabia, which intends to manage OPEC, serves the interests of the G20 group,” a former Iranian oil minister told Reuters. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, whose government is collateral damage in this war, also aired this view recently, saying, “What is the reason for the United States and some U.S. allies wanting to drive down the price of oil? To harm Russia.”

      The U.S.-Saudi "oil alliance" is basically taken as a given in the Iranian and Russian media, and the idea got a recent endorsement from New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman as well. Saudi Arabia may indeed want to punish Russia for its support of Bashar al-Assad’s government, and will take any leverage it can get over regional archrival Iran. The U.S., meanwhile, wants to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine and to pressure Iran into agreeing to a nuclear deal."

  5. Itu lah. Aku dah cakap. Asyik nak kejor taraf negara maju, tak kira apa, buang ISA, Akta Hasutan, buang subsidi dan mcm mcm lagi, mengamok lah rakyat.

    Mcm mana nak dapat undi banyak di PRU14?


    Excuse the out of topic bit, Annie, but this Malay Mail Online news heading is very catchy:

    "Sedition Act repeal may affect Umno’s struggle for Islam, Malay rights, Hishammuddin says"

    Bloody hell, if you read more of the article it does not mean that the UMNO Vice President and Najib's cousin hence strong supporter is saying or even implying he agrees with the 170 out of the 191 UMNO Diivisions, the Youth and Wanita wings that the Sedition Act should be retained.

    It just shows the Malay Mail Online slanting the news heading, aided by the Google News page buggers (whoever coined the heading wording), is out to embarrass UMNO.

  7. I think I missed this part which should go into the STOP PRESS comment submitted a little earlier on -

    Malay Mail Online - ‎17 hours ago‎
    Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein says the repeal of the Sedition Act 1948 may affect Umno's struggle for Islam.

  8. I am flabbergasted. At how the dudes in UMNO responsible for that policy think. In fact, I wonder if they think, have the capacity to think properly.

    Maybe they are saboteurs of UMNO. No? Why then did they think so stupidly as to remove fuel subsidy fully when they should have listened to the grouses of the rakyat the last time they did the stupid thing that made petrol prices go up 20 sen or so per liter?

    Maybe they only asked feedback from their cronies. Who drive big cars, petrol charged to companies or the Establishment, not paying a single sen for petrol. So, they get only guesstimates of so-called feedback. What the fuck kind of feedback.

    And what the hell are the UMNO Bahagian, Cawangan and what not doing in terms of feedback? Are they so dull or subvervient that they don't shout at this kind of nonsense?

    If UMNO delegates at the coming General Assembly don't raise a hue and cry about this, they will be kissing goodbye to UMNO being in power come PRU14. Crazy buggers.

  9. Well, Annie - there is such a thing as learning to live within your means.

    Applies not only to individuals and families, but also to governments and countries.

    Which part of thrift and hard work don't you understand?

    Or that money doesn't fall from heaven, and that salaries and wages don't go up automatically, but have to be earned the hard way through increased skills, productivity and investments.

    If the BN foot soldiers don't understand the basic economic realities of life and the competitive global environment, then tough luck.

    Because, as sure as God made green apples, countries in the region aren't going to stop and take a breather while Malaysia gets it's act together.

    Grow up and stop whining.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think your arrogance may encourage the BN supporters not to give up the fight. They definitely wouldn't want arrogant people like you to take over the country.

    2. Well done, Annie. I support every word you said there. And detest those of the hidung tinggi ... oops, did I type the word correctly there?

    3. tebing tinggi,

      Awak tebing tinggi, bila jalan tak tergelintir jatuh ke air. Ramai lain yang tebing tak tinggi. Fikirkan sikit lah depa tuh. Gaji minima naik. Tapi harga barang dah naik. Dah neutralize menafa'at nya.

      Ni yang gomen boleh senang kontrol pun naik, apa daaa. Pendek kata, tak payah buat apa. Biorkan saje pun dah bagus, rakyat tak komplen. Ni plak buang subsidi, naikkan harga minyak, mana lah rakyat tak marah.

      Kamu peduli apa, rumah besor, kereta besor, gaji besor, silap silap minyak pun kopeni bayor. Tapi jangan cakap camtu le. Nak cari pasal le kamu.

    4. I dont see any arrogance. . Just stating the truth..

    5. Annie, fight for what? The right to sit on your fat ugly ass?
      I say it is good to cut the subsidies.

    6. Aiseh, Tebing, instead of asking in an offensive tone Which part of thrift and hard work don't you understand, why don't you try and explain how the average minimum wage or sightly higher income person can exercise thrift and hard work?

      Give examples, show us/ write out a proposed budget for them in here. That'd be a constructive criticism, innit? You can't? Or won't? Kamon la, I chalen you. See if others here would not shit your budget as unrealistic, ignorant of the plight of the low income people.

      I'm being offensive? No. Merely using the kind of language and tone you used up there.

    7. So, "tough luck" if the BN foot soldiers don't understand the basic economic realities of life and the competitive global environment, eh? So sombong arr, you?

      Not even trying to explain, you just kutuk arr? You Pakatoon or somefin'? Lu ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP? Do you realize that without the foot soldiers, the Malays would not have been able to get UMNO leaders to drag the British colonialists to talk independence, hold demos against the British when necessary, and to agree to citizenship right for the pendatang?

      You wanna scorn UMNO foot soldiers, eh? Do you realize that without UMNO foot soldiers amassing at then MB Selangor Dato Harun Idris' residence and taking counter-measures against he DAP and other goons shouting to the Malays balik kampong lah, claiming they have won the 1969 GE and are now Raja etc? Did you read the White Paper produced by MAGERAN on the 13 May 1969 riots?

      Do so and read it, will you. Never mind no thank you to the UMNO foot soldiers, but you are simply shit if you start demeaning them, d'ya hear?

      Do you know that the race riots produced the NEP that has given the opportunity for Malays, who do not have a culture of doing business like the Chinese do, to start doing business and now the Malays have some 20 plus percent corporate wealth from just 2% in 1970? No thank you to the UMNO foot soldiers? You don't benefit from NEP? The sub-contracts from the Malays, the higher purchasing power of the Malays and all?

      Wat u tok one, man? Or woman? Hell hath no fury like a ...... scorned.

    8. And why be "as sure as God made green apples"? Not rambutan and the like? You omputih thinking? Orang putih bontot hitam? Or brown or yellow? When did you last check your underside? Check it and get real, OK?

      This is not US, UK or EU. We have our own peculiar situation, our own Constitution and sets of laws enacted pursuant to that Constitution of ours. A lot because of the bloody British colonialists not wanting to spend money to expatriate the pendatang coolies etc like the Americans did by sending the Trans-America railway coolies back to China by the shiploads, and enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act sommore, banning the Chinese from permanent residence there.

      And why the hell does it matter to you that other countries are highly competitive etc? They wanna gobble you? You wanna compete with US, UK, China or Japan? What the ....

      You dunno that China and India each with over 4,000 years of history yet coming up economically only in the last 1-2 decades? That China was regarded and treated like a pariah until only recently? That the British returned Hong Kong to China only in 1990?

      And why the hell do you bother if "countries in the region aren't going to stop and take a breather while Malaysia gets it's act together"? Do you bother that Obama has just signed an Executive Order allowing 5 million Hispanics etc without papers to stay permanently in US despite the shouts by the non-Latino orang putih? Why don't you migrate there as it's now easy for everybody to get permanent stay there. You wanna the organizations giving advice on getting Green Cards etc, let me know and I'll readily give them here.

    9. Anonymous22 November 2014 08:27,

      "I dont see any arrogance. . Just stating the truth.."

      What truth? That which comes from Anwarul Al Juburi's assol? Or from Tokong Lim's sink hole? So deep drilled by Anwar that anything goes in there will sink.

      Anonymous22 November 2014 08:35,

      No, not fight for the right to sit on fat ugly ass? But the right to shit you blokes, damn you, condemn you and all that goes with those words. Why? Because you don't see or understand the plight of the low income people. Pakatoon, cakap tak serupa bikin.

      Awww shit, saying "I say it is good to cut the subsidies" without any substantiation or justification. The usual Pakatoon rant. Even if you are not Pakatoon, you sound Pakatoon saying that.

      Angry with me? No need lorr. You deserve to be shitted. When you give an opinion that is not in line with the post topic WITHOUT EVEN EXPLAINING YOURSELF, I say that my opinion is always better than yours.

      And my opinion shits yours.

    10. Anonnymous 22 November 9:39,

      Instead of sounding ike an ungrateful Pendatang DAPig yourself and calling other Anons childish names and using childish words like 'shit" which probably comes out of your mouth all the time why don't you argue the point intelligently. Tebing Tinggi may sound arrogant but he have his point of view so why shouldn't he state it. The same things i.e. reduction in subsidies etc are happening everywhere and we will have to learn to live with it and live within our means.

      Anyone who things a bit differently you hantam as DAPig. You are just removing the avenue for discussion. You are just a Pendatang DAPig yourself trying to flame everyone here (you have the SAME Modus Operandi as the Red Beans and I'm surprised that Annie hasn't rebuked you by now.

    11. Annie lovers here who cannot articulate correctly and disprove thinking that are contrary to theirs will just resort to name calling,swearing,labeling and use of profanities to defend Annie.
      Guess that's what the best they can do to kill off the views that are not same as theirs.

    12. cannot articulate correctly? who? you? what's the matter with you? go to school of correct articulation lah.

      and disprove thinking that are contrary to theirs? sure lah. that's democracy. heard that word before?

      name calling? can't remember that. swearing? never - damn, bloody are not swearing, fuck is swearing. labeling? yes. and use of profanities? don't think so.

      you forgot - shooing the disloyal. yes.

      kill off the views that are not same as theirs? of course lah any debater will do that. if you can't counter, means you kalah, buntut tak?

      now you wanna cry baby? that's your prerogative lah. free country.

    13. Migrate? Many Malaysians have already done that? The UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Singapore...the Malaysian diaspora is pretty widespread.

      And what makes you think more Malaysians will not follow suit?

      Maybe what is needed a pristine ethnically pure Malaysia that will blossom in all it's glory, unencumbered by ingrates and pendatangs.

      Too farfetched? Not if the rhetoric emanating from Umno and the likes of Isma and Perkasa is any indication.

      But one consolation is this - in an environment where social media is overwhelmingly pervasive (even if there is a Great Firewall of Malaysia in place), stuff cannot be hidden.

      It doesn't take much for the Malaysian economy to be sidelined into irrelevance. Sort of like what the US did to Iran, and like what it's doing to Russia.

      Maybe Tun Dr Mahathir will get his wish and Malaysia will adopt the gold dinar as the basis for it's currency.

      No need for Bank Negara, Miti or Mida then!

  10. Why on earth do they want to increase revenue by way of removing fuel subsidies and causing fuel price increases? To offset the cash hand outs under BRIM etc?

    If so, is that a well thought-out policy? Taking from one pocket and putting it into the other? No doubt the high income fellows spend more and the Establishment gets more from them. But don't they think that even those who are entitled to BRIM payments also use motorbikes and small or old cars?

    That it'd make them say, "Bloody hell, they gave me a fee hundred Ringgit, but they make the petrol prices higher. RM50 sen per liter increase may cost them RM3-5 or even more per day. It means taking back a few hundred Ringgit per month from the BRIM payments they receive - what now, RM1,000 or more, and how often per year?

    I completely fail to understand the mentality of those in power. Rushing to developed nation status no matter what. They need to generate higher amount of spending to envigorate the economy? So-called make the economy grow? They don't think of the wrath of the voters who would in the next general elections kick them in the butt?

    1. Those like tebing tinggi up there might be kicked in the butt, too.

      Asking the hardcore poor or those who kais pagi makan pagi but need motorbikes etc to go to work to "live within their means", konon.

      Does she (sounding female) think people walk to work these days? And work is just in the next kampong? Didn't realize that so many in the kampungs are now in the outer fringes of the towns, motor-biking across towns to work.

    2. Yah, lor - then the same voters will turn around ask where the bladdy heck are the good jobs and high salaries?

      Malaysian voters aren't stupid. They know that there's no such thing as a free lunch, and that someone somewhere down the line has to foot the bill for the government's cash handouts and subsidies regime.

      Whether the BN foot soldiers are similarly enlightened is anybody's guess.

    3. Taman Tasek,

      So you only think about "the good jobs and high salaries"? No think about the menial jobs and lowly paid miserable people? You should drown in the tasek if you think so.

      Note that I said "if". If you are not, explain yourself. This is a weekend, no excuse for not explaining when saying something unjustifiable.

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, blokes using the words "free lunch" are sure Pakatoons. Yet they are the buggers when given free lunches and dinners in Penang etc would bring tupperware and bring the food home as well. Ultra kiasu blokes.

      I say the Malaysian voters who voted Pakatoon were stupid. Why? I don't have to say why. You buggers didn't.

    4. Anon 08:31

      Perhaps you would want to include those Malaysians who ride their motorbikes by the thousands daily to work in Singapore?

      No fuel subsidies in Singapore, bro. Rich or poor, Singaporean or foreigner, you pay the same prices for fuel.

      Without contending with a "managed float" system for fixing fuel prices!

      And it's cheeky to talk about the "hardcore poor".

      Why do we still have the "hardcore poor" 50+ years after Merdeka?

      No good jobs, no investments, izzit?

    5. Tebing Tinggi22 November 2014 10:09,

      Call you stupid, you angry. But what the bloody hell has petrol prices in Malaysia got to do with working in Singapore?

      And why are you comparing Malaysia with Singapore? Youass moistens when listening or reading the good things of Singapore, you go live there and don't comment in Malaysian blogs lorr. And no need to tell us the failings of the Singapore gomen, like so many Singaporeans migrated elsewhere etc.

      Yes, you really are stupid now saying "it's cheeky to talk about the "hardcore poor". You don't know that even the US has their poor? You have your eyes and ears in Anwar's assol? Or in Tokong Lim's Anwar-bored one?

      I've read you elsewhere before. Got shitted every time you leave comments. And in here too. Don't like history, don't read the history of this country, eh?

      Didn't even read the comments about China and India with 4,000 years of history going up in economy only 1-2 decades ago?

    6. Tebing Tinggi,

      You may have the point there in your first comment, 06:56, but in your second your concern and comparison is just about bikers who crossed over to Singapore to work , what that got to to with the rest of Malaysian ?, with no fuel subsidy to maximize their small earning .

    7. Oh I see....then the Malaysian Malays who commute daily by small cc motorbikes to work in Singapore as Starbucks baristas or McDonald's deliverymen are innocent dupes who have been seduced by the lure of the strong Singapore Dollar?

      Strange, that.....they don't seem to have their arms twisted to work in Singapore.

      And they are willing to do it for wages that Singaporeans are reluctant to accept.

      So what gives, brudder? No national pride? No resilience? No "you can keep your filthy secular lucre and stick where the sun don't shine"?

    8. See, these jokers don't understand the concept of comparative economics.

      Like being paid in Sing dollars and spending the ringgit converted therefrom in Malaysia.

      Maybe those McDonald's deliverymen and Starbucks baristas are more economically and financially savvy than the people who post in this blog.

      Ditto for the Singaporeans who bring their Sing dollars to buy property in Malaysia.

      Now, whose fault is it that 1 Sing dollar is worth 2.55 ringgit?

      The Tunku? Tun Dr M? Pak Lah? Ah Jib Gor?

  11. sei em sei ah, yuen loi Ah Jib Gor hai Freemason ke yan wor!

    1. Anatawa bageiro da nah. Watakushiwa anatano hasemasu wa wakrimasen desu ta. Bakat da nah. Koko wa Eigo wa hansemasu nah.

  12. This is one of the effects of brim..i told you so..brim 1mdb bla bla bla are all useless!

    1. 08:04,

      Explain lah Mister. Why useless and all. At least 1-2 points jadi lah. Then readers will understand. And not think you useless instead.

    2. Useless because the gomen has to fork out more money as political tool pretending to help the hardcore poor..

      Excuse me..hardcore poor? Am i dreaming? .if you really are hardcore poor..then you definitely under the welfare and zakat radar..unless you are too lazy to register your name with them..

      And as far as we all are concerned..those who received brim not really poor dont they? Dare to deny?

      And because of the useless brim..all the rakyat including the brim receivers have to get unsubsidized petrol anymore..

      Need more explaination?

  13. Either the neo-liberals in UMNO/BN have won the day, or the country is heading for bankruptcy.

    History shows that economic hardship is what drives political changes and petrol price rises, coupled with the GST are what could well cause the BN to lose the next elections.

    Already, Pakatan Rakyat is trying to capitalise on it.

    1. It's obvious that you haven't encountered the competition "out there"?

      Are you, perchance, one of the "favoured few" who are cosseted and cradles with grants, projects and privileges?

    2. Aiyyyo, the moment you quote Malaysian Outsider and such Oppo Hippo news kontol, how to make pro-BN readers here believe you?

      No need to promote those MI and other blogs by giving their links lorr. Just state your tots without mentioning them, better chances of readers to believe what you say.

      Agree with you economic hardship is what drives political changes. Russia and China went communist even. But worse conditions under communist rule in China, ba. Only improved last 1-2 decades when they adopted free enterprise.

      Sure Pakatoon will exploit. Theirs is a business of exploiting what. Including exploiting one another among the factions. Now Azmin has won, Al Juburi etc are quiet.

    3. Tebing Tinggi22 November 2014 10:00,

      Now what is it that made you say "It's obvious that you haven't encountered the competition "out there"? Not pointing it out or explaining your wild and unsubstantiated allegation makes you a rabid Pakatoon dog, innit?

      And nice language, too - saying "perchance", like a Cambridge or Okspod graduate, not realizing that there are duds among them, one of whom is DAP Tony Pua.

      With a gun on your hip, easy on the draw like a cowboy in a Tombstone street, saying "one of the "favoured few" who are cosseted and cradles with grants, projects and privileges?" without justifying it, you wanna be shot dead? By cowboys who use only words to shit you back?

      You no like the Bumiputera privileges under the NEP that was drawn from the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, eh? As the lawyers say, ipso facto, or it follows from that fact, that you are not thankful for the citizenship right given to the pendatang (the quid pro quo), also no respect for the Constitution and unwilling to live by it?

      If so, why don't you migrate. Even well known personalities have said so to your kind. Tell me if you wanna me quote what they said.

    4. anon 1130

      why do you go off tangent and tell tebing tinggi to leave the country and accuse him of opposing bumiputera?

      tebing tinggi is a melayu.

    5. @Tebing Tinggi

      "Are you, perchance, one of the "favoured few" who are cosseted and cradles with grants, projects and privileges?"

      No. I just stated facts.

      History shows that economic hardship are factors which drove the masses in the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Hitler, the rise of Mussolini, the rise of Napoleon, the rise of Julius Caesar, the fall or Marcos, the fall of Soeharto, the two Arab Springs in Tunisia and Egypt (and not Twitter) and others.

      The BN, or more particularly UMNO relies on the rural voters to give it majority of seats in parliament and if they are economically alienated by rising petrol prices, GST and the rising cost of living, well UMNO/BN is very likely to lose their votes. It is that simple.

      So why is BN/UMNO shooting itself in the foot? Well I can only guess that the government is short of money and cannot afford to continue providing subsidies.

      Do I support subsidies?

      Yes. I do, and I despise neoliberals.

    6. 14:03,

      What proof have you that he is? Can show IC, name and address? hehe

      Anybody who says things that show that he/she doesn't like the country, doesn't respect and/or is not willing to live by the Constitution, may be asked to migrate, irrespective of race, religion or colour. Even the Minister of Home Affairs said so to blokes who don't like our system as stated in the Constitution, like the fler who demo here, demo there after losing PRU13.

      Praising Singapore where there are no fuel subsidies but not many poor people there, and saying it's cheeky to talk about the "hardcore poor" which is mostly the Malays in the kampongs, and insinuating that the Malays should not be poor any more after " 50+ years after Merdeka ", not understanding about the culture and the history of the Malays, how can he be a Malay?

      When he talks about Malays like that, is he not having a low regard of and opposing the bumiputera?

      And who says off tangent? Wanking those not liking Malays and opposing the bumiputeras needs not be tangential, innit?

      If he is truly a Malay but sounding a non-Malay and get whacked, well, to use his words, tough luck, innit.

    7. 14:03,

      Who else you think sneer those who "haven't encountered the competition "out there" except the Red Bean kind who have been trying to make fun of Malays so-called fearing competition.

      And who else envy/scorn the "favoured few" who are cosseted and cradles with grants, projects and privileges"?

      Btw, how do you know Tebing Tinggi is a Melayu? Are you him?

    8. IT.Scheiss22 November 2014 15:30,

      Good rebuttal at Tebing Tinggi.

  14. That is the right decision. Removal of subsidy. Now, with subsidy gone and semua bayar GST, finally it will hit the Malays more. Prayers answered. Finally.

    1. You think so, eh? Not explaining what you said? Clapping your hands that "it will hit the Malays more. Prayers answered"?

      You wanna "Removal of subsidy" or remove you and the likes of you from this country?

      How, sound good tit for tut?

  15. I think, policy wise, government should forgo their unrealistic chase for high income nation.

    Reconsolidate our position. Pick up where we left off. Address the many concerns and issues first.

    Transparency, inter-religious matters, sliding quality of education, perceived corruption (yes I said perceived corruption, because the ministry of information and all the communication units of every Ministry fail to address this), rising cost of living, limited affordable homes, lack of new generation of leaders, and many other issues.

    1. Bloody good comment, Sir.

      Support practically everything you said.

      More, please.

  16. I dont understand, why most people assume by removing fuel subsidy, the price of petrol wil go up? Hassan Malek told us Nov price is lower than what we have now, so the it might go down. And the world also expecting the price of oil to go down in the next two years.

    1. Wat u saying? Wat Hassan Malik saying? Wy no explanation? Want to play magic issit?

      Issit not the case last time when subsidy reduced, petrol price went up?

    2. How reliable is that expectation that world oil prices will go down next 2 years? What happens if they don't? Or rise, instead? We just grin and bear it? Paying higher petrol prices?

    3. Trust me..this low crude oil price is only will go up in no time..

      Do you think the gomen does not know this?

  17. Paling Kesian Dollah Badawi. Petrol increase by 60 cents? then kena belasah depan belakang kiri kanan and he say subsidy mentality must go off. That the downfall of him. Now 1st dec no subsidy. Kesian Badawi,seem Najib Administration no issue just do it. Better vote PR at least Anwar PM while other still dua kali lima with whats happening now.

    1. How to vote PR and how Anwar to be PM? Anwar will be in prison 10-15 years. Hadi as PM? Never, said Lim Kit Siang to Hudud and, I think, to Hadi, too?

      Kit Siang as PM? Nak mampus? Nanti dia kasi thugs, gangsters and communists a free hand in the country amacam? Remember, he wanted communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter the country.

    2. Kit Siang will never be PM lah it's not logical - impossible for him to get the majority support in Parliament; so what's the point of playing the situation up like this?

  18. There might be an economic reason for the subsidy cut but the government is doing the right thing by implementing it now when prices are lower, when it's still a long time before any elections. If people get some other benefit closer to an election, they will forget about this change. There are problems in any nation, but the PM is fixing ours for the long term.

    1. I don't think so. He's just crazy about getting developed nation status ASAP no matter what. I think he should go. Let's hear what Tun Dr Mahathir says tomorrow 23 November at PERKASA function.

      I like UMNO. I don't like Najib. His politics.

  19. This Annie's post is perhaps the most important in a long while.

    True, one cannot expect one's political adversary to accept one's cold straight talk with an open heart.on any subject.

    But it's quite clear that BN and Pakatan supporters are on the same page on this.

    The fact is our common 'enemy' is the deteriorating world economy.

    And just to establish that I'm no undercover Pakatan agent, I'ld like to say that while I have great respect for Wan Azizah's integrity, I'm not so sure about the soundness of her economic views, such as with regard the price of petrol, as evidenced below:

    It's only '16 sen per litre in Venezuela'
    Jun 5, 08 6:28pm (malaysiakini)

    Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has accused the government of being ‘stupid’ for repeatedly saying that our new petrol retail price of RM2.70 is low when compared to other countries in the region.

    “As a raw oil producing nation, Malaysia should be compared with other oil exporters such as UAE (RM1.19 per litre), Egypt (RM1.03 per litre), Kuwait (RM0.67 per litre), Saudi Arabia (RM0.38 per litre), Nigeria (RM0.32 per litre) and Venezuala (RM0.16 per litre),” she argued.

    “To compare prices with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia is obviously flawed,” the PKR president said in a statement today.

    Of course it is possible that her views have changed and her ability to govern greatly improved.

    But the fact is the ideal plan for our country to weather the economic storm ahead will be a coalition of all parties, with ideologues sidelined.

    While crude oil price is down now, one can be reasonably sure that it will go beyond $100/barrel. Thus, there is an Urgent need for Malaysia to become more economically efficient.

    1. If it goes beyond $100/barrel, Malaysian consumers will also pay more, innit? No more subsidy. Will it help crying then?

      Better cry now. Wan Aziziah is definitely a no no as PM. I think Najib, too, when he wants to abolish Sedition Act, rush to developed nation at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays.

      Support UMNO/BN/ But replace Najib.

  20. Why do they use the words "remove the fuel subsidy"? Instead of just saying the fuel price will be based on a "managed float", whatever it means.

    Or isn't it that, with the managed float, the price will, in effect, be higher than the "subsidized fuel price" that exists before 1 Dec?

    It was announced that the government has decided that from Dec 1, the retail price for RON95 petrol and diesel will be based on the "managed float". Through the managed float, the average product cost will determine the price for the following month.

    This means that if the world crude oil price increases, the retail price of RON95 petrol and diesel will also increase, or vice versa. This surely mean that there is no protection against petrol price increases. The Government will just follow world market prices and to hell with the Malaysian low income users.

    "Research on the implementation of managed float for RON95 petrol and diesel was carried out by the government before this decision was made." Did that research include the sentiment of the consumers? Or was it a case of to hell with the consumers, we must do whatever that would lead to a high income status.

    Those who think otherwise, please weigh in with arguments that are supported by verifiable facts, please.

  21. Aaaaah, they cannot avoid the public not knowing about "removing petrol price subsidies". One report says "KL’s move to axe fuel subsidies could save S$7.76b annually".


    So, save S$7.76billion (RM20 billion) to pay for 1 MDB? And Tun Dr Mahathir has walloped 1 MDB in more ways than one.

    So, how?

    1. So my friend, it boils to the urgent need for a great reduction in crony corruption together with a great increase in ministerial competence! You can't have the PEMANDU inner sanctum and the ministerial departments battling it out against each other or mutually blaming one another over economic issues and people problems. The top guy is almost clueless in administration but playing politics within his own party!

  22. Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin:

    We only have another three years (to the 14th General Election). We are at a critical stage because if the party transformation is not felt or seen (by the people), I am worried that we will lose (in the next polls).

  23. 13:15

    True, subsidy saved may indeed be some S$7.76b/year based on the crude oil price at the time of calculation. But don't expect the government to now have that much more surplus.

    The reason being the fall in Petronas profits may be alot more than that.

    In short, while we enjoy lower fuel prices for the time being, current and lower crude oil price level will infact strain our government finances.

    1. True. But is the spending on 1 MDB justifiable? If so, why even Tun Dr Mahathir said otherwise? He should know. He ruled this country for 22 years.

      And please tell me: why is there the need to rush to developed nation status?

    2. Developed Nation Status / High Income Country - what's the use if so many of our fellow citizens toil and live in hardship, and so many graduates cannot find jobs?

      Instead, we should focus on the practical, and support projects that:

      1. Cost little to implement because there are existing but poorly used assets already in place;
      2. Can give huge financial returns to participants and the country (eg billions/yr);
      3. Address serious issues within the industries; and
      4. Give chance to participants, but especially young graduates, to become highly productive employees and/or business people.

      There are already projects as described being carried out in this country. They are scalable and can produce the above effect.

      For inspiration, let's look at the story of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

      It was meant to be a low cost fighter - simple in construction design and inexpensive to build - so that it may be suitable for America as well as the less wealthy NATO and other defense treaty partner countries. It was born out of necessity - and within budget, design and production time-line.

      Conceived in the early 1970s by a small but vocal group of engineers and defense analysts known as the Lightweight Fighter Mafia, the F-16 was designed as an alternative to fighter aircraft that had grown increasingly heavy and unmaneuverable.

      A team working out at the aerospace division of General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas (which Lockheed would acquire in 1993) was designing a new type of fighter to meet the Lightweight Fighter Mafia’s ambitious goals. They set out to trade excess weight and heavy payloads for speed and maneuverability, to develop a simple, inexpensive fighter that would fly so fast and turn so quickly that adversaries would be unable to strike it with either missiles or machine gun fire.

      Beginning in 1975, the F-16 design team translated those ideas into the most advanced combat aircraft of its day, leaning on new technologies that had never before been integrated into a single aircraft. Its smooth blended-wing body provided extra lift and control; its critical fly-by-wire system kept the design stable and increased its agility; and its slightly tilted back ejection seat, side-mounted control stick, head-up display, and bubble canopy improved pilot survivability as well as visibility and control.

      Starting of as a low-cost baby, the F-16 became the best fighter of its time.

      Our country is now under great and increasing financial stress. But people often find their best when under maximum stress.

  24. Maybe M'sia govt follow S'pore's way. S'poreans do get their own version of BR1M every few months or so. At the same time, the PAP govt will raise the price of somthing else. It could be transport fare ex. Taxi, bus etc .The M'sian just copy the S'pore way. Pay and pay.

  25. Hahaha, boleh percaya ka ini mamat cakap?

    Dia kata total subsidi RM25B, tetapi bila tarik subsidi, jimat cuma RM10b.

    SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the savings from fuel subsidies can be used for socio-economic development which will benefit the people.

    He said last year fuel subsidies cost the government RM24 billion but the new system will bring savings between RM10 and RM12 billion.

    Najib said savings from fuel subsidy cut could be channelled to the agricultural sector to benefit farmers and fishermen

    "The savings can be allocated to help farmers and fishermen in rural areas who have low incomes," he said when delivering his speech at the opening of MAHA 2014 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park here this morning

  26. but now it is cheaper the price of petrol...why bising...? just stop being a worrying fool...

    1. He who calls others fools is not only a fool, he is also a shit stool.

      How, rhyme or not?

    2. rhyme it up your "S" and the sun will still shine tomorrow...

      but...calling others fool is a shit stool...and how about those that Dont calls others a fool...they are never a fool?

  27. ini semua salah kau orang yang mengundi BN..Kan PR dah janji kalau menang minyak turun tak naik..kau orang tak caya..sekarang bising apa..tak payah komplain dah..PRU akan datang undilah BN lagi..

    You deserve the government you choose so don't complain..

    1. Setuju 120%.

      Bye-bye BN

    2. Hahahahaha PR dah janji ... bulan dan binang korang janji ... cakap tak serupa bikin punya janji apa daaaa

      Khalid simpang duit rkyat RM3 bilion, tak buat projek projek untok rakyat, rupa nya untik naik gaji dia lebih besau dari gaji PM, naik gaji Exco PR, naik gaji ADUN, pastu RM2.7 juta untuk setaf dia ambik yang takut kena Azmin buang. Apa da PKR.

      Jahanam negara kalau undi PR di PRU akan datang.

    3. Anon 20:12. Don't talk bulls lah. You got proof ka? Selangor much better under PR. Under BN many projects with useless outcome given to cronies. Road divider pun ada bonsai at RM5K each.

  28. Good, let the Melayu suffer. They love UMNO what. Ya, why don't you yahoos go and demo in front of WTC where they are going to have their PAU?

    Fucking bunch of cowards. Talk cock only pandai.