Tuesday 11 November 2014

Najib backed by his VPs on Sedition Act

There has been quite a bit of hue and cry about Umno people protesting for the Sedition Act to be maintained.

The latest is Wanita Umno chief DS Shahrizat Abdul Jalil saying that the party's wing will send a petition to urge PM DS Najib Razak not to go on with the plan to have the Act either repealed or amended.

She even said that Wanita Umno will go about collecting one million signatures in the effort to "save" the Sedition Act.

If you want to know her motive, please read A Voice's

Bet some political low life will say Shahrizat getting even for NFC 

Really, I would had done the same....low life or not....

Honestly, I rather wish for Wanita Umno to embark on registering one million Umno supporters as voters in preparation for the next general election instead of trying to pull such a rather silly stunt.

These efforts, supposedly to prevent the Sedition Act from being replaced by another law which could safeguard the country will not come to anything.


That's how I see it.


Because the Najib's administration will proceed with the plan to replace the Sedition Act.

There's no stopping it.

Even Shahrizat knows this. What she was doing is just wayang, I'm afraid.

Surely she knows that the top Umno leadership had already decided on this matter.

Read this NST report carefully and try to understand what Umno VP DS Hishammuddin Hussein was trying to convey, especially to Umno people:

Hisham: Umno will not stop championing Islam, Malays

KUALA LUMPUR: Any amendments to the Sedition Act or any law to replace it will not affect the core struggles of Umno, said party vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.
In an interview with TV3 during its Soal Jawab programme, Hishammuddin assured members that Umno would continue to uphold Islam, the Malays and the monarchy, amid a spate of recent controversies, including the use of the word “Allah” among non-Muslims.
Detractors of the act had called for it to be repealed after several individuals, including politicians, were charged for making allegedly seditious statements.
The government had pledged to review the act.
Hishammuddin said many had misunderstood the spirit behind the act, which aimed to maintain peace, order, mutual respect and racial harmony, in line with Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.
“Many Malays are afraid that their rights, as enshrined under Article 153, will be affected if there is a change in the act. I want to assure them that Umno will continue to defend Islam, the Malays and the royal institution.
“We have our stand and will not be affected,” he said during the interview last night.
He said some quarters were wary of losing ground following a possible amendment to the act.
“Previously, you didn’t hear of people complaining or voicing concerns.
“But today, there is the Internet. We are living in a borderless world,” he said.
On the party’s move to include a Sunni clause — the term “Sunnah Wal Jamaah” — to replace the word “Islam” in its constitution, Hishammuddin said it was to bolster efforts to promote the image of Islam and to deter misappropriation of Islamic teachings by deviant groups.
He said with the dangers propagated by the Islamic State (IS) on a global scale, Umno was doing its part to curb the spread of deviant teachings in Malaysia.
Hishammuddin said IS had attracted thousands of converts from Western countries to join its cause in the Middle East.
“The world is watching Malaysia and Umno to see our approach in presenting Islam and what can we do to promote moderation.”

Can't you all see that?


Hishammuddin was telling Umno people that they shouldn't worry if the Sedition Act is to be repealed or amended.

Simple isn't it?

It means that the Act is actually going to be either repealed or amended.

Well, and another Umno VP had actually told me the same too.

Yes, I'm not kidding you.

This Umno VP will come out with a statement similar to Hishammuddin's within the next few days.

The third Umno VP is also expected to do the same before the party's general assembly starts on Nov 25.

It will be a solid support for Najib by his vice-presidents.

Their message to Umno members:

Malaysia has to change with time.

All the draconian laws have to go.

Umno also has to change with time.

Without the changes the country will not be able to move forward.

That's the firm belief of the Najib's administration.

Umno members have to swallow this bitter pill.

Their president wants to take them forward.

That's how I understand it.

Oh, and I think people like Shahrizat is on her way out.


Najib has these next three years to fix things which may turn ugly for now.

He is set for his administration to be remembered in history for affecting the necessary changes which will enable the country to achieve it's developed status.

I'm fine with that.

Well, what do you expect me to say?

As if anyone can do anything about it.

Personally, I don't care too much about the Sedition Act.

If the Act is so good, why our race relations became so tense these past few years?

Honestly, I just hope they draft that proposed Harmony Act or whatever it is rather properly if they want it to replace the Sedition Act.

Otherwise, this country can get quite stuck in a really sticky mess instead of going forward as Najib intended.

Whatever it is, I will pray that Najib got it right on this.

I will pray for this country too.


  1. This time I disagree with you, Annie, Strongly and seriously.

    That Hishamudin says those does not mean the Sedition Act will go. Even if 1-2 other VPs support the kicking out of the Act. Even Ketua Pemuda and VP Khairy has blasted the Bar Council for wanting to demo against the Sedition Act. Unless he's one who talks with a forked tongue and now says something else. And I'll be damn surprised if Ahmad Zahid will say get rid of the Act.

    Hishamudin is Ah Jib Gor's first cousin. Of course, whatever Abang Jib says, Abang will get from him. Hishamudin will not say anything against but will always shout out support for Abang Jib to kingdom come. And he was given the post of Home Minister. Next in importance to only the Prime Minister. With powers of arrest in the IGP serving under him. And he didn't have the highest votes among the VPs.

    But look at his popularity as Home Minister. I'd say it was like shit. Still got in as VP after that when Khairy and Shahrizat had no issue like they now have over the Sedition Act. When the vast majority of UMNO Bahagians have stated wanting the Act retained. They have joined the bandwagon in calling for the Act to be retained.

    1. The Sedition Act is only good for as long as UMNO remains in power. As a Malay I see the point of keeping the Sedition Act because I have lived long enough (66 years!) to know Malays (Muslims) need the Act to stay in power. If BN had lost the 30 or so marginal seats in the last GE, Pakatan would be ruling today and our Dewan Rakyat would have a non-muslim majority. Sedition Act would have been history and quite possibly moves would be set afoot to turn the country into a Republic. But, alas, I really do not see the Sedition Act lasting longer than the next GE even if UMNO members succeeds in stopping Najib. I dare say that the Act is good only if UMNO is in power.

    2. I disagree with you the Sedition Act lasting longer than the next GE even if UMNO members succeed in stopping Najib. I disagree with you that the Act is good only if UMNO is in power.

      I agree with you on the keeping the Sedition Act because Malays (Muslims) need the Act to stay in power. I doubt that Malays will be in power if Pakatan wins the GE. I doubt the Malays in Pakatan have or will stick to principles. They will sell their souls to the devils. The ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP are mostly devils. Including the Chinese who masquerade as a Malay Zairil what'sthe name.

      In Fiji the British colonialists allowed the pendatang to become majority. They won the general elections but could not taste power. The Army grabbed power. Then the pendatang migrated. Now they are no longer majority. Recently the party dominated by locals won the elections. The Army handed back power to them.

    3. This is the time when Najib wants all the first cousins, the second and third cousins behind him. Except Anwar Al Juburi however close the blood relationship may be, for the bloke is a rear operator and anyone he stands behind will find an extra dong protruding even longer at the front. There's a joke about that in the Army but not suitable to tell here.

      Alas, after Pemuda Khairy and Wamita Shahrizat have abandoned him, Najib may now be in a sinking ship. Let's hope and pray that on the 23 November PERKASA event, the wise old man Tun Dr Mahathir would deliver the final ... ooops, don't use the words "the final nail in the coffin" - Anwar's lawyers have accused Tan Sri Shafee of saying those when the Public Prosecutor said he never did.

      That's why I said we can never trust the Pakatoons. They put words into people's mouth. And you know what Azmin Ali put in that fella's mouth while in the toilet ...

    4. Anonymous11 November 2014 13:02,

      That's why so damn important that Anwarul Al Juburi is shoved into jail for as long as possible - minimum 10-15 years - as Sodomy II final judgment.

      He's the biggest divisive factor among the Malays. Even among Malaysians. Like said by the BBC Hard Talk programme moderator Stephen Sackur, reported by Sinar Harian and placed in one comment in the previous post.

      If he is jailed for that long, even though wife Jijah can be a proxy, she can only go about with the white gloves and white fan like a Malacca Nyonya of old and nobody really cares about her.

      So, let's hope and pray for that kind of decision by the Federal Court. We don't threaten demos against the decision, not like the seditious and contemptuous bugger Tian Chua. We only hoe and pray. We won't even do a PAS - pray for KO UMNO. We just pray for LONG JAIL O ANWAR.

    5. If Najib go down in history as the one to abolish the Sedition Act - instead of refining it and safeguarding its proper use - then he will be the Malay man who open the gates to the unbelievers to nullify the Sultans as guardians of the religion of Islam.

    6. Nope, much, much worse my friend Anonymous11 November 2014 16:47.

      Najib will go down in history as the bloke who threw the law that protects the sensitive clauses of the Constitution, which means all the articles pertaining to Ketuanan Melayu (i.e on the system of Constitutional Monarchy in this country, which takes about 10% of the august document), on Islam as the religion of the country, on citizenship right, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, etc.

      Someone has said it aptly somewhere that "all hell will break loose" if and when that happens. If at least 170 out of the total 191 UMNO Divisions have "opposed" it (defied Najib's wish to discard the Act), that is a strong indication that Malays at all levels and in all corners of the country have been watching and discussing that development. And now, even Wanita UMNO has said it. And actually used the word "opposed", I think.

  2. And Tun Dr Mahathir will speak at the PERKASA function on 23 November. 2 days before the PAU starting 25 November. I'm anxiously waiting to hear what kind of bomb he will explode.

    I hope he will explode a huge bomb. A verbal hemorrhage. against the mess that UMNO is in now. Putting aside the rights and interests of the Malays that UMNO swore to do upon formation over 60 years ago. Rushing to developed nation status no matter what. Putting NEP on the back burner, discarding ISA, EO, RRA and now wanting to drop the Sedition Act.

    Of course, Abang Jib will call the delegates to a closed door session like he did the last time. And he got retained as UMNO President uncontested. But with Khairy of Pemuda UMNO damning the Bar Council on the planned Sedition Act demo and Shahrizat of Wanita UMNO wanting to collect 1 million signatures against removing the Sedition Act, I really wonder what can Najib promise the delegates beyond saying it will be lovey lovey when US, UK, EU issue him a certificate of a developed nation status.

    Will he promise - and will the delegates believe him - that the Malays will soon after that get at least 30% corporate wealth, 30% wealth in all other aspects of the economy like commercial buildings and residential properties ownership?

    Will the Golden Triangle in KL be 30% Malay-owned in some years after the developed nation status? Will he reinvigorate the NEP twofold after that? Naaaaaaah, not a chance. How can he, after he has thrown the Sedition Act and the pendatangs can criticize even the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak that is now protected by that very Act which he wants thrown out.

    And even now - soon after my comment - such a bloke will come in commenting with either direct telling or snide remarks and innuendos asking Malays to be independent, competitive, no tongkat-ing etc, conveniently forgetting that the pendatangs have been tongkat-ing like hell, too, like Robert Kuok and the sugar monopoly.

    1. Awwww shit wanting FDI from China. Yet billionaire Robert Kuo, despite getting the sugar monopoly tongkat that made him a millionaire and later a billionaire, openly stated he has one foot in China, presumably half his investments there.

      And Ah Jib Gor went to the extent of liberalizing all sorts, including throw away ISA and now wanna throw Sedition Act, to attract FDI.

      So, saying shit to that is ok, innit.

  3. The Sedition Act in Malaysia is a law prohibiting discourse deemed as seditious. The act was originally enacted by the colonial authorities of British Malaya in 1948. The act criminalises speech with "seditious tendency", including that which would "bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against" the government or engender "feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races". The meaning of "seditious tendency" is defined in section 3 of the Sedition Act 1948 and in substance it is similar to the English common law definition of sedition, with modifications to suit local circumstances. The Malaysian definition includes the questioning of certain portions of the Constitution of Malaysia, namely those pertaining to the Malaysian social contract, such as Article 153, which deals with special rights for the bumiputra (Malays and other indigenous peoples, who comprise over half the Malaysian population)


    1. I don't trust Wikipedia. I don't think it's reliable. Th articles in there often have the Editor's instruction in brackets [Edit], [Sources], [Authority} nd such. So the articles keep changing.

      Anyway. "the Sedition Act 1948 and in substance it is similar to the English common law definition of sedition ...". So why the fuss?

    2. http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/sedition

      SEDITION and its pragmatics in the USA :

      A revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.

      Sedition is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government. However, because of the broad protection of free speech under the First Amendment, prosecutions for sedition are rare. Nevertheless, sedition remains a crime in the United States under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000), a federal statute that punishes seditious conspiracy, and 18 U.S.C.A. § 2385 (2000), which outlaws advocating the overthrow of the federal government by force.

      A person found guilty of seditious conspiracy or advocating the overthrow of the government may be fined and sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. Governments have made sedition illegal since time immemorial.

      The High Court has protected the speech of racial supremacists and separatists, labor organizers, advocates of racial Integration, and opponents of the draft for the Vietnam War. However, it has refused to declare unconstitutional all sedition statutes and prosecutions. In 1940, to silence radicals and quell Nazi or communist subversion during the burgeoning Second World War, Congress enacted the Smith Act (18 U.S.C.A. §§ 2385, 2387), which outlawed sedition and seditious conspiracy. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the act in Dennis v. United States, 341 U.S. 494, 71 S. Ct. 857, 95 L. Ed. 1137 (1951).

      Sedition prosecutions are extremely rare, but they do occur. Shortly after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City, the federal government prosecuted Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, a blind Egyptian cleric living in New Jersey, and nine codefendants on charges of seditious conspiracy. Rahman and the other defendants were convicted of violating the seditious conspiracy statute by engaging in an extensive plot to wage a war of Terrorism against the United States. With the exception of Rahman, they all were arrested while mixing explosives in a garage in Queens, New York, on June 24, 1993.

      The defendants committed no overt acts of war, but all were found to have taken substantial steps toward carrying out a plot to levy war against the United States. The government did not have sufficient evidence that Rahman participated in the actual plotting against the government or any other activities to prepare for terrorism. He was instead prosecuted for providing religious encouragement to his co-conspirators. Rahman argued that he only performed the function of a cleric and advised followers about the rules of Islam. He and the others were convicted, and on January 17, 1996, Rahman was sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Michael Mukasey.

      Following the September 11th Attacks of 2001, the federal government feared that terrorist networks were very real threats, and that if left unchecked, would lead to further insurrection. As a result, Congress enacted the "Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001", Pub. L. No. 107-56, 115 Stat. 272. Among other things, the act increases the president's authority to seize the property of individuals and organizations that the president determines have planned, authorized, aided, or engaged in hostilities or attacks against the United States.

      The events of September 11 also led to the conviction of at least one American. In 2001, U.S. officials captured John Philip Walker Lindh, a U.S. citizen who had trained with terrorist organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Lindh, who became known as the "American Taliban," was indicted on ten counts, including conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals. In October 2002, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

    3. Anonymous11 November 2014 15:46,

      Well done, well done, well done, my friend, for researching that and putting it out here.

      I'm gonna use it every time I see anti-Sedition Act comments. I will throw into the faces of those buggers the statement that the US Government "has refused to declare unconstitutional all sedition statutes and prosecutions."

      Now we'll do so into Najib's face.

  4. Does it matter whether Shahrizat wants to collect 1 million signatures against the dropping of the Sedition Act out of vengeance over the KFC affair or what? The fact remains that the Ketua Wanita, and ipso facto, the Wanita UMNO, are against the discarding of the Act.

    The National Consultative Council (or whatever the name) bungled in their PR, announced all sorts in their website etc the draft of the so-called replacement bills even before they are shown to the Government, making it appear as if the dropping of the Sedition Act is a done deal. Making the concerned citizenry wonder if they are a Government Department and that Minister Nancy Shukri is just an appendage. That did not help matters at all. It heightened the concern of those wanting the Act retained.

    Irrespective of those, the fact remains that now there's a hell of a lot of opposition to the Sedition Act. Imagine, in UMNO itself, at least 170 out of the total 191 Divisions have expressed defiance to Najib's wish to throw away that Act. A few of his own Ministers have indicated so, as Heads of Divisions or whatever. Isn't that democracy for Najib to heed the wishes of the overwhelming majority in his own party?

    What kind of democracy is he practicing if he disregards the will of the majority of his own party members? And what kind of democracy the Western powers are practicing if they "issue a certificate of developed nation status" to Najib despite those glaring example of non-democracy within his own political party? It'll be a mockery of democracy of the highest order. It'll be the laughing stock of the world. It'll be recorded in history as the developed nation of the world that is not democratic!

    1. If he continues with discarding the Sedition Act, then the accusation that he is dictatorial is valid, because he ignores the wishes of the majority.

  5. Annie, what "All the draconian laws have to go"? You sounding Anwarul Al Jubur-ish arr?

    What else is draconian, Annie? Half of what's written in the Constitution and the laws enacted pursuant to the Articles of the Constitution?

    Kamon la, get real, baby. Don't sound DAP-ish. They are clapping hands reading you up there. And I'll clench my fist opposing you like crazy. But won't touch you. Coz sayang you, what.

    But swear, will never sayang ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP. They started the racism and chauvinism in this country. And caused the race riots of 1969.

    1. Sori Annie, all those draconian thingy is now shitty - shitted by our friend who dug out and put in here that even in the most liberal country, US, sedition laws exist.

      Anonymous11 November 2014 15:46 comment has pointed out that the US Government "has refused to declare unconstitutional all sedition statutes and prosecutions."

  6. "and I think people like Shahrizat is on her way out."

    You may be expressing the wishful thinking of the UMNO VP you spoke to, Annie. With at least 170 out of the total 191 UMNO Divisions defying Najib wanting the Sedition Act retained, and a few Ministers, too, not sure at all that she is on the way out.

    Politics is about saying yes at the right time - some keep quiet, wait for others to say it, then jump on the bandwagon, and, when the Red Indians are shot dead, join in the gratitude and platitude.

    1. Politics is also about saying, "Sori lah Dato Seri, the vast majority in my Bahagian wants the Act retained. We must be democratic. I must listen to my Bahagian. So I said yes to them."

      Swear, it's not because so many other Bahagians have said no the the Act. I hope you understand ..."

  7. How many UMNO VPs backing Najib on the Sedition Act now, Annie?

    There are 5 VPs, including Ketua Pemuda Khairy and Ketua Wanita Shahrizat. 2 of them already not backing Najib on it, innit?

    I think Ahmad Zahid, with the many whackings of the seditious by sedition charges, will back the Police under his charge rather than Najib who most UMNO Bahagians have defied on this mater anyway. Makes it 3 out of 5 against Najib.

    Only cousin Hishamudin and Anifah Aman (?) backing Najib? Only 2 out of 5 VPs backing means he should announce at the coming PAU that the Sedition Act will be retained.

  8. "If the Act is so good, why our race relations became so tense these past few years?"

    Because the authorities, taking the cue from Ah Jib Gor, was half hearted in using the Sedition Act. Especially during Hishamuddin's time as Home Minister.

    If the authorities think there is no qualm by the political masters at the very top against using the Act in full - like if announced that the Act will be retained - there will be more seditious buggers imprisoned and the country will be less tense.

    Ask Tian Chua and Malaysia Chronicle if you don't believe! The bloke even demeaned the Police and the Armed Forces, 10 of whom died defending Sabah against the Muslim Filipinos incursion.

    1. ANGRY EYES!

      Time, time and again
      I've seen you starin' out at me.
      Now, then and again, I wonder
      What it is that you see

      With those Angry Eyes.
      Well, I bet you wish you could
      Cut me down with those Angry Eyes...

      You want to believe that
      I am not the same as you.
      I can't concieve, oh no,
      What it is you're tryin' to do

      What a shot you could be if
      You could shoot at me
      With those Angry Eyes...

      You tried to defend that
      You are not the one to blame.

      But I'm finding it hard, my friend,
      When I'm in the deadly aim
      Of those Angry Eyes.

      You have never stopped to realize
      Blindness binds us together in the foster skies.
      Can you see me through those Angry Eyes?

  9. For 58 years Merdeka ISA/Sedition act etc etc act have managed to maintained Peace and Stability and it proven. Its has been challenged in the court of law and 'won'. Why repealed ? Look at the crime rates and massage parlour with sexual activities. It like mushroom in Pakatan Selangor beloved Anwar Ibrahim control state who protray himself as a Islamist plus PAS PIS PUS.
    UMNO Defend Islam. In whay way? When some 'thinking muslim' say or voice something which is not on line with the 'Institution' they will be procecuted even SIS being declare Haram or Sesat while SIS pray to Allah SWT. Ideology can be different as that is Human and should be taken academic and proffesional way to handle it same to The Grand Father En Kasim Ahmad. He's not anti Hadis. He followed Rasullulah saw Islam and what he saying is ' to relook at hadis' and yet he being charged. May Allah SWT bless Kassim Ahmad and the truth prevail.
    Many Malays are afraid that their rights, as enshrined under Article 153 the problem is Ah Gib Gor is not reflecting it in his action,
    On the party’s move to include a Sunni clause — the term “Sunnah Wal Jamaah” — to replace the word “Islam” in its constitution??? and this is the end to create 'Thinking Muslim' as now in Malaysia all must be Sunni but when perform Haj, darurat da can adopt Hanafi etc as long as it done properly. What this?
    bolster efforts to promote the image of Islam and to deter misappropriation of Islamic teachings by deviant groups?? UMNO leader should lead the way by not being corrupt, living high profile , anak beranak hericy and so on.
    IS had attracted thousands of converts from Western countries to join its cause in the Middle East??? Are westernese joing the club of doom and are these converter in thousand? Is he sure?. Oh Ya is Dajjal and Mahdi really on the way sorry Annie this is my opinion.

    1. Hey bro! just because ISIS guys pray to Allah means they can kill other muslim who also pray to Allah kah? You can have your freaking opinion about religion but you better shut the hell up if you can't defend your ideology with proofs from Quran, Hadith, Ijmak and Qiyas. Btw do u understand what those terms mean or not? NO? Better go find a guru murshid before you fine your machine gun in public like a fool. And btw those who pray to Allah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim cannot rape innocent girls and women and bomb masjids you know boy? They are called CRIMINALS

    2. Correction : Mazhab Hanafi is one of the mazhab (school of thoughts) under the akidah Sunnah Wal Jama'ah just like the other three ie. Mazhab Maliki, Hanbali and Shafie.

    3. Anon 16.38, you must be an Ulamak or Ustaz as relected in your comment. Great. And you have the DAP mentality. Shut up if you are not with me or shut up you dont know anything, that DAP mentality and you probaly UMNO Ustaz with DAP mentality. You can be running around asn stop people of voicing theoir opinion even how wrong it could be. Be professional share with us your facts and you wont be hit back. Why telling other to shut up? That is what the comment mentioned anout lacking of 'Thinking Muslim' unfortunatley you an Ustaz (from your comment look like from an UMNO ustaz DAP mentality) is one of them .Sorry brothr and forgive me to say these. Love listening to Ustaz Azhar and Kazim.

  10. my take on sharizat move, she sense something, that najib might go down this pau. so shes taking side now. i hope this is true. weve had enough with najib. and this might have something to do with tun speech also and stuff that i rather not mentioned because i want this to happen.

    why race relation becoming tense now u ask? well annie,... we were all witness to the things tht are happening in Malaysia since pak lah. who started it all? why the tsunami?
    if u have to ask, i meant, id aspect more from u.

    sedition act must remain. no we dont need to change. not when the so called moderation is ushered by the chauvinist and liberals. we were fine before, developing during tun era and i even dare to say that the race relation was better back then. so ill ask again. wht changes? and who started it all out.

    we probabbly in the same age, so if this is true then we live in the same era and u should know wht really happened.

    just because u gave it a nice branding and name such as moderation, doesnt mean that it is good for the nation.

    lets get back to the time when all of us respect the constitution and each other. we were living in peace and harmony. we have the recipe all along, so why move backwards now. if a certain group of a certain people wasnt so greedy, then we might just be able to do away with all this fiasco.

    If the liberal and the chauvinist agenda is being forced on us, do not aspect us the bumis to just stand still. like it or not, we are the majority. we do not think this is unfair or draconian in any level. u just have to understand the history of malaysia and take it from there. then only u should try to apply common sense and fairness.

    if this is the stand from umno leadership, then us malay would just find another platform. theres no moderation is A ba ta. Annie, do ponder on the letter A ba and ta. do you see moderation in it? If im right they are anything but moderation. honestly? who the hell do they think they are to even suggest this to us. why should i give a crap about wht hishamudin said. after all they are all talk about championing malay agenda, much louder too during the pau. but we kept seeing all gov policy becoming liberal aiming for the so called moderation.

    this only confirms our suspicion about the elitis and liberals that are running umno now. we are not afraid. we can survive without umno. we will also create our very own tsunami if need be.

    1. Support almost all what you say, bro. Also many of the comments above. But got to go in a hurry and can comment yours only at this time. Chow.

    2. najib terhegeh2 nk org melayu berubah. siapa yg patut berubah sebenarnya.

      the malay do not need a leader who keep being apologetic. If we are under attack, we should defend ourself. us to change? while the other side can relax and remain chavinist? wht crap.

      chow bro.

    3. Najib is a leader who says soli, can't give more but give you only RM2 million for SJKC Rasa renovation at PRK Hulu Selangor. RM10 million to other SJKCs PRU13. May be same facilities as SKs at PRU14.

      And no need to say soli for he Chinese tsunami. I know many UMNO members are fedap. But am anxiously waiting for the perwakilan who would speak up for a change of leadership at the coming PAU.

    4. "liberal and chauvinist agenda"???

      How divorced from realities are you?

      Do you even bother to keep tabs on what is happening in Asean and Apec, where they are talking about greater integration and liberalisation of Asean and Apec economies?

      Does TPP, RCEP and FTAAP mean anything to you?

      So, while you talk about rights and privileges, the rest of the region is moving on.

      Guess who will get left behind?

  11. well just our luck annie, do have a look at halen ang's latest entry about the so called moderation. this is wht we see too and probabbly the reason why no one except for the liberals and chauvinist would accept it.

    1. Where got moderation when the interest of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, representing 70% of the population of the country, is put aside.

      Rushing to developed nation status, bo paluli NEP, how can moderation?

  12. Maybe, and maybe...
    The delegates will vote Ah Jib gor out instead of the sedition act.
    Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena!

    1. I like this comment most of all. No election this time, innit? Mybe he UMNO Supreme Council will be "persuaded" to act in "easing" Ah Jib Gor out.

      But is it possible for one delegate, despite the vetting of speeches, may be brave enough to speak out of line and propose the voting of Ah Jib by the delegates there assembled?

      Like the PAS delegate at the recent PAS Muktamar talking out of tune with he party stand. PAS ada perwakilan yang berani. UMNO, di hujung November, harap ada yang berani.

  13. The line is drawn. Let's wait for the PAU. Tra la la....

    1. Let's not just wait, let's keep on whacking until PAU day and beyond if Najib is not replaced.

      Even US has a Sedition Act and refused to discard it - see the comment above by

      Anonymous11 November 2014 15:46


      SEDITION and its pragmatics in the USA


  15. "Surely she (Shahrizat) knows that the top Umno leadership had already decided on this matter."

    She knows. Najib has said it repeatedly, what. As Najib's Women's Adviser or whatever title she is given and salaried tens of thousands Ringgit, she has an office in the PM's Dept, what. And she is pally with Rosmah since school days, what. They walk in and out of each others' houses for so long already, what.

    Either she and Najib and/or Rosmah have discussed the stand she was going to take for Wanita UMNO, or she jumped on the political bandwagon when others have said no to letting go the Sedition Act and run the risk of sour faces with Najib and Rosmah (after all Najib has said in Parliament action will be taken on NFC loan), or she simply cannot persuade the Wanita UMNO Bahagians which also want the Act retained.

    Whatever the reason(s), it certainly appears to the public that she is abandoning Najib's sinking ship. The UMNO ship needs to be saved by replacing Najib as UMNO President.

  16. Even with Sedition Act in place, hate comments against race and religion are very scary to say the least especially after the repeal of ISA. Repeal the SA and these hate mongers will go into overdrive especially those backed by political parties with intention of taking over the govt thru undemocratic means. How long can people of one race tolerate constant insults and humiliations without reaction? And within this scenario how long can peace prevail?