Saturday 1 November 2014

Another weekend as life goes on (updated)

It's another Saturday morning, another new month.

Don't feel like getting up.

Not really sure what to write....

Well, everyone seems to be still engrossed with the DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy appeal at the Federal Court.

What was supposed to be a two day's hearing is now likely to drag for a week.

Honestly, I don't really care whatever the outcome.

It's not really going to affect my life.

Life is still going to go on.

Masih kena cari makan.

I think the stupid people who gathered in front of the court were beginning to realize that.

The crowd had dwindled as the hearing drags on.

It's mostly about old stuff.

I find it all boring except for the part about tea and karipap daging, which was a bit funny.

And of course that part where Anwar gave Saiful religious advise after humping the boy's backside.

Typical Anwar.

Anyway, I am still of the opinion that BN, in particular Umno shouldn't be too happy about Pakatan's troubles.

Instead, they should be focused at improving themselves.

I wonder if they have done anything to get all of their members and supporters to register as voters.

DAP is still going all out to get theirs to do so despite their huge win in the general election last year.

Pemuda ada buat ka itu kerja? Or all of you sibuk cari project saja?

Wanita apa macam? Masih rajin macam dulu lagi ke? Makcik-makcik semua ada dapat ajak penyokong mendaftar sebagai pengundi ke?

Puteri semua kalau lepas zumba tu pikir-pikir kan lah macam mana nak kasi party kuat dengan menambah ahli dan penyokong sebagai pengundi.

Honestly, I don't see much of this effort being done.

Tak kan nak tunggu sampai besok nak pilihanraya baru nak buat.

Anyway, tired lah wanting to advise Umno ni. 

I'm not even bothered to talk about the other component parties. Buat sakit hati saja.

So, today I'm just going to rest and pamper myself. 

Hopefully someone will call me out later in the afternoon.

Maybe can get him to pay for a massage session, movie and makan.

I need especially the massage.

Chinese Massage Sydney

Body aching all over.

Well, you all have a nice weekend too.

Here's a nice music to go with it,



The guy busy usual. Never mind. I will just go on a long drive on my own. See lah where it will take me.


  1. That's very tantalizing, Annie. That photo of a massage.

    And you saying, "I need especially the massage."

    Don't like that lah, Annie. Just give the signal, we'll be all over you.

    And forget the no-good bloke. We''ll even drive you to Heaven. If only that's possible.

    Watch out now, you'll never know who'll suddenly menjelma beside you.

    Pssst, if a Pakatoon, push him out of the car, ok?

  2. Waaa, don't really care whatever the outcome of the Anwarul Al Juburi trial, eh?

    If he gets freed, reaches Putrajaya, places crazy Mat Sabu as Minister i/c Agama in PM's Dept, legalize gays, put LBGTs in the Municipal Councils all over the country, how?

    I shudder at the thought of ramai orang tonggang tonggek di jalan raya, my dear! All kena Anwarul rear flank treatment!

  3. Annie, orang2 di BN ni dah malas nak memerintah, bagi jer peluang kat PR. Kita jer bermatian menyokong tapi dia orang relax saja.

    1. Kalau PR merintah, Malaysia di bagi nya Yahudi jajah

      Mak Janda Nurul pun tak marah kalau Yahudi menjajah

      Apa depa peduli kaedah

      Menyumbat belakang pun tak salah

      Jijah pun tak boleh melatah

      Kalau tak, belakang dia boleh patah

      Sampai aku berpuisi sebab diorang aku menyampah


  5. Some Malaysian politicians require a moral self-examination . . . in deference to the virtues of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

    A lesson for us all: Sheikh Hamza Yusuf's critical appraisal of American society

  6. Orang tua Kit Siang tak mahu terima sebab korang nak ngurat Dyana

    Dia dah demikian lama ngomol dengan Dyana

    Dyana bukan kurukkan Zairil Cina yang menyamar Melayu itu saja

    Gutter politik, gutter politik, diorang kata

    Tapi tak nafikan pun gambar di FB itu bukan depa

    Ada sesiapa terbaca depa buat gitu ke apa

  7. Kalau dah Najib bertunjangkan kapada KJ yang kekadang has a foot in his mouth, and Shahrizat lembu berkondo, dan Najib nakkan taraf negara maju tak kira apa, mcm mana nak harapkan PRU14?

    Harapkan dia di gantikan di PAU November ini.

    Rasa nya TDM kan meletup di acara PERKASA 23 November. Tak sabau nak dengau berita itu.

  8. "tired lah wanting to advise Umno ni."

    Annie, work on the UMNO Supreme Council members. You got some clout. They all want to be friendly with news personalities.

  9. Yang tak lagi "kena cari makan" tu mcm bini millionaire (billionaire?) Khoo Kay Peng.

    Tapi I tak tau pulak phone numbers dia. Kalau tau, nak jugak numpang Air Asia bila Tony Fernandez pigi ke London. Boleh pujuk dia fasal dia punya Catham Race merudum di FI apekebenda nya.

    Sampai di London boleh le cuba janda si Khoo itu. Jual ubat ke, jual ape ke, tak kira le.


  10. Annie. Do you have a 24,000 ringgit Brioni suit? No? That's why la... you only make friend with pokai blog commenters. Work harder on a politician who jets around the world; breakfast in Dubai, lunch in London and dinner in NY and not to forget the stop in Italy for Brioni suit. But of course the risk is there. Just regard it as occupational hazard. Good luck. Hehehe


    DAP's Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran has blamed PAS for the increase in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's approval rating among Chinese Malaysians.

    This is despite Najib's overall approval rating falling to 48 percent from 51 percent due to decline in support from Indian and Malay Malaysians.

    "I believe that the increased Chinese support for Najib is due to their unhappiness with the hudud proposal made by PAS.

    1. Way I see, the wants of the Chinese are quite simple, viz:

      1. An economically well managed country, in which the people who want to work could find work which give them a comfortable living, and in which businesses can thrive.

      2. A government which encourages a world view amongst the people that makes them feel comfortable with the rest of the world, as well as let the rest of the world feel comfortable with them.