Tuesday 4 November 2014

Friends, please stop quarreling

I'm not feeling well.

Didn't do much at work yesterday, went home early, took my medication, and knocked off before 10pm.

Woke up just now at about 3am, and can't go back to sleep.

Actually, I don't feel like writing anything for the past few days, because several things are troubling me.

The most worrying is the ongoing quarrel between my friends.

This is an example of it,

British Advisor for the Malaysian Prime Minister ? 

I don't know how it got started but I think such a quarrel is getting a bit too personal and can be very damaging.

I wish my friends can meet and settle their differences.

After all, they are fighting on the same side.

The next general election is just three years away and I don't think much had been done to improve BN's chances of not suffering another poor results.

Seriously, are there anything special being done by BN since GE13?

Membership drive, voters registration drive, better coordination among BN components at grassroots level, etc?

I don't think so.

The only saving grace was that the Pakatan people are quarreling among themselves.

Okay, just look at the BN's cyberwar efforts which were still lagging far away from that of Pakatan's.

Are there any answer to Pakatan's Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, etc?

I don't think so.

What are the top BN people assigned to handle this matter doing?

I'm not sure.

What I know is that there has been no improvement on the ground.

Among others, I didn't see much engagement being done by those big wigs BN media bosses as far as the foot soldiers were concerned.

Let's not even talk about having a proper cyberwar strategy. That will be too much to ask, I think.

Really, and here we are quarreling with each other.

Come on guys, let's pull ourselves together and stop the nonsense.

We can't chop each other off because we only have just these few of us to fight the battle.

Sit down and talk, okay.

I know, there's all these pride and ego to manage, but come on la, we have to do this if BN is to have a better chance at the next general election.

Okay, enough of my pleadings.

I better try to get some more sleep.

I need to go to work later this morning.


  1. RON 95 is supposed to be rm1.72 per litre. And we are paying rm2.30 per litre at the moment. So all the talks about subsidy is just bullsh**.

    Pm najib is going to fall just with this issue alone. Wait and see.

    1. Syukur Alhamdulillah, if Najib is going to fall with the high price of patrol. The sooner the better!

      But the most important thing, UMNO is not going to fall with Najib. The speech made by TPM the day before giving new hope especially to UMNO!

      Now day I cant even looked at Najib face either in TV or newspaper without feeling liked 'nak muntah'

      So for the sake of Malay unity, Najib has to go, sooner the better!. If more than 70% Malays and bumiputera support UMNO/BN who need the Cinabeng votes to be in power

      PRU 13 showed that UMNO/BN can win the election without the support of the Chinese. Let the Chinese keep on dreaming of wrestling the power from UMNO/BN by supporting DAP!

    2. Agree with you. Good of the TPM.

      I like the TPM. I wanna the TPM be PM.

    3. It is actually us who subsidize the government. Oil price right now hovers around 82 dollars per barrel. The lowest in 4 years time!.

  2. No lah, Annie, not fighting. Just stating that it's ridiculous for Najib to be employing a former Jewish-influenced APCO man as a consultant and at exhorbitant fees. Simply no rational for that. Simply not logical.

    You can't and don't give the arguments for that. OK, you r not well now. When well, would you, please? Give the valid reasoning for Najib to do that?

    1. The world banking cartel that has raped America thoroughly of trillions is NOW moving east to conquer US thru the TPPA and Ah Jib Gor dia main goldkeeper kite oil! Punah team tempate!

    2. If only the US can rape the cartel.

      And Ah Jib Gor rapped Anwar Al Juburi.

      Ooops, did I misspelt there?

  3. Najib not very smart. He went to an almost unkown university. If smart, he'd have gone to Oxford or Cambridge. After all, his father was PM then. If he had the basic academic passes required by those universities, sure he'd be given a place.

    And he's so smitten by the British who he must have adored since school days in England that he thinks they are geniuses, can solve all his problems. Yea, he wants develop nation posture that the Brit consultant might be able to project, but not the Chinese tsunami blokes, the Anwarul Al Juburis and the disenchanted Malays - the guy simply has no clue about posturing Najib to them satisfactorily. Posturing the posterior maybe.

    Heck, Anwar would even physically Al Juburi Najib if he has a chance. After all the bugger whacks anything that moves under a skirt - China Doll, Scotsmen and all.

    1. Is he just using the British bloke as a punch bag for those against him?

      Many like to punch him direct I think. Or through UMNO. Even calling UMNO to replace him.

    2. Gurindam dua belas: The first stanza of Raja Ali Haji's "12 Stanzas"

      Barang siapa tiada memegang agama,
      sekali-kali tiada boleh dibilangkan nama.
      (He who does not uphold true religion
      his name is not worth any mention)

      Barang siapa mengenal yang empat,
      maka ia itulah orang ma'rifat
      (Whoever knows the four-fold nature
      he is an enlightened person)

      Barang siapa mengenal Allah,
      suruh dan tegahnya tiada ia menyalah.
      (Whosoever knows Allah
      his commands and prohibitions will be faultless)

      Barang siapa mengenal diri,
      maka telah mengenal akan Tuhan yang bahari.
      (Whosoever knows his own soul
      will thus know the All-Pervading Lord)

      Barang siapa mengenal dunia,
      tahulah ia barang yang terpedaya.
      (Whosoever recognizes the nature of the world
      knows that it is a delusory thing)

      Barang siapa mengenal akhirat,
      tahulah ia dunia mudarat.
      (Whosoever knows about the hereafter
      thereby knows the world as a hazard)

  4. Annie, Najib is bent on developed nation status ASAP no matter what.

    No matter NEP, no matter bridging the huge economic and educational gap among the races, no matter the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, no matter the Sedition Act that protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution, etc, etc.

    An no matter that UMNO's aims and objectives at party formation were to protect and promote Malay rights and interests.

    He'd continue liberalizing - that's what the Brit Consultant would tell him, he has paid (correction: he has the Government pay) the bloke to advise him and he is obliged to take the guy's advice - he's not that clever, remember.

    No matter that almost all UMNO Divisions have defied his stand of wanting to get rid of the Sedition Act. And I wanna see the UMNO Divisions and Supreme Council get rid of him. In favour of his Deputy.

    The Deputy has been saying and doing the right things. Including History compulsory in schools. Talking about Single Stream now though not yet in assertive terms. Talking about importance of laws to control seditious kind of talk.

    1. Yes, replace Najib with the Deputy. Hope UMNO will do that. Before or during the PAU.

  5. BN will have "a better chance at the next general election" only if Najib is replaced. Only 3 years to PRU14. Enough time to re-do what damage Najib has done.

    Cannot hope to avoid another Chinese Tsunami. As they say, the Chinese will always be Chinese. Even MCA and Gerakan have been talking out of BN tune now and then. Instead of walloping DAP, they sometimes are undermining UMNO and BN.

    Despite the Chinese Tsunami, BN won at PRU13. So, just count on those same kinds of votes. Look after the interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Put back NEP at its proper place. Remember, the Malays and the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak are 70% of the population.

    1. Seems like the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak are now gradually turned off by UMNO.

      Here are just 2 examples:

      Example 1: Sarawak's BN government - Perkasa is not allowed in Sarawak.

      Example 2: Sabah's Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Kurup today called for the case against Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali on his remark about burning the Bible be re-opened.

      Fixed Deposit? I'ld be very very concerned.

    2. That Perkasa is not allowed in Sarawak and Kurup call for the case against Ibrahim Ali be re-opened do not necessarily mean the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak are turned off by UMNO.

      They also have been turned off by Anwarul Al Juburi's party and Guan Eng's DAP.

      Heck, they refused entry so many of those blokes in the past - told to take the first available flight home upon arrival at Kuching or KK.

    3. Anon 15:48,

      Since both states have authority over immigration matters in Schedule IX, they have the right to bar any Semenanjung troublemakers coming to their blessed shores, whether from PERKASA or PKR.

      If BN in Semenanjung continues to get battered in GE14 but still maintains Parliamentary majority, expect our brethren from across the sea to demand more. Don't be surprised if we have two TPM in the future - one from Sabah & one from Sarawak.

    4. 16:17,

      Also from 9 other states.

      Penang and Kelantan not included. But Selangor is - the rakyat had enough of Pakatoon there.

  6. We don't need to "chop each other". Just those who don't appear to protect and promote the rights and interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Blinded by the unjustified zest to get developed nation status worse than speedy Gonzales.

    And those who support blokes like explained above. Without explaining and justifying why the need to rush to developed nation status.

    1. I challenge those who say rushing to developed nation status no matter what is good.

      Let's see if the Najib supporters dare and can come out defending him on those.

    2. Can get that British consultant to reply?

  7. "Let's not even talk about having a proper cyberwar strategy."

    Kamon, Annie, you cannot hope for that ever under Najib. Or stupido Ahmad Maslan. The Opposition pay Red Beans and all to regularly and constantly churn out - on daily or monthly paid basis, even buy out so-called news portals with qualified and experienced journo but harsh, caustic-language professionals, whatever, and in the vernacular language blogs, too - to shit UMNO and BN.

    Najib not only doesn't want those controlled like Singapore does, even does not want the same done to effectively counter them. And you think we, private, self-resourced individual fellows can get together to effectively counter the paid blokes? And poor you getting sick like now, not enough sleep and all.

    He has said it at the Malaysian Journalists Night 2013 and you might even been present there, and he will say it any time again and again -

    "Malaysia will not emulate Singapore's move requiring blogs and news portals to be licensed, but will instead opt for self-regulatory measures that make it necessary for blog and website owners to reveal their identities." Tell me, how many of the bloody Oppo "news portals" etc have been self-regulatory.

    And he concluded by saying "The people's voices and opinions are crucial in our aim to be a developed nation by 2020." See, all the time it's his preoccupation with developed nation status. I think it's time UMNO changes his occupation.

    1. He's got no intellectual resources to lead the leading Muslim country in the world so he's fallen head over heels to keep up with the wealthy Jones's and leaving his true responsibilities to the rakyat behind.

    2. I fear he's fallen in love with the tsunami Chinese, too. Still trying to placate them on many counts.

      Not sure if he can count.

  8. He'd continue liberalizing??? U know actually LIBERALIZING is good, No denial on it. Look at US, Europeans and Other developed Nation or just look east to Korea and Japan. Why Liberalized? Liberalized thr Brain, the feelings,the hearth etc etc etc. We need LIBERALIZED to create THinking People otherwise ' just follow what they thell you to do!. The so called Religios leader from all faith, they too shoul liberalized and look at thing in a more professional harmony ways. Many more to say but till now that its. Let all be positive. Liberalized for the good of the people not individuals. Holding 'POWER' os not for forever as 'death' is always round the corner. Work for the country and the people and BN' toons will make it so do Pakataoons! Littile cutie Annie take agooody resty day and feel well soon.

    1. Yes, liberal is good but within limits lorr. Not just tell people you are free to even shit on the road side. Now want to throw away the Sedition Act. And people want to shit you, dunno arr?

      What LIBERALIZED to create THinking People? You think the Chinese tsunami are thinking people? Think again, man. Now so many Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak say shit to you if you liberalize and put the NEP at the back burner like Tun Dr Mahathir said.

      And the Malays have said forget the Chinese, just depend on the Malay votes, like one comment above, though many think so but not saying it out. You think good arr? Malays and Bumis versus Chinese good arr? Used to be sharing power, now even MCA and Gerakan also just filling up cabinet positions, got differences also want wash dirty linen in public, not thru BN channels. Good like that ha?

      Must avoid another 13 May 1969 lorr. Get Najib replaced mah.

    2. anon 8.07 you need to think wht kind of value u want to uphold.

      different people with different culture will react differently to different scenario. While we may respect others for their value, we shouldnt let go of our own value and putting others value as above from wht we have held dear through generations.

      there are reasons why our culture is like that. and it works. the propaganda to promote hedonism, freedom, thou shalt do wht thau want, isnt gonna work for us. eventually it is our belief that reflects who we are and we alone decide wht are the roles of us all here in earth, life, and afterlife.

      by liberalization, i take it that we would take the western value and diminish our own value, but are they really ever so great? they only good at monopolizing and conquering, pretty soon the chinese gonna be the next super power and has the chinese ever abandoned their values? (when I talk about chinese tanah besar, i aint talking about the cauvinis)

      who are they to tell us that their value is better, or how we should run our country or even to go as far as to promote their value as good through their media?

      know ur own self, u own root and believe in your culture and value, u r who u r, becoming org putih will never make u one of them, neither will they see u as one of them. and u will be a looser for selfadmitting tht theirs are better. Ive been to their country, spend my 8 years there, manage to stay proud as I am, and they are who they are because they hav pride being who they are. u might wanna take tht as factors contributing to their success.


      I can see we are pretty divided now among ourself. pro najib, and anti-najib. if u noticed, both share common thing, najib. remove him from the equation and we will do just fine. only if umno has the guts to do so. if not they are no better.

      mca?we would do just fine without them, we'd even give them a red carpet to go out from BN. i rather we focus on mic, at least those are loyals and worth helping. despite being so generous to the chinese, the pm ought to help the indians more. They are very much in need and we should help them. of course with respect to the perlembagaan, and if pm has 1 indian name too later, hes missing the point.

    3. The limits are the Constitution and the laws enacted pursuant to the Articles of the Constitution.

      There are the general clauses of the Constitution on freedom, equality etc. But ISA, Sedition Act etc are the limits. The Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak qualifies the equality thing.

      Where got unlimited freedom and where got absolute equality. Not even in US. Al Jazeera yesterday carried a documentary on the African Americans asking for equality now, decades after the Black leader Martin Luther King was shot dead by some bloody racist white in the US. Even in US absolutely no absolute equality.

      And in Malaysia, the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have to ask for equality in our own country. Wealth and educational equality. What the f buggers who talk about human rights, second class citizens, no contracts and shit.

    4. Hahaha, 11:33 says 1 Indian - 1 Malay, 1 Chinese, etc.

      But there is already 1 Malay - the 1st Battalion, Malay Regiment.

    5. More and more Malays are getting fed-up with UMNO.

      Prime example: The UM matter.

    6. the UM matter a prime example? Mo wally lah. That matter is only potassino yellow matter. Know what it is? That which comes out from Anwarul Al Juburi's assol.

      Anyway, it's only a handful of you Pakatoons saying it. No matter.

  9. Just realized that UMNO General Assembly (PAU) 2014 will be Nov 25 to 29.

    And Tun Dr Mhathir will speak at PERKASA event 23 November.

    I hope it will be dramatic and produce such big influence as to bring about drastic changes in UMNO leadership at the PAU.

    1. Like replacing Najib by his Deputy.

  10. Liberalized doesnt mean you have to follow Western, you can liberalize in your own way, liberalized for good not bad, for harmony not bickerring, for peace not war and so on. Let face it world is changing but do opt to change for 'GOOD' that benefits all.
    Example: Liberalize the Chinese mind set to enrol in the ARMY to defend Malaysia form the enermy or Liberalizes the Indian minds its no more 'estate life' if time to move on to be on par with others or liberlized the malays mind not to depend on Goverment it time to move up etc etc. Dont get angry or irritated this jus an opinion.

    1. Sori bro (Melayu nak komen pun cakap sori, apa daa), nak kena sebut kalo depa nak liberalize nak join the Malysian Armed Forces, kena liberalize towards accepting, respecting and abiding by the Constitution dulu.

      Otherwise, nanti kat battle front tembak sideways, amacam.

      Especially after the Chinese tsunami.

    2. Not angry at you, bro. Maybe angry at Najib.

      His supporters not commenting supporting him yet.

      Maybe the British consultant says just let everybody have a bash at Najib.

      That's being liberal. Never mind a bigger Chinese Tsunami. Or UMNO/BN wiped out at PRU14. He gets paid all the same.

    3. not agry, it is also an opinion.

      ok, then my opinion was referring to the above, far above (anon 7.09), where all this orginates from, liberal doesnt mean as in liberated, but more toward for example being a liberal malay.

      I hope you arent confusing the bumi privilege with the malay dependancy on the gov. earning that privilege doesnt mean we are depending on the gov, it means the bumi entitled to it. if we are capable the privilege still remains. and please no one make an innocent face screaming outrageously again asking why. this is a typical argument when talking about bumi privileges, use to undermine those who fight for it. if we hav the bumi right, we are not capable => therefore do away with it? dont think so. it will be put to use for those in need, as entitled to them.

      not an opinion, a fact.

    4. Anonymous4 November 2014 13:34,

      Wat u talkin' one? Wat "more toward for example being a liberal malay"?

      Wat "malay dependancy on the gov. earning that privilege doesnt mean we are depending on the gov?" Wat "it means the bumi entitled to it"? Wat wat wat you say one?

      "if we are capable the privilege still remains."? You mean if the Malays not capable, the privilege doesn't remain? You wanna get whacked on your head? Learn English first lah, so that you can say the right tings.

      And who determines if the Malays are not capable? Lu sikola Chong Ming High School one? Utter rubbish lu Cina Bukit bloke.

      And what "make an innocent face screaming outrageously again asking why"? Wat "typical argument when talking about bumi privileges, use to undermine those who fight for it"? You are all muddled up in your English, you can't even express what you mean clearly. Or you simply have no meaning one. Like Sokola Cina drop outs often are.

      "if we hav the bumi right, we are not capable => therefore do away with it?" What is the bloody Maths symbol =>? Rocket science ha?

      And wat "it will be put to use for those in need, as entitled to them." Wat you meaning one? You again no meaning? Lu balik masuk sikola lorr. Jangan masuk itu SJRK(C) one. Masuk SK lah, Try that, then lu don't sound so bodoh yet want talk here.

      You don't even know what is an opinion, wat is a fact. Can comment in here but not damn stupid comment larr. Belly hamsat one, you know.

    5. haha dude chill. i think its fine, what ive written. i think we are on the same side. Im fighting to maintain the bumi rights too.

      wht u comment here on:

      "if we hav the bumi right, we are not capable => therefore do away with it?" What is the bloody Maths symbol =>? Rocket science ha?

      im trying to say its the typical argument they always come with. and im saying it is not so. math symbol damn right, to be exact. cause im tired of writing the same thing to the cauvinis over and over again, so im writing as short as i can. equations make it easier to understand. I have problem with people saying the malay want to maintain bumi rights becaue we are not capable.

      and tht actually to reply for anon 12.59 not u, or are u anpn 12.59?

      and bro aku malay a, dont confuse me with chinese, or worst cauvinis.

    6. 16:46,

      It'd help if you'd address your comment to the time of the comment concerned, bro.

      Like I do above.

      Have a nice afternoon. (Though it's dreary and going to rain where I am).

    7. 17.38,

      i guess i should right? pressing the reply isnt good enough cause some might reply to the same comment as well.

      cant believe u cant understand me though, i guess my english just got from bad to worst.

      u have a good day too sir (u sounded like a sir) :D

    8. I'm not a sir, Sir.

      Just a simple guy seeing so many things wrong in this country and wanting to say against the wrongs. Especially the ungrateful ingrate pendatang DAP not respecting the Constitution, the history of this country, etc.

      Your English is ok in the above comment. I suppose all of us lax a little when in a rush. But I confess ada paranoia with maths equations, symbols, etc.

      But we'll continue whacking them nasty blokes, shall we.

      My computer time limit is up now. Good nite and see u to morrow and onwards, bro.

    9. aaight man,

      together we shall. I share your sentiments too. derang ni dh lebih2.


  11. Ok, Liberalism is bad. Tell us why?

    Before that, how do you define liberalism?

    There are quite a few interpretation, you know?


    Otherwise, you are just talking cock.

    PS.... Mooheedeen as PM, you must be joking. You talent pool for PM is laughable after 50 years of NEP.

    1. Aiyyo, you no read arr the many statements and comments above that tell what liberalism people here are talking about that's bad? Couldn't even understand that it's the liberalism that doesn't take into account the Constitution and the laws of the country?

      And you quote Wikipedia. That tells how shallow your mind is. You don't notice that Wikipedia articles often have the word [Edit], [Sources] and such written, meaning those paragraphs or statements are not reliable and need to be edited and sources or authorities of the information be furnished?

      And, indeed, you are just talking cock. Maybe even eating it, too. Especially when you try to make fun of TS Muhyiddin.

      Actually your comment is not even worth a reply, but I'm shitting it for the fun of it.

    2. its explain above (stated as opinion), therefore u may may not agree.

      definition-> of course it is various interpretation, therefore it is pointed out refering to wht anon 7.09 might meant.

      talking cock? do read properly first aiight? :)

      ur PS: from the same talent pool, some of which might just happen to save urs or ur dads ass during the economic crisis 1997, when indo and Philippines went bankrupt.

  12. "Melayu nak komen pun cakap sori .. "

    Mana tak selalu kena eksploit by Cina Bukit.

    Sengap, sengap, pastu mengamok.

    Jangan amok lah. Stand up and tell them to shut up. If they don't, call Najib to throw at them the Sedition Act.

    But if Najib throws away the Sedition Act instead, we ask UMNO to throw him away. Get Muhyiddin to ganti.

    1. Sudah stand up and shit down the products of Sikola Cina above, sir.

      Must be DAP those stupid fellas.

  13. Azmin Ali will be PM. Just watch. 14:35 can go eat bak kut teh. Wahaha.

    1. No, PAS Hadi will be PM. Hudud will be on. He will ensure no tipu on Halal labels. Potong coxks of those who tipu. Wiwiwiwi.

  14. Go ahead. Keep on insulting us. Tomorrow melayu come to my shop, charge 10% higher. Kakaka.

    1. When Hadi becomes PM, PAS Amal brigade will send one platoon to your shop, watch you opening to closing time, report you to the authorities. Hudud laws will be on you. Cut all your rM50 and RM100 notes until you go bankrupt. Kukukuku.

      And who insulted you? People insulting DAP. You DAP?

      And who first started insulting? Calling Melayu bodoh, saying balik kampong etc when you won a few additional seats in 1969? And led to the race riots of 13 May.

      You DAP blokes caused the race riots of 1969. Google the words "13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969" and you'll get all the facts.

      Then all sorts of insults by Red Beans and other bastaks. Saying Malays lazy, use Tongkats etc when the Chinese using Tongkats since British colonial time until now. Better stop them insults, d'ya hear? We all must avoid another race riots.

    2. anon 21.49,

      do we look afraid. if all malay boikot ur dap shops, u guys will bungkus cauvinist bastard.

    3. Oooooooooo got DAP shops, eh? Guarded by PPS?

      Solly la, PPS banned olely. You wanna PAS Amal brigade volunteer guard DAP shops? Best lah. They'll just use Hudud to watch your shops.

  15. Even the Malay's ultra far right now are calling for SJKCs to be abolished. The calls are getting louder day after day. This is one of the by products when you get rid of ISA, The coyotes now rear their ugly heads, come out of the woodwork and creating trouble.
    Wait until the government do away with the sedition act. Then you'll see the community fighting tooth and nails each day to keep their highly prize assets.

    1. They are not calling SJKCs to be abolished. Just merge them with the SKs. Instruct them to use BM as medium of instruction, use the same syllabus as the SKs. Re-train the teachers and put them and the school non-teaching staff under he national scheme of service. That's all. No closing SJKCs one.

      The land and other school assets can be negotiated with the gomen. Those donated by millionaires can be donated to the country. Those paid for by ordinary people's contributions maybe can be refunded in stages.

    2. Vernacular schools cannot be allowed to go on using non BM languages as medium of instruction and non-SK type of syllabus.

      Article 152 on BM as he language of the country says mother tongue can be used but OTHER THAN FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES. And schools are the official purposes of any country.

      This is not the by product of ridding ISA. ISA was for subversive and anti-national people. Like Guan Eng setting up PPS illegally. Like Mat Sabu saying communist terrorist Mat Indera who killed Policemen and burnt a Police station a hero.

      Asking SJKCs be merged with the SKs is being nationalistic, not anti-national. So that only Single-stream schooling, not 3 streams like now. For unity, not 3 streams flowing in different directions.

      So that school children can mix among all races, understand one another, develop common hopes and aspirations, good for country. Lu boleh faham ka? Try to faham lorr.

    3. The coyotes that reared their ugly heads, came out of the woodwork and creating trouble were those who caused the race riots of 1969. We must ensure no more of that kind. So, have Single Stream education. Can reduce that kind a lot.

      With Single Stream education, at least possible those from Jinjang and Chinese New Villages when become adults and meet or see those from Kampong Bahru passing by at the malls or the bus stops can say, "Hey, say kenal awak lah, awak sekolah sama saya dulu, bukan?" How nice.

    4. If and when the gomen do away with the Sedition Act, "all hell will break loose", as one well known personality has said.

      Sure one, what. With Sedition Act also, the DAP Red Beans and Pakatan goons been saying all sorts of seditious things. If all are charged in courts, the prisons will be full to over flowing. Just look at the incorrigible Tiann Chua bugger. Federal Courts still sitting already talk of demonstrations Dataran Merdaka etc if Anwar is imprisoned. Gila fella, that is even contempt of court. And he has been charged for sedition before. One lawyer got charged twice even.

      Sons of guns. And I'm not seditious for saying those. I'm just gunning them down here. If gunning them on the streets while demo-ing, yes, that's against the law.

    5. ".. do away with the sedition act. Then you'll see the community fighting tooth and nails each day to keep their highly prize assets."

      That's why don't do away with the Sedition Act. Even possible race riots if it is done away.

      So, we campaign for the Sedition Act be retained, ok?

    6. Yes, when the SJKCs use BM as the medium of instruction and the same syllabus as the SKs, over time, children of other races will enroll there like any other SK.

      Then the children will be able to mix multi-racially and develop mutual understanding, common hopes and aspirations.

      Mandarin can be taught as a Supplementary subject during normal school hours. Those wanting extra hours can study on their own outside normal school hours.

    7. Najib Gore wants to keep the SKJCs running free while he rushes to liberalize Malaysia into the global economy. The only country in the world with a national language yet having state-supported fully vernacular Chinese and Tamil schools.

    8. I hope one day UMNO history books writhing about their past presidents will have one para saying

      Najib Tun Razak, Presiden UMNO dan PM yang telah tersungkur mengejar taraf negara maju, mengenepikan bapak dia punya dasar DEB, tak kisahkan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak yang berjumlah 70% penduduk negara ini ... Dia sudah serabuk ... (Pada masa itu E/Usaha Agong UMNO orang Kelantan, jadi perkataan Kelantan di gunakan, hehe)

    9. Ini lah masalah nya adat dunia, nak tonjolkan dan naikkan anak orang kenamaan, umur 20an di beri kawasan bertanding, nak menang kerusi, konon. Pada hal, di kawasan pilirahan raya Pekan di masa iu, letak monyet pun boleh menang.

      Di Amerika pulak di letak monyet George W Bush, anak si bapak nya yang bom Iraq di masa perang Iraq-Iran dulu, si anak di heret hidungnya dek Yahudi Zionis di Amerika dan di Israel, mengebom Iraq atas alasan ada weapons of mass destruction yang tak di jumpai hingga sekarang pun.

      Di PKR pun gitu, Budak menanah si Nurul di beri undi jadi Naib Penegerusi, sebab ayah nya KETUM. Sistem undi yang Zaid Ibrahim tak tahan tengok, cabut keluar dari PKR berdentum.

      Amacm, Khairi Jamaludin ada anak yang nak jadi PM umur 25? Nanti KJ jadi PM umur 40 tentu "orang" cadangkan anak dia jadi PM selepas nya. Apa lah manusia nih.

      DAP lain lah. Dia ikut kominis North Korea Dear Leader KIM. Maka naik lah Tokong Lim. Siapa yang bantah kena buang ke Ulu Slim.

  16. Annie take your pills, rest well with lots of ventilation and doa with khusyuk in you prayers.
    All things under heaven is at God's behest . . . humans are allowed to pursue goodness or their willfulness.; so that eventually the good souls may be differentiated from the unfortunate ones.

    musical interlude: Make love stay


    1. LYRICS:

      Now that we love
      Now that the lonely nights are over
      How do we make love stay?
      Now that we know
      The fire can burn bright or merely smolder
      How do we keep it from dying away?

      Elusive as dreams
      Barely remembered in the morning
      Love like a phantom flies
      But held in the heart
      It pales like the emply smile adorning
      A statue with sightless eyes.

      Moments fleet, taste sweet within the rapture
      When precious flesh is greedily consumed
      But mystery's a thing not easily captured
      And once deceased not easily exhumed.

      Now that we love
      Now that the lonely nights are over
      How do we make love stay?

      Moments fleet, taste so sweet within the rapture
      When precious flesh is greedily consumed
      But mystery's a thing not easily captured
      And once deceased not easily exhumed.

      Now that we loved
      Look at the moonless night and tell me
      How do we make love stay?

  17. In chess, The Game of the Century refers to a chess game played between Donald Byrne And 13-year-old Bobby Fischer in the Rosenwald Memorial Tournament in New York City on October 17, 1956, which Fischer won. The competition took place at the Marshall Chess Club. It was nicknamed "The Game of the Century" by Hans Kmoch in Chess Review.

    In this game, Fischer (playing Black) demonstrates noteworthy innovation and improvisation. Byrne (playing White), after a standard opening, makes a seemingly minor mistake on move 11, losing a tempo by moving the same piece twice. Fischer pounces with brilliant sacrificial play, culminating in a queen sacrifice on move 17. Byrne captures the queen, but Fischer gets far too much material for it – a rook, two bishops, and a pawn. At the end, Fischer's pieces coordinate to force checkmate, while Byrne's queen sits, useless, on the other side of the board.

    ** We sacrificed our Queen - DSAI. Checkmate!

    1. Anon 23:32, go play your own Pakatan board games elsewhere. Al-Juburi is at best a drag queen. But we all know he'd rather be Ah Ong - the King who wears no clothes! hahahaha! And talking about Pakatoon sacrifice .... give us a break from your shameful checkmate of your own Kajang guy and the poor Khalid Ibrahim. boo hoo hoo sob sob . . . .

    2. Yeah, chess has nothing to do with the price of salt in Tmbuktu.

      Hehe, the expression used to be the price of tea in China. But with so many ultra kiasus around in this country, why must we promote China's tea - C. Highlands tea any time better.

      The alternative is the Tuaregs' salt.

  18. A good chess move by Pakatan. Dr M followers must stop moaning and learn how to flatter Najib

    1. Wat u tok one, 1-2 liner fellow?

      You chess playing fellas like to talk in riddles ha?

  19. Aiyoyo, the title "British Advisor for the Malaysian Prime Minister"?

    Like British Resident of colonial times arr?

    Remember, the first British Resident of Perak, JWW Birch, di keris dan di lembing mati terbongkang di tepi Sungai Perak dek Dato Sagor dan pahlawan pahlawan nya di tahun 1875.

  20. Annie, don't be unduly unhappy because of quarrels among friends. The ex-beauty queen has been unhappy even with a billionaire husband.

    And the whole family been unhappy, too. Read this -

    Billionaire Khoo Kay Peng also claimed that (wife) Chai and their children were like enemies towards each other for a period of time in which they did not talk to one another.

    “One of our daughters came up to me and complained that her mother said she was fat and ugly,” he said.

    Who says money can buy happiness. Just pass it to me if you people are not happy.

  21. Give me no food, give me no sex but don't deny me my internet -

    Internet access is more important than washing for Britons, new poll suggests
    Brits said they can go longer without food than social media - The Independent, UK

    So, Annie, give me my thing, will you.

  22. Anonymous5 November 2014 07:42,

    Calling Malays cauvinist bastard, eh? You are lucky not being a Jew living in UK.

    The British Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, a Jew, has just complained that British Jews are 'scared for their children's future .. scared for their families." He hit out at the spate of anti-Jewish attacks, middle-aged Jews were scared about the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK.

    The Jewish Community Security Trust recorded more than 300 anti-Semitics incidents in July alone. This is the highest monthly total it has ever recorded and a 400 per cent increase since July last year.

    So, even Britain which had a proud record of ‘diversity, tolerance and respect’ is no longer that. Prime Minister David Cameron had long said, "Multi-culturalism is dead."

    So, in Malaysia, let's have Single School system of education, lorr. Where children can learn to understand one another and become fully Malaysian, speaking BM, respecting the Constitution and the laws of the country.

    Meanwhile, you behave yourself, ok? No calling others chauvinist and the like.

    1. anon 18.22,

      I think u really need to read the whole comments. im never gonna call a malay cauvinist. thts just wrong. and doesnt make any sense at all.

      I was referring to anon 21.49 who said he'd charge the malay coming to his shop with higher price. stupidly too, because the malay purchasing power tht is by no means to be scoffed at. they will bungkus if we boikot. referring to his comment, id like to call him a cauvinist. As if they never charge the malay with higher price before. really? its not a secret. how they play the middleman, selling to the malay with higher price, to their people with much lower price.

      If they dont want to be called cauvinist, they gonna need to stop calling the malay as racist.

      like i said so many times, its newtons law: action and reaction.

    2. Ooops, sorry, bro. You did address specifically the bloke saying the nasty thingy. No intention of shooting sideways instead of at the enemy in front in this battlefront, I can assure you.

      It's the zeal of the moment, the anxiousness of hitting the real chauvinists that one reacts instinctively the moment that word appears.
      Sorry again and have a good day when you wake up or read this, bro.

    3. haha we keep doing this are we? no harm done. I thought u were someone else.

      u too have a good day :D

  23. Is it only certain ethnicities and religions that get to luxuriate in claims of perpetual victimisation, discrimination and "being left behind"?

    This might be viewed as a "luxury" as others less, shall we say "well positioned", have to get along with the nitty gritty of studying, working hard, earning a living, and, if we are so inclined, "paying it forward".

    Perhaps to these people, "competitiveness" in any shape or form is a dirty word that ignores the realities of life.

    But that's the rub, isn't it? That while they complain, others get on with life, and the world goes on its way, unheeding.

    So, is the rallying cry going to be "stop the world, I want to get off"?

    What that will do the country's future has yet to be seen.

    Here's a thought that is heretical - that between the TPP, RCEP, FTAAP etc, the country doesn't have that much of "wiggle room".

    Unless it wants to go back to be a completely self-sufficient agrarian economy and get off the high skills high tech bandwagon.

    1. No, it is not only "certain ethnicities and religions that get to luxuriate in claims of perpetual victimisation, discrimination and "being left behind". All ethnicities do.

      Some are worse. They take different forms. Feeling victimized, discriminated, calling themselves 2nd class citizens and the like.

      Yet they think they are superior. It's an inverted inferiority complex of the worst kind. Feeling so insecure, demanding all sorts of equality to the extent of not recognizing the Special Position of others that are enshrined in the Constitution of the country. Sad. Very sad, these superior-thinking yet inferior feeling complex stricken fellows.

      And yet they don't accept the fact that they are pendatang. Won't even accept the word pendatang, And won't offer an alternative word. Coz there is no alternative word. What do we do with these blokes? How to get them to respect and abide by the Constitution of the country and be really Malaysians?

    2. Wah, lau - all that high flutin'(sic) verbiage and not a single peep about competitiveness.

      It must be nice living in cloud cuckooland, where stuff automatically comes to you because of certain factors.

      Unlike the real world, where you have to prove your worth and no one owes you a living!

    3. Awwwww shit, call yourself clever, studying, working hard, yet not reading the subsequent comments and accuse sommore on reading just one comment.

      Wanna correct my spelling and grammar now, like you did below? Fcuk you. And here I am writing fcuk instead of fuuk out of respect for Annie. You have no respect for nobody, eh? Double negative there for effect, like the words ungrateful ingrate pendatang that I'm quite sure you are.

      And what real worth you blokes are when all you think of is material wealth, often acquired on the basis of tipu, curi right from the time of dacing batang, and double, even treble prices for the same item like someone commented earlier.

      No one owes us Malays a living, eh? Have you bastards ever given us a living? Instead, you squeeze from us whatever ounce of blood, sweat and tears you can get. Not employing Mlays in Chinese compnies, those in high positions in other companies do selective promotions etc. The have been complaints by Malays of having to work extra hours yet your kind doing less work get promoted.

      And call the Malays lazy? When the lazy bastards among you become secret society members, thugs and gangsters, prostitutes, massagers (wanna correct the spelling?) of all kinds, illegal Ah Long money lenders, illegal 4,,3,2 whatever digit gambling - you name it, whatever can make a quick buck you buggers would rush to it no matter legal or not.

      But you owe us a big thank you for agreeing to your citizenship right. Ever said thank you before? Or now you gonna say you are not Malaysian - cabut to Singapore, Australia or wherever. Then you'd say Malaysia would go bankrupt, the Malays and others will die of starvation when you migrate. Shit bugger you.

    4. this people has no patriotism in them none whtsoever. look at the crisis 1997. where were the chinese? the indon went bankrupt because all of them flee to the singapore when they could have helped save the country.

      i bet same goes for the Philippines. U are right about them only concerns about money. dont really care about morality as long as they get wht they want.

      ingrate who quickly forget how they get their citizenship.

  24. Anonymous5 November 2014 18:31,

    You said, "others less, shall we say "well positioned", have to get along with the nitty gritty of studying, working hard, earning a living .."

    You blind to the fact that "others" do and succeed as well as you do, when they got the opportunities - financially especially? Heard of the 25 year old Malay girl getting a PhD? Heard of the many hundreds of Malays getting PhDs, Master's degrees etc since the NEP? You realized that from just 1-2 % when NEP was started in 1970, now there are about 30% Malays among the accountants?

    What's with you? Not only blind but deaf in not listening to this kind of news. Or you are just a bloody nincompoop trying to show off your English, writing sarcasm and innuendos against the Malays and the Muslims.

    Using high flutin' language, eh? Intoxicated by the exuberance of your own verbosity? Scoop the coop, baddy boy.

    1. Scoop the poop, baddy boy.

      Must get that corrected for effect.

    2. Hoo, boy....that must be tremendously comforting to the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter etc - do they have X per cent Malays in their Malaysian operations' workforces?

      Of course, X can be anywhere between 1 to 30!

      Do you think that the government has the guts to impose hiring quotas on these and other MNCs who have set up shop in Malaysia?

      Here's an idea - let the government mandate that the 100 world class MNCs that it wants to site their regional HQs in Malaysia should have at 30% Malaysian Malays in their workforces.

      Go for it. And see where it gets you.

      And if "hundreds of Malays" have got their doctorates and masters' degrees, good for them.

      Did they need the NEP to achieve this, or could plain old-fashioned hard work, with targetted financial assistance, achieve the same results?

      After all, Singaporean Malays are doing ok education-wise, without the benefit of affirmative action.

      And Chinese and Indian students are doing well in schools and universities overseas.

      So, do you still want to play the "deprived" and "disadvantaged" cards?

      And it's "high faluting" language, not "high flutin'". Just saying....

    3. Woi ungrateful ingrato, why you use high tech industries as examples? Just use the low tech motor mechanics and foremen also we accept the dearth of Malays in that category. Why? Because you people refuse to employ, the usual bias of Malays are lazy, sabotage, etc.

      In the past, employed a few of them, so-called trained them but made them did nothing except changing oils, lubricants, cleaning, lifting, etc, only occasionally opening screws, told to do only the menial jobs away from and cannot even watch or observe you blokes doing tuning, engine overhauling etc.

      When MARA taught Malay boys until they can do complete engine overhaul etc, you buggers would not patronize their workshops. Worse still, bad mouth them, like you do above. And sabotage in terms of supply of parts etc. Double pricing parts, at least. Parts delivery delay tactics and so on. Your kind as landlords refuse to continue workshop space rental of the up and coming ones. So those MARA trained fully qualified and gaining popularity mechanics have been reduced to operating in small towns, some under make shift premises.

      And you keep pushing the anti-NEP line? With general accusations and claims, no hard facts and figures, complete with authoritative and verifiable sources? And you said, "Chinese and Indian students are doing well in schools and universities overseas." No Malays doing well there? Bullshit, talk cock, you damn racist and chauvinist bugger.

      And you correct people's spelling and such but not your attitude. Woi, racist bugger, the quid pro quo to your citizenship is the Special Position of the Malays enshrined in the Constitution and the NEP was conceived from there. If you do not respect that Special Position (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia), why don't you give up your citizenship? Got balls to do so?

  25. Anonymous5 November 2014 18:31,

    "Perhaps to these people, "competitiveness" in any shape or form is a dirty word that ignores the realities of life." -

    You don't see the "competition" in the GLCs and even private companies where those other than your kind excel? You always in Chinese companies? You only see the Chinese companies that always advertise racist Executive and Managerial intake cloaked in such words as "knowledge in Mandarin required"?

    But why the hell your kind has been complaining of not getting scholarships when there are so many Chinese millionaires making donations such that UTAR one time refused RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire and the Chinese have their own system of helping the less fortunate via all sorts of clans and sub-cals associations, business guilds of all sorts that other ethnicities have no access to?

    And why complain of not getting tenders and contracts when there are the open, competitive tenders, and in any case, Chinese always do the sub-contracts, often the Ali Baba style, giving the Malays only a few percent?

    Bloody ultra kiasu-ism innit?

    1. Ooh, the "sub contracting Ali Baba" thingy..

      Now why would the recipients of the tender awards want to sub contract stuff out to third parties?

      Out of the goodness of their hearts?

      Or to cream off their margins while the sub contractors do the heavy lifting, huffing and puffing?

      What about the land sales in Johor that have exercised certain bloggers, but who have been reticent because of the "S" factor? Open, competitive tenders, izzit?

    2. You bullshit and talk cock again, you racist bugger.

      Do you know how many of your kind are out there always thinking, planning and looking for Malay blokes who'd lend their names on the promise of being paid pittance later on, or looking for the suitably registered and qualified Malay companies to "sama sama masuk tender"? Then do the pricing, allow for a few sen or percent to the Malay and submit their bids? And of course carry out the contract fully if they win the tender and secure the contract.

      I was told by a Chinese contractor who was sore in losing a tender bid for a Johore road project many years ago. That project was finally awarded to a so-called Bumiputera company that was set up by a Chinese contractor who put his driver as his company Chairman and majority shareholder. A real happening, he said. And when attending meetings or seeing officials at JKR HQ in KL, he'd sit at the back of his big Mercedes, until nearing JKR building, when he'd sit in front, beside the driver-"Chairman". At meetings, the driver "Chairman" will say a few words at the beginning, then the Chinaman will take over talking for the company until meetings end.

      The "whistle blower" (to me) was sore because his was a lower bid. There was a difference of nearly RM2 million but the driver-Chairman company had a Bumipuera status. The then soon-to-retire JKR DG had his underling insist at the Tender Committee meeting and then put up the written report and recommendation to the Treasury that the project be given to the RM2 million higher bid. He even went to see the Minister of Finance (final clearance of the award under such a circumstance was the Minister), leading to his staff inferring who that RM2 million price difference was meant for.

      And now you'd criticize only the JKR DG? Not the tawkeh cheating and misleading the Government by using his driver to masquerade as a genuine company "Chairman"?

      Bolls to you. (Pssst, wanna correct my spelling?)

    3. Anonymous5 November 2014 22:11,

      You said, ".. why would the recipients of the tender awards want to sub contract stuff out to third parties?"

      You r so stupid, ill informed but want to make snide remarks and put down the Malays, don't you?

      You don't even know that no one who has got the not-easily-obtained registration in the respective class or category contracting business would dare submit prices on millions of Ringgit supply or service tender without firming up arrangements with the suppliers of those services.

      And because Malays are known not to have those services - they are relatively new in business and do not have a culture of doing business dating to hundreds if not thousands of years ago unlike you buggers do - they therefore usually tie up with such suppliers who supply the services before, and let those service providers implement the contract upon securing the tender or project.

      Except for a few Malay firms who have good and reliable links with trustworthy suppliers (not all pendatangs are) who would implement the contracts themselves. These are rare because the pendatangs do not trust the Malays and neither the Malays trust the pendatangs. And THE PENDATANGS WANT THE SAFETY VALVE THEMSELVES - SHOULD THEY FAIL TO DELIVER, THEY JUST ABANDON THE CONTRACT AND GET AWAY UNSCATHED AND THE MALAY FIRM GETS DE-REGISTERED, BANKRUPTED ETC. DAMN THE BASTARDLY THINKING BUT IT DOES EXIST.

      So, in general, where got "recipients of the tender awards want to sub contract stuff out to third parties?"

      Even you, a pendatang with the culture of doing business, do not know the contracts business, eh? What shit you talkin' about then?

      Wanna correct my spellin'?

  26. PM is Presiden UMNO democratically and fairly elected by UMNO Bahagians and members.

    UMNO berjuang untuk Agama , Bangsa dan Negara.

    So all those wanting to overthrow him by spins and shouting or don't like his policies by other means other than thru the democratic party channels are nothing more than Gunting dalam Lipatan who greed for power, money and lust.

    Either that or you're not a Melayu or Bumiputera and obviously a Communist under disguise. Definitely not the patriotic type who defend alif ba ta.

    Maybe one of those freeloaders making a living forever using the alif ba ta as an excuse to get monetary rewards.

    Or maybe already senile and left behind the Bandwagon of Power.

    1. 20:55,

      "So all those wanting to overthrow him by spins and shouting" -

      Spins and shouting are allowed, mate. So long as not seditious or against the law. People even shit Anwarul Al Juburi, Tokong Lim and the like.

      Much worse at the so-called news portals like Mkini, MChronicle, MInsider, etc. Najib himself allowed that. He refused to license them like Singapore does. Maybe already written the details in a comment above. If not, let me know if want the details.

      We don't like his rushing to developed nation status at the expense of the rights and interests of the Malays. Even Tun Dr Mahathir has said so, I think. And maybe will bomb it at the PERKASA event this 23 November.

      But sure these are democratic means. We write in the hope of getting to party channels - we are not members, what. No such thing as Gunting dalam Lipatan - I ain't got even a gunting, how to lipat?

      Doing so is Communist under disguise? Aiyyo, not worth commenting on that one lah, Mista.

      Aiseh, why don't you defend Najib lah. Instead of trying to whack Najib's critics, say why iis it so very necessary to rush to developed nation status. Awak semua mati kebulur ke kalau dapat developed nation status ha nya salepas 2020?

    2. Anon 20.55,

      bro najib betrays everything there is about the perjuangan alif ba ta. Im a malay. hate the pakatan, but now hating umno even more.

      najib is liberalizing everything that used to be true perjuangan alif ba ta.

      greed for power? people like us? wht for? im not even members of any party.

      patriotic? I think u should question najib if he is a patriotic or not, with him and his look to the west policy now, with him always looking at the west for approval for any policy here in malaysia, with him and his british advisor and so on and so on.

      even presiden umno can sometimes be anti malay. open ur eyes and look for the sign and dont be bounded by the fact that he is the presiden of umno. This guy is by no means should be a presiden of umno. not with his liberal ways.

    3. Betui ke UMNO di bawah Najib berjuang untuk Agama , Bangsa dan Negara?

      Tolong habaq apa dia dok buat untuk Bangsa dengan nak kejaq taraf negara maju tuh?

      DEB pi mana la ni? Mai kasi bukti satu per satu nooooo?

      Tolong habaq yang mana dia ada cakap pasai DEB selepaih Tsunami Cina pun. Kasi tarikh, tempat dan apa dia habaq.

  27. Anonymous5 November 2014 22:04,

    "Do you think that the government has the guts to impose hiring quotas on these and other MNCs who have set up shop in Malaysia?" -

    The present gomen may not have the guts - he has decided to put the NEP on the back burner, as Tun Dr Mahathir said. But if UMNO does not replace him at the coming PAU (you wanna makan the pau? You'll shit stones until your assol is utterly not acceptobol - UN Sec Gen said - to Anwarul), and if UMNO/BN performs worse at PRU14, then they'll sure kick him out like they did Tun Dol.

    If UMNo/BN suffer a debacle and lose power at PRU14, I cannot say much what'll happen to your beloved Ah Jib Gor. I can only state the facts that in Fiji, where the bloody British colonial power allowed the pendatang to become majority, they won the general elections, they could not taste power. The Army grabbed power. The pendatangs migrated in droves and some years later they no longer were the majority. Recent elections enabled the party of locals to win and the Army relinquished power.

    Now you provoking with your shit ideas, eh? Are u that stupid as to think the NEP has to be rigid in form and spheres of economic activity? The need for 30% Malays in workforces of foreign companies may no longer be pressing or necessary. But the need to increase Malay wealth to bridge the gap with you buggers is always there. Not just in the corporate sector but in all sectors of the economy, including commercial buildings and residential properties.

    Ada faham? Ngarti? Wakaru? Maronong? Comprende? Correct my spelling?


  28. All these comments from the melayu keyboard thugs are just beating their chest talking cock. Ain't gonna solve the larger problem.

    That's the complete weakness of Melayu think. No long term thinking, no strategic thinking.

    Itu bukan saya cakap ok? Tanya OSTB.


    Dia pun kata Melayu perangai lan chiao. Wahaha.

    So fuck you all. Mau May 13 lagi? COME LA. We are no longer defenceless like our datuk nenek.

    Leh Lou Mo Ka Fa Hai.

    1. Jangan cakap May 13 lagi lah lu Cina Bukit, lu pigi terojun ke dalam laut Cina Selatan lorr.

      Bagad da bageiro inte faraj kelapuk kunang de gubas kontol lu kanin nabu chow cibai mah

    2. Anonymous6 November 2014 13:04,

      Anatawa totemo dame no hito da nah? Gakko e iki masen desu ta neh.

      Lu bapak lu emak tatak ajar sama lu neh? Selalu fuck you beside the pig sty neh? That's why lu mulut banyak busuk, eh?

      You won't even say what "the larger problem" is, eh? Lu tatak tau apa cakap ikut itu OSTB saja ka? Siapa dia itu OSTB ha? Lu cium dia punya kentut bau wangi ha?

      Fuck you talk No long term thinking, no strategic thinking. You got only your 2 inch cock thinking. Lu cakap keluar from your pantat lorr.

      How, good reply or not?

    3. Leh Lou Mo Ka Fa Hai = kichwa baba yako

      "Melayu perangai lan chiao" = Cina Bukit DAP perangai but oh oh


    4. the melayu keyboard thugs can lawan the Red Beans, eh? Even better what. Full of facts and arguments, what.

      Wanna tell us how Red Beans get paid? We want to try and ask UMNO pay us. Those lokek, tarak strategic thinking fellas don't want to pay us lorr. Damn lucky Red Beans. Useless no facts, no arguments only rude words bastards. Ooops, I shouldn't have said bastards ...

  29. http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/2014/11/ini-bukan-islam-tapi-inilah-umatnya.html?m=1

  30. Woi you anti-NEP, anti-Malay, anti-Bumiputera, pendatang bugger,

    Red Beans say the Malays been depending on "Tongkat". You call the Malays not wanting to face "competition". Both of you make fun of the Malays.

    Here are the realities. Facts of history which Red Beans don't like and maybe you, too.

    1. Court Officials in the Chinese Emperors' palaces even changed history to suit the likes and dislikes of the Emperors. You wanna details e.g names of Professors who said so, tell me.

    2. Disliking history, traditions etc led to tipu menipu, not obeying laws, corruption rife even 2,000 years ago, and China became weak, conquered and ruled by the Mongols for 80 years in the 13th Century, conquered and ruled by the Manchurians (Manchuria a separate country until after World War II) for several hundreds of years from the 17th to the 20th Century.

    4. China as a huge country and the most populous nation on earth, was bullied by the West, forced to take opium brought from India by the British as payment for silk etc. It led to what was called the "Opium War". British, Germans, French, even the Japanese bullied China. Aiseh, Hong Kong was returned to China by the British only in 1990, man.

    5. So much suffering, life was so miserable in China for so long that communism became attractive. Jeng jeng jeng, Mao Zedong came into power. Aiyyo, his economic policy called The Great Leap Forward was a huge disaster, economically in ruins, not enough food etc, many Chinese died due to starvation and endless fights for stipend. His popularity was sagging and to prop it up he devised the so-called Cultural Revolution. The youths, students, the unemployed went romping the countryside for years, fights among rival factions, scrambling for food, more people died. All told, some 30 million Chinese died when Mao was in power. Not long ago - even in the 1960s, what. China's economy went up and became NO.2 in the world only in the last 1-2 decades ago. Thousands of years of civilization and a culture of doing business but only 1-2 decades ago up, what. Now you expect the Malays with no culture of doing business, and NEP started only in 1970, and you expect open competition? What utter shit thinking, you.

    6. Practically all the pendatang in Malaysia came from south China who history professors have written were descended from the hill tribes or Cina Bukit. Those professors have also said that the Manchu Emperors considered the southerners less advanced than he northerners and gave the disadvantaged Cina Bukit southerners the Tongkat - a quota of 25% of the Civil Service posts.

    7. Even in then Malaya, the pendatang got the tongkat from the British. Even after independence, the Malay-led government gave Robert Kuok the sugar monopoly tongkat, and Daim Zainuddin gave Vincent Tan the lottery license tongkat that made them into millionaires/ billionaires.

    I can write more on all kinds of tongkats given to the pendatang by the Malay-led government another time. In the mean time, I will say shit you for your bloody racist and unreasonable, completely bo patut thinking, again.

    1. Lottery licence bukan Lim Goh Tong je the sole tycoon yang dapat? Vincent Tan duk tengah apply tapi tak dapat-dapat..

    2. anon 13.04 want to talk shit about the malay. if we want theres like zillions of stuff we can write about them. as always itll be the cauvinis who acted first and then play innocent when we reacted.

    3. Yes, and certain quarters down south, in a state that shall remain unidentified, arw happily doing business with these selfsame parties from a wannabe superpower that shall also remain unidentified.

      These are not "Alibaba" arrangements, are they?

    4. Sorry, lah...all the huffing and puffing is a mere smokescreen... if you cannot compete in a globalised world, just have the guts to admit it, instead of waffling on about pendatangs, ingrates, retributions with fire and sword, yadda yadda.

      Case in point - Malaysia Airlines aka MAS. Enough said.

    5. Anon 16:27

      I believe that these transactions were fully reported in the Singapore newspapers, who named names too.

      No one threatened to sue them for misrepresentation or misreporting, did they?

      And here in Selangor, hasn't there been some business deal negotiated over the Four Seasons hotel and residences project (or is it the Ritz Carlton project) in KL where a certain VVIP has been reported as being involved as a business partner?

      I am sure that all of the above is perfectly kosher.

      Just saying.....

  31. Hah, si Mamat tu nak cuba keluarkan ultra kiasu dia.

    Kena berjela jela panjang komen mentahikan dia.

    Padan muka.

  32. Like the Jews, the ultra kiasus are shrewd and very calculative. Relentless in their attacks.

    So must we. In our counter attacks.

  33. UMNO admits it is corrupted.


    apa bangsa dalam UMNO?

    Orang cina ka?

    Kong Lan Wah. Seng Pan Sor Lan. Pei yan tiu la. Chow hai.

    1. DAP is corrupt. Absolute DAP corrupts absolutely.

  34. I was born in Malaysia la. Bodoh! What the fuck has PRC got to do with me?

    You wanna go talk about history and equate that with present day malaysian, fucking go back to Indonesia and suck thumb.

    You think the Indons will accept you? They fucking hate Malaysian Malayu. I know because I do lots of biz there. The funny thing is it is better to emphasize that I am Malaysian Chinese in Indonesia. I get much better treatment. Hahaha.

    Call yourselves Penrantau? MERANTAU my ass.

    1. Shit born in Malaysia. This country will go meletup like a volcano if shit people like you are born here.

      U born in the hills of south China lorr. Among the hill tribes there. Called Cina Bukit. Ungrateful ingrate Pendatang DAP. Sucking coxk kind.

      Lots of business in Indonesia shit. Bastards like you don't even have shit to sell. You eat your shit among you. That's why your mouth is so damn smelly every time you open it.

      Go jump into the South China Sea lah, shit fella. Won't even wish you good night when I sign off now. Wish you eaten by the sharks when you jump into the sea.

    2. anon 20:38

      Who give a damn about u born in Malaysia?! ..so what the big deal?! About indonesia you better stay there and sing your birthday song in indonesian and have like prabowo, sutarto or kepala buto as your first name!!you wanta better treatment for the chinks..you can start with taking morning shower..(bau macam cibai

    3. Another good one at Anonymous7 November 2014 00:03 -

      Bau macam cibai. In fact he is cibai. Said he has lots of business in Indonesia. Selling his cibai. So many customers there coz it's yellow cibai.

      Me talking rasis? No lah. In love and war no need to say sorry. In walloping this bastard anything goes. He comes out dirty words, we also dirty on him. That's the only way to treat this kind of kote pendek.

  35. Yat kor yi kor sei malai hai litou chou lin pa pai, ah ji ah chor.

    Mou kong jou ah?

    Fan orkkei la. Lei lou mo.

    1. Bersatu kepala taik kamu. CEC Election dua kali kena komplen by members. RoS didn't recognize DAP CEC haram for 2 years.

      Ronnie Liu said DAP corrupt and got whacked. DAP Johore Chief Dr Bo hantam Tokong Lim kuat kuat before PRU13..

      Talking shit as usual, you shit fellow.

    2. Anon 21:05

      A typical product of SJKC..haiyaa nanti aar itu sjkc kasi tutup..kita bole tengok siapa ada nangis..itu PPS suda kasi halam..haiyaa slow slow lar kasi pijak ini kote pendek!!!:-)

    3. Hahaha, hohoho, hihihihi.

      I like the words kote pendek for the bloke.

      Maybe the problem started there. His paw kote pendek, couldn't enter his maw properly, got Male Y DNA like said in court about Anwar.

      Produced deformed baby like the bastard biadap and kurang ajar talking strange language when others speak English or BM. Defective brain, demented thinking.

      Paw and maw sent him to Chinese school. Worse still. Demented thinking became warped mind, peculiar personality. Total misfit in Malaysian society.

    4. Whoa, dude - afraid to face up to the realities of life, eh?

      Go ahead and mouth off in pidgin Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien.

      You should address these remarks to the VIPs and VVIPs who wheel and deal and schmooze in the pursuit of their business activities.

      These people are "off limits", is it?

      Or do you just want to whack the less powerful?

      That's typical of bullies everywhere.

  36. Kami besatu.

    Lu bersatu apa? Dr M sudah mau hantam Najib kuat kuat.

    Wayang gambar yang shiok sekali. I can't wait.


    1. Itu wayang gambar memang shiok..pasal lu punya emak ada dalam itu gambar..itu wayang dia punya title Khong Khek Khuat!!

  37. Anon21:08

    Kami bersatu ?..bagus la bersatu ..lu punya olang pun suda tinggal 23% saja dlm ini negala, lagi 30 tahun aarr lu olang tinggal 13%..so bersatu lar..bersatu lari kuat kuat

  38. No need to talk that much la. Just amend the constitution one more time to include the right to bear arms like the 2nd amendment of the US constitution.

    Then you and I can talk about May 13.

    Otherwise all the chibais above can go fuck spider.