Sunday 30 November 2014

Scolded by Najib

Yesterday evening, Umno president DS Najib Razak scolded pro-establishment bloggers for "fighting with each other".

Najib, who was delivering his closing speech at the Umno general assembly at PWTC said pro-Umno bloggers should stop attacking party leaders and instead direct their attacks at the opposition.

“Kenapa kita tak salah kan mereka (opposition) kerana semua ini (wrongdoings) ? "Jangan serang kami, serang pembangkang.
"Blogger kita sendiri menyerang kita.
"Friendly fire is not friendly. Bloggers kita ni kerja untuk siapa?
"Pergi lah tembak pembangkang. Itu caranya kita nak menang perang.
"Jangan gaduh sesame kita. Itu kerja tak masuk akal."

That's more or less what Najib said in his speech.

Okay, I confess, I am one of those pro-establishment bloggers who go around whacking Umno leaders who went out of shape.

One of my main targets is Johor MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin for what is now happening in Johor.

Should I heed the no bashing of leaders directive issued by Datuk Najib last night?

Must I let the excesses which is happening in Johor goes by without doing anything about it because they were committed by Umno people and those who claim to support Umno but in reality are parasites which are sucking the party's blood dry?

Does it make Umno stronger if I don't write about the current rotten state of affairs in Johor Umno?

Must I keep quiet while Umno is being raped by the crooks at the party headquarters?

You all tell me la where that fat NOT-SO-FUNNY fella at Umno HQ got so much money to buy himself a Bently?

Untung jual bendera dengan poster BN masa GE13 ke?

Well, at least hide la a bit.

Don't flaunt it around like that.

We on the ground work hard to make Umno and BN look good and then come along such an idiot who was given such a high ranking post flaunting his dubious gains for all to see. And you want me to just close my eyes to such things?

Come on la. I am not a DAP cybertrooper who never say anything when they see party leaders committing such excesses.

Heck, in fact I am not even an Umno cybertrooper.

Umno doesn't pay me anything for what I write here.

Do you think Umno pay me to write this posting?

If you do, then you can fuck off, okay.

Being free, it's my only selling point when harassed by the DAP people.

That being a pro-establishment blogger, I can criticize my leaders if they do wrongs.

That's actually the only reason why BN is still better than the Pakatan side. At least in my eyes la.

If Datuk Najib wants me to be like those DAP cybertroopers who agree with everything that Tokong Guan Eng says and does, then sorry.

I rather blog about other things.

Err...maybe I will blog about fat bastards and their expensive cars.

Please read this to know what my stand on this matter:

BN needs to fix itself first

Note: Excuse me for the bits of profanities. Tengah marah sikit ni.


  1. Hah, Annie tengah marah. I support you 100%, Annie. Me, too.

    Bluudy hell, he thinks all pro-Establishment bloggers (I'm one though I don't own or operate a blog) are paid by UMNO, ha? (Soon the "perchance" bloke in the previous post comment would stupidly ask me to write bloody instead of bluudy - he's even stupidier than Najib!).

    It just shows the narrowness of mind Najib has. How presumptuous of him thinking that since the vast majority of Malays supported and adored his father Tun A Razak, so the same he thinks for him. So he just pleased those who called him endearingly as Ah Jib Gor despite the fact that they gave him a Chinese Tsunami at PRU13.

    How can he continue to be UMNO President and PM like that?

    1. So the Apek Ah Jib punya isi otak is now clear as daylight for the world to see! Kapitano and the Kronies dah mencapai 3rd spot in world rankings of the Most Crony-Capitalist countries. Pi suruh The Economist jangan duk sereng dudukan mu lor apek apek! Kan mu nak sangat masuk kelab ekonomi budak besar kan? Apa macam? mahu banyak banyak wang tapi integriti kerajaen takde bolehkah?

    2. "duk sereng dudukan mu lor apek apek"?

      dudukan mu gapo? Mu Cino ka? Mau bunyi mcm Melayu ka? Kalau butut, apa hat lu mau masuk sini horr? Ini UMNO punya hat tak tau ka? Kalo wa ciakap pasat MCA ka DAP punya PAU, lu siuka ke?

    3. Perpatah Melayu,

      Raja adil ,Raja disembah .
      Raja zalim ,Raja disangah .

      Adat turun menurun Melayu, tidak meiakan pimpinan yang lari dari matalamat kepimpinan.

      Nothing wrong with that ,Annie ,you are doing right .

    4. "And keep your soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His Countenance; and let not your eyes pass beyond them, to seek the pomp and glitter of this Life; do not obey any whose heart We have permitted to neglect the remembrance of Us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds.
      Say: "The truth is from your Lord": Let him believe who will believe, and let him reject who will reject. For the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose smoke and flames, like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in. If they ask for relief they will be given water like molten brass that will scald their faces, and how dreadful this drink! How terrible it is to be laid on this couch!" (Quran 2: 28-29)

  2. "Should I heed the no bashing of leaders directive issued by Datuk Najib last night?"

    Sure not, baby. I hasten to add that his so-called liberalism has gone awry. Misplaced. One sided. Sayang the Oppo Hippos until wanting to throw away the Sedition Act to please them, but hantam kita who slog to prop up the Establishment for the love of UMNO, the Malays and the country.

    Now, now, don't tell me he's going to go against his word that the SA would be "retained and enhanced". If any indication of so, UMNO should replace him pronto.

  3. "Jangan serang kami, serang pembangkang."

    If he'd say "Jangan serang kita ..", he'd probably have got sympathy at least from the PAU attendees. He probably does not understand the difference between "kami" and "kita". He's been schooled a lot in Britain, remember.

    I wonder how those assembled reacted to that statement of his. Maybe some clapped because they didn't hear the word "kami" properly. Surely the vast majority of the delegates know that they are not part of Najib's leadership elite. Most of the delegates are rank and file members, innit.

    And he'd probably had assumed that all of UMNO think he is infallible, love him. Forgot that at least 170 out of 191 Divisions as well as the Pemuda and Wanita wings defied his wish to throw out the Sedition Act. Funny his perception and/or memory retention in those instances. Yet another reason why UMNO should replace him.

  4. "that fat NOT-SO-FUNNY fella at Umno HQ got so much money to buy himself a Bently"

    Did he become fat because he owns a Bently? The Bently rides been so smooth that his body doesn't move at all, hence no exercise effect at all? Can we quietly arrange to change his Bently shock absorbers with Proton 1.3 ones, hehe.

    I must try some humour otherwise might go cracko reading about such UMNO blokes.

    1. That fat bastard also won the bid for two BMW plate numbers recently paying thousands of RM just to boost his ego. With people like this in UMNO how do you expect us Malays to support them? Orang kampung asik kena kelentong aje dengan fat bastard dan kuncu kuncunya

  5. yourself said that you are not bn blogger...

    then...najib said that bn bloggers dont attack gov...(which is not you)

    now why you like syiok sendiri thinking najib have say that you cannot post anything anymore.

    >johnny bravo

    1. Where got Annie say she is "not bn blogger"? She said she is "not an Umno cybertrooper ... Umno doesn't pay me anything for what I write here."

      You know the difference or not?

      And where got Annie said she "cannot post anything anymore"? She said she "rather blog about other things ... maybe I will blog about fat bastards and their expensive cars."

      You dunno the difference?

      Lu sikola Cina ka? Cjange your name to "Johnny Go" la. Far away, ok?

  6. Annie I used to write and argue against Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP but realised I could not hold an intelligent discussion against idiots. These days I just sit by the sidelines and watch the idiots fall over themselves.

    I am not pro DAP, rather more anti-UMNO and any party that defines itself along racial lines. Or for that matter, anyone who thinks their race is better than others.

    Annie although I don't agree with most of your views, I must say you've got spunk.


    1. Anonymous30 November 2014 06:25,

      It's because you are an idiot yourself. Positive. I'm sure about it.

      Good that "These days I just sit by the sidelines". You come in and interpret the Constitution like shit, how not appear as idiot.

      Yes, no one should think their race is better than others. But no one should think of others as idiots when they cannot convince others of their arguments. Then they actually become idiots. Like you.

      Especially when they interpret Ketuanan Melayu as Master and Slaves. Not realizing it refers to the system of Constitutional Monarchy about which the Constitution devotes 10% of its content - the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc.

      No PM can function officially until the Agong signs a letter of appointment. The same for the MBs of the former Federated Malay states. No MB can function until after the Ruler signs their letter of appointment.

      No point to talk lengthily to idiots like you. What I wrote above is for the readers not to be swayed by idiots like you anyway.

    2. eMC,

      U tink your comment above is intelligent? Call you stupid angry or not?

      Read about the race that for a thousand over years think they are "the Middle Kingdom", all others were "barbarians"? Even changed records at Emperor's palaces to please the Masters?

      Until Professor Wang Gung Wu pointed out in his essay on the Ming Dynasty that they realized they were not superior after they came into contact with others outside China.

      Read History? Or u no like History like DAP blokes don't? Like Dong Zong and Chinese schools defenders who think theirs is superior culture so must not be subservient to the Constitution of this country?

      Ok lah, since you call others idot, I'll call you stupid. Same same, innit?

    3. eMC,

      "I just sit by the sidelines and watch the idiots fall over themselves." -

      They may fall but you may die, you know. No exercise, nasty thinking, worked yourself up, stressed and go dead.

      I won't mind that at all. And, for calling others defending themselves against you "argue against Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP", I even wish you so.

      Bye, eMC.

  7. You Patut Ikut Contoh the Sampah Sarap that have landed on UMNO Shores Like Ezam Nalla etc etc. Kalau Tak setuju atau suka dengan Party atau orang dalam party LEAVE and join the other side!

    Tengok how those sampah sarap got rewarded by Najib....Semua jadi Senator!!

    1. Lu always abandon a "sinking" ship, eh? Even before evidence of sinking ha? Like last time Vietnam fell, many in Malaysia cabut lari, migrated, thinking that Malaysia would also fall to the communists, like the "domino theory" says arr?

      Mahu kritik Najib, do so meh. But don't tell people to abandon UMNO, moo.

  8. Actually it is the pm and the gomen the real bangang..

    The pm and gang expect the rakyat to agree with them all the time? So bangang!

  9. And Rosmah recently said critics go after her because they could not get at Najib.

    What the .... Why accentuate the fact that Najib has a lot of people going after him?

    Najib lost a lot of votes because of Rosmah. Some say because he is liberal, just let his wife do and say what she wants. Others say dia manyiak takut sama bini lorr.

    Itu maciam, apa macam mau pelintah negala horr.

  10. UMNO must listen to criticism from within. From ppl who support them. You can ask bloggers to whack the oppo, and they do that, but you must accept that you too need whacking as well. And at the current stage, you really need a lot of whackings.

    Annie, my 2 sen... Tq

    1. Change the UMNO President, you might see some changes. My 3 sen.

  11. Please read this view from

    It is believed that main issues about the grouses of the Non Malays especially the Chinese are not centred on those mentioned by Prime Minister Najib. Instead, the starting point is the abuse of power and blatant corruption which causes grave leakage on Federal Government spending and strategic investments.

    This failure of good corporate governance and practices spiralled into grave integrity issues where UMNO leaders themselves have been proven to be involved.

    Yet, some of these UMNO leaders are still very much comfortable in their strategic position in the party and even Federal and State Governments.

    Many UMNO leaders use the excuse of their party position to ‘canvass for projects, contracts, concessions or jobs’ to finance their ‘Grass-root politics’. They also conveniently use the new found wealth build their ‘fortress’ and fortify themselves in their positions.

    That did not stop there. They flaunt their wealth indiscriminately considering that some of them are not known to be professionals nor posses entrepreneurial skills and experience prior to them being alleviated in positions within the party of government.

    This is the single most grave perspective towards UMNO, BN and the Federal Government by many of the Non Malays especially the Chinese, who are the mainstay of the Malaysian economy which is based on commercial and entrepreneurial activities.

    UMNO leaders are very edgy when these issues are raised against them if not in denial, hoping the Malaysian public would buy into their make-believe story which could never hold water right from the start.

    If Prime Minister Najib is serious about bringing back the Chinese votes, then he has to be very serious about addressing the corruption issues. Without a doubt, he must be bold enough to bite the bullet and get rid some of the UMNO, Federal and State Government leaders.

    Note: either Najib oblivious to tis or just damn scared to do anything. His reaction yesterday typical of a skipper in a sinking ship?

    1. No. He was just a frustrated skipper. UMNO is not a sinking ship. Najib is sinking. Better UMNO replace him fast. Else he brings UMNO down with him.

    2. How can he be frustrated when he is then one who caused many otherrs to be frustrated. He is living in his own sphere, surrounded by liars. He cannot understand how the majority of us get around in this tough time.

      I agree that UMNO is not sinking but leaks are everywhere, if not plugged UMNO will be sinking soon. The biggest leak is at the top.

    3. Agree that The biggest leak is at the top. That's why get UMNO to change the top. Shout Malay interest and corruption. Sure new man will take action. How much, we'll see.

    4. Tiba masanya melayu tidak lagi diperbodohkan dengan retorik mengenai ancaman dari kaum cinta. Semuanya hanya untuk menjaga kepentingan kaum bangsawan terus memerah kekayaan negara. Samaada kaum bangsawan dinyahkan dari UMNO atau diganti dengan parti lain. Melayu tetap sama.

    5. Anon 30 November 2014 16:24,

      Setuju bahawa Melayu tidak lagi di perbodohkan. Sekarang sudah ramai Melayu yang tak dok diam saja. DEB dah banyak mengeluarkan hasil. Beratus, malahan mungkin beribu, Melayu yang ada PhD dan Master's degrees sekarang.

      Tapi tak setuju "diganti dengan parti lain. Melayu tetap sama." Pakatoon masuk, main belakang boleh, LBGT boleh, Melayu pilih agama (kata si bodoh Nurul Izzah) boleh, Akta Hasutan di buang, Cina Bukit pendatang DAP akan ungkit Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu, dan Ketuanan Melayu yang di lambangkan dengan peranan, fungsi dan tanggung jawab YDP Agong, Raja Raja Melayu, Rulers' Council dsb nya.

      Mana akan tetap sama Melayu bila begitu? Akan huru hara negara bila parti lain merintah, beb.

  12. Ini ada lah nasihat yang paling baik bagi ahli ahli UMNO -

    'Boost party presence in blogosphere to counter attacks'
    New Straits Times Online - ‎2 hours ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno members need to aggressively make their mark in the blogosphere as this will be effective in countering lies and slander.

    1. Saya tak ahli un. Tapi ngentam juga si Pembangkang, terutama yang bdebah.

      Wahai ahli ahli UMNO, sila lah. Hantam saja. Depa Red Bean dan lain lian tak tkasi fakta pun, main tuduh liar tanpa justifikasi pun, kita buat gitu juga. Asaalkan depa tau, depat tak boleh kata apa depa suka tanpa di chelen atau di kentotkan.

      Tak payah main cara Machiavelli, bunuh membunuh ke hape ke. Tapi depa kata kita malas, kita kata depa kerja gengster, pelacur, Ah Long pun pemalas juga.

  13. Sya ska cara akak..akak steady tpi sya terfikir gak DSN ckp psl blogger dap pkr n pas. Cmne klu yg kuar video lucah pn dia org bole selamat sbb dia org close rank sbb matlamat dia org nak menang pilihanraya. Sya rsa akak pn tau psl ni n maybe akak rsa x guna nak attack dia org habis habisan. Kdg2 sya tgk dap pkr n pas ni gunakan bullets yg blogger pro umno bgi utk attack umno balik. But i believe in u akak..n will always support u...tq akak

    Org muo


  15. Bila mmahu membidas Pembangkang, jangan buang masa cuba menulis di blog depa spt. Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle dll. Sakit hati sahaja bila depa tak keluarkan apa yang kita tulis.

    Pedulikan depa. Atau, salin c&p apa ynag mengarut depa tulis di situ, masukkan ke dalam blog orang kita bidas apa depa kata.

    Di blog Annie nih, apa saja yang kita tulis dia keluarkan. Asalkan tak menghasut di sisi Akta Hasutan atau melanggar lain lain undang undang.

  16. annie,

    please write about that fucking fat guy driving expensive cars

  17. Najib's statement simply proved that he is so out of touch with pro-BN people. Pro-BN are not like blind pro-PR. We want wise and capable leaders. We will not blindly support a useless leader like him. Najib is getting more and more irrelevant. When is he going to step down? He is leading Malaysia to the ditch.

    1. Agree whole-heartedly.

      Either Najib is so liberal-minded that he ignored the sentiments of UMNO grassroots and the simple kampong and suburban migrant Malays, or he is so crazy for power or adamantly rushing to achieve a developed nation status wanting to leave a legacy as the one doing it, no matter what.

      Both ways, the Malays and the Bumiputeras suffer. The gap between the 23% Chinese and the 70% Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak will be wider economically and educationally.

      Najib has to go. We have to keep on calling for that, especially now that the 2014 PAU is ending. Remember, Pak Lah resigned after the 2008 (or was it 2009) PAU with the incessant calls for him to budge.

  18. The more Najib shoot his own foot the more people/bloggers attack him/party. The more people get confused the more loggerheads. How many times he must shoot his foot?

    1. He can shoot his head for all I care. I just wanna him out.

  19. Dear Annie,

    I think Najib muka tak malu sebab tu dia boleh cakap macam ni.
    Perasan bagus.
    Orang dah BENCI pun tak paham bahasa.
    Lagi berani cakap pasal blogger hentam UMNO.
    Dia perasan rakyat masih sayangkan dia.
    Piii rahhh!
    Bercakap pakai kepala lutut.

    Kepada semua penjilat tumit Najib - Tolong beritahu dia akar umbi dah MENYAMPAH dengan dia. Kalau dia gentleman tolonglah berundur sekarang dgn cara terhormat.

    Kalau dia buat kerja bagus takde sesiapa nak persoalkan pentadbiran dia.

    Orang dah tak suka....
    Paham tak???

    Kalau dah nak berambus besok angkut sekali Hassan Malek, Ahmad Maslan, KJ, Wahid Omar. Senang sikit TSMY nak buat kerja.

    orang ujong tanah

  20. "Being free, it's my only selling point when harassed by the DAP people."

    No, Annie, that's not your only selling point. Plenty more. Like the plenty shit of DAP that you cannot be silent about.

    Your seling point is also that you need to put out all the Pakatoon and DAP shit like being ungrateful ingrate, never thankful for the citizenship right the Malays have agreed for them pendatang, instead, not respecting the quid pro quo for that - the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak that has been enshrined in the Constitution.

    Then you need to shit the Cina Bukit type wanting the Sediion Act removed so that they can question the sensitive Articles of the Constitution and become more anti-Malay and anti-Islam, like they did before and caused the race riots of 1969.

  21. Dear Annie,

    Sambung sikit.

    Dibawah pentadbiran Najib, kita sebagai sebuah negara merdeka berdaulat telah mengalami internal krisis like never before.

    99% Chinese menolak pentadbiran BN.
    Jurang keharmonian kaum semakin tebelah.
    Melayu terbelah 3 puak yg tak mungkin akan bersatu- terbelah semakin jauh
    Akta undang-undang digubal sedemikian rupa memporak perandakan lagi keharmonian & keamanan negara.
    PDRM dah hilang taring- dah tak garang
    Sehinggakan 99% Cina yang selama ni tak berani angkat muka pun dah pandai ajar Melayu nak jadik Melayu.
    Institusi Beraja dipersendakan.
    Islam dimain-mainkan
    Melayu dibodohkan.
    Sultan/Raja, Islam, Melayu dianggap tidak relevan kepada kaum dasar tak sedar diri ni.

    Dan kaum inilah yang diperjuangkan habis-habisan oleh Najib setelah apa yang mereka lakukan. Back stabbing bastards. DAP was allowed to sow hatred among them sampai termakan umpan/dakyah.
    Masih berbaki 1% CIna yg baik-baik kat Malaysia ni. Yang boleh assimilate themselves in this Malay Land. Mereka faham & sedar diri tentang peranan kaum mereka tanpa mengungkit their contribution.

    Najib tidak pandai mengurus.
    PUNAHSIHAT diberi kepercayaan utk membuat polisi negara & menentukan hala tuju negara

    Zaman Dr M kesemua policy makers are civil servant.100%. Tak payah nak bayar gaji belas/puluh ribu sebulan utk tentukan nasib negara.
    Semangat nasionalisme tinggi. Melayu & Islam diutamakan & nobody can say anything about it. Other races understand this very well
    Mereka faham susah senang rakyat & keperluan mereka.

    Kita perlu mengkritik kerajaan kalau ada salah silapnya AND they have to listen to us because we vote for these donkeys to be in power.

    TSMY perlu bertindak dgn mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan negara.
    Perlu dilakukan segera sebelum PRU akan datang.
    If not UMNO will become utk orang kaya/elit sahaja- perjuanagn $$$$$$. Bukan lagi untuk bangsa agama & negara.

    If not regular Joe like me will NOT vote for BN anymore.
    Hopefully there is a fifth column movement dalam UMNO untuk menendang Najib keluar.

    Najiblah sebab sebenar that we are in state of chaos now. Him & his circle of friends & minister. Get rid of them. He cant perform, so why is still running the country?
    Mampos kita

    New management by TSMY please. Dengarlah keluhan rakyat

    orang ujong tanah

    1. Ada yang saya setuju, ada yang saya tak. Setuju 100% new management by TS Muhyiddin

      1. PDRM bertindak di atas segala jenayah. Bila Akta Hasutan dah nyata akan di teruskan, mereka akan tahu bahawa segala tindakan menangkap dan menohmah di Mahkamah tidak akan sia sia.

      2. Bila new management, Akta Hasutan konfem on, keadaan akan pulih walau pun dengan perlahan dan steady. PDRM boleh mainkan peranan dengan berkesan, mengawal dengan alat yang paling berguna selama 57 tahun, melainkan di 13 Mei 1969.

      3. Kita laungkan selalu anti-corruption supaya new management ambil tindakan yang serius dan berkesan.

      4. Kita teruskan dengan gigih menegor UMNO/BN dan menghentam Pakatoon.

      Ayuh, Beb. Mara ke depan kita.

  22. Here's what Umno Selangor delegate said at the PAU in support for retention of the Sedition Act -

    If the rights and privileges of Malays are not defended and improved, a conflict bigger than May 13 may occur. The lack of focus in improving the economic benefits for Malay and Muslim community might also lead to bigger bloodshed.

    “May 13 happened because of economic instability and inequality among the different races. Now, we risk encountering a tragedy of a similar nature if people in charge do not do the right thing,” he said.

    I support what he said.

    1. The inequalities are no longer between races, rather between the haves and the have-nots. It will be between the bangsawan and the rakyat marhaen.

    2. Noooooo, still between races. Very prominent. 20% corporate wealth only, what.

      Nothing much in commercial building ownership and residential properties ownership and in so many other aspects of the economy.

      Inequalities between bangsawan and rakyat is only incidental.

    3. The bangsawan will never join another May 13. They have so much to lose. In tge event of an unrest they most likely be tgr first to leave the country to emigrate to their country of stored loot.

  23. Reminder to the bangsawan guys: "If your birth is humble, let the sunnah make you a nobleman; if your birth is noble, ensure that your acts are not less so."

    PM, do not moralise the rakyat for the sake of your honco's morale.

    1. You mean "demoralize" the rakyat?

  24. Najib really has to go. Now he appears to melatah. No doubt, exploited by Malaysia Chronic News -

    "The Sedition Act has not been retained to protect Barisan Nasional (BN), Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today amid claims that the colonial-era law is actively being used to stifle dissent and criticism against the ruling coalition.

    The prime minister pointed out that maintaining the Sedition Act will not ensure a BN victory in the next general election, and that the coalition’s success hinges on voter support.

    “Protection of BN cannot be from Sedition Act. The Sedition Act cannot ensure BN (a win) in GE 14. BN will be re-elected only with the will and support of the people,” Najib said."

    And it was in a speech at a BN component party event. He doesn't have to be extra polite to those fellas. How not to be exploited like that. Like done by the MCA Penang Liasion Committee Secretary in a statement - see an earlier comment on this.

    He has to pull up those component party fellas and tell them point blank that they have to deliver additional seats. And stop the nonsense shooting at fellow comrades. Looks like he cannot do it. So, UMNO should get Muhyiddin take over.

  25. UMNO should get a new President to ensure the following doesn't recur -

    'Don't let Malays be sidelined'
    New Straits Times Online - ‎Nov 28, 2014‎

    UMNO delegates want the party to be the driving force that empowers the economy of Malays and Bumiputeras through the implementation of targeted policies and programmes.

    Enhance the NEP. NEP, NEP, NEP. Those disagreeing should leave.

    1. Dream on Bro. Instead of calling for a new president why don't you join him? Whoever the president UMNO's culture is the same, money, power, control, defend.

    2. At least I have a dream. What do you have? Not even balls. Negative everywhere.

      So, what do you want? UMNO destroyed? Are you Pakatoon? Anwarul Al Juburi kind or ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit biadap and kurang ajar pendatang DAP kind?

      If you are not, why don't you join them? Instead of talking only the negatives in here.

      You know what culture they have? You like their culture? Chhhiiissshhh.

    3. Its not that anybody want UMNO destroyed but anything have a definite lifespan. For UMNO the end is clearly in sight unless they are willing massive reformation, which is very unlikely. Najib will be known as the bangang who drag UMNO into the deep gutter, from which there is no escape.

      At the moment, any party will be better that UMNO because they will dance to the tune of the rakyat, not to serve the interest of the elites of the country.

    4. I don't understand. For 57 years BN has been running the country. NEP and similar plans have been in place for more than 40 years and yet the Malays lot hasn't been improved? Can't be.

  26. Moral of the story: Don't give your support to a fellow just because his father was a well known personality.

    Don't try to propagate the family tree in any shape or form. Let the guys fend for themselves, earn their places on their own merit.

  27. To All and Sundry

    The Chinese of Malaysia want a well governed nation in which there will be opportunities for employment and business, such that its citizens (of all races) can live a peaceful and comfortable life.

    Which country in the world doesn't have corruption ? Surely it's only a matter of degree. Most Chinese do no want to harp on this if the country is well managed.

    But society must help the weak, so that all will live with dignity, participate in the nation's prosperity, and none exploited.

    Of course, this will involve subsidy.

    But a nation's ability to subsidise depends on its ability to produce revenue surplus, the more the better, from the economic activities its people and resources are involve in. The other is how to channel these subsidies to produce long term permanent benefits: ie teach how to fish rather than give fish.

    That means management. The selection of heads of organisations should be based on their ability.

    Technocrats (eg people like Zeti of BN, Nazir of CIMB, Hassan Merican ex-Petronas), not ideologues (eg people like heads of Perkasa, ISMA, and PAS Ulamas), should lead.

    Look again, just within our region: how is it that some jurisdictions with NO NATURAL REOURCES, like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan could perform well and have large revenue surpluses? Then ask why North Korea is so poor?

    1. You sound like Anonymous30 November 2014 20:43, writing that comment after the above at 20:33 which took you 10 minutes.

      You sound Chinese. Talking about what the Chinese want. Clearly ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate pendatang aren't you? Here we are talking about UMNO General Assembly, you have the cheek and the bloody gall to speak about what the Chinese want. You got no bloody sense of decency, not an ounce of decorum in you? Biadap and kurang ajar, eh?

    2. So you talk about the "subsidy mentality", referring to that of the Malays, eh? Do you realize that you buggers had that subsidy mentality since the time of your ancestors in south China? That the Manchu Emperors gave the southern Chinese an allocation of 25% places in the civil service because the southerners, all of whom were descended from the hill tribes in one way or another (according to Porfessor C.P Fitzgerald, in his book on the History of China) were less advanced than the Northerners and deemed as a disadvantaged lot.

      And your coolie forefathers who ran away from south China, fares and food subsidized by the British colonial masters or British tin mining companies and rubber plantations - you were subsidized right from landing on the shores of this country, do you realize that? Nobody told you that? Or you refused to know? Disliked History? Opposed History being made compulsory because you children and future generations would know your subsidy mentality?

      Even after Merdeka, Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly tongkat from the Malay-led Government, became a millionaire, later a billionaire, subsidized the Chinese university in Kajang by a RM100 million donation, did you know that? Vincent Tan got the Social Welfare lottery license, easy money-making, became a multi-millionaire, still asked for more tongkat, wanted the football betting license that Najib decided not to issue. You blokes have been on the tongkat mentality of all kinds, do you realize that?

      And you come in here saying "society must help the weak, so that all will live with dignity, participate in the nation's prosperity" in a sneering manner, presumably anti-NEP, etc? You refuse to accept the history of this country, not grateful for the citizenship right the Malays have agreed for you, don't respect the Constitution which states the quid pro quo for your citizenship right viz the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, you should migrate to countries whose history you like, whose Constitution you would respect.

      Why don't you pack up and go? Good for you, good for us who remain behind.

    3. Yes, you'd glorify Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Do you realize that they are small islands, homogeneous (Lee Kuan Yew ruled with an iron hand and Singapore now 72% Chinese)?

      Do you realize that Hong Kong was ruled by the British and handed back to China only in 1990? If not it'd be shit like China? Do you realize that China, with all its homogenousness, had a written history of some 3,000 years, yet was shit economically until only 1-2 decades ago? So poor that it was treated like a pariah by the West for so long?

      Talk about subsidy and sneer the disadvantaged that even included your kind before and still do now though in different forms. Shit you. Go migrate, will you.


      If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake. - Bill Gates

      While no further progress has been made in reducing inequality in income distribution over the last decade, the NEP had resulted instead in creating a culture of dependency, corruption and racial envy. - Tan Sri Dr Kamal Salih

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

    5. Anon 00:58
      you said "Clearly ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate pendatang aren't you?"

      You seem to say this every time someone doesn't agree with you (yawn). obviously you are the type of bangang that make up Banganag Nasional and UmNO. Argue the issue man and stop calling people names.

  28. Rilek la Annie... Najib Razak is not pointing finger at u la since u r not berbayar. Apsal u yg rasa pedasnya.

    So...rileks la sis.

  29. Hahahaha
    Blogger Melayu bangang. Itu bukan saya cakap ok?

    I cannot stop laughing.


    Eh, boss kau orang think you are stupid leh. So that means, we were right all along.
    Melayu bodoh! Sorry, correction. Melayu bangang.
    Itu bukan friendly fire, itu stupid fire.


    1. Here's another bastard, allowed in by Annie presumably knowing he will be shitted by bloggers like me until the cocks crow (including mine at him).

      Damn bloody racist, making fun of the Malays, laughing like a madman.

      This bastard must be a Cina Bukit pendatang DAP, descended from the hill tribes in south China, no culture, no sopan santun, biadap and kurang ajar. He must have been, as a child, mostly left by the pig sty by the parents working out in the field. He'd romp about the pig sty, occasionally picking up pig shit and putting it in his mouth, swallowing it. That's why his mouth smells like pig shit every time he opens it.

      Sad, so sad this country. Thank God the Sedition Act will now stay, enhanced even. The time will come when bastards like this will be hauled in, dragged by the collar, locked up at the Jinjang Police Station, charged in Court for sedition.

      In the meanwhile, we will just shit him and his pig sty, pig shit eating, no upbringing.

    2. Bravo man!!! Thumbs up for you

  30. This is very interesting.

    Kadir Jasin said this is the first time UMNO, the PM no less, openly said they PAY bloggers to right for them.
    And the PM is calling Melayu bangang. (Ya, I know he actually refers to UMNO bloggers.... But not much diff la)


    I'll bet this will be a hot topic during our Bak Kut Teh lunch on Monday.
    Thank you Najib. You have help me learn a new Malay word.
    From now on, I won't say Melayu bodoh. I'll say Melayu Bangang. Sounds good.

    1. And I read in OSTB blog that someone has said that the new name for BN is Bangang Nasional. wakakakaka

  31. "Rafick bend over and stuck a finger at his face: “Disini ta’ada tuhan.” — Here, there’s no God."

    Excellent article here: