Monday 17 November 2014

A little request

I'm a bit disappointed.

For my past few postings, the comments I received were mostly out of topics.

Maybe you all are not too interested in issues which were close to my heart, such as the well being of Johor Umno.

A lot of the comments were instead about bashing PM DS Najib Razak.

Well, I think that's a waste of time and energy.

Najib is here to stay and he will be our PM at least until the next general election.

There is no two way about it, okay.

Live with it and if you want Barisan Nasional to stay in power, you should support him.

You may voice your disagreement with his policies as constructive criticisms are what we needed, but please stop talking about replacing him. It's tiresome, okay.

Umno had endorsed him as party president. He retained his post unopposed not even more than a year ago. So, don't go on with the nonsense of wanting to replace him and such.

Even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, despite his criticisms of things such as BR1M and 1MDB, never said he wanted Najib to be toppled.

Okay, having said that, I hope for my future postings, those who wish to comment should try to do so within the topic of respective posting.

I will appreciate very much if you all could do that.

For this after midnight posting, I am not going to write anything further then that.

Sort of a break for me to think how to do a posting without attracting comments which are out of topic.

I hope you all don't mind me too much for requesting this.

Okay, instead of me writing about things which may not really interest you all, here is a song instead,

I am going to sleep now.



  1. Saya percaya "request" yang anda buat ini hanya sekadar menambah lagi undangan komen yang meminta Najib berundur..tidak ada peliknya...

    Paklah diturunkan ketika masih menjadi Presiden dan PM..whats so special dengan Najib...bukankah dia lebih teruk dari paklah..

    1. Setuju dengan Kluangman. Sejarah Pak Lah perlu dicontohi. Ahli ahli UMNO perlu berani menyatakan hasrat mereka supaya Najib berundur.

      Dengarlah suara orang ramai yang menjadi voter. Kelangsungan UMNO/BN terus menerajui kerajaan bukan bergantung kepada ahli ahli UMNO sahaja tetapi semua pengundi!

      Siapa UMNO/BN tanpa pengundi? Jadi kalau majority rakyat tidak mahu lagi ber PM kan Najib, suruh sahaja Najib berundur dari takhtanya.

      Siapakah Annie lebih sayang, Najib ke UMNO.? Kalau Najib yang Annie sayang alamat bukan sahaja Najib, malah UMNO/BN akan hanya akan berkuasa sehingga 2018.

      Jadi untuk kelangsungan UMNO/BN, Najib perlu berkorban atau dikorbankan! Berundurlah sebelum hutang Negara makin menimbun dan Negara jadi bungkrap!

      Tooooolong lah BERUNDUR!

      Sekarang ni sudah ramai hendak termuntah muntah tengok wajah Najib di media massa.

    2. Setuju Annie. Nampaknya ada pihak yg lebih berminat menyembunyi isu marhaen dan cuba divert masalah kpd najib.
      Najib tiada masalah dgn Johor. Tak perlu ulas sbb sokongan dia kuat kecualilah awak pro PR.

      Hairan ramai yg tak sedar iskandar malaysia skrg mirip satu kerjasama tak rasmi PAP&DAP dgn BN Johor. Yg ruginya org melayu.

  2. Dear Annie,

    On my part, though I disagree that Najib is not replaceable, I will respect your request and try not to do Najib bashing in your blog after this and talk about other things. It will be difficult, but I'll try.

    But let me just explain why I did it in the past, then I'll cease doing it. I want UMNO/ BN to stay in power. I think Najib's policies bring a lot of risk of UMNO/BN losing power.

    I think the Sedition Act is very important in that direction. And for the maintenance of peace and harmony. Like said by the Malay Consultative Committee (MPM) in the comment I posted yesterday. Almost all UMNO Divisions have said they want it retained. After that, UMNO Youth and UMNO Wanita have said so, too.

    I hope you don't dislike the comments against removing the Sedition Act as well. If you do, we'll have a huge problem. And I note you own this blog.

    The well being of Johor UMNO is linked with Najib. I think the Johor problem is insurmountable because of the sandy issue. UMNO/BN might lose more seats because of it. And Khaled can't do a thing about it. Najib can but I seriously doubt if he'd do it. Tun Dr Mahathir did it daringly during his PMship. And things improved for a long time.

    You said, "Najib is here to stay and he will be our PM at least until the next general election." Of course he'd no longer be PM if UMNO/BN loses the next GE. I'm not prepared to face that risk of losing the next GE. But I'll have to try to grin and bear it when commenting here. It will be tough.

    I confess not knowing how "to voice (my) disagreement with his policies as constructive criticisms .." Because I disagree a lot with what he did and what he didn't do. It seems to me the only way to do that is to say to him to do or don't do those things I disagree with. Like rushing to developed nation status, removing the ISA and the Sedition Act, muting the NEP, etc. Merely repeating those won't be constructive, will it? And he will simply disregard it.

    Well, that's it. I will try to find other things to talk about after this.

    1. The way things are shaping up, there will be a new government after next GE. It may not be PR but a new combination. Those holding to power in UMNO, from branches to supreme council are dragging UMNO down. They have no regards for the later generation, just themselves. The economy is due for a downturn, when it arrive, rakyat will lose their patience. Ketuanan Melayu is nothing but bulls to protect the position of the bangsawan.

    2. Anonymous17 November 2014 06:47,

      Remember the statement that what you said is merely your opinion? And I continue to insist that my opinion is better than yours anytime. And my opinion is that, with some changes, UMNO/BN will continue to govern post PRU14.

      And you bulling Ketuanan Melayu as protecting the bangsawan? Do you know what Ketuanan Melayu is? I'll reserve my further comments until hearing your explanation. Failing which your statement will be deemed as pig shit-awan.

      I cannot allow any demeaning of Ketuanan Melayu in any shape or form. That concept is not one of hamba and tuan. It's reflected in the system of Constitutional Monarchy of which the Constitution devotes about 10% of it's content.

      Don't let me go on until talking about Fiji and the pendatang there being allowed by the British colonialists to become the majority, won the general elections but could not taste power. The Army grabbed power.

      I assume anyone bulling the Ketuanan Melayu as ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP.

    3. Addition: On the Fiji situation -

      The Army grabbed power. And returned it to the civilian when the party dominated by locals won the general elections.

    4. The UMNO generation of the 70s and 80s are all for uplifting the position of the malays (and Islam). The current malay middle class are the product of their politicies and perseverence. What have the UMNO of the new millenium done. They are too busy dismantling the good work of their fathers. They are the bangsawan. Melayu kena tipu buta-buta.

    5. 10:41,


      Yang ni boleh sokong. Sebab takda sebut nama yang sorang tu, hehe.

  3. Trying to right wrongs is never "a waste of time and energy", Annie. Anwarul Al Juburi has spent 16 years doing what "he thought" was "righting wrongs". Of course so many others saw it as his wanting to be PM. And he has admitted it in the Hard Talk programme on BBC recently.

    Well, we may now be reduced to just Anwar bashing. Not much may be said now until the Federal Court makes its decision. It'll be subjudice or contempt of court or whatever the legal jargon to talk much before the court decision. And if he goes to jail for 10-15 years, there'll not be much to talk about him after that.

    One German philosopher said that the purpose of life should be to contribute whatever one can for future generations. As gratitude for the contribution of past generations. Like electricity, airplanes, computers and so many other life amenities that we enjoy the moment we are born.

    We may not be able to move mountains but we can certainly try. With bulldozers, earth scrapers and all sorts of earth moving equipment, it can be done. They even build islands these days. And the consternation it caused in Johor.

    Well, for some, banging the keyboard is a good use of time and energy. It may not move mountains but Tun Dr Mahathir's blog contributed a lot towards the down fall of Pak Lah.

    There you go. I've managed not to do the bashing that I said I'd try in my previous comment.


  4. Agree to disagree with you annie..

    As kluangman said, what is so special about najib that he cannot step down now? Compared to pak lah, he is worse. Why pak lah can step down while he cannot? Last time, the Malays and Bumiputera still put their faith and support to umno because the change of leadership. Most believed umno need new leader. However, najib has failed. Then better look for a new leader before it is too late..

    Dont believe me? Wait and see..

    1. Anon 06:58'

      Saya salah seorang rakyat yang tidak mengundi pada tahun 2008 kerana marahkan Pak Lah yang dikuasai KJ dan Tingkat 4.

      Pada tahun 2013, walaupun Najib telah menunjukkan belang kelemahannya, saya masih sangat berkobar kobar pergi mengundi dengan harapan Najib akan menjadi pemimpin yang lebih baik dari Pak Lah!

      Sayang seribu kali sayang harapan saya dan mungkin ribuan lagi orang Melayu, hancur berkecai umpama kaca terhempas ke batu! Lihat lah sahaja berapa banyak kobodohan yang telah dilakukan Najib!

      Tahun 2018, kalau masih panjang umur, sorrylah untuk mengundi UMNO/BN kalau Najib masih menjadi kaptennya.

      Sama ada tidak keluar mungundi kalau pilihan nya masih seperti sekarang atau mengundi kombinasi baru yang didominasi oleh wadah Melayu Islam yang mempunyai pemimpin yang berwibawa!

    2. re: "Maybe you all are not too interested in issues which were close to my heart, such as the well being of Johor Umno."

      Please lah madam Ah Jib Gor kurang peduli nasib rakyat Johor pun! Dia bangsatwan ikut nafsu sendiri mah . . . hahahaha

    3. 10:17,

      Kalau "kombinasi baru yang didominasi oleh wadah Melayu Islam", aku masih ragu.

      Kalau PAS dengan Mat Sabun, walau Hadi sekali pu, akau tak sanggup. Kalau Dr Haron Din dan yang saperti nya, aku boleh percaya ada berwibawa.

      Itu pun, aku khuatir PAS nak Hudud di laksanakan. Ekstreme sangat tuh.

      Btw, boleh dapat tahu di mana dalam Al Qur'an ada sebut Hudud mesti di laksanakan dan butiran butiran Hudud itu? Setahu aku, apa yang di sebut tak nyata. "Subject to interpretation," kata orang. Itu sebab orang panggil PAS' Hudud. Betul ke begitu?

    4. So'al nya, orang macam Dr Haron Din boleh naik ke dalam PAS?

      Kalau Mat Sabun, Khalid Samad dsb nya, tak payah le. Mcm Anwar, depa akan sabun kaum Melayu.

    5. Johor UMNO will not be well so long as there are no changes in the leadership. In the state as well as ......... you get my drift.

      Mana tak nya. Projek Iskandar, Dangar Bay, Forest City dll akan merosakkan kepentingan orang Melayu Johor khusus nya dan Melayu Malaysia am nya.

      Ramai akar umbi UMNO Johor dah sedar, rasa nya. Camna nak bersemangat. Tukar pemimpin le. Kalau tak, lingkup di PRU14.

  5. Hi Annie I think it not right for you to be partisan in the political approaches that your commentators contribute in your blog. Let us continue as it has been for then we know the current despair of the common people.

  6. I'm glad to see the comments in favour of the staus quo as far as the line of comments in here is concerned.

    I await to hear more. Meanwhile I am also looking at and starting to graze in other pastures.

    Hahaha, I'm afraid I have started to think like the ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatng DAP in terms of loyalty. But I think in my case it's for valid reasons.

  7. Annie, when you talk about politics, nothing is out of topic. Right to the moon and the stars there's politics. If not local, it's international. Now China wants to send men to the moon. And Vladimir Putin (I like that bloody sounding name) brought 2 warships for the G20 meeting in Australia. The poor bloke has gone paranoid.

    The West kacau Ukraine, got a pro-West PM in their gomen. Then Putin got Crimea out of Ukraine. Then menacing in Eastern Ukraine. Until, they say, MH11 was shot by Soviet-era rocket. Ok, I'm rambling.

    But do you know why the past generation Lords, Barons and Marquises often hardly talk and sit upright at long dinner tables, wife at one end and him 20 feet at the other end, under a string of chandeliers? Because they cannot talk this, cannot talk that at the dining table!

    True, the old tradition was no talk about politics, religion, business etc at the dinner table. I told them yes, you could do that, because you can talk for hours about your always-changing weather. But we in Malaysia cannot even talk about the rain - it doesn't rain but it pours in Tropical countries!

    And in dreary autumn or damn cold winter evenings, you can't even talk about the weather because it's so damn cold that the false teeth chatter!

    Yeah, yeah, I'm rambling again. See what happened when you restrict a certain kind of political talk? Ok, ok, just a small request. And I'm trying to entertain you and readers during the break you asked for.

    Have a good break, baby.

  8. It is hard to make the Malays understand their predicament.

    Briefly, a discourse about Malays; we cannot dismiss the beauty based on our refined culture and manifest society. Apparently, we are at countless times of sleepless nights to exert ourselves in applying acquaintance, in the state to be in our consciousness of being Malays.

    At times somewhere along the line we lost our own identity in the wilderness. We seem to have lost, with thought-provoking discussion of the context what we are made to be by submission.

    Burden by mental depression are too much for us to bear. Our dignity of honest Malay is gradually bewildered. Our culture and social life, our tolerance level and our consciousness of being Malay are under pressure and undermined. This translates that the Malay psychic is currently and terribly in Great Depression.

    The best that we can do, to make a stance in our dreams, to revive and revisit the past historical episode. Specifically, to recall the kingdom of Melaka sultanate which represented a Malay government its identity fell shot to point to the future. At the same time, an essay that emphasizes we are the civilized being of integrity with well defined culture and social institutions.

    1. Not sure if I see your drift - "At times somewhere along the line we lost our own identity"? What identity? Malacca Sultanate identity? Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat? Is Hang Jebat good or bad?

      "recall the kingdom of Melaka sultanate which represented a Malay government its identity fell shot to point to the future. " Wat meaning one, sir, please?

      Speak simple simple language la, sir. High falutin' one many no unerstand lorr. My spelling ok?

  9. We are still the privilege people of the world although the heyday and demise of the historic Malay Sultanate had let to bygones be bygones.

    What remain of Malay is evidenced by the classical Malay manuscripts which has elated our Malay identity. It comprises of more than 4 millions words, namely demonstrates the futility of cultural, literary and historical riches of the Malay world. This has been partly became the renouncements of Malay with value of integrity is recognized and realized, not supposedly to be a just brand identity.

    In the 15th century, Melaka was the important entrepôts. It was said without Melaka there was no Venice and without Venice there will be no prosperous Melaka of its time.

    What was so significant about Melaka? Besides and actually the main international trade centre, Melaka was underlying the dominant of Sovereignty, the Malay-Government (kingdom) of Melaka over some polity. The full right and power to govern with formal recognition by other sovereign states. The freedom to seek out for our own destiny. The Government was then absolutely under Malay rulers and institutions.

    It has been the Malays who were the upholders of Islam in this part of the world. Islamization was introduced in the administration. Tax department under customs, royal protocols, bureaucracy and commerce were made to conform to the principles of Islam.

    In the nut shell, it was totally a legal Malay Government with incorporated Malay laws, Malay administration, Malay civil servants, Malay military, Malay accounting system, Malay system of banking, Malay trading system, Malay business people, Malay defense system, Malay law of the sea, Malay sense of security and a nation was an ethnic construct were all Malays of common heritage, language, customs and shared history.

    Malay diplomacy in foreign policy had kept Melaka prosperous with peace, harmony intact and interacted thus connected. Melaka then became the centre of trade and commerce, spread over to the eastern part of the world. Our forefathers knew how to do business, the "just" to govern and enterprising indeed they were.

    What went wrong? It was the colonial intrusions and human greeds for political power defiled the Malay integrity.

    Malay culture and social make up were systematically distorted the Malay texture. It destroyed the Malay norms and connectivities. These had triggered the Malay communities to campartalisation of cultures. The colonialists, now the "brown-skinned English men" and "yellow chauvinists" have categorized us, destroyed our relation and our power to govern that were in place before.

    As it happened over the past, it is currently happening. We are impelling ourselves to be together in one spirit and yet to be realized. We are the unique and rare breed. The spirit and the DNA of our forefathers are still flowing in us.

    WORD WITHOUT ACTION IS NOTHING. Yet whatever we do now, diibaratkan ludah ke langit kena muka sendiri. Lebih baik telan air ludah sendiri daripada ludah ke muka sendiri.

    1. Sleepwalking through Life like sound box without actions

  10. Pada aku, senang saja. Yang menjatuhkan Kerajaan Melayu Melaka termasuk Mat Kitol. Yang melemahkan Kerajaan yang di pimpin Melayu UMNO termasuk

    1. Tengku A Rahman - dia setujukan hak kerakyatan kpd hampir 1 juta pendatang (lk 25% penduduk di masa itu) dengan tak ikut syarat pegeluaran sijil kerakyatan e.g ujian kecakapan bahasa dll), beri Singapore kpd Lee Kuan Yew FOC, dll

    2. Tun Dol (ada rhyme sikit dengan Mat Kitol) - dia perintah secara "flip flopping, auto piloting and sleepy", menyebabkan pendatang mula naik muka

    3. Ah Jib Gor - dia kasi muka lagi, amat sangat, kena Chinese Tsunami pun nak libberal dan liberalisasi, kejarkan taraf negara maju dengan tak pertahankan hak dan majukan kepentingan Melayu.

    Tak setuju telan air ludah sendiri, Bang - busuk, walau pun dah makan mint dll. Tak usah ludah ke muka sendiri le. Ludah ke ketong ke apekenama nya alat meludah tuh. Dan, kalau orang rosakkan hak dan kepeningan kita dengan melampau, kita lidah le kpd dia.

  11. Nabe, so many grandmother stories.

    1. You still have your grandmother?

  12. Dear Annie, just to go against the tide of comments here - I agree with everything you've said. I will abide by your request too.

  13. so be it, if he is still around, then i'd rather vote for some other party which will protect malay interests. no interest to keep najib and co in power for next GE

  14. i think many want najib to be replaced. and so it need to be heard. timely or untimely. :)

    we cant just sit by and do nothing. if critism can get through to najib we wont go through so much trouble.

    truth is we have no choice. we cant wait another 2 years. 6 months maybe. two years?

    so whtever we can do otherwise..

    having said tht i guess i could double check my comments. its not really out of topics actually, a lot of them originates from najib. like the akta hasutan, who else can we talk about besides najib? hes the one lobbying to remove it. hence the bashing.

    its the intention really. we hate najib yes. but it is safer to remove him demi anak bangsa. here emotion doesnt really cloud the judgement.

    1. It's not a question of us waiting. It's a question of the build up of the anti-UMNO/BN sentiments. The most dangerous aspect of it is sentiments within UMNO itself. I simply cannot believe that none in the 170 out of the 191 Divisions, the Pemuda and Wanita UMNO, don't feel it's risky to continue having Najib. If not, why the defiance of Najib's wish to throw out the Sedition Act.

      My impression is that Najib has made the decision to remove the Act. Was it Tian Chua or somebody else who said that Najib has said it more than once. Yes, he even repeated it recently - hardly 1 month ago, before Sharizat came out with the Wanita stand, "opposing the proposal," she said. Decision or proposal, Wanita even said they are prepared to go about collecting 1 million signatures against removal of the Act.

      And the Opposition have been exploiting that every day, every hour, every minute, Tian Chua jumping about with joy that the Sessions Court let him go on the Sedition charge. And immediately, he even talked about suing the Home Minister or something. So, it's all in a mess. Laughed at and sneered by the Opposition. Opposed by the vast majority of UMNO people themselves. And only 3+ years to PRU14.

      What, man?

      And to day I haven't said replace Najib, have I?

    2. Because our Prime Minister Najib Razak is a Freemason member. He's obssessed with everything related to number 1.
      Najib's clarion call is "1 Rantau 1 Dunia"

      Is it Najib's task to expose Malaysian society to the control of the world bankers and mega corporations by welcoming the anti free-trade TPPA? . . . following the footsteps of Singapore . . . where everything costs money, no money no talk.

    3. Bro. a lot of the best things in life money can't buy . . . .. ..

      Danny's Song

      People smile and tell me I'm the lucky one, and we've just begun,
      Think I'm gonna have a son.
      He will be like she and me, as free as a dove, conceived in love,
      Sun is gonna shine above.

      And even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with ya honey,
      And everything will bring a chain of love.
      And in the morning when I rise, you bring a tear of joy to my eyes,
      And tell me everything is gonna be alright.

  15. Can always vote out Najib in UMNO election. Abdullah has to go because he lost the two third majority. Economy is still doing well. Najib is not going anywhere

  16. I like PM Najib's leadership, but much of the UMNO leadership as well as those of other BN component parties are terrible.
    Right now, they are just a liability.

    1. What else do you like or dislike hey slandering ass?

    2. Malaysia is ranked 3rd up there in the Economist's world list of crony-capitalist countries! What kind of competency or integrity do we have in the political parties you try and imagine.

  17. Annie. You made a small request. Acknowledged and granted. I hope you'll be kind enough to acknowledge and grant my counter-request. I notice that you have rousing response and feedback that are within matters discussed whenever you wrote social commentaries such as why you hate certain male species or your holiday or your love life etc. However everytime you introduced political matters into your writing, your followers tended to go astray and offered irrelevant comments. They may have a set of political positions which they must have taken after reading political blogs which are in abundance on the internet. They need you more as a friend and soul-mate to talk about frivalous but entertaining matters. Matters that will give them a few smiles and giggles. Matters that do not need a lot of thinking to understand and to respond.
    Annie dear. Please maintain your blog as a social commentary blog instead of trying to wedge a war to capture grounds held by other political bloggers that have political funding and employed staff for every aspect of their operation. They are too many of them and people need a break from their daily bombardment of politicking. We need you for our daily little smiles and I hope that your blog will be around till you decide to retire

    1. All blogs have plenty of "go astray and irrelevant comments."

      Those that are strictly moderated, allowing only in-topic comments, cause people taking their comments elsewhere and end up having only a few comments.

      I can quote quite a few but suffice to say the above.

    2. Anonymous17 November 2014 20:50,

      "everytime you introduced political matters into your writing, your followers tended to go astray and offered irrelevant comments."

      Is Annie's strictly a political blog? Your word "introduce political matters into your writing" suggests that it's not. Therefore, must all the comments be political? Surely not.

      Yes, they may have a set of political positions, but they can stick strictly to the post topic. But is this a competition in essay writing? Or just blog commenting. So a bit of tit here and tot there to make it interesting will not harm, will it?

      And you said it yourself - "They need you more as a friend and soul-mate to talk about frivalous but entertaining matters. Matters that will give them a few smiles and giggles. Matters that do not need a lot of thinking to understand and to respond." This part of your comment I agree with you entirely.

      So, in that case, "going astray and .. irrelevant comments" is not an issue is it? Or you are not making an issue? Just those words of yours are rather unpalatable.

      And if your point was promoting "the entertaining matters" aspect of posts and comments, you have my vote.

    3. But I don't mind at all Annie maintaining her blog as it is. I don't think she is "trying to wedge a war to capture grounds held by other political bloggers that have political funding ... " She just has not given up hope on Najib, she said in one earlier post. That's OK with many of us, as differences of opinions occur world wide. But she requests no Najib-bashing. Therein is the problem. With people like me.

      Yes, we need her for our daily little smiles but I can see her predicament. Almost nothing said can escape from touching politics and bashing the one where the buck stops. Even about the birds and the bees. Because they are not birding and bee-ing as much as before. And this is due to the atmosphere brought about by sand, new islands, and millions of PRC Chinese staying permanently and possibly getting citizenship in Johore.

      Well, there it is ...

  18. Annie - Could you take a hit at our Harimau-macam-tak-mau-menang national football team? Their recent loses in friendly matches are very unnerving. Tembak the FAM too.

    1. The lembab FAM have been bluffing their way thru for 25 yrs. and left behind too many wasted talents and broken dreams . . . the boys have grown up into cynical men!

  19. Ok akak. Sya janji x hentam DSN dah. Sya ska kt akak n sya akn ikut ckp akak.

    Org muo

    1. Saya pun orang Muo. Tapi tak kan kita tak nak lepaskan geram kita terhadap suasana ketakutan umat Melayu dalam blog Cik Annie ini. Berilah peluang untuk kita dedahkan "connection" diantara Istana Johor dengan Najib, sehingga terjadinya permasalahan Melayu di Negeri Johor.

    2. Saya suka komen Sdr 07:33. Tapi tak dapat nak cakap lebih dari ini. Got to go.

  20. Good morning guys,

    Not sure if a new post will come out soon and my comment will not be read any more, in this comment I will not write anything extremely intelligent, extremely thoughtful and wise, wonderfully philosophical etc, hehe. Remember, it's ok to blow your own trumpet because if you let others blow it, it'll get dirty, hihi.

    I'll write on out-of-topic-ism. Annie complained about it, others commented on it, too.

    Out-of-topic-ism occurs when

    1. on a point of order. In debates, when the speaker or some one on the floor talks mentions something not in order, any one can stand up and point it out.

    2. when some one tries to defend what he/she says, even out of topic, the matter must be resolved, and if the moderator does not step in, it may go out of topic for some time.

    3. the moderator may want a lively debate or wants to avoid losing the debate popularity and generally let it go. When requests are made to be in topic, the person not staisfied that he/she has said his/her piece in full will feel cheesed off, monyok, merajuk, etc etc

    4. Sometimes when Annie is unhappy, there is a need to cheer her up and support her emotionally, so the jokes (or attempts at them) may be out of topic

    5. Yes, some have strong political views, and me, I'm strongly anti-ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, Cina Bukit, biadap and kurang ajor, pendatang DAP. Will jump at the slightest indication of that kind in the comments. Will pursue it, in or out of topic. Been occasions I apologized and said pleasant things to recover goodwill when pointed out that I was hitting pro-UMNO/BN comments that to me were not quite clearly so. Confess to getting carried away sometimes. But generally kept my cool.

    6. The ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate, Cina Bukit, biadap and kurang ajor pendatang DAP must be responded in full. Quoting Professors, books, leading personalities etc. Walloped to the lubang cacing, to borrow the IGP's words. Especially the seditious ones. Argued and counter-argued, drummed in as much facts as possible even though the blokes usually make only wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. The Red Bean kind of a bloke may be a hit-and-run bugger, one comment and no more. But usually they come back to peek at the response to their comments but scared to say anything more. And others of that kind may be reading all the many counter-comment or shitting-them kind of statements.

    7. On posts involving Najib and comments asking him be replaced, I can't say anything about that now as Annie has made "a small request". In future posts, well, let's see. The choice is for me to take my replace-Najib comments elsewhere. And I have a lot of them because the way I see it, UMNO/BN will lose PRU14 if Najib continues until PRU14. Can't say any more now.

    Have a good day, folks.

  21. Not sure what I next write now will be out of topic, but do tell me if so, ok?

    This thing about differences in views is very interesting. It's called mankind. It's called what makes the world ticks. It causes all the problems in the world. And in Malaysia.

    It's also called Johor UMNO, PKR, DAP etc - PAS seldom heard these days as some one has alluded to the possibility of UMNO working together with them in future and the less we talk of our differences of opinion with them, the better. Differences of opinion are also called Johor UMNO and those who see them as lepas tangan. Etc, etc, etc.

    Annie calls Johor UMNO a subject close to her heart. The saving of Johor UMNO. Well, we can go whacking and walloping them (yes there are better words but wanna provoke a little to spruce up the morning and hope I'm allowed), they may also continue as they are, no matter what. They think they are there to stay, the sandy issue and all.

    So, what do we do? I can't say more as the subject I may be leading to is taboo here.

  22. Difficult to find what would be in-topic as a comment for this post, I looked at back posts and these statements by Annie attracted me -

    ".. my poll on who should be an Umno vice-president shows that Mukhriz has so far received five times more votes than his nearest rival incumbent DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    "... it roughly shows how much ordinary supporters of Umno, including the non-members like me would like the party to rejuvenate itself by electing Mukhriz."

    And Mukhriz didn't even make it to the Vice-Presidency. Some people said money politics. Even Tun Dr Mahathir said something along that line, if I can remember correctly. Others said the top leadership weighed in on those he wanted to win.

    So, how else to save UMNO Johor, UMNO HQ? To say more will be out of topic. So, gud nite fellas, huhu.

  23. Prison Department could produce standardised number plates, electronic plates in the plans – report

    Nice to hear that in future my Honda kapcai number plates will be handmade by ex corrupt politicians and government officials.

    The future definitely looking brighter.



    Dr M: Give rakyat poor education to stay popular

    Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has lamented that the country's populist policies in education have created a widening racial and wealth gap among schoolchildren.

    "It seems that poor parents must accept poor education for their children, so that politicians can be popular," Mahathir said in a blog posting today.

    Even all his grandchildren now go to international schools or study abroad, Mahathir said, even though his own children had gone to national schools.


    The math is against Umno. If the party does not change its ways and focuses only on pandering to its traditional vote base of kampung folk, it is unlikely to survive beyond the next election.

    This prognosis comes not from a political analyst or a Pakatan Rakyat leader, but from its own leaders in Umno Youth.

    The term mathematics is what Umno Youth exco member Shahril Hamdan used to describe the changing face of the Malaysian voting public, which is becoming more urbanised and younger.

    - See more at:

    1. To those who say some of are out of topic, etc, please note that the above comment and the one below are extracted from Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Kini, known to be Oppo Hippo so-called news kontols.

      No such thing as letting them go, innit? Promoting the Oppo Hippo blogs which have been known to be publishing half truths, twisting and slanting them to Oppo Hippo aims and objectives.

      And exploiting the differences of views here. Bugger them.

    2. The Malaysia Kuno article above is harmless. May be left as it is without being shitted upon.

      The Malaysian Outsider one above exploits the differing stand taken by a few in UMNO Youth. No harm in recognizing and responding to "the changing face of the Malaysian voting public, which is becoming more urbanised and younger."

      The question is: to what extent? Even discarding the Sedition Act which protects the rights and interests of the Malays as enshrined in the Constitution?

      No, siree. Even UMNO Youth as a body wants the Sedition Act to stay. KJ has blasted the Bar Council for wanting to go on the streets against the SA.

    3. Anon 12:01

      I agree with you - as long as 'news' (perhaps propaganda is a better word) come from the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysiainder, they cannot be trusted.

      Balls to them!

  25. The reason PM supports KJ by giving him a large budget allocation is because KJ spearheads solutions-based politics that it hopes will capture the hearts and minds of 20 and 30-somethings.

    See more at:

  26. Fine. So long as KJ is mindful of the rights and interests of the Malays that must be protected and promoted.

    He has been the Pemuda UMNO without a job, not even heading an NGO, for a long time, remember? Never before a Pemuda UMNO without a job,not even as Deputy Minister. He was at that time sometimes called the fellow with a foot in his mouth.

    We now will watch him in spending the large budget. If at the expense of the interests of the Malays, we'll shout out to UMNO, too. We won't wait for Malaysian Outsider and Malaysia Kuno to exploit it like the above.

    1. And we won't wait for the bloke above to put out the extracts of those news kontols in here.

  27. in terms of saving Johor UMNO, it's still questionable whether this piece of news is a plus -

    In bid to shore up Malay land reserves, Johor MB says will next seize non-Malays’ land

    Malay Mail Online - ‎3 hours ago‎

    According to Sinar Harian, Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said one of the proactive steps his government was taking was to ensure that conditions are fulfilled before someone is allowed to cancel the status of Malay reserve land.

    First, look at the seditious nature of that Malay Mail heading.

    Secondly, why is any one allowed to cancel the status of Malay reserve land in the first place?

    Yeah, yeah, for development. But what development? Building road, railway, MRT, schools, hospital? Or Mr ABC sandy housing development?

    And the replacement land turned into Malay Reserved land - in tempat jin bertendang?