Friday 28 November 2014

Not out of the woods yet

Everyone pro-establishment seems euphoric that the Sedition Act 1948 is not to be repealed but instead enhanced.

Just read the headlines on the rocky's bru main blogroll. Most are falling over each other to hail the decision.

I'm however more inclined to be more sober like BigCat, who described the whole thing as

Growing A Spine

It's a beginning, therefore I'm not going to be too enthusiastic.

In the first place, it's just a corrective measure of a decision which should not have been made.

So I rather be more cautious.

Anyway, if Najib had not made the announcement yesterday, it would be rather awkward as his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had sort of made the announcement a day earlier as Rocky pointed here,
People would have been quick to point out that the two top Umno men are not in tandem with each other and that

Something may be brewing in Umno

I was actually at PWTC yesterday and I was not overly impressed by the remainder of Najib's speech.

I think he need to ditch that "sing song" style. It reminded me that he still have the same set of advisers who told him that speech style is the best way for him to get more applause from the audience. I wonder what those idiots said to Najib to make him changed his style.

Najib should just be himself.

I honestly prefer him pre-2008 when I used to occasionally followed him on his visits to the villages in his Pekan constituency.


He looked genuine, sincere and humble as he tried his best for the rakyat.

I believe he is still the same man.

But all those people who surround him are the ones who make him looks the way he is now.

Really, Najib needs to have a look again at how the people around him made him looks weak, insincere, and at times clueless and detached of the wants of the people.

This is why, I don't think Najib is yet out of the woods.

Case in point, yesterday, I was told that some numb nuts in Umno top hierarchy had appointed a guy I know from Johor as the director of the party's central war room.

I honestly got nothing personal against the guy, but I don't think he can pull off the job.

Yes, he looks intellectual and good, but knowing him, I think his appointment to the post will be disastrous.

You need to have a man with sound knowledge of the political battleground to command the troops, instead of a theorist who could only come up with grand ideas which later turned out to be duds when put in practice.

A war room director should also be brave and willing to put the interest of the party above his personal interest.

This guy was supposed to be on the frontline in Johor during the 2004 general election.

However he abandoned his post when it turned out that he was not to be a candidate.

What happened after that still saddens me whenever I think about it.

But I will not go beyond that as it could get personal and improper.

I'm now just praying that Najib will after this rethink of how he surrounds himself with these types of people.

He needs genuine help from the real good guys as the road is long and full of potholes over the next three years before the 14th general election.


  1. "He looked genuine, sincere and humble as he tried his best for the rakyat."???

    Come on Annie, don't make me laugh lah!!

    1. I think the key word here is "looked".

    2. Missed following the news on the Internet as I was marooned somewhere without internet service. Glad to hear of developments that appear to my liking.

      "Looked" or real, I think it'd be good for the Malays and UMNO if Najib withdraws now.

  2. So he realised his mistake and decided to break his promise. So what?! The most important thing is the implementation. Many things have been done by so many people that is against the act but they get off scott free. So while PWTC cheer the PM, the right thinking public will cheer when we see that appropriate action is taken on the people who go against the act. Many more will cheer if he can bring back the ISA! Wonder if he realised that mistake? But it's too late now...

    1. Yes, yes, bring back the ISA and retain the Sedition Act. But if Najib is there no certainty that it'll be so.

  3. He will continue with his sing-song of his self-proclaimed trojan horse, the Chinese for political survival?

    1. He openly said UMNO need the chinese. Why is he bending over to the chinese when it was cleal that UMNO can govern without chinese support. How about the indians, ibans, khadazan, LGBT too. Was he scared of the chinese towkay, wah can wreck the country with their economic power. Inilah tanda jelaws beliau hubbuddunia. Tak yakin bahawa hanya Allah yang meberi rezeki dan menentuka segala-galanya.

      Najib is not only taking the country to the gutter, he is also dragging all of us to hell.

    2. Agree with 10:29. The longer Najib stays as UMNO President and PM, the worse it'll be for the interest of the Malays.

  4. if a leader cant even determine wether his advisor is any good or not, he is not a good leader. his failure will affect millions in Malaysia. In this case i agree with outsyed the box, i guess he is a nice person but not cut up to be a leader. I recall to have read some post or article long time ago about why tun m didnt appoint him as DPM. (we can talk about lack of PM pelapis later)

    How long btw does it takes and to wht ends actually tht we fought until he finally withdraw his stand on the sedition act. this is only 1 war. If it took this much to make him listen to the grassroot mati la. how about the rest of the liberal issue that needs immediate actions. n the fight for sedition act too was only won during the pau. without the pau i dont think he'll withdraw his decision at all.

    much as i am relieve about the sedition act, i will remain sceptic on his performance, his sincerity and the jati diri of this 11th org kaya indera shahbandar. being supportive aside I believe weve gave him enough time and support. Time is what we dont have at the moment. he has done enough damage and we no longer want him in the office.

    perhaps it is a little too late.

    1. Come on! this "orang kaya" aristocracy stuff: Sometimes they are noble-hearted, most times they are unintelligent greedy brats hell bent on preserving their private status quo.

    2. I don't like outside the box for his arrogance but I support what 10:29 says. I repeat the words

      "weve gave him enough time and support. Time is what we dont have at the moment. he has done enough damage and we no longer want him in the office."

  5. Muk-Kris is clapping on the sideline. "My chance coming liao."
    Mahathir did show up at the PAU. So what happened? Looks like there was some backroom dealing.
    Najib give up the Sedition Act and promise DPM position to Muk-Kris.
    Mahathir stop pursuing on 1MDB.

    Possible? Why not?

    What has it got to do with your bangsa, ugama, and negara?

    1. Well said. We'll see how events will unfold in near future.

    2. Not well said, 11:45. But yes, We'll see how events will unfold in near future. I'm banking on Najib withdrawing from the scene and Muhyiddin taking over. Very little problem if it's Muhyiddin, because he's next in line.

    3. Anonymous28 November 2014 10:39,

      Mind telling us how Najib can promise Mukhriz the DPM post?

      Money politics? Thru Pemuda and Wanita UMNO?

      They all opposed Najib's throwing away Sedition Act.

  6. "He looked genuine, sincere and humble as he tried his best for the rakyat."

    ... until the FAT lady come into picture..

    1. I really don't understand why must you drag the Selangor DUN Speaker Hannah "Soalan-Mulut" Yeoh into this discussion. Yes, she is FAT physically with FAT salary even when the DUN is not sitting 365-day a year, but there is no point to relate her with Najib.

      Hahaha (Pukul dulang paku serpih),


    2. "... until the FAT lady come into picture.".
      Anon 12:15, please clarify who you meant this person to be. I thought you were referring to Rosmah but Pwincess thought it was Hannah Yeoh.

    3. Pwincess knows. She just wants to kenen it to Hannaanah - billiards, you see. And I agree with her.

  7. Annie,
    The best words I heard from Najib so far was Malays and UMNO no need to be opologistic.....

    1. Why hasn't she said them before? Didn't feel them before? Now dah terasa perit baru nak kata? Tak terlambat ke?

  8. I wonder whether any one of those giving out speeches dare to propose that the appointments in UMNO must have limited terms, so that those poor smart UMNO members have better chance to move up the ranks in UMNO.

    TS Muhyiddin call for the so called 'warlords' to let go off their Ketua Bahagian posts, will going to be forgotten immediately after the assembly is finished unless the top UMNO leaders are willing to lead and talk by example. They should start to change the rules at the top; ex limit President term to 3 or 4 consecutive terms, then they have the higher moral ground to tell the ground UMNO people to limit the Ketua Bahagian term to 3 or 4 terms. Else, TS Muhyiddin speech will end up just a speech and nothing will change in UMNO.

    If UMNO wants new blood in the party, they will need to change the constitution to limit the terms of President, VP, DVP, Ketua Bahagian and so on and so forth.

    1. Bloody good point, Sir.

    2. Malaysia will never be destroyed from the outside. If we ever falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

      Actually Abe Lincoln said those words about America. Can we take a good point from him for our own democracy?

    3. 07:20,

      We cannot be too sure that "Malaysia will never be destroyed from the outside." The Arab Spring had a lot of outside forces throwing out Mubarak, Ghadafi and now Assad is on his tethers.

      The NewCons, Jews and Zionists in the Israeli Lobby in the US "with unmatched powers" said one Harvard Professor writing jointly with one Chicago University Professor, must have heir influence if not role in those unrest and turmoil.

      And Tun Dr Mahathir said "the Jews the world by proxy". They may use the Israeli Intelligence Service, Mossad, and their Dirty Tricks Department to foment unrest leading to turmoil and the overthrow of those governments they don't like.

    4. Heh, heh...and the Fed will move to disintermediate Malaysia's financial and banking systems. Like what the US did to Iran. What it is doing to Russia and to ISIS and Al-Quaeda.

      Financial sanctions, anyone?

      Maybe Dr Mahathir will see the gold dinar in Malaysia if the ringgit is "disintermediated" out of the international financial system.

      I wonder what will happen to Malaysian government and GLC bonds and sukuk?

      They may not be worth the paper they are printed on.

      And the OIC won't be around to bail you out.

      China? Now, there's a thought.

      Who was the guy at the Umno meeting who spoke about not taking a stick and poking a wasp's nest?

      Well, guess what? The US, for all it's shortcomings, is still the biggest wasp's nest out there.


  9. Not out of the woods yet , remember ISA !. Najib had been known for that .

    1. Replace Najib. Get the new man to bring back ISA and retain Sedition Act.

  10. I don't get the impression that it's all due to his advisers. It's just and his thinking. So-called liberal this and liberal that. The advisers dance to that tune. He needs to be replaced. Otherwise UMNO/BN may be history after PRU14.

  11. Simply, what can you hope for from a man who fear and unable to control the wife? This is the first liquid test of a real "man". That's why the sempoi speech by TS MY during opening of the wings gave new hope to the UMNO members and supporters.

  12. I tried very hard to understand Najib. But I couldn't. Yes, I understand he wants the legacy of being the PM who brought Malaysia to developed nation status. Like his father did - the legacy of pioneering rural development. Opening up the country to many thousand acres of oil palm and rubber plantations and had the legacy of bringing up rural development in a tremendous way.

    Bapak Pembangunan, they called Tun Razak in the history of this country. All for the Malays, who were backward economically and educationally, left largely to their own during 100 years of British colonial rule and a bit after Merdeka.

    But Najib rushing to developed nation status without much regard to the rights and interests of the Malays which UMNO was sworn to protect and promote at its formation 65 years ago is simply not acceptable. So, UMNO delegates at the PAU must always remember this. Find a leader who will always protect and promote the rights and the interests of the Malays. And act accordingly. Remember that Tun Dol was "eased out" after the PAU of 2008.

    1. Will Najib get out of the woods? Tun Dr Mahathir did show up at the PAU. Does it mean endorsement for Najib to go on as UMNO Presiden? Note that Tun did say that Najib's performance was worse than Pak Lah.

  13. Najib may have gone to the kampongs in his Pekan constituency and spoke to the villagers. But I doubt if he really understands the plights of the Malays. I do not see his really understanding and feeling for the Malays.

    I have not come across any acceptable explanation on why the rush o developed nation status. Or what would happen if this country does not achieve it by 2020. Or whether he cannot achieve that while at the same time continuing or even enhancing the NEP.

    That policy can be modified so long as it's continued with some vigour. With some modification, the NEP needs not be a stumbling block to foreign investments. All the arguments against the NEP have been brought out largely by the anti-Malay DAP and their like-minded. And those arguments have been countered. And no proof has been put out that foreign investors did decide not to invest because of the need to employ "some" Malays with the right qualifications and experience.

    Many Malays have even worked abroad gaining experience in the international business arena. Those may be tapped by foreign investors really and genuinely interested in investing in this country. And we don't want those investors in Hong Kong that DAP Tokong Lim talked to when leading a so-called Penang investment mission when he was reported to be bad-mouthing the country as well.

    So, in the absence of satisfactory and acceptable explanations on the need to rush to developed nation status, Najib was merely thinking of his own personal glory. Not the Malays, not the kampong folks in his constituency who he simply considers it his duty to meet but not necessarily thinking of them in his economic policy. That will be so unless he continues NEP with vigour, modified or not.

    1. Who determines whether and when we have achieved a developed nation status?

      Can some one in the know please tell us here. Quoting reliable yardstick, sources and authorities for saying so.

    2. Talk is cheap.

      Where are the figures to prove that MNCs prefer to invest in Malaysia than in, say, Singapore?

      Surely, the UNCTAD FDI statistics aren't a work of fiction, are they?

      And the need to employ "some Malays" is different from forcing MNCs to adopt mandatory hiring and promotion quotas based on race.

      Think that the government has the guts to do this?

    3. The person commenting under the name tebing inggi (small tt) had said you, with capital TT, are not him. You a masquerader? A DAP Red Bean?

      Talking cheap often? Saying "the UNCTAD FDI statistics aren't a work of fiction" but not producing them here? You bullshitting?

      Always quoting Singapore? You a Singaporean? Or wanna migrate there? Wanting investors to come into Malaysia and we abandon many things, like NEP, ISA, Sedition Act? You dunno that Singapore still has the ISA? You dunno that Singapore is just a small island whose problems are much simpler than in a large country like Malaysia?

  14. " the people around him made him looks weak, insincere, and at times clueless and detached of the wants of the people."

    Saya tak setuju bahawa orang di sekeliling nya atau penasihat nya yang membuat Najib nampak lemah, tak ikhlas dsb nya itu. Jika benar pun, kepimpinan nya menjadi lemah sebab salah pilih penasihat. Atau, bila sedar keadaan itu, dia tak menukar penasihat saperti itu.

    Saya setuju dia "at times clueless and detached of the wants of the people.". Saya fikir dia sendiri yang membuat nya begitu. Dasar Baru Ekonomi nya tak popular. Sebab DEB di pinggirkan. Transformasi yang di hendakki nya lambat bergerak. Sebab saya fikir ramai Pegawai Pegawai Kerajaan tak setuju, tak faham - apa hal pun, kita ada "civil service that is conservative".

    Di tubuh dek Najib Pemandu, di bawah Idris Jala, bagi menggerakkan transformasi yang di kehendakki nya. Saya fikir hngga sekarang masih ramai lagi yang tak faham apa itu transformasi. Maka mereka pun memikirkan atau nampak Njib sebagai "clueless". Dan "detached of the wants of the people."

    Maka itu menjadi justifikasi bagi Najib di gantikan sebagai Presiden UMNO dan PM.

    1. Saya tidak tahu sama ada orang hormatkan Najib saperti Tun Dr Mahathir atau Tun A Razak dahulu. Nampak nya ramai yang endah tak endah sahaja arahan dan kemahuan nya.

      Bertambah lagi jika kemahuan nya ia lah buang Akta Hasutan yang melindungi hak dan kepentingan Melayu yang tercatit di Perlembagaan negara.

  15. Jika "some numb nuts in Umno top hierarchy" membuat lantikan "director of the party's central war room", sudah tentulah director dan war room itu juga pun "nuts".

    Saya berpendpat selagi Najib pegang pucuk pimpinan UMNO, tidak akan ada beza keadaan dalam parti dan dalam pentadbiran negara.

    Merana kita di buat nya. Maka UMNO perlu gantikan dia.


    Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), which contributes to almost 40% of the national coffer, is urging the government to "tighten its belt" as the national oil firm is facing the possibility of less earnings in light of the falling crude oil prices.

    Petronas president & Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas (pic) believes that the price range of Brent crude oil at US$70 (RM237) to US$75 may be a 'new era', until the end of next year, if not for the next two years.

    1. Why was this announcement not made at the time of removing the petrol subsidies only a week ago? It would have helped a lot for the punlic to understand the petrol prices.

      Najib's nominee on Petronas BOD, Omar Ong, not doing his job? Not co-ordinating the announcement? Or the Petronas top management just disregard the former Petronas loan delinquent hammered into the BOD by Najib twice, leading to Tan Sri Hassan Merican losing his job?

  17. Now Najib is facing the music from the blokes he sought to please when announcing repeal of the Sedition Act in 2012, as stated by people -

    Bar Council president Christopher Leong, disappointed at the retention of the Sedition Act said the Act would only perpetuate disharmony, and that ‎by maintaining the law, the government was caving into pressure by "irresponsible quarters".

    Leong said the real ‎cause of disharmony was insecurity, the exploitation of such insecurity, and the inability or unwillingness to deal maturely with questions, criticism or differing views.

    I'd say to him, bols.

    See, by his stand on the Sedition Act, Najib has displeased two sides of the divide - UMNO and the Oppies. Kudos to UMNO for standing up for what is right and bols to the Oppies who even broke laws during Bersih rallies.

    1. Here are the words of Puteri UMNO Chief, Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, who was "shocked by some Twitter reactions from certain Barisan component party leaders who don’t know the importance of the act." -

      “I was stunned to read some tweets from our component party leaders.

      “Don’t they know the importance of the act?” she said when delivering her winding-up speech at PWTC on Saturday.

    2. Anon 14:02

      Why hide behind the euphemism "bols"?

      No guts to write "balls"? Or " testicular fortitude" perchance?


    3. 22:19,

      It was out of respect for Annie, actually.

      But for you, I say, "Fuck you". For writing a no substance comment, coming into here merely to provoke.

    4. Oooooooo, you are the "perchance" bloke, eh, 22:19?

      Did you, perchance, write many comments with that word here and there to day?

      Feeling great having shown that you write high class replies by using that word, eh?

      Never mind whether your replies have substance or not, issit?

      What a small mind, you.

      Reply all you like, lah. But don't be provocative and no substance at the same time.

  18. Can u justify why you feel Leong is wrong on the cause of disharmony? What he said looks plausible to me.

    1. 19:04,

      1. We were idyllic but harmonious in Perak before the British intervention - e.g during Long Jaafar's and Ngah Ibrahim's rule in Larut. Menteri Ngah Ibrahim brought Chinese from Penang to work his tin mines and help modernize his mining methods. The Ghee Hins and Hai Sans came with secret societies, thugs and gangsters, fought one another and caused Larut Wars I,II,III & IV. They were traitors who petitioned the British in Penang to enter Perak to help recover tin mines lost to rival gangs. The British found the excuse to interfere in the affairs of the Malay States and it led to the Pangkor Treaty in 1874 and British colonization started from there.

      2. We were pretty harmonious after Merdeka, the Malays having agreed to citizenship right to the pendatang but the DAP and similar minded blokes didn't even respect the consideration or quid pro quo - the enshrining in the Constitution of the Special Position of the Malays, which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia. The DAP and like-minded blokes tried to question that Special Position and it led to the race riots of 1969.

      3. We were harmonious after that but the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP were opposed to the NEP that was started after the race riots, and those in Penang started to do and say things that led to the UMNO Penang Chief pointing out that they were pendatang and should have been grateful to the Malays for having agreed to citizenship right to them pendatang. Yet those fellows didn't even admit that they are pendatang, made an issue with the use of the word, didn't even offer an alternative word to describe themselves.

      4. Then there are other issues like self-isolationism in Chinese schools and the Dong Zong Chief, fake PhD holder Yap Tien Sin talking about "multi-nations within a nation" nonsense, when British Premier David Cameron has said "Multi-culturalism is dead," echoed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 2 other EU leaders.

      Now harmony is hardly there.

      The cause of disharmony being "insecurity, the exploitation of such insecurity, and the inability or unwillingness to deal maturely with questions, criticism or differing views" - my foot.

      If he meant the insecurity on the part of blokes like him and those stated above, yes, I agree.

      And you just stated an opinion, no facts, no arguments, no justification, eh? Pendatang, are you? Read my facts and arguments above and know the history of this country to see that loyar bloke is talking nonsense, will ya?

    2. Well, Leong wants to push his legalistic polemics onto this matter of national security. We have given the Bar Council sufficiently good reasons to uphold the Sedition Act which when it is judiciously executed will certainly contribute to the security of harmonious functionality of our pluralistic society. If Leong and his colleagues are sincerely concerned about "perceptions of insecurity" i'd suggest these lawyers set out fervently to promote the national mainstream education system with the other vernaculars integrated into it. As an educator i cannot emphasize enough the vital importance of securing the harmony of our young minds from chauvinism and harmful psychological complexes.

    3. 20:05,

      Agree with you fully. I like your words

      "the vital importance of securing the harmony of our young minds from chauvinism and harmful psychological complexes."

      I'll add

      Absorb the vernacular schools into the SK system of education.

    4. Whilst we can harp on history, the past is long dead and gone. What is important is something needs to be done now to improve national harmony. I am of the opinion that Leong is right in his comments because this is how the current day man in the street sees it and no I am no bloody Pendatang. My ancestors were here from the time of the Portuguese invasion. I have Malay blood too.

  19. 19:04,

    Ultra kiasu-ism is the word.

    Yards can be written about that being the cause of disharmony in this country. Brief examples -

    1. Already the richest community in this country for decades, still wanting scholarships, school repair funds, and what nots. Yet so many Chinese millionaires readily contribute millions for scholarships etc. Until UTAR refused a RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer multi-millionaire 1 year or so ago.

    2. Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly tongkat from the Malay-led Government after Merdeka, made him a multi-millionaire and later a billionaire. But only a month ago he announced in Kajang where he donated RM100 million to a Chinese university that he is "twin-footed", one foot in China, and presumably when squatting like that, his shit will fall into the South China Sea.

    3. Vincent Tan also got a tongkat by way of easy-money Welfare Lottery license from then MOF Diam Zainuddin, became multi-millionaire and later a billionaire(?). Yet he was interested in another tongkat - the football betting license that Najib decided not to issue.

    Are those not ultra kiasu-ness? Other examples abound.

    And the Chinese are no longer the largest tax payers in the country. Read the comment earlier on quoting a report saying PETRONAS alone has been contributing nearly 40% revenue to the country. Those are not yet including tax paid by other GLCs like Telecoms, Tenaga etc. So, why envy NEP to the community that was left behind, being ignored economically, educationally etc for 100 years under the bloody British colonial rule and a little even after Merdeka. No gratitude for them agreeing to the citizenship right for the pendatang?

    Yes, Leong is talking thru his assol saying those.

    1. Sheesh....are you confusing personal income taxes with corporate income taxes?

      I didn't know that the Income Tax authorities broke down personal income taxes collected by race. At least, not that I know of.

      Petronas is a GLC and the national oil company.

      Contrast that with the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund which gets it's funds from Norway's oil revenues.

      Which is more open, transparent and accountable?

      And you are blaming the "bloody Brit colonialists" are you?

      Why not go sue the Brits in the UK, in Malaysia or the ICJ for the purported wrongs perpetrated on the Malays during Malaya's colonial past?

      Surely Umno's legal eagles will be able to sink their talons into such a juicy law suit, wouldn't they?

      Unless they are "NATO" (No action Talk only)!

    2. Dims,

      You are quite dim, aren't you?

      Why does it matter whether it's corporate or personal income tax? Didn't see the point tht the Chinese have no longer been paying the most tax for a long time already? Brighten up, old boy.

      And you member of the Batang Kali massacre crowd? Suing the British gomen for the murder of a group of Chinese suspected of being communists terrorists or something.

      I suppose you'd sue the British for not sending the coolies back by the shiploads like the British did to the Chinese coolies after completion of the Trans-America Railway and enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act banning Chinese from staying in the US permanently. If not, the US would probably have been half Chinese in population numbers now. You'd like that, won't you?

      And you are childish, too. Saying NATO is No Action Talk Only and such. How old are you, boy? Product of Chinese school, eh? DAP, aren't you?

    3. Mister Transparency and Accountability Baradin,

      What's with you people shouting out transparency and accountability when what you should be replying is saying whether you agree or not - and if not, why - on the 4 points enumerated in the comment by Anonymous29 November 2014 20:00 and the 3 points by Anonymous29 November 2014 20:24?

      Again, dim-witted, are you? Don't like the word tongkat when applied to you people? Like the DAP Red Beans often used it on the Malays?

      That's why the Sedition Act was there. And now Najib announced it's being retained.

      Btw, are you a Red Bean? If so, please tell us how you get paid by Komtar Level 7, Tokong Lim's Press Secretary's office. So that we could use that method to ask UMNO or the Federal gomen to pay us, too.

    4. Sheesh...that's all the arguments you can muster?

      Don't you want to tell Najib and Muhyiddin that they have to implement hiring quotas on the private sector, including the MNCs?

      Let's see if they have the cojones to do that.

      Even Tun Dr Mahathir backed off on the issue of employment quotas by race.

      Are Najib and Muhyiddin made of sterner stuff in that they call foreign investors to p**s off if they don't like the way things are done in Malaysia?

      "Bangang", eh?

      An appreciation of economic realities is more like it.

      And this is the fish bone that sticks in the throats of the racists and the so-called "nationalists".

      Because when the outside world calls their bluff, they will be shown up for the abject cowards that they are!

  20. Re. SA 1948, the decision is done and sealed,
    and regardless of the political voices .. a nationally popular one with the voters.

    1. Just do it, fairly:
    APPLY it fairly against who it is intended for, the extremists regardless of race and political leanings.

    2. Just do it, fully transparently:
    THE LAWYERS must take the leadership role in educating the public especially the young. As minimum there should be guidelines with clear examples of what constitutes Sedition under our law.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Good points, Tuan Haji.

      But, with the Bar Council "standing" as it is, I doubt if they'd "take the leadership role in educating the public especially the young."

      I'm interested in the recently talked-about formation of a rival organization comprising of the silent majority of lawyers - the Malay lawyers (other than the Shahzan what'sthename fella) who by now must be in the thousands out of the estimated 15,000 of lawyers in the country.

    2. The government has no choice Sdr Anon 21:27
      but to apply the legal principle of Rule of Law.

      That and the Supremacy of Constitution are key elements of Rukunegara philosophy, to preserve national unity vs hard on inciteful extremists.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    It only takes 2% of votes for BN to lose Putrajaya, warns Muhyiddin.

    In the recent GE, only 15% of Chinese voters supported BN. Chinese comprise 23% of the population.

    If Chinese support drops from 15% to 6% - it means that 9% x 23% = 2.07% of total votes will swing from BN.

    How will Malays vote? Especially those stressed by the declining economy.

    1. Look after the Malays, get NEP enhanced, pray for Anwar to be in prison 10-15 years, work with PAS now that Tokong Lim been hitting at Hadi often, after all PAS will never get Hudud accpted by DAP.

      And where it's a matter of opinions, ours are always better than yours.

    2. 7:45

      How about Tan Sri Muhyiddin's opinion?

      And Tan Sri, and obviously PM, even TDM, are aware of this fact:

      "In the recent GE, only 15% of Chinese voters supported BN. Chinese comprise 23% of the population. If Chinese support drops from 15% to 6% - it means that 9% x 23% = 2.07% of total votes will swing from BN".

      PM also reminded Umno delegates of TDM's defeat in the 1969 general election after declaring that he did not need Chinese votes.

      Present international oil analyst expect the Brent and WTI to soon trade at around US$65 and US$60 respectively - signficantly lower than Petronas' budget estimate at around US$70-75. So the contribution from Petronas to national coffers will be even less.

      Also, despite years of trying, the field of commerce and industry is still mainly manned by the Chinese.

      So in addition to their votes, they are also needed to keep the country's economy running.

      In my view, so long as the economy is running well, nothing can dislodge BN. But because of the world situation, our country's economy is growing from bad to worse. More and more Malays are under stress; and because BN is in charge, that's who they blame!

      So the more you bash the Chinese (what result do you get except cheap shiok sendiri?), the more I think you are an undercover RBA!

  22. Nice boy throwing tantrum eh!
    Is it an admission that he paid bloggers to say nice thing about him.

  23. Please read this view from

    It is believed that main issues about the grouses of the Non Malays especially the Chinese are not centred on those mentioned by Prime Minister Najib. Instead, the starting point is the abuse of power and blatant corruption which causes grave leakage on Federal Government spending and strategic investments.

    This failure of good corporate governance and practices spiralled into grave integrity issues where UMNO leaders themselves have been proven to be involved.

    Yet, some of these UMNO leaders are still very much comfortable in their strategic position in the party and even Federal and State Governments.

    Many UMNO leaders use the excuse of their party position to ‘canvass for projects, contracts, concessions or jobs’ to finance their ‘Grass-root politics’. They also conveniently use the new found wealth build their ‘fortress’ and fortify themselves in their positions.

    That did not stop there. They flaunt their wealth indiscriminately considering that some of them are not known to be professionals nor posses entrepreneurial skills and experience prior to them being alleviated in positions within the party of government.

    This is the single most grave perspective towards UMNO, BN and the Federal Government by many of the Non Malays especially the Chinese, who are the mainstay of the Malaysian economy which is based on commercial and entrepreneurial activities.

    UMNO leaders are very edgy when these issues are raised against them if not in denial, hoping the Malaysian public would buy into their make-believe story which could never hold water right from the start.

    If Prime Minister Najib is serious about bringing back the Chinese votes, then he has to be very serious about addressing the corruption issues. Without a doubt, he must be bold enough to bite the bullet and get rid some of the UMNO, Federal and State Government leaders.

    Note: either Najib oblivious to tis or just damn scared to do anything. His reaction yesterday typical of a skipper in a sinking ship.