Saturday 22 November 2014

Painfully, Umno people

Earlier in the morning I woke up and felt severe pain all over the left side of my body.

I suspected something was wrong with my muscles.

Initially, I tried to ignore it and went through my off day routine.

Checked this blog and decided that of late I sounded very much like a pro-Pakatan blogger.

Very negative.

Can't help it. Things are indeed not going very well.

At least being a pro-establishment blogger, I can criticize the leaders whenever I feel they are not doing the right things.

You can't do that if you are a DAP, Pas or PKR people.

In DAP, you can be sacked for not having enough affection for the leaders. That's how the then DAP's star Wee Choo Keong got booted out.

Okay, BN and Umno also have their purges but they are not as bad as that.

Whatever it is, I need to find something that can inspire me to write properly again.

But for now, I am just simply tired and feeling fed-up.

I look at all those smug irritating faces in the Umno leadership line-up and I got fed-up.

Faces like this,

Talked nonsense, being arrogant, lost the Batu Pahat parliament seat for being arrogant...and the Umno people elected him into their supreme council and get him appointed as a board member of the pro-establishment Media Prima.


No wonder Umno's media strategy is completely useless.

Then there are all those issues such as fuel prices....well, I rather not talk about it again.....need to be positive.

Anyway, the pain in the left side of my body grew intense in the afternoon.

Decided to go for a massage.

Took a long drive to Setia Alam for it.

Had a two hour Thai herbal massage.

It eased the pain but not by much.

Had Vietnamese beef noodle for lunch and then went for a movie.


Nice movie until it got muddled up towards the end.

Driving home, I could felt the pain crept back all over my left side.

Now I am resting.

Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow.

I got a very important thing to do tomorrow.

If the pain persist, I will have to go for proper check up on Monday.

Hopefully, it's nothing sinister.


  1. "I look at all those smug irritating faces in the Umno leadership line-up and I got fed-up".
    I am with you Annie wished Najib would do something witht these smugness!

    1. I look at the tip of the line-up and I really got fed-up.

      I wish UMNO members would get rid of this goon.

    2. 6.36, you misspelt "tip"? You meant top? If so, I agree with you.

    3. Tip of the rubbish dump

    4. It'd be less of the smugs if Najib not there.

    5. If I clueless and the better man for the job is out there, then surely I need yes-men of my kind as my ministers kan?

  2. Genuine Thai massage are done by Thai males, no buts.

  3. Why don't you go on a vegetarian diet dear? For a month perhaps to purify the system... if the problem was toxins

    1. Go with some companions to the great outdoors?

  4. Aaaaaa now you talk about the Pakatoon. Gud gud gud. DAP, PKR and PAS. So much shit to say about them.

    Your last post brought you over 80 comments. On a Saturday. This one might bring you over 100. On a Sunday.

    Now let's whack the Pakatoons prim and proper. The DAP and the PKR especially. Let's be sympathetic of PAS. Hadi has been whacked endlessly by Tokong Lim for not attending Pakatoon leadership meetings.

    The last post got 1-2 Pakatoon sounding comments. The same bloke(s) and maybe others might come in this time, maybe called in by the 1-2 blokes commenting yesterday. They'll mostly be no substance comments. But we'll whack them all the same.

    1. Depa marah kena kata bodoh, cakap tarak isi dll. Kasi lah depa chance nak sokong parti depa.

    2. Tak berani depa masuk sini nampaknya. Takut kena belasah.

  5. The first thing to say about the Pakatun is that they are cartoons. How they are not cartoon when they sleep in the same bed but have different dreams.

    Never, said Lim Kit Siang, over my dead body, said Karpal Sing to PAS Hudud. Karpal has gone dead but Tokong Lim is now whacking Hadi.

    Anwarul Al Juburi been sodokking them both in the assol. They think they are using Anwar to get to Putrajaya when Anwar smilingly tells himself that the stupid Tokong Lim and Hadi don't realize kena sodok by him.

    Now Al Juburi been quiet. Praying like crazy for a favorable Federal Court decision. Or asking others to pray for him. Nik Aziz no longer Kelantan MB. Otherwise Al Juburi could get PAS to sembahayang hajat. Now the only bloke who can Imam a PAS sembahayang hajat is Mat Sabun. The bloke who gave Anwar the title Al Juburi when Anwar was in UMNO and the title stuck to this day.

    1. Mat Sabu jadi imam tak sah. Dia yang bagi pangkat al juburi camna nak mintak Tuhan selamatkan Nuor dari penjara.

    2. Nuor di beritakan pergi US. Nak mintak jumpa Obama kot. Mengharap Obama boleh pengaruhi keputusan Mahkamah Malaysia. hehe.

      Kot dia jumpa Newcons, Jews and Zionists of the powerful Israeli Lobby. Nak aturkan duit masuk kpd NGOs yang sokong dia. Legacy dia sabelom msasuk penjara 10-15 tahun.

  6. How to say Anwar is not Juburi when Sodomy I Federal Court (highest court in the land), in allowing his appeal on "technical grounds", had it recorded that he did sodomize. That's why for Sodomy II, he should get 10-15 years jail term - for the repeat offence.

    How can he lead the country, ever? He even lost his senses when he lost PRU13. He'll behave more irrationally if facing worse problems, national emergencies and crises if he is PM.

    When losing PRU13, he even forgot that the system we have been using for the last 57 years is general elections win by the number of seats, not by the number of votes. Then he went crazy. Demo here, demo there. Each time expecting 100,000 turn out. But the last one at Padang Merbok, the Police said only about 5,000 joined. Then he gave up. Sad. Very sad.

    But no sympathy for him. The bugger who would have been PM for 10 years already if he had waited his turn. But became ungrateful ingrate like the Cina Bukit pendatang DAP, tried to bite the hand that picked him up from the gutter, nursed him in UMNO until reaching the Deputy Presidency and the Deputy Premiership. So near yet so far, Because of kurang ajar.

    1. Dia ngarapkan jadi mcm Arab Spring le. Tapi kalau merusuh aje, Askar pun sanggup tolong Polis kawal.

    2. Ya Allah, jangan lah lepaskan Anwar dari hukuman penjara bang 10 tahun ke lebih. Jahanam negara, porak peranda kalau dia di lepaskan.

  7. Hah, the Robot word I had to type just now was aniepour. Like the CNN Amanpour, the worse-than-Jew Christian of Iranian ancestry who exploits her interviews of top international personalities and use them as advertisements in her CNN programme. One feels neausea seeing leaders of many nations being used as her advertising models.

    Al Juburi would have loved being a model for and used by Christian Amanpour. But not found to Amanpour's standard. He got whacked by Stephen Sackur of BBC Hard Talk programme, forced into a corner into admitting that he created a nuisance in Malaysia because he wanted to be PM.

    Sackur also said into his face he was very divisive and the greatest polariser in this country. Those were Sackur's words. Our words are: Awar penderhaka bangsa dan negara.

    How now you PKR and Pakatoon people? Wanna defend Al Juburi? Come in with sound arguments backed by solid facts, ok? Quote authorities for your state,ents also. I know the Fizi faction may come in but the Azmin and other factions may keep quiet. hehe

    1. So glad that even BBC saw it fit to tell Anwar that he polarized the country greatly. Some others hearing those would commit hara kiri. But Anwar would smile in glee.

  8. Hah, when not many comments published yet, every time I wanna type a comment, got to see the face of that stupid Dyana girl being used by the ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate, biadap and kurang ajor DAP Chinese masquerading as a Malay.

    Dyana being used in more ways than one. The masquerader biadap and kangjor coz romolling the girl and advertising the photos in the internet. Blardy. And they have not even denied that they were romolling - only saying gutter politics etc.

    The masquerader doing it to the no upbringing girl. But Tokong Lim doing it to sweet and demure Rainbow. One morning his photo came out with a plaster on his forehead. Got thrown the ashtray by long suffering Betty.

    Going personal you say? Nothing in politics is personal lorr. They shit personal in US, UK etc. Until in France the President having a live-in girlfriend is not an issue at all. In US the Jewish girl office assistant Monica Lewinsky lollipop-ing Bill Clinton did not bring him down. How can it be down in such circumstances!

    But the Selangor MB's lollipop-ing in the toilet story has not died down. Though his may have.

    1. Is that masquerader married? To a Chinese, presumably? Does he practice the Islamic religion? If not, he is not a Malay. The Constitution says so.

      Imagine what happened if he had joined UMNO instead of DAP.

    2. Is Dyana still single? Can hantar rombongan pergi pinang ke? Boleh kahwin kontrak (contract marriage) ke? Sekarang masih berlaku di Jawa Barat - di Jakarta Barat.

      Institusi itu di mulakan dek Arab yang berniaga dan tinggal di Jakarta beberapa ketika ratusan tahun dulu. Bila berlayar balek ke Arabia, ceraikan si bini. Celaka si Arab tuh.

      Sorang pembantu rumah di KL kata dia lari daripada kawin kontrak itu. Kesian.

      Dengan Dyana amacam? Boleh?

    3. Dyana? Ramai lagi pompuan yang masih suci boleh di buat bini. Unless kamu ni kaum yang suka guna second hand.

    4. Sebagai bini kontrak, tak pa. Mana kau tau akau takda tiga bini yang first hand sekarang? hihihi.

    5. Who cares how many bini (whatever hand) you have. You are neither a politician nor an ustaz selebriti. You taste for second hand Dyana showed your true lust.

    6. Where got lust know 1st hand 2nd hand one? Not politician not ustaz selebriti cannot have her arr? Last I saw her she winked her eyes at me lorr. At PRK Teluk Intan.

      Ustaz got selebriti arr? Can give examples or not? I want to meet them to borrow their selebriti thing lorr. Sure can get Dyana like that. After all, she's cheap ma.

    7. Sri Pentas ada aagi manyak second hand punya. Lagi barang baik woo!

  9. Yeah, Kit Siang and Tokong Lim had booted out Wee Chee Keong and many others. Cakap tak serupa bikin buggers. Party name is Democratic Action Party. Yet they are the least democratic of all the Malaysian political parties.

    Tokong Lim is not called Dear Leader Lim for nothing. Like the communist dictator Dear Leader Kim Jong whatever - used to be Ill, not bothered to know what now.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin accusing others corrupt, crony etc. Yet they are also corrupt, even practices nepotism - Kit Siang arranged for Guan Eng to become party boss as Sec Gen - possibly for life, as their party elections always rigged, even the CEC elections not recognized by RoS for 2 years.

    But the most notable cakap tak serupa bikin was when Ronnie Liu complained about money politics at the Selangor DAP Convention that got him ousted as Selangor DAP Chief, and Kit Siang's sweetheart Teresa Kok took over. Money politics is corruption, too.

    DAP no corruption, my foot. Sale of Penang State land at Bayan Mutiara for RM1.07 billion brought in at least RM30 million sales commission - housing developers always pay commission for land purchases. Then there are the commission, kickbacks, free shares and profit sharing in the RM1 billion sPICE Turn-Key project, development of land belonging to the Penang Municipality. The same for the Undersea Tunnel project whose price increased from RM4 to 6 to 8 billion even before the project started.

    Btw, what's happened to that Undersea Tunnel project now - no news? No Federal Government guarantee and the banks won't finance?

    1. DAP is the most racist and chauvinistic party that ever existed in this country. Anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

      Other parries are race-based. But so long as they are not antagonistic to the rights and interests (legitimate ones) of other races, they are not racist. DAP definitely antagonistic to the rights and interests of the Malays. Need slamming endlessly.

  10. "...need to be positive."

    One way to be positive is to hit Pakatan Rakyat until the fingers feel sore on the keyboard.

    Negative to Pakatan but positive to Barisan.

  11. Wonder what happened to my 4-5 comments against the Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar, DAP and PKR written before the 06:33 comment, Annie.

    They may not be directly on your post title "Painfully, Umno people" but they are certainly connected with what you wrote -

    "You can't do that if you are a DAP, Pas or PKR people ... In DAP, you can be sacked for not having enough affection for the leaders."

    The fact that you have published the 06:33 comment shows that hitting DAP is not out of topic under the circumstances.

    Hope no DAP or PKR Toyol swallowing those comments!

  12. Ooops, sorry for jumping the gun, my dear. I didn't reload the page before writing the earlier comment I submitted just now.

    Txs for publishing them and I'm now satisfied no Toyol in your blog, hehe

  13. Tun Dr Mahatir berucap di majlis PERKASA hari ini. Ramai yang menunggu nunggu apa dia akan kata.

    Painfully, Umno people ke hape. Aku harap meletup. Mari kita tunggu. Sapa nak join, sila le. Acara tu terbuka, rasa nya.

    1. Listening to a grumpy old man. There are better things to do on a cool and hazy sunday afternoon, like going to watch the water fountain at Klcc.

    2. Careful, don't fall into the fountain. As you are grumpy old man yourself.

      And don't jump into it. As you might be delusional thinking it is a swimming pool.

    3. The grumpy old man did not show up at Perkasa Assembly.

    4. But the message already got thru to many of the rakyat that he supports PERKASA and disagrees with Najib a lot.

  14. Yes, we "can criticize the leaders whenever we feel they are not doing the right things."

    And is this the kind of things that make people say this Oxford guy sometimes has a foot in his mouth? says Barisan Nasional Youth has pledged its "commitment on ensuring that Sarawak and Sabah would be equal administrative partners, as agreed upon during the formation of Malaysia." The last bit is not true, as explained below.

    National BN Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said this was among the resolutions made during the discussion in the current retreat and would be forwarded to the top leadership for immediate action.

    “We want leaders of the country to re-examine the 20-Point Agreement – anything that is not being complied with or missed out, should be looked into. This is the aspiration of the young generation in BN in achieving a true Malaysian concept,” he told reporters during a media conference after passing the resolutions at a meeting here yesterday.

    Why is the bloke, as Minister, stoking up the feelings of the youngsters in Sarawak? Why does he have to touch the Fixed Deposit states. The Chief Ministers in Sabah and Sarawak can handle them very well. Heck, they are a Fixed Deposit, aren't they? Is this Oxford fellow stupid or what?

    And who says the 20 Points were "agreed upon during the formation of Malaysia"? They were submitted to the British and the Inter-governmental committee as the wishes of the Sabah and Sarawak people (Sarawak submitted 18 points, in fact) for the British consideration. When Malaysia was formed the Constitution of then Malaya was amended to incorporate several of the Points and the Malaysian Constitution was final for the whole of Malaysia.

    The British, who were then colonial rulers of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore, agreed to the formation of Malaysia with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Secession, for example, is not in the Malaysia Constitution though stateed in the 20 Point.

    Singapore did not secede. Singapore was so-called "kicked out" by stupid Tengku A Rahman out of his anger, nothing else. And any stupid Malaysian or UMNO leader thinking of that since then must be kicked out of the country.

    1. The UMNO Youth fellow may want to be populist. But should have limits.

      Maybe he suddenly remembers his public announcement of wanting to become PM at 40. He has only 2 years more to go. I hope he goes out of circulation in UMNO. I dread the idea of him becoming PM. God forbid.

      Maybe that's why Najib is rushing to developed nation status. Fearing by PRU14 Khairy would be PM. And he won't have the chance to go into history as the man who brought Malaysia to developed nation status. Don't want the young punk to take the credit.

    2. That fellow may be an undiagnosed Bipolar Depression case. Like Winston Churchill. But Winston was diagnosed. Regular medicine, no problem.

      When undiagnosed and not on medicine, as the manic episode sets in, the person tends to be grandiose, PM at 40, championing this and that which should not be, etc.

      Dangerous to be PM like that. Churchill was brought back to be British PM because of the war. Bipolar patients do not have fear. So, Britain fought the Germans against all odds. And won, together with the Allies.

      In peace time, a bipolar person may cause war!

  15. in malaysia things are not well, but when i widen my scope of view, even the world... sometimes i wonder if those who died are the lucky one maybe.

    umno might not be as bad as PR but i feel tht its getting there. the more umno presiden want to entertain the PR's demand, the more he become like them.

    btw its sunday now. The much awaited speech from tun.

    keep it together annie, politic arent worth stressing about. do wht u can, pray and berserah.

    1. Don't die. No guarantee they are the lucky ones.

      But Pakatoons may die. Anwar especially. We sure will be the lucky ones.

    2. ".. the more umno presiden want to entertain the PR's demand ..."

      That's what I simply don't understand. Why the hell must he do that? He thinks the PR voters would turn away from PR and vote BN at PRU14?

      Doesn't he realize that he bent backwards for them at PRU13, they still gave him the Chinese tsunami?

      Now want to throw away the Sedition Act? That which protects the sensitive Articles of the Constitution. That which DAP would love to happen. Because the sensitive Articles include the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak that they have tried to ungkit leading to the race riots of 13 May 1969.

      That from which the NEP was drawn. Which the bloody DAP has also been against. Which the Malays and the Bumiputeras have said if they don't want that, they should surrender the quid pro qio - their citizenship. As said in many comments here, such an action always attract an equitable reaction.

      They already got their citizenship right, they don't care about the quid pro quo or the consideration - the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. That's why they are called ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate Cina Bukit pendatang DAP.

  16. "No wonder Umno's media strategy is completely useless."

    But do they have any strategy in the first place?

  17. "..those smug irritating faces in the Umno leadership ..

    They are not smug. A few look like thugs. Thinking sometimes like being drugged.

  18. UMNO is Toxic.....

    Keep away from it...

    1. Really?

      You intoxicated by its exuberant record of service to the nation the past 60 years?

      Or you botox-ing yourself, heavily wrinkled due to constant hate, like that engulfing the DAP?

  19. Annie, please check with the doctors. Your symptoms don't sound good. Numbness on the left side can be indications of a hear attack for females.

    1. Yes, have a complete blood test, cholesterol and all.

      Too much anxiety at UMNO's conditions, boyfriend buat hal etc not good for the health. If no regular exercise (half hour most days of the week), then have such pain, go see the doctor, pronto, baby.

      Best of luck.

  20. re, Smug irritating faces in the UMNO leadership lineup .

    They are no difference from others lineup like the DAP's and PKR ,the only thing they forget their ,'perjuangan' and those they represent .
    What choice thus Malay have , except to vote those faces ,until UMNO members dare enough to change those faces .

    There only 1 UMNO ,but leaders are many .

    1. Agree with you this time, tebing tinggi.

      Not sure if you are the same Tebing Tinggi as in yesterday's comments - I tot yesterday's one was TT in capital letters.

      Yes, we vote UMNO. But we ask UMNO to replace that particular one leader.

    2. I am not the same Tebing Tinggi that used the capital (T) , he/she is just Joney, come lately .
      I don,t understand why he using the same initial .

    3. That bloke is definitely DAP Red Bean, masquerading, using names others have used in the same blog post comments, out to confuse the readers, to cause dissension among them, to weaken pro-BN comments, anarchistic, no upbringing, real Cina Bukit pendatang DAP.

      One bloke keeps at it in the blog Stop The Lies. That he targets you is a credit to you. He may find your writing being the most hard hitting and effective to the Pakatoons.

    4. He he he

      Tundun tinggi

  21. That photo is Fuad Zarkashi, innit? What kind of name is that? Bugis, Jawa, Banjar? Usually all the Rumpun Melayu guys tak arrogant, tak sombong.

    Dia keturunan lanun ke? Yang selalu lalu di perairan di mulut sungai Batu Pahat. Merompak, melanun, hingga pulau di situ pun terkenal sebagai Pulau Sialu - mesti sial bila lalu.

    Padan lah dia kalah di kawasan Batu Pahat di PRU13.

    Terbaca dia di gelar Dr Fuad Zarkashi. Fake PhD ke? Macam Yap Tien Sin, Presiden Dong Zing yang mentadbir sekolah sekolah Cina.

    Bukan mengata. Tanya aje.

  22. re: "Talked nonsense, being arrogant, lost the Batu Pahat parliament seat because of his arrogance...and yet the Umno people elected him into their supreme council and appointed him as a board member of the pro-establishment Media Prima."

    Sayidina Ali bin Abu Talib counsel:
    He who makes greed his habit is devaluing himself; and he who complains about his hardship is inviting humiliation; and he who allows his tongue to overpower his soul is debasing the soul.

    1. Waaa, wise words there. Are all those Fuad Zarkashi ha?

      But some blokes have no value how to devalue themselves? Like Tokong Lim.

  23. Instead of saying he'll talk to his driver about driving manners, this Cina Bukit DAP boss becomes confrontational with the Penang Municipal Council -

    Guan Eng: Go ahead, issue summons to my driver

    BUKIT MERTAJAM: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wants the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) to issue traffic summons, including backdated ones, if his driver had illegally parked the official car.

    Kalau dah jenis gengster tu, gengster juga bunyi nya.

  24. Whatever the comments and calls from various quarters, Najib is determined to do things his way. He will listen more to Obama and Ji Ming than to Mahathir and Shahrizat or you and me. He will drag the country down with him. Be prepared for tough times ahead.

    1. Got to keep on whacking him endlessly, bro.

      Remember, Tun Dol resigned after the heavy bombardments at the PAU in 2009.

    2. Najib got fat bump, can stand whacking many times over. Got thick face some more. It will be a long session.

  25. Any UMNO people - or even the Oppo Hippos - would do like Widodo did, below?

    Jokowi flies economy class to Singapore

    Indonesian Presi­dent Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana flew economy class into Singapore to attend his youngest child’s graduation ceremony.

    Joko said he was “very happy” to be able to attend the graduation and see his son.
    He said he had sent his son to school overseas to train him to become independent.

    According to Joko’s spokesman, Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto, the president refused to use his presidential aircraft for his trip because the purpose of his visit was personal.

    “It’s a personal trip so no ministers or officials are in tow. Pak Jokowi will travel as Joko Widodo, not as President,” he told reporters, referring to the president using his nickname.

    Sampai kucing bertanduk pun UMNO people won't do like that? Would Tokong Lim ride a bicycle and avoid his driver parking illegally?

    1. Hey I am the Prime Minisiter and my wife is the First Lady of the country. How can we fly commercial flight, let alone fly economy. Show some respect lah!

    2. Should offer Joko's son a full scholarship to study in any of our premier universities.

      It won't be to Malaysia's interest to have Indonesia too friendly with Singapore.

      Why must the biggest Malay country in the world be more friendly towards a Cina controlled little red dot rather than one controlled by Malays?

  26. Any one knows what Tun Dr Mahathir said at the PERKASA event this afternoon? Google News page has nothing yet and I don't watch local TV news.

    Is the following National Unity Convention the one TDM was supposed to be speaking at?

    Former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad said the government had made a mistake in abolishing the Internal Security Act and the possible abolishment of the Sedition Act 1948.

    “I understand the government wants the nation to look good in the eyes of the world, but abolishing the ISA is not the main factor in achieving this.

    “Singapore, which has retained the ISA is in a sound footing in every aspect. It is sad that the government abolished the ISA and possibly the Sedition Act without giving the Malays, Malay NGOs and Umno a chance to voice their views.

    “Instead, the Opposition, Bar Council and Non-Malay NGOs who opposed the Acts from the beginning were heard. This means the government only listen to their calls,” he said at a National Unity Convention here.

    He said the government made another mistake by setting up the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

    He also suggested the government set aside the draft of the Harmony Act drafted by the Bar Council and abolish the NUCC.

    Bloody good views he put out. Waiting to read what TDM said.

  27. Tun Dr Mahathir did not show up at PERKASA's event this afternoon. Of course the Oppo Hippo news kontol like Malaysia Chronic News was quick to exploit it.

    Saying Najib’s apparent fight back against positions taken by Mahathir, including on the education system dividing Malaysians, was expected to get mention in the former Prime Minister’s opening speech at Perkasa’s convention on Sunday but significantly he did not show up.

    The usual wild allegations that Perkasa is an extreme right-wing Malay NGO allegedly sponsored by Mahathir as patron and admittedly funded, to some extent, by the Federal Government.

    And saying the climax of all this would be whether Mahathir turns up on Tuesday for the Umno General Assembly. His absence would send the clearest signal that Najib’s days are numbered and that the forces are gathering to oust him through the Umno Supreme Council.

    It said that the anti-climax would be the tone of the debate at the Umno General Assembly, despite guidelines being given out, i.e. whether it would degenerate into the politics of distraction and disruption through rhetoric and polemics centred around even more Chinese-bashing.

    So, we'll wait for TDM's presence or absence at PAU. If what the news kontol says is correct, then TDM's absence would mean the end of Najib. I got no problem with that. I even wish it. I dislike Najib's politics. But I support UMNO. Though am not a member. I abhor Pakatoon politics.


    A coalition of Malay rights groups, led by Perkasa, today urged Putrajaya to consider allowing only Bumiputeras to be exempt from repaying their National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loan schemes.

    They noted in their National Unity Memorandum that the majority of PTPTN borrowers exempted from repaying their loans were Chinese, and this could anger the Bumiputeras.

    The memorandum also suggested that more non-Bumiputeras earned first-class honours compared with Bumiputeras because private higher education institutions (IPTS) were more "lenient" and had a "hidden agenda".

    See more at:

    1. Bloody good points. For info like this, I have no objection for The Malaysian Insider article being quoted, haha

      And I support what's said up there.

  29. Abolish Chinese schools, silence ‘radical’ Dong Zong, Malay groups tell Putrajaya

    Putrajaya must abolish all vernacular schools as they are impeding national unity, and instead replace them with single-stream schools, a coalition of Malay rights groups said today.

    They said in their National Unity Memorandum today that Putrajaya could silence any "radical" education groups that opposed such a move, like Dong Zong, through the threat of de-registration.

    "This firmness is needed because the multiple streams of schools that have existed all this while are not conducive to efforts to promote and strengthen national unity in Malaysia," read the memorandum, which was drafted by a committee chaired by Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

    1. No need to close the Chinese schools. Just "absorb" them into the SK system of education by instructing them to use BM as the medium of instruction and the same syllabus as the SKs, send the teachers for training, absorb them and the school support staff into the same scheme of service as for those of the SKs.

      The assets - land, school building, lab equipment etc can be negotiated with the gomen.

      That way, nobody would lose anything except Dong Zong's "multi-nationns within a nation" shit. Even British PM David Cameron has long said that "multi-cullturalism is dead", echoed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 2 other EU leaders.

    2. Leave the management as much as possible with them in these national-integrated schools. But the core curriculum in BM must prevail. And I think we really need the Maths and Science in English especially in the major cities where it's cosmopolitan. I mean just look how far behind our Malay kids have fallen in English language communication and the sciences.

  30. 21:40

    Agreed. And the study of Islam, the Constitution and History should start from primary one!

    That's the only way to have national racial harmony.

    1. It was bloody good of TS Muhyiddin to make History compulsory in schools. He is my hero as far as paving future generations for unity is concerned. I don't mind at all if he becomes PM to-morrow.

  31. Thanks guys for putting in write ups on what were said at the PERKASA Convention. Much obliged,

  32. Blind leading the fucking blind. Ignorance is bliss.

  33. In political war..who dominates the media is the winner. Media prima as one of the biggest media conglomerate always been the main target of any politician. Johan Jaafar is a smart guy he knew how to strengthened his position. Maybe Fuad not so smart but who'd cares as long he is loyal.