Friday 4 April 2014

Thanks everyone, especially Australia

It has been almost a month now since MH370 went missing.

So it has been concluded that the Malaysia Airlines plane with 239 souls on board had disappeared over the Indian Ocean.

How the KL to Beijing flight had ended at that remote southern part of the ocean is still a mystery.

Search and rescue (SAR) effort is still on going and so far no trace of remains of the plane had been found.

PM DS Najib Razak was in Perth yesterday, where the SAR team is now based.

He had told the world that Malaysia will not give up looking until it's certain what had happened to the plane.

Najib had also conveyed Malaysia's appreciation to all 26 countries involve in the SAR effort, and members of the team who were painstakingly scouring the thousands of kilometers of ocean where the plane was believed to have crashed.

As mentioned by the PM, a special thank you was reserved for Australia and its government for currently hosting the SAR team in Perth.

Australian PM Tony Abbott, in particular has been great in his handling of the tragedy ever since the focus of the SAR shifted to the south of Indian Ocean off the coast of western Australia.

Today, there will be no more of the MH370 daily Press conferences in KL.  As was announced, Press releases will be issued to media organizations here of any latest development in the SAR effort.

The focus will now be in Perth as indicated in this report,

Australia to represent Malaysia

It was indeed a sad ending to another phase of the tragedy.

As it is, the mystery of the plane's disappearance was yet to be solved.

Hopefully, the SAR effort, now centered in Perth will yield the desired results soon.

Let us pray for the safety of the SAR team members and their success.


  1. Akhirnya, orang kapir aje yang datang menolong Kerajaan Ketuanan Melayu Islam. British hantar kapal selam untuk tujuan mencari dan menyelamat, kapal selam Malaysial tak boleh pakai, guna minyak diesel, tengah laut tak ada stesen minyak untuk refueling.

    Kerajaan cakap Scorpene tidak dilengkapi teknologi sonar, so tak boleh di gunakan untuk search and rescue. Bangang bodoh yang mana beli kapal selam yang tak ada teknologi sonar. Patutlah cina cakap melayu memang bodoh.

    1. 100% melayu sekor ni bodoh

    2. Anon 08:56
      I don't think that is a Malay.

    3. Bodoh, bangang, tak boleh mendengar & berfikir, tak boleh diajar sampai bila2

    4. anon 01:34

      yang confirm bodoh tu mak engkau..pasal beranakkan anak mcm engkau.. kalo engkau dah pandai sangat.. kenapa tak engkau ke depan bagi idea dan cadangan mcm mana nak selesaikan masalah..
      kapal selam scorpene tu pun kau tak pernah tengok,..tak pernah tau pun apa keupayaan kapal selam tu ..kau menulis mcm kau pakar kapak selam.. yang confirmed kau pakar ialah membebel jer..tak paya nak POYO!!!!

  2. Salutations to the Helpers Internationale

    Times Gone By (AULD LANG SYNE)

    Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
    And never brought to mind?
    Should old acquaintances be forgotten,
    And days of long ago!

    For auld lang syne, my dear
    For times gone by,
    We will take a cup of kindness yet
    For auld lang syne.

    We two have run about the hillsides
    And pulled the daisies fine,
    But we have wandered many a weary foot
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    We two have paddled (waded) in the stream
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    But seas between us broad have roared
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    And there is a hand, my trusty friend,
    And give us a hand of yours,
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    For times gone by!

    And surely you will pay for your cup,
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  3. Thank you, Australia. We owe you one.
    Buy 'Malay' first, buy 'Australian' second, Buy 'Chinese (M'sia and China)' last.

    1. Ozzie do not have many industries and the exchange rate almost par with usa. You can buy kangaroos and bunnies and cane toads

  4. anon 1.34

    atau ko yang bangang bodoh?
    kalau beli yg ada sonar, tapi tak boleh selam dalam buat apa?
    kalau beli yg boleh selam dalam tapi tak bole guna nuclear power buat apa?
    kalau nak beli semua ada tapi harga mahal ko kutuk gomen jugak kan sebab membazirkan?

    kalau ko melayu ko mmg bodoh bangang sebab dengar cinabeng2 pendatang yg tak pernah puas hati tu..

    kalau ko cina, ko mmg terbukti bodoh bangang.

  5. Scorpene ada sonar tapi khas utk hunter killer role. Tak sesuai utk SAR kot.

  6. PM Australia cakap, 'if the mystery is solvable, we will solve it". Good day mate.


  7. Nobody with the right minds would think Malaysia has the ability or capable of making that Boeing 700 just displaced and now lost without trace , probably another UMNO conspiracy as normal conclusion .
    Yet everybody was jumping, blaming the third world standard Malaysian military radar ,and why Malaysian Air force does not scrambled to intercept and shoot down that known commercial plane.
    One month (almost) had past ,with all the latest technology in the world's and 26 country giving a helping hand ,why seems that we are still in wilds goose chase and Malaysia are being place in the impression of mishandling the SAR ,sadly by their own so called citizen ,what more their blood related China who has numbers on that MH 370.
    With the world's technology are that advance , they say they could even detect car No plate on the road ,yet that Boeing 700 are just vanished in the southern Indian ocean , why Indian ocean then.
    Would this be another case of 9 / 11 where they say ,the WTC steels structure melted down because of extensive heat on impact ,yet the terrorist passport was not melt.

    1. Why dont blame America with their advanced satellites or they are also sleeping like rmaf

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    1. Many thanks for the lead, LOL!