Sunday 13 April 2014

Life probably better in Kluang

I really need to lose some weight.

It was a struggle going up the hill at the cemetery for Qingming this morning.

I haven't weight myself for quite a while, but I am sure I had breached the 50 kg mark.

Need to stop eating any carbohydrate food and start exercising again.

I need to discipline myself.

It's not just because I want to look nice, but more importantly, it's to maintain my good health.

I will be driving back to KL later tonight.

Honestly, I wish I don't have to.

I wish I can just stay here where I am.

I'm tired of life in KL.

My work is really a chore now and the routine is really tiresome.

I feel that life in this small town could be so much more fulfilling.

I wish I can stay here and look after my grandmother.

Of course, whenever I told my mother all these, she would scoffed at me and says it's not going to be me looking after my grandmother but my grandmother looking after me.

Well, true also.

My grandmother is probably healthier than me despite being in her 70s.

I need to carry on with my life and earn my keep.

Since I'm not very lucky with the love thing, my guess is that I wouldn't be able to find someone to look after me.

So, I have to be realistic and take care of myself.

Nothing to worry about.

Better be single till the end rather then ended up marrying a lousy bastard.

Okay, I know I'm rambling again.


It's really very hard to write about politics of late as there's nothing fresh going on at the moment.

There's the PKR's "husband versus wife" presidential contest, but I'm really tired of all the bullshit cooked up by Anwar Ibrahim, to write anything about it.

For sure, I rather be single than ended up like Wan Azizah with a husband like that.

Pas is again with their hudud theatrics and their DAP lovers are playing along with their usual "I love you, but I won't make love to you" game on the matter.

How Malaysians could support such hypocrites was beyond me.

Well, of course there's the wishy washy BN people on the other side. Sometimes they can really turn off people from supporting them.

The Pakatan people don't really have to do anything as the BN people will trip and fell over on their own due to their own lack of intelligence.

Really, it's a repeat of post 2008 General Election, all over again.

It's getting very tiresome now.

I know, we got no choice but to get on with it.

But for me, it's not at this moment.

I needed this break.

See lah how. Once, I regained my interest, I will start writing serious stuff again.

Okay, I need to go join the rest of the family for steamboat now.

This one got no pork. Grandma prepared a seafood one with lots of veggie.



  1. Agree with you Annie.. better remain single from getting a husband that cant differentiate the front hole and the ass-hole, from women and men.

    1. An indeterminate and sexually permissive male whose grandiose ambition is to assume political power over the people even if it means abetting the infiltration of foreign influence into the inner sanctums of Malaysian government.

    2. UMNO led government sends ESSCOM officials to Southern Philipines to help in the hostage rescue efforts.

      Ha ha ha ha......what a joke, they instead plead with kidnappers to reduce their ransom demands. The sulus might just give them a discount and come back for more hostages.

      UMNO Malays at their best, a bunch of Village Idiots running the country but Makcik Drama Queen Annie will still defend these village champions although she knows they are beyond redemption.

    3. Anon08:28
      Umno send what!!!.should send your mother instead.haa she can sleep with all the kidnappers and the hostages will be freed unconditionally..talking cock doesnt make you brave!!!..low life

  2. To Annie & Grandma:

    Well I love my Ma, I love my Pa, I love Granny and Grandpa too.
    I been fishing with my uncle, I wrestled with my cousin,
    But if I ever had to make a choice, I guess it ought to be said
    that I'd trade 'em all plus the lad down the road for Grandma's feather bed.

  3. Annie, run your biz la. Nowadays there is so many ways to make money from internet. Your blog could pull some ads maybe.

    1. And pay little or no tax like twitter in turkey. Islamic government wants them to pay their due

  4. ... there is a word for what you are feeling right now... it's what the Germans call "lebensmüde!"

    ... now that you know the cause of your malady, half the battle is won.

    ... for the other half... well, you have to sort it out for yourself... although, a good place to start is to reread what you wrote... "How Malaysians could support such hypocrites was beyond me..."

    (hint: it is not beyond you to understand why some msians still support those hypocrites... try looking at the "bigger oicture.")

  5. RE: "There's the PKR's "husband versus wife" presidential contest, but I'm really tired of all the bullshit cooked up by Anwar Ibrahim."

    Hehehehehe ...... the neo-nepotism of the professed al-Juburi !

  6. Annie. I think you better close this site. You are turning into a red-beanie, choosing whichever posting that suit your taste and not publishing what does not appeal to your taste bud.


    2. anon 22:11

      i think you better get a life... a REAL life!!!!

  7. Anon 22:11
    Annie punya sukalah apa dia hendak tulis. Dia tidak paksa DAPig cyber trooper membacanya! Kalau tidak baca ramai orang lain yang suka membacanya. You stupid macai!

  8. Hopefully you will be matched with someone who can guide you with the Islamic way of life. No problem to be chineseness but Islam must be above all.

    1. He is under noordin, Ibrahim and those perkasa rather than the prophet

    2. Anon 21:21
      ...and you... under the dongkey ass!!