Sunday 20 April 2014

An organization of excesses in Johor

A journalist friend who is a fellow Johorean called me after reading my plea,

Datuk Najib, please save Johor

He advised me not to get too involved with the "situation" in our home state..

"It's not worth it. You will just get yourself in trouble," he said.

"They would not give a damn anyway," he added.

Well, I have to do something.

That posting was the least that I can do.

I know it's not going to get the prime minister to hurriedly fix things in Johor. It's not in my wildest dream to think that Datuk Najib reads anything that I wrote in this blog.

My only hope was that one of his media handlers who monitor the blogs would conveyed to him my worries about my home state and my belief that he could do something to stop the rot.

Then maybe the prime minister will do something. Who knows...

At least at the end of the day, I can take comfort that I did try to do something to save my beloved home state.

For those who doubt the veracity of what I wrote about the scale of excesses which are happening in Johor right now, please ask those who are familiar with what are happening down in JB.

Also, check with them whether it's true that those excesses had even spread among people who have been entrusted with ensuring the welfare and development of the state at the lower levels.

For example, you may check whether there is an organization in Johor which exploits were such as I listed here:

1. An organization set up by the government to bypass the civil service with the objective of ensuring massive developments take place in an area in southern Johor. Those who work for this organization earn up to three times more than the civil servants who perform similar tasks as them.

2. It's not a very competent organization. For an example, one of the organisation's favorite project was to install multi-million ringgit security CCTV system all over JB but after years of talking about it, has failed to do so. It's latest attempt at doing so ended with it being conned by its own appointed contractors.

3. The top guns of the organization seem to like going on "familiarization trips" which involves stopovers at golf courses in Indonesia. Occasionally, they would go elsewhere such as the recent "learning and development trip" to UK and other European countries which costs millions of ringgit but didn't produce any tangible result or knowledge sharing.

4. From 2010 to 2014, the organization spends RM240 million on "operational expenses", which many believe were spend on petty projects given to a bunch of businessmen who once went to the same all-boys boarding school.

5. The organization was supposed to be the prime mover of the JB Transformation Project but has failed to move anything after a year from the given deadline. I doubt the project which was meant to turn JB into a beautiful garden city of sorts will ever be realized.

6. The organization was supposed to provide opportunities for the bumiputera community in southern Johor. It was to uplift their living standard in line with the rapid development there. It had however failed to do so with efforts made towards that objective being what the Malays would described as "melepaskan batuk ditangga". It will be interesting to see what actually happened to the allocations provided for the organization's bumiputera projects if the government is to send in an independent auditor.

7. This organization has become a nest where young politicians aligned with powerful people sought million ringgit projects through direct negotiation process.

8. Many high ranking staff of this organization are Pakatan supporters who despite justifying their political views on what they claimed as a corrupt BN government, practice corruption themselves.

9. The CEO of this organization has a Ferrari, two BMWs, a Mini Cooper, a Range Rover, a Hyundai Sonata and two Japanese-made luxury cars. He also has over 10 significant private properties worth millions of ringgit

10. The organization's CEO of three years is paid about RM50,000 per month.

Well, there are a lot more I can put in the list but I think 10 is enough for you all to use as leads. It's up for you all to do a bit of research and asking around to find out which organization it was that I'm writing about. That would be more fun then me spoon feeding you all everything.

Okay, I give you a bit more of a hint. Hang around this makan place in JB for breakfast and you will know what I am talking about.

As they always said, the rot starts  from the top.

Sadly, many people will do the wrong things because they saw their leaders did that and got away with it.

"Alah, boss boleh buat, tak kan kita nak buat sikit pun tak boleh," was the usual line used by those who commit corruption.


The excesses at the top in Johor will have a chain reaction all the way to the bottom of society in that state.

It is already happening now.

If nothing is done to rectify the situation, then I think that's the end of Johor as we know it.

We can also later on at the next general election say goodbye to Johor as the "tiang seri Umno".

I am quite sure of this.


  1. Annie,

    I am a Johorean. I am a Malay from JB.

    In a way, your friend is right, I do not think anything will be done by the top brass.

    However, it is good that you shared this with the people so that the people of Johor understand what is going on.

    There is a lot of fund channeled to Johor for Iskandar due to its location and proximity but how the fund is being used is another matter.

    I am sorry to say that the only way to change is through election.

    You should take your friends advice as well, not to pursue this too much, it is not worth it.

    1. Amnie what can you do when dap in the past has been doing it?

  2. Not only they make Johor from bad to worst.Go to Higher hierarchcy,There will be he day that rakyat Johor stricly can't enter 90% of land area because it already been sold to foreigner.What the.. modern day colonization.

    1. Who are the real traitors'

  3. Iskandar Region Deplorable Agency

  4. Stupid Woman!!

    Asking The Wolf to Jaga Ayam?

    "Wolf Of Johor Street?" Heh Heh

    1. anon 13:28
      ya lah..she is stupid...unlike your mother who gave birth LOW LIFE LIKE YOU!!

  5. Hikmah Perjuangan Perwira ke Dataran Kedamaian dan Keadilan:

    1. Ini merupakan nasihat rohani daripada Tokoh orang Melayu, Raja Ali Haji -- gurindam fasal XI & XII:

      Hendaklah berjasa,
      kepada yang sebangsa.
      Hendaklah jadi kepala,
      buang perangai yang cela.
      Hendaklah memegang amanat,
      buanglah khianat.
      Hendak marah,
      dahulukan hujjah.
      Hendak dimalui,
      jangan memalui.
      Hendak ramai,
      murahkan perangai.

      Raja mufakat dengan menteri,
      seperti kebun berpagarkan duri.
      Betul hati kepada raja,
      tanda jadi sebarang kerja.
      Hukum adil atas rakyat,
      tanda raja beroleh inayat.
      Kasihkan orang yang berilmu,
      tanda rahmat atas dirimu.
      Hormat akan orang yang pandai,
      tanda mengenal kasa dan cindai.
      Ingatkan dirinya mati,
      itulah asal berbuat bakti.
      Akhirat itu terlalu nyata,
      kepada hati yang tidak buta.

  6. Anon 13:28

    Clearly your comment showed your stupidity plain and clear.

  7. The CEO has a FERRARI? Are you sure Annie?

    1. Ask Annie to speak openingly and not masuk belakang

  8. johor MB could be one of the 2 MBs that are gonna be replace.
    so we wait and see.
    If not then lets get tough, fight and clean up Johor from these from those useless good for nothing people.
    No one is above the law.

  9. Honestly Annie, I think only Dr. M would know what to do in these kinds of situations. Everyone else (including KJ) is either too scared, too tidak apa or just as we say, tin kosong.

    1. Dr m wants to borrow money from Singapore during last financial. Alamak. Why Malaysia do poor with petronas sitting on oil and gsa

    2. Care to clarify this point Anon 1606?

  10. Johor is screwed up. Accept it:

    1) The Palace is selling land to foreigners (this is a fact, not seditious. If this is seditious, then this whole country is a toilet state)
    2) Khazanah - the Federal agency, has been selling their land in Johor to foreigners - in Medini and Gelang Patah area.
    3) KPRJ - the state agency - is in JV with a well-known tauke - busy selling land to foreigners too - in Danga Bay and Tebrau area.

    What do Johoreans get? Nothing. And of course, IRDA or UPEN are all sleeping and pretending not to know anything.

    If you have assets in Johor, cash out and get out.

  11. He who holds the key to the pandora box will either be blessed or be cursed by many generation to come!

  12. Annie,

    The REAL motherfucker is CEO of IRDA or MB of Johor?


    Some parents tell their kids: "Do as I tell you! don't follow what I do!"

  14. Pathereleo1982,

    I disagree with you. KJ is one of the few who are in the government that are making noise when something is not right. For instance in the case of the bomoh and politicians that trying to get political mileage from the demise of opposition leader. The rest just keep quite.

    Dr.M will not be interested in this. He is now going to reach 90 years of age.

    Dr.M is more interested in replacing the causeway more than Johor folks themselves. According to him, the causeway caused massive traffic jams in Jb which all JB folks know is not true.

    There is already a bottleneck before CIQ building that is causing traffic jams. Furthermore there is a lot more traffic jams in KL.

    The recent works to complete the tunnel for MRT link between JB and Singapore will be more effective for the mass movement of people between the countries and the people of both country do not need to pay so much toll rates to bridge/highway operators.

    1. Anonymous21 April 2014 14:33,

      Is that all your KJ could do? Telling some bomoh and politician to "shut-up?!" Pluzeeeeee!!! You're as good as your word lar! What else has he said or done since becoming a Minister (eventually?) Nothing; A BIG NOTHING!!! Please do not compare The Tun to your BUDAK BERHINGUS!!! Ask him to earn his stripes first before he could learn how to growl! You're what you said, and thus far, your IDOL said nothing!!!

    2. Anonymous21,

      Other then that, he also make noise when TNB increase rates to 20%, also make noise about AES camera. The point is, he did say something which was relevant, comparing to most, just keep quite.

      About Dr.M, if you are talking about Johor, like I said, looks like he is more interested in replacing the causeway more then anything.

      At the moment, the toll at Johor Second link is RM14( return trip) while at Penang bridge RM7. Penang Bridge is 13.5km while Second link is about 2km (The cost of building is shared by both contries)

      Going back to the subject, yes I concur with you there were instances Dr.M was effective. He managed to change the law relating to the Royals. However, we cannot expect him to be immortal and solve everything that is happening now.

    3. Anon 1433, don't confuse maturity with jantan-ness. They are two different things altogether. And jantan-ness without action is basically tin kosong-ness.
      (Apologies for the mixed language, but I'm emphasizing a point)

      Dr. Mahathir may also talk, but Dr. Mahathir always knows what he's doing. He was effective and did what he wanted to do. Since he left the seat of power, the country has been drifting,

      KJ is more interested to talk and talk and talk. He seems more interested in proving his jantan-ness without being effective. That is a losing strategy.

      In fact, I dare say that trying to be jantan without actually having much to stand on is actually quite immature.

    4. pantheraleo1982,

      Can we replace the word Jantan-ness with perhaps, some one with guts?

      Actually KJ is a low portfolio minister and Dr. M is not even in the government, so both cannot do anything other then talk.

      Maybe Muhyiddin can pull some string, he is no 2 and from Muar.

    5. jantan-ness is not macho-shit! jantanness pada orang Melayu adalah "perwiraan"

    6. Nowadays, so many people with so called "Jantan-ness" and "perwira" do not have "teloq" as what the our Northerner says.

      We have to rely only on Dr.M for everything and Minister for Youth, among the few dares to condemn about Bomoh openly.

      Nowadays, even the women have more guts to stand up for something. The perwira with all the "Jantan-ness" remain "Teloq-less".

    7. Wo men become men and wo is added to men to become wo men

  15. Careful my friends. If you are so brave to tell the truth about what's going on down south, some people might take offend and you will be hauled up for sedition or even treason. If you are caught, do not expect UMNO to come to you aid, they might even put more pressure on you. They have much more to lose that we mere citizen.

    There is only one that you can seek refuge and solace..


  16. Johore is a blessing to a few thousands Sarawakians who seek employment there.

  17. It is only the tip of the iceberg. Please investigate too the 2 SPVs -IMSEC & PRISMA. No action taken despite of clear mismanagement.and poor audit report

  18. Only Dr Mahathir can resolve the ugly situation in Johor. The rest are conniving with each other.

  19. A question comes to my mind? Is SPRM functioning? Or just another JPJ, a failed department.

  20. So call new front liner government entity with lot of talent and thinker for a better governance with integrity and transparency. Government spent multimillion of ringgit with the main objective for local people well being.Turn as a place for some people to make money and projects from government fund for friends and families.

  21. Friends, the lands in Nusajaya/Iskandar were previously owned by Malays settled in Felda and Felcra schemes. It was also owned by Malays settled in the traditional kampungs.

    It was allowed to be acquired by Second Link company. The government also allowed the land acquisition for the Port of Tanjung Pelepas project.

    Now the Malays have been scattered and dispersed turning the area to be Chinese dominated. So much so the racist roving Lim Kit Siang finds it a safe place for himself.

    Stupid Malays in the governing hierarchy. They don't find themselves guilty of being traitors to the cry for a common cause to eradicate poverty.

  22. Anonymous 15.51,

    Is it not the Malays themselves who sold the lands in Gelang Patah?

    Isn't Renong, a Malay base company that take up the land in Nusajaya Area?

    What is wrong with developing the land at Nusajaya or anywhere else in Malaysia?

    The existing development and economic activities create jobs for Malays and other races.

    Tanjong Pelepas is no longer a project but one of the busiest harbour in Malaysia.

    Would you rather JB remain under developed like in Changlun bordering Thailand?

    There are a lot of land owned by Malays in Changlun Kedah but it do not have same value as Nusajaya because they is no development there.

  23. Masing2 tunjuk pandai. Ntah Johorean ke x ni?

  24. Billions spent on coastal highway but tiang lampu no lights at nite. River cleaning money down the drain no maintenance done. Cctv overpriced. Anything fishy? Property price beyond local reach. . .sigh