Thursday 24 April 2014

Expend your power in Johor

I've been on the road the past few days and had no time to write at all.

Attended to some private tragedies and other matters.

Anyway, there is nothing really new to update in this blog.

The Johor thing I tried to highlight is a dead end.

I am not going to get any help on it.

I was informed the other day by a friend who works for the mainstream media but close with the top pro-establishment bloggers that no one among them are going to touch on the "Johor thing".

They apparently have also given up on it.

It's too troublesome to handle.

Johor is a gone case, said my friend.

"You better close your eyes too. If the top bloggers, some of whom were more Johorean than you are walking away, then you better walk away too. There is nothing more you can do. If you continue, then you will be just a lonely dog barking at the hill," he added.

Another friend who was part of the team assisting former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman during the defense of Johor in last year's general election said Johor BN will still be in power for another term despite the excesses which are happening there at the moment.

"The overwhelming majority of Johorean Malays are still loyal to Umno. The crooks who are robbing the state know that and are exploiting that loyalty to the maximum. They feel that no matter what they do, the Malays there will still support the establishment in Johor which will enable them to stay in power," he said.

My friend added that the Johorean Malays will only "revolt" when those excesses have become so obvious and begin to directly affect their life.

"Once the people are fed-up and can't take it anymore, then Johor will be like Selangor," he said.

But I guess, those who are robbing Johor now can't be bothered with what will happened seven or eight years from now.

By that time, they will be rich enough to insulate themselves from the fallout of a BN's defeat in Johor.

They may even jump to the other side and get their sins absolved like this former Selangor MB,

No need to return the loot too. Best deal in the world.

As a Johor exco member was reportedly remarked,

"Ini masa buat duit."

So, be damned with the future of the State. I guessed.

Well, if other Johoreans were not bothered for now, why then should I be so upset about it.

As they keep chanting at the football field during JDT's violence-prone matches,


Why should I care then..???

Okay, need to get up now and go to work.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Annie,
    Tidak boleh bersikap macam orang kecewa seperti itu Annie. Ini hidup mati orang Islam Melayu di bumi Johor. Jangan merajuk, malah semua blogger yang cintakan Johor dan Malaysia patut terus membongkar kemungkaran orang orang yang menyamun harta negara. Biar semua orang tahu. Kalau boleh 'kias' kan nama nama mereka terlibat kerana kalau terus terang nanti kena 'court pergi'! Ingat sekeras keras batu akan terhakis juga dengan setitik air yang berterusan tumpah ke atasnya. Kalau semua merajuk makin bermaharaja lela lah mereka. Tak kan lah Johor hendak tinggal gigi dengan lidah sahaja. Biar kita menjadi seperti anjing menyalak bukit, mudah mudahan salakan anjing yang berterusan menyedarkan semua orang yang sedang lena tidur!

  2. Annie,

    If you are highlighting this matter on the basis of morality or what is right and wrong then I do not think it will go anywhere.

    However, if you look at this different way, and raise this matter on the basis of greed, perhaps the respond will be different.

    There are a lot of funds (Billions) being pump in to Iskandar. The UMNO Malay in Johor will not be happy if outsiders, not Johorean are doing the plundering.

    This happened before (if not mistaken) about the contract of selling sands to Singapore.

    I am a Malay born in JB and I lived in and work in Selangor for years.

    Comparatively, Johorean are ridiculously loyal but Malays in Selangor are more educated as there are more higher skill level jobs in Klang Valley. So they are more open to what is right and wrong.

    You should change your approach and understand Johorean in order to yield better result.

    Relatively, people in Johor are generally happy. There are developments and jobs are plentiful.

    1. Development for who? Investors? Foreigners do that the land belongs to them,?

  3. Sorry, by the way do u know what happened to Helan Ang's blog? Not updated for few days.

  4. Not only Helen Ang's, Big Cat, Rocky Bru, Freedie Kevin and I think others.

    Something is going on.

    1. Gst coming and dumno has no money to pay them

    2. anon 21:04
      ya lorr..DAPig sure got money..isn't loser?!!

    3. Ya, money falls from the sky to dap, pas n pkr dumno

    4. anon 23:59 fall from the sky?? your wet dream!!

  5. Annie,

    I am Johorean but had been casting my vote several times in Selangor. You were right that there were many hardcore UMNO supporters and most probably BN will still maintain the state after the next general election. My family and I have mostly supported the BN despite our disappointment with the government but come the next election, anything could change.

    Even before the last election, I made several comments on proBN bloggers. I even predicted that former MB would lose in the area he was responsible for the mast development. I had cruised around the area and in my laymen opinion, very small number of bumiputera could afford to own properties that were developed.

    Being anak jati Johor but doesn't own even a square foot of land there is meaningless to me, the rest of my family members and many more other bumiputeras, who just can't afford to buy and compete with the highly economic status non bumi or neighboring citizens who buys properties like nobody business.

    The previous government especially the former MB himself is super rich already and in my opinion, he himself did not really bother if BN lost the state to the opposition. The current government also does not do much to evaluate the matter of demography and come the next general election, the rest of my family members, other Johoreans and myself may as well follow suit my elders brother and younger sister voting the Opposition.

    Menang jadi abu, kalah jadi arang.

    1. you making excuses?

      You wrote: "....many more other bumiputras, who just can't afford to buy and compete with the highly economic status(sic) non bumi or neighbouring citizens....".

      I presume that " neighbouring citizens" is an euphemism for Singaporeans?

      Your analysis is so flawed that I don't where to begin to rebut it. But here goes anyway:

      (1) how did these "neighbouring citizens" (which incidentally includes Indians and Malays) get the economic wherewithal and the purchasing power to be able to "buys(sic) properties like nobody(sic) business"? How did their currency get to be worth 2.6 Ringgit, especially when that " neighbouring country " has no natural resources?

      (2) if you have access to education opportunities on a privileged basis, have you made full use of it to secure academic qualifications that are relevant in a services-driven information economy, and thereby having the qualifications to secure good and well-paying jobs?

      (3) are you faulting others for moving faster than you, studying harder than you and securing the qualifications and experience required by the market?

      (4) whose fault is it that investments in Johor have not resulted in the ready availability of good jobs in the tech, manufacturing and service industries?

      Let's get your answers to the above for starters.

    2. Why bising2? What is perkasa and Dr M. Doing? Still blame non bumis when dumno is having the real power and those employed are same specis

  6. Bak kata P. Ramlee dalam cerita Panggilan Pulau, " Mereka semuanya sama. Pengampu orang kaya..

  7. Why don't put the blame on the Evengelista's as a punching bag.

    Then your loyal Johor supporters will come to the rescue. Isn't that the way to play the game?

    Better still, say orang kafir are robbing the Johoreans of their land and houses.

  8. Apa gunanya sprm, apa gunanya umno pejuang bangsa, mana dia pemimpin umno? Adakah org2 umno yg dah tahu pasal peñgkianat ni nak tutup mata saja dan biarkan org melayu kena kencing oleh umno sendiri.

  9. Don't worry Annie … Some1 is listening!
    Just wait. Something will happen very soon.
    However, not all of your concern will be addressed … at least some1 is listening :)

    1. Followers of umno are getting peanuts like monkeys monyets where those elites are eating finger licking gopd like colonel saunders

  10. Does anyone know what's happened to Helen Ang's blog? She seems to have gone off-line.

  11. They may even jump to the other side and get their sins absolved like this former Selangor MB, No need to return the loot too. Best deal in the world.

    Sins get pardoned by virtue of our regret and repentance for sinning; no man is absolved of his sins by jumping political ship; as you all know it's the intentions behind the act that counts. If this guy doesn't return the things he looted then it means he has not repented of his sinfulness, and he has dealt badly against his own soul. Tunggu hari kiamat kecil lah.