Sunday 6 April 2014

Traveling better than bitching

It's another Sunday.

We were supposed to take a rest today.

Well, at least that's what the Christian tradition says.

I'm not a Christian, but since that's been also the way it is in this country, I think I want to take a rest too.

No heavy stuff for this one, okay.

Yes, I know, the DAP evangelists are today still busy spewing their anti-Umno sermons from the pulpits, but I am too fed up to least for today.

I want to instead write a bit about overseas travels, my favorite past time....whenever I have extra money.

Okay, it's just about the top five places I had been which made me happy:

5. Great Wall of China, Beijing : Walking along the ancient wall in winter was a thrilling experience for me. It's the only Seven Wonders of the world I have ever visited.

4. London: I just enjoy walking around the city. It's friendly and I understand the language. The food is also great.

3. Somerset, UK: Staying at a hotel which building is older than the oldest functioning building in Malaysia. Crisp fresh air and blooming flowers of English countryside in spring. Simply splendid.

2. Ubud, Bali: The most restful place. Walking around the town, shopping for souvenir, getting traditional massage etc. Friendly people.

1. Shanghai: I was happiest during my travels at this city. Eating the famously delicious dumplings, shopping and eating hairy crabs at Yu Yuan Garden, walking along Nanjing Road in a night drizzle, best massage ever, and the most unforgettable moment at the Bund...among other things.

Hmmm...nice memories. I like to remind myself of those happy moments. It made this life worth living.

Well, at least it was better than to write about all those hate mongering of hypocrite politicians.

Anyway, I admire those who manage to make traveling their livelihood such as Anis Ibrahim, the writer of Five Foot Traveller which I had included in my blog roll.

Today I also updated my blog roll to include:

- Chuah Bee Kim's new blog Ardent Indulgence for the latest in my home state Johor and some light reading,

- Firdaus Abdullah's APANAMA at its new web address,

- and Israq Adventure to monitor the progress of the motorcycle expedition of Rocky and gang to the Holy Land.

Okay, that's about it for today. I am driving back to KL later in the afternoon. Today is the last day of my longest break from work in more than six years.

It's been a restful lovely two weeks. I spend most of it sleeping under a bamboo tree :-)

Cheers everyone. 


  1. Thats the way annie..enjoy life

    For the red bitch army/mr bean army/hannah yeoh panties washer and anwar the chosen one worshippers..just get a life!!!

  2. Eat, Pray, LOve Annie style...

  3. A friend post this fascinating new fact about Perlis.

    "Discover A Culture That Is Always Blossoming Springtime in Perlis is nothing less than magical. From late March to mid-April or even early May."

  4. Remove hatred in our heart then we will appreciate the best life can offer. I'm just like you Annie, love good message to distress myself, some says that a relax body is the best anti aging formula.I too do travel once in a while (but would love to do more in the future). Cheers Annie!

    1. Isn't it supposed to be "massage to de-stress myself", hehehehe?

  5. If you're feeling like Top of the World ma'am.:

  6. Are hairy crabs halal?

    1. Lobsters and "Sea" Crabs
      By Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti

      [The legal ruling concerning the crab is according to its habit, and this ruling in the sky is (clear) like the Cancer: If you find a crab (living) under water, then it is Halal, and you may eat it; but if a crab (is found) to live on land, then it is Haram as is made clear in our books.]

      Read here for full explanation.

    2. According to Qur'an, all seafood are halal. Those who said hairy crabs are non-halal are following other than Quran. Can we say that they are anti-Qur'an?

    3. You mean there are halal and non halal crabs? Would the same apply to fish, cats, dogs and man?

    4. Re. Can we say that they are anti-Qur'an?

      Not necessarily, maybe they don't know about that fact and hear it from word of mouth. That is why it is very important to ask the expert the ulama/ustaz or read fro proper source with proper references.

    5. Re. You mean there are halal and non halal crabs?

      Yes, the Muslims can only eat the crabs that live in the water as its habitat, not the crabs that either live on both habitats i.e. water and land, and land only.

      Re. Would the same apply to fish, cats, dogs and man?

      Read here for the meaning of Halal.

      Re. Fish

      All type of fish are Halal

      Re. Cats

      Cats are halal to touch and keep as pet, but not Halal to eat. The non-Muslim Chinese eat everything under the sun including cat.

      Re. Dogs

      Dogs are not Haram to touch and keep as pet or guarding dog. But there is a boundary to observed and proper way to wash your hand if you touch it. Dogs are haram to eat, but the non-Muslim Chinese eat everything under the sun including dogs.

      Re. Man

      Man is not haram. But Man "ON" Man is Haram.

  7. Try come to Taiping, Annie. It's the best place to relax over the weekend and feel the slower pace of life...

    1. Taiping chinky town and name welcome everyone

  8. Annie, if you wish to get some inspiration on where to travel next do check out my blog http:\\

    There are thousands of pictures there sorted by countries. I'm currently on holiday at an awesome country down south. Superb sceneries!

  9. Orang Mualaf lik you who still can't distinguish between what is halal and what is not is ok. Dumplings and hairy craps? Most dumplings in Shanghai are made from daging Babi.

    At least you are not a hypocrite and love good food even though it isn't Halal.

    Yum! Yum!

    1. There is muslim in shanghai open halal restaurant!!..what yum yum!! Your mother ass!!!