Friday 7 February 2014

Shady and dodgy frontmen of BN

One of the most stupid and irritating tactic employed by Barisan Nasional in the run up to the 13th General Election last year was using dubious characters and NGOs to issue statements against Pakatan.

I mean, what were the brilliant minds manning the BN and Umno war rooms were thinking?

Do they expect people to suddenly hate Pakatan when they hear pronouncements about how bad the opposition coalition was by the likes of Zamil Ibrahim, the guy who was described as former Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita) chairman?

The former Kedah PKR Youth chief is as dubious as one can get. I mean he is a former this and a former that, so, what is he actually? Dia ni cari makan kerja apa?

And then there were all those wonky and dodgy NGOs supposedly headed by equally shady characters giving support to BN and whacking Pakatan.

Don't tell me the BN or Umno war room people don't know about these people and have nothing to do with them. Come on la, people are not all stupid.

He is one example :

Mursyidul Am Tolak Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (TIBAI), Muhammad Zahid Md. Arip

I was like...what the hell are all those expensive consultants, advisers and aides doing?

Is that even supposed to be funny?

Don't they realize that this sorts of stupidity costs BN dearly in terms of credibility.

If I am with Pakatan, I would just point at the stinking reputation of the characters and told others, "Hey, that's BN for you."

And actually, that's what the Pakatan people did and their counter measure works beautifully for them.

Just look at how immune were the Pakatan leaders to personal attacks even when the public was presented with all those sex videos.

People just don't give it a shit because the ones presenting those videos were also characters of highly dubious variety.

Now, what made me so frustrated about the whole thing was that, the BN is still happily employing all these people the way they were after the less than stellar performance of BN in GE13.

It clearly shows that the BN or Umno planners have not even bothered to think.

Aku cakap dia orang ni bodoh, dia orang marah....tapi itu lah hakikatnya.

Ya, that's my words.

So, I just look and shake my head in disbelief whenever one of those characters appeared in the newspapers making statements against Pakatan.

That's how after a while they became the face of BN and Umno and everything that were wrong with the establishment.

The latest was when Senator Datuk Solaimalai Nallakaruppan, announced that he wants to contest against DS Anwar Ibrahim in the Kajang by-election.

I'm quite sure this one is the work of those geniuses in the Umno war room.

They must be thinking the people will go like this :

"Ohhhh...that handsome Nalla is going against Anwar....ohhh, how exciting, Nalla knows all of Anwar's intimate secrets....ohhh, now I want so much to vote against Anwar...."

While in actual fact, people are probably saying this :

"What the fuck the BN people think we were? They think putting that dirty pimp against Anwar will make us love BN? Fuck BN man."

Seriously, that's the way I think it's going to be.

And seriously, making someone like that a senator and given the title Datuk....what the fffff.....

If BN decides to fight it out, why can't they just let MCA handle it since Kajang has always been an MCA seat?

It is after all the first real test for MCA since DS Liow Tiong Lai took over the party leadership.

Let's see if there is any sign of the party regaining their support among the Chinese who made up about 40 per cent of the Kajang constituents.

Even if MCA loses, if it handles itself well during the by-election, the party may regain some respect and probably support from the community it supposed to represent.

Well, I don't think this message will reach the advisers, consultants and aides.

My opinion is that they will continue with the stupidity all the way to GE14. Shooting their own feet and those of DS Najib Razak.

I'm writing this just to vent my frustration.

I know that I will probably be labelled as one of those rebel pro-establishment bloggers for pointing out their stupidity. But what the heck, I think any rational observer would agree with me.

There must be a more intelligent tactic than this nonsense currently used by BN and Umno.


  1. Annie, Nalla is a Dato' Seri now....

    1. Annie, I agree with you on this.

      You see, UMNO need to learn from the mistakes of employing all these dodgy people as their front-line image especially in the media. I get really sick of listening to non-achievers like Azwanddin Hamzah (JMM) and Zamil Ibrahim being given the spotlights by TV3 on Buletin Utama. It's was really bad prior to GE13 that we kept on being subjected to listening to these losers that it was tantamount to mental torture.

      Now, after the election, we don't see Azwanddin that much but the former KITA guy is still there lingering for relevance on TV3. I mean, he talks a lot and most of it are SHIT. Who cares about his threats or comments about Fuckatan leaders etc. when this Zamil guy can't even do anything constructive or inspiring but still clinged to that 'former KITA' phrase? Can't he form a new party/movement of something? Anything to show a proven track-record rather than barking mad on TV? What a loser and it is this kind of bad examples that actually drove away the younger generation by the bus-loads. Now, I tend to record the local news on my Astro Beyond, and only play it back later so I can screen the shits from causing unnecessary heart palpitations. You'd be surprised how much shitty people I can filter out from that one-hour mind-numbing 'news'.

      Secondly, UMNO should never let local celebrities to be associated with them or use these celebrities to attract younger followers, in badly managed manner. Again, most are really dodgy and hardly inspiring. Few examples; AC Mizal is an alleged con-man especially about that gelang ajaib business, Neelofa was alleged to receive RM200k grant for a shoe business that went kaput. Apparently, there were so many complaints about the quality of the shoes (which were claimed to be imported from China), that a pair can only last less than 4 weeks. It was disturbing when some of the university students who campaigned for Fuckatan during GE13 jumped on this and said Neelofa only 'tayang tetek and bontot' during UMNO-sponsored events. And there are scores of other celebrities who show bad records which can potentially damage UMNO's reputation and being painted as a party for the crooked.

      I am worried. Come GE14, Fuckatan will surely field young, energetic politicians with credentials (of course, a lot are due to clever spins) but to compare them against Azwanddin and Neelofa-type characters? I'm worried sick, so UMNO PLEASE WAKE-UP!!!


    2. Dabby203,

      Retis senang2 je dpt geran RM200 ribu utk buat bisnes kasut cikai, tkde kemajuan sgt n tk perlu byr balik sebb itu GERAN. Kita ni meniaga biasa2 je tp nk pinjam RM10 ribu dari Tekun pun seksa, itu pun masih kena bayar balik. takkan kita pun nk kena pakai jumpsuit ketat warna pink mcm teletubby terkinja2 atas stage baru dpt bantuan kot? UMNO tlg turun padang, jgn asyik dok syiok sendiri dlm paper. rasa apa kami kt bawah ni kena rasa setiap hari.

  2. I cannot wait TSM announces more allocation for Chinese Schoos as he normally did during the past PRKs. Would that ever be any this time around?

    1. Read in between the line i.e. Tak nak tak pe, It is a carrot and stick strategy.

  3. Cannot swear..very unlady like.

    Dato Seri Nalla is an ideal politician.

    BN warlords got a lot of genuiuses. People who disagree can vote opposition or join protest in Thailand

    1. Annie can say what she likes. Perkataan swear yang Annie pakai cuma figure of speech which doesn't literally means what the word stands for.

      Kalau you tak suka, sila pergi ke blog Helen Ang the Carpet Muncher. Muka dia sebiji macam butch lesbian bouncer kelab malam lesbian.......get it?

    2. ANON 22:05 you're one low down anonymous predator

    3. Anon 22:05.
      Helen Ang seorang beragama Buddhist. Beliau pun risau pada egenda extreme yang di bawa Guan Eng, Hannah Yeah Teresa Cock dan ramai lagi ahli politik Evangelist dalam DAP untuk meraih undi politik.

    4. Anon 22:05

      Re. Kalau you kata Helen Ang the Carpet Muncher dan muka dia sebiji macam butch lesbian

      Ye ke? Kite tak rase pun Helen rupa macam tu. Biasa-biasa aje, the very the sweet one.

      Entah-entah awak yang jealous sebab muka awak macam BISO BONAR dan MACAM TONGKANG PECAH dengan make up ala-ala PELACUR VETERAN dari China yang bersidai kat sebelah Mcdonald Bukit Bintang pagi, petang, siang malam tu.

      If she is a carpet mucnher, than you must be a "cockadoodledoo" and any cock will do.

      Re. bouncer kelab malam lesbian......

      You must have been there before and one of the club members as well to know that. May I ask, how do that "Finger Licking Good" and "Sky Painting" session going on so far at you side.

      BRAVA! Helen Ang

    5. Annie, You may delete my comment as you wish if you find too vulgar and insulting. My apology to you.

  4. Behind those shit-tainted PR frontliners are honest and capable people people that adhere to the true spirit of PR as a clean and viable alternative to the brash, arrogant and shit-ful BN. These are the people that the voters are pinning their hope. The frontliners are just established figures to be used as stepping stones and they won't last that very long too. No matter what BN spins, the pendulum is swinging to the other side, slowly but surely.

    1. This is what people like me who support PR really hopes for..We can see many brilliant intelligent young people from PAS,DAP and PKR . The change must go on.It's not about Anwar,LKS,LGE or Hadi..They are just the catalyst for change.These old geezers are just to promote change as they are more established and recognizable. Even without them we need to change for a better Malaysia.Just compare the UMNO lineup to PAS and the DAP lineup to MCA and you can see all the difference. We really hope the change will come to Malaysia and moves us forward.

    2. u sure pr got brilliant people arrr?..who lah.? mostly know how to talk only. Bn has been managing the country commendably for years. but becos of these old geezers have been spreading all kinds of lies lah the younger people start to get influence. if u people dont see anything wrong with anwar jumping frm pp to kajang to get the mb job n thus be pm. if u dont see how lack of foreign investments brought in by this so called world class leader, support a person whose video with china doll are spreading ard, sodomy case going around, jailed for 6 yrs for misuse of power n many more shady past n present then u are an idiot. kena kencing dgn anwar hari2 pun still tak sedar. what kind of better msia is that?

  5. Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Annie tentang tokoh tokoh yang BN/UMNO kemukakan terutama Nallakarupan. Terkedu mulut saya, tidak tahu apa hendak cakap bila badut ini dijadikan senator dan berpeluang lagi duduk di dewan yang mulia . Sedangkan baru lagi dia jadi 'barua' menyediakan 'anak anak ayam' untuk AI. Mana letak akal pemimpin UMNO/BN? Akal letak dekat 'lubang punggung ke? Maaf guna perkataan perkataan buruk seperti di atas Tapi itulah yang saya rasakan dengan 'kebodohan' pemimpin kita sekarang. Najiblah PM Malaysia paling TERUK. Dulu sayakan ingat Pak Lah. Saya sentiasa menunggu masa bilalah Najib dinyahkan sebagai PM. Cuma amat takut kalau pengantinya nanti lebih buruk kagi!

    1. Datuk Nala offered himself as candidate. Please get your fact right.

    2. stupid LOL, Nala=UMNO, UMNO=Nala !


    3. Kesilapan saya ialah ketidak jelasaan maksud ayat. Ayat itu lebih bermaksud tentang ketidaksesuaian tokoh tokoh yang pernah dikemukakan UMNO/BN. Contoh, ada tokoh tokoh 'recycle' yang digunakan semua!. Macamlah UMNO/BN ketandusan pemimpin bakat.

      Kalau LOL baca betul betul komen saya tentang Nallakarupan lebih kepada perlantikannya sebagai senator bukan perlantikannya sebagai calon!
      Malah saya tidak sebut pun pasal PKR Kajang!
      tentang tokoh tokoh yang BN/UMNO kemukakan terutama Nallakarupan

    4. Anon 15:54

      Re. Nala=UMNO, UMNO=Nala

      If that is the case then you should agree that:

      Cina DAP = Communist, Communist = Cina DAP

      Suke kite orang le nak ambil siapa join UMNO, asal bukan Cinabeng DAP. Nak tahu sebab ape? Cinabeng ni dahlah Bodoh Piang, lepas tu suke menipu, dan suke buat kerja-kerja HARAM contohnya Pelacuran, Perjudian tak kiralah sah atau tak sah disisi undang-undang, Along, Jual DVD haram, Skim Cepat Kaya. Tak ade Cinabeng yang berjaya tanpa kerja haram dan menipu. Mereka sebenarnya bukan pandai sangat dalam pelajaran, dalam diri mereka sejak datuk nenek moyang mereka memang suke menipu. Kite tak tipu tau, baca sini:

      Elite Asian students cheat like mad on US college applications

      Among Asian high society, and particularly in China, parents’ obsession with sending their offspring to US colleges has given rise to a lucrative trade of application brokers. Depending the degree of assistance, families can expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000.

      “The parent says, ‘My kid needs this GPA but, frankly, his scores aren’t that strong.’ Then the unscrupulous agent says ‘Don’t worry. We’ll figure that out,’” said Tom Melcher, chairman of Zinch China and author of a Chinese-language book on choosing American colleges.

      A 250-student survey by Zinch China, a Beijing wing of the California-based Zinch education consultancy, suggests college application fraud among Chinese students is extremely pervasive. According to the survey, roughly 90 percent of recommendation letters to foreign colleges are faked, 70 percent of college essays are ghostwritten and 50 percent of high school transcripts are falsified.

      Kesiankan Cinabeng ni semua...

    5. Anon 17:12

      Ok dah jelas sekarang. Setuju 100 peratus. Tapi REDBEANIES and The Gang akan tetap undi tokoh memBontot Sedunia kan?

    6. Maaf, saya tak setuju setuju dengan Annie, kali ini.

      Pertama, dari mana Annie dapat tahu UMNO mempergunakan Nalakarrupan ataupun Masyidul Am TIBAI? Jika mereka sendiri yang sukarela menubuhkan atau buat apapun untuk menyedarkan orangramai siapa sebenarnya 'Anu-gerah Tuhan' apa yang Najib boleh buat. Takkan Najib nak bangkang atau larang. Nanti dikata 'Tak democratic' pula. Macam Zulkifle Nordin, Ezam Md.Noor, Nalakaruppan dan Ng Lum Yong, mereka sangat rapat dengan Peliwat satu masa dahulu, mestilah orang akan lebih percaya.

      Yang banggang pada saya ialah Najib sendiri:-
      1. Tian Chua photoshop gambarnya duduk makan dengan Razak Baginda dan Altantuya, tak saman untuk tegak kebenaran. Hanya bersumpah tak kenal Altantuya. Anwar tak mau bersumpah tak meliwat pun orang masih tak percaya. Kemudian tuduh pencerobohan di Lahat Datu muslihat UMNO boleh tarik-balik saman , siap gemuk-perut-buncit berjabat tangan lagi depan mahkamah.

      2. Dah dekat dua penggal jadi PM, masih kekalkan orang yang dah terpalit skandal dan bawa balik kuda tua dalam kabinet. Orang yang pernah raba punggong dan taukeh IPP pun diangkat jadi penasihat. Dalm MAS pun ambil penasihat Omputih. Baru-baru ni KBS ambil penasihateh lagi.MatSalleh. Orang macam Mustapa Ong pun masih dikekalkan.

      3- Membelanjakan 7.2 Billion dalam masa 5 tahun untuk membayar Penasihat dan Consultant yang tak nampak baru apa-apa manafaat.

      4- Bini yang tak dilantik oleh rakyat, boleh diberi kebebasan terlalu banyak dalam urusan Negara hingga terdedah kepada fitnah yang berleluasa. Dalam perhimpunan UMNO, siap puji tinggi melanggit, siapa tak meluat. Lebih baik jual atau beri saja kapalterbang executive kerajaan tu pada MAS.

      4- Siap punya idea buat banting 'I LUV PM' dan buat banyak poster atau banner dipersimpanagan dan tepi jalan... Buat orang menyampah saja. Bukannya orang tak kenal siapa pemimpin. Kalau zaman tak ada TV dulu, ok lah.

      5- Sepatutnya Najib lebih menjaga hati orang Melayu yang memenangkan beliau PRU13. Jangan menyakitkan hati mereka dengan terlebih untuk megambail-hati kaum yang terbukti menipu BN.

    7. Sorry, Annie.
      Yang bernama Norman adalah saya RD. Saya pinjam laptopnya.

    8. Don't worry lah RD, itu memang perangai Mamak, selalu mempergunakan orang Melayu. Laptop pun pinjam. Mamak satu bantal satu tikar, satu dunia boleh pusing.

      Patutlah boleh pusing, bedak, selimut, sabun mandi, sarong, baju, seluar dalam semua pinjam orang punya.

    9. Hoi, Anon banggang 22:11.

      Norman anak saya. Laptop itu saya yang belikan untuk dia belajar di USM. Kali ini pun saya guna laptop anak saya yang lain. Satu sen pun saya tak guna wang kerajaan.

      Saya bukan macam Ketua Umum pujaan kamu, gunakan WANG rakyat untuk merasuh penduduk di Permatang Pauh semasa jadi TPM dan Menteri Kewangan. Jubur anak muda pun dia pergunakan untuk memuaskan nafsu buasnya. Ada bini pun dia masih ketagih jubur anak jantan muda orang.

      Sekarang dia memperkudakan rakyat di Kajang untuk kepentingan peribadi, iaitu menjadi MB untuk mententeramkan perebutan jawatan dalam Party anak-beranaknya. Khalid dan Azmin pula, ada puak dan kroni mereka sendiri. Yang untung adalah kroni Khalid. Sebagai MB, Khalid pinggirkan puak Azmin. Semua kontrak dan peluang 'buat duit' di beri pada kroninya saja. Pasal itu dia pecat 23 orang dari puak Azmin di PKNS. Jelas, PKR hanya mempergunakan RAKYAT untuk 'perut buncit' mereka. Party Keadilan Rakyat, konon. Nama party pun sudah mempergunakan rakyat.

      Semua Party Politik lain dalam dunia ini, kalau ada masalah dalaman atau perebutan kuasa, mereka akan panggil, Pemilihan Semula Party, Perhimpunan Agong Luarbiasa ataupun Persidangan Tergempar, tapi Party anak-beranak ini memilihan untuk memperguna atau memperkudakan rakyat dengan memilih cara main melalui 'pintu-belakang'. Tepat sekali gelaran Al-Juburi yang diberi oleh Mat Sabu, di Parliament,1997.

    10. Congate RD. Pandai anak you belajar kat USM. Itu Apex University status kat TANAH MELAYU ni.....

    11. RD,

      Your reply to Anon 22:11 is aptly put buat si Cina cibai ni terkebil-kebil tanpa bicara. These chinkies are jealous that we the Malays accept Mamak community as our own. You and LOL manage to put the redbeanies where they rightly belong - dalam tong sampah because that is what they are - sampah masyarakat!

  6. Don't blame the "war room geniuses" really, After all UMNO did win ALL the past GE - in fact 14 times in a row! So why change when it ain't "broken"?
    P.S. The problem with record holders, they will fall if not this time, most likely be the next, or the next, "the others" are just itching to knock you down.

  7. Lg sau TV 3.

    Lain muka takde dah yang nak bagi komen. Balik2 muka2 yg Annie sebut diatas. Selalu sangat bagi muka keluar TV. Dari polis2 repot yg dibuat hingga lah komen2 ala Prof Kangkong politik. Org dah meluat laaa......Buat la tindakan yg lebih konstruktif. Ramai mempertikaikan kredibiliti mereka2 ini. Tp apa bak buat, mereka2 ni yg berani. Puak UMNO mm bos diorang la SIMPAN TELOR

  8. Apa nak kecoh2 sgt psl siapa nak bertanding dgn AI...kita akan byk buang masa dan tenaga fikirkan ttg hal ini. Kita tunggu dan lihat siapa yg BN nak calonkan. Siapa yg d calonkan kita vote ramai2. Jgn menari dgn rentak yg pembangkang mainkan. Kita fokuskan masa dan tenaga kepada yg lebih faedah. BN kena pulihkan soal persepsi masyarakat dan isu2 yg menekan rakyat skrg. Pada saya AI sudah tiada nilainya.

  9. I totally agree with you.

    In this Kajang by-election, Anwar's kryptonite is Khalid Ibrahim. So stick to this subject matter and lap it up. Period. Any forthcoming BN candidate should stick to this issue and keep it simple.

    That joker Nallakarupan should just stay away. Take a vacation or whatever. Contesting because he knows Anwar's secrets does not convey any signal one bit that he is contesting for the rakyat to serve and solve rakyat's problems. Rather, it reflects that BN is being played by Pakatan/Anwar into having to field such candidate in this by-election (if ever). TV3 better wise up. What are you thinking in giving air time to these jokers??

    1. AnWAr - NaLLaKaruPPan: It's one GRAND FUNK !

  10. Sudah terang lg nak bersuluh, isu sebenarnya adalah masaalah dalaman PKR. Perebutan kuasa yg tak dpt d selamatkan lg. Kali ini tiada drama yg boleh sembunyikan fakta ini. BN akan d persalahkan dgn isu2 yg tak masuk akal, spt menimbulkan huru hara dan mengistiharkan darurat dsb. Siapa yg gila yg mau percaya alasan ini. Ternyata mereka sudah hilang modal utk pertahankan tindakan menyusahkan orgramai ini. Kali ini masyarakat kajang harus menolak AI yg ingin memperkudakan mereka. AI perlu d usir keluar dari Kajang.

    1. anon 23:20, kalau you tak suka AI, you tolong berabus dari Kajang ! ni UMNO yg ajar.

    2. He,he,he Anon 01:34,

      Kajang hak milik kamu ke, suka suka hati hendak halau orang?
      Kalau begitu, halau juga AI, dagang merempat dari Ceruk Tuk Kun!
      Kamu pula AI dan PKR yang ajar!

    3. Anon 07:57

      Itulah masaalahnya KAUM PENDATANG ni. Itu sebabnya di INDONESIA dan Brunei mereka dibenci dan ditindas habis-habisan.

    4. Haha Anon 01:34
      Kau nie mesti Dapster yg semuanya akan menyalahkan UMNO. Anjing kau mati pun akan kau salahkan UMNO. Otak sempit yg tak boleh di ajar lg. Kami bukan tak tau yg kau suka org mcm AI yg boleh kau org kudakan.

  11. LOL,
    The fact is you are getting behind in your own race. You definitely don't have the ability to think rationally and end up being totally stupid. One thing you don't realize is even your own race find you an embarrassment.

    1. ANON 00:30

      ROTFL. That's you best SHOT. Except for one-liner stupid salvo from Redbeanie, many of the Malay followers support me in here.

      You are a national embarrasement to your own race stuck with either PARIAH or COLLIE COMPLEX. PERIOD.

      If you are an Indian, the probability is that you are the descendent of pariah from India brought here to into this country by the British as cooliem or even worst the descendent of DEVADASI i.e. Prostitution of God

      If you are a Chinese, the probability is that you are a descendent of coolie from China brought here to this country by the British as coolie and even worse as comfort women.

      I am not making this up, but this is history, please google it yourself.

    2. come on lah... LOL is a mamak, what can you expect of him ? buat lah kecoh di sana sini, cyberspace included.

    3. Anon 12:38

      Re. LOL is a mamak

      Mamak ke, Jawa ke, Banjar ke, Minang ke, Acheh Ke, janji Melayu Islam asal bukan Cinabeng. Kita orang semua dapat KEISTIMEWAAN BUMIPUTERA tau.. Best Sangat-Sangat. Macam Macam ada. Contohnya kalau dapat keputusan SPM bagus, nak belajar kat mana dunia ni pun MARA, Bank Negara, JPA, Petronas, TNB macam macam lagi, diorang akan kasi Scholarship. Yang tak berapa bagus tu masuk IPTA aje kat sini.

      Cinabeng dapat apa? ROTFL

    4. LOL,

      We the Malays know that the majority Malaysian Chinese are descendants of coolies (forefathers) and prostitutes (foremothers). That by itself explains their uncivilized manners and attitudes. Not to mention about their hygiene even pigs are cleaner than them. 5000 years of civilization? huh! What a joke!

    5. Cinabeng dapat apa? Cinabeng dapat buntut BABI!

    6. Harap-harap tahun ni Gomen sekat lagi peratusan kemasukan anak-anak Cinabeng ni ke IPTA, biar padan muka orang.

    7. LOL... why do u find pleasure in mocking the decendants of other races? funny dun u think that d decendants of coolies & prostitutes dun need gomen help but the Tuans & bangsawans that u think u represent are demanding 32Billions of it? grow up.

      FYI, kaum cina dah x berminat berebut tempat di IPTA la... bagi je semua kat org2 mcm hang... best kan?


    8. Coolie,

      The truth hurts, I know. So tell me more about your broken EGO.

  12. kajang jer pun....why bother why bother why bother...he will never get the MB chair or PM dont worry...he is doomed for life.

  13. Hei Anon 12:38

    Kau benci mamak psl org Melayu boleh terima mereka yg telah assimilasi dgn bahasa, budaya dan agama yg amalkan mereka. Mamak telah berjaya membangunkan ekonomi yg mantap dan menjadi contoh pada Melayu yg lain. Kau sebenarnya cemburu dan sudah takut nak bersaing dgn mereka ini. Apa lg masaalah kau dgn mamak.

    1. Biasa la tu Cinabeng memang kaki hasad dengki. Jaki la tu....

    2. LOL,
      Depa ingat dia sorg je yg pandai. Ultra kiasu je lebih, pandang rendah kat org.

  14. Probably he will end up in Kajang prison.