Sunday 9 February 2014

King Lear lessons and need for drama (updated)


These just came in via the NST SMS Alerts

NST 09/02: Taib Mahmud adamant time is right for him to step down despite appeals by leaders during state BN meeting for him to remain as CM.

NST 09/02: Taib Mahmud will not name his successor tomorrow. To submit resignation letter as CM when he meets Yang DiPertua Negeri.

Something must had happened over the past 24 hours that changed the guy's mind.

Yesterday, he said he would just name his successor tomorrow, but now he wants to just let go off everything and on top of that will not name his successor.

I think Taib is angry that he was not treated with enough respect by certain quarters within BN who are of the opinion that he is a liability to the coalition and should get out asap.

Honestly, I was uncomfortable with the way the pro-establishment media had played on the speculative stories about his impending retirement over the past week.

They made it look as if the establishment is forcing Taib out and I don't think the old man takes that as a very nice thing to do.

BN media handlers should had done better in managing the coverage of this issue.

Taib had after all delivered for BN in Sarawak over the years and in particular during the last general election. That's 25 parliament seats from Sarawak with 14 of them from his own PBB.

Now, if he is indeed to resign without naming his successor, there will be a power vacuum in Sarawak.

BN will indeed be in a mess if that happened.

I can already see Anwar, Kit Siang, and Hadi smiling in the backdrop of this latest development in Sarawak.


I'm going to take it easy today.

Just a bit on two things which happened yesterday.

First, TS Abdul Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak for 33 years said he will name his successor on Monday.

Well, I wouldn't count on Taib to simply fade away.

All indications pointed at him being made the Yang DiPertua Negeri, which means he will still wield quite a considerable power.

My friend, who is an expert in Sarawak politics said Taib's likely successor is DS Adenan Satem, an old timer who is known to be a Taib loyalist.

Maybe Taib, 78 is smarter than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who relinquished all of his power in good faith and later on got his head stepped upon by the person whom he choose to replace him.

Maybe Taib had read King Lear while Dr Mahathir, accused by many of his countrymen to be a dictator, was busy trying to turn Malaysia into a respected country all those many years ago.

Well, good for Taib then, and too bad for DrM.

The second thing that happened yesterday was that the Hindraf central committee want their chairman Waytha Moorthy, who is a senator and deputy minister in the PM's department to resign, also on Monday.

The whole resigning drama was necessary according to Hindraf as they said the BN government had failed to fulfill its part of the bargain in the MoU signed between them before the 13th general election last year.

They accused the BN government of failing to uplift the lot of the Indian community since the more than eight months from the conclusion of the general election.

Yes, eight months and they expect the life of all Indians in this country to be as good as those living under the Queen's rule at the suburbs near Heathrow Airport.

Sorry Hindraf, that's not how it's going to be or had ever been.

Honestly, I think you all should better proceed with your plan to sue the Queen for her ancestors' fault of bringing your ancestors to this terrible place where the Malays are discriminating or even committing outright genocide against you all as you had accused....huh, so drama, isn't it?

Fyi, to uplift the social wellbeing of a community takes a lot longer than eight months, okay.

The effort to narrow the economic gap between the races is still ongoing despite more than half a century of the country's independence.

Well, you all should know, who are at the top half of the economic gap. They are mostly not Malays, okay. If you don't believe me, ask that rich guy, Ananda Krishna. Maybe while you are at it, ask Ananda to do more for his fellow Indians too.

Anyway, I don't think all that were Hindraf's real reason for wanting Waythia to quit after all.

I think they just want him to do that so that they can get back into the limelight. They know that they are fading away after GE13 and the only way they can be relevant again, particularly among the Indian community is by having all these drama.

The same like what Anwar Ibrahim is doing in Kajang now.

That's all really to it, okay.

Having said all that, I need to get out of my bed now.

Suddenly feel like watching a movie.

Heard the new Robocop movie is good.

Maybe later I will drive over to Citta Mall in Subang and watch it there.


  1. Makcik Annie, don't be so arrogant and belittle Hindraf !
    Later Hindraf will stage a mammoth demonstration in front of Annie's house and workplace baru tahu !!

  2. Did you wake up stupid today?

  3. As long as Hindraf is an auxiliary organization under the constraints of caste-ridden Brahmanism, the poor and the untouchables shall never see the light of social liberty and the dignity of human conscience.

  4. Tak perlulah Annie nak menghina orang2 india...perangai blogger pro UMNO memang jijik.

  5. Poor Indians. They are very under the whim and fancies of the bastard and racist benggali in DAP

    1. anon 15:03, did you wake up stupid today like Annie ?

    2. Annie's articles are all considered full of facts unlike anons 14:19 and 16:27 whose comments are only one- liners. If you think Annie is stupid, back up your accusation with facts. This goes to show the Redbeanies are bereft of grey matter in their brains. Products sekolah Cina bukannya pandai-pandai. To pass the exams they just memorize every single word in the text books.

  6. Abang Johari and Awang Tengah Ali are Lear Taib's political fools. They have been long time disguised as political loyalists and a price they paid for being Taib's sheep. The less fool of all fools is perhaps Adenan Satem. He is a sober politician, well like by the people and less flattering leader to Taib but his administrative ability and durability are highly questionable.

    The love and hate relationship among the fools of Taib will creep out openly as soon as either one of them becomes Chief Minister. It would be a continuous tragical ending for Taib's 33 years of Chief Ministership if not admonitory checked.

    The huge rich wealth of Tiab's sons, daughters, sisters and brothers held is going to be scrutinized. It would entirely depend on the next Chief Minister in charged. Tiab is aware of the unpredictable situation and consequences after his retirement.

    Having him appointed as the Yang di-Pertua Negeri is a justification for his repository. A price of being wolf of what he wants for a longer period in his life to stay relevant.

  7. LOL,
    There is no way you can win an argument with me by repeating the same pointless racist attacks over and over again. You know what, there is something meaningful you can do for this country. Since you don't accept the fact that Malaysia is a multiracial country and have so much hatred toward other races, instead of asking others to leave, you can always go back to Kerala, Sumatra or Yala where your ancestors came from. Don't worry, people of all races can live happily here without you. You still don't realize that a scumbag like you who are holding down your own race. The fact is all races including your own despise scumbag.

    1. Anon 16:19,

      LOL claims to be a Malay Muslim who is proud to be a racist. He claims to know that racism is haram in Islam.

      He sees no contradiction in his views BUT perversely, he is able to identify hypocrisy in others.

      LOL works off a standard set phrases.

      "Is that your best shot?"

      "I am an ultra Malay racist"

      "You are a hypocrite"

      "Keling Pariah"

      "I am a real pro"


      etc etc

      There is plenty of noise from him but you will find little content in what he says.

      It can be a bit tedious discussing issues with him as he presents huge slabs of words attempting to bamboozle his opponents with disjointed empty patter.

      Also, his poor grasp of simple English makes communication quite difficult.

      He does a bit of cyberstalking as well, so I have no doubt he will respond to this comment in his usual manner.


    2. Anon 16:19

      Re. Don't worry, people of all races can live happily here without you.

      Oh really? Why all the current brouhaha then over the Malay vs Chinese sentiment now?

      Re. still don't realize that a scumbag like you who are holding down your own race. The fact is all races including your own despise scumbag.

      Care to elaborate and in what way? As far as I am concerned, the Malays are well taken care of by the GOMEN via various programmes. I have posted about this many time. Why is my Ultra Racist behaviour has anything to do with the progress of my own race?

      I know for a fact that the poor Indian community are left behind in various areas, in fact 75% of the gangsters are Indian according to police report. While the Chinese, despite their economic success, still majority of them are plagued with illegal gambling ring, prostitution, along, pyramid scheme etc.

      Can you dispute that?

      Or can you answer this.

      Why do you think the Indonesian detest the Chinese community so much?

      Why do you think Negara Brunei Darul Salam refuses to grant citizenship to the Chinese resulting in them becoming stateless Chinese in Brunei?

      Why do you think that there is a Red and Yellow faction in Thailand with all the chaos now? If you have time please trace the root cause of the problem which essentially started with the sale of Thai Telecom Company to Singapore under Thaksin ( a Chinese).

      Why do you think now that the Singaporeans have started to feel discontent over the Malaysian Chinese PR there?

      Re. despise scumbag.

      Can you dispute this as well?

      Look! can you deny that the Chinese are the descendent of the Coolies and the Indian are the descendent of Pariah community in India. Even one of my professors in Grad School (He is from India btw) once told me that no matter how high the Indian in Malaysia has climbed up in term of economy ladder, they are still low class according to Indian society in general., and this in response to our discussion on the plight of the India community.

      I have been to India, several times and saw the poor low caste Indian are treated like dirt.

    3. Well! Well! Well! Gladiator, here we are again.

      Re. LOL works off a standard set phrases.

      1. "Is that your best shot?"

      Please read all the comments wrt to this. The point is, if you can insult me, don't expect me to sit still.

      2. "I am an ultra Malay racist"

      You get that damn right. Why is that worry you again and up to point you say " Pls stop being a racist. I can only but ask you to stop." ?

      Read here for your full comment:

      Anonymous29 January 2014 11:01

      3. "You are a hypocrite"

      Aren't you? Please revisit your comments from where it started.

      a. Anonymous28 January 2014 12:29

      3/ Religious differences and who started what and when.

      Quote "It's true, you know - only stupid people follow a religion.

      The smart ones are the ones who run the religion. :)" Unquote

      b. Anonymous28 January 2014 18:44

      Quote "Aaawwwhhh!! You poor thing. Want Daddy to kiss it better? :)

      Wait, wait, let me guess, you are a follower, right?" unquote

      4. "Keling Pariah"

      Renouncing your religion and by becoming an Athiest doesn't magically erase the fact that you are an Indian with the probability that you are the descendent of pariah from India brought here to into this country by the British as coolie or even worst the descendent of DEVADASI i.e. Prostitution of God

      Re. "I am a real pro"

      Yes I am. yourself admitted it by saying this

      "Yes, of cos, you know all about "the root cause and the surrounding environment" and other people are too stupid because they are only looking at it with their "naked eyes".

      Please read your whole comment here:

      Anonymous3 February 2014 12:55

      Other then that, you will you usually "putar belit " with your "Keling Pariah" tongue.

      Re. Also, his poor grasp of simple English makes communication quite difficult.

      Oh Really? Your excellent command English, has resulted in your dismay comment /understand wrt IT Genius? Please read here:


      Anonymous2 February 2014 19:03

      Versus my rebuttal here:

      LOL3 February 2014 11:14

    4. Gladiator,

      Maybe your parents have been feeding you too much of the below mentioned while you were young and resulted in you giving up religion:

      Cause : Cow dung and urine 'healthy'

      'God resides in cow dung,' says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

      Effect :. Quote "I am so glad I gave up religion over 10 years ago."

      Anonymous28 January 2014 12:29


      I am not making this up, those are documented with given references. Care to elaborate? ROTFL

    5. Anon 16:19

      Re. Don't worry, people of all races can live happily here without you.

      Here are some news flash for you to read:

      1. Dr Mahathir: Racial tensions rising under a weak BN - Nation | The ... › News‎
      The Star
      Jan 27, 2014 - PETALING JAYA: Malaysians must banish the idea of racial dominance from their minds and all races must share the country in a fair manner, ...

      2. BBC News - Malaysia's 'Ali Baba' system causes ethnic tension‎
      Jul 10, 2011 - Malaysia's 'Ali Baba' system, where Malay companies front ... Chinese contractor who did not want to be named because of racial sensitivities.

      3. Racial tensions in Malaysia: THE TRIGGER CAUSES‎
      Jan 31, 2014 - When faulted and blamed by a growing many of Malaysians for triggering racial tension and disunity in the country by the use of partisan ...

      4. Najib must intervene before country is torn apart by racial tension ...‎
      The Malaysian Insider
      Jan 20, 2014 - ... which are heightening racial tension before they tear the country apart. ... There's a better chance that Malaysia would win the FIFA world cup ...

      5. Rising Racial Tension in Malaysia | Asia Sentinel‎
      In a nearly unprecedented statement, Malaysia's armed forces chief, General Abdul Aziz Zainal, Tuesday warned the Malaysian government to calm racial ...

      6. Malaysian PM appeals for unity amid racial tensions - Rappler‎
      Jan 30, 2014 - UNITY, PEACE. Malaysia's prime minister has appealed for unity and an end to "the politics of hate" amid soaring racial and religious tensions ...

      6. Racial tensions in Malaysia hitting dangerous peak: Anwar | The ...‎
      The Jakarta Post
      Jan 27, 2014 - Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Sunday said racial tension in Malaysia was reaching a dangerous crescendo, as he renewed ...

      7. Pakatan wants dialogue with BN to ease racial tension | Free ...‎
      Free Malaysia Today
      Jan 22, 2014 - “This is so that if there are any signs of racial tension, it can be handled ... “We must assure or reassure Malaysians of all religious and racial ...

      8. Stop flaming fires of racial tension | Free Malaysia Today‎
      Free Malaysia Today
      Aug 9, 2013 - Racial unity is the right and responsibility of all Malaysians and it can only be achieved when politicians stop creating racial tensions among the ...


      Those are current news, plus there About 139,000 results under Malaysia Racial Tension:

    6. Gladiator,

      Re. He does a bit of cyberstalking as well

      Very true you know. I love cyberstalking you, especially after knowing that you have friend who knows Angelina Jolie. (Uwekss! thar's a sarcasm fyi) .

      Btw, you haven't answered my question wrt why you went BERSERK like KELING PARIAH MABUK TODI, when I was merely sharing information about Devadasi: Prostitution of God by the Telegraph UK as follows:

      LOL28 January 2014 18:32

      India’s ‘prostitutes of God’

      An ancient tradition which sees girls dedicated to a lifetime of 'religious prostitution' has become a big business on the streets of southern India. Sarah Harris, who spent two years uncovering the practice, explains what it means to be a devadasi in the twenty-first century.

      and here is your comment:

      Quote "As far as I am concerned, I consider people like you enemies of the state." Unquote

      Anonymous28 January 2014 22:20

  8. This old man has been raping the state far too long. The people remain one of the poorest in Malaysia. Many still live below poverty line. Because of him, I think God doesn't exist.

    1. isn't it time to experience Contentment? tanpa Rida, harta banyak macam mana yang akan mencukupi nafsu seorang insan?

    2. Anon 17:28

      Re. Many still live below poverty line.

      I think you mean the Indian community? That is very true, in fact even the rich among them have forsaken them.

      As far I am concerned the Malays are well taken care of under Mara, Tabung Haji, Baitumal (zakat) and now progressively the Waqaf Corporation (please google all these). Plus every time news come out in papers or TV about any poor Malays in dire need of help, donation and support will start pouring in.

      The Chinese have their business and network support among their community to survive.

      A point to ponder, have you ever read or watched news about program such as "shopping for new clothes for the poor Indian Children during Deepavali or Christmas' just like what the poor Malay Muslim children have during Hariraya and sponsored by various private organisations?

  9. For some reasons you hate the Indians.. It's your prerogative though

    1. Anon 21:14

      The Indians hate their own community, do you expect any better from other races:

      Read here:

      The Malaysian Indian curse
      July 24, 2013

      "The root cause for the disparity among the Indians are the caste (jati) system inherited from India. The recent fiasco over MIC presidential elections is surrounded by the caste support for the top post. The Mukkulathors and Kounders are the dominant caste and the current president is aligning the candidates with the respective caste. Despite their education, the leaders are still playing the caste sentiments in politics. In this context, whom shall we blame for the backwardness of community? The leaders for campaigning based on caste or the community for practicing the caste system till today without regards to human values?

      The social stratification of the community has hampered the progress of the Indians and we are the root cause for our downfall because of the choice to practice caste system. Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar, Periyar, EV Ramasamy spent their lives fighting for the eradication of the caste system. Their achievements helped uplift the Dalits (untouchables) in India. In Malaysian context, the caste system is the root cause for our political and economy failure and the Indian community in should take responsibility for the society’s collapse."


      If Malaysia is a racist country it is not by UMNO alone. In fact not at all by UMNO in the case of the Indians. In the case of the Indians in Malaysia, racism is manifested by practice of the caste and race divisions created by the MIC its predecessors and the MCA. Indian organizations and the MCA bargained for the race based enclaves which they now wallow in uncomfortably. That’s neither the fault of UMNO nor the Barisan but that of the political leaders of each of the other two parties that are not UMNO.

  10. No please, not Adenan Satem. He may be a loyalist but he's not... a leader. More like a follower. on his own, he's not a very smart guy.

    I would prefer Awang Tengah actually. He's competent, humble and a people's person. That guy draws a lot of flak from the opposition, and you know that's a sign that he's doing the right thing.


  11. p/s My dad once worked with Adenan Satem. Not a good experience. he's the kind of menteri that likes to bantai the small people in front of everyone else to show his power.
    And dreadfully incompetent and relies far too much on other people to give him the stats and facts on the ground, rather than find out for himself.


    Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud is leaving his post as chief minister with one advice to his successor – that whoever succeeds him must strive to keep Umno and its brand of racially divisive politics out of the state.

    Taib's remarks to the Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council meeting yesterday made it clear that his successor “should stand tough and be unflinching” when dealing with Putrajaya on issues concerning Sarawak's interests.

    Sarawak BN secretary-general Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi said Taib told yesterday’s meeting that his successor has to vigorously protect the state's rights as spelled out in the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.

  13. Don't threaten Sabahans over Sabah rights: Jeffrey

    Published on: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Kota Kinabalu: Star Sabah described the statement by the Home Minister as arrogance of the highest order and a clear-cut abuse of power to control Sabahans in ensuring "Umno and Malaya's continued dominance and colonisation over Sabah."

    Its Chief Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, in responding to the Minister's statement who wanted to weed out protagonists over their claims for Sabah rights, said there was nothing wrong for Sabahans and Sarawakians to seek restoration of the rights, privileges and autonomy of the Borneo states that were taken away or eroded since 1963.

    "The Minister seems to have forgotten the facts of history that Sabah and Sarawak (with Singapore then) formed Malaysia in 1963 and were given various promises and assurances by the then Malayan leaders including the execution of the Malaysia Agreement to induce and entice the Borneo states to form Malaysia.

    "Malaysia never existed before 1963 and Malaysia would not have existed even today without Sabah and Sarawak," he said in a statement here Monday.


    PETALING JAYA: Hindraf chairman P Waytha Moorthy has tendered his resignation from all positions in the government and the Senate, effective Feb 10, according to a statement from Hindraf.

    Hindraf secretary P. Ramesh said the central committee unanimously decided that Waytha Moorthy should tender his resignation, claiming the government had been “dragging its feet” in delivering its promises to aid the poor Malaysian Indian community.

    “Hindraf owes its loyalty to the Malaysian Indian poor community and to them only.

    “We did the most unthinkable - signing a pact with our one-time nemesis, entirely in the interest of the Malaysian Indian poor and in the honest belief that Barisan Nasional will fulfil its promises.

    “We have given up hope of that happening, after eight months of trying,” he added.

    Hindraf signed a memorandum of understanding with the government on April 18 last year, just before the May general election, in a bid to resolve the socio-economic problems afflicting the Indian community in Malaysia.

  15. Wah betul ke gladiator ada kawan berpengaruh di Hollywood
    As if thats going to buy him a ticket to heaven.

    1. Anon 22:59

      Re. gladiator ada kawan berpengaruh di Hollywood

      Betoi No, kenal dengan Angelina Jolie lagi dan sedang shooting kat Ostalia.

      Re. buy him a ticket to heaven

      Gladiator is an Atheist, so the only way for him is right down to HELL.