Monday 10 February 2014

Remembering the tragedy of Bosnia

I'm not in the mood to write about politics for now.

Therefore, let me present to you a movie instead.

It's almost two hours long.

Quite long, actually.

But this is the best movie I had watched about the Bosnian war. It's based on a real story.

I know, it's a bit too long to watch right now, so, the following is a summary of the movie. Maybe you can watch it when you are really free.

The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends and expert sharpshooters Vlado Selimović and Slavko Stanic who end up on opposing sides of the Bosnian War in Sarajevo. Slavko, an ethnic Serb and unemployed bachelor, becomes a sniper and instructor training the Army of Republika Srpska snipers used to terrorize the city. Vlado, a Muslim married father and successful owner of a furniture factory, rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city. Instead, he becomes a marksman in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and attempts to counter the sniper threat. Vlado soon realizes his friend, an exceptionally skilled marksman, is the enemy sniper responsible for a number of seemingly impossible shots against residents of their own neighbourhood. The two friends eventually have to face-off and only one survives.

This is the link to the summary :

Shot Through the Heart 

Maybe we can learn something from what happened in Bosnia during that horrible civil war.

That country's ethnic make up at the start of the war is almost the same as ours.

The Bosniak Muslim is about 55 per cent, Serbs about 30 per cent, Croats about 15 per cent.

Bear in mind that their country's ethnic-relation was better than in Malaysia before the war.

Maybe we can revisit what happened to the Bosnians and reflect on ourselves.

Maybe after that we could be grateful for what we have now instead of bitching about everything under the sun.


  1. Annie,

    Well done!

    1. Advice from the heart of Sheikh Hisham Kabbani in the way of integrity and peacefulness.

      "Importance of Not Betraying Our Trust":

    2. Well done of what ?



  2. Re. Maybe we can learn something from what happened in Bosnia during that horrible civil war.

    Haven't we learned from May 13, 1969?

    Haven't we learned from the plight of the Palestinian under the Zionist Israel Government?

    Haven't we learned from the plight of Ronghiya Muslims in Arakan under Junta Government/ Buddhist Majority?

    Haven't we learned from the plight of Muslims in Mindanao, the Philippines under Catholic Christian government?

    Haven't we learned from the Takbai Muslim Massacre under the Thai Buddhist Government?

    Haven't we learned from the plight of the minority Malays in Singapore being systematically marginalized by the Singaporean Chinese government?

    My point in contention here is that if the table were turn, we the Malay Muslims here in Malaysia would have suffered as above, where May 13, 1968 was the first such attempt by the opposing party.

    Here take a look:

    Re. Bear in mind that their country's ethnic-relation was better than in Malaysia before the war.

    Fact checking. Before the war they were under USSR and communist government. They had no say under the communist , that doesn't mean that they are happy i.e. peace and harmony. It all started after the fall of USSR in 1991. "In April 1992, the government of the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia. Over the next several years, Bosnian Serb forces, with the backing of the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, targeted both Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) and Croatian civilians for atrocious crimes resulting in the deaths of some 100,000 people (80 percent Bosniak) by 1995. It was the worst act of genocide since the Nazi regime's destruction of some 6 million "

    Re. Maybe after that we could be grateful for what we have now instead of bitching about everything under the sun.

    The question should be "whether we will ever learn?"

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    2. Anon 12:49

      And you are here to eat My SHIT again. Enak dan menyelerakan tak?

    3. just dont let any of them control the army..if not matilah

    4. LOL has now has self confessed that he is indeed a 'shit stirrer' hahahahahaha !! Congrats LOL , the undisputed shit stirrer !!
      Hidup UMNO ! Hidup LOL !

    5. Anon 14:37

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      Please google coprophilia

      Hidup UMNO! HIIDUP LOL! HIDUP ISLAM! HIDUP MELAYU! HIDUP BUMIPUTERA! ooops! Ade sesiape lagi yang hidup?

    6. Anon 14:37@ Redbeanie Coprophilia

      Can I you ask you something?

      This morning I was at one fastfood oulet in KL Central and having my breakfast, I saw one Old Cinabeng with hand luggage walked in. He went straight to the counter where they put ketchup, chili source, sugar, creamer etc. What shocked me, he grabbed a handful of sugar and/or creamer, and later pretended to queue up and look at the menu. and then hor, he suddenly walk off. It reminded of the story of Cinabeng went to PM Hari Raya Open house and brought Tupperware and "CURI CURI" the food. Why hor? So cheapskate and no "ADAB" one.

      That is part two actually, there is a part one, I story you next time....

    7. Nampaknya LOL shit stirrer has gone crazy with his comments !! kah..kah..kah...
      Let us savor LOL shit stirrer comments before he returning back to Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan.
      Sekali lagi, dengan penuh semangat.... Hidup UMNO, Hidup LOL !!!!!!!

    8. LOL,

      The Chinese are not only dirty, they are also cheapskate. During my school and college days, I used to have a number of closed Chinese friends and we loved to lepak and visited each other's house. They were all from the upper class but despite all the wealth, they had hygiene issues. They had terrible body odor and they way they ate, oh my God! Gelojoh as though the world was about to end. If not for the servants, their house would be like a pig sty. I have also many a time observed that the Chinese would let their kids pissing anywhere even at a street corner. And one more thing, a few days ago, at a traffic light a Chinese lady who was driving a Mercedes car rolled down her car window and threw her garbage on the street, just like that.

      I have had enough of these ungrateful race. 40% of them in our country are just too many and we need to cull their population to just under 5%. Anyway, we don't invite them in and now we want them out.

    9. Anon 20:57

      Do you know that many of them have the habit of stealing toilet rolls from the office toilet. I got to know about that the first time in late 1990's from the cleaning ladies. As they were questioned by the management why the toilet rolls supplies ran out so fast. So they did the investigation and found out that some Chinese have taken and brought them back home. The same thing also happens, in another office until it forced the front office admin person had to break it into pieces and put it in box, so that those Chinese or Indians who want to go to toilet will only take what is needed.

      Can you beat that? PATHETIC Right!

      Letting their kids pee and loitering are nothing new. If you walk along Jalan Alor where all the hawkers are they like to "Hak Tui" (spitting) indiscriminately.

      Again the saying goes MONEY can't buy CLASS.

  3. A trip down memory lane:

    1. Namawee - Negarakuku

    2. KFC fignting case

    3.. Alvivi Halal Bakuteh during Iftar Ramadhan

    4. Leong Pei Koe flashed his middle finger at Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah has landed himself in jail for 30 days.

    Read more: 30 days' jail for insulting queen - Letters to the Editor - New Straits Times

    5. Melinda Gooi - Insulted DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong

    6. PKR's Machang Bubok assemblyman Lee Khai 'feed' kangkung (water spinach) to the effigy of Prime Minister Najib

    7. Yuri Wong pencipta lagu lawak kangkung Najib ditahan polis

    8. Theresa Kok's CNY youtube video

    The list can go on and on...

    The question is will they ever learn and are we going just to stand still?

    1. 9. LOL insult Malaysians with his racist remarks (on a daily basis)
      10. Annie Mangkuk insult Malaysians also with her racist remarks (on a daily basis)

    2. Well said LOL

    3. Thank You LOL for the reminder.
      So it seems, once those racist DAP politicians gets to rule, we will be like apartheid South Africa abd heading the parts of Bosnia. Then PAS will regret their affiliation in Pakatan and merge with UMNO. Maybe Mat Sabu will become another Nelson Mandella, to the Malays, in fighting DAP, then. Like what Al-Juburi was to DAP when he was in BN. Who knows.

    4. Anon 12:53

      Re. 9. LOL insult Malaysians with his racist remarks (on a daily basis)

      9.1 Asal Usul Cinabeng
      Comfort women were women and girls forced into a prostitution corps created by the Empire of Japan during World War II.[citation needed] The name "comfort women" is a translation of a Japanese name ianfu (慰安婦).[1][2] Ianfu is a euphemism for shōfu (娼婦) whose meaning is "prostitute(s)".[3]

      Estimates vary as to how many women were involved, with numbers ranging from as low as 20,000[4] to as high as 200,000[5][6] but the exact numbers are still being researched and debated.[7] Many of the women were from occupied countries, including Korea, China, and the Philippines,[8] although women from Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and other Japanese-occupied territories were used for military "comfort stations". Stations were located in Japan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, then Malaya, Thailand, Burma, New Guinea, Hong Kong, Macau, and French Indochina.[9] A smaller number of women of European origin from the Netherlands and Australia were also involved.

      According to testimony, young women from countries under Japanese Imperial control were abducted from their homes. In many cases, women were also lured with promises of work in factories or restaurants. Once recruited, the women were incarcerated in "comfort stations" in foreign lands.[10]

      and here

      A much larger wave of immigrants, mainly from the controlled port of Fujian and Guangdong provinces through the administration of the British, this is due to the First Opium War of Battle of Amoy and Battle of Canton (May 1841) resulting Canton and Amoy being captured by the British to enhance their trading of the orient namely Old China Trade, which the authority differs from the Mainland China of Qing Dynasty,[14] due to poverty and hard lives in mainland China most of them accepted the job offered by the British ranging from a British officer and coolies from the late 19th century until the early 20th century. Their immigration to Malaya and Straits Settlements was encouraged by the British, who used the Chinese to work in tin mines and rubber plantations.[15] This group established Chinese Schools and were mostly Chinese educated.

      9.2 Asal Usul Orang India ( kah?)

      The Malaysian Indian curse
      July 24, 2013

      "The root cause for the disparity among the Indians are the caste (jati) system inherited from India. The recent fiasco over MIC presidential elections is surrounded by the caste support for the top post. The Mukkulathors and Kounders are the dominant caste and the current president is aligning the candidates with the respective caste. Despite their education, the leaders are still playing the caste sentiments in politics. In this context, whom shall we blame for the backwardness of community? The leaders for campaigning based on caste or the community for practicing the caste system till today without regards to human values?

      The social stratification of the community has hampered the progress of the Indians and we are the root cause for our downfall because of the choice to practice caste system. Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar, Periyar, EV Ramasamy spent their lives fighting for the eradication of the caste system. Their achievements helped uplift the Dalits (untouchables) in India. In Malaysian context, the caste system is the root cause for our political and economy failure and the Indian community in should take responsibility for the society’s collapse."

  4. If we don't succeed in reconciliation, what do we think GE14 will bring?

    1. Zero Sum game. The Malay Muslims are ready for Jihad.

    2. LOL, all Malay muslims and all races in Malaysia are now ready for Jihad against UMNO come PRU14. A small jihad is going to take place in Kajang soon, let us see how the rakyat perform their Jihad against UMNO in Kajang nanti.

    3. The malay muslims are more likely to fight other malay muslims than fight the kafirs.

    4. anon 29:13, don't be silly. The Malay Muslims will fight and victory against corrupt UMNO and very soon the Malays will be free from the shackle of corrupt and evil UMNO regime.

    5. This bastard dapster again!

    6. Anon 18:42 Malay muslims knows that it is DAP who is pulling the puppet strings. Majority of us has clearly seen the betrayal of the Chinese majority in PRU13 and the grand plan to wrest the control of this country through proxy and expanding their power base. UMNO may not be perfect but I'm sure majority of Malay muslims and bumiputeras is aware that UMNO is more democratic compared to party "anak beranak" DAP/PKR. UMNO is more moderate than historically extremist party in opposition. Malaysia has been harmonious and progressive under BN and Malaysian knew that.

    7. Anon 18:42

      Re. all Malay muslims and all races in Malaysia are now ready for Jihad against UMNO come PRU14

      All Malay Muslims? ROTFL cakap tak guna otak. It will be a zero sum game, ISLAM/MELAYU/UMNO vs. cina DAP KOMUNIS.

      Note: 20 million Malays vs. 5 Million Chinese

      Nak lebih hebat lagi kita orang akan guna BOMOH SIAM atau INDON supaya semua Cinabeng kena CIRIT BIRIT masa hari mengundi jadi diorang tak dapat pergi mengundi dan KALAH TERUK.

      Re. A small jihad is going to take place in Kajang soon, let us see how the rakyat perform their Jihad against UMNO in Kajang nanti.

      ROTFL. Bodohnya kamu.

      Kajang nanti PKR lawan MCA. MCA pun memang dah MAMPUS. Hidup pun atas dasar belas ikhsan pengundi Melayu sebab 95% Cinabeng dah jadi DAP dan cucu cicit Komunis.

      Elok pun MCA kalah. ADE AKU Kesah.

    8. Anon 18:42

      Kenapa Orang Jepun benci orang Cina wrt Rape of Nanking?

      Kenapa Orang Indon benci orang Cina wrt Indonesian Chinese Massacre 1998?

      Kenapa Orang Brunei benci orang Cina wrt Stateless Brunei Chinese?

      Kenapa Oranga Singapura benci Orang Cina PRC walaupun mereka juga Cina?

      Cer Citer! Cee Citer!

    9. Anon 21:16 if you are Cinabeng or Indian, please don't speak on behalf of BANGSA MELAYU YANG SUCI BAGAI SALJU INI.

      Re. very soon the Malays will be free from the shackle of corrupt and evil UMNO regime.

      1. Mara allocates RM2 billion to sponsor students this year

      KOTA BARU: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) has allocated RM2 billion for about 25,000 students who want to further their studies in various fields at the degree, masters and doctorate levels this year.
      Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the allocation was an increase of between 10 and 15 per cent from last year's, taking into consideration the increased cost of sponsorship and course fees.

      "This is a special allocation by the federal government and is separate from the RM1-billion education budget which was announced by the prime minister in Budget 2014," he told reporters here today.

      Read more: Mara allocates RM2 billion to sponsor students this year - General - New Straits Times

      2. KUALA LUMPUR 30 Jan. - Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) sedang membina sebuah perbandaran baharu yang menempatkan majoriti usahawan dan komuniti Melayu serta bumiputera di Subang, Selangor.

      Bandar baharu dengan nilai pembangunan kasar (GDV) lebih RM1 bilion dan berkeluasan 20 hektar terletak di persekitaran Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

      Artikel Penuh:
      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

      3. PUTRAJAYA 6 Ogos - Kesemua 45 Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) di seluruh negara akan menawarkan peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) menjelang 2016.

      Artikel Penuh:
      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

      The list can go on and on.... so what evil are you talking about?

    10. Surat Al-Maaidah (5:48):

      To each of you We prescribed a law and a method. Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so race to [all that is] good. To Allah is your return all together, and He will [then] inform you concerning that over which you used to differ.

      I am a Chinese revert. My mom and dad is still practising Buddhists. What do you mean by Melayu Muslim jihad zero sum gain? Are you suggesting I kill my parents? Please note that are a number of us Chinese Muslims.

      Islam does not belong to the Malays. Kindly refrain from making such statements when Islam is peace and Islam is universal.

      As for the Chinese insulting the Malaysia Institutions, please let the law run its course. A gentle reminder, it was PM Najib that abolished ISA. The law should have never been aborted in the first place. Anybody regardless of race and religion who tries to disrupt the harmony of this country should be prosecuted. Full stop.

      Kindly spend more time reading and understanding the Al Quran and Sunnah. You will find more peace.


      Azlan Daud Tan Abdullah

    11. Azlan Daud Tan Abdullah

      You are a Muslim, so I won't be arguing with you here. Fyi, all my comments are directed to DAP, Evagelista, Redbeanie, and Kafir Harbi. If you are not one of them please ignore my comment.

      I can cut and paste the ayat Al-Quran to defend my comment wrt to memerangi Kafir Harbi but this is not the place. Please read about the things the Kafir Harbi have been trying to do to the Muslim here in Malaysia.

      Re. Zero Sum Game

      There 95% DAP Chinese and maybe 60 to 75% Indian wants UMNO/Melayu Dead in the next PRU14 and beyond.

      Looking at the scenario in Penang, where the Mosque is no longer allowed to recite Al Quran before azan Subuh, the Malay and Indian Muslims businesses being systematically marginalized, the "murtad" case in Selangor and all over Malaysia, and the present kalimah "Allah" case, I can't help but to be strong and vocal in my stance.

      In the past there has been a call to ban loud Azan by Theresa Kok, DAP, Evangelista and Kafir Harbi. Even the "tulisan Jawi" on the road sign is an issue to her before. There are many other stories that I can and can't tell you here.

  5. Easy, get rid of the bastard and racist DAPsters and the country will be peaceful.

    1. It should be get rid of the racist UMNO and the country will be peaceful.

    2. They have self-voted out themselves in PRU!3 and all effort of reconciliation offered by our PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was mocked and jeered by the Cina Dap @ Cinabeng.

      Self-exodus is the next step, perhaps?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Anon 13:15

      How do you want to get rid of us the 20 millions Malays with Royal Army Force, Royal Navy Force, Royal Air Force, and Royal Police Force ? FYI, the Cinabeng have insulted many of these forces on perpetual basis.

      In fact you should learn a lesson or two from the Tamil in Sri Lanka being hunted down to death by Ceylonese or the Indonesian Chinese Massacre in 1997-98 Asia Economic Crisis. Take a look:

      a. Tamil Massacre in Sri Lanka

      b. Indonesia Chinese Massacre 1998

    5. Stupid LOL, the Rakyat only wants to remove those highly corrupt leaders of UMNO/BN from the gomen and to stop them further damaging the country !

    6. Those who work under chinese boss know how brutal and ruthless they can become. So, pray that Malaysia is not ruled by these cina kapiaq.

    7. Anon 21:07

      Bacakan Surah Yasiin ramai-ramai supaya cepat dia dapat balasan.

    8. Anon 20:32
      Corrupted leaders will be removed doesn't matter were they are coming from but UMNO/BN is here to stay. Malays has awakened that we need to be united to fence against DAP the chauvinistic party.

    9. Anon 20:32

      We want to get rid of the Cinabeng yang suka BAGI RASUAH, CORRUPT. dan SUKA MENIPU.

    10. Anon 20:32


    11. ANON 22:22, this to support you, UMNO stay but corrupt go

  6. TUZLA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Violent protests by thousands of unpaid workers in a northern Bosnian city spread to other parts of the country Thursday and have morphed into widespread discontent in an election year about unemployment and rampant corruption.

    Police used tear gas to temporarily disperse the protesters in Tuzla who threw stones at a local government building. The protesters returned after the tear gas volley, surrounded the empty government building and set tires and trash on fire. Police were reinforced with special dog units.

    The protests in Tuzla, which began Tuesday, are about an ongoing dispute involving four former state-owned companies that were privatized and later filed for bankruptcy. Thousands gathered in four other cities in solidarity with the Tuzla workers, but also to protest against Bosnia’s nearly 40-percent unemployment rate and politicians whom they accuse of being disconnected from citizens’ needs.

  7. Thank you for the rec, Annie. Will look into it when I have time.


  8. the sooner we wonder who we are as human beings the greater the probability of self-transformation, ..... in the unfolding drama of humanity through ages.

  9. Once UMNO is defeated, all races in Malaysia will be living in harmony and peacefully.
    UMNO is cause of the racial tension in the country now.

    1. You must be one of the bastard and racist DAPsters

    2. UMNO is a racist party, period. Even Taib Mahmud also said it not to let UMNO enter Sarawak.

    3. Anon 12:47

      Look here:

    4. Both sides have equally racists people.

    5. Anon 13:12

      Re. Even Taib Mahmud also said it not to let UMNO enter Sarawak.

      Pehin Sri Haji Taib Mahmud are entiled to say what he wants, and the UMNO/Malays have no basis to argue with him, for first and foremost he is the son of the soil of Serawak unlike you KAUM PENDATANG YANG BIADAP LAGI TIDAK SEDAR DIUTUNG.

    6. Anon 13;42

      Thank you for acknowledging that rather than some who are BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF ALL.

    7. dont forget DAP and PAS..his two are have a lot of pyscho religious individual too..then there will be peace.

  10. For whatever reason, watching the action movie is a sort of remedial measure to control a depressed brain. It settles down the brain to an adequate level of tranquilization. It also brings back the polluted brain for a good use to rest psychologically. Indeed, it is no bullshit.

    We have no need to wear our thinking hat to watch the movie Robocop. If we are lucky and not to fall asleep, the movie will help to think for us instead. The more the action scenes the better the movie is. If we have to take out all the action scenes, the movie is left with senselessness plot. It will make no sense at all--- that constitute the movie is doing all the thinking on our behalf. 

    More importantly, we know in the end, the good guy is always going to win. As long as the movie meets our expectation we are pleased, happy and gay. The thinking hat can go and fly high or can go to hell along with our physical demonstration by sticking our singly finger up yours.

    But the movie based on true story needs our thinking hat of wisdom. "Shot through the hearts" reflects the tragedy of lifelong friendships because of politics takes precedence over 'everything'. Caused by they who deny that politics is 'not everything' a quest for peace in life. However, Slavko and Vlado Sarzinsky were caught in the conflict which was not easily understood. The scars of terrorism and political conflict cum racial are not easily erased even in the time of peace.

    The memories of May the thirteen are in the minds of the victims, worthy for realization and embodiment. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says, "Malaysia is our country, we are born here, we grow up here, make a living here and here we will die. Whether this is good or bad is because of us. We can choose, Choose wisely because our lives are at stake."

  11. Sabah and Sarawak are no more fixed deposits. Even Hindraf dep minister resigned.

    Hot talks turn off thinking Malays. While well intended, they lose support for UMNO. We want THINKING leaders.

    On the other hand, PAS and PKR politicians are increasing in popularity.

    Come GE14, BN's position will become ever more shaky because of all these hot talks..

    Take a cue from PM, even TDM - they don't talk like that!

    1. Anon 16:22,

      On the contrary. The Malays will continue to support UMNO as it is the only reliable party for us. PAS and PKR are losing Malay support especially wrt the Allah issue, Teresa sucking cock video and many others. The Malays despise DAP and even though PAS and PKR are considered Malay parties, they are in the same league as DAP. The Malays also have had enough of Anwar's BS. Just read the comments in RPK's blog and you can tell that from the sentiments of the majority Malay commentators.

    2. If Sarawak and Sabah fall, UMNO will no longer control the federal government.

      We CANNOT AFFORD to upset Sabah and Sarawak.

  12. Just imagine, if the unthinkable happened that PR won GE14 and Ms Teresa Cock become Home Minister. A chinese gangster from somewhere were appointed IGP. There are mass arrest of UMNO leaders, which surely will lead to civil unrest.

    Will the malays, doesn't matter from which sides, keep quiet?


    1. Will,

      I doubt that they will take route, if any they will follow Singapore approach where will systematically marginalize the Malays in all areas e.g. recently in Singapore they brought in new citizen from PRC to boost the Chinese population as a form of gerrymandering (please google this); or they will use the meritocracy bullshit and sideline the Malay intentionally.

      Confrontational approach will be a suicide to them.

    2. when there are mass arrest of corrupt UMNO leaders, rakyat yg berbilang bangsa akan gumbira, malahan kekayaan negara akan bertambah berlipat ganda dengan sita semua wang dan harta-benda dari UMNO leaders yg corrupt.

    3. Let me continue from Anon 17:12.

      And 'The Rear Admiral' aka Al-Juburi (the name first given by Mat Sabu) become Prime Minister. This extremely famous politician for the wrong reasons, is a known ex-convict who was found guilty of unlawfully instructing the police to arrest Ummi Hafilda Ali (Azmin Ali's sister) in 1997.

      In Kajang, yet again he abused the democratic process. Who knows, when becoming our next PM he will abuse power again. Maybe Karpal Singh, Kit Siang, Singapore or Uncle Sam have more crystal-clear videos of him bonking young males or females which can be used against or for blackmailing him into doing something to their owns advantages. ISA might be revoked. Dissident will arrested, sued until bankrupt, like in Singapore.
      So, help us God.

    4. Not sure that these pigs will follow the Singapore way. They are much crude compared to those down south.

    5. not to worry anon 20:12, very soon all those corrupt leaders of UMNO/BN will be catch and put to jail and the keys will be safe keeping by anon20:12.
      In the meantime the corrupt gomen of UMNO is still trying extremely hard to catch any of PR corrupt leaders, but so far no one kena tangkap. We hope for the very best okay.

    6. Anon 18:38. Don't bet on it. Pakatan leaders, especially those from PKR are just UMNO wolf in sheep disguise. They might look benign initially but will start prowling when they consolidate their positions. Just look at Selangor. They started by increasing assemblymen allowances, now they fight over the 3 billions surplus.

    7. Anon 18:38

      Kenapa Teoh Beng Hock disiasat oleh MACC?

      Kenapa Theresa Kok curi duit Ibu tunggal?

      Behaviour unbecoming of a church activist | The Unspinners‎Translate this page
      Feb 2, 2014 - Teresa Kok Songlap Duit Ibu Tunggal ..... Suspek Curi Kereta Dipijak Sampai Menangis - Aduhhh~ Kejam ke? Kejadian ini dikatakan berlaku ...

      Macam Iguana Eng boleh bina Kancil Car Park? Macam mana pantai di Pulau Pinang boleh tercemar? Macam mana air di Pulau Pinang boleh tercemar?

      Macam mana DAP Komunis boleh sokong BAPAK KORUPSI YANG DIBUANG OLEH UMNO sebagai Ketua Pembangkang?

      Cer Citer, Cer Citer

    8. LOL,

      Kaum DAPsters bengap akan berkata "ini semuanya berlaku adalah kerana salah UMNO yang rasis".

  13. Funny plus annoying the mentality of the chinese in this country, their sole blame is bn. Even if kiamat were to happen, they will blame bn and the way they pronounce it how childish

    1. Anon 00:6
      Not BN but they single out it on UMNO. You could read it as they want to be an alternative to UMNO. PKR and PAS is merely their tools. DAP strategy is easily read for those who are thinking.

  14. Do you know how this kcang merah treat their maid aka hamba abdi? They force them to eat pork clean that filthy dishes iron clothes 4 hours non stop sleep 4 hours a day. Most of them have their tudung on when arriving but the kacang merah forcefully vetoed against wearing one. And that is considered humane la
    Really sick people

    1. Anon 00:30
      Hanya 5% Chinese di Malaysia ini yg hidup nya ada adab susila dlm kehidupan.

    2. Sebenarnya 99.9% Chinese di Malaysia ini yg hidup nya ada adab susila dlm kehidupan.

    3. Anon 20:38

      Re. Sebenarnya 99.9% Chinese di Malaysia ini yg hidup nya ada adab susila dlm kehidupan

      Kalau ikut standard Cinabeng and PRC memanglah betul kenyataan kamu tu. Tapi kat TANAH MELAYU ni lain, orang tak berak dan kencing ditempat awam, tak menipu dalam segala hal, tidak memberi rasuah, tidak menjalankan sindiket pekacuran. Along dan macam-macam kerenah yang tidak menepati Akhlak dan Budaya orang Melayu dan Islam.

  15. LOL,
    You just can't find anything good to say back except blaming the other races on Earth. That explains why you are a retarded moron. I agree with Gladiator that there is little content in what you say. If crimes were done by the other races like you said, you can't see them walking on the streets and millions of them, stupid! Let me make it really simple for you. You are dumb doesn't mean that your race is dumb. Just you not your race, got it? Please do me a favour, call the police when you see a crime next time. Hope the ones getting arrested are not your cousins from Yala.

    1. In psychological profiling of human individuals the world over, indeed "intra-racial differences" stand out much more than "inter-racial differences". Just look amongst your own family members for the proof of that!

    2. Anon 01:31

      Re. You just can't find anything good to say back except blaming the other races on Earth

      I am stating fact with references most of the time, there is no blaming game. For instance, are you saying May 13, 1969 and the rest on the list on my above comment are something that I fabricated?

      So please prove me wrong? read here: LOL11 February 2014 03:50 or here
      LOL11 February 2014 05:21

      Re. Blaming

      Why the brouhaha of blaming Malay/UMNO/BN for everything then? If you and your community can accuse and do that, why is it wrong then for me to defend them by stating fact.

      Can you say the same about yourself?

      Re. I agree with Gladiator

      So you agree with Gladiator that people who follow religion are STUPID i.e. you are a Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu.

      I don't , please re read all my comment with him, for that's where it all started.

      Re. You are dumb doesn't mean that your race is dumb.

      Since you agree with Gladiator that people who follow religion are STUPID, that in itself is a confirmation that you, yourself and your people are STUPID. Not Me or any other Muslim.

      Re. Please do me a favour, call the police when you see a crime next time

      You meant like the Indian gangster (75% of the statistic according to record) that being shot and hunted down by the Police last year?

      Meantime why bring the Police in this discussion, aren't you and your people are the one detest and insult the Police Force 24-7 all this while.

      Re. Hope the ones getting arrested are not your cousins from Yala.

      Setiap orang Islam itu bersaudara, so what's the problem there. I don't look down on the Muslim from Yala and why should I? They are not the native of Yala, not a PENDATANG and not the descendent of coolies, comfort women and pariah caste, but can you say the same about yourself and your people.

      Re. There is little content in what you say

      Read my rebuttal and then read Gladiator's comment and add your comment as well, and tell me how many times both of you have given fact to support them, for if you don't then you are the one who not only a MORON and a RETARD but also a HYPOCRITE just like Gladiator.

    3. Anon 08:21

      Please elaborate your comment with example wrt Malaysia Context. Fyi, most followers in here didn't study psychology in college or they are simply DUMB and RETARD like the Redbeanie.

  16. Sometimes I think the purpose of some people on this blog, though ostensibly BN/UMNO supporters, are actually Pakatan double agents - with the aim of spoiling the moderate approach of Najib.

    No wonder now Putrajaya wants to have its own cyber force.

    Maybe next it will do is to take these guys out.

  17. Anon 8:31,

    Are you telling us that you are DAP double agent?