Wednesday 12 February 2014

Double agents?

A commenter made this interesting observation in my last posting,

Sometimes I think the purpose of some people on this blog, though ostensibly BN/UMNO supporters, are actually Pakatan double agents - with the aim of spoiling the moderate approach of Najib.

No wonder now Putrajaya wants to have its own cyber force.

Maybe next it will do is to take these guys out.

Actually the same thought about this double agents thing did cross my mind.

I had actually deleted quite a number of comments which were too extreme such as those calling for the genocide of people of certain race.

I believe they were designed to depict those who support a certain party as extremists and racists.

There were some which I feel may be of the same, but I still let them be published as they were not too extreme.

I rarely spike off comments as I believe in freedom of speech and expression.

Normally, I only restrict comments which were too seditious, extremely vulgar or could cause personal harm to innocent people.

It's unfortunate if there are people who actually abuse this privilege.

I really don't know why they need to go to that length, if any, when it comes to my blog.

For me, mine is still just an insignificant anonymous blog. It's not as if this blog has already a million visitors or such like all those senior and prominent sopo blogs.

I don't see the merit of anyone doing all such things here.

Anyway, I will continue to appreciate and publish any sincere comment which comes here even if that comment is contrary to my views.

Even if someone sincerely think that I am just a bitch, I will publish the comment, as I have always done.

I nonetheless hope that readers could make good judgement of what were written and publish in this blog.

Thank you.


  1. Not just blogs, also in real life. We had church burnings, people throwing pigs at mosques, people throwing firecrackers at police stations etc.
    Also these people might not belong to any groups, they could be provoking for the sake of their own enjoyment. Could be foreigners as well. In that missing girl Nurul Jzalin case, some foreign woman taunted the parents mercilessly, got tracked down and tried to cover up by swallowing her sim card.
    Plenty of bad people out there. Do good but always be wary.

    1. "But I'll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything."
      [the mystic philosopher Alan Watts]

      Live life like a traveller on a journey, hoping to arrive at your destination, the goodness of the afterlife, and do not burden your shoulders with the playthings of the world.

  2. Ban mamak LOL, he is a double agent here to create havoc in your blog !!

    1. Hello Anon 12:39 @ Redbeanie

      Jaki la tu....sudah lunch ke? Makan apa ? Makan Spring Eggs ke?

      Urine-soaked eggs a spring taste treat in China city

      (Reuters) - It's the end of a school day in the eastern Chinese city of Dongyang, and eager parents collect their children after a hectic day of primary school.

      But that's just the start of busy times for dozens of egg vendors across the city, deep in coastal Zhejiang province, who ready themselves to cook up a unique springtime snack favored by local residents.

      Basins and buckets of boys' urine are collected from primary school toilets. It is the key ingredient in "virgin boy eggs", a local tradition of soaking and cooking eggs in the urine of young boys, preferably below the age of 10.

      There is no good explanation for why it has to be boys' urine, just that it has been so for centuries.

      The scent of these eggs being cooked in pots of urine is unmistakable as people pass the many street vendors in Dongyang who sell it, claiming it has remarkable health properties.

      "If you eat this, you will not get heat stroke. These eggs cooked in urine are fragrant," said Ge Yaohua, 51, who owns one of the more popular "virgin boy eggs" stalls.

    2. LOL, pls give us a break of your constant 'stupid' comments, will you.

    3. Anon 15:19 @ Redbeanie

      Please DON'T STOP reading it, will you not.

      Marah ke?

    4. I don't find LOL comments 'stupid' but rather entertaining. He will behave stupid when dealing with dumb comments.

    5. Anon 17:16,

      LOL doesn't need dumb comments to behave stupid. He is quite capable to do so all by himself :)


    6. Anon 17:16,

      Agree 100%. The dumb comments in this blog are all from the redbeanies and that 'I'm not Indian' guy who uses the handle 'gladiator'.

    7. Anon 12:39
      You Readbeanies are the hypocrites that being paid to cry baby, just like those who being paid to cry in chinese funeral.
      We don't create havoc for nothing but rather just run AMOK when it is needed.

    8. Look Everyone Gladiator is here, whoever wants Angelina Jollie's autograph can ask him to get it for you. He is so smart and here is his comment to prove it:

      "Yes, of cos, you know all about "the root cause and the surrounding environment" and other people are too stupid because they are only looking at it with their "naked eyes".

      Please read the whole comment here:

      Anonymous3 February 2014 12:55

      Do you guys/gurls know why he gave up religion and become an ATHEIST 10 years ago. Well, I think here is the probable cause and effect which he is yet to rebut:

      Maybe your parents have been feeding you too much of the below mentioned while you were young and resulted in you giving up religion:

      Cause : Cow dung and urine 'healthy'

      'God resides in cow dung,' says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

      Effect :. Quote "I am so glad I gave up religion over 10 years ago."

      Anonymous28 January 2014 12:29

  3. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

  4. Annie,

    The double agents are the RBAs who sometimes masquerade as Melayu and Islam. Before the Chinese tsunami, I was an anti-racist and had friends of other races. But who had started playing the racial card? Who had first openly brought up the issue of Kalimah Allah usage by the non-Muslims during his Christmas speech? The bak kut teh video and the most recent ones are Teresa cock CNY so called satire and Josephine Mary's FB entries. We the Malays have had enough of these ingrates and now I hate these chinkies and keling pariahs with a vengeance! And I know many Malays out there who feel the same way as I do.

  5. You are right about ‘Double Agent”, Annie. I have come across one 'double agent' of hatred, myself.
    Since you wrote about it. I'll repeat again the story of 'Vinnan'. To people of Indian origin, please be cool, okay. Vinnan has nothing to do with your race. If you don't believe, please do not say, Mamak penipu or spew insults on my parents or my race. Please ask OutSyedTheBox about Vinnan, if you think I’m lying. I'm Malay, anyway. If you still wants to vent your anger, spit it on me, just me and nowhere else and I will just spew it back at you, only you.. It may not smear your reputation if you’re an Anonymous, though.

    I'm telling this again, for the sake of a peaceful Malaysian:
    - so that we could be moderate in our action when responding derogatory remarks on one’s race to eliminate the possibility of being easily duped by our own recklessness and stupidity.
    - so that peace loving Malaysian can learn how these racist people skimmed things to their advantage.
    - so that we know the extreme nature of some few (I hope) racist people from this political party and its supporter in disrupting unity among races.
    - and so that the racial riots of May 13, 1969, would not occur again.

    Prelude: PR won the support of Indian community during GE12, no doubt. The ‘Rear Admiral’ even promised; “Ini hari kita perintah Penang, lagi 2 minggu kita kasi selesai isu Kg. Puah Pala”. However, running up to GE13, Indians are betrayed, slighted and frustrated by the lackadaisical attitudes of DAP and PKR leaders towards the Indian community. Kg.Buah Pala, Hindraf’s demands and the treatment of 753 Indians delegates in DAP’s Dec 2012 CEC election, are the main cause of concerned. When DAP’s 753 Indian members reported to ROS, BN was blamed and the ROS was accused of being UMNO’s stooge. What kind of a political party is this? So the Indian began supporting BN. Najib, even brought in the Hindraf guy into his cabinet instead, when he should have asked this guy to join MIC or that other Indian party, I forget..

    Hence, before GE13, there seems to be an effort to create hatred between Malays and Indians. I often came across a commentator who called himself Vinnan. He seems to be the resident cybertrooper in OutsyedTheBox and occasionally, on other pro-BN’s blog. He often ridiculed and voice dissatisfaction towards the Malays. e.g. Why Bumiputra are entitled to 6% rebate when buying a house? Why UITM is for Bumiputra only? It’s apartheid regime and thing like that. Some of his dissatisfaction seem justified to me, though. However In retaliation, many Malays, or so it seems, replied with abusive and derogatory insults towards the Indian community, instead. e.g, “Jumpa ular, pukul dia dulu…pariah, Kalau tak suka, pergi balik India”, etc. (No pun intended). Who knows, maybe one of those Malay guys, might be Vinnan himself, masquerading a Malay name.

    By the tone of Vinnan's writing, I had a hunch that he was not an Indian. He once wrote 'Laja' instead of 'Raja‘, when rambling his dissatisfaction about the Rulers not being apolitical. That blew-off his identity. Upon checking with Outsyed, he confirmed that this Vinnan is actually, Chinese.
    So be aware: If you find a comment; “Pergi berambus balik China kalau tak suka Malaysia”, by someone using a Malay name or an Anon., or you thought it comes from a Malay, you might be wrong.

    Therefore, I hope everybody could exercise restraint and be more thoughtful when responding to provocation, especially when it involved, race. Of-course, when it involved religion, I hope Annie would spike it off.

  6. I am in love with LOL. You are witty and sharp! Love you and pls keep commenting. Let the cinabeng Babi panas bontot and let them know not all malays are bodoh and gullible. Give them more babi shit for them to swallow. Good job LOL! We are here with you.

    1. Anon 22:36

      Org melayu nie sebenarnya bukan bodoh dan senang di tipu, tetapi kita nie sudah lama di pijak kepala oleh bangsat2 yg tak sedar di untung di atas kemurnian budaya yang di warisi dari datuk nenek kita. Kita sekarang dah belajar jadi "KURANG AJAR" utk mengajar bangsat2 ini supaya mereka kenal tinggi rendahnya langgit.

    2. You are right. Not all Malays are bodoh and gullible, just LOL and you.

    3. Anon 01:32

      On contrary, majority of the Cinabeng are stupid for they like to CHEAT in everything, here is one example:

      China is Cheating the World Student Rankings System

      Enough is enough: Beijing must supply national data to assessors and not simply the results of a small minority of elite students

      In fact they are the master of cheating with fake branded goods, fake dvd, fake beef, fake egg, fake!, fake!, fake!, fake! and no wonder we the Malays are not happy now with them with their Fake Face and Fake Loyalty and Fake Allegiance to this country.

    4. I like that last paragraph of yous, LOL.

  7. As I had many times in the past commented and I repeat it again today "We the Malays did not invite these Cina babis and keling pariahs to come to our country, the British did. Why should we resposible for them?" Their citizenships were granted on the contingent of special privileges given to the Malays and Bumiputras, Islam is the official religion, respect the Raja-raja Melayu and many others. Please read the constitution. Now they want to ungkit all these rights and we, the Malays should also ungkit the Malaysian citizenship granted to them.

    I have enough of these ingrates, bila mereka ni nak mampus?

    1. Neither did the orang asli invited the pirates from Indonesia now claiming to be true son of the soil and coined the word Malay to invent a new zionist race.

    2. Anon 06:59

      Re. Neither did the orang asli

      Orang Asli are known as pre-bumi, in the past and certain for some tribes now led/leads a nomadic life e.g. Senoi, Semang, Negrito etc. The pre-bumi is not unique to Malaysia only but also thoughout the world e.g. Maori in New Zealand, Navaho tribe (American Indian), Aborigine in Australia, etc. etc.

      Re. now claiming to be true son of the soil and coined the word Malay

      Why do you think this country was called Malaya, Tanah Melayu and the surrounding Islands are known as the Malay Archipelagos? It is because all of us are known as Malay with varied sub-ethnicity e.g. Jawa, Banjar, Acheh, Madura, Minang etc. etc. with the Malay half breed like Mamak and Arab e.g. the Syed and Syarifah.

      Re. to invent a new zionist race.

      but can you tell us the Malays why:

      Why do you think the Japanese hate the Chinese during Japanese Occupation in TANAH MELAYU?

      Why do think the Japanese hate the Chinese wrt the Rape of Nanking?

      Why do you think the Indonesian detest the Chinese community so much? wrt Indonesian Chinese Massacre in 1998.

      Why do you think Negara Brunei Darul Salam refuses to grant citizenship to the Chinese resulting in them becoming stateless Chinese in Brunei?

      Why do you think that there is a Red and Yellow faction in Thailand with all the chaos now? If you have time please trace the root cause of the problem which essentially started with the sale of Thai Telecom Company to Singapore under Thaksin ( a Chinese).

      Why do you think now that the Singaporeans have started to feel discontent over the Malaysian Chinese PR there?

      No need to invent, the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore are the new ASIAN ZIONIST. PERIOD.


      That is why the GOMEN should BAN the Vernacular school for these school don't teach the Cinabeng the real history.

  8. I always wanted to get some of these pee- soaked eggs for my cat. My cat likes to drink her own urine.

    1. Anon 00:47

      Did you get your cat from Singapore? I am just asking for only Singaporeans and the country's inhabitants like to drink the like of that via processed sewerage water called Newater.

  9. Actually, I like to try one of these pee-soaked eggs myself. Well, the elephant dung coffee tastes really smooth.

    1. Anon 01:40

      At least you are honest about it. I Haven't heard about elephant dung coffee but Kopi Luwak or Civet Cat Coffee yes. The Muslims are not allowed to consume it for any form of excrement (shit, pee) is NAJIS MUGHALAZAH and HARAM.


      I am just asking, I wonder whether you have a mild case of coprophilia and golden shower tendency.

    2. Anon 01:40

      I actually have started to see a pattern here why the Chinese eat shit and urine products, while the Indian not only eat shit and urine products (from the cow to be specific) but they also worship it. I have to re-post this just to prove my argument.

      Cow dung and urine 'healthy'

      'God resides in cow dung,' says Kesari Gumat, as he walks through his laboratory where researchers mix bovine excreta with medicinal herbs and monitor beakers of simmering cow urine.

  10. Hahaha! LOL, your counter comments to the redbeanies and 'Glady' (btw, I like the name thanks to RD) always put a smile on my face. I'm pretty sure Annie also smiles whenever she reads your comments. TQ

    1. Another dumbbell. Annie had deleted quite a number of LOL comments.

    2. Anon 20:53

      Not that I know of. Even when I asked Annie to delete my comment when I myself found too uncouth, Annie still let it through.

      kenape tatak percaya ke? ROTFL

  11. Anon 20:53 is a typical redbeanie chinapek reply - hasad dengki, bodoh sombong dan pendatang mentality. How to expel these pendatang from Tanah Melayu? One possibility is to make their lives here as miserable as possible.

  12. Malaysia is going down the drain. The Malays have gone soft over the years relying on their Bumiputra status and have become crippled by it just like a healthy man who depends too much on a crutch. If Malaysia's policy was one of inclusiveness rather than divisiveness, the ethnic Chinese would have integrated with Malays and make Malaysia would have been the jewel of South East Asia. Instead you think of the ethnic Chinese as your biggest enemy because your small minds cannot comprehend a world outside Malaysia's borders.

    The ignorant Malays will get their wish and have the whole country to themselves as the ethnic Chinese are already leaving. Instead of a jewel though, you'll find an abandoned ship. Your bumiputra status will become meaningless cos everyone else is also bumiputra. You'll be number 1 cos there's no one left. And you'll soon turn and start eating each other like the rats on the abandoned ship cos your economy's collapsed and there's no food (think Mugabe and Zimbabwe).

    Indonesia will come round the corner and pick up Malaysia like a man who sees and pockets a shiny coin on the floor. Malaysia will cease to exist and consigned to history books.

    The Ethnic Chinese

    1. Part 1

      Re. If Malaysia's policy was one of inclusiveness rather than divisiveness, the ethnic Chinese would have integrated with Malays and make Malaysia would have been the jewel of South East Asia

      The Chinese are Selfish and Greedy. Look at what has happened to the Malays in Singapore and now Penang. When given power, the Chinese will systematically marginalize the Malay to their whim and fancy. And you expect any better from us, The Malays?

      Re. Instead you think of the ethnic Chinese as your biggest enemy because your small minds cannot comprehend a world outside Malaysia's borders.

      Too lazy to cut and paste all the news that I have read about Singapore, but you can see all the issues in The Real Singapore. On that note, can you tell me which country in this whole wide world is not facing problem now?

      Who do you think save this country from Asia Economy Crisis in 1997-98 and save it through during Word Economic Crisis in 2007-2008, with our Banking Industry as the least affected during the period. Please google and see whether there is any Malaysian Banks were reporting losses during the period.


      Re. the ethnic Chinese are already leaving.

      GOOD RIDDANCE. When are you packing your beg as well? Here is news flash, economic, political migration is not unique to Malaysia only, even Singaporeans are leaving, read here:

      Re. And you'll soon turn and start eating each other like the rats on the abandoned ship cos your economy's collapsed and there's no food (think Mugabe and Zimbabwe).

      Here is another:

      10 Countries Facing the Biggest Brain Drain

      9. Malaysia: The brain drain in Malaysia has been steadily worsening, with the World Bank projecting it to intensify over the next few years. Currently, two out of every ten Malaysians with higher education seeks employment elsewhere, accounting for about 305,000 immigrants in 2009. There are a number of factors that contribute to this mass emigration, including job opportunities, political corruption and lack of religious freedom. Malaysia made big economic strides in the 90s, but growth has been halved in the past decade, slowing from 7.2% to just 4.6%. Experts believe this is largely due to brain drain, and caution that the nation could see serious economic issues if it doesn’t do something more to encourage professionals to work in their home country.

      10. England: While it isn’t seeing staggering losses like many countries on this list, it is valuable to see how brain drain is a problem even in developed and relatively wealthy nations like Britain. Over the past few years, England has seen a large number of its skilled professionals leaving for work abroad, with over 1.1 million university graduates living and working outside of the country. This accounts for almost 1 in 10 skilled citizens choosing to emigrate. This mass emigration of skilled professionals may have serious ramifications for the British economy, as professionals add to the workforce of nations like Australia, Canada, America, France and Spain rather than at home. When compared to other developed nations, these numbers are especially high, with only Germany coming close in terms of losses (with 860,000 workers lost), making it clear that even top nations with good schools, public health and lots of resources can be subject to brain drain.

    2. Part 2

      Re. Indonesia will come round the corner and pick up Malaysia like a man who sees and pockets a shiny coin on the floor.

      News Flash, Malaysia has started to venture into Indonesia in Plantation and Banking Industries. We have the biggest plantation in Indonesia now. We have also slowly ventured into other countries.


      1. Kenapa Masih Ramai PELACUR CINA datang ke Malaysia Saban hari dan tak mahu balik PRC?

      2. Kenapa semakin ramai orang Singapura berpindah dan tinggal di Johor Bahru dan kawasan sekitarnya?

      3. Kenapa semakin ramai Bangla, Indon, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Filipina, PRC dan India datang ke Malaysia saban hari dan ada yang sanggup bergadai nyawa?


      Cinabeng jangan NAK PERASAAN, Seorang Cinabeng nak pergi, seribu orang yang berebut nak datang ambil tempat kau orang.

    3. Part 3

      Peribahasa " Datang Tak dijemput, Pulang Tak Dihalang"

      Malaysians left 'stateless' in UK after passport gamble backfires
      Nearly 1,000 Malaysians are living in the UK in "stateless" limbo after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship.