Friday 18 November 2022

Vote for a government that can handle the coming global recession

We, Malaysians are going to vote tomorrow.

Personally, I'm going to vote for a government, which I think could handle the coming global recession next year.

Malaysia needs a stable and capable government for that.

That's my immediate concern, which is the same reason why I wanted GE15 to be held now instead of next year.

The other stuff can wait.

Whatever it is, we can't afford to have a government which is going to spend the first six months after coming to power blaming others for its own weaknesses and obsessed with inflicting revenge  on political enemies.

Not this time, okay.

If we once again elect such a government, the global recession, triggered by the Covid pandemic and war in Ukraine, is going to consume us all.

Just look at the news and we can see that it's already happening in US, Europe and elsewhere.

People in London are already cutting down on their meals, for God's sake.

This time we need leaders who can really work and have the idea on how to buffer us from the coming troubles.

Not leaders who can only talk.

And we must vote for these leaders decisively. 

We definitely can't afford to have a government hanging by a thread with small majority in parliament.

If you think Anwar and Rafizi with their fiery speeches and promises can handle the coming global recession, then go ahead and vote for Pakatan.

If you think Muhyiddin and Hadi with their prayers can do it, then go ahead and vote for Perikatan.

If you think Ismail Sabri and KJ (ya, I think KJ will become DPM) with their track record of taking the country out of the Covid pandemic could do it, then vote for BN. Personally, I want Mat Hasan as PM but he's not BN's choice for the job.

Well, if you are a Pakatan supporter, you must help to make this comment from my last posting become a reality;

Anonymous18 November 2022 at 08:42

I know you dejected and resign to the fact that the 4R ( Rasuah , Race , Religion, Royalty ) politics is now a sunset industry . The independence and the generations before XY are getting older and older and dying but not regenerating , and the Generations XY ( 18-39) are growing as more and turn 18 . It’s all about increase and not decrease in core support . The Generation XY have moved beyond 4R politics . Umno needs to reinvent itself if it needs to be relevant in the age of Generations XY .

Like they say , better burn the house and rebuild the house in the way you want.

This elections GE15 is for PH to lose

PH GE15 parliamentary seats forecast

Perlis 2
Kedah 7
Penang 13
Perak 20
Selangor 22
KL WP and Sepang WP - 12
Negeri Sembilan 6
Melaka 4
Johor 20
Pahang 9
Terengganu 3
Kelantan 4

Semanjung 132

PH will win another 16 seats in Sabah- Sarawak combined

Total 148 and a 2/3 majority . You can fact check this tomorrow when results are announced

Wow! Pakatan is going to get a two third majority in parliament? 

Fantastic forecast indeed. A bit like when some Umno people said they are going to get two-third in 2018.

Errr....I somehow doubt that Pakatan is going to get 20 of the 26 parliamentary seats in Johor as that seems a bit too optimistic considering they lost badly there in the state election just in March.

Never mind.

My own forecasts are in these previous posts;

I'm sticking with those.

Okay, selamat mengundi everyone.



  1. This what frightens BN , PN , GPS and GRS . The damn Generation Y and Z who have not born or grown up in Government censorship of Newspapers and televison and are free to ask tohan Google on any candidate they wish for.

    Age Group Male Female Total Age Group % Age Group

    18-20 717,479 676,070 1,393,549 6.58 %
    21-29 2,366,214 2,248,215 4,614,429 21.80 %
    30-39 2,384,332 2,297,015 4,681,347 22.12 %
    40-49 1,829,232 1,816,016 3,645,248 17.22 %
    50-59 1,490,104 1,537,394 3,027,498 14.30 %
    60-69 1,090,040 1,180,731 2,270,771 10.73 %
    70-79 497,610 596,341 1,093,951 5.17 %
    80-89 139,193 214,438 353,631 1.67 %
    90+ 37,283 49,631 86,914 0.41 %

    Total Voters 21,167,338

    Generation Year Age Group Voters % Voters

    Generation X 1965-1981 57-41
    Generation Y 1982-1994 40-28
    Generation Z 1995-2010 27-12

    Generation X / Y 1982-2010 40-12 10,689,325 50.50

    1. Political Parties GE12 Parliament Seats GE12 Vote % GE13 Parliament Seats GE13 Vote % % Increase/Decrease GE14 Parliament Seats Gain/Loss from GE13 GE14 Vote % % Increase/Decrease
      BN (+GPS) 140 51.39 133 47.38 -4.01 79 -54 35.59 -11.79
      PH (PR) 49 33.07 68 36.1 3.03 122 54 55.86 19.76
      PN (GS ) 23 14.36 21 14.78 0.42 18 -3 8.1 -6.68
      IND 0 1.18 0 1.74 0.56 3 3 0.45 -1.29

      GE Voter turn out % Voter turn out % Voter turn out Increase / Decrease in Turn out compare to previous GE Total Registered Voters
      G-12 8,161,039 74.98% 1,092,239
      GE-13 11,054,577 84.84% +9.86 13,268,002
      GE-14 12,082,431 82.32% -2.52 14,940,624
      GE-15 21,173,638 57.06 % Turn out will be equivalent to GE- 14 Turn out / GE-15 - 80% will be equivalent to GE 14 140.19 % Equivalent of extra 36 Seats for PH

  2. annine after 16 months PN and 14 months BN campor+an rakyat alredy masak take care diri #KITAJAGAKITA.
    rakyat want "ANSWERS". like that double oxtards guy pretending "innocent" unless found guilty. what happens to the cobid funds, vaccines buying, the excess vaccines into millions that expiring???????

  3. say no to pencuri and gang

  4. annie got the ability to write in such a way that she turned the devil into angel . and angel into devil . my vote is for PN

  5. Wow, what a fabulous 2/3 forecast! Another phenomenal repeat of GE14? I think PH has gone overboard with its wild imagination and moved into the realm of fantasy. No way. It will be a hung parliament and more tussles ahead plus uncertainty awaits.

  6. Moh kita tgk unemployment rates fm 2017 to 2021..

    .. PH in power fm May 9, 2018 to Feb 24, 2020. Atok PM, DAP control finance dn Amanah ronda2 naik elephant..

    ...Mudin plak served as the eighth prime minister of Malaysia from March 2020 to August 2021.

    2017 3.41%
    2018 3.3%
    2019 3.26%
    2020 4.5%
    2021 4.61%

    Tudiaaaa.. olang2 muda terutama yg masih unemployed, jgn cari nahas vote for them lagi. Tak serik2 ke? Undi mrk satni angka menaik sampai 8% jenuh tau.

    Takyah bg alasan sbb C19, Rusia Ukraine war bla bla sbb anak2 kami relax aje sejak 2019 kojo d Sg, Jeddah dan Italy gaji elaun dn pangkat mrk makin menaik.

    Undilah BN demi kemakmuran dan membawa masa depan negara kearah yg lebih stabil lebih cemerlang. BN BN BN BN BN BN

    PS: sila amik perhatian;

    Angka2 nih dpetik dr Bukan Invoke bukan keluaq dr mulut Anwar tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. tok sa takut boleh pi Swizerlun cari tahik lembu atau
      Singapodak cuci jamban.

    2. kalo saya Prf Nas Lemak
      saya lebih perhatin kat Boi dari Singaporak.
      kalau lepas CIQ, buat perisak "endosopic"
      mane tahu ada adele 98 DNA and others
      itu pun lepas CIQ.

  7. What? Winning 148 seats under such haphazard circumstances? Come off it, fat chance lah PH !!

  8. Yes no vote for govt known bad investment. Look at epf, th, asn and other glc investment paying lower and lower dividends every year.
    I hope they do not invest in crypto like tumasek writing off usd250m in crypto ftx.

  9. I'm voting for the person, not party. What will be will be.

    1. anine more relevant pic you need in this article

  10. every blogger has their 2 cents worth. If u read or listen to TTF, tun’s GTA will win 2/3s in the peninsular.

    ph will win big but not enough to go alone. gps or bn will be their choice partner

    i dont see bn winning enough to be in the driving seat. I dont see them in a 3 way tie up with pn + gps as well. Gps will be smart to stay away from that bn /pn combo.

    Bersatu will be wiped out - at least their big names will. Pas will outperform.

    my vote is with PH. if only <60% turnout, and PH loses, i would be pissed. If > 75% turnout and PH loses, i say fair game, majority of msians have spoken and we just have respect that

    1. Yes let go and vote on the 19th Nov.

  11. Ayuh Malaysia undi BN, Annie punya favourite. Tapi minus Zahid out. Hidup Sabri!!

  12. Aisay! annine
    nxt article are you going to "shit us"
    with russia nukles bond Malyah - world into 3r war, WWW 3
    not need worry which parties won

  13. Kepada Than Tanah Blog ini,Cik Annie,diharap hantar satu posting selepas PRU 15 nanti,20 Nov.
    Khas untuk Komen pasca PRU.kita tengok sapa riang gembira,sapa Pula Yang gundah gulana.
    Tengok juga keputusan ramalan Invoke,Merdeka centre,Emir Research dll,Ramalan tepat atau ke laut.
    Terima kasih Cik Annie

  14. Ayuh kalini moh kita saksikan plak cara pemimpin2 mempertahan kedaulatan tanah pusaka negara masing2;

    1. Indonesia - Pulau Batu Putih dan

    2. PH - Pulau Pasir Putih, Malaysia.

    Hanya 22bln KAPUT TKO.. tak serik ke klo masih nak undi PH dn serpihan2 parti gabungan PH (GE14) ??

    Tanah2 reserve Melayu pun abis kena curi oleh toyol2 dan penyangak2 dalaman.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. ..opps soli soli.

    Indonesia - Pulau Pasir
    PH - Pulau Batu Putih (Malaysia)

    BTW PH dan parti2 serpihan (2018) whts the progress of perjualan aset tanah ladang kelapa sawit milik Tabung Haji Plantation Berhad (THP) kepada Tamaco Plantation Sdn Bhd ? Dah kena sapu juga ke belum? Pengarah2 syarikat pembeli siapa eh?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. sbb anak2 kami relax aje sejak 2019 kojo d Sg, Jeddah dan Italy gaji elaun dn pangkat mrk makin menaik.

      anjing liar yang di beri tak kan berak di depan rumah kita. kata olang cino.

  16. Nothing will change Malaysian minds at this junction of time. No matter how much lies is spew out, I think the Rakyat is ready to vote the next government in tomorrow.

  17. Aiyaaaa!!! How to handle this coming global recession maa...? For this campaign election also no money.? Ask everwhere...every parties...all just keep quiet. Miss a lot la our bossku's time!
    "BN menanggg...rakyat senanggg!"

  18. Selamat voting to all..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. Ramkarpal Dap cakap,PH bolih menang 130 kerusi Parlimen.nampaknya dia tak sebijak bapa nya mendiang Karpal.
    Kita tengok aje lah keputusan rasmi esok

  20. Malaysian General elections - GE-15 -MSIKPR Exit Polls Survey and forecast time 2.00PM 58% Turnout and 4 hours to go before polls closes
    Voters 12.3 out of 21,173,638 register voters have cast their votes and exit polls point to a PH Landslide win with 2/3 Majority


    KEDAH 1 3 11 15
    PERLIS 3 3
    PENANG 13 13
    PERAK 2 22 24
    SELANGOR 1 21 22
    NS 2 6 8
    MELAKA 1 5 6
    JOHOR 3 22 1 26
    PAHANG 4 10 14
    TERENGGANU 3 3 2 8
    KELANTAN 4 5 5 14
    KL WP 11 11
    LABUAN WP 1 1
    SARAWAK 12 7 11 1 31
    SABAH 3 13 2 6 1 25

    TOTAL 24 3 158 7 7 11 2 1 1 7 0 1 0 222

  21. Katakaloo Anwar kalah, Mat Sabu kalah.. apakah mrk akan lantik Syed Saddiq as their new PM??? Hmm sapa lain agaknya?

    Rapizi tak layak sbb dia bukan President party..

    Still wondering

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  22. back to square one, lets have another general election next year.

  23. time for zahid to place that call to anwar

  24. The end of BN Era. No longer a force to be reckon due to corrupted leaders.

  25. Uhuuukkk!!!Uhuk!!uhuuukkkk!
    Aaaa...BREAKING NEWS!!
    Bn Menanggg...rakyat tercengangggg!!
    Bosskkuuuu....Hu! Huuu!!

  26. Hai umno! Kalau x sedar jugak lagi elok lah terkubur terus ge16. Ganti le pemimpin2 kluster mahkamah, warlords2 gengster & pemimpin dari zaman baby boomers.

    Berani lah berubah.

  27. At 4am, I woke up to a feeble hooting sound of an exhausted old chameleon : I..have.. got.. the.. number.. to be presented to Agong. Hahahaaa... Nice!

  28. If it's any consolation, your fellow BN payroll guy, the Ah Pek Eric "Lim Sian See" predicted 141 seats for BN. Heheheh. Now going underground again, I assume.

  29. Haiyaaq. Relax2 la. GE14 pernah kalah 1stctime lagi teghoq.. tapi steady aje pun.

    BN kan intro byk muka2 baru/muda so "esok2 masih ade" bg mereka. Even KJ, is still young.

    Haiyaaa ama apa. Jgn main2 tau. Nampak gaya kena amik peranan as "KINGMAKER" .. lagi power tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  30. Klse recovering from.morning drop and ringgit also recover. Probably factoring the PH BN government formation