Wednesday 16 November 2022

Pakatan wins the flags and billboards war

The GE15 campaign is entering its final leg and I have to say that Pakatan appeared to have won the flags and billboards war as well as outperforming BN in term of its volume of social media contents.

BN's campaign appeared to be very low key compared to even Perikatan's.

I'm now somewhere in Kuantan and saw many more Pakatan and Perikatan flags and billboards compared to those of BN.

TikTok is also full of contents by Rafizi and gang.

I even got a WhatsApp massage from Perikatan's Saifuddin Abdullah asking me to vote for him.

Don't know how the guy got my phone number.

Yup, I'm voting for Indera Mahkota MP and Beserah assemblyman in this election.

Really, the BN's campaign here is quite subdued compared to those put up by Pakatan and Perikatan.

It made me believe that BN really doesn't have much money for GE15 after losing the last general election.

I guess most of the rich guys are now funding Pakatan.

Those huge billboards by the highways are not cheap to put up, okay.

There was even a story that Anwar could afford to fly around in a helicopter to campaign.

Nonetheless, whether the flags, billboards and social media contents could translate into votes would be something we could only wait and see.

After all, BN had many flags, billboards and social media contents too in the last general election but it ended up losing quite badly.

I guess BN now has to resort to its old method of door to door campaigning to send its message.

Makcik-makcik going around asking their neighbours to vote for the coalition that had done so much for them and their communities.

Well, that's not so bad.

I don't think those makcik-makcik ever ask for money or contracts from Umno to campaign for BN.

A bit like me, I guess.



    " Fourth, the search of a budiman. The root word is budi, directed to a person of highest decorum, integrity and etiquette.

    It is all encompassing, beginning with speech, choice of words and politeness — budi bahasa. Then, translated into action and deeds as the noblest — budi pekerti, which culminates in budi bicara — to arrive at justice, fairness and equity.

    It is vital in shaping a peaceful state of holistic being, as the gracious outcome of a genuine budiman. "

  2. My youtube channel is full of harapan ceramah. Maybe because the algorithm notice my view on harapan video. I wonder is it the same for others who use youtube. I see the harapan is more structure in doing their ceramah. Ceramah content also very focus to the issue. Their PC visual is eye catching. This is would be Najib standard if he was running the election for umno. Tok mat is out of his environment in running the election.

    1. Look at the age demographics of ph's top team vs bn's & you'll get the answer. BN, umno in particular only wants the young folks that strictly follow the president's scripts.

  3. Aisay Annie....d start of yr article memang bagus....u opined well of wat u saw...but towards end..."makcik asking to vote for coalition that has done so much for them."....haha screwed them n left them poor while they got super rich. Annie open yr eyes d country needs change enuf of the same shit. Give AI a chance...if he screws it dump him

  4. Coming this Saturday, if you want to pick a candidate please choose a candidate who’s gonna take a good care the interest of the Malays, Bumiputera and the Malay rulers. And there is only one party contesting who would be able to do ALL that. You know that party.

    Don’t be like the previous government. When the won the elections, instead of straight away fulfilling their manifesto, the first thing they did was rushed to rectify Rome Statute and ICERD which threatened special rights of the Malays and special position of the Malay rulers. Extremist group openly called and pressured the government to repatriate well known Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to his country of origin. One opposition leader even called the Malays descendant of immigrants. The position of Islam as official religion was threatened and no longer respected which culminated in riot at a house of worship which saw government vehicles destroyed and a civil servant was killed. So please choose wisely.

    1. Iya lah tu.. deme hidup kaya raya, on the side jadi bff bussinessman chayanuu..... melayu marhaen dapat serdak & dedak. Eh.. tapi tak apa, kuasa ditgn kita walaupun menang sorak, kpg & balak tergadai.

    2. So you want us to vote for the party that got filthy rich while mass Malays remained poor? Sila fuck off : ) Perhatian dan kerjasama tuan dalam hal ini amat dihargai dan didahului dengan ucapan terima kasih

    3. repatriate to his country of origin - I remember that long before Zakir Naik, and not in the same way

  5. "BN menang..rakyat senanggg...!"
    Sadly, No, Bossku this time...! Wonder why BN leaders don't want to use Bossku motorbike (kempen time) as solidarity symbol for him. At least buat la...program lelongan moto tu...sure got sambutan and tangkap gempak!!
    Ibarat kata - no rotan, got akar also useful, what...!

  6. Annie, please look beyond those makcik-makcik(s), the future and well being of the country is far more important.
    Give that guy a chance, trust him once...
    Need I say more...??

  7. Annie, your humorous hilarity shines through in the last line that has me cackle with laughter. Tuan2 dan puan2, pls vote for Siti Kassim if you are Batu voter. And, pray for a landslide win in Tambun to bury the chameleon alive.

  8. so many news..dont know which one to read.
    BATU seat....the prabakaran is going to win
    its strange...cause
    the people there would rather have a kid that still m@sturbate at home to be their MP than a reformist Tian chua as their MP.

    >james bond

    1. Poor TC for being too impetuous to speak out the TRUTH against a so-called forgiving great leader who behaves in an autocratic manner. He needs only sycophants to puff himself up and elevate his self-importance. Imagine, if he finally gets to become the most powerful person on 20th Nov, he will go after each and everyone who he thinks has wronged him in the past. Mark my word. That is the real reason he needs to be on the throne so badly. Just few days ago, he warned that Mahathir would be the 1st person to get fever on that date! So, no surprise, that is his true nature. I suppose, this was the price TC has to pay regardless. And, with a personality of this sort, there will be no future for us.

    2. anon 23:35 lol
      what you talking...high on drugs or self deluded

    3. 8:48 Are u not embarrassed finding yourself standing among the bootlickers crowd? Truth prevails.

    4. anon 23:35
      * forgiving great leader* what does that mean ? buttFcuked people and forgive himself for buttFcuking others ?

    5. 12:35 stop acting like all the wisdom in the world is in your pocket , who are you to decide what crowd is right or wrong ? cibai kaniobo lanjior

  9. bn sure win in contest which party have more pencuri

    1. Are you very2 sure HY? Dah visit pejabat2 tanah ke belum? Go risik and witness siapa pencuri2 Tanah2 reserve Melayu! Just gi check dPenang saja dulu.

      Biasanya pencuri wl never mengaku diri sendiri sbb nak tutup juboq busuk wl point their fingers at others.

      Banyak bawa sedaq diri dan belajaq la maluuuu sikit. Cara kamu ni sebiji cara Komunis tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Anon 22:17, ada bukti sila lah bongkarkan. Apa nak takut? Ini dok soksek kat belakang, bachul sgt!

  10. Pakatan memang la kuat sorak...macam team MU juga...sorak kuat satu dunia....tapi Liverpool juga yang menang.. Tambah2 Rafizi n Anwar bila dapat Mike.. dia sorang saja la stail orang jual ubat buasir....

  11. Agenda Awani: ‘Grand Finale’ Demi Malaysia
    Anwar Ibrahim interview.
    He has given an indirect confirmation tht there is no 100 seats under PH. Now is left for BN to get their white voters stock to go out n vote. As Tok Mat said, 90% will get BN there with 80 seats 90 seats or 112 seats. We hv to c on the 19th

  12. Anon16 Nov 22 @ 23:16

    Ini hang kena tya calon kaw hang.. klo bab ini dia kata taktau atau blur bermakna dia taktau whts going on in his kawasan..

    Don't vote for him tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Iya lah tu... itu jerlah modal hang.


    2. nasib lah malaya ada selepas lima tahun dia di tambum

      Tambun dah jadi macam Vietnam - Peja

  13. TikTok is also full of contents by Rafizi and gang - I thought PN is no.1 on tik tok, and winning in tik tok presence?

    1. Rafizi tu no choice, kena go all out kata Melayu terpaksa bermatian2 kerna nak hidup. Sampai takleh sembunyi lg desperation dia. Katakaloo kalah means auto bungkus la Invoke dia tu. Tst tst tst

      Bila pikiaq2 kisah Pak Man Telo rasa kesian plak.. zaman dia takde IT. Kalau cidak sure tak kena tangkap.. by now dah trillion2 ringgit "start-up" dia kan???

      PH dn geng2 parti serpihan mereka punya la dok pulun.. konon nak bantu rakyat dan negara. Haiyaa kesian plak tgk mereka nih.

      Banjir dSelangoq aritu pun tak teeurus, cam mana nak jadi pemimpin Negara? Kekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Banjir balak kat pahang, banjir tgh2 ibukota haritu terurus sgt ke? Buat malu saja, kwsn gah mcm klcc boleh banjir sampai air banjir masuk lobby hotel 5 bintang.

      Rafizi x guna duit rakyat marhaen, bukan dia buat ipo mcm felda tu. Kesian org kpg percaya bulat2 kat Bossmu. Untung tak, hutang yg bertambah.


    3. yang curik beli tanah malayoo lagi siaal ke yang curik jaual.
      denar tanah de kluang curik jal kat saudara leak ka you
      rm 1 milay satu ekart

  14. tak barua utk singa pur pura

  15. Rapiji Rapusi cakap dalam kempen,lepas PH menang pilihanraya dia nak cari Azam Baki( Comm.Sprm).Sebab nya Sprm serbu pejabat Invoke Rapiji.
    * Itu kalau dia menang lah , kalau PH kalah aku rasa kes lama dia(Tamby Thomas gugurkan) naik balik.
    Kita tengok.

    1. Go risik and witness siapa pencuri2 Tanah2 reserve Melayu!
      Anonymous17 November 2022 at 15:55

      sendiri barua Singapura-pura tanah kluang satu ekor jual kat apit lee ka yu Singapura-pura rm 1 milyar
      kalau 1 hinggit dapa 3 kupang lui Singa$

  16. siapa curee lui banjir?????????????

    The letter dated Oct 27 revealed by PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli yesterday was not an agreement to award a contract to a company, but was a letter to approve negotiations involving the Environment and Water Ministry.

    Outgoing finance minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz said after getting the general approval to negotiate, the ministry would still need to discuss with the company and send its recommendations with regard to the next steps to the Finance Ministry.

  17. How could Annie approve such an obscene graffiti 17 Nov 15:19 ????

  18. Analysis from Bridget Welsh in MalaysiaKini

    I know she is more incline to PH n not too pro BN however her analysis so far proven to b tangible in a certain areas

    Her projection:,
    PH 61 to 79 seats
    BN 30 to 45 seats
    PN 34 to 43 seats

    Too close to call 64 to 18 seats

    M wondering why lots of pollsters r rooting for PN to get lots of seats. Is there a legit-able numbers favouring them.

    These r the 5 state tht most probably the seat will fall for PN. Perlis 2, Kedah 8 Kelantan 9 , Terengganu 7 n Pahang 5 total - 31 seats for PAS with myb additional 2 or 3 r from PPBM.

    If tht is the case than BN hv to look very carefully on their white voters stock in these 5 state bcoz i feel some of these state projections can b true if the % of the white voters for BN out for voting is below 70%.

    Rais from EMIR research has projected PH with 94 seats.

    1. 20/Nov nanti dapat result PRU 15, sola datang Komen kat sini Lagi ya


    Tak tau nak cakap apa... they all never learn. Belum menang dah bongkak gila!

  20. I know you dejected and resign to the fact that the 4R ( Rasuah , Race , Religion, Royalty ) politics is now a sunset industry . The independence and the generations before XY are getting older and older and dying but not regenerating , and the Generations XY ( 18-39) are growing as more and turn 18 . It’s all about increase and not decrease in core support . The Generation XY have moved beyond 4R politics . Umno needs to reinvent itself if it needs to be relevant in the age of Generations XY .

    Like they say , better burn the house and rebuild the house in the way you want.

    This elections GE15 is for PH to lose

    PH GE15 parliamentary seats forecast

    Perlis 2
    Kedah 7
    Penang 13
    Perak 20
    Selangor 22
    KL WP and Sepang WP - 12
    Negeri Sembilan 6
    Melaka 4
    Johor 20
    Pahang 9
    Terengganu 3
    Kelantan 4

    Semanjung 132

    PH will win another 16 seats in Sabah- Sarawak combined

    Total 148 and a 2/3 majority . You can fact check this tomorrow when results are announced

  21. ...Belum menang dah bongkak gila!...

    Hihihihi kan dah habaq. Desperado sampai perangai jadi tak tentu arah tujuan. Amboi.. olang Kedah kata "TAYANG" diri tak abih2.

    Dah pula mula dok SAMAN, GERTAK dan UGUT sana sini.. issh ikut budaya komunis dan ALONG plak ni!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Dah visit pejabat2 tanah ke belum? Go risik and witness siapa pencuri2 Tanah2 reserve

      Melayu! Just gi check dPenang saja dulu.

      check di dPenang. semua transasi sebelum tahun 2007. sepanjang 22 bulan Dapigs
      maharelaraja di MOF, tade pun tanah melayu reserve di jual. lagi pun tanah di tambak di South Island di bahagi bahagi kepada nelayan melayu.
      ada kat Pahang semua tanah musang king di rampas semula. pula syarikat induk musang
      queen di tuboh untuk urus dagangan durian.
      di Kameron Highland tahan sayor di beri urus

    2. yang bongkak kan lagi bagus dari "barua" Singapura-pura.

  22. Anon18 Nov 22 at 10:28

    Depa dok ingat 4-5thn masih ade masa. Dok tgh seronok TAYANG diri masing2.. tetiba ATOK cabut lali. Hahaha tak bole lupa owh..

    So priority mrk first merudumkan dulu ekonomi bumiputra.. buang kerja kktgn kerajaan yg majoriti trdiri dr golongan kaum Bumiputra lelong asset2, GLCs, dn kasi jahanamkan pelaburan2 Tabung2 Amanah spt PNB, Tabung Haji, LTAT, Tabung cikgu2 pesara bla bla bla..

    Petronas cepat2 depa cekop puluhan billion. Ura2 ata dok peghembang nak jual Asset2 Petronas tapi tak sempat!!! Klo menang apa meleka peduli, silap2 negara Malaysia pun kena lelong??

    Bab harta2 pelopeties depa cepat2 macam kilat tukaq haq milik status 99thn 999999 tahun!! Licik betoi. Mayak cilaka. Kaw kaw ikut budaya otak komunis dan ALONG betoi la depa ni.

    Professor Nasi Lemak