Wednesday 23 November 2022

BN, get out of the longkang and save the rakyat, please

 Everything that I wrote in my last post actually happened yesterday.

1. BN decided to be the opposition and not support either PN or PH.

2. Agong told PN and PH to form a unity government, which would gives them a super majority in parliament, thus a stable government for the country.

3. The Agong's proposed PN-PH unity government got rejected because too much ego involved.

4. Agong turned to BN for help to decide who should he choose to form a government which is good for the rakyat.

BN has already said that it doesn't want to get involved in the mess anymore.

They just want to rest and fix their broken house.

I support their decision because the rakyat has rejected them already. 

The rakyat believed what PN and PH said about BN being corrupted and evil. 

They chose PN and PH to take care of their interests.

Unfortunately PN and PH can't think of the rakyat's interests even with the looming global recession hanging over everyone's head.

They are more concerned about who's going to be the prime minister, how many minister posts they would get etc.

Now BN has to once again come to rescue the rakyat.

Yup, the rakyat who rejected them.

The country cannot go into the impending recession without a government.

Everything will collapse if that happens.

The market is already suffering from the current political impasse.

Just like when the PH government collapsed in 2020, BN has to once again come in and provide a foundation for a stable government.

Remember ya, the Sheraton Move didn't involve BN.

The so-called backdoor government only happened because the Muhyiddin gang approached BN to provide the country with a government.

And BN was the one who made the government worked to a certain extent at that time.

The BN ministers are the ones who did most of the good work. 

Example; KJ, who handled the Covid crisis relatively well. You all can name someone from Pribumi Bersatu or PAS who could do a better job at that time?

And the rakyat then kicked KJ into the longkang. Sigh.

Muhyiddin himself screwed up back then, thus the kerajaan gagal tag for which he was forced to resign.

Now he is on the brink of becoming PM again.

This is the kind of leaders that the rakyat chose over those in BN.

I'm not sure what BN will say when they meet the Agong, 

They already said they don't want to get involved, but this is for the rakyat.

As I wrote in my last post, if the Agong asks BN to help save the rakyat, then they should do so.

I know, I know, the rakyat just kicked BN into the longkang.

Never mind that BN. 

Just get back up, climb out of the longkang and save them again.

The recession is coming, okay and we need a government to handle it.

Just choose the better one between those two clowns.

That's the best that you all could do.

After that go back into your opposition corner and do your best to help the rakyat from there.

Who to choose?

As I wrote in my last post, I prefer Pakatan.

The PAS and Pribumi Bedrsatu guys in PN had already proven that they can't perform as a government when the country was facing the last crisis which include the Covid pandemic.

BN had to prop them up for that back then.

Now let's see how PH handles the global recession.

I suspect they can't handle it too but let's just try.

As they keep saying, give them a chance.

At least there's a 50:50 chance they may succeed. With PN, I'm quite sure they will fail, just like when they screwed up after the Sheraton Move.

Suggesting for BN to back PH really hurts, okay....but what else could I do.


No choice. Have to choose the lesser evil.

Anyway, if PH's turned out to be another screwed up government, BN could always pull out its support and we can have another general election.

Maybe as early as next year.

Why not? It happened in other countries. Even in Europe.

Hopefully the rakyat make a better choice if that happens instead of the current mess. 

Sorry rakyat, you all simply have to endure this country being experimented on since 2018.

But it's your choice, okay.

Ini kali lah!


As you said back then.

Now the evil corrupted BN has to once again get out of the longkang that you all kicked them into to save you.


  1. Annie, I now read your mind on this whole mess..!!

  2. Seseorang kena ingat Kan Midin,PN cuma dapat 73 kerusi.Jangan ulang2 Lagi PN Ada 115( termasuk SD Dari MP bukan PN).
    Jika YDPA terima dakwaan Midin,dah lama dia Di Minta angkat sumpah.Tolong Midin,Jangan Cuba buat naratif yg YDPA jadi penghala ng kepada cita cita dia nak jadi PM Kali ke2.Midin asyik ulang ulang dia tak tahu kenapa YDPA belum lantik dia jadi PM sebab dia Ada majority/115 kerusi. Jika Midin terus dakwa macam ni,nanti Machai2 PN kat bawah Tu Salah faham Dan timbul prejudice kepada YDPA.Raja Petra of Manchester dah pukul canang sejak semalam mendakwa Coup de etat /Rampasan Kuasa Dari Midin PN.
    Bersabar Dan berempah lah.Tengok Abg Non lebih gentlemen Dalam situasi sekarang.Midin nampak gelojoh & tamak.BN not in the picture Dalam konflik ini,Rakyat dah tolak BN,Jangan tuduh ini angkara BN sudahlah.

  3. agong give his full support to muhyiddin once, its an unpleasant experience.

    many mp in bn support pn, thats why muhyiddin so cocksure of his number and reject any form of unity govt.

    bn supporter should not accuse the rakyat for not giving them the vote, instead they should reflect and help to solve the hung parliament, thats their duty as mp.

    sheraton move is an entire diff story, thats why the rakyat punished the old man by giving him a crystal clear message, go enjoy your retirement and we dont want to see your face anymore. to keep the record straight, bn involved from beginning to end, never once they assert they dont participate, they even mentioned they cant believe its done so easily.

    1. The problem with persuading BN to support PH to form the government is the attitude of PH supporters like you who think BN owes it to you all to let Anwar becomes PM.

    2. Saudara HY,tolong Jangan babitkan BN.Ingat, seluruh Pakatoons & Dapigs cakap BN corrupted.Lebai2 Dan Barsatay pun cakap BN corrupted.
      Pengundi atas pagar pun cakap BN corrupted.Hanya UMNO Totok sahaja undi BN.
      Korang semua janganlah babitkan BN/UMNO,biarkan sahaja mereka meratap Dan merawat Luka kekalahan.Korang Jangan lah nak kutip taik balik.Cari jalan PH & PN bersama tubuhkan kerajaan.PH & PN Kan pernah duduk satu rumah,tidur bersama semalam Pakatan Rakyat Dan Pakatan Harapan sebelum ini.UMNO /BN sahaja yg belum pernah.Sapa nak jadi PM suruh Anwar & Midin berdua pakat lah.

  4. its what moo didnt say that was glaring. ydpa wants a unity govt with anwar as pm. of course moo rejected. now ydpa will convince both gps & bn to put their numbers behind a diff ‘ unity ‘ govt thats ph, bn, gps/grs & others. ex pn

    ydpa prob wants their commitment, and csa to make this work - so that first parlimentary session wont be a circus.

    Tbf, ph backed an agong initiative for csa stability for a IS govt.

    1. I still prefer BN to stay as opposition. Better still, let GPS be the opposition too. Just do the CSA. PH can be the government with their 82 seats in parliament. They said they are the greatest. Let them prove it by handling the coming recession.

    2. If it's in the best interest of the rakyat all the capable MPs should unit and sit together on how to handle the recession. If it's for personal interest the consequences can be really serious. A lot of the rakyat are already in a dilemma over lost jobs, food.... Who are looking at their concerns?

    3. i think thats what BN will tell agong. 1) if have to for legal & constitutional purpose, they will go with Anwar
      2) stay out of the cabinet
      3) csa

      i think moo has burned his bridges with the palace. the emergency rule thing and now this

  5. Apasal x suruh saja ahli2 mp ni buat secret voting dlm parlimen saja? Is this not allowed under our constitution?

  6. Annie,

    Ya laa, you are right to choose Pakatan.

    We have problems in the economy.

    My starting salary, with first degree as an executive, was rm2200. Now, after 30 years, it is still about the same.

    The salary of Diploma holder, about rm1500. The petrol pump worker also rm 1500, so why getting a cert?

    Meanwhile, the price of houses, electricity all go up and up an up.

    So, can PN with so may PAS MP solve these problems? I doubt very much. We have seen how they performed in the parliment.

  7. "......not sure what BN will say when they meet the Agong."

    Most probably they will beg Agong to 'help' them to uproot komedi in order to cut short their misery and more upcoming destructions. He was the main cause of all the mess, from pulling out of Muhyiddin government to pressuring a monsoon GE and revealing the secret pact with his nearest n dearest buddy.

  8. Annie you are stupid to suggest we have another GE to resolve the impasse. It cost RM1billion + to hold GE15 and you want the govt to spend what little money we have to carry out another GE? It’s our precious tax money that will be used for the elections.

    You’re getting stupider and stupider each day.

  9. Just watched sidang media mb perak. He came across as very pragmatic & a statesman.

    Problem with the federal gov level is there is just too much bad blood between just about every key player. The mud slinging & personal attacks during campaigning don't help either. Sobering reminder from the Al Mighty berserdahana & berpada2 lah dlm semua segi.

    1. Yes, very true. Very pragmatic stateman. We need more of these kind of people more.

  10. Phulamak! Your spinning skills are improving Annie : ) I give this post 6/10. Tolak satu markah for not mentioning Adib.

    1. Actually, the pariah dog behaviour displayed by PH supporters like you when Adib died was a big factor why Malays who rejected BN chose to side with PN instead of joining you all. Now, even when PH needs BN's support you still behave like a pariah dog. Sigh.

    2. Rightly said, Annie. They have no respect at all on other opinions. Always barking at the wrong tree.

      ~ Hantu Siber ~

  11. If you watch the press conferences by AI and Moo yesterday, you can make up your mind who have clear respect for our King. The King is caught in between and trying his best to do the right things for the country and all Malaysians. Moo has his chance as PM and all his sandiwara on "emergencies" sounded like stomachache rushing to the toilet and mess up the toilet. Ismail Sabri has his chance too. Let AI be given his chance to prove whether he talks only.BN can always pull out and then give another MP a chance. I would also limit DAP's roles in Govt. They have done enough damages for relationship with Sarawak, Unitar alumnis, taxpayers the last time round.They have to learn to behave first and how to live and work with other races.

    1. The con-man was Oscar Award winners since 1998 even during imprisonment. Body language can't judge everything perfectly.

  12. RPK has published letter from Zahid dated 22 Nov supporting ph & anwar as PM.

    Letter looks authentic. Who's lying?

    1. annie is lying
      the letter is authentic and has been confirmed by MIC and MCA leaders

    2. What this got anything to do with me....simply hantam saja this one.


      Zahid kantoi lagi.

    4. Not only should the cheats be disqualified but also punished!!! The most deceitful and ugliest beings on earth. They thought nobody would be able to smell the stench of their shit-covered carcassees.

    5. Call the self-claimed most 'principled' politician, Anwar out as well ! Or, where is the big mouth Rafizi ? What a failed Langkah Seri Pacific ! Shame on PKR and PH altogether !

  13. One of the way to solve this is BN could give PH the majority/support that Anwar needed but just don’t being part of his government. So that majority could be achieved and government can be formed with Anwar Ibrahim as PM, thus ending the impasse. BN can support Anwar so that he could get the majority but have no intention to participate in his government. Don’t take part in any of it, in any shape or form. Not even GLCs. BN will sit in opposition bench this term and free to check and balance PH government. Let Anwar and his coalition run the show. Let’s see how well he does in handling the country’s economy coming into recession next year. If he fails miserably, it is not BN’s fault because BN not part of Anwar’s government.

  14. PH......muka tak malu...dulu kutuk UMNO macam you all beg so that Anwar can be PM...pi mamposss la geng Koh kutuk macam macam...sekarang mau baik..mulut orang PH semua bau taikkkk....busssukkkk

  15. Nasib baik ada anti hopping law. Tanpanya, MP UMNO memang dah lompat. Memang tak hormat MP UMNO ni yang sign SD. This SD signing business should not have happened. Undang anti-hopping telah selamatkan UMNO untuk masa kini

  16. Let's see if BN is strong and strategic enough to make the hard choices. Whatever has happened, the voters have voted, and they will get a govt they voted for either way. That must be respected.

  17. hope next pru bn will get big ZERO seat as most bn hard core voters likely mostly come from old timers wont be around be around by next pru in 5 years time...

  18. Zahid nampak sgt lah terdesak nak sokong ph & anwar sampai dah tak peduli terang2 cuba tipu Agong. Tipu pulak tentang perkara yg mudah utk disemak.

    Kalau sebelum ni ada sekelumit kepercayaan tak ada perjanjian antara anwar & zahid tentang kes mahkamah, skrg ni dah tak ada langsung. Hanya org terdesak saja sanggup buat macam dia.

    1. Habis, agung dah titah supaya buat kerajaan perpaduan. Nak buat camna. Kerajaan kena jalan jugak. Belum pernah terjadi dalam sejarah dunia, Malaysia tak ada undi majority. Ini first time. Soal rakyat yang paling penting.

    2. Anon 21:16, Zahid hantar surat 22 Nov sebelum agong panggil bn mengadap.

  19. So far the 10 item for Kerajaan Perpaduan Malaysia is fair for both PH n BN in fact with only 30 seats, BN seem to b given more upper hand. More benefit to BN n most importantly ensuring their new enemy PN will not b in the Govt.

    Even the name of the Govt will not bearing PH name. Thts show alots in term of BN value in the eyes of PH. No more penyamun perompak n perasuah for BN

    BN will get much the benefit with their collaboration with PH in the 6 state seats election coming soon.

    waiting to hear whats the counter offer from PN.

    To be frank the parti keramat moniker for UMNO seem to fits them. Even they r in the worst condition. Nothing can push them away,BN is still around and will b in the govt either with PH or PN.

    After 24 years, Anwar Ibrahim dream to bcoming the PM might turn to b reality.

    Would like to c how Rafizi Ramli will want to justify this n handle the bombarding from the social medias.

    Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has to go, his latest blunder on the letter is huge.

    1. Zahid & Anwar had probably discussed those terms before the GE. Anwar had proclaimed he had the numbers almost right after ge results were announced.

  20. Aisay Annie.....Moo practically gave the middle finger salute to our Agung's suggestion of a unity gomen. What bloody arrogance! If u r a statesman u will try to forge a gomen with PH...working on common grounds for d betterment of d rakyat. He insulted our Agung n yet gets away with it....and Superman gets arrested...but that's for another day

    1. Dan yang nak sembilih orang macam Zul Huzaimy, bebas.

      Think the deep state is making its play and its wishes known,

  21. I have a feeling it will be PN-BN. That means BN cannot distance itself from whatever PN does, they will be on one agglomeration. It does seem the PH offer is the superior one.

    It will be interesting to see if PH puts up a candidate in Tioman and BN in Padang Serai tomorrow.

    Hope for the best for the nation, which we will only know in a year or 2.

  22. Statement from UMNO, they will join n participate in the unity government tht NOT lead by PN..seem it will b PH-BN Kerajaan Perpaduan Malaysia

    1. They have done this before, threathened until they had UMNO PM, could be a different way of saying not a PN but BN led govt. We shall see.

    2. umno. not bn, the foreskin thats mca & mic are in the bin.

      good for malaysia. warisan & pbm are in. if gps plays ball, we have a good diversified govt. non of those mono ethic bs. out of ~ 15m who voted, 11m will be for this unity govt.

      its over. well done msia, now the hard work begins.

    3. Hahahaha
      Sebelum ni kita ingat undi bn dapat zahid. Rupa2nya undi ph dapat zahid!

      Machiavellian sungguh! Anwar & Zahid the best political operators in M'sian politics now that Tun M has finally retires (we hope).

      Tepuk & deep bow.

  23. CONGRATULATION!! A big round of applause upon the chameleon has finally got hitched to his sweetheart snake. Both the same species, so no problem at all in interbreeding. Maju la tanah air kita.

  24. Statement basically says if team with PN, PM goes to BN. If team up with Harapan, Harapan can lead. Now the decision is to PN whether to give PM to BN. In perak, the lost In Tambun guy insist MB to PN. So it is PH-BN gomen in perak. In perak thats is the no 2 in PN, do you think No 1 would be any different.

  25. Tu laaa dok habaq sampai nak berbuih mulut.. ata yg sungut konon bokbuay tatak paham!

    PH + BN dPerak.. gi Google apa condition BN nak form kerajaan???

    Haiyaaa, ama apa. Nga terpaksa nganga la.. janji2 nak bg sekeping tanah sorang, nak tukaq tanak hak milik 99999999 thn lia kena talik balik!!!

    Syabas Sultan Perak, Shaarani dan BN!!

    Sikalang kita tgk apa pula condition2 BN bg peringkat Federal plak ya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak