Sunday, 27 November 2022

Post GE15 Anwar and Umno

 I'm still waiting for fuel prices to go down.

Anwar said fuel prices will go down within 24 hours after he became PM.

Maybe he needs more time.

Oh, and they said there will be no more tolls at the highways.

I'm waiting for that too.

Ya, ya, I know those are all just bullshit, but who knows somehow they could be done.

Maybe Anwar's patrons in US can pump in more money and we could afford all that.

Hopefully they don't later turn up saying that they can't do all that because BN is in the government too.

Last time they blamed Dr Mahathir for it.

Yup, that's why I prefer BN to be in the opposition.

Buta-buta kena blame nanti.

So far, my life remains the same.

Not so good but not so bad either.

Some Umno friends asked me what to do.

How would I know.

I just told them to fix their party.

Change the top five and division chiefs. Even Tok Mat.

They don't like it and said that can't be done.

I said, that's the only thing they could do.

At least try lah.

As long as the top leaders pay the division chiefs to arrange for them to be elected in party elections, Umno can't be fixed.

That's how the crooks became Umno leaders, okay.

They need to remember that Umno members whom the majority don't get to elect their party leaders, still get to vote in general elections.

Those unhappy with their party leaders voted rival parties in the general election.

I believe hundreds of thousands of them voted for Perikatan in GE15 just because they don't want Zahid to remain the president of their party and even worse becomes PM.

"Tak apa undi Perikatan. Dia orang pun Melayu dan memperjuangkan Islam juga," they said.

That's how BN went kaput that day, just months after their landslide victories in Melaka and Johor.

Still, Zahid has 130 Umno division leaders backing him for obvious reasons.

That, despite Umno's worst election defeat in history.

That's how screwed up Umno is now.

Well, why should I care.

I'm not an Umno member.

I supported it because it's a centrist Malay party, unlike Islamist hardliner Pas.

Now Pas commands the support of the Malay majority.

They now control all the Malay dominated states - Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

They almost got Pahang.

Don't forget, Pas' influence is seeping into the urban areas too.

That's what happened in Perak.

The much vilified Umno was the one who stopped them.

Lucky for many that Umno decided to side with Pakatan.

But how long will that lasts with Umno dying as it is.

If this Pakatan-led unity government fails to handle the Malay Muslims problems, Pas will get even more urban Malays' votes in the next election.

Pakatan people could in fact help Pas do that with their stupid behaviour such was displayed after their victory in 2018.

Ya, they need to shut up. 

Dong Zong, LGBT activists, BJP/LTTE wannabes and others need to shut up.

If they refuse to shut up, then we are going to have a full fledge Islamic government even before the end of this term.

Umno will abandon the unity government if Pakatan fails to control its people.

Personally, I don't really mind being ruled by Pas.

I spend most of my time at home. I don't go clubbing and such. I don't own shares or businesses. So, no problem.

Having to wear tudung would be a bit of a problem, but it wouldn't kill me.

But for others, it would not be very pleasant.

Trust me on that, okay.


  1. didnt most nmno supporter, regardless member or no, almost fully endorse top leadership and many of their decision include a earlier ge? when things go wrong its always others mistake?

    wrt ph promise, please dont stop questioning them, screw them day and night if cant fulfill what they commit before ge.

    1. How Anwar Ibrahim and his gay conspirators stole the Malaysian Election 2022

      Now we Malaysians can understand what was going on for the past
      4 years so called unstable government, was the act of pardoned Sodomist Anwar Ibrahim,
      3 failed attempt at gaining power.
      The first time was when his conspirators put up affidavit to the Pahang Sultan who
      then called the surprised Mahathir to show him he had lost support. First attempt failed when
      Mahathir resigned and the other Malays left DAP and AManah to prevent Anwar from taking power
      in the Malay States. The palace conspirators and Anwar never stopped with again another
      affidavit to the Pahang Sultan saying Muhyiddin had lost support! They thought they had won
      but Muhyiddin sacrificed his post to support Ismail Sabri to be PM. Fail again.Anwar fail
      and his conspirators failed to trick the Malays as they dislike sodomite.

      3rd attempt is forcing UMNO own PM to resign and called an election!
      The grand scheme saw Zahid splitting the Malay vote between UMNO and PN. If the Malays
      had done that both PN and UMNO would have lost to DAP and PKR. But they didn't as they hate corrupt Zahid and UMNO.

  2. " Ya, they need to shut up."

    Right, they better do likewise and the first critter should be Rafizi. But, how can it be possible? With PH in the driver seat, it will provide them a wide degree of latitude in getting all the impossibilities done. PH, Dap in particular, promotes the concept of Malaysian Malaysia which includes equal opportunity and equality in all aspects regardless of ethnic origin, which most of the Malay avowed their objection outright. More so, there is a fierce PN Malay-dominated opposition, which represents approx. 54% of the Malay electorate, in Parliament, it won't be a walk in the park but an uphill battle awaits. It will be interesting to see where UMNO is going to stand this time around. Would it be a puppet or otherwise.


  3. Wow, which years are you mixing up?

    Stick to the PRU15 manifesto lah.

    We have already saved money by getting rid of useless appointments like this:


    ▪️Gaji Duta Khas Kepada Perdana Menteri Ke Timur Tengah RM27,227.20

    ▪️Gaji Ahli Dewan Rakyat (Marang) RM16,000.00

    Di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, sebagai Duta Khas Kepada Perdana Menteri Ke Timur Tengah, Abdul Hadi Awang diberikan keistimewaan berpejabat dengan empat pegawai, seperti berikut:

    - Setiausaha Sulit Kanan (Gaji Gred 54)
    - Pegawai Khas (Gaji Gred 52)
    - Setiausaha Sulit (Gaji Gred 41)
    - Pembantu Khas (Gaji Gred 19)

    Kesimpulannya, pendapatan rasmi Abdul Hadi Awang berjumlah tidak kurang RM63,727.20 sebulan."

    Now times 4.

    That's already saving the taxpayer a huge sum of money.



    2. That's your response? Alahai. Debating skills fail laaaaaaa cik Annie : )

    3. Tak ada kerja aku nak berdebat dgn engko. Buang masa. Lebih baik aku tengok drama Korea.

    4. @ Annie27 November 2022 at 19:21 - good answer. Now I'm also going to warch World Cup : )

  4. "If this Pakatan-led unity government fails to handle the Malay Muslims' problems" = such as what?

    The most suci konon state in Malaysia - serambi Mekah, in fact, has 12.4 percent poverty rate - more than 230,000 people in the state are living in poverty.

    Not to mention the highest rates of incest, porn addiction and sexual violence per capita.

    "The moral decay in the state – not to mention high divorce rate and family violence – despite being ruled by so-called pious leaders, many of whom being Muslim scholars educated in the Middle East, has raised many eyebrows.

    In September last year, the New Straits Times reported that 51 alleged rape cases occurred in the first seven months of 2021 following implementation of the movement control order (MCO)."

    So, is this a problem?

    What causes it?

    Should it be solved?

    If so, it won't be by cheap political racial rhetoric.

    But some people cannot do anything else.

    1. Pakatan dont want to solve it also can. Go ahead and insult the Malays some more. I dont care.

    2. How many years has Pakatan ruled Kelantan? 0.

      How many years has BN ruled Kelantan? Not since 1990.

      The current poverty, social ills and jobless rate in the state (13.8% among youth) are a PAS legacy.

      These are REAL problems "faced by Malay Muslims".

      Not fake boring manufactured R&R like "Adib, DAP, Dong Zong, LGBT activists, BJP/LTTE wannabes".

      If you keep repeating that like a parrot, how do Malay Muslims' lives get better?

      They don't.

  5. "Change the top five and division chiefs. Even Tok Mat.

    They don't like it and said that can't be done.

    I said, that's the only thing they could do.

    At least try lah.

    As long as the top leaders pay the division chiefs to arrange for them to be elected in party elections, Umno can't be fixed."

    You mean changing the top five and 190-over KBU will solve Umno's problems?


  6. "Now Pas commands the support of the Malay majority.

    They now control all the Malay dominated states - Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

    They almost got Pahang.

    Don't forget, Pas' influence is seeping into the urban areas too."

    Spoken like a true Semenanjung blogger who pretends that Sabah and Sarawak don't exist.

    The backlash against PAS in Sarawak is what forced Abang Jo to turn away from PN at the last minute - and he didn't have to.

    The more R&R bullshit PN pulls on this side of the water, the less and less likely that they will ever get the 56 seats in East Malaysia on their side.

    People are watching.


    2. Not this time.

      Moo shot himself in the foot with his anti-Christian rant in Muar on the eve of PRU15.

      I think Abang Jo has read the ground well.

      Anyway, you'll find out on 19th of next month.

      There's already a PN "tebuk atap" 2.0 in the works, with the help of Umno traitors H2O and Penyu.

      You can bet that Moo is dangling DPM, plus 12 cabinet posts, plus projects, plus RM50 million signing bonus per MP to GPS.

      If GPS still votes Anwar on 19th of next month, it means Abang Jo has read Sarawak sentiments well.

  7. Now he struck a different tone after a meeting with top civil servant today. How come?

    "Saya tidak ada masalah dengan subsidi bagi rakyat, terutama rakyat yang susah. Tetapi dalam perbincangan kita, subsidi ini harus bersasar.”

    "Jika tidak, seperti harga minyak umpamanya, subsidi itu dimanfaatkan oleh rakyat dan golongan kaya.”

    What happened to lowering fuel prices after being appointed PM? Removing subsidy is unpopular move. You could be from hero to zero overnight. You don’t want to be Asian version of Lizz Truss. If she couldn’t last a lettuce, he could very well be wouldn’t last a kangkung.

    Removing subsidy too can make some prices of goods skyrocketed thus increasing even further cost of living. Not reducing it. Honeymoon could very well ended up soon enough if he’s not careful. That is reality of governing. After some 24 years out of government, he’s trying to find his footing. Old way of doing things no longer works.

    1. That's why he has been nicknamed "tin kosong" for reason. Even prior to the announcement of Cabinet lineup, he has highlighted that all appointments for those from outside PH, cannot be deemed as rewards. What??? How nonsensical he can be? He thought we are all so blind and deaf and brainless??? He might as well just SHUT UP, too, rather than keeps blowing his own trumpet as if he had ascended to the position where he is now all by himself. Rubish!

  8. Anwar announced that the Dewan Rakyat will sit on December 19, with a vote of confidence being the first order of business.

    Hmm cabinet line-up kena la pikiaq 1000X sapa yg nak dlantik tau.

    Satni yg tak dpilih tetiba merajuk, payah nuuu.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Annie,

    I disaggree with you completely. Even though the oil price did not go down,. The chickens have decided to lay abundance of eggs. Now, no more eggs problem.

    Even the chickens also very optimistics with this government. Given them some slacks, ok.

  10. "......those are all just bullshit,........"

    As bullshit as we had voted for one thing, but they had given us something else in return. It looks like they had deceived our trust. How are we going to forget all the opponents' misdeeds that they had told us throughout the campaigns? And in the end, these same politicians are now embracing those whom they accused of corruptions and many other wrongdoings. Well, GE15 really opens up our eyes how principles can be easily forsaken as a reward for power; and how stupid we are to have trusted them naively.

  11. Anon27 Nov 22 @ 21:50

    No wonder dapat sampai 82 votes. Rupa2nya ayam2 hilang sebab pakat turun padang pulun tolong ikut sama berkempen!

    Ayam: menang saja tak payah tunggu 20jam, esok saja kami janji akan berteloq banyak2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Honestly this country is in deep shit. If you think PN or PH can solved in next 1 year you must be lying to yourself. You just want a party not to take it deeper within the next year.

  13. Ini semua kerja main belakang.....kata kat orang Sheraton Move la...Tebuk Atap la....this unity is Main Belakang move...this I have the numbers slogan is geng Bossku n Diponogoro conspiracy....cheating their members ..ini macam ka ketua?? Ini penyamun!!!!! suka sangat main belakang...kuat main sabun ni...hehehe

  14. Annie, please put your mouth in your pocket, at least when criticising him is concerned…!!
    Listen, he inherited the country’s mess, not he created them. Therefore, we should give him some time to fix them before passing our judgement.