Thursday 24 November 2022

Pas, you want a truly Malay Islamist government?

 Umno last night said it will join a unity government as long as it's not led by PN.

I read it as

1. BN will join PH and probably get the DPM and tonnes of minister posts.


2. BN will join PN and get the PM and tonnes of minister posts.

It all now depends on whether PN is willing to give BN what it wants.

PH has already indicated that it will give BN what it wants.

In Perak and Pahang, PH gave BN all kind of stuff without BN even asking anything.


Because PH, in particular DAP is so scared of the possible rise of a truly Malay Islamist government if BN joins PN.

As for Anwar, he just wants to be PM and willing to give anything for it.

So, now the ball is in PN's court.

It all depends on whether PN is willing to counter offer what PH is offering BN.

I think the PN's decision lies with Pas, which is now the dominant party in PN.

Muhyiddin will have to listen to Hadi.

Just now, I saw a story of Hadi indicating that he is still confident of getting what Pas wanted that is a truly Malay Islamist government.

Ya, Agong wanted a more racially diverse unity government, but the Constitution only talk about the numbers.

GPS, which stated that it will follow BN will make up the number if PN agrees to give in to BN.

For them it would be the same set-up as before the GE15.

Sarawak will always be insulated from the political nonsense in the peninsular, after all.

Sarawakians' perceived fear of Pas is actually about the same level as their loathing of DAP.

For many of them, Pas is an extremist Islamist party while DAP is an extremist Chinese chauvinistic party. 

Nonetheless, GPS knows that BN will make sure to help them shield Sarawak from those two.

Again, all this will depend on whether PN can swallow its pride and let BN with its just 30 seats in parliament to lead them.

Personally, I still stand on wanting BN as the opposition and fix its house.

The rakyat had voted them to be the opposition and that's where they should be.

PH or PN can be the government for all I care.

For me, both are more or less the same - useless.


  1. PS: From your si fu...........

  2. PN’s offer is for H2O to be PM. He is now seen as a traitor within umno ranks. he will be a puppet for PN.

  3. Loke: DAP is really sorry.........
    GPS: ...mmm.....not enough....

    LGE: We are sorry. Pls forgive DAP.
    GPS: ...mmm....ok.. where is your
    daddy? We want to hear from

    LKS: Let me kowtow first.
    GPS: That's better. Promise not to
    repeat in the future. Here, take
    the number and off you go.

    Drama ends happily ever after.

    1. to most chinese, dap is still the best pet while mca is the worst dog

    2. annine are you want to go taiwan when "ah-jub" become PM still valid?
      your preference is to fly or swim there?
      if fly better book ticket fast. or else you may have to swim like the Professor nasi Lemak becos many kualang-an will swim along, tickets sold out like BTS concern

    3. Calling a dog to the Chinese makes you sound like a kid in kindergartens. Is that your mental age?. Do you get off calling people dog ?.

    4. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 14:53

      he just mention
      to most chinese, dap is still the best pet while mca is the worst dog

      dap and mca is a politic party.

      any way worst is "barau who wholesale Malaya as a subversive agent to SG" so "bois" boleh dapat satu linggit 3 kupang Sing a $

    5. All politicians are more or less the same. Only when desperation comes to the worst, pride has to be swallowed, dignity is to be dissipated and principles have got to shrink to the core; all in the name of, for the sake of rakyat. And, the episodes continue. Perhaps, even dramatic.

  4. All please be careful here. Jangan cakap sombong.

    1. Anon 14:40
      Komen bagus.
      Ya...beri Komen Yang nyaman sahaja.beri masa suhu Politik turun

  5. KLSE and ringgit up on Anwar announcement.

  6. Anwar is PM.

    TPM - Tok Mat

    Ministry can b as little as 25 minister
    Pkr - finance n security related minstry
    Finance, dalam negeri, economic, education n youth
    Most probably umno will get a little bit share of economic related ministry, defence, luar bandar, kerajaan tempatan, keushawanan n social related ministries ie wanita hal ehwal agama n foreign (myb goes to hishamuddin just to please him)

    Dap mostly technology n transportation

    Umno potential minister

    Ir Hasni, Dato Johari, khaled nordin, noraini, hishamuddin.

    Pkr n dap they hv lots of youth n younger MP so seem they can come out with more vibrant ministers.

    1. Definitely not Hisapmudin. Shit performance as Defense Minister n went against Zahid..AI best pal.

    2. “Pkr n dap they hv lots of youth n younger MP so seem they can come out with more vibrant ministers..”

      -Experience is very much important in key ministries. You put greenhorn there with zero experience would be recipe for disaster. These young turks thought they’re a big shot. Arrogance and cocky. Refusing taking advice thinking I know it all. Don’t try to teach me. And then they bungled badly. Putting the blame to previous government. Safe pair of hands with government experience are needed in those key ministries.

  7. GE 15 earth shattering, jaw dropping result is the fingerprints of automatic registration and Undi18. Gen Z punya penangan. When the opposition pushed for auto registration and Undi18, they thought this segment of voters would go for them. They’re partly right. In fact the biggest shock of all the preference of Gen Z Malays. They are non comformist and anti establishment.

    Young Malays voted for PN especially Pas and young Chinese and Indians voted for PH. BN is the ultimate loser. I don’t think this trend would change anytime soon. In fact it will amplified and magnified in the next GEs to come.

    Young people no longer beholden to what their parents thinking and preference. They have their own mind. The only way BN to pick themselves up and recover the lost grounds is to rejuvenated the party from the very top. They need to inject fresh young leaders at the very top in order to attract young people to vote the party. The Gen Z. They need to put KJ at the top of the hierarchy since he’s the only Malay leader who is popular with the non Malays, young and old. Young leaders at state and the division level. Go green all out. It is the only way out. Otherwise Umno and BN would become history.

  8. DSAI will need more technocrats in govt and no more committees just like what TSMY and IS did. And for heaven's sake ensure the cabinet numbers is small.

    PH supporter

  9. " In Perak and Pahang, PH gave BN all kind of stuff without BN even asking anything."

    Yeah, absolutely clever move. Giving away small bounties in exchange for the biggest one.

  10. Apapun skrg unity govt. Semua takleh ego, mulut jahat, riak, suka fitnah dan tikam belakang tau.


    BN30+ GPS23. Paham ya.. Takde sapa yang menang dan takde sapa yg kalah ya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Geli perut baca komen dekat fb zahid, penyokong dap dok minta maaf & puji2.


  12. Kleptocrats??? Mana ada....Ini semua pelacur klas kayangan....boleh bawa balik rumah main depan wife pun tak marah. .cium mulut Rafizi sama Zahid pun OKAY maaa....U PEGANG I PUNYA BOLA I PEGANG U PINYA BOLA.....geng from behind semua BOLEH....KITA BOLEH