Thursday 24 November 2022

Unity pakatan government, okay lah

 Well, Perikatan's offer to BN came too late and now Anwar is the PM.

Yup, they were just too slow.

If they have become the government, they would also be too slow.

Exactly why I had in my previous posts said Pakatan would be a better government than Perikatan.

Lesser of two evil in that matter.

I'm disappointed though because reports so far indicated that BN will join the new government.

I was hoping for BN to be in the opposition.

Just not right for losers of a general election to be in the government.

But that how it is going to be.

The Pakatan supporters are celebrating now.

However, I don't know how they are going to react once Anwar revealed to them what concessions were made to BN.

I know though that half of BN, especially Umno are not happy with their party's decision.

Zahid, who was responsible in helming them to their worst election defeat in history was the driving force behind the cooperation with Pakatan.

Yup, that Zahid who Pakatan and Perikatan people said is a corrupted crook.

If the unity government is truly the saviour of Malaysia, then by right Zahid should be hailed as a national hero.

But of course that would not be the case.

Poor Zahid.

By the way, there's a rebellion brewing within the Umno ranks against Zahid and the party's election would be just around the corner.

If Zahid is defeated and kicked out by Umno, this unity government will be in trouble.

So, Pakatan, through its connections with rich guys around the country should do something to help Zahid.

You all said what, Umno can be bought.

Anyway, I don't believe Zahid will now be convicted of those corruption charges too.

And I think Najib will get a royal pardon, just like Anwar previously.

I know, I know. Rule of law. They all said that lah.

What? You all angry that I said that?

Hey, you all want reconciliation or not?

Najib could in fact help Zahid put down the impending Umno rebellion and saves the unity government.

Umno also needed to be revived to stop the Malay conservatism that has swept the country with the rise of Pas during GE15.

Umno is the main Malay party of Pakatan now.

Even DAP should know this.

The one they have now called Amanah would not be able to stop Pas.

Okay, we don't know for sure yet the details of this unity government, so I don't know how much Pakatan was willing to go in the effort to tie the knot with BN, particularly Umno.

Once I know that, I'll write again.

Anyway, I wish DAP could offer an apology to Umno like what it did to the Sarawakians.

You know, for calling Umno corrupted, racist, evil etc.

That would strengthen the unity government quite a lot.

But of course not, DAP has its pride too. Apologising to Umno would be too hard for them.

Still, they need to remember, if not for Umno, they would be living under a truly Malay Islamic government headed by Pas.


  1. "By the way, there's a rebellion brewing within the Umno ranks against Zahid and the party's election would be just around the corner."

    Yesterday, the MTU fully endorsed him.

    Then today....

    That's a large majority.

    But yes, the UMNO elections cannot be postponed.

    Zahid will have to compete. He even told KJ to cool down and take him on.

    The contenders will be:

    a) KJ

    b) Tok Mat

    c) Mael Penyu

    d) Dark Horse (?)

    Three things will affect this race.

    a) Tok Mat is likely to be DPM and hence one step away from PM. If he does well in the next 6 months, his profile will be nationally enhanced. This will help him greatly.

    b) Most of Mael Penyu's "orang kuat" are now OUTSIDE Umno's centre of power. Also, but (no comment) there is a letter circulating that shows some fairly shady financial deal between ex-Ketereh and Moo. That won't help.

    c) Will KJ be in cabinet? Tactically he may refuse to become a senator and just wait from outside. But then he loses shine compared to Tok Mat (see point (a) above.

    1. If Zahid muka tak malu & still runs for president, then it is best Mat Hassan & KJ to team up, otherwise pecah undi lagi. Ismail Sabri better sit this one out. He has already reached the pinacle without being the president, ok lah tu.

    2. Tok Mat is forgettable. Anyone remember his statement during election?.KJ forever wont make it in all melayu party cause he too smart and smug. A trait not acceptable in a Melayu party. He better of joining a multi racial party. They would appreciate his smartness. Ismail who?

    3. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 18:13,

      KJ and Tok Mat are bitter enemies.

      Who pushed KJ out of Rembau?

      So that pairing is not possible.

      During his campaign KJ talked about teaming up with H2O to "clean" Umno.

      But KJ bet on the wrong horse.

      I think H2O is finished for now. He was the ringleader of the 10 pro-Muhyiddin MPs who sneaked 10 SDs to the opposing camp.

      Then kantoi and withdrew, leaving Moo with only 105 (hence YDPA was right and AbahCirit was lying.)

      H2O is damaged goods.

      That means solo battles.

      I personally would back Tok Mat to win. He's also the best speaker (see past PAU videos) and can work a crowd.

    4. Tok Mat never a leader, a leader would not kick out KJ from rembau and take an easy seat. If you cant compete at a tough seat cause you are not liked by the nation.

    5. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 22:08 - politics is vicious lah kawan. Even pro wrestling has rules, but politics yilek......heheheheh.......especially Umno politics, there's always undercurrents. Imagine how cunning Madey was to survive that long.

    6. Maday lasted long not because he is clever but using below the belt tactics. From 1990s he was never challenge, so win la. Even 1987 election with Ku Li is tainted. Madey never wins in fair play.

  2. GE 15’s earth shattering, jaw dropping result is the fingerprints of automatic registration and Undi18. Gen Z punya penangan. When the opposition pushed for auto registration and Undi18, they thought this segment of voters would go for them. They’re partly right. In fact the biggest shock of all the preference of Gen Z Malays. They are non comformist and anti establishment. 

Young Malays voted for PN especially Pas and young Chinese and Indians voted for PH. BN is the ultimate loser. I don’t think this trend would change anytime soon. In fact it will amplified and magnified in the next GEs to come. 

Young people no longer beholden to what their parents thinking and preference. They have their own mind. The only way BN to pick themselves up and recover the lost grounds is to rejuvenated the party from the very top. They need to inject fresh young leaders at the very top in order to attract young people to vote the party. The Gen Z. They need to put KJ at the top of the hierarchy since he’s the only Malay leader at the moment who is popular with the non Malays, young and old. Young leaders at state and division level. Go green all out througout. It is the only way out of BN misfortune of late. Otherwise Umno and BN would become history.

    1. Let's see if KJ comes back to Cabinet. In six months, his momentum and profile will fade away if he doesn't. Tunggu & lihat his next steps.

    2. KJ should stay out of cabinet. He is better of using next 5 yrs to build his grassroot support. We have seen how immovable Zahid is due to his embedded support at all levels of umno.

    3. Please lah no repeat of 70 ministers. They are many favor to pay in this deal. PH owes no favor to KJ but to BN and GPS. Thats politic.

    4. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 21:54, correct......but Umno presidents don't let go of power easily. I think Zahid will lose in 2023 but god knows whether KJ in 5 years can challenge the replacement.......

    5. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 22:05 - and no more special envoys who never....envoy : )

    6. KJ cannot survive in Umno , he's less Malay and less Muslim.. He can try DAP . Umno has its own criteria .

    7. I guess election loser and tainted politician are not suitable with this Reformist Cabinet , so KJ out .

  3. lets anwar rule for full term, if no good, kick him out in the next election. i believe most msian want this. and umno didnt gain more votes playing the musical chair game after ge14, would they want to do the same again this round? i hope not.

  4. He is never my PM. Scheming all the way to the throne by working with the world record crook that they screamed the loudest. Perhaps, it is now all under the bridge, isn't it, Mat Sabu, Dap Nga, Pkr Rafizi, ........? There is nothing to be proud of and celebrate about because PH can't even stand on its own. Period.

    1. You probably right but agung announce Anwar is the PM. Likely agung didnt want to have Kerajaan gagal 2.0. Is muhidin disputing agung announcement. Is muhiddin calling agung a liar. Good luck.

  5. Annie,

    From what i know, this is not called Pakatan Government but Perpaduan Government. So, oklah. Everyone can chip in.

    We just need to jump start the economy and getting it running full speed again.

  6. Posted short while ago.

    "Mohd Najib Tun Razak

    Dah mula lawan Istana dan Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu dah tu.

    Dia kata dia ada 115 akuan sumpah (SD) yang sokong dia jadi PM.

    Cabar dia. Suruh dia senaraikan 115 ahli parlimen yang memberi SD kepada dia.

    Dalam senarai ini termasuk 10 orang ahli parlimen BN dan 23 orang GPS."

    I think Umno will go all out to kill PPBM.

  7. bring KJ back as a senator. give him Education - thats where msia needs to start its unity.

    1. I thot ph has lots of smart & capable individuals??

    2. No place for election loser...

  8. It looks like Hamidi has been hailed as the hero and saviour out of the blue. It is so unbelievable that the Chinese have nothing but praise for him. People used to say, Melayu mudah lupa, but now, the Chinese, too, have adopted the same kind of character. Pretty impressive how things can quickly change if you do something to their liking. Whatever it is, I think PH is in BN's debt for getting the government formed. Let's see how it is going to pay off all the debts.

    1. "Hamidi" is his father;s name, as any Malaysian should know...... : )

    2. And even the hardliners one even flew to Borneo state of Sarawak on their knees to Abang Joe apologizing excessively of their past deeds. UnChinese like Uncharacteristic of kiasu Chinese.

    3. Kj ah! expose the closet. forth story office boys, ECM Lbra, Rm 100 millions KBS, vaccines procurement - how many million shots still in shelf expired, whether that "cougar" is vaccinated why no antigen test, and those who after vaccinated side effects

    4. Dear anon 21:54,
      I know for sure that the name belongs to his father. But, I just can't bear the thought of him if his 1st name is being typed. May I replace it with KOMEDI then. Happy?

    5. Saw TSMY's press conference, looks so sad and deflated. Hope things are settled for the moment. We will know in a month's time. Looking forward to the cabinet formation

    6. Zahid saved Umno twice , one during Mahathir PM 7 and GE15 aftermath .

    7. C'mon, sir jacob. Don't be ridiculous. Pls stop putting feather in Zahid's cap for heaven's sake. Whatever he has done to Umno was nothing more than saving his own skin. Time will tell when he gets his due after the lion's share of scheming deeds to Putrajaya.

  9. Political wind of change is blowing in Msia.Called whatever form of government of the day,no one party will dominate in years to come.All races must put Country First.


  10. pn should join the unity government. Throw away all the differences and let the two extremes work together for the sake of the country.

    1. jilat balik ludah ke? jadi lah pembanggan yang berwibara dan ber jiwa besar. pui!!!!
      macam mana nak terima satu ekor :bapok tua" yang terlakun adengan panas dengan harfiz di four season sandakan. begitu jijik sehinnga hotel bukan di "samak"
      tepi di robohkan

    2. Anonymous24 November 2022 at 20:55
      bring KJ back as a senator. give him Education - thats where msia needs to start its unity.

      adoi! how to educate a double honourded Oxford scholar?????

    3. Anon 12:42 Bagaimana dengan "bapok tua" punya bekas tok gurunya? Sama juga ada klip video yg panas.

  11. Weve seen Datuk Seri Anwar 1st interview as a Prime Minister and it was below my expectations. As always he will only give a very vague generic respond n in the end will go back to his mantra of good governance, corruption n judiciary independence.

    Question about china relationship was not answered properly. He did not gives a defined answer about not bring mp tht hv court case as a minister. He said about cost sara hidup but stop short to give 1 or 2 point of what he want to do to address this. Question about manifesto from different parties PH, BN , GPS. He did tell how to handle n merge the manifestos etc..The prev PM will always use their 1st press conference to introduce theme of their leadership. TunM bersih cekap amanah, pak lah bekerja bersama2 saya bukan untuk saya, najib percapaian diutamakan rakyat didahulukan. He did give his punch line n added the umpphh.

    However Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim i feel is a very2 good administrator. With nothing he build PKR to b as what it is. He is also a very intelligent politician. Those day area like kulim bandar bahru, sungai petani, baling, kepala batas. Was a fortress for UMNO, if there r election UMNO no need to campaign bcoz it was too strong for anyone to penetrate. In 15 years it has turn to b a PKR fortress.

    A minister can perform if he has a good support from civil servant KSU, ketua pengarah etc. he is good in building rapport with these group of ppls. He did not do lots of changes when he was the finance minister. He only laid out plan n kpi tht must achieve ie balance budget n 30% allocation to education n health. N he let the team handle in their own way. Unlike in 1984 when Tun Daim became minister of Finance. 1st things he did is to remove the KSU.

    He did not interfere with the day to day activities so much tht its make the govt servant is comfortable to carry on with their task. N he has the ability to put the right person to the right job.

    I feel he will b doin the same things. Identify who is the best person for a certain ministry n let them do the job n he just monitoring n n ensuring everything is in order.

    a politician is still a politician.. malaysian tend to love what they see in-front of them. They like the hype. When Tun M return to power he was hail as saviour quickly in one year he was the hated man, muhyiddin was a savior after one year he was the hated men in twitters now Anwar. Myb in 1 or 2 years time he will b getting the stick like everyone else. As everyone in social media is perfect tht they seem to know what best n what to do in any situation.

    All in All, the best of luck to our Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim n we r rooting for him to success. If he success, Malaysia will success.

    My last piece for this blog, election is over. Nothings to comment anymore we let the one who is been selected to carry on with their job.

    Thank u Annie for giving me the opportunity to b heard! Thank u all for reading. See u guys again.

    1. Just 1 comment: don't think anwar can claim credit for bldg pkr coz he was in jail when it was first set up. I remember Rpk wrote something about he & a few other guys build the reformasi movement back then before it became a political party.

      Anwar strength is he is masterful at building relationships. Let's hope M'sia will benefit ftom that.

    2. He certainly was and still is the master of dodging. As always, he tends to get away from any unexpected or awkward questions by distracting the audience with jokes. Oratorical skill is his speciality. He is such an unprincipled and undignified leader who is now contented with 2/3 majority which has finally come into PH fold. Shame to the utmost.

    3. I think there is one guy left out in this political jungle.

      One good this about Anwar is that he has a good team behind gum. His no 2 is really instrumental in the election campaign.

      We hope for the best , Anwar his team and the unity government

    4. He has to get economy and rein the inflation. The rest isecondary

  12. PN shld remain as strong oppo for check and balance. Katakaloo PH nak start any nonsense, mrk kena selalu mesti ingat tau. PN73+ BN30+ GPS23+ GRS6 will kick them out anytime. Mcam Atok dan Mudin buat dulu sekali lagi kena gigit jari payah ya. So better behave yourselves ya.

    Lagipun Mudin mesti ade file2 "classified and confidential" ahli2 politik yg tersorok dlm gua sbb;

    Minister of International Trade and Industry
    Deputy Prime Minister
    Minister of Home Affairs

    Hadi plak bekas Duta Khas Kepada Perdana Menteri ke Timur Tengah. Hmm pasti networking meluas sana.

    Anwar angkat sumpah aje terus hebah Erdoğan nak hantaq trade mission masuk this December? Haiyo. Berita semasa tgh tular yg Turkiye d ambang bankrupsi. Ada yg habaq its going Sri Lanka way?? Hadi kan bole risik2 as oppo.

    Anw sebut dia byk kam sia kam sia masa sakit dulu geng Turkiye byk bantu dia.. haiyaaa payah juga klo elemen kam sia kam sia ni semua terlibat. Nanti puak Soros nak juga "thank you thank you" macam mana nak bayaq balik jasa dia?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Dia tu cakap jer yang pandai. Tak perasan ke dia tu selalu kaitkan diri dgn nama2 besar luar negara utk mengangkat diri ke langit, kononnya mempunyai reputasi baik di peringkat antarabangsa. Tak apa, kita tengok dulu sama ada betul ke dia ada "kayu sakti" utk memulihkan 1001 masalah negara.

    2. parah! parah! oi!
      kalau partee perlachook sertai perpaduan,
      pembanggaan hanya tinggal berapa kerat aje.
      cam mane nak balance cek

      PS akan bincang tawaran Anwar untuk sertai k’jaan perpaduan

    3. Professor Nasi Lemak
      maseeh hidup!!!!

    4. anon 15:18
      PN masih waras dan ada maruah serta berprinsip berbanding mereka di pihak sana lah. Tiada sebab harus PN menyertai kerajaan utk menjadikannya kerajaan perpaduan. Tengok le berapa lama mereka dpt bersatu-padu.

    5. Anon 19:49
      Jika begitu,di waktu Pengerusi SPR belum umum keputusan penuh PRU 15,TSMY dah umumkan kemenangan PN ,buat Sidang akhbar(umumkan dah dapat majoriti mudah),macamana pulak? WARAS ke ?atau Melatah?atau Naik Stim ?
      Olih itu?jadilah Pembangkang yang kuat, mintaTakiyudin jangan cakap lagi nak sertai Unity Government.
      Undi tak percaya 18 Dec nanti jangan melatah dan naik stim pulak.

    6. TSMY siapa dak Takuyiddin siapa? Siapa yang kerusi MP banyak?

      Tengoklah jika PAS dan PPBM boleh kekal ke, PAS makan PN.

      Ada 6 lagi pilihan raya negeri tahun depan.

  13. Anon 22Nov22 @15:19

    Amboi baru pesan datsat. Sikalang kena mula belajar behave sikit tau, takmau perangai samsung lama.

    PN, BN, GPS, GRS etc etc dok peghati .. satni kami merajuk susah tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professor Lemak, Don't wolly, kipidap.

      Dulu kenceng hanceng, sikalang kamceng.

      Air masuk bawah jambatan.


  15. Why are UMNO leaders still clinging to a failed leader, who led a disastrous and worst GE for UMNO and BN, who lied to BN component parties and who is facing court cases?

    Org Melayu terang2 dah tolak UMNO, mainly due to Zahid. Apakah Zahid lebih penting dari UMNO? Nak tunggu the next GE bila UMNO kalah lagi teruk?

    UMNO leaders are killing their party. Come GE16, there will
    be no more UMNO and BN. Then Dr M’s 20-year old prediction that UMNO would disappear after 2020 will come true.

    As for the idealistic Unity Government, it won’t last 2 years.

  16. Anon 26Nov22 @ 00:35

    Kepoh la hang ni. Imagine KitSiang and GuanEng.. puluhan tahun kalah dlm election tp tak kena tendang fm DSP pung? Cyba hang research cikit what LKS did n lupa ke Eng guan dgn kes NFA dia tu? Even Anwar sama.

    Kamu dari benua mana ni. Zahid baru kalini aje dah hang kalut gelopoh semacam. Ada udang dsebalik batu ke?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof Bodoh , Pak Lah resigned as President UMNO and BN Chairman when BN lost 2/3 majority. Perompak Najib resigned the same post when BN lost the govt. BN lost even worse in recent GE. Stupid people like you who have limited intellect are unable to judge that Zahid is a failed leader and should get the boot. Are you under Zahid payroll?



    3. mana hilang "bapok tua" lead star hotel empat musim KK.
      dah joint balik Keadilaa

    4. anon 10:25
      "Bapok tertua" dah dapat kerusi paling empuk, jadi yg lebih muda itu kenalah buat strategi lain. Sabor lah.

  17. Oleh sebab PN telah membuat keputusan tidak menyertai kerajaan federal, maka kerajaan in bukan kerajaan perpaduan. Adalah difahamkan bloc pembangkang tidak boleh wujud dlm kerajaan perpaduan. In adalah kerajaan minoriti. Harap perkara in dpt diperjelaskan agar tidak menimbulkan kekeliruan.

    1. Apa ko merepek nih syaitan?

      YDPA dh jemput, Anwar dh jemput.....

      Kalo x nak, toksah laaaaa merajuk.


    2. 10:37
      Even if you don't agree with people, pls don't use strong word like syaitan here, unless you yourself are one of them. And btw, go check your facts what is meant by unity gov b4 you start shooting off like rafizi.

  18. A 'propped up' government will need an enormous amount of pacifiers to subdue or appease those from outside of the coalition. They can be seen smiling on the front, but who knows what lies inside them. That is rather risky as the props might pull out anytime any day if the terms are broken.

    I think, PN is wise to choose to stay out and not to be conveniently lured into whatever political mileage they might be offered. Armed with dignity and fighting spirits, PN will continue its struggle. Ye, why should PN accomplish PH's idea of forming a Unity Government? Some even says, country first, demi rakyat or whatever flimsy pretext. But, a fight is still a fight; when you lose, you surrender. Every contender has to comply with the regulation of playing by the rules. PN would rather not sell out irreplaceable principles in exchange for something that may come back to bite them someday somehow.

  19. Orang Cina mana tau pasal Hukum Munafik...what they look for is only money and power...sorry if it offended u guys. Cuba tanya Ustaz....Munafik adalah orang yang cakap tapi tak pegang pada cakapnya...Masa kempen PH shouted the loudest against KLEPTOCRATS....but now who is bluffing who??? Remember bagi orang Islam kita ada Allah. Kita mungkin boleh senyum dan ketawa pada yang ditipu....but ganjaran maybe not now...Be strong PN...

    And to Rayer Jelutong....congrats u get ur new fren from Umno. U shouted like wildfire dalam parliament condemning Umno like a tiger but now your leaders bowed down to the KLEPTOCRATS demands. All the best to your debate in Parliament. Jangan jadi TIKUS HITAM ...hehehe

    1. Anonymous26 November 2022 at 10:52
      kalo sy bapok tua "lebih muda". sy pi di jubo "tuekis bath" drp buang masa kat topikana. apa apa pun startegi kalo takde 30 juta hinggit se org GRS dan GPS.

  20. Today RamCarpal says his mind to the press again like he did to Tun M, instead of voicing his concerns to the current PM as they are in the same Bloc. This type of behaviour undermine their own side. Never learn.

    1. It wasn't that he never learnt. Just, he is still honeymooning with the newlywed and so smitten by the aura of romance. Don't disturb but allow him to relish the moment of bliss until the cut-throat reality kicks in. With kiasu mentality, PH expects to get a free lunch out of nowhere.What a galah!


    The pressure from leftist has started. Dong Zong urged govt to recognise UEC.

    How will Anwar handle this?

    Will UMNO react?

    1. aiya! tong tong ini kasi haram. cam itu SJK china.
      tapi sikit road bump sebab manyak UMNO pun saudara mara dari SJK. itu bandar melaka calon masaShahril Hamdan, now ex-Umno information chief PRU cari manyak saudara mara chinese tolong.
      itu Kluang professor nasi lemak pun di khabarkan sekolah sjk. satu satu sekolah free dari british,

    2. Deja vu! No surprise. Nothing new. As expected, it is time to fulfil all promises and return the favours. Looking forward to the episodes of giving an inch and they'll take a mile, too. So much to anticipate in this new Malaysia 2.0. Everything is possible when someone has the magical power.

  22. Anon26 Nov22 @ 22:36

    Haiyaaa Dong Zong lu ki ta lok?. Amboi dah mula naik tocang nak lagak macam Nato dan sekutu2 mereka ke?

    Sat lagi PN73+ BN30+ GPS23+ GRS6++++ mula tak syiok kamu semua terkancing gigi nanti, payah tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. nasib baik professor nasek na mah pun long tong yang kasi pelajaran. kalau tak "pan sai" SG pun tak dapay kutip. barua subversi

  23. There will be a lot of growing pains coming along.