Tuesday 20 December 2022

When being loud is right

 Back in college, one of my law lecturers said something like this;

"When you go to court as a lawyer, you should argue intelligently. If you can't argue intelligently, then you should argue convincingly. But if you can't even argue convincingly, then the best that you can do would be to argue loudly."

I remember the whole class laughed when he said that.

We thought he was just joking.

Turned out that he was not.

Nowadays, loud people have a better chance to be the winners.

People don't care about facts as much as they care about perceptions.

If you can outshout your rivals, you may still win, even when you are in the wrong.

Just look at our social media conversations, and you all would know that it's true.

Those who shouted the loudest and most frequent are the winners.

Now this being loudest thing has reached a new level.

Look at this,

Motion of confidence on PM Anwar passed via voice vote

Yup, there was no voting for the motion.

The Dewan speaker just made the decision to pass it based on who made the most noise on the floor.

So, the louder ones were the winner.


Honestly, I don't really care.

Democracy has after all became a joke in this country since the outcome of the GE15 that day.

I believe more such jokes are coming our way over the next five years.

No point in complaining, okay. 

We voted for this government, remember?

But still, you better be careful with what you shouted out after this.

I actually begin to suspect that this current government will be less tolerant than the previous administrations.

The signs are already there at this early stage that we will have less democratic freedom in the coming years.

You shouted the wrong things, and you may find yourself in the lock up or getting your ass sued off.

I also think that going to rallies such as the Bersih demonstrations of yesteryears is now not a very good idea.

Najib was the PM who stopped the police from beating up street demonstrators and even abolished the ISA.

But then again, the guy was seen by us as being too soft and tried too hard to be nice.

Some even called him Mat Kepit.

Now we have Anwar as PM, a jail-hardened guy.

You try la call him names like that and see what happen.

So, don't fool around. 

The days of baton wielding FRU and water cannon may be back, okay.

"Oh, those violent protesters are just Islamist extremists. They deserve to be beaten and locked up. We are just ensuring peace and stability in the country as according to the laws," they would say.

And in a way they would be right. 

This country needs the peace and stability to move forward, especially during the coming global recession.


Who cares? We already turned it into a joke the other day, what.


  1. https://twitter.com/i/status/1604845569196687360

    good example dah "di siahl" dari zaman british
    becana di keluarga orang lain nak sangat bikin kerja amal kat FOF batang kali genting hiland.
    air banjir kat keluarga sendiri mintak PM pi buat amal
    ketua AMAL PAS

  2. Aloo...adik! Itu lecturer belajar tahun bila punya! Zaman suratkhabar lama ka? Masa zaman orang takut masuk court ka?
    Kemon la..! Ini zaman internet la...semua facts ada tulis ...org ramai boleh baca...kasi jerit kuat pun...orang mau tau...you bising apa...! Sembang kecik pun tak ada isi ...orang senang cakap, you sembang kari saja!

  3. democracy post GE15 is a joke ? how ?

    YDPA went with the westminster convention - asking the coalition with the biggest number to neg and form a govt, didnt he ? BN/GPS all had a choice to go with PN didnt they ?

    just because the chips didnt fall your way doesnt mean its all bad. ok to whine but be realistic

  4. Love it, love it, love what you have written, from the first word to the last. One has to read between the lines. Yeah, incarceration scars convict. 100% correct no matter how hard one wants to white-wash it again and again. It remains forever in the history.

    1. Annine should PN opposition continue to bring the whole MALAYA down???? just lost an unfair erections????

      muka pun dah muka munafck
      bagus pun ketua AMAL yang nak sangat pi kerja amal kat Fathers ogansm f-fam kat batang kali genting.

      jemput pula DSAI and Zheed ke pasar emas. tengok pisang yang dapat banyak sangat air.

    2. Professor nasi lemak
      hari anda menanti, saya doa kan pangjang umor hand lebih panjang dari moyang atok kutty, semua lepas 100 tahun

      dah nyanyok mane "arah" pun aiya!!!!

  5. No neck tie. Unkempt beard. Which direction is this country heading to? Have you ever heard a catchphrase a leader leads by example or in Malay kepimpinan melalui teladan?

    When young people turn up for an interview now applying for a job looked disshelved minus neck tie, the interviewee then asks “why are wearing like this?” their reply would be the country’s leader wearing like this what..

    1. It is now the Tambun Chameleon Era. Everything has been evolved since. They are just wise enough to abandon neck-ties so as not to strangle themselves from now on. Yet, they are seen to lean over backwards to restrain and confuse the people with their propaganda and false rhetoric. Is there anybody willing to enlighten me if a royal pardon is equivalent to an acquittal. I'm rather baffled after listening from the Parliament.

  6. One of the MP out of nowhere shouted “beruk..beruk..beruk…” brings parliamentary level of discussion to another level..

    1. All I saw was a loud-mouthed and uncouth plump beruk who lives in a world of its hu-ho-hu-ho-ah-ah own. Just send him back to where he belongs for further training.

  7. Wao, again another defamation suit is submitted. Up till today, I have literally lost count the exact figure. Wonder how many he can accumulate when his full term is up then. Is he trying to air-brush his tainted image to the perfection while in power?

  8. Hahaha...this is a coward move la bro...sudah berapa lama PH n DAP mau main wayang...enough la....jerit dalam parliament kira menang....ini budak sekolah la Speaker...u pun tak dak malu kah...hahahah...people aren't stupid..
    ....lu orang PH n DAP pi jilat bontot Bang Non la....and bontot Wak Jahit juga....GE and Rafizi...lu punya lidah macam biawak la...biawak suka makan bangkai tau....hahaha

  9. Replies
    1. same as MoreFuckUp National by AM.

  10. some mp get used to komunis model thinking that they can only protest or disagee the motion of confidence in silent.

  11. He is already in the top seat. It is time for him to leave the so-called victim-hood behind and move on. The way to keep suing his rivals makes him look so kiasu.

  12. Errr, tak tahu voice vote, yang biasa kat parliamen mana-mana negara termasuk Msia? Blok undi kena dipanggil oleh pembangkang, mereka tak mahu. itulah, sedih baca blog posting ni, macam tak tahu bagaimana parliamen dan undi di parlimen berfungsi.

    1. Correct.

      Annie has never been to law school lah.

      This is so basic.

      It's one of her logging lies, like "my friend said".

      Anyway, for her benefit, this is how a voice vote works.

      KUALA LUMPUR: It is the opposition's prerogative to call for a bloc vote to oppose a motion tabled by Putrajaya in the Dewan Rakyat, not the government, a former PKR lawmaker has told Perikatan Nasional's (PN) Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan.

      Former Sungai Buloh member of parliament R. Sivarasa took to Twitter to explain that a bloc vote, also called a "division", would only be called by those opposing a motion.

      In the case of the motion of confidence yesterday, which was passed by a voice vote, Sivarasa said it was the opposition who decided not to call for a bloc vote.

      "It was clear from the vote for the Dewan Rakyat speaker that the opposition would only get 74 votes. The votes in support of the prime minister would be 148, exactly two-thirds of MPs in the Dewan Rakyat.

      "It was an opposition tactic not to call for the bloc vote as they did not want the 148 votes, a two-thirds majority supporting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, to be on record.

      "Hence, they did not call for a division, which only they could do," said Sivarasa, who is also the PKR legal bureau chief.

      He said a voice vote meant that the motion was passed without the need to count the individual votes of MPs.

      "We need to understand parliamentary procedures to comprehend why the opposition did what they did."

  13. Yup, all about democracy now from the Darurat gang. We know what they actually did which was the most undemocratic thing that has ever happened in the Msian parliament in my lifetime.

    They revealed themselves there.

  14. I wish this gov to talk less & work more.

    Anwar, pls lah, sikit2 nak saman, drama x habis2 & tak payahler cerita tak mintak pun diampunkan, bla bla bla. Who are u trying to convince? U can do no wrong to those who worship u, u can't do anything right to those who hate u, & those in the middle is waiting for actual results.

    Fahmi pls lah, stop waiving the yellow card to silence detractors. U are not doing your job if u have to name drop every other day.

    Rest of menteris, work more, talk less. Let your work & actions speak for u.