Sunday 18 December 2022

Forced votes of confidence

The politicians will have another show at Dewan Rakyat tomorrow.

First before all else, they will vote to confirm whether Anwar has the majority needed to be PM.

The parties which were supposed to vote for Anwar have already signed an MOU to compel their MPs to toe the line.

Among the points of agreement under the MOU was that the parties would sack any of their MPs who votes against Anwar and vacate his/her seat.

I believe that's illegal.

You can't take away an MP's seat just because he/she voted in Dewan Rakyat against the wishes of the party leadership.

So said legal experts who have commented on the matter.

The MOU was obviously done to scare the rebels in those parties, especially those in BN.

I suspect half (some said more than 20) of the 30 BN MPs were against Anwar and the tie up with Pakatan.

If they voted against Anwar, then the so-called unity government would be under pressure again.

The Sarawakians and Sabahans could switch sides again, if push comes to shove.

Then again those rebel BN MPs need balls of steel to defy the MOU threat.

After all, if the whole thing goes to court, I'm not sure they will win despite the rather obvious legal points against the legality of the MOU.

The courts, I think, have been rather funny since 2018, if you know what I mean.

If I'm one of those rebel BN MPs, I just don't turn up for the voting.

That would be a safer way to register the protest, I guess.

There would be other votings in the Dewan Rakyat to go all out against Anwar being the PM.

The party leaders, who are propping up Anwar could not possibly sign an MOU every time there is voting in parliament.

But all these mean the country will not be stable over the coming years.

The administration would be as shaky as the others since 2018.

I already highly doubt it could successfully handle the coming global recession.

Now, signs were already there that Anwar's rule will not be as democratic as many would like to believe it would be.

His early moves looked more and more similar to the way things were done back when he was the protege of Dr Mahathir in the 1990s.

Anwar, who was not really a champion of democracy at that time now looked as if he's preparing to rule Malaysia for a few terms well into his 80s or maybe 90s, maybe to match or outdo the legacy of his former mentor.

No signs of real reforms that he and his supporters had always shouted during the rallies, which sometimes got violent over the years.

I'm quite concerned about this.

Well, hopefully I'm wrong.


  1. Kalau dah pengecut...macam tu la...suka panggil geng...nampak macam garang sangat...tapi teloq pun tak dak....MPs jangan dok buat BODO....MACAM LEMBU KENA CUCUK HIDUNG

    1. @ 15.25

      declare emergency & suspend parliament lebih baik kan ?

    2. Anon 18dec 17:23,

      2x5 je, dua2 pun munafik.

      Tapi lagi munafik lantik balik ahli politik kroni jadi chairman glc sebaik sahaja kabinet bersetuju pecat semua lantikan politik. Lagi best menteri lain semua bacul x bersuara. Hoi hoi ya hoi lah sangat.


  2. we want a stable govt regardless how, thats what umno member and supporter wants and promote before ge15, so everyone especially umno mp, member and supporter should stick to it since agong and anwar are working double hard towards one.

    1. So funny watching these bloggers suddenly "care" about democracy.

      So "correct" democratic formula, for them, as Moo did:

      (a) book hotel

      (b) tabur dedak jawatan GLC & 70++ cabinet posts ("Scheme of Things")

      (c) lie to YDPA

      (d) declare fake Emergency

      (e) Close down Parliament.

      Such munafik.

      Please lah.


    2. Anon 18dec 20:50,

      What is embarrasing is a crony politician is appointed to head a glc right after he was dismissed as per cabiner's decision & no other ministers including rafizi said anything.

      So gila kuasa sampai dah tak bersuara. Prinsip dah lebur.

    3. Anonymous19 December 2022 at 00:21


      Now explain all of this?

      One vs. 70 + 4 + 40?


      You lose much worse than France.

      1. MP Jelebu/Umno - Dato Jalaluddin Alias - Pengerusi UDA Holding
      2. MP Gerik/Umno- Dato Hasbullah Osman - Pengerusi Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad
      3. MP Cameron Highlands/Umno - Dato Ramli - Pengerusi Amanah Raya Berhad
      4. MP Padang Terap/Umno - Dato Seri Mahdzir Khalid - Pengerusi TNB
      5. MP Pasir Salak/Umno - Dato Sri Tajudin Abd Rahman - Pengerusi Prasarana
      6. MP Jerantut/Umno - Dato' Hj Ahmad Nazlan Idris - Pengerusi Lembaga Getah Malaysia
      7. MP Machang/Umno - Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub - Pengerusi MPOB
      8. MP Besut/Umno - Dato Seri Idris bin Jusoh - Pengerusi FELDA
      9. MP Kimanis/Umno - Datuk Mohamad Alamin - Pengerusi MyIPO
      10. Calon (Kalah) Umno Parlimen Pasir Gudang PRU14 - Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin - Pengerusi Boustead Holding Berhad.
      11. MP Jempol/Umno - Dato' Salim Sharif - Pengerusi RISDA
      12. MP Tanjong Karang/Umno - Tan Sri Noh Omar - Pengerusi MISC Bhd
      13. Calon PRU14 kalah Parlimen Tanjung Malim/MCA - Dato Seri Mah Hang Soon - Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan.
      14. Calon PRU14 kalah Parlimen Seremban/MCA - Datuk Ching Sin Woon - Pengerusi Lembaga Pelabuhan Kelang.
      15. Calon PRU14 kalah DUN Machang Bunok/MCA - Dato' Tan Teik Cheng - Pengerusi Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang
      16. Calon PRU14 kalah DUN Bemban - Datuk Koh Chin Han - Pengerusi Pelabuhan Melaka.
      17. Naib Presiden MCA - Dato Sri Tian Li Ker - Timbalan Menteri Perpaduan Nasional
      18. MP Marang/PAS - Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang - Duta Khas ke Timur Tengah bertaraf Menteri
      19. MP Bachok/PAS - Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz - Pengerusi Kesedar
      20. MP Pasir Putih/PAS - YB Dr. Nik Muhammad Zawawi bin Haji Salleh - Pengerusi Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang.
      21. MP Pasir Mas/PAS - YB Ahmad Fadhli Shaari - Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran.
      22. MP Dungun/PAS - Wan Hassan Mohd Ramli - Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN).
      23. MP Setiu/PAS - YB Tuan Shaharizukirnain Bin Abdul Kadir - Pengerusi TEKUN
      24. ADUN Jabi, Exco Terengganu/PAS - YB Dr Azman Ibrahim - Pengerusi Lembaga Kenaf & Tembakau Malaysia
      25. MP Bintulu/GPS - Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing - Duta Khas Ke China Bertaraf Menteri
      26. MP Hulu Rajang/GPS - Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong - Pengerusi National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Niosh)
      27. MP Sibuti/PBB - YB Lukanisman Awang Sauni - Pengerusi SEDA
      28. MP Tanjung Manis/GPS - Datuk Yusuf Abdul Wahab - Pengerusi CIDB
      29. MP Betong/PPB - Datuk Robert Lawson Chuat - Pengerusi Lembaga Pelabuhan Bintulu.
      30. MP Serian/SUPP - Dato Sri Richard Riot - Duta Khas Ke Asia Timur Bertaraf Menteri
      31. MP Baram/GPS-PDP - Anyi Ngau - Pengerusi Lembaga Koko Malaysia
      32. MP Igan/GPS-PBB - Ahmad Johnie Zawawi - Pengerusi Bukan Eksekutif Indah Water Berhad (IWB)
      33. ADUN Permas/PPBM - Che Zakaria Mohd Salleh - Pengerusi Kejora.
      34. MP Beaufort/PPBM - Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun - Pengerusi MARA
      35. Ahli Dewan Negara/PPBM - Razali Idris - Pengerusi Ketengah
      36. MP Sabak Bernam/PPBM - Dato Hj Mohd Fasiah Hj Mohd Fakeh - Pengerusi FAMA
      37. MP Tasek Gelugor/PPBM - Shabudin Yahaya - Pengerusi Felcra
      38. ADUN Kempas/PPBM - Dato Osman Sapian - Pengerusi Majlis Minyak Sawit Malaysia
      39. ADUN Bukit Kepong/PPBM - Dato Dr Sahruddin Jamal - Pengerusi Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia
      40. Bekas KP MIC - Datuk Nelson Renganathan - Pengerusi Dana Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (HRDF).
      41. MP Bukit Gantang/Bebas - Datuk Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal - Pengerusi LKIM.

    4. Anon 04:01,

      Game far from over. Baru 10 min pertama.


  3. Ya, sure, some real shit reforms.
    Undemocratic democracy, advanced autocratic leadership, no freedom from oppression, no freedom of expression signs, taking legal actions against rivals, appointing a corrupt to fight anti-corruption, re-appointing dropped political appointee, UEC recognition not a priority now, free sanitary pad, wearing chappals, no neck-tie, no B600, no salary, no wkend off, no renovation, no eggs......I just can't hack all these and a whole lot more.

    1. @ 16:00

      why dont you move to singapore

    2. Such pain. I recommend suicide. We'll miss you : )

    3. I'd rather not to live in such an undemocratic country. It is a time of great sorrow to see some of the PH frantic supporters, enthusiastically to have their eye-balls dug out, eardrums ruptured, mouth stuffed and brain impaired, to just readily cram down whatever their so-called greatest ch(i)ef serves on the platter, even if the food is rancid. Well, better not to comment too much lest the SOSMA might come after me. Who knows what this 'flawless' govt could do next?

  4. awesome move. much needed for stability as we have idiots for MPs. they will jump for $ & positions. look no further than the serial hoppers in sabah.

    no such thing as a perfect world with a perfect leader. so bitch and moan all we want, thats the way the cookie crumbles

    1. What’s the point of passing anti hopping law in parliament if it couldn’t prevent an elected leader from jumping around post general elections?

      The law is as clear as blue sky if you’re an elected MP, if you ceased to be party’s member on your own choosing, other than being sacked, your elected office too considered vacant. An election’s candidate contesting an election under the party’s banner. Not by name in his individual’s Mykad, not by his IC number and not by coalition of parties. This is VERY clear. If he/she has no party, he has to declare to SPR to contest as indie and free to choose his/her own logo. You win or lose an election as member of political party or an indie. No such thing as winning on coalition/gabungan ticket.

      The Sabah’s Bersatu case is rather straight forward. They ceased to be member on their own choosing. How come Anti hopping law couldn’t be triggered by their action? Now they play on the technicality of it by stating that they ceased to be a member before the elections? So now the law itself now can be bent or interpreted differently according to one’s whim and fancy. It seems nothing gonna happened to them. Business as usual. The law itself is nothing more but mere instrument to be wielded at whim by the powers that be. A mockery for hope and aspiration of every Malaysian before the general elections to stop en elected MP from going around switching party like a faucet.

  5. bunch of idiots here. name me a perfect country ? nordic ones ? u’ll love the taxes. singapore ? Love the economy, but try protesting.

    so stop bitching like hadi & tsmy, get over it

    1. Yaa right... like u guys stopped bitching about TunM & sheraton move when your gang was outplayed? Bunch of hypocrites you are.

  6. Aisay Annie....same like a party having a whip where u toe the party line...serupa la. Only Shahrir had the balls to vote according to conscious....resigned fr seat, n won on reelection. Still better than Moo who avoided the vote by declaring emergency....n now talking crap. I guess they r yr kind of kin. Right Annie

  7. Anwar sudah tau la you all punya game! Suka atau x dak suka...serigala lapar sure keep on hunting! Always hungry one! Dia tarak kisah punya! Dia pun tarak rugi apa-apa ...!
    Ini zaman internet maa...bukan lagi zaman mata lebam, dia baca suratkhabar sebelah mata..(suma orang tunggu news ari ini, besok pagi baru tahu!)
    Perasan x...itu atok Daim manyak senyap aja!

  8. "I already highly doubt it could successfully handle the coming global recession."

    Then hand over to Moo and Hadi lah.

    They can save you.

    After all, you paid Hadi hundreds of thousands for nothing:

    Along with 70 useless dedak-fed ministers and 3 other "duta khas".

    Better still, you stand for Parliament laaaaaaa Annie.

    PH cannot handle economy, PN cannot, so you do it lah.


    Then you can bring up Adib's case.

    Forgot about him, kan?


    It was just political capital, right?

    Tak ikhlas langsung.

    1. its funny watching all these bloggers, columnists, paid or not paid, bitching everyday abt unity govt and what anwar is doing.

      whats the alternative ? Realistic solutions please

    2. Childish....otak macam orang tak pi sekolah...otak letak mana Bro? Kalau dah kena kencing dengan Anwar and Zahid whay they do semua bau wangi to PH...DAP is such opportunist....Bloody Shit..

    3. Yup, what an imprivement. We now have only 1 dedak fed deputy prime minister who has just appointed his dedak fed crony as a glc chairman.

    4. @ 00:33 bloody shit.

      so whats your realistic solution ?

  9. Dear Mister PM10,
    I think you are such a perpetual drama queen. Why do you have to put yourself out to go as far as coming up with a shoddy MoU to FORCE all govt. MPs to vote for you. How naive and convenient you seem to be. You know fairly well that controversial pact would cause a lot of hullabaloo, so why still forged ahead to announce it? Didn't you already possess a convincing and formidable 2/3 majority to be crowned as PM10? Why so desperate and distraught?

    Nonetheless, I have a suggestion here. Why not ask the BTRazak MP does you another favour by shedding some crocodile tears right in the middle of the august House tomorrow and beseeching all MPs, including the opposition, to give you their full backing of 222. She has vast experience in this kind of mission and proven fruitful. That would certainly make thing less complicated.

    1. Bismila..... saya jija, setelah dipilih se.......bhw saya akan melindungi dan mempertahankan suami saya....tolonglah undi dia. Huhuhuhu....

  10. Why worry about the MOU. Vote against Anwar and government falls immediately. MoU is not enforceable in court. New government will declare emergency and will not allow to go to parliment until next election.

  11. Legalising LGBT would be the number one item to be reformed by this govt.

  12. Aduh.. dah plak tgh musim hujan ni.. KATAK2 mating season. Silap2 satni KATAK pla takde teloq, jd mcam nasib teloq ayam!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. Sebab MOU Anwar baruni dh bangkit plak was was atas keputusan "vote of confidence" yg bakal dbuat nanti.

    Allah Maha Mengetahui.

    Ingat pesanan Anon 17Dec22 @21:46 baik baik tau.

    "...buatlah andaian apa sekali pun tak jadi masalah tapi janganlah merujuk kepada perancangan Tuhan seolah-olah kamu tahu kerana kamu tidak tahu walau sedikit pun.."

    Professor Nasi Lemak


    “There are no real sound policies in the new government yet,” said a longtime political analyst. “There is a lot of rhetoric and political trash-talking. They’re mostly inexperienced and don’t know what to do. But there are a lot of people trying to make sure this bloody government works. They are willing to close one eye ...”


      I know the answer.

      The PH--pkr, dap, amanah, bukan saja sokong bahkan dokong sekali. Hari ni sejarah tercipta, mereka berkepit2 berpeluk2 berbisik2 bercium2 di dlm dewan yg tersergam indah utk tontonan seluruh dunia. Mulai hari ni juga, penyamun la mereka, sama2 la samun.

      Maruah, moral dan prinsip diketepikan; demokrasi bakal terkubur, demi rakyat dan negara kononnya. Hoi ya hoi...maju la tanah air ku.

    2. Anonymous18 December 2022 at 20:30
      great feng shui masta preedicttion

      prof nasee lemak your boi mating jantan SG
      apa update.
      yg mating locing lembu kat swiss apa khabar

    3. what "FORCED" annine
      tak undi pun.
      islang konon. di beri tanggong jawap
      jadi siamang pula
      mana ada MP di dunia terang terang sebut jatuh kerajaan.
      tak ok
      just resign. kurang kan dosa

  15. So proud to have the world 1st full-blown homosexual Muslim PM, as reported by Agenzia Nova, Italy. Yea, our pride, the first. He has once again thrust himself into limelight in the world stage.

    1. he got a wife ah!
      so it bi lah.
      anyway after many years non evidence
      not more consider as
      so he straight unless recent proof
      aiyo! many more lah.

      Anonymous19 December 2022 at 17:08
      ultra katak tempurong ke

    2. @17:08

      so exactly whats wrong with a gay pm if its true ? us transport minister is openly gay & married.

      religion gone wrong when racists & terrorists are celebrated but being gay is a sin

    3. Is being PARDONED equals ACQUITTED?

    4. Anon 10:13
      Nothing wrong, not at all. He is still a human despite being a Muslim. Just hope that he will stop spinning around by hiding behind the YELLOW card. As a public figure, all he needs to do is, admit and move on. The rest is up to Allah to decide. That's all.

  16. Unknown17 December 2022 at 16:24
    Beriman kepada qada dan qadar adalah salah satu rukun iman yang wajib kepada seorang umat


    apa itu iman???

    98% pengimpot dan distributors/ pasaran bahan2 mkn are controlled by non Bumis
    tanah melayu di kluang kena jual curi

  17. Anon 19 Dec 20 @ 20:54

    Haiyaa. Kan dh year end? Bonus, increment, profit sharing semua, tiket2 kpltrbg pulang semua beres la. (PH dulu bg sorang seumur hidup tak sampai Sgd10 - nak makan nasi lemak berlauk satu pinggan kat Sg tak cukup lor).

    Mana lagi nak belanja luit2 tu semua? Balik kampung enjoy2 dgn famili dn sedara mara dMsia lor.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  18. Anon 19Dec22 @ 21:09

    Kita olang2 biasa even CikAnnie, dah lama alert2 suruh gi check bab tanah2 haram, bukit2 botak.. sbb taknak dtimpa kecelakaan2 spt Father organic farm... 21 nyawa terkorban is no joking matter ya..

    Nak nunggu jadi nasib yang sama timpa kat keluarga hang baru hang paham bahasa ke?.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. bontot boi you pi check oh!
      adele 98 bersepah!!!!!

    2. alahai! allah sangat adil.
      yang alim itu dah satu keluarga ada yang kena "di bontot: di SG, hena loceng kat Swiiss.
      ai itu pun sikit baik nasib tak mampos banjir akt Jeddh
      keluarga kau dari zaman british pun dah sial