Monday 12 December 2022

It's real, and it's coming

As I previously wrote, we need this government to handle the coming global recession more than anything else.

Like it or not we better pray that it'll works.

It's all we have to handle the shit.

Having said that, I have to admit that I'm not very optimistic right now.

The Cabinet line-up looks not very convincing.

It was set up not to handle the coming recession but instead to satisfy political needs.

We are not getting the best people in the Cabinet to handle the troubles coming at us.

The set-up is for the survival of those politicians themselves instead of us and the country.

Anwar the PM appointed himself to be the finance minister and his deputies for that portfolio are Ahmad Maslan and Steven Sim.

Honestly, do you think that's the best people to handle our country's finances with the recession coming our way?

What? Give them a chance?

It's the country's fucking economy, okay.

How can I give a chance on that to those clowns.

Ya, ya, ya...people voted them.


We are fucked because we let ourselves get fucked.

Never mind.

Let's not even talk about Zahid as DPM and such.

People voted for the clowns, so accept it as it is.

All we can do now is to pray that hopefully the clowns won't fuck up too much.

What choice do we have, anyway.

The Perikatan guys would probably give us another bunch of clowns to run the country too.

Really never mind....I'm just bitching.

I know now that I have to deal with the coming recession on my own at personal level.

Can't hope for this government to help me.

Might as well. 

It's filled with a bunch of liars anyway.

Okay, I need to really be careful with my spendings from now on.

My savings could only be stretched so far and I think the recession may go on for at least the next two or three years. 

I'm planning to even cut down on my food intake.

Good also because I'm fat now.

No more new clothes.

No more outings.

Yeah, the more I go out of the house, the more I'll spend.

I'm going to treat the recession as another wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Sorry, I can't offer any other advice.

You all have to deal with the recession in your own ways.

I have no answer for those who are yet to have any saving, especially the young people who have just joined the working world.

Can't advise the B40 much too as my problems are not the same as theirs.


The government is supposed to help those people, but as I said, after looking at its Cabinet line-up, I'm not very optimistic about it.

Just look at the credentials of Anwar, Ahmad Maslan and Steven Sim, okay.

Why la they put Ahmad Maslan and not Jo Ghani there? 


Is political survival more important than getting the best guy to do the job for the country?

Anwar, you don't want to be overshadowed by a deputy who knows how to handle the recession better than you, is it?

So stupid.

I've seen how Anwar handled a recession as a finance minister in the late 90s and was not impressed. The country was almost fucked, big time, okay.

Still, shouldn't complain too much.

We voted them, so we should accept what's coming our way.

Honestly, I feel like I'm in that movie "Don't Look Up" right now.

Quite helpless, actually.


  1. Annie...that's the price of LANGKAH MAIN BELAKANG...and they are harping of King's decree.. for unity
    Nothing much we can say...let the Chief Cabinet of Clowns ...CCC handles it. And of BIAWAK LIDAH BERCABANG...don't pretend and cheat urself....with this Fianace Potfolio u wished u want it.....KALAU ANAK JANTAN ADA TELUR RESIGN NOW.. DARE U!!!!

  2. "It's the country's fucking economy, okay."

    Then give us three fucking alternative names, lah.

    Boleh tak?

    Moo, Hadi Bawang and Takiyuddin?

    Fuck jugak.

    This is what lebai2 do with money, when given the task of managing it:

    "Beberapa portal berita hari ini melaporkan pemberian khas sehingga RM50,000 seorang kepada barisan pimpinan kerajaan negeri yang telah menimbulkan rasa tidak puas hati dalam kalangan kakitangan kerajaan negeri.

    Ketika belum reda isu pembelian 14 buah Mercedes Benz oleh kerajaan Kelantan, pemberian khas itu dipersoalkan kerana jauh beza dengan yang diperoleh pegawai dan kakitangan negeri itu yang menerima bayaran tambahan RM500, menjadikan keseluruhan RM1,000 seorang."

    Fuck ke tak fuck?

    Fuck jugak.

    Fuck, kan?


    Tu lah.

  3. time to take some of your meds annie. chill

  4. They called it - "Kerajaan Perpaduan"...yang x mau join...jadi la pembangkang yang padu! Hopefully la!
    What u expect, akak? Recession coming ..stress banyak..! We need clowns, what.
    Boleh la kendurkan sikit urat otak sekali sekala! Mana tau, muncul satu Maharaja Lawak selepas 100 hari..!

  5. It is a fucking government. So daring to name itself a unity one while it is absolutely not. Nowadays, flooding in social media, is all about PM walk-peacocking around, mkn n solat with the rakyat as if he is some sort of Diraja or diva or even dewa. What makes me laugh uncontrollably is that, he said an immeadiate sack will be given to any cabinet members if found corrupt. Well, hasn't he gotten one who sits right next to him? How on earth he overlooks that fucking python? What a pompous word salad from a cheat n pengkhianat! Fuckingly useless!!

  6. Sis, your points are spot on..Btw, blh consider checking out Frugal Living tips by US YouTubers to help weather 2023 recession...

  7. our most aspire wish earlier before general election is a stable govt, anwar is trying his best to fulfill and achieve this peoples wish first. whether the appointed minister and deputy can perform or no, only actual result can tell. of course any opinion, good or bad, is always fine.

  8. "People voted for the clowns, so accept it as it is."

    The people hadn't voted for the likes of Nasution, Fauziah, Zafrul, Zamry, yet they get a piece each of the Cabinet Cake, too. Why? They are just the ultimate losers, so, it is undemocratic for us to accept them in any circumstances. Until today, I haven't seen any unhappy barking dogs from DAP, but only one brave pkr MP of Pasir Gudang. If he continues to howl, he wil soon be beheaded. Any inkling when will Bandar Tun Razak by-election be held?

    1. 14:17

      Maybe you prefer the previous gomen's way?

      Outright bribery?

      GLCs being handed to clowns?

      "We will bribe them with cabinet posts, if we cannot give, give them GLC positions. This is our scheme of things."

      If you think this is better, then frankly mak hang belen.


      Senarai Lantikan Ahli Parlimen, ADUN atau Ahli Politik Pengkhianat Nasional (PN) ke GLC dan Agensi Kerajaan:

      1. MP Jelebu/Umno - Dato Jalaluddin Alias - Pengerusi UDA Holding
      2. MP Gerik/Umno- Dato Hasbullah Osman - Pengerusi Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad
      3. MP Cameron Highlands/Umno - Dato Ramli - Pengerusi Amanah Raya Berhad
      4. MP Padang Terap/Umno - Dato Seri Mahdzir Khalid - Pengerusi TNB
      5. MP Pasir Salak/Umno - Dato Sri Tajudin Abd Rahman - Pengerusi Prasarana
      6. MP Jerantut/Umno - Dato' Hj Ahmad Nazlan Idris - Pengerusi Lembaga Getah Malaysia
      7. MP Machang/Umno - Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub - Pengerusi MPOB
      8. MP Besut/Umno - Dato Seri Idris bin Jusoh - Pengerusi FELDA
      9. MP Kimanis/Umno - Datuk Mohamad Alamin - Pengerusi MyIPO
      10. Calon (Kalah) Umno Parlimen Pasir Gudang PRU14 - Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin - Pengerusi Boustead Holding Berhad.
      11. MP Jempol/Umno - Dato' Salim Sharif - Pengerusi RISDA
      12. MP Tanjong Karang/Umno - Tan Sri Noh Omar - Pengerusi MISC Bhd
      13. Calon PRU14 kalah Parlimen Tanjung Malim/MCA - Dato Seri Mah Hang Soon - Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan.
      14. Calon PRU14 kalah Parlimen Seremban/MCA - Datuk Ching Sin Woon - Pengerusi Lembaga Pelabuhan Kelang.
      15. Calon PRU14 kalah DUN Machang Bunok/MCA - Dato' Tan Teik Cheng - Pengerusi Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang
      16. Calon PRU14 kalah DUN Bemban - Datuk Koh Chin Han - Pengerusi Pelabuhan Melaka.
      17. Naib Presiden MCA - Dato Sri Tian Li Ker - Timbalan Menteri Perpaduan Nasional
      18. MP Marang/PAS - Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang - Duta Khas ke Timur Tengah bertaraf Menteri
      19. MP Bachok/PAS - Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz - Pengerusi Kesedar
      20. MP Pasir Putih/PAS - YB Dr. Nik Muhammad Zawawi bin Haji Salleh - Pengerusi Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang.
      21. MP Pasir Mas/PAS - YB Ahmad Fadhli Shaari - Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran.
      22. MP Dungun/PAS - Wan Hassan Mohd Ramli - Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN).
      23. MP Setiu/PAS - YB Tuan Shaharizukirnain Bin Abdul Kadir - Pengerusi TEKUN
      24. ADUN Jabi, Exco Terengganu/PAS - YB Dr Azman Ibrahim - Pengerusi Lembaga Kenaf & Tembakau Malaysia
      25. MP Bintulu/GPS - Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing - Duta Khas Ke China Bertaraf Menteri
      26. MP Hulu Rajang/GPS - Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong - Pengerusi National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Niosh)
      27. MP Sibuti/PBB - YB Lukanisman Awang Sauni - Pengerusi SEDA
      28. MP Tanjung Manis/GPS - Datuk Yusuf Abdul Wahab - Pengerusi CIDB
      29. MP Betong/PPB - Datuk Robert Lawson Chuat - Pengerusi Lembaga Pelabuhan Bintulu.
      30. MP Serian/SUPP - Dato Sri Richard Riot - Duta Khas Ke Asia Timur Bertaraf Menteri
      31. MP Baram/GPS-PDP - Anyi Ngau - Pengerusi Lembaga Koko Malaysia
      32. MP Igan/GPS-PBB - Ahmad Johnie Zawawi - Pengerusi Bukan Eksekutif Indah Water Berhad (IWB)
      33. ADUN Permas/PPBM - Che Zakaria Mohd Salleh - Pengerusi Kejora.
      34. MP Beaufort/PPBM - Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun - Pengerusi MARA
      35. Ahli Dewan Negara/PPBM - Razali Idris - Pengerusi Ketengah
      36. MP Sabak Bernam/PPBM - Dato Hj Mohd Fasiah Hj Mohd Fakeh - Pengerusi FAMA
      37. MP Tasek Gelugor/PPBM - Shabudin Yahaya - Pengerusi Felcra
      38. ADUN Kempas/PPBM - Dato Osman Sapian - Pengerusi Majlis Minyak Sawit Malaysia
      39. ADUN Bukit Kepong/PPBM - Dato Dr Sahruddin Jamal - Pengerusi Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia
      40. Bekas KP MIC - Datuk Nelson Renganathan - Pengerusi Dana Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (HRDF).
      41. MP Bukit Gantang/Bebas - Datuk Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal - Pengerusi LKIM.

    2. Anon 14:37
      Don't talk cock too soon. All that sort of nonsensical appointments will come and haunt the propped-up PM down in a twinkling of an eye. When he chose to deal with the devils, he must be ready to sell his soul. As harsh as the saying goes, there is indeed NO such free lunch exists. Why would people help you for nothing in return? Just look at that BIG portion of shared pie which UMNO and Borneo got after the pact and worst of all, more of the sorts are ensuing. is going to be no difference from the Muyiddin's. Only, let's wait for PM's yet another super-duper narrative to divert the rakyat's attention away from any kind of criticism. That's his only area of expertise, nothing else. Bear in mind, never get fooled by this Tambun Chameleon ever again.

    3. Anon 14.17, kau pernah complain ke masa Muhyiddin & Mail lantik Zafrul, Radzi Jidin, Idris Ahmad, Lim Ban Hong, Ti Lian Ker, WAF, Guan Dee Koh, Ahmad Masrizal, Mah Hang Soon jadi Senator dan masuk kabinet? Tanya jer. Munafik betul.

    4. Anon15:48
      Why compare with the lousy one? I thought the princess of Reformasi has once promised us a perfect PaPa PM. So we expect him to fare better than anyone from the past. Still waiting for his perfection or just a gush of backside hot air.

  9. Aduhh..

    Anw gi solat jumaat pasai apa pemberita pakat ikut pungkok dia macam anak2 itik?

    11Dec Anw pertemuan Mahabbah bersama Ulama dan Asatizah. Bebel merepet SAYA, SAYA, SAYA, SAYA tak abis2?

    Arini plak Aso Hannah siap kelumbung kepla gi semejid pasai kereta jenazah plak dah?

    Church, Tokong, Kuil tak lawat ke? Satni merajuk plak 90% pengundi2 awak nanti?

    Issh kuat belakun la depa otek2 gedik cari publisiti murahan ke? Bila nak betoi2 buat kojo ni?

    Klo bab publisiti generasi muda/ tua zaman sikalang minat tgk video2 mcam ni tau.. satu video aje bole lapat 1.6b views tau dak?

    Gaji dok jalan ya. Gi buat kerja betoi2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak


    -The appointment of defeated general election candidates as ministers and deputy ministers is a troubling practice since most were without merit, says political analyst Azmi Hassan.

    Azmi, who is with Akademi Nusantara, said it was acceptable to make them just senators since the upper house of Parliament had always been used to reward leaders for supporting their parties.

    “But I do think that it is quite troubling in the case of the recent appointments of Cabinet ministers and deputies. This is because out of the six who were made senators and appointed to government posts, only one was based on his expertise.

    “That was religious affairs minister Na’im Mokhtar. The other five were appointed based on their political affiliations,” he told FMT.

    Na’im was the Chief Shariah Judge of Malaysia. The others had been defeated as parliamentary candidates at last month’s general election.

    All seven were appointed as senators, enabling them to become ministers or deputy ministers.

    Azmi said the offer of senatorship should only be used to attract professionals and technocrats into the government and not provide a “back door” entry for losers.

    1. “Azmi said the offer of senatorship should only be used to attract professionals and technocrats into the government and not provide a “back door” entry for losers.”

      -Yup couldn’t agree more with Prof Azmi. For example a corporate figure Daim Zainuddin brought in as Finance Minister during Mahathir’s early premiership in the 80’s. Academician TS Musa Mohamad appointed as Education Minister at the tail end of Mahathir’s premiership. Mohamad Nor Yaakob former Bank Negara officer appointed as Finance Minister II during Pak Lah’s premiership.

      TS Wahid Omar, who was with Maybank before appointed as economic affairs minister together with another professional Paul Low Seng Kuan From Transparency International during Najib’s time. Tengku Zafrul former CIMB chief officer appointed as Finance Minister during Muhyiddin’s premiership at the height of Covid. These are all proffesionals brought in to give much needed “brain” to cabinet mostly consist of foul mouth politicians. Currently only Naim deserves his place ostensibly in much leaner cabinet.

  11. i dont care lol

  12. Its coming?
    Not to worry. He was once the world's best Finance Minister.

  13. Haiyaa ama apa.

    Peperangan menjelang 19hb Dis22 makin sengit.. lepaih tu akn berterusan lagi 6bln plak menjelang PAU..

    Kitar semula aksi2 GE14.. “a leopard never changes its spots”.

    Hancurla HARAPAN rakyat biasa entah bila harga minyak dan teloq akan tulun dan min gaji akan naik dali RM1.5K (sgd458.45).

    Haiyaa ama apa. Klo dok Sg nak bayaq bilik stor/bln sewa flat HDB pun tak lepaih tau!!

    Aso/Aci Hannah dn adinda Adam Adli hangpa dok tgh buat apa tuuuu?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. Kjaan baru ni... bolehtak ada budi bahasa sikit bila nak pecat atau tukar penjawat awam yg dah lama berkhidmat?

    Kalau menteri ada 47 pertuduhan mahkamah boleh diberi layanan karpet merah, tak kanlah tak boleh berlapik sikit pecat penjawat awam yg senior? Tak perlu diaibkan melainkan kalau dia sahih songlap duit rakyat.

    Tak payahlah berlakon konon ini kjaan terpaling bersih selagi ada kluster mahkamah dlm jemaah menteri.


  15. Tak payah cerita la. Sport Minister and Deputy is busy playing perception game...old tricks die hard...pi masjid bagi derma...tduh orang sukan rasuah la...jangan la hang Adli nak tunjuk pandai...hang pun baru 1 bulan jadi timbalan don't make sweeping statement..u look clever when u shut ur mouth....once u say something U like an ASSHOLE AND STUPID...puak PH mana mau layan Blog Annie dah.. semua dah makan muntah sendiri...served u ALL right!!!

  16. Yang geram adalah org PH enggan makan muntah sendiri. Sebagai contoh, Yeo dan Pua Dap dah kalah saman fitnah Chew MCA, penyokong Dap sibuk mengadakan kempen kutipan derma RM10/seorg bagi membiayai amaun 350k saman tersebut. Adakah patut kempen sebegini diwujudkan sedangkan mereka berdua kaya-raya serba-serbi. Kalau berani tuduh sebarangan, beranilah tanggung sendiri. Jangan2 nanti bayaran ganti-rugi itu dpt diskaun 97% pulak spt mana pernah dinikmati bekas TPM wanita kita ketika pemerintahan PH.

  17. Saw a pic of PM encircling by mountains of paperwork which seem heaping on him in his dream office. What actually does he aim to imply? Or just a copycat of early stage Mahathir 2.0? Giving himself such airs by putting on an act in front of the camera to throw dust in our eyes? Perhaps trying his best to hoodwink us into his rinky-dink trick again? Never mind la all the false pretences as we all know pretty well his substance. He doesn't have to complain and explain, but just get down to the work to revive the country as promised. Btw, hey, Mr PM, eggs are still absent from the shelves in my housing area !!

  18. Hei Annie,

    Ok What, I heard Rafizi got two degrees, one in accounting and another in Engineering. Where can find? In PN who better..?

    I never heard anyone got two multiples degrees. Must be extra smart and more brain power.

    The other alternative, not very future proof, in my opinion.

    Then, the new PM , don't want Mercedes, dont want salary. Good example to everyone not to waste money. In hard times , all those wasteful things have to stop.

    Annie, if you want to reduce expense and reduce BMI, you can fast Monday and can reduce food expenses and along the way you get pahala.

    What pahala in English?

    1. Jack of all trades master of none

    2. Go stay in cave


      annine this is killing in day light
      are you and you PASu pundits going to organise some "guling-guling" at padang merbok. herad cobtractors like the bukit jalil football stadium long time not much income.
      that Montori belia sukan soon getting into problems with the southern guy, if she divulge too much into stadium prices. and not concentrate on her offical functions like her side kick adam.
      anyway what she know about stadiun expanses
      better think of her pussies budget

    4. Anonymous13 December 2022 at 21:48
      lean some chicky biology hu!hu!hu!
      it take six to seven months before chicken can lay eggs
      and chickens do not have to cockerals to lay eggs

    5. In my whole life, I have not seen such a Malaysian pm so busying himself filing police reports and defamation suits against his rivals. If he is sparklingly clean, why bother about those allegations?

  19. Cara kasar kita bole congak keputusan GE15

    1. PH wonly 10% bumis bal non Bumis kan?

    2. Probably 98% non bumis voted for PH kan?

    3. Sejak zaman British lagi 98% pengimpot dan distributors/ pasaran bahan2 mkn are controlled by non Bumis kan kan?

    4. Sikalang lakyat mayak susah, draculas dok isap darah kerana mrk control harga2 barang kan?

    5. PH ws formed in 2015. Amanah, PKR n DAP pasti kaw kaw very kamceng wan. Mayb one reason why Anwar, Sallehudin Ayub n MatSabu given Ministry bersangkutan kos sara hidup spt bahan2 makanan kan?

    6. Heran plak Anwar baru nak merisik problems of marketing infrastrucure irregularities (huge gaps)? MatSabu sampai kena impot teloq? Sallehdin habaq terlari2 terkejaq2 kena gi sana sini buat tinjauan?

    As old buddies sejak 2015 nape wth just 1 fon call tatak bole lapat instant info ke? Dracula2 tu semua dok main aci sembunyi ke?

    Salingan petang;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  20. Nasi Lemak,

    Dracula yang dimaksudkan, yang mana satu?

    Yang dok sakau pun bolehlah kita kategorikan Dracula juga pasal dia pun mentekedarah darah juga.

    Bab Ayam dengan telur biarlah depa import musim raya ini. Omputih kata ada spike in demand pasal raya.. Lagi pun ayam tak boleh paksa-paksa bertelur. Kena bagi time.

    Nasi Lemak, tapi tak ada telor, mana bole jadi.

    Kalaulah dulu tatakelola baik, tak adalah masalah telur sekarang ini. Mungkin dulu tatakelola tak cekap kot.

  21. Annie

    The latest news, the govt now decided to bring new EV car to Malaysia. Price for medium income holder.

    I do not regret voting for PH and BN last GE.

    EV car will reduce petrol dependencies, reduce cost. Only in govt for just a month, made so many positive impacts.

    Cannot wait to see what models, Tesla or Audi or Volkswagen.

    Good job 👍, new Gomen.

  22. Anon 14Dec22 @ 18:29

    ..Dracula yang dimaksudkan, yang mana satu?..

    Pilihla yg mana satu idaman hatimu;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. I really don’t know if you are STUPID or just pretend to be stupid. Since Anwar become PM, the Ringgit has strengthen from 4.70 end Oct to 4.40 to USD a few days ago. the ppl in the current cabinet are so much better and more educated then the garbage kangkong ppl in the last 2 cabinet.
    Talk facts la not some crap so that your paymasters will pay you ha haha.
    Just look at the congrats messages for Anwar from world leaders.
    Also can you write abt the achievement (IF ANY) of Hadi as the middle east envoy besides just eating the public money and shaking legs ha ha ha

    1. Sejak zaman British lagi 98% pengimpot dan distributors/ pasaran bahan2 mkn are controlled by non Bumis kan kan?

      pemborong "kek fwa" ramai dari kluang tau.
      bagitu juga pengimpot virus HIfi dari SG. Kluang pun ramai.
      memang British non bumis pun.
      dahlah professor tiga suku jakuun makan thaii "li kan yu'. bodoh bersuluh

    2. Unknown14 December 2022 at 15:26

      braua SG. bernas dan MSM dan felda dracuia

    3. mat sabu impot ayam berterlor
      solve masalah telor dan ayam
      kalo impot telor cuma settle telor ayam
      satu kali
      impot ayam yang boleh bertelor

    4. Saya tak setuju Anon,

      Kalau import telor lagi bagus, nanti telor jadi ayam. Sekor ayam busuk busuk 5 ringgit, harga telor berapa sen je.

      Memang Omputeh dah bahas lama dah, depa kata eggs and chicken problem. 🐔.

      Kesudahannya memang lebih molek import telor pasal akhirnya telor akan jadi ayam. Kena tunggu sikit.

      Pasal telor Dan ayam ini, Professor Nasi Lemak lebih Arif. Dalam Fakulti Nasi Lemak sepatutnya ada kuliah telor Dan ayam.

      Sebab nasi Lemak kena ada telor atau ayam.

    5. Morons are having a field day here ha ha ha

  24. cork la bro...anybody who becomes PM will get a call from all over...BODO la u...u go and lick la Zahid ass...if you think he is smart...Saifuddin Home Minister also got whacked by Gobind...this a a ROJAK CAMPUR CABINET....unity my foot!!!

    1. U are such a moron that your father should really have used a condom that nite. Just another wasted sperm

    2. I think you better lick Hadi ass la he will enjoy it ha ha ha

  25. Anon 19:1& 11:22
    Wehhh...!!! Sure, good job backdoor gomen. Betraying its supporters to join forces with corrupted penyamun that they cried day n night, yr after yr, fr decade to dc. What a laughable narrative "demi ngr" to sneak into Putrajaya. Why talk about elec tariff only? Where is the comprehensive kos sara hidup? What have the gomen done with the cheap/normal eggs? Why defending Sosma now? Why ban hundreds of Tik-Toks? Why the need to sign a joint agreement prior to the confidence of vote? Why so scared, Mr pm???

  26. Anon15Dec22 @ 11:22

    ...Just look at the congrats messages for Anwar from world leaders...

    Wow! Hulamak ooi.. popularnya PM kita kan kan? Yapedapedooo.

    Kalah Pinkfong!!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  27. Anon 17:10....
    Hahahaha....all hide behind Royal called Unity....why need to sign on 16 if PM confident of 2/3 majority...sebab Cabinet now is all KAKI KENCING....on egg also kencing...on sosma also kencing..I'm AFRAID KL will be flooded with all those KENCING Cabinet. Gobind plays his card well...he knows this government that once u hooked up with Zahid and gang...its all about KENCING

    1. Unknown15 December 2022 at 11:22

      Sejak zaman British lagi 98% pengimpot dan distributors/ pasaran bahan2 mkn are controlled by non Bumis kan kan?

      rupa rupa nya ada professor nasi lemak sejak zaman blitish sudah telan
      98% pengimpot dan distributors/ pasaran bahan2 mkn are controlled by non Bumis
      patut lah bodoh lagi ber-suloh pi makan sambong thaii "lee gun yu" SG
      100% non-bumi

  28. It's Friday again. Anticipating anwar's yet another round of lapping up the attention of walkabout to the mosque and frugal meal with the normal people. A true humble and down-to-earth person doesn't need all these cheap publicity. His pretentious intention is truly a palpable absurdity.

  29. Anon 16Dec22 @ 09:57

    Bab telor taknak HARAP apa2 dah. Klo turun harga 1biji by sgd 0.0062 cents.. buat penat aje nunggu. Nak congak buang masa aje.

    Jual nasi lemak no eggs pun no problem. Kena creative skrg guna teloq burung puyuh sbj baru sekupang duit Sgd!! Asalkn ade teloq customers happy wan.

    Takpe. Kan Anwar habaq delegation dr Turkeyi akan sampai bulan ni. Minta depa export mai sini ASAP. Kawan baik PM kita punya pasai surely can ask them for 50% diskaun, selesai masalh teloq negara. Jgn lupa tomatoes fm them too.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Unknown16 December 2022 at 15:34

      Bab telor taknak HARAP apa2 dah. Klo turun harga 1biji by sgd 0.0062 cents..
      pi jilat telor lik sian loo, boleh dpt 0.01 sen. itu kalau pun ada telor burung puyu
      jangan bersepah di sosmed malaya

    2. Nasi Lemak,

      Awat nak import telor dari Turki, punyalah jauh. Negara nusantara ada. Pak Joko yang mula sekali talipon bagi tahniah.

      Kalo telor dari Bandung naik keretapi laju (bullet train) ke Jakarta, 1 jam sampai. Keretapi laju 350km/jam. Depa dah ada keretapi laju lebih dulu dari kita. Agaknya tatakelola depa baik.

      Lagipun Kalo Mat Sabu Dan PM orang utara cakap, orang Indon senang sikit paham.

      Telor puyoh memang sedap tapi mahal. Orang khabor cholesterol tinggi.

  30. Well, after the signing of historic agreement with his coaxed alliance, Anwar's place in Putrajaya is by far safe for now. He may have a good weekend to cock around. What a pathetic narc with no shame !!

    1. Spot on Bro. Such a disgrace leader. No respect for such leaders and all his cohorts....NO BALLS...ALL GOT SQUEEZE WITH MOU...WHAT A PATHETIC NATION!!!!...SEMUA GOVT MP DAH JADI BUDAK SURUHAN...MACAM LEMBU DICUCUK BONTOT

    2. MandingHope it is really unity government not hostage government or shotgun marriage government. After the honeymoon everybody will start to demanding this and that. If that happens the government will be fractious. Unity is ability to unite for common causes and forgo self interest or parochial attitude.The ink hardly dried and somebody started demanding already.

  31. Well, well, well, welcome on board the tyrannical government headed by Anwar-PH with only 11% of Malay mandate. What a desperate last-minute MoU to pressure and oppress those elected MPs to support a fearfully cringy PM! What sort of understanding is that anyway? Where is the logic? That is the most undemocratic process to uphold the principles of democracy in the world. We cannot tolerate unconstitutional action under whatsoever circumstances.

    It looks like Anwar is not only fostering nepotism but also despotism. I thought he always calls himself an invincible leader who perpetually has immediate solutions to sorts of problems, but why now stoop so low as to imitate Sabri's idea of MoU to stay in power???? He is already an embarrassment and a failure, to be precise. Shit.

    1. MoU means memorandum of understanding. It is agreement forged between two parties. It is used all the times in this planet. It is certainly not used by only Ismail Sabri.

      Meanwhile, the economy is strengthening, the ringgit getting stronger by the day. Even the LRT services getting better. The escalators are now working. Most people are happy and dandy that things are getting better.

      It is good that the govt focus on improving the cost of living and peoples well being.


      “The (rural and regional development) minister has agreed (to the reappointment) as instructed by the deputy prime minister,” he was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

      Anon 17dec 09:14: This is what we called hypocrisy. Probably the letter of termination has not reaced ahmad jazlan yet.

      They don't really care about us the rakyat. They only throw just enough dedak to keep majority quiet. Huhuhuhu


    3. Anon 9:14
      MPs were voted in by the rakyat to represent and make our voices heard in the Parliament; a way of governing which depends on the will of the people. It is regrettably, these gomen parties' heads act as if they are the power of people who have the outright privileges to restrict and threaten each of their elected MPs' decision-making prerogatives under such an absurd MoU. This absurdity can only be found in a system parliamentary democracy like Malaysia under such a totalitarian PM who used to talk about freedom of coercion.That is treacherously dangerous.

      Please stop speaking highly of whatever the government has accomplished so far. These are the pledges they have had to honour. However, poor citizen like me still can't afford to buy those high-protein eggs and prices of all veges are soaring lately. Hey, 2 weeks' time was already up, where is the cost of living plan? Beset with difficulties? Ye, talk is easy and free.

  32. Beriman kepada qada dan qadar adalah salah satu rukun iman yang wajib kepada seorang umat Islam. SEGALA sesuatu yang terjadi di muka bumi ini adalah ketetapan Allah SWT termasuklah segala perkara baik atau buruk, hidup atau mati, semuanya menjadi bukti kebesaran-Nya.

    GE14 Allah tlg mmberi kemenangan BESAQ kpd PH. Tapi hya bertahan 22bulan.

    GE15 plak bg menang tapi tak menang.. melilau Anwar nak yakinkn yg dia PM.. sampai 19 Dec nak jg buktikn yg dia adalah PM.

    Cuba pikiaq2 kenapa gini sekali nasib PH???

    Mungkin Allah nak bg kesedaran jgn terlalu riak, sombong, hipokrit, besaq kepla, suka tayang diri bla bla?

    Mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik musibah yg sdg kita hadapi..

    Sabar2 nunggu aje la.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  33. Enough of sodomising his preys, now he is attempting to do the same revolting act on constitution.

  34. Nasi Lemak,

    Kita kena sangka baik. Jangan buruk sangka.

    Segala sesuatu ada hikmahnya tapi Kita sebagai manusia tidak boleh buat andaian bukan-bukan berkenaan kejadian yang berlaku..Hanya yang maha Esa sahaja yang lebih mengetahui sesuatu perkara.

    Agak sombong dan bongkak manusia seolah-olah tahu segala sesuatu aturan dan perancangan Tuhan.

    Virus itu kecil sahaja. Lebih kecil dari sel manusia. Kita dah kenal kesan Virus. Virus tidak kira orang PH, BN, PN, Islam, bukan Islam.

    Buatlah andaian apa pun, tak ada masalah tapi janganlah merujuk kepada perancangan Tuhan seolah-olah kamu tahu kerana kamu tidak tahu walau sedikit pun.

  35. "GPS can pull support for unity govt if Sarawak tights challenged"---FMT

    "Sarawak premier wants Putrajaya to recognise 3 state depts within a month"--Malay Mail

    There you have it, LEMBU dicucuk hidung episodes begin. Nothing is for free nor Premier number 10 is definitely not a universal diva to be worshiped, except for his sexy backside.