Friday 2 December 2022

How Anwar can prevent Sheraton Move 2.0

The media has been vigorously highlighting statements that suggest BN will not abandon Anwar's "unity government".

Today they have this one;

No more ‘Sheraton Moves’: BN MPs scoff at Perikatan man’s prediction that unity govt won’t last

Yeah, sure.

The story featured two Umno guys, one of whom was the party's vice-president Khaled Nordin.

Yup, that Khaled, who lost Johor and both that parliament and state seats he contested when he was an MB in 2018, before running off to the BN's safe seat in Kota Tinggi for GE15.

So much for being a vice-president.

The way I see it, Umno is really becoming like a little company dishing out vice-president titles to its Tom, Dick and Harry sales people to make them seem important to potential clients.

Pathetic, really.

Anyway, I believe that Umno leaders such as Khaled really need the party to stay in the unity government to survive the coming party election.

If they don't get to be ministers or deputy ministers, then they would have nothing to show to their supporters.

Well, I don't mind as I also want the government to survive.

As I repeatedly said, we need a government to face the coming global recession. Pakatan or Perikatan, doesn't matter.

We can't afford another ding dong political game for the coming crisis.

So, Anwar better give those Umno leaders their ministerial posts so that they could survive their party election and keep supporting his administration.

Zahid, Tok Mat, Ismail Sabri, Khaled and even that loser Mahdzir Khalid who could be made a senator or something.

Never mind the low quality.

Anything, as long as the government survives.

I know, it's hard to swallow, but that's the reality now.

If I have my way, I don't want Umno to even be part of the government as they don't deserve it after their worst defeat in history.

But that's simply not going to be, and I have accepted it.

If those Umno leaders were killed off at their party election, the rebels are almost certain to take the party out of Anwar's government along with their allies in Sabah and Sarawak.

Some argued that would be derhaka to the Agong.

On what basis?

The royalty are after all not suppose to be involved in politics.

The constitution is supreme when it comes to this matter, okay.

If the potential defection gives Perikatan the number in parliament, then Anwar's administration would probably have a shorter life than the short-lived Ismail Sabri's administration.

But that's not even the worst part.

While the wrangling goes on, the recession will set in and the rakyat are the ones to suffer.

I'm already digging my trenches. 

I have stopped buying stuff that I don't really need and even getting used to eating Maggi again.

I actually have not been out of the house since GE15 almost two weeks ago.

Less movement, less costs.

Need to stretch my savings at least until the worst of the recession is over.


  1. less minister from dap and more minister from umno is the the only way i guess.

    1. PN, BN, GPS, GRS saja pun dah kot leghah 9juta olang - dekat 100% Bumiputra!!!

      Proofessor nasi lemak berapa ekor dah dapat rm 350 yang di capati?

      maleis = bumiputra
      but bumipitra not = maleis

      ingat ingat lah

  2. Pakatoon betul la leaders mcm ni. Boleh buat Animation movie cerita katoon.
    Derhaka? Inilah insurans bagi PH and Umno pakai untuk takutkan gentleman la...anak jantan kena berani...jangan muka saja jantan dengan misai tapi jadi " men coming from behind" Langkah Main Belakang..jangan mare ehhhh..

    1. Boleh buat Animation movie cerita cara teknik "tebok segi empat bujur" tin milo.
      sangat ber guna masa rombongan ke masjid surau atau kawasan tourist di KL, Sel, Penang,
      SG tak boleh sebab kena jel,

  3. nah. i think the political fatigue is across the board. from rulers to rakyat. unless anwar really underperforms and/or crazy money being offered, i dont see a change. PN still has to convince the east malaysians.

    the dust has settled, umno folks from both camps can surely see pas & bersatu will tear umno apart

    1. percaya lah! tin ini permintaan nya akan menjadi sangat tinggi.
      only rm 17.90 flee delivery
      kalau ikut perangkaan
      Unknown2 December 2022 at 04:56
      Professor nasi lemak
      permintaan mungkin sampai
      PN, BN, GPS, GRS saja pun dah kot leghah 9juta olang - dekat 100%

  4. Anon 2Dec22 @13:22

    Mana satu nak caya ni? Atok heboh UMNO yg dok bg tp nape kalah? Sklg tala kat PN pula nuuu. Isssh sapa la yg dok bohong?

    Tu la. Klo ikut mcam Nga, janji sekeping tanah sorang hak milik tukaq 999999thn, guarantee BN bole lapat lebih dr PH 81 seats kan?

    Hmm bab tanah haram Trengganu laju bertindak. Mcam ni la rakyat akan sayang macam sayang dekat Nga.

    ....6000 hektar tanah kerajaan di Terengganu diteroka secara haram...

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. hmmm bab tanah kluang curik jual hangat di propa.
      bab sendiri jadi "baraua subeshit SG" hingga boi korek thaee di SG senyap seribu sepi silu berjuta

  5. "I have stopped buying stuff that I don't really need and even getting used to eating Maggi again." You are not alone, Sis.

    1. Maggi tak ada khasiat. Makan sekali sekala tak apa. Eating everyday would weaken your body and immune system.

    2. Many can't even afford maggi!

  6. Kabinet dah umum...


    Undi ph dapat zahid as tpm. Ini lagi teruk dari zaman najib jadi pm pre-ge14. Sekurang2nya masa tu x ada kes mahkamah lagi.

    Dah terbukti ph pembohong, cakap tak serupa bikin. Ini yg dikatakan harapan rakyat m'sia???

  7. Sgt2 keciwa dgn barisan kabinet yg dipilih.

    If I am still young, I would choose to migrate. This is a god forsaken country where lying is second nature & corruption is a way of life.

  8. Absolutely a KIASU Cabinet. He has all his YES-MEN to get everyone under control. From now on, think twice before you pen your opinion as someone will be watching over you.

  9. Welcome to a tyrannical government. He appointed himself the Finance Minister too. Whoa, a PM-cum-FM, another Bossku?

    1. Agreed. Good governence down the drain. Reformasi my foot. BAD HABITS. PM AND Fm. Appointing court cluster is just an honor amongst the theives. What will happens to country corruption perception index when you hve country #2 having an perception issues. It says that corruption is it institutionalised. Shame on you Ph members you sold your soul to the devils. As far as i am concerned reformation is BS. We have been scammed.

  10. Aisay Annie....any news fr yr paymaster in Kajang Resort (maybe now in gomen hospital) . Wat is his reaction to d cabinet? Many here disappointed....aiyo give them a chance la. Komen lah Lepas 100 Hari. Personally disappointed with Education n Foreign affairs. Putting syariah mentality minister is disaster...another Mazlee. Zambri the closet Indian...aiyo his English is suspect n no negotiation skills. Shd have brought bk Anifah Aman. Yr take Annie?

    1. Yes . Rejected and failed MPs becomes ministers. What a jokes. THIS IS LIKE TELLING YOUR CHILDRENS FAILURE IS AN OPTION. BE A POLITICIAN AND BECOME A MINISTER.
      What a wooden spoon government.

    2. Sana susi: Ini kerajaan 'luar tabii'
      kena "sondol" selama 32 purnama dengan ais min, nikah betul le.
      hik! goverment zina0ed

  11. Anon 2December22 @ 22:08

    ...Sgt2 keciwa?.. cheer up.

    Bg la peluang esp to Ministers mcam Rafizi. Masa kempen gitu bersemangat dn meyakinkan. Sudah pasti dia kena buktikan lamai anak2 muda kita nanti can become instant millionaires macam dia (target 2thn).

    Nga bhgn pelopeties gitu?.. Byk pelopeties yg terbiaq sana sini, kaw Iskandar Puteri dh macam ghost town. Selangoq lata2 abandoned unoccupied pelopeties. Klo dia bole usahakan bg yg memerlukn (buka business) sewa mulah2 say syarat RM100 sebulan, kan baguih dr pelopeties tu semua di tinggal terbiaq aje?

    Mat Sabu? Mohon segera usahakan tanah2 terbiar mcam Trengganu buat.. bantu rakyat mula tanam2 sayoq, bela binatang ternakan, ikan keli.. ehh bela ayam kejap aje dapat teloq. Gi SgChoh tgk..dh lamai anak2 muda kita (tak perlu jadi Menteri) dh usahakan semua2 ini.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    yang kerajaan igurantee pintu syurga pun dapat naik ke angka 23
    Only 8 4D special draws a year from 2023, says PM