Sunday 20 November 2022

BN staying as an opposition is a good idea

 I like this;

Umno info chief Isham doesn’t want BN to be part of any coalition government


“We shouldn’t join any coalition government. The rakyat has chosen us to be the opposition, and we should respect their wishes,” he said in a statement today.

“Now, as an opposition, we in Umno and BN can rebuild our credibility and the rakyat’s confidence in us, compared to if we become part of the government. We should be courageous enough to be a strong opposition,” he said.

Yup, why should BN be propping up a government led by PH or PN.

BN, in particular Umno should now be focused on repairing its own house now that the rakyat proved to have believed in all those vile things said about it.

Umno after all needs to replace its leaders who failed the party in GE15.

Let PH or PN handle the coming global recession.

When Covid hit us, it was ministers from Umno like KJ who handled it.

And he handled it well.

Clearly KJ was not appreciated yesterday.

Why should good Umno leaders like KJ goes through shit like that.

Let some ustaz from Pas handle the Health Ministry now.

Oh, and another ustaz can also handle the finance ministry and come up with plans to manage the coming recession next year.

Let's see what's going to happen.

Let's see how PN or PH handles the storm without a clear majority in parliament.

Yeah, let's do that.


  1. umno should have done this after 2018 ge. the entire episode from 2018 to ge15 only demonstrate ummo lust for power and nothing else. and dont forget its umno current leaders that want kj lose by giving him a pkr stronghold constituency.

    1. I want to see UMNO demanding Finance, Home and Defence ministries, 15 cabinet spots, and one TPM role. Hee hee.

      Maybe they can make coffee for Mat Jargon and Eddie Bawang....or clean toilets for PAS.

      it means Najib Razak, with 9 years, will be remembered as the last "real" Prime Minister from UMNO. Because they forget about getting it back for the next 5 to 6 elections.

  2. PH cannot form government without BN. PN will not work with PH. So it is PN with Lebai running the country. Let hope it is a success, otherwise will have another round of white flag and kerajaan Gagal 2.0. Maybe by then GPS will pull out.

    1. This is a great, great idea:

      Remind the public about UMNO's long history of thuggery. Yes, good thinking.

      The last time Jamal Jamban did this (when he attacked Petaling Street with the red shirts), the FRU were called in and 3 policemen were injured.

      I think UMNO is going to implode and vanish.

  3. "Let some ustaz from Pas handle the Health Ministry now.Oh, and another ustaz can also handle the finance ministry and come up with plans to manage the coming recession next year."

    Nobody can answer this:

    What is UMNO going to sell in Opposition?

    a) Anti-corruption watchdog? Good governance? Gelak pecah perut. You can see how H2O is staining his underwear about PH looking further into LCS. Now that case will be closed.

    b) Religion? All Umno leaders wear jubah & kopiah, post only hadis2 on socmed? Race? Kalah already. PPBM-PAS took that simple route of brainwashing people away from you.

    What will Umno sell?

  4. this is the second time BN lose in PRU...and still want to talk big.

    PN already got the numbers with or without BN coalition...PN + GRS + GPS + a few parliament candidates (some may be umno or bebas or ph)

    tomorrow before 2pm...we will have a new Gov
    >james bond


    1. "PN already got the numbers with or without BN coalition...PN + GRS + GPS + a few parliament candidates (some may be umno or bebas or ph)"

      Pro-BN writer Joceline Tan already revealed the truth:

      AbahCirit has offered a TPM post to Tok Mat in exchange for some Umgnok MPs supporting him.

      It's the only tactic AbahCirit knows: dedak, or "scheme of things."

      He set up the largest (and worst) Cabinet in history thanks to dedak, or "scheme of things."

      Now it looks like some Umgnok MPs are prepared to drop their pants for positions and perks.

      Anyone surprised?

    2. Anon 20:22, don't u wonder what ph/ anwar is promising zahid for bn's support? Such hipocrisy!

      2x5 ajelah, semua pun tabur dedak. GE14 ph pun tabur dedak which they couldn't deliver.

  5. My advise to melayu-isle supporters buy USD as ringgit spiral downward next few months. Insider tip.

  6. Yes BN should stays as opposition.

    1. Correct.

      Tactically it's wiser.

      In fact, they should not support PH either.

      Remain neutral (like Annie claims to be.)

      Why would BN enable a PPBM-PAS gomen to come to power? That is digging your own grave.

      Without BN's numbers, PPBM-PAS stay out of power.

      But I think either Slow Penyu or Mat Hasan will lead a group in supporting Moo in return for perks.

      As someone said:

      "As we all try to accept the results from this #GE15, the funniest thing is that BN who faced their biggest defeat in their history is in the government. In fact, some of them are likely to be be given a Cabinet post."

      That just makes the party look desperate - or those guys, anyway.

  7. Slow walk to talibanisation.Leaping into deep deep longkang.Sad

    1. Anon 20:23.
      Ni contoh mahachai Nga Kor Meng ,asyik 2 Taliban aje.

    2. chinese vote DAP ok
      malay vote PAS not ok ?

      pdrm should keep an eye on DAP talibans like anon 20:23 here

  8. Hahaha... Zahid has sole authority to decide coalition. MT umno dah kena game.

    1. Pakatoons & Dapigs suka.nampak Ada peluang untuk Anwar.
      Tapi Anwar Akan jadi PM Tepi lah sebab Anwar gut the numbo.semua Pakatoons & Dapigs Akan percaya bulat2.selamanya Akan dibodohkan Anwar melalui lackeys ternamanya Rapiji Rapusi.

  9. Why always skeptical on Pas? MB terengganu is an aerospace engineer...professional la...bukan macam superman DAP....busuk hati...mulut bau taikkkk.

    1. Because of dinosaur2 mcm haji hadi & geng di kelantan. Dinosaur2 politik ni termasuk lks & lge kena bersara atau di sara kan baru msia boleh move fwd

  10. It was too bitter and shattered for UMNO to be on opposition side. They had tried for 22 months but failed miserably.
    Anwar has no shame and dignity to stoop so low calling on a tainted Zahid for numbers to make his dream come true. So, the secret deal is actually existed. Why denied profusely? Both mega-liars have effortlessly made us keep guessing what on earth they have in their sleeves all this while. Bullshit if he tells that Zahid's help is totally unconditional. On the 1 Nov, Rafizi was reported to have said if there was any kind of collaboration between PH and Zahid/UMNO, he'd be the first person to come out to object. Now, we need to call Rafizi out. He used to have so much to say, but strangely it seems like he has vanished in the thin air. Why so quiet?

    1. Are u sure its anwar calling zahid 1st? A drowning man will grab at anything to stay afloat.

    2. Desperate duo. Same level of quality anyway. Birds of a feather flock together. Why accept the olive branch if UMNO is so dirty n corrupt?

  11. Haiyaaa ama apa

    GPS? GRS? BN? PN? GPS? GRS? BN? PN? Lai lai Help help! Lai lai PH needs your help!


    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Bagus! Belajar dari pengalaman lepas. Too many MP's naik tocang and try to berlagak taiko and lupa diri. Cakap presiden pun, this type of goons boleh x respect!
    Hancur parti camni...fakta jelas!

    1. Imagine PRU16.....Mael & H2O crying and pleading in front of Abah, begging him not to let PPBM-PAS compete in Bera and think Moo & Hadi will not kacau UMNO's 27 remaining seats? Please lah........

  13. Clearly KJ was not appreciated yesterday - Yup Umno coud not even be bothered to find him a seat, he had to go look for one himself. This includes Abang Mat Hasan.

    1. Umno threw away their most precious jewel - KJ.

      The guy who could have reformed UMNO.

      And yes, it was Tok Mat who killed him. He wants to be Umno president. KJ gone, one rival down.

      Now Ismail's camp is trying to kill Tok Mat by reminding him of this:

      "Timbalan Pengerusi BN, Mohamad Hassan berkata dia bersedia melepaskan jawatan sebagai timbalan presiden Umno sekiranya BN gagal memenangi pilihan raya umum (PRU) akan datang.

      Berucap ketika merasmikan Konvensyen Wanita BN di Kuala Lumpur hari ini, Mohamad, yang juga pengarah pilihan raya BN menyifatkan PRU15 sebagai pertarungan antara hidup dan mati bagi gabungan itu.

      “Keutamaan kita adalah PRU15. Kita mesti menang, kalau kalah, siapa nak jawatan timbalan presiden, ambillah."

  14. .... GE15: Barisan Nasional, now the key to the next Federal government

    Tu laaa. Awai awai dah habaq BN akan dirayu utk amik peranan as KINGMAKER, hangpa tak caya.

    Woof woof woof (tail terkepit celah kangkang), lai lai lai help PH please. Kelptokrat, pencuri, penyamun, perasuah, bodoh, pemalas, taliban never mine wan. All lai lai prease help PH. Kam sia Kam sia lai lai

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Poodah ... sebelum ge lagi mesti dah wujud secret deal anwar & zahid, cuma zahid probably x sangka tetiba bn/ umno minoriti.

      Yg bakal rugi besar mp biasa bn/umno. Zahid mesti dapat sesuatu dari sokongan ini, yg lain2 dapat apa? Probably bakal digulingkan orang melayu ge16.


  15. Aisay Annie....I don't know who is advising d Agung....but to form a gomen using SD's is pure unadulterated BS. Mana boleh. These MP's will demand positions n perks for their support. Look wat happened after GE 14? Follow la proper convention.

    1. "BN lawmakers are keen to join PN and Gabungan Parti Sarawak as they have been promised key posts and are comfortable with Bersatu and PAS – both the backbone of PN. 

      A similar deal with PN took place in 2020 when BN joined the coalition for Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin to become prime minister, said sources 

      “You can call it the scheme of things 2.0 with a bloated cabinet to appease all parties, except PAS will be dominant,” said a party leader familiar with negotiations on both sides."

      AbahCirit's standard tactic.......dedak. 

      Kabinet 80-plus ekor kut.

    2. Anon 10:12, ko tanyalah orang2 umno yg x malu mintak jawatan. Zahid x nak jawatan, dia cuma nak mintak ....

      Dua2 pun munafik, dua2 pun bermuka2, in secret they are bff. Ini lebih baik?

    3. Anonymous21 November 2022 at 11:33,

      Ko ade bidio, aku ade gambaq jewwww.....tapi checkmate, laaaaa doh.

      Nah, ambek ler ko:

      Jilake PH, tiru stail AbahCirit ngan Duta Gaji Buta, kan?

      Hmmmmmmmm....tlg lookup ciri2 munafiq, ye : ).

    4. Anon 13:52, hang tengok date tu bila. Ni gambar dari thn 2020 ooi.

      Ph tiru muhyiddin? Pirraahh.. anwar invented the strategy masa dia jatuhkan & aibkan ghafar baba.

  16. Gabungan berasaskan kesetiaan kepada parti mereka akan bersatu dan bertahan untuk membawa perubahan untuk meningkatkan kehidupan rakyat. Ini namanya KESTABILAN!

    Asas gabungan atas kepentingan diri akan runtuh apabila kepentingan diri mereka tidak dipenuhi.

    1. Bergabung memang la senang. Tapi nak laksana lain ceritanya. Apabila janji tak ditunaikan, mula la sekali kemelut, tumbang la kerajaan lagi. Keadaan sebegini akan berulang-ulang sehingga tiba tempoh luput 5 tahun. Geram betul politik negara macam ni. Pi mampus lah org politik mempermainkan kepercayaan rakyat ketika mengundi mereka masuk Dewan Rakyat.

  17. * Disclaimer- This is a post about strategy, nothings to do with whom i like.

    I actually can see why BN is leaning toward PH n rightly so, BN n UMNO priority is to look after the BN particularly UMNO survival for the next 5 years.

    UMNO i feel couldn’t anymore to follow the direction of NO DAP n NO anwar or even NO PPBM simply BN is not in the position to dictate anything. However BN have the power to decide who can b the next Govt.

    PN - 73 all malays with 49 hardline Malay under PAS. With only 27 Malay UMNO MP could UMNO fend the pressure from these 2 parties to buried UMNO, Bersatu with their cunning politics n PAS who from eternity dislike UMNO with them in power with all the ministerial positions will do what they can to push UMNO to the ground.

    UMNO with their weakest position now will not be able to defend let alone to attack them back. UMNO needs time to regains strengths without worrying about pas n bersatu.

    PH - 82 seats only 29 Malays the rest in DAP n PKR all Chinese n Indian.

    Even PH can b the govt can they govern with stability with tht little malay MP. Thts the reason for tactical reason i feel BN thinks they can neutralise PH while ensuring pas n ppbm is out of the govt too.

    If BN wanted to list down which PH n PN will give BN benefit, both just will b cancelling each others as they r not palatable to BN anyway.

    With PH in the Govt, n with tht little malay MP BN particularly UMNO feels PH will hv difficulty to govern n will make mistakes as what they hv done before.

    Tactically supporters from PH will feel uneasiness tht PH r more willing to collaborating with BN instead of getting gps/grs. In a long run will make the voters for PH splits n internal bickering with rafizi is main man who will b disagreeing with this move.

    But the most important strategy for BN is to make PAS n Bersatu not in the govt n these will create a same of level playing field for BN, PAS n Bersatu to fight for the malay voters.

    Looking the the voters pattern, UMNO n PAS obtained more a less the same level support with bersatu hv a little less thn tht. This is why BN feel all is not lost n if pas n bersatu is not in the govt n PN couldnt use govt positions to strengthen their respective parties.

    However with BN can dictate who will b govt BN actually hv a little bit of upper hand. They can join the govt n hv a little bit of power in govt n make PN completely vulnerable with no govt position.

    But for my personal view, BN can support PH but dont b in the govt. rebuild party from inside n be stronger to mount an attack to get back the voters from bersatu n pas.

    We can see the Malay voters can move support quite fluidly. So if the 3 malay parties r in the same level playing field. The chances for 3 of them to get the voters is fairly fair.

    1. "PN - 73 all malays with 49 hardline Malay under PAS. With only 27 Malay UMNO MP could UMNO fend the pressure from these 2 parties to buried UMNO, Bersatu with their cunning politics n PAS who from eternity dislike UMNO with them in power with all the ministerial positions will do what they can to push UMNO to the ground."


      As 3rd place Melayu party in PN, they will get crushed by their two main enemies.

      Same target market.

      PPBM & PAS will NOT let Umno look good.

      No way, Jose.

      They will spend 5 years murdering Umno from close range. And in PRU16, who says they will agree to give Umno seats? There will be major sabotage.

      Anyway, the PH deal looks on - Tok Mat gets DPM, Umno just got back two state govts today - Perak & Pahang.

      Not bad leverage for just 27 seats.

    2. well said. for umno to survive, it has th form govt with ph. In the PN block, they will be 4th down the pecking order after bersatu, pas, gps.

      If they join pn pact, they will be picked apart by hadi & tsmy. Umno wont survive till next ge.

      Ph pact, they have a chance to rebuild, as they are not direct threat to pkr voter pool. With the combined machinery, umno can start looking to win back seats in perlis, kedah

    3. UMNO has been a source of instability in any govt it joined. This may in the end be a game play to extract maximum concessions from PN. They have done this before

    4. aiya! dun see the Malay voters. all is dugaan illahi

    5. BN also got talented and good people

  18. As Saf 61:2-3

    O believers! Why do you say what you do not do?
    How despicable it is in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do!

    Simple question: what is umno's value proposition? Masih lagi "aliff ba ta"?

    1. I asked the same question. No answer.

  19. Spotted Rafizi at the PC. I remember, during the ceramahs, he furiously bad-mouthed Zahid and now he awkwardly found himself licking his own spit at the far end of the bench. My humble advice to him, next time better watch your tongue and not let it slip off your big mouth. Sickening idiotic fellow!

  20. Annie, give that guy a chance, give BN a chance and give PH a chance...
    Need I say more...??

  21. Anwar Ibrahim says, the court charges are NOT part of the PH-BN deal to form a unity government. It looks like he is going to take us for another ride. Lies upon lies, he is just too good at. So pathetic and despicable !

  22. it may be better for UMNO to stay outside the govt and operate a CSA. But at the state level supporting PN will mean it will be swallowed up in Perak and Pahang. There is no point being a junior partner at the same govt level

    With what is happening now, even the Sabah state govt is in play if they can prevent a dissolution. Let's see what Warisan and BN do in Sabah


    Nak gabung tu gabung ajelah, tak payah bagi alasan bajet suci.


  24. Anonymous21 November 2022 at 09:26

    masih hidup di celah, "bois" dah buat endoscopic check!!!!
    ada DNA aldeh 98 cam saifool bua karri

  25. Wooooow
    Perak now under BN and PH?? Bestnya. Semua bole minta sekeping tanah dari nga.

    2018 dulu nga janji dkt Apek Aso Taiping tiap sorang akan lapat satu keping tanah milik kekal... siap hayun hayun tangan dia lagi.

    Apek2 Aso2 Ipoh lapat tanah hak milik 99999999 tahun!

    Now BN bersama PH, ayuh mai kita pakat minta nga satu keping tanah sorang.

    Jangan jadi racist bg kat Cina sja tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Habislah tanah2 yg diuruskan secara haram kat tambun. Nanti dapat free aje atas alasan telah diusahakan puluh2 tahun. Bangsa lain x ada usahakan pertanian secara haram.

      Tanah musang king mcmana pulak? Nak pulang balik ke? Dulu x ada ihsan langsung pokok tgh tunggu buah gugur ditebang mcm tu aje. Tanah cameron pun nilah masanya...


  26. Looks like everywhere, PN was just slow off the mark, Federal, Perak and Pahang, PH were just quicker and offered to give more, PN just acted like UMNO is the stepchild now and has to join them, take it or leave it terms. Would they have offered MB and 3 exco position in Pahang and Perak to UMNO?

    If UMNO now don't join PH at the federal level then the state govt's in Perak and Pahang (not yet sworned) will look silly.

    Without GPS, PH now can campaign without issues in Sarawak, this would be ideal.

    And the usual rhetoric has already started, the same issue, when PH + Bersatu + Warisan won in 2018 as below

    "“If Umno members consent to their president’s action to coerce BN MPs into forming the government with PH, then they are the biggest traitors to the Muslims in the history of this nation,” Sanusi was quoted as saying.

    1. Zahid has personal vendetta against Muhyiddin. Zahid & Anwar were (are) bff. Zahid was Anwar's polsec in Umno. Zahid won KP Umno coz he was seen as team Anwar.

    2. Muhyiddin, Najib was also Team B at that time, are all 4 now bff's?

      What about A Ali and Ezam, are they all bff's now?

      I am just surprised how the oldest generation has finally left the stage.

      Kit Siang, out, Mahathir, no one bothers now anything he says.

      Ku Li blabbing something about his seat, no one cares.

      Hadi is the last of that generation still standing.

      Hope the next turn around in leadership in all parties is much quicker. And it looks like it will be.

  27. I had previously mentioned that the Perakians are special. Both BN & PH work well together. The fact remains that they have solved their hung situation speedily without much ado, and can now sleep soundly tonight.


      Perjuangan aliff ba ta lah sgt.

    2. PAS-Perkudaan Nactional ajak minimum pun tak.

  28. Anon 21 Nov 22 at 20:21

    Betut betut. Kena bantu rakyat dulu macam DAP janji bg sekeping tanah sorang.. Bagi jangan tak bagi tau.

    Mohon berikan 1 ekar sorang cukup.. rakyat Perak boleh bela ayam itik kambing keli dan tanam sayur.. skrg harga bahan2 makanan mahal tau.. pamelo takyah tanam, lambat dpt hasil. Tanam Serai cepat.

    Bela lembu 2 ekoq utk dptkn susu hali2. Ayam bela 20 ekoq pun hali2 bole kutip teloq ayam.

    Ikut la cara macam mana Apek DAP tu tolong rakyat.. permohonan online lagi laju.. cepat bole basmi kemiskinan. Issh nak share video dia sini taktau cam mana! Tapi tgh viral dlm group2 kami.

    Pahang pun PH dan BN juga ke? Hah.. bagi sorang sekeping tanah juga.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  29. There are a couple of strange things here

    First the hastiness in Agong to appoint a PM in 24 hrs.

    This is abnormal, govt takes weeks to form the world over.

    The normal process is not as some reports say the Agong appoints the PM.

    The Agong invites the largest group to form the govt and gives deadline, a week for example. They try, if they fail and cannot form a majority govt, the Agong invites the 2nd group. This is common and normal. The head of state does not give a 24hr deadline. Because all parties will be talking to all parties.

    Secondly, parties in UMNO and/or GPS position who might be willing to be with both groupings would appoint negotiators and have a 2 track process, 2 sets of teams working with both groups who would report back to the party leaders who then would be able to decide the best or most beneficial deal based on their principles, manifesto and responsibility to the voters and nation.

    Thirdly, during the negotiation they would also go through the common points in their manisfesto's (does GPS have a manifesto for the federal election ?)) and reach an agreement that is documented on what will be implemented in the coming parliamentary term.

    It looks like manisfesto's don't matter, Msian politics is just more primordial

    1. U think our stock market & ringgit can withstand 1 wk without a government?

    2. “First the hastiness in Agong to appoint a PM in 24 hrs.

      This is abnormal, govt takes weeks to form the world over.”

      -What hastiness? So do you really of an opinion that it is completely okay if the country is coasted and rudderless without head of government for a very long time?

      Since Independence, the prime minister is appointed within a day or 2 since the ruling party always had more simple majority to form a government. This is completely normal. Only this time it takes longer time than usual to form a government because there is no party/coalition which have simple majority to form a government. Your “abnormal” statement is just absurd.

    3. Taking time to get the best and most stable outcome would be better than haste

  30. Mat Hasan whining below

    Apparently partaking in the Sheraton move was ok, so was replacing Muhyddin as PM, so was calling an unnecessary election in flood season.

    Parties have a responsibility to try to come together to form a govt. They must try as that is the responsibility voters have given. if the ideologies and philopsophies are 2 different, and a govt cannot be formed, then another election will be called (in flood season)

    Time to wear the big boy pants

    "Kami BN menerima keputusan rakyat yang menolak BN. Maka kami ini tak ada kuasa untuk menubuhkan kerajaan.
    Saya cadangkan biarlah PN dan PH bergabung tubuh kerajaan sebab mereka mendapat bilangan nombor undi yang lebih tinggi. BN bersedia menjadi pembangkang yg bertanggungjawab 'check and balance' kerajaan baru.
    Walaubagaimanapun, jika bantuan kami diperlukan dalam waktu peralihan pasca PRU ini, kami tetap sedia menyumbang kepada pembukaan bicara yang ikhlas dan terbuka.
    Kalau masih tak dapat juga tubuh kerajaan, tolong jangan salahkan kami. Ini hasil daripada proses yang demokratik, untuk memulangkan mandat kepada rakyat. Kami hanya menghormati keputusan itu.
    Semoga Malaysia sentiasa berada dalam peliharaan Allah SWT jua."

  31. Annie, I am wondering why you came up with this post when you very well know that BN especially Umno cannot afford to be sitting on the opposite side..??
    I understand BN's strategy by announcing that, but you.....that I can't understand..!!